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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 14, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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advantage. >> true and we to do something about it and change it. we need to bring different energy out there. i hope the fans come out here the faithful. you come out here and you see jimmy g and you see what brandon aiyuk's going to do. see what deebo samuel's going to do. let's see what eric armstead is going to do against these two tackles who had struggles against the tennessee titans last week on national football. so i feel like the 9ers can change this thing around and finally get a win at levi's. >> i don't want to say the season is over mathematically. because they could lose this game and he believe they would be eliminated but is this a win or go home? i mean, if they lose this game is this season by all accounts in your mind over? >> i mean, you showed statistics earlier. if we lose this game right here, it is going down to less than 10%. so as of right now, you lose this game, you are looking toward 2022. i want to see trey lance. i want to see the guys you drafted that have not been on the field. i want to see them start to get some field -- field action. make some mistakes so you can evaluate these guys so when you
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are going into the draft next year, you have some film on knees these guy who are already on the team. i can tell you this. you can't be having four stretches of losses like you did earlier this season and thinking you are going to make it to the playoffs again next year in 2022 when you have russell back, you have kyler back, and you have the rams possibly even better than what they are right now. >> a reminder, tomorrow we have all your coverage needs from monday night football at levi's stadium. 49ers' pregame live with laura and joe and takeo and donte comes your way live from there at 4:00. and postgame live, immediately following the game on monday night football. 49ers preand post game live. prediction. high scoring low scoring tomorrow night? >> high scoring i think so. i want them to be high scoring. we need some points, feldy. something has to happen at levi's where we get a win man, it's been too long. >> you heard it from ian. get a high-scoring game. 49ers on top. my buddy ian williams, i am david feldman. watch all our 49ers coverage
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right now on nbc bay area, a standoff like one you probably never seen before. a north bay neighborhood onight. a bear. a big one. that refuses to come down from a tree. and hoping to strike a deal.
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negotiations between kaiser and its pharmacists happening right now. what it means for you if they can't reach an agreement? plus, you may know gas prices hit a new record here in california. how prices at bay area stations are stacking up. thank you for joining us in this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm audrey asistio. we begin with the troubling investigation into the east bay. members of the oakland china town community are concerned tonight after someone wrote hateful anti-asian messages on the wall of a popular neighborhood supermarket. >> this comes as several cities across the bay area organized rallies and other events as part of a week of action against hate. here is nbc bay area's sergio quintana. >> reporter: the three messages someone scrawled on the wall of new tin's market in oakland's chinatown are so vulgar, we can't show them on television. >> felt very hurtful. didn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: tony chung says they found the messages on the
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wall thursday morning and after consulting with the china town chamber of commerce, they decided to call police today. officers quickly showed up and started an investigation. there are several security cameras on site but the operators of the market are concerned that someone may have actually moved the cameras so that they would not record the vandalism. has this happened before? >> if it has, it's been a very, very long time. we haven't seen this for over 15 years in this location. so this is very surprising to me. >> reporter: this incident comes at the start of a week that's supposed to be dedicated to stopping hateful incidents like this. several cities across the bay are organizing events aimed at showing support and solidarity. something chinatown chamber of commerce president carl chan says is needed right now. >> i am so thankful for those who are willing to come in and -- and do such that and, you know, and educating people. but also, you know, and, you know, advocating stop hate against anyone and any group in
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any community. >> reporter: in oakland, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you in the meantime, police in san francisco are investigating vandalism at a mosque. someone smashed a window there by throwing a beer bottle through it late-friday night. happened at the mosque in islamic center in the san francisco neighborhood. window now patched up. witnesses say they saw a man throw the bottle then just quickly run off. those in the community, as you can imagine, are shocked by what happened. >> and as long as we can remember, no one has ever vandalized our mosque. we have -- we have so many wonderful neighbors here. they treat us like family. they treat us hike like part of the community so we were obviously very shaken request gone tuesdayed and scared to see something like this happen, because this is strange and doesn't really happen here. >> the mosque has security cameras that captured the incident. but so far, no word on an arrest. right now, negotiations between kaiser and the union representing its pharmacists continues. a spokesperson for kaiser
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confirming the two parties are still negotiating over an increase in pay. if they cannot reach a deal, the pharmacists are planning to go on strike for a week starting tomorrow. it would shut down outpatient pharmacies. hospital pharmacies will remain open for inpatient care and critical infusion services. kaiser says patients will still be able to fill their prescription through the mail-delivery pharmacy. we are keeping tabs on the ongoing negotiations for you. you can find the latest updates on our website. go to click on kaiser pharmacists may strike. at the top of the trending bar in the home page. you can also search kaiser strike in our mobile app. >> take a look at this. people in petaluma were stunned to find this large-black bear roaming in neighborhood. police and wildlife experts were called to the scene as the bear spent the day just stop understand that tree. nbc bay area's christie smith has this story. >> reporter: it was no ordinary sunday in this quiet petaluma neighborhood and the reason why is right here.
