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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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you see the tree right there in rockefeller center, and that tree from maryland this year. the christmas spirit, it is here. thank you for joining us on "today in the bay." the "today" show is next. good morning troubling trend, covid cases surging again from coast to coast. >> every state is going to be seeing this waning immunity. every state is going to have to deal with it >> and fears growing with the thanksgiving holiday next week just ahead, dr. anthony fauci now calling boosters for adults essential. will the fda green light them for all? we'll have complete coverage breaking overnight, mounting tragedy. a 9-year-old boy dies from injuries suffered in that astro
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world concert stampede, bringing the death toll to ten. just ahead, the heartbreaking message from the boy's family and where the investigation goes from under under appreciate, president biden ready to sign that landmark infrastructure package into law today, but his approval rating taking another nose dive and his billed back better agenda in major doubt. we've live in washington trial watch, closing arguments set for today in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. his fate now hours away from being in the hands of the jury his mother speaking out in defense of her son >> to this day, if he didn't have that gun, my son would have been dead. >> our interview and a live report from the courthouse, straight ahead those stories, plus new royal health scare, the queen forced to miss her first remembrance day ceremony in 22 years. what the palace is saying this morning. and one night only, adele takes the stage for a special performance. ♪ and an intimate conversation
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with oprah winfrey >> when someone that you love so much and the more that you thought they don't love you, you love them even more. >> what she's revealing about herself and her music and the emotional concert moment she shared with her son, today, monday, november 15th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> and good morning, everybody welcome to "today. thank you for being with us on this monday morning. >> it is monday. >> it's such a monday. but you know who is out there. >> who >> the rockefeller center christmas tree >> we got our tree out we're getting ready. a couple of weeks from -- well, i think december 1st we're going to have the tree lighting. >> it is a monday, isn't it? >> but, anyway, we are very, very excited about that. >> and adele was incredible last night. we've got a lot more on that coming up. what a performance and what an interview. she really got revealing there but we've got a lot of
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breaking news to get to this morning, including that news out of houston overnight 9-year-old ezra blunt, now the youngest victim from the astro world concert passing away from his injuries and president biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill finally becomes law today we'll have more on that and the president's now record low poll numbers. and his virtual meeting later today with the leader of china in a live report from washington but we begin with the holidays fast approaching, as mentioned, and new concerns over a winter covid surge what this could mean for in-person get-togethers after so many people had to stay home last year. nbc's sam brock is in miami with the details on this. sam, good morning. >> savannah, hoda, good morning. doctors say one thing is certain a fifth wave this winter will not be worse than last year. but returning to sites like these to get your booster shot is likely the best way to stay
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safe this holiday season americans are flying right into the holidays, hoping to share hugs, not illness, with covid cases once again ticking up >> we're going to see a post holiday spike, no question about that >> reporter: covey infections now up double digits in 20 states with hot spots ranging from the northeast to the great lakes to the southwest, making it hard to pin the latest jump on any one factor. although there's a guaranteed path to put yourself in harm's way. >> how worried would you be if you're unvaccinated heading into the holidays? >> there is no doubt if you're unvaccinated, heading into the holidays with the patterns we see, you have a target on your back. >> reporter: dr. kavita patel says unvaccinated younger americans are still the primary driver of covid nationwide, but
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a dip in vaccine effectiveness after six months is playing a role too. this morning, strong new language on boosters from top health officials. >> it isn't as if a booster is a bonus, but a booster might actually be an essential part of the primary regimen that people should have. >> reporter: the fda has only authorized boosters for certain populations, although, three states, california, colorado, and new mexico have approved them for everyone 18 and up. >> every state is going to be seeing this waning immunity. every state is going to have to deal with it. >> reporter: helping to stamp out community spread, the crush of young kids newly eligible for a shot. more than 1.1 million children under 12 have already received at least one dose. >> aaron, coming back from covid, missing practice in person. >> reporter: meanwhile, superstar quarterback aaron rodgers returning to the field sunday after misleading the public about his vaccination status and testing positive for
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covid. >> everyone has their own right to get the vaccine or not, but as public figures, i think he shouldn't have lied. >> reporter: and back to the booster conversation, pfizer has applied to the fda for the booster up. they're up showinghat the fda d sam, thank you. also this morning, a 9-year-old boy has now become the tenth victim of the astroworld tragedy, succumbing to injuries he suffered as the crowd surged toward the stage. miguel almaguer has the latest there. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. the attorney for ezra blunt's family say they are determined to get answers, but right now, they are joined together in grief and prayer. for more than ten days, 9-year-old ezra blunt has been in a medically induced coma. his family believes the little
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boy was trampled during the astroworld concertoncert, suffe injuries to his heart, lungs, and brain. overnight, a lawyer for the family announcing his death, writing in part, the blunt family is grieving the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son. ezra becoming the tenth and youngest victim of the astroworld concert tragedy. after people in the crowd of 50,000 rushed the stage during performer travis scott's show, family members say ezra was at the show on his father, tristan's shoulders. during the panic, tristan collapsed dropping his son. >> the crowd just starts going crazy, and tristan goes, i can't breathe, i can't breathe. he woke up in the crowd and ezra was gone. >> reporter: ezra's aunt taylor was talking to morgan chesky
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before his death saying ezra was a huge travis scott fan and excited to see the show. >> he's very -- he's outgoing. he loves singing and perform, he loves skateboard. he just -- he does anything. he's just very bold. >> reporter: the family, like many affected by the astroworld concert events, are looking for answers. >> it was something i've never seen before. i just feel like people should be able to enjoy the glue of the world. music holds everybody together, and people shouldn't have to die. >> reporter: the blunt family's attorney have filed a lawsuit against scott and the concert promoters. scott has said he's devastated by the astroworld tragedy, and his attorneys say the rapper couldn't seeing the magnitude of the disaster while performing. livenation said in a statement friday, we continue to support and assist local authorities in their ongoing investigation. so both the fans who attended and their families can get the answers they want and deserve. nbc news has reached out to concert organizers along with travis scott's team. we have not yet heard back. hoda. >> miguel almaguer for us, thank you.
