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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 13, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, willie geist, steve schirripa and michael imperioli. fortune feimster, everybody. [ cheers and applause i want to thank roy mayorga and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you guys [ cheers and applause ♪ we begin with breaking news tonight, chp issued amber alert
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in alameda and contra costa counties after three-year-old boy was abducted in sacramento. >> issued little more than hour ago. leo. police say man shot his mother. joshua yago, leaving sacramento in black 2011 bmw sedan and could be headed to san jose. california license plate number 6ntu367. police say he's to be considered armed and dangerous. other top story, another bay area county now offering anyone 18 or older a covid-19 booster shot if they want one. >> sonoma county issued the county this afternoon. public health officials hope the boosters will prevent a spike in
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cases this winter. sergio quintana. >> reporter: nights are getting longer and cooler and more people are heading inside. that combination is growing concern for the bay area. >> there's a lot at stake, we've been through this before, it's wintertime, getting colder. what do people do? holidays, parties, get-togethers. >> reporter: even with booster shots and high vaccinations, should still expect new cases. >> won't prevent any uptick in cases. i think we'll see uptick but not a surge, not like last year. >> reporter: idea is boosters will fortify immune systems and prevent the surge that overwhelmed the hospitals last year. california, new mexico and colorado recommending everyone 18 and older get booster shots, breaking from federal guidelines. colorado getting hit
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particularly hard last weeks. hospitals seeing a spike in unvaccinated, hoping the booster shots make a difference. >> it's hedging our bets. if we can get the hospitalizations down by even 10%, it's a win. >> reporter: four bay area counties are encouraging all adults to get the booster shots, only challenge is booking appointments. all three brands can be mixed and matched but each have varying availability. nbc bay area news. >> how is california doing with the vaccine rollout and push for boosters? look at numbers here. as of tonight, 24 million californians are fully vaccinated. of that group, 13% have received a booster shot, 3 million people. out of the 194 million americans fully vaccinated, 27 million have gotten a booster shot, 14% of the nation's fully vaccinated
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population. meanwhile president biden's vaccine mandate shut down by the courts tonight. u.s. appeals court has reaffirmed ruling to halt the order. 100 or more workers require employees to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. white house hasn't commented on the ruling. community leaders are hoping not to see repeat of the violence of recent days in oakland. hope started in east oakland on the basketball court. cheryl hurd. >> reporter: crime tape and bullet casings are something community members say are often seen on the streets of oakland lately and people are trying to change that tonight. by offering activities for young people in east oakland. >> wanted to bring the community together because of the violence in oakland.
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>> reporter: pastors of center of hope community church collaborating with other churches and city, providing safe haven for young people who need alternative to violence. >> what might have worked back in the day won't work today. you have to have a new approach, new mindset, recognize hey, some of our young people out there are looking to make money. >> reporter: in some cases that's turned to gun battles and street robberies. question is will young people involved with crime come to a program like this. >> key is you have to meet folks where they are. that's what tonight was all about. >> reporter: council member lauren taylor's district sees some of the highest rates of gun violence in the city. >> not going to change on a stranger's word but in deep relationships. we have to invest in violence
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interruptions and support families of victims, of those more likely to be involved. >> reporter: organizers say they would like to host events like this in the community every three months and expand the program with more volunteers. of course they need more money. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> among the string of violent shootings oakland is grappling with is the death of jasper wu, toddler killed by a stray bullet on 880 this weekend. announced a $10,000 award for information that leads to arrest. also renting a billboard. >> see something, say something but most importantly do something. criminals are taking over our streets. and the freeways. >> oakland's police chief says he supports adding surveillance cameras and other crime fighting
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technology on local freeways to stop the surge of shootings. we're continuing to track the violence in oakland closely. for the latest updates. outside, live this friday evening to walnut creek. there is fog in the distance and it's lowering visibility tonight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, how is it going to look tomorrow? >> could be pretty secure for the bay area. dense fog advisory until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, central valley of california and solano county and it's worst in tracy, zero miles of visibility, quarter mile in concord, half mile in napa and quarter mile in santa rosa
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towards novato. we have the fog tomorrow in the bay area. worst over the central valley, and by 11:30 we'll begin to see this starting to move out of the bay. more details on warmer temperatures this weekend as well, back with that in 15 minutes. >> see you in a bit. new tonight, a family in sonoma county wants to know who killed their beloved horse and why. someone shot and killed the horse monday in pasture in catadero near the coast. the story. >> they do become part of your fam limit he was a companion and he was great. you could call him, he would come. >> reporter: the family says buddy, 26-year-old american quarter horse was full of life, a favorite on their ranch, were
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stunned to find him shot dead in the head. >> feels senseless under the circumstances. >> he had so much more life to live. and taken from him for no reason. >> reporter: happened likely around dawn. >> shocked, wondering why. wondering how anyone could do anything like that. >> reporter: the sonoma county sheriff's department has launched animal cruelty investigation. with five more horses to protect, lynns are considering taller fences and security cameras. >> we lock them up so they can't have access to the road until daylight and people around 24/7. >> reporter: concerned about animals in the area, hope getting word out will help law enforcement find the person responsible. >> hopefully someone knows something so they can catch whoever did it.