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a black bear that climbed far up a tall redwood tree. tom figured something was going on when his dog started barking early-sunday morning. >> a patrol person came in the backyard and said there was an animal, to keep the dog inside. but that was -- that was pretty early in the morning. so it's been there for a while. >> reporter: police closed a street, and people were advised to stay inside or avoid the area. >> i thought it was really interesting. and i think it just means we are really close to nature. >> reporter: but people were curious. petaluma police posted this picture saying, overnight, they monitored a bear seen in the raymond heights area. >> i got home at 1:00 this morning. and i got out of my car, and looked down the driveway and saw a bear. lumbering, running by. and said, oh, my god. >> reporter: sheila kent says she saw it and called 9-1-1, but felt bad for the bear. >> sadness. it's absolute sad like, oh my god. you don't belong -- we don't belong here. we're in your space. >> reporter: police said they were monitoring and coordinating
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with wildlife experts, as the bear waited things out up in the tree. >> we called fish and wildlife to come assist and try to get it back to where it belongs the best way we could all figure it out for now is to, um, hopefully, wait for nightfall and it will come back down on its own and then go back to its normal habitat. >> reporter: they say the bear's too high up to safely tranquilize, unless he were to come down a bit lower. safe to say, it's a day this neighborhood won't soon forget. >> i think he is -- he is up there until it gets really quiet. probably, nightfall. >> reporter: in petaluma, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> we are keeping tabs on that bear. it's still up in the tree, last we heard. live look outside right now in walnut creek and you can see, another foggy night in parts of the bay area. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. he is checking out how this thick fog could impact your morning commute. this could be serious, rob. >> same areas affected this morning again, and it's the wind that is part of the story. you are seeing some of that in dublin. a light offshore breeze or wind coming in out of the east and
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around the tri-valley. and out of the northeast into walnut creek in concord and you can see the fog there. this is he imported fog from the central valley from stockton and tracie drifting west. notice how the visibility starts to drop off here in the last 30 minutes. two and a half miles in concord so the main impacted areas, again, will be solano county, contra costa county, and napa county will continue to see this fog kind of spilling into the west. so that is the way tomorrow morning begins. patchy areas of dense fog. cooling changes during the afternoon. we are going to begin to see more clouds. so, no more of those mid-70s that we saw this weekend. and then, finally, some rain chances coming by thursday, though, that storm may be taking a bit more of a north trek. so that's starting to bring down some rain totals for areas san francisco southward. we have a closer look at those rain expectations and breezy conditions setting up by next weekend in our forecast coming up in about ten minutes. back to you. >> all right, rob, see you in
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about ten minutes. live look in san jose now where tomorrow some of the strictest water rules in the state are set to begin. several south bay cities will be impacted and that includes san jose, cupertino, campbell, starting tomorrow, mandatory rationing rules take effect. homeowners will have to cut water use by 15% over 2019 levels. those who don't comply will face a drought fee. last time the water company implemented restrictions was back in 2016. >> the push to get children vaccinated against covid continues. first lady jill biden visiting a vaccine clinic for children down in texas today. surgeon general was there with her. the two visited with kids who had gotten their vaccine, and even got to pet a few of the dogs who were there to provide some comfort for the kids. first lady talked about how parents will do anything to protect their children and the vaccine, she says, is the best way to protect them from the virus. nationwide, vaccination numbers are going up. the white house says this past week, more than 9.5 million doses administered. that's highest-weekly total
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since late may and as of tonight, 58% of americans are fully vaccinated. health leaders here in california continue to push for people to get vaccinated. tonight, 76% of all californians have received at least one dose. 62%, fully vaccinated. now, with we know you have questions about the covid vaccine. just head to for answers to your questions about booster shots, children, vaccines, and where you still need to wear your mask. new developments involving the astroworld music festival that turned deadly earlier-this month. a 9-year-old boy has now died. he died today after being in a medically induced coma. he is the tenth person to die during the concert that featured rapper travis scott. ezra's dad says his boy was sitting on his shoulders when a crowd surge crushed them. the father lost consciousness and when he revived, he couldn't
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find his son, ezra. he eventually found him at a hospital after paramedic rushed him there. you are not imagining this. gas prices keep going up and up. in fact, today, prices in california hit a record high. gallon of regular now averages $4.67. that tops a record set back in october 2012 by 100th of a cent. the national average for a gallon of regular dropped by a penny. the average national is $3.41 a gallon. that sounds real good out here. >> uh-huh. >> parts of the bay area, prices even higher than the state average. that is not that uncommon to see $5 plus. according to gas buddy in san francisco, gallon of regular averages $4.83 a gallon. in oakland, it's $4.76. in san jose, it's $4.75 and we are keeping tabs on the cheapest places to fill up across the bay area. talk about news you can use. head to chick on cheapest gas in the bay area right on the top. you can also search cheapest gas in our nbc bay area app. >> making it in the bay gets
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more difficult for some, the city of heyward is poised to help hundreds of people with a new affordable housing project. city is teaming up with developer adobe services to build 125 micro apartments. this rendering shows what it will eventually look like. the apartments will be formally -- be for formerly homeless people and very low-income households. construction on the project begins tomorrow and this is what the area looks like today, but will be built on depot road in heyward, the units will be just under 300-square-feet in size. social workers will be on site, as well as drug and alcohol rehab center. it's scheduled to be completed summer of 2023. well, if you saw emergency vehicles and a lot of activity at the lawrence cal train station in sunnyvail today, there was no emergency. this is all part of a big drill. ran from 5:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. exercise included traffic kroil and limited parking to make room for an emergency-response staging area.
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several volunteers also played a role. acting as injured victims. the drill is required by law to make sure agencies are prepared for an accident or some kind of attack. up next, a massive effort to clean up lake tahoe. we are going to speak with the man behind this project about how it's going. interesting stuff. also, the strangest thing his team has discovered in that water so far. and a critical vote set for this week. the decision one east bay school district is set to make that will impact thousands of students. and this time tomorrow night, we could see a few sprichkless passing over the bay area as we get the clouds for your monday. but there is a better rain chance for the second half of the week. how much you can expect from that, and warmer changes ahead in your seven-day fear cast when we come right back.