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it's going to be a busy workweek for the president in washington. he'll sign that $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law today and also plans to meet virtually with china's president at a time between real tension between the two countries at a time when his approval rating drops again and inflation rises. kristen welker has more on that. hey, kristen. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. president biden will sign that bipartisan infrastructure bill into law today marking his largest legislative achievement with a big ceremony here at the white house, but that's as the next key part of his agenda is now in jeopardy as prices rise with record inflation. the president is looking to pump more money into the economy. president biden is aiming to get his agenda back on track, signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law later today, which will pour billions into the country's roads, bridges, and into expanding broadband access as
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democrats press ahead with the president's other priority, the larger $1.75 trillion domestic spending and climate plan. the president's top economic adviser predicting it will pass the house this week, arguing it will help relieve the pressure on americans' wallets from the highest inflation in years. >> it will get a vote, it will pass, and it will move on to the senate. >> reporter: but one of the 13 republicans who voted for the straur bill says he's not convinced yet. the plan faces an uphill battle in the senate where joe manchin says he's concerned the new bill could send prices higher. president biden's approval rating is ticking down fueled by concerns over inflation. it comes as the president is set to hold a high-stakes virtual summit with xi jinping today. they will talk about a host of issues including covid-19,
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military activities, and human rights. this morning, the family of an american man detained in china is calling on president biden for help. kai lee, a chinese-born businessman was arrested on espionage charges during a 2016 visit to shanghai and sentenced to ten years in prison. his son, harrison lee, says his father is innocent. >> harrison, what message do you want president biden to convey to president xi about your father? >> you need to let president xi know that the united states will not stand for one of its citizens being arbitrarily detained by a foreign government. >> reporter: now, we asked the white house overnight if the president plans to raise the case of kai lee with president xi. a senior administration official told nbc news they regularly raise concerns about arbitrary detentions of chinese officials. still, the white house is downplaying expectations for
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this first face-to-face meeting. meanwhile, another big story we're watching in washington, former trump adviser steve bannon having been charged with contempt of congress is expected to appear in court. he's facing two charges of contempt of congress for refusing to deliver testimony and documents related to the january 6th attack. he cited former president trump's claim of executive privilege. if convicted, bannon could face up to a year behind bars and a fine of up to $100,000. former president trump said they've never done to anyone what they've done to steve bannon. he's one of 21 associated subpoenaed by the select committee. back to you. the closely watched homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse is nearing its end. attorneys making their closing arguments toda is turned over to the jury.
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gabe gutierrez spoke with rittenhouse's mother over a possible verdict in the coming days. hey, gabe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wendy rittenhouse says she is scared heading into the next phase of this trial. her son's fate could soon be in the hands of a jury, but not before both sides have one last opportunity to make their case. closing arguments begin today in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse after two weeks of witnesses, sometimes heated courtroom exchanges -- >> don't get brazen with me. >> reporter: -- and emotional testimony from rittenhouse himself. >> how hard was it to see your son break down like that? >> it was very hard and very difficult. >> reporter: wendy rittenhouse says her son is being treated for ptsd. >> what do you say to people who look at this case and think, this teenager had no business bringing a military-style weapon to this chaotic scene? >> a lot of people shouldn't have been there.
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and he brung that gun for protection. and to this day, if he didn't have that gun, my son would have been dead. you know, he went down there to help. and he was chased by a mob. >> reporter: rittenhouse faces six counts, including intentional homicide for shooting and killing two men and wounding a third that happened during unrest in kenosha last summer following the police shooting of a black man, jacob blake. the attorney for gaige grosskreutz says rittenhouse created the carnage. >> i don't believe the testimony showed that he was actually in imminent risk of death or great bodily harm. >> reporter: if convicted, the now 18-year-old could face life in prison, the judge indicating he'll allow the jury to consider lesser charges. the case has attracted national attention, dividing those who see rittenhouse either as a vigilante looking for trouble or a patriot protecting the city. ahead of a possible verdict this week, wisconsin's governor has
7:15 am
authorized hundreds of the state's national guard. >> are you anticipating looking forward to dreading the verdict? >> i'm scared. i am overwhelmed. 12 people have my son's life in their hands. >> reporter: today 12 jurors will be randomly selected from the 18 who have heard the case so far. deliberations could be under way by tonight. hoda. >> gabe gutierrez there in kenosha. gabe, thanks. craig is here with the story we are all going to be hanging on because it has to do with holiday travel. >> yes, good morning. thanksgiving coming up next week. and our nation's airports are expected to be filled. several factors now have passengers quite concerned about taking to the friendly skies this year. tom cause city lowe is at
7:16 am
racingal national airport. tom, a lot of families. perhaps unsurprisingly a little nervous about flying this year. >> absolutely. listen, we have more than 4 million people traveling over the extended thanksgiving period. but after the meltdowns we've seen lately, hundreds of thousands of passengers unable to get to where they wanted to go because of the airlines struggling. now airlines are promising. they are staffing up to ensure that they can connect passengers and planes and destinations. at airports nationwide last month, chaos as southwest and american airlines canceled more than 4,000 combined flights citing bad weather and staffing shortages. >> the whole thing is just a big mess it's really, really frustrating. >> both airlines struggle to handle the unexpected surge in passenger traffic after the vaccine rollout. airlines that lost staff during the pandemic found themselves shorthanded, unable to adjust when complications arose now the carriers are aggressively staffing up to avoid a potential nightmare
7:17 am
repeat scenario as the holidays approach >> airplanes are going to be full the demand for the holiday sess really strong. >> reporter: for its part, southwest airlines is offering staff frequent flyer miles up to $1,400 and offering as much as triple pay during the holidays american airlines says it, too, is moving aggressively, hoping to add nearly 3,200 flight attendants by december, offering a minimum of time and a half pay for staff working on peak travel days and $1,000 bonuses to employees with perfect attendance from november 15th to january 2nd. but the american airlines pilot union has turned down the money, saying the airline has mismanaged its flight operations and extra pay won't fix delays >> the issue is the infrastructure and operations after a weather event. the employees are available, the
7:18 am
pilots are available, but if we can't get connected to the airplane, then your infrastructure is failing and you won't get the job done, no matter how much money you pump into it. >> reporter: meanwhile, the faa is releasing this psa after reporting more than 5,000 incidents so far this year bad, even dangerous behavior most of it mask-related. the latest on sunday as a 32-year-old woman was arrested after allegedly verbally and then physically assaulting a southwest flight attendant on a flight from dallas to new york as we've said many times, that can lead to jail time, tens of thousands of dollars of fines, and banned for life by the airlines by the way, we're watching very closely tsa staffing going through the holidays tsa officers must be vaccinated by next monday, three days before, in fact, thanksgiving. and there's a little concern that they may not you be fully vaccinated and, therefore, may not be fully staffed up. the tsa insists they don't anticipate any problems. guys, back to you. >> let's hope not.
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tom, thank you >> then there's the question of the weather. but it's not even thanksgiving yet, right >> it's still a little early, but, boy, this past weekend, crazy stuff, especially here in the northeast, showing you something we've never seen befor before yes, a tornado, we've seenou tht now. those, but not in new york, connecticut, rhode island in november rare tornados. ten of them. look at the damage from these things, just coming all across the northeast and on into new england. here is what happened. we'll show you the radar right now. and here it is pushing through ten systems all developing, ef-1s to ef-0 tornados across three states very warm waters, warmer than usual because of climate change, and as that cold air came in, it fired those up and now we've got this alberta clipper that is cutting across it's bricking light snow throughout the great lakes, erie, buffalo, albany, new york, as this system pulls away, it will taper off later this
7:20 am
evening, but we are talking about 2 to 4 inches of snow into northern new england and we're looking at temperatures that are going to warm up briefly as we get into the midweek period. syracuse, 57, new york, 59 by wednesday, 66 in pittsburgh, 62 in detroit but then temperatures take a big dip into the weekend we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds ♪ ♪ this is how we shine. ♪ find the perfect gift at zales. the diamond store. good monday morning.
