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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 12, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, an emotional return to class for students in san francisco. a teacher's aide killed with just feet away from the school where he taught. ahead in a live report, the support being offered for those mourning as they try to process such a painful loss. i'm marcus washington. we begin with that top story. this morning a community still morning the death of that teacher's aide from an elementary school in san francisco. his death the result of a tragic crash that took place in front of the cal hallow elementary school where he worked for
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years. nbc bay area's cierra johnson live from the neighborhood. this is where the memorial continues to grow. i saw moments ago some people there at the memorial just very emotional. >> good morning. yeah, really just a tragic story and as more folks gather, folks really just continue to grow increasingly emotional. i'm going to keep my voice low so i'm respectful to those who are mourning and also step out of the way so you can see how many more flowers have been placed at this memorial since we were live with you this morning. we've seen parents, students, former students. some haven't been at the school in about five years even come back to lay flowers for mr. andrew. the parent educator who worked here at sherman elementary school. he was killed earlier this week. according to investigators, police responded to a crash here at the school near the intersection of franklin and union. when they arrived they were notified of a person down. that person later para-educator
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school. the cause of that crash under investigation, but in a letter released by the school, he is a longtime staff member and he even attended this school as a child. many spee spoke with understandably still in shock about what played out and some hope there's some resolution to the traffic issues they believe are surrounding this school. >> i know that he still had a good life while he was living. >> oh, yeah, it's scarey to walk down this street. something -- something needs to be done. >> we spoke to several children who spoke to how nice mr. andrew was and always willing to speak with them and ran the after-school program. as one person said, just a cool
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guy. so again, you can see that memorial is growing for that educator. right now folks remembering an educator, a son, a boyfriend and a friend right now killed in that crash. we're live in the cow hollow neighborhood, cierra johnson. >> tragic story there. thank you. new for you at 11:00, police have made an arrest of one of the child abduction cases in the east bay. bob redell joins us live from contra costa. what do they know so far? >> we know contra police are still looking for the suspect in their case. good morning, marcus. pittsburg police announced they've arrested a 24-year-old woman in their abduction case. someone called 911 just after midnight last night when they saw this woman who matched the suspect description walking down the street in harbon street in pittsburg. that's where police were able to take her into custody.
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yesterday evening a father was adjusting his daughter in the car seat in the back of the suv, talking to a friend. this suspect walked up to them, asked for a cigarette, walked off and then jumped in the driver's seat and put the suv in gear and sped off. someone spotted the stolen suv a couple hours later about a mile away after police issued an amber alert. >> they were blocking the driveway and it was just sitting here and it was weird because they heard a baby scream, crying, screaming and crying and then they looked in there, flashed the lights. the baby was in there, the door open and they got the baby out. >> they got the baby out, back to the family. the family did take the toddler to the police department for a medical checkup. once the girl checked out, her family took her home. they believe the woman abandoned the suv once she realized there was a baby in the back seat. this is video of the other child abducted in concord. a 4-month-old baby reunited with their parents last night. it was around 10:00 earlier in
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the evening. the family went into the wing stop restaurant. they left their child in the van in the parking lot when someone stole the van. about 30 minutes later, police found the van abandoned with the child inside. right now there is no indication from police that these two abductions are related. reporting live in concord, bob redell, nbc bay area news. happening now, a new $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of jasper wu's killer. the chinatown chamber of commerce holding this news conference that you see as we take a live look there. that group offering the funding for the reward. that toddler was struck by a stray bullet as his mother drove along interstate 880. just a beautiful little kid. this is in oakland last saturday. his family is asking anyone that was in the area that day to give police any dash cam video, cell phone video if you have it around the time of 2:15 last
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saturday. oakland is dealing with an increase in violence right now. this year, 119 people have died by homicide. this is more than last year. and in about 24-hour span, a woman hit by a stray bullet while buying tickets at a concert outside the fox theater. and a 68-year-old man was shot several times in east oakland. then a woman was shot at a lake. the state insurance commissioner is ordering new insurance protections for more homeowners. this is living in those at-risk wildfire areas. the new order covers more than 200,000 homeowners, including in the state of declaration that was last month. it brings the total of protected homeowners to 618,000. this is in 31 counties. those policies can no longer be dropped by insurance companies due to higher fire dangers. the moratorium is the product of a law that took effect in 2018. let's take a live look out in dublin this midday.