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you may not think of lake tahoe has a trash receptacle but there is a group that does and they are doing something about it. they have started one of the largest cleanup efforts in tahoe history. you see some of it there. they are diving down, getting
9:08 pm
stuff out of there. part of an organization called clean up the lake. earlier tonight, i spoke with clean up the lake founder and executive director, colin west. colin, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. excited to chat about cleaning up the lake. >> let's talk about it. first of all, i look at lake tahoe and i see gorgeousness and beauty. how did you know that pristine-lake tahoe had so much trash in it? >> you know, it's -- it's a good question and i think when things are a bit out of sight, they are out of mind. um, but you know, as a diver, i was getting out there and -- and was able to see a problem underneath the surface. and a couple years ago, i ended up speaking to some friends and colleagues, partners over at tahoe fund and tahoe blue vodka about this issue and began working with those two companies and organizations to do this 72-mile scuba cleanup where tahoe blue came on and gave us a
9:09 pm
hundred grand and tahoe fund matched that and now we are making our way around the lake, cleaning up all this trash from under the surface of tahoe. >> 72 miles. let's go with -- how do you start? where do you start? i mean, you got this huge lake. what do you do? >> you know, i've always been -- been told i am a bit ambitious at -- at times. and i, um, just had the idea to do this 72-mile scuba cleanup. and of course, there's a lot of pieces to the puzzle to put together. and um, with a background in television production, i was used to logistics and the idea just kind of caught hold with a lot of people. and i'm, you know, very fortunate to have such an amazing team from brad flora, our logistics manager, programs manager, sadie, and all these people that really helped me make this project a reality. and so, there is a lot of moving parts. um, but everyone works together from our partners, our employees, 100-plus volunteers
9:10 pm
on this project. and we have got divers, scuba divers, free divers, kayakers, jet skiers, boat divers that are all out there every single day. >> how long v been at it? and how many hours have you spent underwater there at lake tahoe? >> a good question. the other day, i was skimming my dive log and i'm like, jeez, even this week, i have been underwater for quite a few hours. um, we -- we've done -- um, we have pulled out over 18,200 pounds of submerged litter from lake tahoe and that's over 21,000 pieces. we're -- um -- we're over 51 days into this project now in dive days. where typically, each day we're doing three tanks. some -- some days, there's two tanks. so, you know, well over 100 to 150 dives on this project, alone. um, and, you know, it's hard to count how many hours i have really been under the lake. i -- you know, sometimes i just dream of pulling up tires.
9:11 pm
>> that's a beautiful dream you are having there. i mean, the result is a beautiful thing. you know, cleaning up lake tahoe. let me -- you talked about tires. what is the strangest thing that you pulled up out of lake tahoe, so far? anything come to mind? >> oh, there's -- there's a -- there's quite a few strange things. um, you know, one -- one time, recently, we were out on east shore. and we came across this, um -- this -- looked like a tire but it was actually a wheel and it had an ammunition box drilled into it. and at first, i -- i opened it up and this blue bottle just shot right over my head when i was like 25 feet down. and i -- almost hit me and there is golf balls in this kind of sand inside and i was like oh, my gosh, it's a memorial and i have just opened it up. this is terrible. and we take it up and -- and then, we -- we open up the bottle, expecting to see like letters to a loved one. and it was a geocache. one of those devices people
9:12 pm
plant in the environment and sign their name and people put something in it so was very happy to see the final result and actually one of our volunteer divers was the last one to find that geo cache three years prior. so we signed our name, clean up the lake, and put it back where it came from and moved on our way looking for more trash. >> colin, real quick if you could, there is somebody watching this show. i have the feeling who is going to say, hey, well listen, this stuff down at the bottom of lake tahoe, nobody ever goes down there. why don't you just leave it there? i am sure you got a good answer for that but go ahead. >> absolutely. i mean, there's -- there is a lot of stuff, obviously, around the lake. but every -- you know, in my opinion, you know, certain thing that is weren't meant to be there should be removed. you know, we have had a big enough impact on our environment to date and there are, of course, certain, you know, particular pieces of trash from plastics to, you know, these tires which some people might think are rubber but are -- are a majority of a synthetic kind of rubber made of plastic that
9:13 pm
can lead to microplastics. and, you know, from disintegrating aaluminum cans and things of that nature, you know, i don't like seeing that in our backyard and lake tahoe. you know, it's in our drinking water, at this point. this is -- there's tahoe tap so we want to clean it, get it out, and preserve this lake for what we all love it to be. and, you know, so many areas around the world are so far gone, and most people see tahoe to be pristine and there is, in fact, a problem under the surface so we are taking care of it while we can. >> fantastic and you are keeping going all the way through december, january, february? going to keep on rocking? >> absolutely. we're so close to the finish line, i can taste it. and the 72-mile cleanup is just the beginning and we have got a lot planned for next year, as well. >> colin, thanks a lot for being here. doing a wonder frl thing there in lake tahoe. new tonight, some taxpayers are reportedly paying for apple's plan, turning iphones into
9:14 pm
digital i.d. cards. according to confidential documents obtained by cnbc, the company is requiring states to maintain systems and hire people needed to carry out apple's vision. so that means, taxpayers get the bill according to contracts signed by georgia, arizona, kentucky, and oklahoma. apple announced, in june, that users could soon store state-issued i.d. cards in the iphone's wallet app, claiming it's more secure and convenient. well, the trial of theranos ceo, elizabeth holmes will continue tomorrow. in a surprise announcement last week, the government said it will likely rest its case this week. last person to testify for the prosecution was theranos' investor alan izanman who suspected he wasn't being given accurate information about the company's technology. his testimony will resume tomorrow. holmes has pleaded not guilty to all 12 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. looking to the week ahead, big decisions for heyward school district no matter what they decide, it's going to be controversial. on thursday, the heyward unified
9:15 pm
