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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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this morning, new violence in oakland. reports of a shooting target a mother and young daughter. these are the latest victims in the surge of violence in the oakland area. after weeks of negotiations, president biden today signing his bill into law. our team is breaking down what it means for our roads, rails and bridges. plus -- >> sometimes we have to pass off the cost to the consumers. >> rising costs of restaurants sadly becoming the new norm. how bay area eateries are dealing with the increasing costs of doing business. this is "today in the bay." it's monday morning. we're going to get things started for you. thank you for making things part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> boy, we have a foggy start to the day. check out this look that meteorologist, rob mayeda actually posted overnight, where the fog was really rolling into the area near danville. the dense fog continues this morning as well, and kari is monitoring it for us.
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>> we can barely see anything on the danville camera -- danville, this is dublin. we are looking at 580 right now. there's reduced visibility and some drizzle on the way into work, but the next several days it will be cooler compared to what we have had. only peeks of sunshine today, and by the end of the week we will see rain chances increasing especially further to the north. we are going to take a look at mainly the fog in parts of the east bay as well as the north bay, and it's going to be a cool one so keep that jacket close by. we will take a look at the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. developing right now, new violence on the streets of oakland. police say the latest shooting involved a child as one of its victims. >> today cierra johnson joins us live. what are police saying about this investigation, cierra? >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. yeah, we have been in
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communication with the oakland police and right now we can confirm based on a photographer we have on scene in that oakland neighborhood, it was a woman and her 11-year-old daughter shot in front of a home there in oakland. take a look at the video. this is the video we just got in the news room from the photographer, and that shooting took place on sterling drive near the oakland zoo. both have been taken to the hospital. we are working to learn more about their conditions and we are in communications with oakland pd to see if they have information or a description of the suspect. this shooting comes days after a toddler, jasper wu, was shot and killed by a stray bullet while he was asleep in the car seat as his mother drove along 880 there in oakland. there's currently a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of jasper's killer. oakland facing a surge in violence. this year, 119 people have died
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by homicide, more than last year. in the last couple of days, the city has seen a lot of violence. a woman was hit by a stray bullet while buying a concert ticket, and a woman was shot at lake merritt. this morning we will keep a close eye on the condition of that woman and 11-year-old daughter there near the oakland zoo on sterling drive. we are in communication with the police to get a description of that suspect behind those shootings. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. antioch this morning is investigating a shooting. it's not clear why the shots were fired, but it does follow a shooting on saturday. none of the injuries are life
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threatening. president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill planned to modernize the roads, rails and bridges and bringing high speed internet across the country. chris pallone, a victory lap for the president here. >> it is, laura. the president says that the government can still get something big done, and his optimism will be tested this week as the house turns its attention to the rest of his build back better agenda. with the stroke of a pen today president biden is set to turn his infrastructure dreams into reality, improving the roads, bridges and railways. the stock market rising and unemployment dropping, american consumers are now feeling the pinch of rising prices, the
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highest inflation spike in 30 years. >> i think it's important to realize that the cause of this inflation is the pandemic. >> democrats say passing blank two of the biden agenda, nearly $2 trillion in social problems and to fight climate change will boost the middle class. >> the more we can get vaccinated, the more we will solve the issue. >> the big thing is, they handcuffed this infrastructure bill to this big massive tax and spending bill, which every republican is united in our efforts to try and drive a stake through the heart of this effort. >> a new washington post abc news poll shows 41% polled approved of the job the president is doing, a new low. a mirror reflecting the economic disconnect between pennsylvania
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avenue and the rest of the nation. chris pallone, nbc news, washington. if you dined out over the weekend you likely paid a lot more money than you are used to, and if you are going to breakfast this morning, probably expect the same. kris sanchez is live this morning in san josé to explain how one chef is putting this all in perspective for us. kris? >> reporter: hi, there, marcus. some restaurant costs are the same, they buy protein and vegetables and so do we, so we know the costs have gone up. a chef went viral for putting out information on costs that you might not think about. the chef says fryer oil went from $35 a year ago, to $45 a month ago, and then a batch of takeout boxes was $25 a year ago and $90 now.
