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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> not bad at all. right now at 6:00, parents' worst nightmare. two child abductions. plus -- >> the criminals know we don't have enough police officers -- >> gun violence raging in oakland. the new incentive to find the shooter in a toddler's death and the push to crackdown on an ongoing increase in crime. protecting your home from wildfires. new measures being taken to help protect homeowners. this is "today in the bay." here we go. friday morning. getting ready for the weekend. thank you for joining us this morning here on "today in the bay." i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we're not wasting time when it comes to the gorgeous weather.
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meteorologist, kari hall, tracking the weather. >> yeah, the weekend weather going to be fantastic right now, but for drivers not so much because visibility is down to quarter of a mile and less in spots like novato where it's at zero right now, so be careful on your way to work. that north bay 101 commute will be foggy for the next hour or so and then it quickly clears out and we will have sunshine in the forecast for the rest of the day and it will be fantastic for outdoor activities. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you. it's 6:01. developing overnight, two children abducted in contra costa county in two separate incidents. bob redell is live from the concord police department this morning. so interesting. two separate cases, not related? >> reporter: good morning,
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laura. two incidents, one child abducted in pittsburg yesterday, and the other in concord. restaurant on clayton road.p the was recovered not too far away from where he was abducted. the family went into the wing stop restaurant and left their child in the van and that's when somebody stole the van, and then the police found the van 20 minutes later with the child inside and nobody has been arrested. in pittsburg, a child's father was adjusting a car seat and talking with a friend, and then a woman jumped in the driver's seat and sped off.
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somebody spotted the stolen suv a couple hours later about a mile away after police issued an amber alert. >> they were blocking the drive weigh and it was just sitting here, and they say it was heard because they heard a baby scream, screaming and crying, and the baby was in there and the door was open so they got the baby out. >> family members and police officers took the toddler to the police department for a medical check. once the girl checked out, the family took her home. several members of the family and friends rushed to the hospital to make sure everybody was okay. police think the woman abandoned the suv once she realized the baby was in the back. they are using surveillance from where the child was taken and they are using that to try and identify this woman. reporting live outside the concord police department for "today in the bay." >> so happy those kids were able
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to be reunited with their families. thank you, bob, for that. a gunman that killed a toddler is still at large. there will be an award to anybody that can help track that person. kris, i know this is something a lot of people have been talking about and they want to really help out here. >> yeah, we expect to hear about a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person that killed jasper wu. jasper, as you know was asleep in his car seat as his mother drove along i-880 in broad daylight when that little boy was struck by a bullet, he was an innocent victim of somebody shooting out of a moving car. the chamber of commerce will put up the $10,000 reward and will ask anybody in that area on that day to give police any dashcam or cell phone video or photos that they could have taken, and
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they are talking about saturday november 6th at around 2:00 in the afternoon. in oakland, this year 119 people have died by homicide, more than last year. and then a woman was hit by a bullet buying tickets, and then a 68-year-old man was shot, and then a woman was shot at lake merritt. oakland says it's time for the police to do something differently. >> the criminals know we don't have enough police officers to police the city and it's like they know whatever they want and won't get caught. >> i am communicating with caltrans to see what we can do here in oakland with the installation of cameras on certain areas of highways. >> some of that crime prevention may be focused on getting firearms out of the hands of criminals. listen to this.
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not even counting the homicides, gun related-assaults in oakland are up 30% this year. >> big numbers there. thank you very much. it's 6:05. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge where a crash during a protest led to hours of backups. an suv veered into a street sweeper truck that strikes that fence alongside a mass of protesters. the chp says two chp officers and three golden gate bridge employees were between the truck and wall and were taken for treatment. >> we got good help from the demonstrators. there was a little conflict at first, and a couple started to come across the walls and we were not sure what the intentions were. >> authorities closed the bridge to pedestrians. here at nbc bay area, we're
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continuing the conversation about race. marcus is hosting our special "race in america: the conversation." >> we explored the issue last night of how you look may affect the search for you if you go missing. that difference can really inspire this term, it's called missing white woman syndrome. i spoke with harrison, his brother was last seen by their family in 2019. harrison told me weeks passed before news outlets looked into his brother's disappearance, but when gabby petito went missing, the search was immediate. >> i knew that's how it was supposed to be. we are at the toteam pole of all
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that. >> many people of color say a slow response is a brutal reality in society for certain groups, but we wanted to find out if that was true so one stanford expert backed up those claims with research. >> there's gender research that found that white women specifically are seen as more fragile, and they are put on a pedestal. we can think of the damsel in distress narrative. the research on missing white women syndrome found that they receive quicker attention as well as prolonged attention. >> a lot of people, it was an awakening to realize, wow, i never thought about it. but when you think about the coverage you have seen, and the people you put that attention on, there it is, proof is in the pudding sometimes. if you could not watch last night, we have you covered.