school district special board of education will make a final decision on the possible closure of 14 schools. we have been covering the protests and the town halls. lot of people don't like this idea but the school district is facing a $14 million budget deficit and a sharp drop in enrollment. what are they going to do? thursday's meeting is virtual and set for 6:30 p.m. so many toys on store shelves are made in china. but global supply chain woes have made it a lot harder to get toys anywhere, especially to the u.s. and in time for christmas. nbc's janis mackey frayer reports from a toy factory in beijing. >> reporter: in a part of southern china known as the world factory, are some of the workshops making toys for the holidays. things that beep, sing, and move. literally, millions of them. it's every kid's dream. more than 80% of imported toys on store shelves in the u.s. are
9:16 pm
coming from china, which is why christmas shoppers this year could be facing a toy shortage. the pandemic triggering a domino effect that started here. with chinese factories juggling higher costs and energy crisis, and a shortage of computer chips. and shipping rates for exporters that rocketed. >> increased a lot? >> yeah. >> how much? >> maybe, ten times. >> ten times? >> reporter: and there's more. a shortage of shipping containers and covid outbreaks that shut down some major ports here. all slowed the flow of chinese-made goods into the global supply chain. then, congestion and long delays on the u.s. side, like the logjam at the port of los angeles, have meant a lot o toy shipments are simply stung if they leave the factory at all. >> because of challenges like high-shipping costs, you have toys that could have been sent to the u.s. a month ago, now just piling up. for sets of eblocks to get from
9:17 pm
the toy company factory in china to jim seymour's warehouse in chicago usually takes about ten weeks the last shipment, nearly eight months. leaving stores that want eblocks on their shelves scrambling. >> we are seeing this increase in spending right now from our customers so that they can stock up and hold onto the inventory so they will have something by christmastime. >> a shortage of truck drivers, too, means that this year, the hottest-toy brands may be hard to find and more expensive to buy, at least in the u.s. here, most factories have inventories. these are top sellers in the u.s. some toy exporters here are switching to air freight to get toys primed for the holidays out of south china's version of the north pole into time. in time. the bottom line is that demand is going to outstrip supply for most things, especially the really hot toys. so the advice from factories here in china, distributors,
9:18 pm
retailers and others down the supply chain is to adjust your expectations of what toys are out there, and get the toys that you need soon. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, beijing. >> toys might be hard to find but lots of gifts available in san mateo today as the harvest festival original arts and crafts show once again gave people the unique shopping experience. the traveling show celebrating its 49th year and it is a time for celebration. >> it was a tough year for us. harvest festival was one of the first events that came back. we were outside and we were on our hands and knees thankful to them to have an event that we could actually go wear our mask. we are vaccinated. see people. and come out and get to communicate, get to share and bless them and they blessed us.
9:19 pm
>> such gratitude there. the festival travels up and down california. also, goes to las vegas. now today was the last day in san mateo. however, if you want to check it out, its next stop, next weekend, is sacramento. she mentioned the festival being outdoors. i guess, previous years. if they held it outdoor today, it wouldn't have been bad. it was actually nice out there. >> rob, nice. >> with the fog cleared, yeah it was a pretty warm afternoon we had. temperatures in the mid-70s again today. though, now we are beginning to she more patchy fog showing up. little bit of the golden gate bridge, you can see a little hint of low clouds there around the bridge deck at 56 degrees. san jose, hazy skies. currently, not much wind outside. different story, though, as we head inland around the tri-valley, dublin starting to see that light offshore breeze. we will have to see if that fog can make it down to the tri-valley by the morning. and certainly, already seeing some of that fog towards concord and walnut creek, 52 degrees.
9:20 pm
wind at name times. light northeast wind so this is importing the fog. in the summer, fog comes in off the ocean, spreads across the bay. this in this case, it is still drifting from the central valley. you can see visibility starting to drop off down to just two miles. little bit lower towards tracie. i think once again it will be the north bay and east bay, especially napa county, solano county, and contra costa county see the worst of the fog tomorrow morning. so this sort of copy and paste weather. fog for the morning but the afternoon is going to be a bit different tomorrow. don't think we are going to see as warm, those temperatures. we are going to see increasing high clouds during the day. low to mid-60s from san francisco to oakland. still, probably some 70s south of san jose. down into morgan hill, san jose near 70 degrees. 68 degrees in santa cruz and mid-60s around the tri-valley. monday night football coming to levi stadium. tomorrow, we will have temperatures around kickoff time
9:21 pm
close to 60. mostly cloudy skies. no rain. not much wind out there at levi stadium. so should be a pleasant night. little bit cool for football weather in the south bay. you can see, overnight into early tuesday, a slight chance of sprinkles right there. but when we quantify just how much could fall out of that by tuesday morning, those numbers are just not moving. so anything that does fall, likely, not to get any rain gages going. but we think thursday, still offers the best hope as both medium-range models say that we should get at least a little bit of something but we are going to emphasize little. when you look at the rain totals here, they have come down and fortunately less than a tenth of an inch of rain for areas south of san francisco and the north bay probably getting the most of it. and you can see why. the trend has been to kind of push more of the substantial rain farther to the north. now, watch how the clouds clear by next weekend. it's been a while since we talked about north winds. we are expecting santa ana winds for southern california and clearing dry north winds for us heading into next weekend, which
9:22 pm
i will think will make us very grateful we had all the rain we had the last couple weeks, otherwise that would be a fire danger concern. so as we go through the week, more clouds tomorrow. thursday still looks to be the best chance for some light rain at times. late thursday, into early friday morning. and then, likely, a warming trend heading towards next weekend. breezy and dry. but again, thanks to all the rain we've seen, i think that is going to keep fire danger at bay for now. but we will see some wind at times for next weekend. and also, another warm-up could be back into the 70s by late-next weekend. back to you. >> all right. looks pretty good there, rob, thank you. i don't want to say i was born to lose but i've had a lot of, um, hard knocks. >> but she is not letting life knock her down. up next, one woman's journey to get sober while lending a hand to those living on the streets. this is a story that will make you bay-area proud.