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i am meteorologist, kari hall. take a look at the dense fog we have across 580 and dublin, and we have seen fog reduce visibility to quarter of a mile in livermore and even less in some other spots, so allow extra time to get to work. the fog will keep our temperatures cool. we will see mostly cloudy skies today and temperatures in the upper 60s, and expect more days like this as we go through the rest of the week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you coming up, inside new health concerns for the queen after her absence from yesterday's remembrance day service, the first time that's happened in 22 years. and ghislaine maxwell breaking her silence from behind bars she prepares to stand trial for her alleged role in the jeffrey epstein case what she's revealing after spending a year plus in solitary confinement.
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good morning. it is 7:26. i am marcus washington. here's today's top stories including a new round of violence in oakland targeting a mother and her child. >> i am cierra johnson. right now we are working tontio of a woman and her 11-year-old daughter shot in front of a home in oakland. a photographer on the scene confirmed that information. we are working to learn her condition and talking with oakland pd to get a description
7:27 am
of the suspect. this san josé water company customers will be affected in san josé, cupertino, campbell and los gatos and saratoga, and they will have to cut use by 15% from 2019 levels. half of all the water is used in our yards. time to get a look at the forecast for you this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, with a look at the foggy start. >> yeah, we can see the low visibility crossing the golden gate bridge. this is the case for many of the microclimates. with the fog staying around longer today, we are going to keep our temperatures cooler so we are only headed for the upper 60s for today, and mid-60s toward antioch where we may not see a lot of sunshine. then going into the next several days, we will see cool temperatures sticking with us and only slight rain chances throughout the week, especially
7:28 am
on thursday. we could see less than 0.1 of an inch of rain. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here, then.
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we are back at 7:30. looky, looky what we have here. our new neighbor for the next couple of months or so. the rockefeller center christmas tree. it rolled in over the weekend. it's getting zhuzhed up like it does. tree lighting is wednesday, december 1st, coming up? crazy. >> you know the holidays are here when that guy comes up. >> they put the scaffolding up. the tree hairs in rollers. exactly. >> we're going to get right to your 7:30 headlines this morning. we'll start with breaking news. police in britain now say a
7:31 am
deadly taxi explosion outside a liverpool hospital is being treated as a terrorist incident. one person was killed and another suffered non-life threatening injuries. police detained three men in yesterday's explosion, but they say the motive is still unclear. authorities are urging the public to remain calm but vigilant. more breaking news, american journalist danny fenster has been released from prison in myanmar and is on his way home now to the united states bill richardson says fenster was handed over to him this morning. it comes just three days after he was sentenced to 11 years of hard labor phen sfer -- fenster is the managing editor of the online magazine "frontier myanmar," was
7:32 am
convicted friday of spreading false or inflammatory information. to the nfl, patrick mahomes and his kansas city chiefs are back in firsts place after a huge win on sunday night football >> mahomes, out of time. escapes. goes to the end zone it's williams there and he breaks the grab. >> mahomes did it all night just like that. he found williams in the end zone for a 38-yard touchdown mahomes had five touchdown passes on the night. the chiefs beating carson daly's raiders. that's actually not why carson is not here this morning nonetheless, kansas city now sitting alone in first place in the afc west >> congrats. this morning, there are new health concerns for the queen. the 95-year-old was forced to miss what was supposed to be her big return to royal duties this weekend. >> good morning to you guys. the queen only missed the remembrance day in london, similar to our veterans day, a handful of times in her seven decades on the throne. there had been huge anticipation she would be there yesterday after pulling out of other recent engagements because of
7:33 am
health issues. it was a day the queen did not want to miss the remembrance sunday service in london. paying tribute to britain's fallen soldiers is one of the most important on her calendar the palace saying the 95-year-old monarch is suffering from a sprained back, adding her majesty was disappointed to miss the service. instead, her son, prince charles, laid a wreath on her behalf the event was expected to be the queen's first public appearance after canceling events in recent weeks on doctor's advice >> it's something palace sources have said is possibly the most inked in occasion in her diadia, in other words, one of the most important events in her annual cal calendar therefore, for her to miss this event yet was a big deal >> reporter: the queen was advised to rest in october, following a busy schedule, canceling some key events in her
7:34 am
calendar and spending a night in the hospital prime minister boris johnson assuring the country there is nothing to be concerned about. >> i just wanted to reassure everybody by saying i did see the queen for an audience last week on wednesday in windsor, and she's very well. so i just -- it shouldn't need saying, but i just wanted to say it anyway. >> reporter: sunday also saw prince william saluting war veterans as they marched past with kate, the duchess of cambridge, watching the ceremony from a balcony last week, harry and meghan doing their part to honor veterans at a military ceremony in new york. while other royals continue with their busy schedules, prince charles, who turned 73 over the weekend, leaves tomorrow for his first royal tour since the pandemic he and wife camilla visiting jordan and egypt >> we're all wishing the queen well i didn't realize she was about to -- she's about to celebrate 70 years on the throne coming up >> it's such a big deal. we were just talking about this.