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following up on a carjacking that triggered amber alert in east bay last night. police made arrest and we have new video of the crime tonight. pittsburg off blitz avenue, man stopped suv, left it running and got out to talk with friends. woman walked up, asked for cigarette, jumped in and drove off. one-year-old girl in the back seat. dad ran after the car, couldn't catch it. spoke with a witness who saw it all unfold. >> crazy it was a one-year-old girl taken, might have been by mistake but still crazy. >> two hours later the suv was recovered and child was reunited with family at police station. police arrested 24-year-old natalie ayala in connection with the crime. search for similar but
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unrelated incident continues. woman left four-month-old daughter in back seat and someone stole the car. found it later, still strapped in. reminder not to leave the car running with children inside. president biden headed to camp david for the weekend after busy week. met with the cabinet to discuss how to implement the massive infrastructure bill passed by congress. president biden also on the road to tout the benefits of the bill to the american people. former adviser to donald trump has been indicted for defying a subpoena on capitol hill. steve bannon failed to appear before committee investigating the attack on january 6th and charged with contempt of congress for refusing to answer questions. not only no-show, mark meadows
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also didn't show up for deposition. san francisco is getting ready for another special election to fill state assembly seat held by david chiu who left to become special attorney. san francisco just gave go ahead for next step trying to secure the sinking and tilting millennium tower. 200 foot support tower going down monday. so-called fix was halted in august when it was making the building sink faster. high rise is leaning nearly two feet toward west, fremont street and sank another 20th of inch last week after drilling resumed. may sound inconsequential but it is close to rate of settlement
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that prompted work stoppage in august. we're back in 60 seconds with another problem stemming from the pandemic, a substitute teacher shortage. we'll tell you who is filling in. pain at pump, why one expert says the gas prices have so high and when we can expect them to drop. all the rain chances headed to seattle and portland leaving to seattle and portland leaving us with warmer weekend can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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returning to our breaking news coverage, amber alert issued in alameda and contra costa counties after three-year-old boy was abducted in sacramento. 3-year-old leo norvell, acquaintance shot mother and another man before driving off with the child. joshua yago is said to be the man who took the boy, leaving sacramento in black 2011 bmw sedan and investigators believe he could be headed to san jose. 6ntu367. considered armed and dangerous. on daily basis schools throughout the state are scrambling to fill classrooms amidst one of the worst
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substitute teaching lack ever. problem is clear, solution is not. >> reporter: you'll often find juan cruz touring schools and talking to teachers and students. today he's making sure there is a credentialed adult in every classroom, something getting harder and harder to do. >> today we have a number of support staff and administrators filling in to fill the uncovered positions. >> reporter: need for 30 subs today in franklin mckinley alone, there's nowhere near enough people in sub pool. superintendent had to fill in pe class for a period. schools might end up combining multiple classes in one room. >> obviously don't want to do that, especially now with covid, want to keep them contained but sometimes that's only option we
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have, we spread students out. >> reporter: it's challenging because multiple school districts compete for same subs. raised stipend to $200 a day and $240 if commits to consecutive days. they worry about learning lag caused by shortage of teachers and subs. >> got to have teachers, kids need teachers. >> reporter: aside from dealing with budget shortfalls and meeting academic goals, juan cruz has to sort out the sub puzzle many days so every student has a teacher, even if doing it himself. nbc bay area news. long time san francisco family restaurant is closing and pandemic is to blame. venticello closed as part of the lockdown, it won't reopen. was in business 29 years atop nob hill, relied on tourists
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from nearby hotels to pack the tables. they own the nob hill cafe and hope to keep it going. if you filled up with gas, probably spent more than you have in very long time if ever. california has highest gas prices in the country with san francisco leading the charge with gallon of unleaded selling nearly $6 a gallon. typically dip after labor day, but not this year. >> not seeing that this year and headed into the busy thanksgiving and holiday travel season, expect demand to pick up in coming weeks. seems like high gas prices are going to stick around for a while. >> experts point to several factors, including the price of crude oil and uptick in travel as pandemic restrictions lift. if you don't want to pay top dollar for gas, we're here to
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help. keeping tags on the cheapest places, it's in the trending bar and in our app. california could see first big reservoir run dry. like mendocino, once a brimming reservoir is little more than large pond. rain last weeks has lifted lake above its october low, it's 35% of targeted levels and officials worry wet winter won't bring enough inflow for next year's water demands. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we got rain that helped but not seeing anything next days, are you? >> going to be dry, beginning and middle part of december before chances pick up for us. into the weekend, got to get through fog. after that we're going to settle into pretty good weather.
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brand new dense fog advisory has been issued for central valley. heading on road trip, got to be careful. this includes solano, contra costa counties. we're seeing visibility drop to dangerous levels. tracy, zero miles, some parts of concord, zero to quarter mile and quarter mile santa rosa to novato. we have fog to start in the bay area. thick and dense for central valley, i think will clear out about 11:30 in the morning, then that's going to set up sunnier weather through the day. get you into the forecast for tomorrow morning. been used to this, going to be chilly, get jacket, good to go. upper 40s, low 50s.