9:23 pm
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in the bay area, there's so many people willing to help others and each person has a different reason why they are lending a hand. >> for one peninsula woman, the reason she helps the homeless is deeply personal. in fact, it is a story of life and death. garvin thomas shares her remarkable journey in tonight's bay area proud. >> i don't recall ever meeting anyone who's been through as many hardships in their life as deborah. at one point during our interview, i just stopped and asked her how she is still alive. she laughed and said there's a reason. and then, she showed me what it was. >> here's the wash cloth. >> reporter: the phrase getting clean has more than one meaning. there is, of course, what folks will do with the soaps, socks, and shampoo that deborah and her team are putting into bags to hand out to those living on the streets. >> there's 50 and 40. that's 90. >> reporter: now, just why deborah has spent her saturdays for the past ten years doing this? well, that has everything to do
9:26 pm
with the other kind of getting clean. >> recovery. recovery changes your life. >> reporter: deborah smoked her first joint when she was just 8 years old. what followed were decades of addiction and abuse, of time spent in foster care and prison cells. deborah was well into her 40s by the time she, finally, broke the cycle. these hygiene kits. her way of making up for lost years. >> this is what we are put on this earth to do. we're not put here to take. we're put here to give. >> reporter: it was deborah says a second chance at life. but not, it turns out, her last. on this day, she is planning to hand out hundreds of sleeping bags. once again, coming back from hard times. >> i was on life support a year ago. and i almost didn't make it. and so, you know, this is my way of saying thank you to -- to god for everything he's done and
9:27 pm
still doing. >> reporter: deborah, you see, has had a lifelong heart condition. one that required a transplant a couple of years ago. >> did you guys want a sleeping bag? >> reporter: once back on her feet, deborah redoubled her efforts to help others. >> did you get one? not yet? >> reporter: not slowing down even as that new heart is showing signs of rejection. >> i don't want to say i was born to lose, but i have had a lot of, um, hard knocks. >> reporter: deborah is able to laugh because she feels she's living on time she didn't earn. it's time god granted her. and while she doesn't know how much more of it she has left, she does know exactly how she wants to spend it. >> why did he choose a 55-year-old, a woman that has messed up so much and has done so many things that were, um, unworthy of a new heart. >> hello. >> he knew that i was going to
9:28 pm
go and give back. and that i was going to, um, use it for exactly what he gave it for me for. >> reporter: if you need any more evidence how dedicated deborah is to helping others, she won an award for her community service. it came with $15,000 for her. even facing the challenges she has right now, she's not using it for herself. that's the money she used to buy those sleeping bags. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> another great story. all right. up next, at 9:30, marching against hate. thousands of people in one south bay town stand in solidarity. why so many there say they felt they had to do something. also, allegations of abuse and neglect. we investigate one of the biggest senior-living operations in the bay area. the clock is ticking down. the vaccine mandate deadline coming monday for some workers in the east bay. >> plus, date night getting more expensive. we actually speak with an
9:29 pm
oakland-born chef who explains how high his costs are and how he is trying to keep the prices down. make sure you join us monday morning.
