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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 12, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm janelle wang. here's what's coming up tonight. a mother hit by a stray bullet while waiting in line at a concert with her daughters. >> ended up standing in line and instead of getting awesome seats, we get shot. >> she tells her story only to nbc bay area. and this isn't the only act of violence in oakland recently. the chief of application calling for action. >> we can stand up against things we don't like. >> we're having a conversation about possible solutions. then if you're 18 or older, chances are you can get your booster now. the state opening up eligibility. will it be enough to stop a winter covid surge? plus why do gas prices keep going up? we're explaining what's behind the record-breaking prices.
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good evening, everyone. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm janelle wang. we start with a string of violence in the east bay. three times this week, people have been hit in oakland by a stray bullet. they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. the latest happening just yesterday in east oakland. and over the weekend, the death of 23-month-old jasper wu. this little boy riding in the car with his mother on 880. he was caught in the crossfire of a shoot-out during saturday afternoon. and just a few days ago, a shooting outside the fox theater. we brought it to you as breaking news on this show. a mother hit while standing in line with her three daughters ahead of a concert there. she survived and tonight she spoke exclusively with nbc bay area's melissa colorado. >> reporter: michelle paradiso and her family drove seven hours from oregon to oakland with the hopes of seeing their favorite band, all time low, perform live. this picture shows the anticipation that was building up for days. >> i was with my 13-year-old, my
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5-year-old, and my 6-year-old because they all love the same band. >> reporter: but that excitement quickly turned into fear when gunfire broke out wednesday afternoon across the street from the fox theater in downtown oakland. one of the stray bullets went through paradiso's arm. >> i hear the gunfire, and all of a sudden, i feel my arm in massive pain. >> reporter: another bullet grazed her hip. >> it looks like a giant rug burn. >> reporter: the girls were unharmed but in shock. >> they don't want to go back to oakland anytime soon, but they are just happy that mom's here and still with them. >> reporter: the concert was canceled and now the family is back in oregon. paradiso has not crossed off future trips to california, but her arm cast is a painful souvenir no tourist would ever wish for. >> one bad experience isn't going to hesitate, like, going back. it's wrong place, wrong time, bad circumstances. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa
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colorado, nbc bay area news. >> today, oakland police chief's lauren armstrong addressed the recent violence. the city has seen 119 homicides so far this year. the chief called on everyone in the community to have the courage to stand against it. but what does that effort look like? joining us right now is oakland council member lauren taylor. he represents east oakland. councilman taylor, thanks for joining us on this friday night. we do want to hear your perspective. how bad is crime getting in oakland? >> the crime is really traumatizing to all oakland residents. when we see the headlines, when we hear the gunfire in our neighborhoods, it really just has this effect that's debilitating. but we have to continue to stand up and stand against gun violence and all the crime that's happening. >> the police chief mentioned that today. i want to play a clip of what he said in his news conference. >> i think together is the only way we'll be able to.
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we have to be courageous in this moment to say that you cannot be allowed to behave in this way, that you have to be held accountable. i think despite whatever circumstances people face, we have to say that certain things are intolerable. violent acts are one of those things. >> the chief is calling for everyone to come together, stand up to those who are committing violent crimes, be courageous. council member, what does he mean specifically? what is he trying to say? >> i think one of the things he's saying is there have to be repercussions for the actions when you put the lives of others at risk. we are the love life city, but yet it seems as though there are many who are not valuing life at the level that we should. and so we have to hold that standard. we have to be able to invest in our investigations unit in a way that makes sure we're closing out cases. we have to be able to focus on
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not just prevention, not just deterrence, not just the immediate response, but all of those as we really push to get on top of the crime that is happening here. >> he mentions a lot in his recent news conferences the community needs to stand up. people at home need to come together and stand up. i mean, he's obviously not talking about vigilantes but also, what, just keeping an eye out for crime, reporting everything, looking out for your neighbors if they are up to something no good, be like a voice of reason? what is he trying to say when we have to stand up against crime? does he want us to be more vocal? what does he want, like, the regular neighbor to do? >> yes. we all have to be vigilant. we have to keep an eye on what's going on in our neighborhoods. in addition, we know that for those who are making a decision whether or not to pick up a gun to either solve a difference or to commit an act, there are
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those who they know, their loved ones, who can reach out to them. they're not going to change their decision based on a stranger's word, but when they're in deep relationship. that's why we have to continue investing in violence interrupters. we have to continue supporting families of victims of those who are more likely to be involved as well as those trusted organizations, our churches, our community groups. everyone has a role to play in helping to change the tenor on the streets. >> you and the city council made a very courageous move. you voted and added an extra police academy to boost the number of officers patrolling city streets. that's a very big decision, especially in the last 18 months. we've talked about defunding police, putting that money in other programs. in your view, is it necessary to put more officers, more boots on the ground to combat crime? >> clearly when we are we low 700 officers, we are
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understaffed and underresourced to address what's happening on the streets, what our residents are seeing and feeling every day. so we do need to make sure we have adequate staffing levels to respond, and that means we need more academies to replenish the ranks, especially as we see the attrition that has been somewhere between seven and ten officers per month. we need to stop that and figure out how to stem the officers leaving the force as well. so there are a number of angles to pursue to make sure that we are appropriately staffed in response to what our neighbors are calling for help. >> we are running out of time, but you said you're understaffed. under 700 officers. how many officers would you need to be fully staffed? >> so i know that we are now around 680 officers. i know that we have -- we are authorized around 730, 735. so we definitely need to get to full staffing in order to really address what's going on.