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the price index for all food went up 13% from last september and september of 2020. 90% of restaurant operators say that has impacted them according to a national restaurant survey. restaurant operators are trying to adjust by substituting menu items, and offering smaller portions and sometimes passing that costs on to their diners. >> nothing personal. it's just that, you know, sometimes we have to pass off the costs to the consumers, and a lot of people, myself and a lot of other chefs and people that own restaurants, we don't want to do that but that's the only way to break even because if you keep your prices the same and everything goes up, you will lose money and eventually go out of business. >> reporter: the chef says try to be patient with the restaurant operators that remain open, they are just trying to stay alive and keep their families going as well. there are a lot of restaurants
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that didn't remain open since the start of the pandemic, 100,000 restaurants have closed temporarily or permanently. in san josé, kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> you go into certain cities, and some favorite restaurants are gone. >> yeah, closed. >> yeah. >> thanks, kris. happening today, two walgreens stores set to close in san francisco. this is in the inner richmond area as well as on golf street near market. another is also set to close on wednesday on cesar chavez street. walgreens announced last month to actually -- that it intended to close five san francisco locations by the end of november, citing rampant
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shoplifting. a worker in china town says they have decided to call police. >> we have not seen this for over 15 years in this location. it's very surprising. >> cities across the bay area are holding events for united against hate week. it's an effort to push back against incidents like the one in oakland. the movement started in 2017 in response to several bay area white supremacists rallies. in the bay area, a march through los gatos as march against hate week. the sign of solidarity follows homophobic and racists incidents over the last couple of months.
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a follow-up this morning on the unusual standoff in the north bay. look at the screen. a bear is in the tree and that forced police to close streets and neighbors to shelter in place. at about 10:00 last night, the bear finally came down. it was last seen heading towards an area, petaluma golf and country club. while the shelter in place was lifted, police did encourage neighbors to stay indoors just to be safe, but as you can see in the video, people decided to come outside and take a look for themselves. >> hey, can you even see through the fog? it's dense out there in some spots. this is near the carquinez bridge this morning. kari is keeping tabs on that fog. it makes for tough visibility when you are out on the roadway, too? >> yeah, you have to slow down and allow extra time to get to work this morning. we have seen it drifting around parts of the east bay, but only the dense fog advisory is in
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effect for solano county but we have seen it continuing in the north bay, santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile. in san josé, it's clear and temperatures in the low 50s, but because the clouds will linger, we will get peeks of sunshine and cooler temperatures. mike, you are also tracking that fog, a factor for this drive. >> yeah, the peninsula, we are seeing the camera. the early slowdown cleared up. no problems for the south county as far as we can see. a smooth drive through much of contra costa county. but the fog is denser over here for highway 4 and the build is steady through brentwood. over here, dublin, there's a disabled vehicle counter commute, but it could be tough to see it as you travel through livermore. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:11 right now. does your boss e-mail or text
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you after work? the steps one country is taking to try and protect employees' privacy. the state's offering the most home from work options. the futures call for a bigger opening, except for tesla. plus -- adele returning to the stage for the first time in four years. the moments from her primetime concert that everybody is still talking about. what she's revealing about her decision to get divorced. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. at 6:15, we have clear visibility around fremont and that's not the case everywhere, and we will see clouds throughout the day keeping temperatures down. we will take a look at all of our microclimates and changes ahead, coming up in a few minutes. the backup at the bay bridge, in the report there's a disabled vehicle in lane four, and that's two lanes in after the hov lanes. don't worry about the counting. we'll sort it out for you and the back up as it builds. good morning to you.