9:30 pm
we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! i have a plan— right now at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro— and t-mobile will pay for it! it has the most advanced iphone camera ever! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking about existing customers like ronald! the new iphone on t-mobile— let's do it! new and existing customers, can upgrade to the iphone 13 pro on us. on our most popular plan magenta max. do we have a plan for the second half? nah, we're gonna get creamed— but we'll be on t-mobile! 9:30. standing in solidarity. a south bay community taking action today in the wake of the
9:31 pm
series of hate-filled incidents. thanks for join ug us on this special edition of nbc bay area. i'm audrey asistio. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. thousands of people marched and rallied against hate today in lass gatos as nbc bay area's thom jensen reports, the showing of solidarity follows a series of racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic incidents in that city over the past several months. >> reporter: thousands of people marching together to one beat. and a united voice against hate of any kind. >> the people united will never be defeated. >> reporter: 40 different groups helped organize the march through the streets of los gatos and a rally at the civic center. >> we know silence is deadly. if left unchallenged, these hostilities persist and grow. >> reporter: the show of solidarity comes after several incidents this year that included disruptive town council meetings with protestors speaking out against the black
9:32 pm
lives matter movement and the lgbtq community. in one meeting, community members targeting the mayor and her family, and there was also protests outside her home. just this halloween, los gatos high school was vandalized with racist and homophobic graffiti. >> silent complicity creates pain. [ applause ] >> reporter: the mayor talked to nbc bay area about the city's work to make los gatos a community for all people, and about the huge turnout in support of that goal. >> we should be able to rise above and celebrate each other, regardless of our racial background, our religion or the people we love. and so, this validates that it's -- it's needed and i will continue to do it. >> reporter: this los gatos man carrying his own pride flag after seeing too much news coverage about hate in his city. >> it's inspiring to have everyone come out. it's just been -- been great and it's nice for the community to come together after some unfortunate news articles. >> reporter: for the mayor,
9:33 pm
today's event, a demonstration that all hate is unwelcome in her city. >> we're a community of peace. we're a community of love. and we're a community that will stand together in solidarity. >> reporter: in los gatos, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. wisconsin is bracing for the end of kyle rittenhouse's homicide trial. court resumes tomorrow morning with closing arguments. 500 national guard troops are on standby, given the volatile nature of this case. 18-year-old rittenhouse shot and killed two men and wounded a third during protests in kenosha, following a police shooting of a black man. he was 17 at the time of that shooting. rittenhouse says he brought a weapon to protect businesses and fired in self-defense. in tomorrow's closing arguments, each side will have two and a half hours, and then the decision rests with the 12 jurors who will begin deliberations. steve bannon scheduled to turn himself in tomorrow following contempt of congress charges. steve bannon, of course, the former a former-president trump. it's also expected that bannon
9:34 pm
is going to appear in court. federal grand jury indicted him for refusing to testify before the committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot. bannon ignored subpoenas, failed to appear in front of the committee last week. squp donald trump's former chief of staff, mark meadows, also failed to show for his deposition. representative adam schiff says california -- or lawmakers are working quickly to refer him for criminal contempt, as well. >> but we want to make sure we have the strongest possible case to present to the justice department and for the justice department to present to a grand jury. >> meadows and bannon, among more than a dozen former president trump white house officials and allies who have received subpoenas for testimony and documents from the committee investigating the insurrection. meanwhile, president biden is back home at the white house tonight after spending the weekend at camp david. tomorrow, president is expected to sign the $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law. white house says members of congress who helped write the bill and fought for its passage will be there as well.
9:35 pm
house passed the bill last week. allegations of abuse, untrained staff, and a long delay in calling 9-1-1. we investigate brookdale senior living. >> brookdale is the largest senior living operator in the nation with about a dozen locations in the bay area. we found deadly covid outbreaks have been the latest in the laundry list of problems to hit the company. here is investigative reporter candice nguyen. >> reporter: the state attorney general is already suing brookdale for its facilities in california for different reasons. now, 83 families are coming forward about its assisted-living services, prompting brookdale to deny that it allowed years of elder neglect and financial abuse. from the online ads -- >> i love it here. >> reporter: -- to the in-person tours. >> all the people seemed very nice. >> reporter: michelle liddell says brookdale senior living
9:36 pm
seemed like an answer to her prayers. a safe place for her father ed, a photographer who developed dementia. >> the facility looked beautiful. >> but then? >> it just started breaking down a little bit. >> reporter: and then, a lot she says. >> he was on a permanent catheter. it wasn't working. brookdale nurses said they had been pumping fluids into him to see if they could get him to move. he ended up in icu for several days with, like, stage five kidney failure. >> the first impression is, oh, this looks like a nice home. >> reporter: mary helm says she had a similar experience. her husband michael, a vietnam veteran, was a resident dealing with parkinson's and diabetes. >> he had low-blood sugar and he made it known that he needed to get some food, some juice. the person didn't come back. he was frightened. >> reporter: mary's husband and michelle's father were at
9:37 pm
brookdale's founden groev santa rosa facility which is now under new management. brookdale is bay far the largest senior living provider with 682 service locations across the country. 57 in california and 11 assisted living facilities here in the bay area. 83 families, including michelle who is a named plaintiff and mary have filed declaration in an ongoing lawsuit accusing the corporation of systemically violating the americans with disabilities act and civil rights laws. they allege neglect and mistreatment. prompting our investigative unit to take a deeper look. >> i really hope that this can make a difference. >> reporter: our team reviewed state records finding more than half of brookdale's bay area assisted living facilities have had dozens of covid cases, each. like many other similar facilities in california. some residents died, but we're still digging into exactly how many because the state isn't specifying for those locations.
9:38 pm
in march, california's attorney general sued brookdale's other service sector, skilled nursing. saying the company misled federal regulators about quality of care, which brookdale disputes. that same month, the state cited brookdale's assisted living facility in san jose saying staff took 44 minutes to call 9-1-1 after a resident showed stroke symptoms. in may, brookdale's napa assisted living facility was cited for failing to properly investigate after a resident fell ten time, ending up in the hospital. later-that month, it was also cited for persistent staffing shortages. and finally, in september, this hidden camera footage from its fulsome assisted living facility. the video captured by a camera the family installed provides a narrow view of a caregiver hitting an elderly resident and pulling her hair while a second caregiver watched and failed to report the abuse according to state inspection reports. in a statement to nbc bay area, brookdale said if allegations
9:39 pm
are brought forward about misconduct, abuse, or neglect, we take swift action. we do not tolerate such actions, and the situation is dealt with promptly. in regards to the staffing and delayed 9-1-1 call violations, brookdale's said we submitted a plan of correction. >> that is not right and it has to stop. >> mary and michelle's attorney. she's requesting for a judge to expand their case into a class action to allow other former residents to potentially join their suit. >> we are trying to ensure that at least this one provider that has so many locations here in california starts to comply with those basic mandates. >> reporter: we have been reaching out for an interview. they have invited us to their danville location. my producer and i are just about to head in. now, their vp of operations has agreed to sit down with us on the record. however, due to that pending
9:40 pm
litigation, they are not allowing us to record anything with our cameras on their property. sitting in one of the rooms, the vp of operations and a company spokesperson said brookdale doesn't believe ada laws apply to assisted living. they said brookdale's size and popularity make us a target for lawsuits. some driven by plaintiff lawyers, which we must defend. we are vigorously defending our company from the unsupported allegations made against us. michelle and mary are moving forward with their allegations. michelle said brookdale exacerbated her father's declining health leading to his death in 2018. mary moved her husband out. michael now lives at a va hospital. >> i want there to be change and at least in the state of california. >> it scares me to death. what's going to happen when we get to that point? >> reporter: you may be looking for a safe place for your loved one. i recently spoke with industry insiders about things you can or say when looking for a senior
9:41 pm
care facility. that qa is live right now along with this investigation on with the investigative unit, i'm candice nguyen. if you have a story for can disor anyone in our investigative unit, call 888-996-tips or visit our website we're back in a moment.