7:35 am
she's set to become the first british monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee next year, an unprecedented 70 years with the royal family there are events and celebrations planned for june of 2022 but, of course, questions remain as to whether she will attend and what her public schedule will look like in the coming months, especially after this latest health scare a back sprain would be painful for any of us, let alone someone who is 95. so we're praying for her >> thanks, sheinelle just ahead on a mondayne mal breaking her silence from jail >> what she's saying about her time in prison ahead of her upcoming trial and if what she's saying could impact her case, right after this yes! you'll know exactly how well you slept, night after night. we take care of the science. all you have to do is sleep. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 36 months
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we're back we're back want 7:39 with in-depth today a new development tied to the jeffrey epstein scandal. >> his confident, ghislaine maxwell, now sharing a vivid look at her time in jail as she prepares to stand trial. >> stephanie gosk has that story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it's been over a year since ghislaine maxwell was arrested in connection with jeffrey epstein. she's been in custody that whole time now she's sharing some grim details about what life is like in prison. her trial is set to start in a couple of weeks. she'll be in court today for a pretrial hearing with her trial now weeks away, ghislaine maxwell is speaking out on conditions she says she's facing behind bars the longtime confidante of jeffrey epstein has been in jail for more than a meal on sunday telling the mail on sunday, i have not had a nutritious meal in all that time i haven't slept without lights on, fluorescent lights that have
7:41 am
damaged my eyes, or been allowed to sleep without constant interruptions. >> have a look at what's happening for the first time in history. >> reporter: the british socialite claiming she feels weak and frail i have no stamina. i am tired i don't even have shoes which fit properly maxwell adding, i used to take a shower every day, but i've stopped because of the creepy guards who stand close and stare at me the whole time maxwell heads to trial in two weeks. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all counts. in 2019 one of jeffrey epstein's accusers told savannah about the relationship she witnessed between epstein and maxwell. >> i followed ghislaine up those stairs through jeffrey's bedroom and into a bathroom, and there's this man laying naked on a green massage table in the middle of
7:42 am
the room >> that's the first time you laid eyes on jeffrey epstein. >> it's the very first time. and they looked at each other and i call it the cheshire cat grin because he smiled and nodded like in approval. >> reporter: in the past maxwell has called her a liar. this month maxwell has made multiple trips to court. despite her defense team arguing the term victims could bias the jury that jury will start to take shape. that selection process begins tomorrow the manhattan detention center did not get back to us, but that is their policy. the juror questioning begins tomorrow ghislaine maxwell faces up to 80 years behind bars. savannah >> a closely watched trial, for sure we've got 7:42 mr. roker, you are up. >> we sure are and we've got temperatures up
7:43 am
out west where we've had some record breaking temperatures out and it's going to continue but we've got a gold blast here in the east. so the difference is the jet stream milwaukee, 39 degrees for a high today. 41 in pittsburgh knoxville, 9 degrees below average, but look at these temperatures on the other side of the jet stream. denver, you're going to be 77 today. 73 in rapid city dallas, 11 degrees warmer at 78 degrees, and that warmth starts to make its way to the east. by tomorrow, chicago, you're at 53 little rock, 77. nashville, 77 degrees. 12 degrees above average same for santa fe. roller-coaster temperatures though chicago, by wednesday, you're 57, but down into the low 40s by friday buffalo, low 40s by frid good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we have had to deal with dense fog in some spots but it stays clear in oakland, but the low
7:44 am
clouds will linger and we will not see much sunshine today and we will see temperatures on the cool side here. for the inland temperatures, 67 degrees and tomorrow the same as the storm passes to the north of us and slight rain chances in the forecast on thursday and early firefighter morning. >> that is your latest weather gang coming up next, a former japanese princess starting a new life right here in new york after giving up her title to marry the love of her life an inside look at this modern day fairytale, coming up after this another dimension? a stack of cash?! you just have to see it. ♪♪
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7:49 am
decided to give up her royal status because she wanted to marry her college sweetheart, a commoner >> the newlyweds arrived over the weekend at jfk hey, kath, good morning. >> good morning to all of you. cameras saw the couple the minute they left japan and arrived here at jfk. public scrutiny over the relationship, it appears they're here in the states to leave all of that behind this morning, former japanese princess mako and her husband, kei komuro are waking up as new yorkers. the newlyweds landed in the city on sunday to begin their new life outside the imperial family spotted the two getting dropped off in manhattan. press swarmed the airport in tokyo, capturing their final moments before their journey to the states the spotlight has been on the pair ever since their 2017 engagement when mako announced she was giving up her royal status to marry a commoner but it was a financial scandal with mako's mother that put the wedding on hold.
7:50 am
>> why is there so much attention surrounding this couple and also a lot of scrutiny as well >> in this case, i think it was a bit of an exaggeration looking for something that may be wrong with this perfect picture of a young couple in love >> for years in japan, they were plagued by public disapproval and criticism. and mako was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder last month when the princess finally got married, minus a traditional wedding celebration, she said it was a, quote, necessary choice to live while cherishing our hearts. >> in a way, it does make sense that she is moving to new york away from her home country and perhaps it will be a nice new fresh start for her. >> reporter: mako is not the first japanese royal woman to choose love over the crown, but the rules are different for men. >> the current emperor and the emperor emeritus, as males, they both married commoner women, but
7:51 am
they did not have to give up their status so this is part of the big debate, why is there still this gender inequity. >> reporter: the couple has been compared to prince harry enten and meghan markle who also moved to the u.s. following harsh media coverage back home and like the british royals, the komuros are looking to be financially independent. and when they married, mako turned down more than $1 million that she was entitled to when leaving the imperial family. as for what's next for the couple, kei currently works at a law firm here in new york but recently made headlines for not passing the bar exam as for mako, she has a background in art curation, so it appears she will be sticking with that path hoda, back to you. let's hear it for fresh starts. >> here we go. >> they'll get the privacy they want coming up, we've got popstart, billed as one night only, it was a remarkable one night from adele, filled with incredible music and some rare personal revelation. she sat down with oprah and
7:52 am
dished we've got all of the highlights after a check of your local news and weather. new milk-bone dipped. a treat so tasty, everyone will want to be a dog. coated in delicious peanut butter-flavored yum. dog life's more fun with new milk-bone dipped.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. it's 7:56. i am marcus washington. here's what is happening now. >> good morning, everyone. i am scott mcgrew. more americans are discovering more money in their account as another round of the child tax credit pays out today, and this could be the next to the last time you will see that money, december being the last time. democrats are working on renewing the credit on the build back better bill, but there is no guarantee it would be there when it passes or if it passes at all. time to look at the forecast for you this morning.
7:57 am
meteorologist, kari hall, standing by. >> this is the view in the tri-valley as we look outside in dublin. very low visibility in the north bay through the delta and over towards the tri-valley. we will see the fog drifting around and lingering for a lot longer today. we may only see peeks of sunshine and temperatures staying cool in the upper 60s and we'll see more cool days with slight rain chances for thursday into friday. the weekend is looking dry. highs in the upper 60s. we may have a deal with offshore dry wind, so we will watch that for the weekend. >> thanks, kari. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. see you then.
7:58 am
and there you have it- woah.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, on the rise. >> we're going it's 8:00. coming up, on the rise >> we're going to see a post- holiday spike, no question about that >> covid cases ticking up ahead of the holidays from coast to how the spread could affect your festivities and what expertsry are saying about the need for booster shots. breaking barriers. >> did you set out to be the first or did you just do what you did? >> no. i just do what i did you don't know you're the first. >> hoda goes one-on-one with the dallas mavericks cynt marshall the emotional story behind her success, just ahead.