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>> so that's above 700, around 735? >> yes. >> okay. councilmember loren taylor, we appreciate your insight and your time tonight. thank you so much. have a safe weekend. >> thank you. in other news tonight, come and get your booster shot. the state of california is opening booster shots to anyone 18 and up to prevent a winter covid surge. you can get a shot if it's been six months since your second dose of pfizer and determine or two months since your first dose of j&j. the move comes after the state sent this letter. it says not to turn anyone away. previously boosters were only recommended for people over 65 or if they had an underlying medical condition or work in a high risk setting. at least three bay area counties are answering the state's call. san francisco joined san mateo and santa clara counties in green lighting boosters for all adults like doug imura. he tells us now that he qualifies. he's racing to get an appointment booked. >> i think that's great.
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i think more people should do it because then it will hopefully end this nightmare that we're going through. >> i mean, look, there's a lot at stake here. we've been through this before. it's the wintertime. it's getting cold. what do people typically do? holidays, parties, get together. >> still to come, we're going to continue the conversation about boosters. also to come, is this the most expensive gas station in the bay area? we ask drivers, why are you willing to pay nearly $6 when the average is under $5? >> plus, why are we paying the most in the nation? we're going to ask an expert why gas prices are so high in the bay area and when we can expect prices to drop.
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kwl if you've been to the gas station, you know the pain. it's insanely expensive to fill up. today average gas prices in california hit $4.66 a gallon. it's more than a dollar above the national average. it's actually the second highest average in history. the only time gas prices were higher, back in 2012 by only one cent. what about the bay area? here's a look at the average price in all nine bay area counties. the cheapest right now here in solano county. average price for a gas of unleaded, $4.69. the most expensive counties are in red. they include san francisco and marin counties. they're both at $4.88 a gallon.
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but nbc bay area's christie smith found a spot in the city much higher than that. >> reporter: here at fourth and bryant, be ready to pay up when you get gas. gas starts at $5.85 a gallon. we did speak with a couple of drivers who came here to ask why they decided to stop here when other stations could be at least a little bit lower. but most said they didn't have a choice. they were on fumes and just getting enough to get over the bridge to find a cheaper option. in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> so we know high prices are high. gas stations are really high right now. we're going to dig deeper into why california is so high. joining me tonight is sergio avila with aaa. thanks for being with us on this friday night. we are feeling the pain. why are gas prices so high right now? >> there's a couple of factors actually. typically, one, after labor day, we start seeing a dip in demand
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as kids go back to school, summer travel season is kind of over. we didn't really see a dip in demand until earlier in november this year. so there's been some unusual demand as well as the price of crude oil has stayed well above $80 a barrel. and when we talk about crude oil, that accounts for about 60% of what you pay at the pump. so when prices of crude oil are getting higher and are very high, then that is reflected at the gas stations. so those two things together are some of the main reasons why we're seeing these extraordinarily high prices. >> okay. sergio, could they go even higher, or have we capped out at this high point right now? >> oh, i wish i could say that we capped out. definitely not. you know, you just spoke about how this may be a record. california is definitely going to set a record possibly tomorrow, maybe this weekend for the highest ever recorded since aaa was recording these prices in 2000. so that's likely going to happen. as long as crude oil stays above
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$80 a barrel, don't really see prices coming down too much, maybe a cent or two every given week, but it very well could go back up a cent or two the following week. >> what are the trends? do prices start to go down at some point? is there any relief in sight? >> you know, unfortunately, no. typically prices go down right after labor day as that demand starts to dip. the winter blend of gasoline, which is a little cheaper for refiners to make, those things kick in. so we see gas prices dip around this time where we are now. we're not seeing that this year, and we're headed into the busy thanksgiving and holiday travel season. so we expect demand to start picking up in the coming weeks. so unfortunately, you know, it seems like these high gas prices are going to stick around for a while. >> okay. sergio avila from aaa, we appreciate it. give us a little dose of reality so we can readjust our budgets when it comes to gasoline. thank you so much.