9:42 pm
9:43 pm
yet another case involving an airline employee attacked by a passenger. the latest happened yesterday during boarding for a southwest airlines flight from dallas to york. a woman allegedly boarded the plane, argued with a flight attendant, and then was asked to leave. police say at the front of the plane, the woman argued with a woman employee. punching that worker in the head. she faces charges aggravated assault. the employee was taken to the hospital. >> we have seen cruise ships return to san francisco. and now, for the first time since march of 2020, carnival cruise lines returned to tampa, florida. more than a year and a half later, carnival launched its
9:44 pm
first cruise this evening from the port of tampa. the cruise line, as well as the city that depends on the money it brings in is, of course, excited. >> cruising is so important to the local economy. one ship calling here per day brings up over $334,000 to the small businesses in the community, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, taxis, et cetera. >> the ship known as pride embarked on a week-long cruise along the western caribbean. new video tonight from the oregon zoo. i know, you just start laughing. polar bears -- these polar bears are half sisters and they are just meeting for the first time. they are getting along. where have you been all my life? one is nora. the other one is amelia gray. amelia is the zoo's newest resident. she arrived last month. the zookeepers opted to introduce the bears slowly. and there -- look at that.
9:45 pm
the results are great. they are getting along super. you can see, they are playfully fighting and splashing each other in their salt water pool. >> such a wonderful thing to see. >> nora and amelia. >> i love their names. >> yeah, beautiful names. >> right? >> very nice. >> do we have beautiful weather headed our way, rob? >> yeah well, from polar bears to lake tahoe. >> let's do that. >> there you go. 37 degrees. cool conditions. will we see any new snow headed towards the sierra this week? the answer is yes. how much? and how much rain we could see in the bay area, when we come right back.
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
what a difference a few months make. heavenly ski resort in south lake tahoe is set to open this friday for skiers and snowborders. recent storms have supply enough snow for the resort to open. that is even better news if you remember what happened back in august when the caldor fire threatened heavenly. the resort turned its snow making machines on to protect buildings from embers and flames. and it's not just heavenly.
9:48 pm
north star also opening on friday. the resort has a number of revamped covid protocols in place to make sure everyone stays safe. the mountain reservation system won't be used this year. and people will be loaded on lifts and gondolas at normal capacity. face coverings are required indoors but not outdoors. and everyone 12 and older must show proof of vaccination to eat indoors. let's check in with rob mayeda, and, rob, you know, good snow. enough to open up on friday. but the more, the merrier. they going to get some? >> looks like yeah actually on friday, they should see a little bit of snow. also good news is the fact that our nighttime temperatures up in the sierra, also dropping into the low to mid-30s so -- so snow-making operations will be pretty good as long as temperatures stay nice and cool overnight. and yeah, thursday night into friday. a little bit of snow coming down. maybe 3 to 4 inches there, above 6,000 feet. i think areas north of interstate 80 will actually do a little better than what the future cast is showing here. generally, highway 50 south probably not going to see all that much out of this incoming
9:49 pm
storm. towards the end of the week. right now, out towards sfo, airport, 59 degrees. not much in the way of fog. interesting, when we talk about fog, you always think sfo and all the fog that comes rolling off the hills. not the case again tonight. you can see sfo in san jose, relatively clear. and then you start to run into some of that fog and haze out toward the tri-valley as the east wind continues to bring some of that central-valley fog back into the bay area and you are seeing it around walnut creek and concord. 53 degrees and notice how visibility starts to drop off there into contra costa county, solano county, and now into the north bay, we are down to a half mile in napa so it's very likely by tomorrow morning, we will have more dense fog advisories around the north bay and east bay interior valleys. warmest places down here around san jose, morgan hill, you should see 70s but temperatures cooling down as we begin to see more clouds on approach during the day monday and tuesday. but the best chance for rain for us will be thursday into friday.