8:01 am
plus, rolling in the deep. ♪ we could have had it all ♪ >> adele details the six years she spent out of the spotlight, including the moment she realized it was time for a change >> my own friends, >> my own friends, they thought he was really happy but he was really unhappy >> it's the absolute honor of my life, baby, to have you here tonight, and you look so beautiful and so handsome and smart. and word on the street, elmo stops by studio 1a with a very special announcement join us in saying good morning to "sesame street's" newest resident today, monday, november 15th, 2021 >> from philly for a mother/daughter trip >> celebrating my mom's birthday >> from nashville, tennessee >> what's up, missouri >> good morning, "today" show. >> from the johnson family in
8:02 am
madisonville, tennessee. >> from san antonio, texas >> it's melanie's birthday >> celebrating our son's 17th birthday >> we love you >> from el paso, texas >> thank you my dream come true. >> hi, hoda. >> oh, hello, everybody. welcome back to "today." nice to have you here. >> they have good timing, that crowd. good for them. >> let's get to your news at 8:00 holiday excitement is growing but so are concerns about a potential winter surge in covid cases. nbc's sam brock joins us with the latest on how to stay protected if you're flying, if you're getting together with family and friends hi, sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, hoda, good morning look, there is no question, this is the time of year that we all look forward to, to getting together with loved ones it just so happens it's overlapping this year with an
8:03 am
uptick in covid cases, some 20 states, guys, seeing a double-digit increase in infections it's the northeast, the midwest, the great lakes, the southwest, southern california making it even more difficult to try to pin down one reason why this is happening. health experts do say this though it's a guarantee if you are unvaccinated right now and heading into the holidays, you might as well have a target on your back. the most important thing you can do is to get the vaccine for that, roughly 70% or so of the american population, adult population that is fully vaccinated, right now, new language, stronger language from top health officials, including anthony fauci about boosters he's calling them essential, not just helpful and there is an expectation right now that the fda is going to be approving a booster shot for everybody 18 and up in the coming weeks and we'll wait, guys, to find out about that this as the ranks of children joining those who are vaccinated also growing some 1.1 million kids under the age of 12 now vaccinated, just in the last several weeks. savannah and hoda, back to you >> sam, thank you very much. tension is rising this morning in cuba where the government has vowed to stop
8:04 am
today's nationwide day of protest. cuban-americans rallied over the weekend to show their support for those democratic and economic reforms nbc's morgan radford is here with more on that whole situation. >> good morning. >> hey, there, guys, good morning. simply put, this is a really big deal this is all picking up the momentum from the july protests which are unlike anything we've ever seen in our lifetimes cubans pushed to the brink by the pandemic now calling for freedom from the more than 60-year-old dictatorship today they're asking the world to help them >> reporter: a sign of solidarity a caravan of cars in miami showing their support for cubans just 90 miles away as cubans on the island gear up for mass protests today demanding basic necessities and freedom. u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken echoing his praise for the brave cuban people showing strength of their will just months after
8:05 am
anti-government protests swept the island in july, leaving hundreds imprisoned by the cuban government uno garcia spoke to nbc from inside his home in havana. >> i think that we don't have democracy in cuba. >> this just hours before he says his home was surrounded by state agents on sunday [ speaking foreign language >> reporter: it is a reality that she faced firsthand she was jailed for ten days following the july 11th protest and says she still won't give up are you afraid >> si.
8:06 am
>> this all comes on the [ speaking foreign language >> this all comes on the same day that cuba reopens its borders to tourists, after being closed for more than a year during the pandemic. that's why those marching today say now is the time for change while the world is watching. meanwhile, there are still nearly 700 estimated detainees from those july protests in fact, those same sources you just saw me speaking to in cuba say they fear for their safety and lives. they said their full name and location on camera just so they know where people can find them if they get taken away today in fact, they're blowing up my phone this morning, one showing
8:07 am
videos of the agents standing outside their homes to prevent them from protesting today >> how much courage that they're showing in speaking out. bravery. thank you. >> an important story. thank you. let's turn now to an amazing water rescue caught on camera. check this out, folks. a film crew shooting a fire department recruitment video in maryland even included a water rescue drill suddenly there's real drama. a car rolls into the water from a nearby parking lot it starts to sink with the driver trapped inside. fortunately, a rescue diver in full gear for the video shoot was just ten feet away soon he and his team had that car door opened and they were able to haul the victim to safety there what are the chances >> that's no accident right there. >> no. no you want a boost, kids >> a monday boost. >> one year ago, there was a little girl named naomi. she lost her teddy bear visiting glacier national park in montana.
8:08 am
it was a new bear her parents sent her while they were waiting to adopt her from ethiopia unknown to them, park ranger tom found the teddy and kept him in his patrol truck as a mascot fast forward one year later. a family friend happens go to the park she spots teddy on the ranger's dashboard. she took a picture naomi confirmed, yep, they had the right bear, and soon she and teddy were happily reunited. >> talk about no accident. that's the theme of the show >> that's incredible >> there's the morning boost you've got a morning inspiration. i do you're going to love meeting this lovely lady her name is cynt marshall. she's a trailblazer in the nba, ceo of the dallas mavericks. she has some powerful things to say and why she says you should always stay true to yourself that is her secret to success. she'll share et, but first, these messages
8:09 am
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8:13 am
we are back. 8:12 with a woman who has carved quite a unique path to the top of the nba >> cynthia marshall or cynt as she's benner known made headlines when she became the first black female ceo in the nba. she was brought in >> she was blazing trails long before she stepped into that role i met her a couple of months back and she left such a lasting impression with me we sat down for an amazing conversation about her life and how she overcame the odds. >> reporter: throughout her life, cynt marshall has proven she is fearless. >> this optimism, i know who is on your side god is on your side. >> yes >> her resume, a history of barriers she's broken. the first senior class president
8:14 am
at her high school, the first black cheerleader at university. and then the first black female ceo in the nba at the age of 58. >> did you set out to be the first or did you just do what you did? >> no. i just do what i did you don't know you're the first. >> reporter: but the road to success was not easy cynt grew up in the projects of california at 11 years old, she witnessed her father shoot a man, violence that was later aimed at her and her mother >> i was scared. domestic violence, that was part of our family. >> where did you put that part of your life when you were a little girl? >> we hid it i mean, people didn't know that my mom was a victim of domestic violence they didn't know my dad was doing the things he was doing. >> what was the worst your dad ever hurt you? >> he broke my nose when i was 15 years old >> did he think you could ever become somebody? >> no. and that was the painful part. he told my youngest sister and i that summer that we would be hookers on the street without
8:15 am
him. >> reporter: cynt was determined to prove him wrong, going to college and working her way up at at&t where at one point she turned down a big promotion after her boss asked her to change her appearance, behavior, even her name. >> i say, you know, when i first started, y'all made me get rid of my red shoes and take down my brace. when does it stop? at some point, like, i have to be able to be me and now you want to change my name i've been cynt my whole life >> reporter: cynt still got that promotion with higher management knowing who she was. and she did. she joined the company on wall street years later to help ring the opening bell >> i just started crying and our cfo john stevens was standing there and he goes, cynt, what's wrong and i said, you know, my daddy told us that we were going to be hookers on the street. and i told my mom, i'm going to make my money on wall street i said, oh, my goodness, i'm on wall street. this is crazy.