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not too bad out there. a little hazy out there. meteorologist kari hall monitoring what we can expect throughout the bay area. really shaping up to be a nice one out there. >> there's still a big difference in all of our microclimates. look at this live view where it's beautiful, clear, bright, sunny. but then as we are still driving around the bay area, we're encountering dense fog. it's still happening in concord right now but then the north bay has cleared up so we're getting a sunny sky there. you can see the visibility low here in walnut creek. not too far from dublin. just a little bit of a drive up 580 up to 680 and you'll encounter some of that fog. where temperatures are in the mid-50s it's been slow to warm up because we haven't had a lot of sunshine yet. we will reach into the upper 60s here. some of those spots have more sunshine headed for the low 70s. it's starting to clear out. we're making some progress here. we'll talk about some weekend events coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. ready for a boost?
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the california now nearly everyone is eligible to get their third dose of the covid vaccine and just in time for the holiday gatherings. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joining us now. talk about the eligibility. this has been confusing for a lot of people. >> we were going by the cd kri guidelines and california said we'll do things differently and offer that covid booster shot to anybody who wants one. so that is anyone over the age of 18 that is six months after your last dose of pfizer or moderna vaccine or two months after your johnson & johnson shot. again, don't be confused by the fact that california guidelines now differ from those of the cdc. demand for boosters in california wasn't robust right off the bat. just about 40% of people 65 and up got one of those boosters once they were eligible. here in the bay area, santa clara county is already offering boosters to all eligible adults and adding more appointments as needed. >> i was able to go online and
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get an appointment. there was a lot of appointments available. so i was able to get it. >> very easy. just went online. looked it up. >> it's exciting to see that they are very busy right now. it means that people are accepting the vaccine. >> so now that you know that you are eligible, you may have questions. this was a big talking point in the newsroom. if you got a pfizer vaccine, you can get a moderna booster and vice versa. you can mix and match. that's okay. and the booster dose is the same for the pfizer one but moderna was authorized at a half dose because there were just fewer side effects. the side effects are similar to the first two doses. if you were vaccinated and you had a breakthrough case, a yale university immunologist says you may benefit the least because you already had three exposures, however, no harm in continuing to get that booster. as for appointment availability, santa clara county tried to book
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an appointment. i found availability at the fairgrounds through my local safeway pharmacy and health care group. if you don't find one right away, don't get discouraged because they're adding appointments as they get more supply. if you want that protection in time to gather with folks for thanksgiving and christmas, the time to get it is now because it takes about two weeks to take effect. >> i'm sure a lot of people are looking. where can i get one? thanks, kris. developing this morning, kaiser workers up and down the west coast are threatening labor action next week. this is including pharmacists who plan to strike on monday in the bay area. about 2500 pharmacy workers threatening to hold a week-long strike. patients are being told to pick up medication ahead of time. in a statement, kaiser said that it is offer something stuff they have on the table that keeps those pharmacists among the highest paid in the profession. and it's fair to actually cover and continue to provide members and patients access to pharmacy
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services they need. record inflation leading to americans paying more for almost everything. next here on nbc bay area, the reason prices could increase even higher as the months get colder. and are you feeling the pain at the pump? i know the answer is yes. where you can find some of the cheapest rates in the bay area. and today on the kelly clarkson show, rod stewart dishes on the one time he, elton john and queen almost formed a band. can you imagine that? watch that whole story on the "kelly clarkson show" here on nbc bay area coming up at 3:00 this afternoon.
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we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. johnson & johnson announcing the company plans to split into two separate companies. one will focus on the company's consumer products while the other deals with its pharmaceutical and medical device operations. johnson & johnson produces
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products such as band-aid bandages, and neutrogena skin care products to name a few and the other produces prescription drugs including its covid-19 vaccine. that split will take about two years to complete. now to the record inflation causing americans to pay more for just about everything. the cold weather arriving, fuel costs, that could be spiking nationwide. that means more pain at the pump as well as for heating up your homes. nbc's tom costello shows us just how bad it could get this winter. >> reporter: mid-november in new england. temperatures are falling and edward is making the rounds. delivering heating oil and sticker shock to his customers. >> as much as i hate to show them the bill, they are like, they gasp but they understand what's going on. >> reporter: from the northeast to the midwest, meteorologists predict a cold winter which could make it an expensive one, too. >> you have to heat your home and, you know, you just have to pay the higher cost.