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another round of child tax credit pays out today. this may be the next to last time you see that money, december being the final time, as the benefit is set to expire at the end of the year. democrats are working on renewing that credit in their build back better plan, but that's far from complete. both conservative democrats and liberal democrats have been standing in the way of progressing that bill, and the white house is threatening to move on, but probably that's an empty threat. shares in tesla set to open lower after the company's biggest share holder, elon musk, once again said he could sell more stock, and it's simple supply and demand. musk started a twitter spat with
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bernie sanders. bernie sanders was talking about taxing the rich, and musk tweeted, i forgot you were alive. tesla was a big beneficial of government money. spacex cashes a lot of government checks right now as it has a contract with nasa. and musk has in the past tweeted local bay area government officials are fascists, and he has tweeted falsehoods about taking the company private. more than 4 million americans voluntarily quit their jobs in september. the latest data we have for a variety of reasons, of course. marcus and laura, we concentrate for good reasons on the number
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of jobs created every month. last monthly numbers strong, and to that that we add 4 million more jobs, and bosses are trying to get people to work. >> yeah, having a tough time. >> yeah. scott, thank you. new this morning, california among the states leading the way when it comes to the new work-from-home revolution. new cnbc's poll shows texas, then california, illinois, florida and missouri as the states with the most and best work-from-home opportunities. and then portugal is making it illegal for your boss to contact you outside of work hours. we're talking about e-mail, phone calls and texts, even. the law says the privacy of workers must be respected, and
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offenders could even be fined. i want to know how you feel about this new law. should the u.s. also make it illegal for your boss to contact you after work hours? i'm @marcusnbc. trending for you this morning, everybody still talking about adele's primetime concert. >> she returned to the stage for the first time in four years last night. she also sat down with oprah and said she stopped drinking and started eating different to lose weight. she even opened up about the moment that she said she wanted a divorce. >> it was just exhausting trying to, like, keep going with it. it's a process. the process of a divorce, and the process of being a single
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parent, and the process of not seeing a child every single day was not a plan i had when i became a mom. >> adele performed her new album, and even helping a fan pull off a marriage proposal during the concert. by the way, the fan said yes. >> that was a cool moment how they set it up. i stayed up a little late to watch that. >> nice. >> she didn't even know where she was, and he took the mask off of her and she was, like, who are all of these people? adele was in the back and came out and started singing. it was emotional. the guy was crying, everybody was crying, and she sat next to -- i forget, but some famous people. kari, how is it weather-wise? >> yeah, a little foggy, like the name that just eluded you. i didn't watch you. visibility is down to half a
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mile in santa rosa, so allow yourself extra time to get to work. we are seeing fog in spots like martinez. at pickup time you will still have jackets on because it's only going to be about 59 degrees. for some of the spots it will be slow to clear, and then much cooler today. look at san josé's temperature, 70 and 74 in morgan hill because we are not seeing much of the fog coming in. and then rain is not falling here but it's well to the north of us moving across the pacific northwest. it's still connected with an atmospheric river. as it gets closer to the bay area, the rain dissipates. there is a slight chance of showers, and then after that we will have dry and an offshore wind possible for the weekend. i think we had enough rain to
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mitigate the wildfire threat, and there's a chance on thursday. looking at the rest of the month for the november outlook, it shows the bay area further to the north could possibly still have above normal rainfall, but it's not in the near term forecast so maybe closer to thanksgiving. looking at the forecast for temperatures this week, staying on the cool side with the rain chances continuing mainly to the north and some temperatures in the low 60s by thursday into friday. mike, you are seeing a new stall at the bay bridge. >> yeah, and kari, check this out. marcus, you were thinking of that name, that was? >> lizzo. >> my goodness. a whole slew of stars. the stall we are talking about is one, two, three, lane four. you will see movement in the cars. that means there's not a full stop. they must have moved the car
6:23 am
from the lane at the toll plaza. the backup, though, all lanes. the big factor in the fog. it's going to be here. watch where i am drawing, over here from the north bay in through contra costa county, 680 through walnut creek down through the dublin interchange, just note that's there this morning. lighter traffic is moving in the south bay, the peninsula and along the east bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> some of our neighbors will need help putting food on the table this holiday season. i am chris chmura. law enforcement across california fails to properly log guns in a state database. watch the full report. click on investigations on our home page. we'll be right back.
