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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: there's just five days left until students here in oakland can take a week off for thanksgiving break, but they're worried there's a lot of things those students can do. they can get on a plane, visit family members and get affected and bring the virus into the classroom. these are testimonies from various teachers. they're ringing the alarm, pointing out rooms they say have poor ventilation. >> there are no windows. there are vents up here, but they do not work. >> reporter: and showing what happened to the canopy tents which were supposed to serve as outdoor eating and learning areas. >> after one day in the rain they have collapsed onto the ground. >> reporter: the teachers who put together this video say they want the district to assess
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every single member. >> we know people are going to be traveling and interacting with a lot of other folks. >> reporter: there will be school testing sites available next week, including the weekend after thanksgiving. >> we're also giving away about 20,000 home tests for students to take. >> reporter: he says those testing kit also go to elementary and middle school students who live in neighborhoods hardest hit by the pandemic. as for the damaged canopies, the district says it spent $1 million getting replacements. the school board director, mike hutchinson is worried about another problem on the horizon. >> we have this looming vaccination mandate. and many of the students i serve in my district are unvaccinated. >> reporter: melissa colorado. >> the state positivity rate at 2%.
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it's been hovering there for the last several days. the hospitalization rate, in august, it peaked and dropped off in september and october. cases now seem to have plateaued. there have been 4,000 hospitalizations for the last several weeks. nationally, we are trending in the right direction. but that's not happening in europe. take a look at this line graph using data from john hopkins university. the red line is the united states. the purple line is the united kingdom. you see a surge by the delta variant. most countries saw a rise in october. but cases in the u.s. started going down. head to you will find what you need to know about vaccinations, boost booster shots and where you still need to wear a mask.
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an early investor in the theranos company says he got angry when he asked for information. holmes wouldn't return his e-mails. he decided not to sell partly because elizabeth holmes talked about an epo in the future. he says because he believed the company's claims about its revenue. >> revenue projections for every startup are a grand theatrical fiction. and every startup investor takes the projection and cuts them 80% at least if not more. and that's not what happened here. >> eisenman also admitted to the jury to reaching out multiple times to the prosecution team itself to ask questions about the case against holmes. he said officials asked him to stop saying it was not appropriate. the city council will decide
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whether to approve a plan to build large warehouses along santa theresa boulevard. it means more jobs and the loss of hundreds of acres offow space. >> reporter: we're here in the sprawling coyote valley, where the proposed development would be built. today we asked visitors at a nearby wildlife preserve if a development of that size and naetsure can co-exist. it would replace farm land, including the once-popular spina farm with two warehouses the length ofsix football fields.
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the city council will decide on it. people we talked to at the nearby wildlife preserve are against it. >> i can see how wildlife so close to something like this can mess it up and hurt the environment. >> the more development you have here the harder it's going to be for the wildlife to populate. >> reporter: we could not reach the property owners. but other farmers annexed by the city decades ago say they want to have options and be part of future plan developments. >> we want to make sure that we are included this time as land owners to help come up with a plan for all. >> reporter: but mayor sam liccardo tells us.
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>> it is a very slippery slope. as soon as you allow one particular development to move forward, there's no central basis for drawing a line anywhere else. and you're seeing the entire valley get developed. >> it's likely whatever the city council decides may not be the final word. many of those involved say the decision could ultimately be made in court. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. a mother and daughter recovering after being the latest victims of gun violence in oakland. it happened last night around 10:30 near the oakland zoo. the mom and her 11-year-old are both les netherlands stable condition. it's unknown what led to the shooting, and no suspects have been identified. but it is the latest shooting amid a surge of violence in oakland. the latest, a woman hit by a bullet outside the fox theater
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right before a concert. deadly and untraceable. the number of ghost guns continues to climb. new announcement from the "new york times" found numbers close what we told you a few months ago. people are buying ghost gun kits online and at gun shows and assembling at home. under state law you're required to register the serial number, but it seems very few people are doing that. they are working to close loopholes that will likely face legal challenges. you can see our latest story, head to business, politics and a splash of hollywood, part of a push to give the fillmore heritage center to a nonprofit to be used for members of the brach community. but many say it's the fight to