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well, we're keeping tabs of the cheapest places to fill up across the bay area. we have it on our website, or the nbc bay area app. click on "cheapest gas in the bay area." it's right at the top on our friending bar. that brings us to the question of the day. how are rising gas prices impacting you? alyssa tweets, i have an electric car, so no effect while tony wolfe posted, makes me lose time on the road so i can save gas and is less income for my family. hoe sigh luis tweeted this gif that pretty much sums it up, emptying his pockets. we're going to go back to our coverage of the coronavirus and how worried we should be about a winter surge. california telling everyone get your booster shot. joining us now is our covid expert, dr. peter chin-hong with ucsf, our infectious disease specialist. okay. get our booster shot. that is the message. we're hearing it every day. will that prevent a winter
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surge? >> well, i think it could actually in the bay area because our baseline vaccination rate is so high. it won't prevent, you know, any uptick in cases. i still think we're going to see an increase in cases but not a surge, and certainly not like last year, and certainly not like in some other regions of california with lower vaccination rates like in the north or central valley or some parts of southern california. but i think it will help us bolster our fortress a little bit more for what may happen in the winter. >> are we worried about the flu as well? i know that's here. everybody is trying to get their flu shot. how do we know the difference between the flu or if we have covid? >> well, you don't really actually. but if you're vaccinated and your whole body is aching and you have a fever and it seems that you have aches all over, it's probably going to be the flu because vaccinated breakthrough cases with covid
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tend to be much milder. i would say that you can't really tell, and probably people need to get tested for both flu and covid at the same time. it's easy to get covid tested now, especially with these over the counter tests. it's a little bit harder with flu. i guess if you're covid test negative and you have these systemic symptoms, you have a higher chance that's it's going to be flu. we expect 100,000 to 400,000 hospitalizations -- that additional from flu in the country this year because we haven't seen it in so long. >> they have these at-home kits that you can buy in the pharmacy, so it's best to get tested if you have any symptoms at all. we've opened up vaccines to kids 5 to 11. it's been going on for two weeks now. how do you think that's going? do you think enough people are getting the vaccine? you think parents are still hesitant? what have you seen in terms of the results so far? >> i think initial results look
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really good. right now in the u.s., we have about a million kids who already got physical vaccines in their arms. we have a million more reserved for the next week. so we still have a way to go, which is 28 million, but doing quite well. and in california, even in some more recalcitrant counties like orange county, for example, traditionally they have embraced vaccines for kids 5 to 11. i think people are thinking ahead of the travel season. they want the kids to go visit grandma and grandpa across the country. no better way than to protect grandma and grandpa than by vaccinating that kid who is going to travel. >> very good advice. you always have that. peter chin-hong, we appreciate your time this evening. have a nice weekend. >> you too, janelle. thank you. >> thank you. let's go outside. wow, beautiful night. live look at the golden gate bridge. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us next with our forecast.