9:50 pm
you saw the slight chance of snow there in the sierra. this incoming storm. really not going to bring a whole lot. in fact, even by north bay standards, about a quarter inch to maybe a third of an inch of rain in northwestern sonoma county. expectations, at least for now, somewhat grounded about a tenth of an inch of rain or less for the rest of the bay area. that's thursday into friday. also, interesting to point out as that storm kind of lifts on out thursday into friday morning, notice how the clouds here in the future cast start to clear out. that is a sign of offshore wind. santa ana winds across southern california. and we could be dealing with some gusty north winds across northern california. which, given the time of year, that would spike fire danger. however, we've got an early-season lead in the rainfall department, which is really helped out those fuel moistures in the hills. we are still ten inches above average. rainfall there in santa rosa and from san francisco to oakland to livermore, pretty good. not as good though, around san jose. so we are really hopeful we can get as much as possible out of
9:51 pm
that thursday storm. because right now, that looks to be the best bet for seeing measurable rainfall. then, dry winds pick up next weekend. similar trend for interior valleys. foggy start tomorrow morning. rain chances probably highest tlurz thursday into friday. and then, warming temperatures again as we head toward next weekend. usually, that would be a red flag when we have to talk about north winds and gusty winds but thanks to the rain we have seen over the last three weeks, it's really helping us out as those dry winds try to make a comeback toward the end of the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> yes, we are grateful for the rain for sure. >> all right. let's check in with anthony flores right now and i know he is going to talk about that 9ers game tomorrow night but before we get to, basketball game tonight. >> steph curry back home. maybe he was focused on cam newton returning to the carolina panthers. yeah. steph curry returns home to charlotte. how the hornets spoiled the homecoming for number 30. stick around. sports is next.
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
welcome back. i'm anthony flores. a homecoming for steph curry. the warriors on the road in charlotte where curry grew up. warriors came in with the best record in basketball and they absolutely love number 30 in the carolinas. television analyst for the hornets. now, check this out. end of the third quarter, the bank is open. curry cashes in on the three to give the warriors a one-point lead but he finished with 24 struggled shooting the rock from behind the arc just 3 of 13. the team, 9 of 39. under a minute to go, draymond green, look out below. that ties the game but myles bridges has an answer. the hornets sting the warriors 106-102. the dubs streak is over and curry's return to the queen city. >> it's always special thinking about that and great energy in here. a lot of warrior blue.
9:55 pm
kind of ugly both ways but hard to win on the road like that. >> all right. a big game on tuesday. they will head to brooklyn to face kevin durant and the nets in brooklyn. all right. to football the 49ers are going to get back on track, they have to solve the mystery of winning at home. the 9ers are 0-4 this season at levi stadium. their last one in santa clara came more than a year ago. the good news, terry, it came back in week six against -- you want to take a guess? >> the rams? > la rams. the team they are playing tomorrow night and a team they have also beaten four games in a row. >> whenever you can go back to last year's game, you know, players change, coaches change. but their players haven't changed the whole time. you know, they have brought some new piece hearse and there but their key players, we know who we have to handle and obviously they brought vaughn in, who is a hell of a player. so it's -- it will be a challenge for us. >> it certainly is going to be a challenge. rams one of the best teams in the nfl this season. be sure to check out nbc sports bay area for 49ers' pregame live
9:56 pm
monday at 4:00. then after the game, switch back for postgame reaction and analysis of the 9ers and the rams. sunday night football hits the vegas strip. derek carr and the raiders taking on patrick mahomes and the chiefs. third quarter, carr trying to make something happen. he throws a laser over the middle. it's a 37-yard touchdown to brian edwards. and that makes it a three-point game. but after that, it was all kansas city. check out mahomes doing what he does. extending a play, then making only a throw he can. and check out the catch. this is a running back. darryl williams with the touchdown. nice grab. the chiefs hammer the raiders, 41-14. college basketball at maples, the defending national champs taking out number 25 texas. third quarter, turning defense into offense. lacey with the pick. then, lexie with the finish. lexie had a team-high 16 points and 11 boards. the cardinal led by five after 3 but the long horns would outscore stanford by ten in the
9:57 pm
final quarter. texas with the upset, they beat number 3 stanford 61-56. >> announcer: sullivan. shot was blocked. back post and it goes in! >> and that would be the match winner. a big shout-out to the washington spirit and number nine, teigen mcgrady. you will see her right there. the former stanford cardinal who is the daughter of a longtime member of the nbc bay area family is headed to the national women's soccer league championship game next weekend. the spirit beat the rain, 2-1, to advance to the title match. that is a look at sports. terry, um, if you want a prediction for tomorrow's game, i am just going to say i'd like to be surprised by the 49ers. so far this season, haven't really been so -- >> surprises are nice. i like a surprise. >> it would be a surprise if they were to win but like i said earlier, they have beaten the rams the last four times they have played them so you never know. >> keep it going. >> yes. >> all right. anthony, thanks. roller skating with a view
9:58 pm
like no other. this free pop-up roller rink at san francisco's pier 70 delighted quite a few folks this weekend. the temporary rink was only open on saturday and sunday. a brief break in construction on the pier, which is undergoing a transformation. a new 28-acre neighborhood is being built at the historic pier and the dog patch, the rink was put up by the developer and the church of eight wheels. there were also burning man art cars at the event and roads open to just bikes and scooters. and we want to leave you with some breaking news. that bear up in the tree in petaluma. >> uh-huh? >> the bear is down. all is well. more details tonight at 11:00. hope to see you then. welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill.
9:59 pm
people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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park where richard was killed. the gunman lay in wait in this secluded, dark place at night. >> that's an execution >> absolutely. >> he's been what? >> he's been shot! >> he was like, “come meet me a the park we'll exchange our valentines.” >> i couldn't think of a soul that would want to hurt the man. >> i'd been having an affair i'm in deep with juan. >> now we have to ask ourselves, "is it juan?” because he was looking really good at that point this was one of the very few cases where the more i dug, the less sense that it made.


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