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save the soul of the fillmore and for reparations. >> reporter: community leaders say the fillmore district was the center of the bay area's black community members for decades. >> we say today, make good on the promise! >> reporter: dr. amos brown, a reverend and president of the naacp, says this was the harlem of the west. >> we were out here in 1968. >> reporter: actor danny glover remembers it the same way, a centerpiece of the neighborhood where he grew up. >> i'd come here with my dad and see this magic that was happening on this street down leer. >> reporter: the address also familiar to dr. james taylor, an expert on the subject. >> you lose this building, you
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lose everything. >> reporter: they're calling on the city to donate the building to the community so it can be used as a black heritage center, the first step toward reparations of centuries of abuse. >> we can do something. >> reporter: the mayor who earmarked $120 million in police funding to be redirected for reparations says roadblocks can be put in place, and some are concerned about the viability of its use of a cultural center over the long term. >> i would like to see the venue open. i would like to see the venue be a huge success. i don't want to see be a continued drain on the city. >> reporter: but leaders say they won't take no for an answer and will continue to press the mayor and board of supervise ers until this is indeed a black
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heritage center. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. still ahead. >> price hikes at the pump. some places are seeing prices up to $5 a gallon. where you can get the cheapest price per gallon next. and we will show you how easy it is to help other families in need and help donate this holiday season. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. quite a bit of cloud cover today, but i'll show you when we get a window of sunshine and when showers come back. i'm here with that in about nine minutes.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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san francisco's muni buses are dealing with two problems. more coming back and there's an operator shortage. they lost 71 workers who were unvaccinated, hadn't reported their vaccination status. passengers may see longer wait times for buss that are more crowded. >> you may not be surprised to hear this. gas prices have reached a record high. prices continue to climb around the $5 per gallon range. the average price of regular gas is above $4.75 in san francisco, oakland and san jose. that is more than 40% higher than on this day last year. in the bay area, the lowest price we have found today is at a shell station on alum rock in
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showed. it was $4.05 a gallon. wow, that is low. gas prices are sprouting across the country. nationwide the average, $3.42 a gallon. we're tracking where the cheapest gas is in the bay area for you, go to click on the link on the trending bar where you can find a list of places offering the cheapest gas. gas is expensive. groceries is expensive, a lot of people are suffering. our annual food drive is about to start. it's a friendly reminder that we can all do a part in helping out this holiday season. >> we are joined from concord. it's a seasonal look. it looks great. tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, hi, jess and terry. we had the pandemic. we thought we getting out of it, you know. people had such great need and inflation on top of that.
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it's tough for so many families. so that's why yet again, 156 safeway stores are where you can help out. we have joel, who is president and ceo of the food bank of contra costa. thank you for being here. you're part of the food drive this year and every year. tell us about the need this year. we had the pandemic. we thought we were getting out of it. now we have inflation. families are really in need. >> yes, they are. we're serving about 250,000 clients every month. that is 80,000 more than before the pandemic. so the need is still really high. and we appreciate the partnership here to really help our neighbors in need. >> reporter: okay walks through how this works. our viewers at home will shop at safeway. how can they help feed the 250,000 or more families that you feed every month. >> absolutely. we are so thankful to have safeway as a partner. so if can you come into safeway, tear off one of these little
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sheets at the register, and you can contribute $10 toward feeding our neighbors in need. >> you take this, they scan it as many times as you feel comfortable. how far can $10 go? >> we are proud that our food bank can provide at least two meals for every dollar donated. so each one of these is worth 20 meals. >> there are families who might be watching who can contribute. there are other families who need help. if they are watching right now and can't put a pull meal on the table how quickly can they get help? >> go to our website, food bank we do 75 distributions across the county every week. we partner with 260 different partner agencies that help deliver food as well as soup
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pantries, college pantries. >> two meals for every dollar. >> that is correct. that is a fantastic deal. you heard him. so simple. walk in the store, any of the 156 safeway stores around here, pull one of these off, take it to the register, have them scan it and make a donation just like that. we're kicking this off all week long. officially the kickoff is on saturday, but we wanted to reenforce it and help get started early. you can help at any safeway around the area. >> it runs all the way through christmas, which is really nice. you've got two big, big holidays coming up. you just want to be able to give your kids food, right? >> it's a great way to do it. our holiday food drive officially begins saturday. can you donate starting today. make a $10 donation at your local safeway store. easy to do. that money goes right to the