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and it's something that hasn't happened for two years. the monarch butterflies are back along the central coast. we're going to tell you about that next. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan
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with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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monarch butterflies are showing up strong in pacific grove this year. this hasn't always been the case. nearly 14,000 butterflies were counted last saturday. that ranks 2021 as one of the top three years for monarch migration in the last decade. each october, the butterflies
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migrate to pacific grove's museum of natural history. the population peaks around the end of november. last year, no butterflies showed up at pacific grove at all. and they're back. that is a good, good sign. >> those pictures look fake. they're so beautiful. >> they are so beautiful. jeff, let's talk about the fog. some areas like concord saw it this morning, walnut creek. looks like we could have some dense fog tomorrow. >> we've got it building in the central valley and it can be kind of dangerous, especially if you're traveling down interstate 5 or 99 on a road trip tomorrow morning. we expect that thick fog could reduce visibilities down to a half mile and less. but also for the bay area, i think some of that central valley fog will make it it over to contra costa, alameda counties in the morning, right around the south bay, near the bay, and san francisco around 7:00 a.m. we should clear out from this relatively quickly. by 11:30, we're looking at that sunshine returning. we'll start it off with 50s. so if you're up early, not only the fog but also some cold weather to begin. by the afternoon, we get an
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awesome rebound. look at this. temperatures pushing back up into the 70s. 74 in santa rosa. 71 martinez. down to livermore, 73. warmest weather, morgan hill, 76. i've got some 60s from san francisco right over to half moon bay. now, this weather is beautiful. if you missed my earlier updates, we'll show you where it's headed. we're getting a couple of atmospheric rivers over the next few days moving up to the pacific northwest. they get the heavy rain, two to four inches, maybe higher. for us again, we're dry. but early in mid-december shows some signs of some rainfall for us. clouds move in monday, tuesday, and wednesday as the rain hits the pacific northwest. we'll just get those clouds and eventually we've got some 60s into next week. right now, janelle, weekend's looking really good here as we head through saturday and sunday. >> i love it. chilly mornings and warm afternoons. perfect. tonight at 11:00, a mysterious case of animal cruelty. a horse shot and killed in a north bay pasture. what the owner is telling us
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tonight. thattory and more at 11:00. coming up next in prime time, watch "the wall" starting at 8:00. then catch two hours of "dateline" starting at 9:00. then join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. that's going to do it for us at 7:00. we hope to see you later tonight. bye. you've problem apply play the pinball. we decided to learn more about the game and headed to the pacific pinball museum in alameda. it's an interactive museum with
7:26 pm
an historical display of pinball. and michael sheehy is behind this step back into pinball history. >> first machine to get the patents on a spring loaded plunger and the bell to make the sound when you make points. that's where you get the name pinball is because of the pins and the ball that you're shooting. >> then it sort of evolved here? >> yeah. they put glass on it and a coin chute. this was the first one that was manufactured in the '30s. that was from 1869, and then that's the one that started, gottlieb. this launched bally casinos. this is the machine that started the whole bally empire. >> reporter: pinball has a colorful past and was actually banned for almost 40 years from the early 1940s until 1976. the u.s. government felt it was a form of gambling. so what's in this room here? >> this room here is all the
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electromechanicals from the '60s and '50s and 40s. the first game that has flippers is right up here. the first multi-player game. these are wood rails, so these are the first games to have flippers. then the first game to have flippers is this one here. it's got six of them. there's three on each side. >> that's right. pinball didn't get its flippers until 1947. ♪♪ so i'm trying to feel a little '80s right now. this is where it all began for me. >> i understand that. it was hard for me to bring these machines in because i was totally electromechanical. i didn't want to see any electronic games, but i got voted over. >> all the lights, it's so much fun. >> yeah, it is. once i got into it, i couldn't go back. this stuff is pretty incredible, and the more modern they get, the more outrageous, and they start to tell stories. >> right. look at this one.
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you got the "star wars" one. >> you got star wars" here. >> show me how to play here. >> okay. we can two player. >> two player. >> there you go. >> here we go. have any tips for me? >> just don't double flip. >> what does double flip mean? >> that's when you do both flippers at the same time. you just said don't double flip, and i double flipped. >> there you go. >> oh! >> ready? >> are you trying to compete with me right now? clearly you've spent a lot of time here. oh, my gosh! see, no one likes a show-off, michael. i'm kidding. you're not going to take it easy on me, huh? >> there we go. >> luke, i'm your father. i'll just call you the winner. >> okay. >> thank you.
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♪ ♪ your future with me ♪ i like scroll tiktok like watching their theories so often. >> you do? >> oh, it's finally here, and you know taylor's fans are dissecting the new "red" lyrics especially when it comes to jake. so is this an homage to diana's revenge dress or not? >> i saw that too. i was like -- >> my friends always would say hold on. >> it's time for adele to reveal more than ever about holding on during her lowest moment. >> the process of a divorce, the process of -- >> over three girls per day go missing. >> the statistics are staggering when it comes to young native americans. this is one


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