8:16 am
>> reporter: amid her career success, cynt and her husband kenny struggled to start a family. >> four second trimester miss carriages in trying to have kids >> did you think maybe we're not meant to have children >> no, i didn't think that my husband thought that. >> their fifth attempt brought them their daughter, carolyn, or special k as they called her she was born prematurely and passed away six months later >> do you remember holding her >> oh, yes i remember all that. and they said just told her real tight because she will probably be gone in about two days. >> cynt and kenny later created their family of six through adoption but in 2010, her strength was tested once again when cynt was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer >> i thought i had months to live it was bad >> reporter: cynt, now cancer-free, retired from at&t in 2017, but that retirement did
8:17 am
not last long. in 2018, she got a call from dallas mavericks owner mark cuban, a bombshell sports article just revealed sexual harassment and other improper workplace misconduct within the organization i said i don't know if i'm going to do this and two women stopped me and said are you the person who mark cuban said is going to help us and save us? and they talked to me and told me their stories >> what were you learning? >> they said we need help. so i went home and i prayed about it i came back the next day >> how did you go about it >> i laid out a vision from day one that said we would set the global standard in the nba for diversity and inclusion. then i laid out a set of values and said these will not be just on the wall, but they would operate in the halls >> reporter: two years later the mavericks won the 2020 nba inclusion leadership award cynt has navigated the mavericks through the pandemic and the social justice movement, helping to create conversations in the community on how to address
8:18 am
systemic racism. >> if we want to make sure that equity is really something that we're all practicing every day, we need to be out there to make it happen some things are bigger than basketball welove basketball too. >> reporter: a set of values she established long before stepping on the court >> is there a quote that you hold onto? >> yes and especially when it comes to work people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care >> isn't she amazing >> wow >> this incredible woman finds blessings everywhere her dad punched her. she was in the hospital, they were caring for another loved one, and her dad came in and punched her in the nose. she said god was there that day. i said how do you know that? and she said because there were witnesses and also a doctor there saved my life. i needed to be there when that happened so i was -- like she's not bitter
8:19 am
she's going through her life >> nothing about her she seems full of sparkle and optimism and life has given every single possible, you know, difficult situation, and here she is. >> yes. >> one of those things would be enough to knock some of us down. >> yes >> i also asked her her words to live by and they are dream, focus, pray, and act she's done all of those things she keeps doing it when she stepped into the workplace where she was, the mavericks, there were no women of people of color and leadership now it's women of 50%, people of color. and she says it can't be a locker room mentality when there are women and people of color. you just can't have that >> for folks who follow that story, the dallas mavericks where they were back then and wherthe ey are now, it's due in large part to cynt marshall's leadership >> and a big thanks to cynt for talking to us at one manhattan
8:20 am
square they let us shoot on this beautiful spot >> first of all, our friends out west, they are dealing with a lot. they have heavy winds, 10 million people under wind advisories, wind warnings. alerts continue into this afternoon with gusts at up to 70 miles an hour and heavy rain coming into the pacific northwest for 5 million people we're talking about flooding due to excessive rainfall and snow melt the rest of country, we have some snow making its way through the jet stream, follow it down through the northeast. for the day today, cool sunshine dipping past minneapolis, chicago, the dipper bringing light snow snow showers, great lakes into the northeast and new england. record warmth continuing in the southwest and we've got that flood threat in the pacific northwest. that's wha good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of people waking up heading out the door to really dense fog and very low visibility from parts of the north bay into the inland east bay. we'll see that for the next several hours. it's going to be slow to clear today. and only some peeks of sunshine with temperatures in the valleys reaching into the upper 60s.
8:21 am
we only have a couple slight rain chances in the forecast, and that moves in on thursday as well as san francisco getting some more clouds and a slight chance of rain by the end of the week. >> that is your latest weather carson, of course, the cover story is working on "the voice," but he's really in mourning for the raiders. >> best time of the morning. >> the stages of grief all right. first up with adele, one of the world's best-selling artists has been on a six-year hiatus, but now the 33-year-old is releasing new music and revealing new details to oprah about her time out of the spotlight. the singer's first television interview promoting her fourth album, 30. when asked about her song lyrics, sadness, and self-care
8:22 am
♪ hello it's me ♪ >> reporter: in a much anticipated concert and interview, adele opening up to oprah winfrey about heartbreak, healing, an hope ♪ go easy on me baby ♪ >> so do you call this -- is this the divorce album >> i think i'm divorcing myself on it. >> the grammy winner revealing the moment she realized that she wanted to divorce her husband. >> when i admitted to my own friends who thought i was really happy that actually i'm really unhappy and they were aghast ♪ sometimes it hurts ♪ >> reporter: the singer saying she's now focused on her son and taking care of herself >> i stopped drinking. that's one great way of -- of really sort of getting to know yourself is being, you know -- just being sober as anything >> reporter: revealing that her father struggled with alcohol and that she worked to mend their relationship, the two listening to her music together for the first time before he
8:23 am
died of cancer back in may >> as i got older, i definitely understood that it was the alcohol. it wasn't a choice that he was necessarily making in himself that he didn't want to -- >> but when you're little, you don't know know that >> you don't know. >> reporter: focusing on se self-care, leading adele to a much talked about a 100-pound weight loss. >> my body has been objectified my entire career >> and when you were heavier, you were fine. >> and i was body positive then and i'm body positive now. >> reporter: adele knows her true fans will always be there for her, thrilling the crowd in a stunning show at the griffith observatory and speaking directly to her 9-year-old son angelo >> this is the first time that my son has ever seen my perform. it's the absolute honor of my life, baby, to have you here tonight. >> how beautiful was that? listen, i'm here for it. i'm here for adele i should mention there was
8:24 am
another special moment there at the griffith observatory, which was pufl, by the way adele helped a fan plan a surprise marriage proposal she drives to the observatory blindfolded and pitched the question in front of the celebrity, the crowd can you imagine? first of all, you think you're going to an adele concert, that alone is pretty cool >> good thing she said yes. >> exactly she said yes there you go all right. and quickly "downton abby," they're headed back to the big screen and we have an exclusive sneak peek at the trailer. revealing lady played by maggie smith might have a few more tricks up her sleeve >> that's okay >> before you were born, i met a man. and now i've come into the possession of a villa in the south of france. >> what?
8:25 am
>> they'd better be warned the british are coming >> oh. >> the costumes, the drama, ""downton abbey": the new era," hits theaters. >> she was dying at the end because she bounced back >> love saves, al. to see the full trailer, head over to >> that's what love will do for you. >> listen. just ahead, guys, we are going to introduce you to the newest arrival on "sesame street. elmo is here along with his new friend, and we'll get to meet her. >> it is early >> it is early, yes. first, your local news and weather. is
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i'm marcus washington. the pace of testimony picks up in the holmes fraud trial. today begins what's expected to be a full week with no days off marking a first for the trial. prosecutors last week suggested they may be ready to rest their case soon. at one time theranos investor was to testify on the blood testing technology. it's time to get a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is standing by. >> still foggy but we're seeing
8:27 am
the low clouds in san jose right now as you're getting ready to head out. we're looking at the low visibility across the golden gate bridge from the north bay. we get some peeks of sunshine today and temperatures in the valleys reaching into the upper 60s. it will be a cool week ahead with only some slight rain chances, a lot of clouds rolling by, more peeks of sunshine and then gusty winds with highs in the mid to upper 60s. we'll be watching that as we go through this week with more dry weather. we will have concerns with a dry offshore wind by saturday into sunday, marcus. >> thanks, kari. i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes. let's meet back here then.