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more than before the pandemic. on top of covid-19, inflation is now pinching family budgets, too. here's how you can help feed families. the next time you visit safeway, look for our displays. just tear off a donation sheet, and hand it to the cashier and they will add whatever you want to donate to your order. i will be at safeway on clayton road. please feel free to drop by and say hi and take part. we appreciate your support. >> thank you, chris. next, the top stories you will hear, including the vaccination clock ticking down.
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breaking now at 6:30, strike averted. pharmacists dropping the threat of strike hours before it was set to begin. new extreme measures go into effect in the south bay today. this is a crackdown on water use. ahead in a live report, the restrictions that may have you
6:31 am
considering a shorter shower. plus -- >> we need immediate relief at the gas pumps. >> that relief may be coming soon. the new push from lawmakers to help you at the pump. this is "today in the bay." here we go. monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. 6:31 right now. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we will get to the breaking news and other stories coming up in a bit, but first let's talk about the foggy start to the day. meteorologist, kari hall, is here now, and take a look at what we see in walnut creek, very dense fog. how long will that last? >> it will hang around for several more hours and it will be a bigger picture we see for the next several days with morning fog, and also a lot more cloud cover as we look at our low visibility in santa rosa. it's down to half of a mile. as we go above the fog to look at our storm ranger parked on san gabriel mountain and that
6:32 am
beautiful sunrise. we will have cooler temperatures today in many spots because of the fog holding on longer throughout the morning. we will talk about the changes in our forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes, marcus. >> thank you. the upcoming strike by kaiser pharmacists appears to be off this morning thanks to a last-minute deal. they were threatening to stage a week-long strike starting today, but kaiser and the union tell nbc bay area that a tentative agreement has been reached after talks went late into the night. the terms of the deal have not been released. the bay area and the state still in the grips of a drought, and new water restrictions are going into effect today in the south bay cities. kris sanchez has a look at what this will mean for businesses and your family. kris? >> reporter: if you have not hit the shower this morning in the south bay, you may make it a quick one because the water restrictions go into effect for
6:33 am
some customers in the city of san josé, cupertino, campbell, los gatos and saratoga. customers who don't cut back could be hit with a drought fee. the san josé water company gets its water from the santa clara water district that declared a drought in june. for the average household, that 15% reduction, if you don't meet the benchmark you will be charged $7.15 per unit that you go over, and consider a unit is 748 gallons, and a shower is 10,000 units. they will offer low flow shower heads and shower timers and
6:34 am
other rebates for other products. if you need a quick fix to cut your water use, take a look at what you are doing outside, folks, because half of all of the water that is used is used in our yards. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> thanks, kris. just into our news room, extra security expected starting today on the campus of the junior high school in petaluma. there's some kind of threat for this week first reported by a student. police are working to see if it's credible and extra security will remain in place as long as it's needed. 33 states reporting an uptick in infections in covid cases, and 14 states are seeing a greater than 25% in cases over the last two weeks. 440 million vaccine doses have been administered. nearly 30 million americans have
6:35 am
received a booster shot. today is the deadline for berkeley city workers to submit proof of covid vaccinations, and according to the numbers provided last week to the berkeley side, 80% are vaccinated. that number may be higher because the city is not putting a number on those who are not yet vaccinated, and 64 employees have applied for exemptions, and those without exemptions may lose their jobs. in the south bay, the santa clara fair grounds exhibition hall is where organizers are transforming the site into a more exciting environment for the little ones to keep them occupied before and after the shots. check out our vaccine frequently asked questions section at and on our nbc bay area app. just click on faq vaccination
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for kids. today begins what is expected to be a full week with no days off marking a first for this trial. prosecutors last week suggested they may be ready to rest their case soon. a one-time theranos investor is expected to return to the witness stand today. last week he testified about inaccurate information he received on the company's blood testing technology. people across the country, they are feeling the pain at the pump, and here in california we are feeling it a bit worst, and now worst than ever before. in 2012, california set a record at $4.67 for a gallon of regular unleaded. now that record is broken by 0.01 of a cent. the average is creeping closer to $4.68 according to aaa. the national average, meanwhile, dropped by a penny. $3.41 a gallon.