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>> reporter: prices have already jumped dramatically. natural gas up 130% from a year ago. heating oil up 59%. and prices could move even higher as the months get colder. from americans warming their homes to filling their tanks. >> gas prices are bananas. i drive my car for a living, so, yeah, at $4 a gallon, like, really? >> i don't have enough money to pay for gas every day. so this is crazy. >> reporter: the national average for unleaded now $3.41 a gallon. a seven-year high. that's up from $2.11 last year during the pandemic economic slowdown. filling up on the west coast right now even worse. $3.87 in washington. 3.96 in nevada. and a staggering $4.64 in california. now some lawmakers are calling on president biden to tap into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. but experts say the nation is largely at the mercy of the global energy markets and the
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reserve is only meant for short-term emergencies. >> keep in mind that any release from the strategic petroleum reserve would only satisfy a small portion of global daily demand. this is a much bigger picture than just the u.s. alone. >> reporter: record inflation could spell trouble for the massive $1.75 trillion social spending package. moderate democrat senator joe manchin reportedly hinting that he may support delaying a vote on the bill until next year. the senator tweeting this week the inflation threat is getting worse and d.c. can no longer ignore it. >> okay. so here is a little brighter side to all of this. a look at some of the cheapest gas locations according to in the oakland area, the cheapest gas is at the grand gasoline and the go gas and food on high street at $4.19. in san francisco area, it's the
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touchless car wash, that's $4.17 per gallon. good luck if you find it. developing for you, pg&e is facing another criminal charge for its possible connection in the deadly fire. this is the fire from last year when it first sparked. earlier this year, cal fire said it was caused by a tree that fell into a power line owned by pg&e. our investigative unit discovered the tree inspectors decided that the leaning tree was healthy and did not need to be cut down, even though state law suggested otherwise. the fire killed four people, burned more than 56,000 acres and destroyed more than 200 structures. a nonprofit is moving forward with cleaning up lake tahoe's shorelines. the group called clean up the lake says in the past six months it's gathered over 18,000 pounds of trash out of the water. the cleanup is along the -- it's more than half of the 72-mile long shoreline. divers found common items like plastic bottles, beer cans, even
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sunglasses. the group hopes to finish the cleanup by february. you can watch our entire story that we have on this right now at we were talking about that earlier, kari. people deciding to go to tahoe this weekend. it's going to be nice out there as well. >> going to be very nice. maybe you can help with that cleanup, too. we'll see more sunshine here across the bay area as well. take a look at the beautiful day we have shaping up in san francisco right now. we have seen the drifts of fog rolling by at times but take a look at our high temperature. headed up toward 72 in los gatos. east san jose, 74 degrees. it may be a little cooler for parts of the east bay where that fog is taking a lot longer to clear out, but we're looking at highs in the low 70s possible and low 70s in hayward. and 70s as well for san mateo, daley city in the mid-60s and san francisco in the marina district in the low 60s while the mission district heads up to about 68 degrees.
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santa rosa, high of 73. really nice with mostly sunny skies. and we've seen all of the rain across the region staying well to the north of us. and unfortunately with some of the long-range outlooks, that's where it keeps the rain. this is where the atmospheric river is bringing the potential of flooding over the pacific northwest. you can see the long line of clouds extending well out into the pacific. and usually just kind of waves up and down the coast, but it's possible, due to la nina, that that could stay farther to the north. that's what we're seeing, even as we are looking into the next week with the computer models. when the rain starts to move closer to the bay area, just falls apart, breaks up and we are missing out on that rain even into next week. i do hope things will change as we go into the forecast. as we look at what's going on this weekend, we are going to see that possibility of some more sunshine, great weather. if you're thinking of taking a road trip, take a look at the fall foliage peaking in wine country. this is a picture from st.