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east bay, 48 degrees, san francisco 52 and north bay at 49. daytime highs tomorrow about the same, anticipating good rebound with the fog burning off before noon. should be able to get up into low and mid-70s for south bay. east bay looking similar, nice, antioch, 72, danville, 74, hayward 72 as well. peninsula, sunshine and light winds with 72 in redwood city. san francisco, 69, warm spot, marina is cool 62, north bay, 76 in clearlake and 74 in sonoma. monday, tuesday and wednesday, clouds increase. rain hits seattle and portland, they get all the wet weather and we're stuck with cloud cover, no rain next seven days, even though running surplus for this
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season, could use quite a bit more. inland 70s next two days, then drop into the 60s through next week. that weekend is just about here. >> knocking on the door. thanks jeff. coming up, powering the future with precious metals. high tech way one company trying to make it happen. >> jimmy. >> taraji p. henson is here, steve vaughn and music, new thank you notes tonight. the strictest water rules in the state are about to take effect in the south bay. san jose water company is putting mandatory rationing rules in place. homeowners will have to cut water use 15% over 2019 levels. those who do not comply will pay drought f
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this is pretty cute. check this out. new video from washington state. yes, those are ducks swimming next to pumpkins. yes, pumpkins. pacific northwest is getting battered by heavy rain, all of that water completely flooded that pumpkin patch. new at 11:00, high tech
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treasure hunt. prize? elements needed to power electric vehicles. cobalt metals is using 1,700 pound metal detector to search for copper, nickel, cobalt and lithium, needed for electrical batteries. hiding nearly a third of a mile below the earth's surface. ceo believes his technique can help. better success rate is spending less to find more. >> using advanced data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to make predictions where we might find high concentrations of the key metals we're trying to find. >> ceo says mining is different than taking fossil fuels from the earth that you burn and never get back. mining you take it out of the ground and recycle it over and
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over. nasa has officially returned to oakland. new exhibit in partnership with the chabot space and science center. officials from nasa were on hand, included 30 enthusiastic oakland school kids who got right to work at hands-on exhibit. closed since the pandemic, using the time to build new big exhibit area. >> hoping with this partnership we'll bring science to life and make the possibility of s.t.e.m. a career for new generation of students in our community. >> napa ames and mountain view loaned out artifacts for
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were you able to see it? another wild night at chase center, what a way to end eight-game home stand. >> they've been playing out of this world. warriors hosting the bulls. third quarter, steph curry caught fire. once again. drains a three, helping warriors get out to big lead. fourth quarter, steph with wide-open shot, knew it was good, even glancing back at fan before it went in. finished with game high 40 points, warriors improve to league best 11-1 and now head out on the road. former raiders coach jon gruden is suing the nfl and commissioner roger goodell, after he resigned after old emails surfaced where he made
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racist and homophobic remarks. accuses the nfl of soviet style assassination intended to destroy his career and reputation. say made public from the investigation of the washington football team. the raiders team continues post gruden quest to the super bowl. this sunday night hosting the chiefs on nbc bay area. special edition of news follows the game. >> going to be good one on this day, 85 years ago,
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one of the most iconic landmarks in the bay area opened and forever changed our day-to-day lives. cars started rolling across the san francisco-oakland bay bridge, it was finished before the golden gate bridge. president franklin d. roosevelt took part in opening ceremony. it's the workhorse of california, most used bridge in entire state. quarter million passengers every day. >> so beautiful. happy birthday to see's candy, celebrating 100 years of business. headquartered in south san francisco but first start opened in l.a. in 1921, mary see's candy was catching on fast by 1925, dozen stores in l.a., 250 today.
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purchased by billionaire warren buffett who moved the company to bay area. jonathan bloom got inside look how see's candies creates your favorite treats,, search breaking news tonight, former trump aid steve bannon indicted for contempt of congress. the unprecedented grand jury indictment against bannon for defying a subpoena from the house committee investigating a january 6th riot it comes hours after mark meadows, another trump aid also refused to comply. are more indictments coming also breaking the long-awaited court victory for britney spears in the battle to end her nearly 14-year conservatorship. the celebration outside the courthouse consumer prices soaring. president biden's first cabinet meeting in months. what he said about
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surging inflation. and the new report out. why are americans quitting their jobs in record numbers the booster battle the states defying cdc guidance and expanding access to all adults could it happen nationwide the white house weighs in tonight. the city of kenosha bracing for the kyle rittenhouse verdict. the national guard at the ready. and the key decision the judge is about to make our journey to a remote corner of the world for a high tech treasure hunt. is a climate change solution buried here. and the nhl's new star on a mission to help veterans. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening we begin with the breaking news in the january 6th attack on the capitol. steve bannon, once one of donald trump's closest advisers, has been criminally indicted by a federal grand jury charged with two counts of contempt of congress for spurning subpoenas to answer questions and provide documents to the house select
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