6:37 am
meantime in los angeles gas prices are up to $6.59 a gallon. can you believe that? this is a shell station. you can opt for a cheaper regular unleaded for $5.99 a gallon. gosh. plus, as you can see right there, $6.59. that is expensive. yesterday, senate majority leader, chuck schumer, called on biden to tap into petroleum reserves to lower the gas prices, and he said it's not a cure all but could make things easier for the holidays. and then we're trying to keep tabs on all the cheap places to fill up and share them with you. click on cheapest gas in the bay area. it's there at the top in our trending bar. maybe you want to head north
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and grab 60s and a snowboard? heavenly, yep, there we go. they are going to be opening up on friday for skiing and snowboarding. going to be quite fun. we also under north star in the truckee area will open as well. >> the recent storms provided enough snow for the resorts to open, after the snow machines were used for protection after the caldor wildfire. >> what a change. we will keep track of all the resorts opening. they are revamping some of their covid protocols as well. the reservation system, they will no longer use that, and the lifts will be used at full capacity. what we need right now is big juicy storms to dump a lot more snow in the area, kari.
6:39 am
>> yeah, i don't think we will see a lot of that. take a look at our view in san josé as you are heading out this morning. we do have the dense fog that has been moving through parts of the east bay, the tri-valley, as well as the north bay. as we are dealing with the fog, reduced visibility and drizzle possible as you are heading out the door. you want to allow extra time to get to work. we will also see clouds hanging around today, so the cooler weather with us for the next several days, there will be a chance of rain but it's not a big storm here. in fact a lot of the rain stays to the north of us. take a look at the map here where we are seeing some reduced visibility around livermore. it's really bad just to the east of concord. that fog is moving through parts of the delta and into the north bay. santa rosa, we're seeing about a half mile visibility. temperatures today staying cool as that fog hangs around a lot longer than we have seen in the past few days. mike is also watching how the fog is impacting the traffic? >> that's right. probably will have to deal with the fog to some level.
6:40 am
over here in palo alto, we had seen a problem earlier but as the sun comes up and the low clouds and the light bouncing off the clouds now, it looks washed out for the camera here. bring the sunglasses, maybe the tinted amber color so you can see through that. remember, getting close to thanksgiving and slide into the end of the year, lighter traffic for the morning commute and it often shifts down later in the day. we have the fog shifting throughout contra costa county and through the north bay, very low visibility like kari talked about. check out the carquinez bridge, and this is in vallejo, definitely low clouds crossing the bridge. chp did warn about the fog overnight, and it's a factor for your drive this morning. thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," security measures being taken in wisconsin as
6:41 am
closing arguments start in the kyle rittenhouse trial. and then turning the infrastructure bill into infrastructure laws. dow industrials up about 100 points. grabbing the national spotlight. the spell the 49ers will try to break tonight at levi that the fans never saw coming. plus -- >> the big reveal is coming later today. we will show you the teaser from taylor swift on what fans can expect. it's 6:41. you're watching "today in the bay." wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way.
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we're coming up on 6:44 on this monday morning. as you are heading out, it will be a soggy start. places like martinez having to deal with fog on the way to school to drop the kids off. those clouds will linger even at pickup time so those jackets will still be on. we will get the microclimate weather and our forecasts, coming up. this is down in dublin, not martinez where kari was talking about. we have fog here and it's spreading around the bay and getting worse in some spots. we'll talk about where, coming up. sounds good. almost a quarter to 7:00 right now, and sadly another person died from injuries at the surge
6:45 am
at the astro world festival. he was nine years old. his father says he was sitting on his shoulders when the crowd surged and the chaos his father lost consciousness and found his son later in a hospital. ten concertgoers have died and dozens of lawsuits have been filed. happening today in kenosha, wisconsin, closing arguments in the rittenhouse trial begins. each side will have 2 1/2 hours to wrap up arguments and then jury deliberations will begin. 500 national guard troops are on standby for the verdict. president biden will sign the infrastructure bill into law today at the white house.