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local food banks. south lake tahoe continues to recover from the caldor fire. a special effort to rebuild the area's trails is under way. some 15 miles of trail suffered extensive damage. those things need to be repaired and the maintenance issues could pop up for ten years as trees fall and stumps collapse into holes. there is good news, too. we've got snow coming in to the point where heavenly is going to open up on friday. >> it's excellent news. rainfall chances coming our way as we move through this week as well. we'll get you all squared away. i know today, maybe a bit of a gloomy start because we had all the cloud cover. the best rain chances toward
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seattle and portland. getting a little near the california/oregon border. i do see a change that is going to allow a window of sunshine. what's going to happen is the storm track is going to lift a little more off to the north. that will give us sun, but we'll start with fog as well. as we start it off for tomorrow morning, we have widespread clouds with us through this evening and by tomorrow morning the clouds start to move off toward the south. but as 7:00 a.m. we're going to start off with fog for the south bay. as we roll through the afternoon we get the window of sunshine. so it's going to be overall a better day for us. as we hit the afternoon we get the clouds starting to return. can you see we're going to begin with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. we've been used to this lately. a chilly start. you've already got the jacket, you're good to go. right over the east bay, 48, and
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the north bay coming in with 47. daytime highs tomorrow with the window of sunshine i showed you, it's going to help us warm up about three to five degrees warmer. in the south bay, not quite as chilly. 69 in east san jose. los gatos at 67. 68 in danville, over to oakland, 65. peninsula gets in on some of that sun as well for the afternoon and 64 in san mateo. san francisco up to 62 in the mission and the coldest weather in the marina at 58. not too windy either. 66 in clear lake and 67 in novato. dry tomorrow, a little bit of sunshine. overall it's going to be a better day for us. as we head through the end of the week, we are seeing shower chances. not a big system by any means. but by thursday morning the storm is offshore. by thursday night 8:30 we begin to get showers moving in, and that would continue into friday morning. by triafternoon it would move out. totals, trace amounts to .10.
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on my seven-day forecast it looks like this. temperatures as low as 60 on friday and back up to 66 on sunday, and so far the weekend looks pretty good. we got a little bit of wind on saturday, but right now, nothing too gusty to worry about at this point. through the inland valleys, 62 on tri. this weekend we're back up to 67 degrees under the mostly sunny skies. do get some showers in here, and that will be good for that immediate fire danger to just continue to keep that lower. that's just what we need, obviously. thanks very much. gorgeous shot all the way all around the studio. coming up, a new rollout for uber. the company including two new rollouts to help its drivers. we're going to show you what they are, next.
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hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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as the push continues to vaccinate younger kids, santa clara county is trying to make it a little bit more fun for them. the fairgrounds has been transformed into a jungle playground to help kids not be so afraid of getting the shot. >> she'll get a lot of toys. that convinced her. and she was very comfortable about it. >> the valley medical foundation partnered to create the jungle theme environment. people who live in sausalito will find out tomorrow what steps the city will be addressing to combat sea level rise. rising seas could impair sewers,
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roads, habitats and cause erosion. the city's made it clear, citizens have to address climate change on their own. >> talking trash in oakland. the new program that helps stop people from dumping their furniture and bulky garbage around town. last year, more than 23 tons were cleaned up. to make it easier for people in oakland to do the right thing, the city had allow them to take large items to the dump for free. they'll allow more opportunities for curbside pickup for big items that people have in their homes and apartments. >> they were able to come out here and do it. as opposed to having my staff members on overtime waiting for me to come to their yard, then they got to come here to dump
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it. >> the city is still lacks enforcement and that needs to change. the council member says they're planning for more cameras at dumping hot spots to curtail it. we were talking about gas prices soaring. now uber is helping its drivers save money. it is called rest and save. it allows drivers to pause ride requests when they need to fill up their tank and once paused, drivers can see real time gas prices with a discount of up to 25 cents a gallon. they can also pause rides to find public restrooms. a new push to bring live entertainment back to san francisco.
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okay. san francisco's nightlife getting a shot in the arm to help it recover from the pandemic we're still experiencing. >> the city wants to keep the fun going after the sun goes down. that's a nice shot of the sun going down. it's going to get more than $2 million in state money to organize performances next year for sf live. it's the latest step to use local, state and federal money
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to lure back tourists and visitors. >> that's all fun. >> i'm in. >> field trip for all of us. >> raj joins us next. >> a big day at the white house, which means a lot of money coming here . plus final arguments in court. the teen who shot two people in protest in wisconsin will soon have his fate in the hands of the jury. and trying to prevent another corruption case from happening. we investigate the steps san francisco is taking to cut down on slush funds. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre.


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