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helena, the napa valley wine library there. just beautiful with all the bright colors. check out the map at california fall and maybe plan your trip. let me help you out because thor is sierra is past peak right now. that's why it's shaded in brown. central valley and north bay and napa are at peak. we're seeing pretty spectacular colors here. if you plan to go to napa valley this weekend, the weather is going to be pretty amazing with highs in the low to mid-70s. if you blan to go to big sur, a little warmer there and a lot of sunshine. it's going to be a nice weekend. here in the bay area, our valley temperatures stay in the low to mid-70s. next week, more clouds moving in, and temperatures coming down once again. we're watching out to see if we can get some rain and at this point, it doesn't look like it but we'll see if it can happen maybe farther on down the line. mark urks we're just going to enjoy this weekend because these
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past few days are going to -- have been nice and it's still going to be nice going into the weekend. >> a forecast like that, you can't do anything but enjoy. thanks, kari. here at nbc bay area, we are contining the conversation about race. myself and jessica aguirre hosted our special "race in america" the conversation last night. in the episode we explored the issue of how the way you look can make a difference if you go missing. it's a term some crickets call missing white woman syndrome. that's the disproportionate attention from the police and media when a person disappears of color. a 20-year-old was last seen by his family after leaving his oakland home in may of 2019. harrison told me weeks passed before news outlets started taking a look at his brother's disappearance. when gabby petito went missing, that response was almost immediate to find her. >> i knew already that's how it's supposed to be.
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i searched the web. >> supposed to be. what does that mean? >> i say supposed to be because that's the foundation, the pillars of america which is based off of racism and we are, at the totem pole of all of that. >> many people of color say a slow response is really a brutal reality to society. this is for certain groups. but we wanted to find that out, if it was true. one stanford expert backed up those claims with research. >> there is gender research that's found that white women specifically are seen as more fragile. they are put on a pedestal. we can think of the damsel in distress narrative. research has found that missing white women receive initial attention more than other missing persons in the news media, as well as prolonged attention. >> it's fascinaing conversation. if you missed on last night's episode, you can watch it online. go to
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click on "race in america." that's at the top of our home page. you don't want to miss that episode and all the others there are as well. back and better than ever. it is what fans have been waiting for. coming up next for you right here on our midday news cast, an all new look at the news series featuring some of the favorite new york city women that people just love to watch. first, happening now, all new fallout following the deadly crowd surge at the astroworld concert in texas. attorney ben crump announcing in a press conference that he is now representing more than 100 victims from the concert. so during the press conference, while travis scott was the main organizer of the event, show producer live nation should also be held responsible for the chaos that claimed the lives of nine people last week. so far, the company has not commented on the lawsuit. we'll be right back.
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thanks for sticking around. sex and the city fans, the new teaser trailer for the all-new hbo max series just dropped. >> and just like that -- a new chapter begins. >> the new era for the queens of new york. that series will focus on the lives of carrie, miranda and charlotte as they navigate the complicated reality of life and
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friendship in their 50s. notably missing, actress kim cattrall. she's famously played samantha jones. but other fan favorites will also appear, including chris noth who played mr. bigg as well as, of course, actor willie garson who play stanford. garson passed away earlier this year at the age of 57. looks like it will be a lot of fun. kari -- another carrie p. i'm just not in the city, but, you know, we're going to see some great weather. whether you're inland or in san francisco. temperatures in the mid-70s for some of our warmer spots. next week, we'll see more clouds moving in, and it will be cooler. we'll go from wearing short sleeves to light jackets and sweaters. >> that's how the weather goes sometimes in the bay area. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast on this friday. you can always get the latest on our next newscast coming up at 5:00. make sure you have a great one. enjoy the weekend if you can.
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get out and look at this. beautiful area across the bay area. enjoy it if you can. i'll see you back here next week.
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right now on "california live," -- >> oh, yeah. we are officially kicking off the holidays at the happiest place on earth. >> then we've got a delicious sneak peek at one of socal's finest food events. >> and our california live connection sothe case to help solve the mystery of three women murdered and missing in montana. >> and it's a crisis that we need to address now. >> it's all happening right now on "california live." ♪ california california live california live ♪


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