8:28 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
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8:30 am
hey, hey, guys, we're back. something special happened over the weekend. the newest balloons for the macy's thanksgiving day parade revealed taken out for a test spin. sheinelle, you're going to have more on the parade for us tomorrow, right? >> it's going to be good i'll be live from new jersey where they're putting the final touches on the floats, and we can't wait to get all of you and all of you at home sweet baby
8:31 am
yoda >> it's all coming back. meanwhile, coming up this morning, we are going to pull back the curtain on the growing world of virtual influencers why are millions rushing to social media sites to follow and engage with computer-generated robots hallie jackson is going to dig into it and explain. >> we're actually robots no we've got a real star in the house. we've got andrew garfield. can't wait to talk to him about his role in "tick tick boom," what it was like singing with and working for its director, a little someone we know, lin-manuel miranda >> also, we don't need to be told how to get to "sesame street" because guess what, guys elmo is here and he's brought along ji-young ready to make her tv debut >> is that your elmo >> we're really happy. you know why elmo is really happy? look at the ghostbusters right here right here but guess what
8:32 am
coming up on the third hour, winston zenamore himself, ernie telling us about bringing back his classic ghostbusters character in brand-new movie >> al, show the proton packs >> they are proton packs, they are ready, baby. remember, don't cross the stream >> mr. roker, first we need your help this thanksgiving will feature many families reuniting for the first time and we want to share those stories. head to, tell us how you're celebrating you may be featured in our milestone series mr. roker, you got a check of the weather? >> if somebody asks you if you're a god, you say yes. all right. let's -- i could do this all day with these guys. >> you're making their year. >> let's show you what we've got for the week ahead we've got lake-effect snow today in the northeast flood threat in the pacific northwest. sunny and cool down through the south. we get into the midweek period, snow goes away in the east seasonal conditions, more wet weather in the mississippi river valley sunny and dry out to the west and then toward the end of the week, more snow around the great
8:33 am
lakes. another storm comes into the pacific northwest. chilly around the great lakes good monday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll continue to see patchy, dense fog especially in the north bay and inland east bay, and very little sunshine today. our temperatures stay cool with highs only reaching into the mid to upper 60s, and then a little bit more sunshine tomorrow with some rain passing just to our north. there will be slight rain chances in our forecast on thursday, may linger into early friday. then a dry and sunny weekend but not much warmer. and as the ghost busters say >> and as the ghostbusters say in their commercial, we're ready to believe you >> real quick, can we just say hi to these two. they planned this trip for 12 years to come to the plaza nicole and cathy, you guys, we love you
8:34 am
thank you so much. people plan these trips for thank you so much. people plan these trips for their whole lives. we're so happy that you're here. >> you made it i love it. coming up next, an unusual look at the very unusual and profitable world of virtual influencers. how these robots are changing social media by targeting young audiences. but first, this is "today" on nb c.
8:35 am
8:36 am
working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at zoo. >> we ar we are back at 8:30 with a trend your kids may be familiar with and, of course, that means we aren't virtual influencers. >> it's true virtual characters are gaining social media impact in the economy. >> what is the interaction with these stars who aren't even real here's nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: that's little mikhala and bermuda and emma, social media stars with millions of followers, sharing selfies
8:37 am
with friends, posting funny videos, typical teen stuff, except these aren't teens. >> keep watching and catch up. >> reporter: they're not even human. they're computer-generated robots, virtual influencers with plenty of fans >> first, obviously, confused. why is this person using so many filters. earlier, looking at it, it was so cool to me. >> reporter: carla montgomery has been following li'l michaela for years. >> she lives as a robot in our world. i think it's superunique. >> reporter: and superrealistic. >> it crosses the line of reality versus virtual reality >> reporter: virginia tech professor donna virtalic thinks they're becoming more popular because of their targeted approach to younger audiences.
8:38 am
>> they can relate to somebody that looks like them, feels like them, and them translating to be an influencer for these young communities. >> there's a company behind that looking to sell something, right? this comes back to, like, branding and influencing at its very core. >> it is the wizard behind the curtain that is playing like a puppeteer with these virtual beings so you're not only getting into it, you're getting into who they're friends with and who they're not and i'm using this product and that product >> reporter: influencing marketing overall is a huge industry with brands expected to spend up to $15 billion on it by next year. and these digital stars are coming for a bigger piece of that pie, making money from sponsored posts, concerts, even virtual reality video games. little michaela reportedly made more than $11 million last year. >> you're probably asking yourself, how is this robot talking to me right now. >> reporter: carl explains the theory of the uncanny valley which says as virtual beings look more and more life-like, they go from cute to creepy for most people, but something else is happening with these virtual
8:39 am
influencers. >> if they're interacting with a particular virtual influencer frequently, then it may have been uncanny at some point, but over time, they'll get used to it >> reporter: that can be entertaining, but some researchers point out, it could come with a risk >> i think there are general concerns about social media, kind of shaping young minds and. it can young brains it can be designed very specifically to be liked, to be credible, and so on, and that's a kind of new danger that we haven't seen before in society >> what do parents need to know about the rise of virtual influencers online >> talk to your kids and find out what's going on because there's a lot more influencers and impacts on our children based those conditions. >> for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news >> wowza >> social media will be the
8:40 am
death of us. by the way -- >> wow >> you kind of took that some place. >> whew. >> the comments we get every day. >> we want to wish hallie jackson the best of luck in case you haven't heard, her new show premieres this week on our streaming network, "nbc news now. you can catch it weekdays, 5:00 p.m. eastern, best of luck, hallie >> good luck, hallie coming up next, we are sitting down with the star of "tick tick boom" who learned to sing and boom" who learned to sing and play the piano for the role.