6:46 am
>> scott mcgrew, a historic event. >> yeah, some of that coming to benefit us in the bay area. the last time there was a stimulus bill like this we extended bart to the airport and an extension on the golden gate bridge. we assume president biden was waiting until the house was in session and some of the bill's sponsors could join him for the signing. here the president was signing the coronavirus relief bill back in march. it doesn't matter what political party you are, nobody wants a bridge to fall down. in the past the argument was, should we fix the bridge? yes, we should. let's vote. but in today's environment, the fact that it got republican votes or maybe because it got republican votes, it caused anger in the republican party.
6:47 am
some members of congress in the republican party are getting death threats over the vote. and then president biden will meet with xi jinping to talk about taiwan. china claims taiwan is part of china. a new abc "washington post" poll shows president biden's approval rating at 41% rating, and that's higher than other polls, but low for this particular poll. 49% of americans disapprove the way the white house is handling coronavirus. the disapproval number is rising. the next challenge for rising, build back better, and many americans are against it and democrats should be able to push it through because they have more votes. an update for you. all eyes on steve bannon this morning. he's expected to turn himself in
6:48 am
after indicted. he faces prison time if guilty. he has refused to talk to the house select committee on the house attacks. and beto o'rourke now says he will run for texas governor. texas is the largest republican-run state but it's not unusual for texas to have a democratic governor. governor richards comes to mind, but that was 20 years ago. we are waiting for bannon, and we'll talk about it on twitter, and you'll find me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. a 50-year-old texas woman accused of assaulting a flight attendant on a united airlines flight in june. the woman is accused of shouting at and pushing the flight attendant after the flight attendant woke her sleeping husband to ask him to wear his mask correctly. the woman could face a 20-year
6:49 am
prison term. the 49ers have a chance to turn their season around on monday the night football, but the problem is they are playing their rival, the rams, and they are playing at levi, and that should not be a problem, but it is because the 49ers have not won a home game for a year. this is trending this morning. a quick look at a teaser trailer at taylor swift's new video. the video is directed by her good friend, actress blake lively. it will premier at 7:00 this morning. what is up with the cake, though? it's red velvet -- >> did not look like she was happy. >> the red velvet inside. looked good, though. >> i like you see it and can taste it.
6:50 am
i see food, i am good, just saying. sesame street have a new cast member. >> the show is debuting an asian-american muppet. she's making history as the first asian-american muppet in the sesame street cast. >> i did read an english article, and her name, they got it was it means smart and it could be read as sesame, so they set it was fate. >> the more you know. >> exactly, marcus. the more you know. >> it's time to get a look at the forecast, too, for you this morning. a lot of people waking up, kari, to a foggy start. >> yeah, you look out the window, and it's like, huh-uh, i want to go back to sleep. to look outside, we are having to deal with the dense fog in the north bay especially where visibility is down to half a
6:51 am
mile. it has been lower in some spots. this is the dense central valley fog that we see after a significant rainfall. for the bay area, it just creeps through the delta and our mountain gaps. we see it coming through the tri-valley and much of the north bay, and that's what we are seeing this morning. have not made it all the way to the spot in oakland, but it's definitely hazy. we will see the low clouds sticking with us through noon today. it's going to be around for a lot longer than what we have seen recently. for oakland, we have upper 60s for hayward. where we will get the clearer skies and where we have not seen much of the fog in the south bay, san josé, morgan hill headed for the low 70s today. a lot of rain still well to the north of us. the atmospheric river targets the pacific north west, and as the rain gets closer to us it falls apart. we will see another slight chance for rain on thursday, and overall it looks like a fairly
6:52 am