8:41 am
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we are back with we are back with tony winner and oscar-nominated star andrew garfield >> he is using his many, many talents, some newly discovered in the new film called "tick tick...boom. he's starring with the creator of the musical "rent." and it's based on the biographical of the same name. it follows john's life
8:43 am
struggling to finish his boundary breaking musical. >> andrew, good morning. good morning >> good morning. >> you know what i love about you? >> what? >> so here is the thing. you say you don't know how so sing you don't know how to play piano. lin-manuel miranda says, hey, i think you might be the right guy for my movie and you say, how long is it going to be till we start filming because you're planning to learn those things. >> like any good actor, i lie on my c.v and he says, i want you to do this, and i say, well, how long do you need? and he says, well, a year. and i'm like, yeah, i can probably do that kind of stuff in a year, sure. i can ride a horse, i can sing, i can play piano >> so you learned it all, you learned to sing and play piano during that year >> i did and how lucky i got to do it through this amazing man's music, jonathan larson's music there are songs in this musical that people will be surprised by, even people who are a big fan of jonathan larson >> of all people to say that to, lin-manuel miranda, broadway legend and you're ripping, sure,
8:44 am
i can sing there was a moment i read that he came and watched one on of your rehearsals. >> he snuck in >> was he thinking, all right, i have to make sure he actually can sing i might have to recast this role >> of course he didn't want to be haunted by the ghost of jonathan larson for the rest of his life going why did you have this person play me one of his music so, yeah, i was rehearsing, his -- one of his music people, kurt crowley who is an amazing person i was doing the first couple of phrases of the number "3090. and it was me and kurt alone in a room, or so i thought. but lin had snuck in and the first i knew of that was his shoe flew across my face and then he was looking at me so happy and excited and he shouted at me. he was like, andrew garfield, you can sing, and i do not have
8:45 am
to recast you. >> he was more relieved than you. >> totally and then we were off to the races. i knew when the shoe flew we remember in a good place >> is that a thing, to throw a shoe >> it's a weird lin-manuel miranda. i don't think it's a musical thing. i think it's a lin-manuel miranda thing. when he's upset and angry at you for being weird, he'll take his shoe off and put it somewhere or he'll throw it at you. >> it's a spectacular performance. and i thought what made it even more touching was you dedicated this performance as you have others to your mom who passed away not too long ago. >> yeah, yeah. >> and you were just telling me and savannah you love to talk about her. >> yeah. i only wanted to talk about her now because, you know, i don't know, i don't know, i think grief is all the unexpressed love i think that's what it feels -- there she is, yeah gorgeous
8:46 am
she loves that green jumpsuit. she felt really powerful in that green jumpsuit it's the kind of thing she wouldn't usually wear. for me, grief is unexpressed love and i'm never going to be able to express fully the love that i have for my mother, the gratitude i have that i got given the best mother around so it's a never-ending -- and for john, you know, for me, it's like we all leave this life with an unfinished song, no matter how much of our song we get out. it's never going to be fully done and there's the same for my mother so i get to continue singing her song for her in my life. so seeing maybe drama and acting, maybe that was going to be your calling. she saw that in you. >> she did, even though she was making me maybe destined for a life of poverty. she said i would rather my son be happy than rich or within the
8:47 am
status quo yeah i was an athlete, and then i gave that up, and i was studying academia, and i kind of didn't connect with the things that were being presented to me in this provincial place that i was brought up in the south of england. and it was her that saw i was struggling she said, why don't you try something creative, and i tried clay modeling, and i wasn't very good i tried painting, and i wasn't very good. the last thing i tried was theater. and she kind of hung in there with me and was the first person to put me on that path >> would you rather me take a shoe and throw it at you >> i would much rather by knocked out by your high heel right now. >> wait, he have to ask you about spider-man everyone is saying you may be in it, there's a cameo. why don't you just go ahead and confirm it it might just make it easy
8:48 am
let's just end it right now. why speculate? >> you guys are good at your jobs, but i'm better at mine no, listen, i'm not in the film. i love spider-man. i always have. i was so happy to have played the part and i'm so excited to see what they do with the third one, just like you guys are. no, that's not like a diplomatic answer i really, really mean it i love tom holland i love john watts. i love amy and what they've done with those movies and that character. it's an important character to me so i'm really excited to see what happens in the third one, as you guys are. >> andrew. >> well done, andrew >> thank you so much and congratulations on all your success and new talent >> yes, indeed "tick tick...boom" in select theaters on friday and right now streaming on netflix we should mention that lin-manuel miranda will join us live on thursday >> it will be a good one
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
oh, this is grog to be great. it's always a sunny day here in studio 1a when our fri oh, this is going to be great. it's always a sunny day here in studio 1a when our friends from "sesame street" stop by. this morning we are visiting our old pal elmo and his new buddy, ji-young making her television debut. >> ji. >> hi. >> thank you right now? >> yes >> what? that is so cool. >> nice to see you, ji-young and you're all getting ready for a very special celebration that's taking place on the block next week. elmo, ji-young, good morning >> good morning, everybody >> yeah, we're so happy to be here >> it's great to have you. so ji-young, what is it like making new friends on "sesame street"? >> oh, it's the best i'm kind of new on "sesame street," but everybody has been
8:52 am
really welcoming >> i hear you play music, ji-young is that right? you're kind of a rock star >> well, no -- yes >> she's being humble. she's amazing. >> are you guys in a band together >> yes >> yes >> it's called the best friend band and we rock out >> oh, i like it >> there you are elmo, you're so good at making people feel included on "sesame street." how are you doing that for ji-young >> that's kind of what "sesame street" is all about we have people, birds, grouches. >> i understand "sesame street" is getting ready to celebrate neighbor day can you tell us a little bit more about what neighbor day is? why yeah neighbor day is going to be kind of like a great big sort of like a block party. >> a big celebration where the whole community gets together. >> food and games? >> yeah, yeah, a bunch of special guests are going to join
8:53 am
us for our -- for our party. simo-yu, him and big bird are going to organize a sack race. >> yeah. and you know what? if you guys are available, if you want to come, you know people who can get you in. >> yes >> everybody is welcome. >> one question, elmo. can you tell me how to get to "sesame street"? >> take the l train. >> what is your favorite part about making these new friends on "sesame street" >> you know, what's cool about "sesame street," no matter what you look like or how you play or where you come from, you belong. and that's really cool >> that's true >> do you have a special song for neighbor day >> oh, it's kind of a secret we've been working on a really cool new song and i've been working really, really hard on it with my guitar and i can't wait to share it with everybody. >> i love that you play guitar, ji-young we can't wait to hear the song a little later, okay >> okay. >> we are so excited that you're part of "sesame street" now, we really are >> yeah. it's pretty amazing. i feel very welcome, and it's the best neighborhood in the
8:54 am
whole world. >> yes, it is. >> elmo, do you play any instruments or do you just sing? >> elmo, do you know al does a great impression with you? >> let's hear it, al >> now i feel very nervous >> how do you do that? where is that coming from? >> what? >> it's a tickle-me al it's a tickle-me al. >> that's right. >> oh, my goodness >> wow >> elmo, thank you so much >> thank you, guys >> ji-young, you're always welcome here >> oh, thank you i feel very welcome here this is really fun >> thank you, ji. >> if you want to catch seeing us coming together, there's a "sesame street" special on hbo, youtube, and pbs on thanksgiving day. we have more on "sesame street's" newest neighbor on our
8:55 am
website, coming up on the fourth hour, big news from blake shelton as he sits down with jenna. >> that's a tease. coming up before that on the third hour, entrepreneur and social media sensation gary via is live with some advice on making it big. and do you know whou was hanging out with backstage >> ernie hudson. >> but first, your local news. i. >> but first, your local news. hs hanging out with backstage >> ernie hudson. >> but first, your local news. g out with backstage >> ernie hudson. >> but first, your local news.
8:56 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia. some of the strictest water reduction rules in the state take effect this morning launched by the san jose water company. among the cities impacted san jose, cupertino, campbell and
8:57 am
saratoga. they will have to cut water use by at least 15%. those who do not face a drought fee of more than $7 per unit of water implemented restrictions. happening now kris sanchez looking closer at the impact and will have a full report in our midday newscast. last minute kaiser pharmacists halted a weeklong strike.
8:58 am
(background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. new rules one east bay city is considering when it comes to protests from abortion proponents. >> plus, nourishing your bay area neighbors, helping those in need this holiday season.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everybody, and welcome to the tomorrow, but all week long. >> i've got to get in shape for the whole week. >> getting up early again. >> so exciting. >> all that good stuff. this is the first time i've seen maria in a year and a half. i told her backstage, i was like, the pandemic has been very good to you. i feel like


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