dry week and even drier conditions for the weekend as we get an offshore wind. in terms of how much rain we could see, a lot of the models putting down 0.1 of an inch for the north bay and less as you head toward the golden gate bridge. in livermore, upper 60s to start out the week and low 60s for the weekend. we are going to have much cooler weather than we have had over the past several days with a couple of the cold fronts sweeping through, and only slight rain chances tomorrow as well as thursday. mike, fog is the big impactive word. we just keep saying it over and over again. >> yeah, we keep saying it over and over until it goes away, and it may not, and i tell my kids the fog is when the clouds come to kiss the roadway. that's what is going on here at the golden gate bridge. it's extending into the north bay, santa rosa, quarter mile visibility. emeryville, you can see the clouds surrounding and
6:53 am
enveloping the span here. typical westbound build for areas, including highway 4 that is. despite that, a lighter volume of traffic, your typical slowing in san josé. happening now, city leaders will take a look at proposing zoning updates guarding against the impact from climate change. next, a quick look at the top stories including new violence in oakland. >> reporter: that's right. we are following a shooting involving a mother and her 11-year-old daughter. what we know about the situation, coming up. breaking news and a last-minute deal reached halting a health care worker strike
6:54 am
hours before it was set to begin. details ahead on the late-night agreement. i'm also hosting a behind-the-scenes look at "today in the bay" from facebook live. if you tune in now you can see us behind the scenes as well as on your tv screen. hey, look what you can see on my facebook live right now. i'll see you there. we'll be right back.
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6:56. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at our top stories today on "today in the bay." >> breaking news this morning, the upcoming strike by kaiser pharmacists appears to be off due to a last-minute deal. they were going to stage a week-long strike starting today, but kaiser and the union telling nbc bay area that a tentative agreement has been reached after talks late in the night. the deal has not been released. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live with us. >> reporter: we did have a photographer on scene in oakland, the photographer tells us it was a mother and her 11-year-old daughter shot in front of a home in oakland. right now we have scenes from
6:58 am
that video, and sterling drive which is near oakland zoo. both people were taken to the hospital and we are working to learn more about their conditions and we have calls into police asking if they have any information or a description of any suspects. right now we're keeping a close eye on the situation. a mother and 11-year-old daughter shot in front of a house there in oakland, right now unsure of their conditions and working to learn more about suspects. we're live, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> sierra, thank you. in antioch, the police are investigating a triple shooting last night near hillcrest park. one of the victims is a teenager. it's not clear why people were gathering or why the shots were fired. none of the injuries are life threatening. some of the strictest water rules in the state are about to take effect today.
6:59 am
those affected will be in san josé, cupertino, campbell and los gatos and saratoga where they have to cut their water use by 15%. and then barely can see things in danville. meteorologist, kari hall, has been tracking that for us. >> watch out for the dense fog. we will see that linger for a lot longer in some spots, keeping our temperatures down. only slight rain chances as we head through the rest of the week, and the weekend it clears out but we could see gusting winds picking up. mike, how is that commute looking for you? >> as the sun comes up, it could be complicated because the light bounces off the clouds and fog and makes it brighter for drivers. san mateo bridge, it's darker as you see there. >> thank you very much. that's what is happening on "today in the bay." we will see you back in 7:25 for
7:00 am
a local news update. you see the tree right there in rockefeller center, and that tree from maryland this year. the christmas spirit, it is here. thank you for joining us on "today in the bay." the "today" show is next. good morning troubling trend, covid cases surging again from coast to coast. >> every state is going to be seeing this waning immunity. every state is going to have to deal with it >> and fears growing with the thanksgiving holiday next week just ahead, dr. anthony fauci now calling boosters for adults essential. will the fda green light them for all? we'll have complete coverage breaking overnight, mounting tragedy. a 9-year-old boy dies from injuries suffered in that astro


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