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you can watch the latest episode online right now at, and go to the top of the home page and click on race in america. and then one commissioner is ordering new insurance protections for homeowners living in at risk wildfire zones. it brings the total number of projected homeowners to 618,000 in 31 counties. those policies can no longer be dropped by insurance companies due to high fire dangers. the moratorium is the product of a new law that took affect in 2018. 6:09 for you this morning. let's take a field trip outside. sunrise heading our way. this is in downtown san josé that we're looking at right now. 30 minutes away from the sunrise. we know that's probably one of the most favorite parts of the morning for our meteorologist, kari hall. kari, we're behind you --
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>> yeah, in walnut creek, visibility is low in parts of the east bay. let's get a bigger look at the picture here. you can see the headlights and some people are traveling to work and maybe having to take it slower, and you compare that to san josé where we are waking up to temperatures in the low 50s. as we go into today, sunny and slightly warmer compared to other spots. reaching into the low 70s this afternoon, livermore reaching 73 degrees. in san francisco, we will see a high of 68. oakland, 69. concord, up to 73 there as well as santa rosa reaching 73 degrees. a very comfortable day. we'll continue to see more of this going into the weekend. we'll talk about when we will see changes in a few minutes. mike, you are seeing two factors slowing the commute? >> yeah, the volume of the commute is slowing the commute
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on the bay bridge, because the metering lights are on. we spotted these flashing lights and you can see them on this shot from san francisco, the upper deck approaching the city. there could be a crew or another issue. that's mild slowing and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will have the build for highway 4, and then it's tougher to see there. the rest of the bay with a light friday. back to you. >> thank you, mike. i want you to check your freezer, because coming up on "today in the bay," we will tell you about popular items now being recalled. while he never got that close to kansas, you could be surprised to know where an an arctic penguin was found.
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>> i'm sticking around for that. on the futures, it looks like a big move forward on the dow. and then allegations of abuse and negligent. one of the largest senior living operations in the bay area under fire from relatives who say their loved ones were mistreated at the end of their lives. our investigative unit talking about a big lawsuit now sitting in the court system. find out more at we'll be right back.
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it's 6:14. as you are heading out in palo alto, it's foggy right now but in a couple hours it will clear out quickly. a beautiful day to head to the park. lunchtime, 68 degrees. low 70s for today. we will see more weather like this into the weekend but we will talk about when this all changes, coming up in a few minutes. we look at the slowdown on the incline heading into the cloud cover around treasure island. we saw something going on in the upper deck, and i don't know what it is but it's slowing traffic down. we will give you an alternate, coming up. good friday to you as well. we have been talking about the new car company, rivian. it had a huge jump on the second
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day of the stock market as well. it's up 22%, making it far more valuable than ford or general motors. ford sells about 1 million vehicles and rivian made 11. this was one of the blank check back arrangements that have been a trend lately, but investors not impressed. the dark fellow with the tie, he is the youngest ceo of a publicly traded company. the national association of realtors, in the meantime, say in the summer houses were going on sale nationwide and getting sold in one week, and the average was three weeks. that's not giving buyers much time to make careful decisions. you remember movie pass that let
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you see how many movies for one monthly fee? the fellow that invented it has re-bought it, and he wants to restart it. and then the artificial christmas tree company, the owner said this. >> i actually received christmas presents from a friend in september. i called them and i said, how are you so organized that you are sending presents to my kids in september? he said i am not that organized, but i am in the shipping industry and i realized if i don't send them now you may not get them. >> we will also talk to a golf designer trying to get a more diverse group of people to play golf. we still say early christmas
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shopping, at this point it's not early. at this point, you need to be shipping. >> oh, my goodness. i thought i was ahead because i started. >> what would be nice, this could be the first christmas where a lot of people get together and just be together. >> yeah, and that is it, although i still wear extra small, just in case. >> what was it called, stefanis? >> yeah, let's see how that works. >> let's go for the real stuff. come on. you may want to check your freezer. innovation solutions recalling ground chick 18 patties that may have pieces of bone. produced from august 16th to september 29th. if you purchased the products
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throw them away or return them. this next story new for you this morning, a south central drone startup is partnering with a health service to deliver medication for yards and driveways in salt lake city. in 2016, zipline used those to deliver supplies in africa. it still needs approval, but that could start next spring. one penguin a long, long way from home. >> yeah, this is news from a rescue group transporting a penguin that was found on the shores of new zealand, nearly 2,000 miles from its home in the antarctic. he's under weight and dehydrated, now using a feeding tube but they should be able to eventually release him back in
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the wild. only if penguins could talk? what was that journey about? >> yeah, like tom hanks and lost -- >> "castaway." >> it was a plane crash. >> oh, was it? i didn't see the movie. >> oh, wilson! put that on your list. do it this weekend. >> no, i will be outside. >> yeah, it's going to be a great weekend. you will be wanting to stay at home. fog has been the big issue and this will continue for the next few mornings after all of the rain we had recently, and then this time of year we see the fog in the central valley and it creeps into the east bay and parts of the north bay. visibility in novato right now down to zero. it's clear in fremont. as you are dropping off the kids for school, vaccet weather for the start and maybe sunglasses
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for the drop off and pickup line. my kids are out. we will see the temperatures in the mid to low 70s. we will also see some low 70s for parts of the east bay, oakland today reaching 69 degrees. san mateo reaching 70 for today. downtown san francisco, we have upper 60s and our north bay highs will reach into the low and mid-70s. we're not getting rain but somebody is. that atmospheric river is targeting this area with a blast of heavy rain. they have even had issues with flooding. the atmospheric river still going on, it's just not here but will be up and down, and then by the time this gets here next week it falls apart with rain, and so santa rosa, we have highs
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in the 70s this weekend. next weekend, not nearly as warm. just prepare for that in advance. take a look at these temperatures for us. we're going to reach into the low 70s this weekend. once again, starting out with fog and clouds and then sunshine for the afternoon. very comfortable. more clouds early next week and slightly cooler temperatures by tuesday and wednesday. mike, you have double good news for the bay bridge. >> yeah, we will take that for the bay bridge, and even single good news is right. clouds are starting to burn off, and kari talked about that, as the sun comes up we will see relief. we are seeing the speeds improving along the incline, and the flashing lights near treasure island has cleared in the approach to san francisco, so whatever was going on, we saw the slowing on the bridge itself. the backup at the bay bridge never formed. south of contra costa county
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looking great. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we have two cases here with more than $5,000 on the line. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online.
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good friday morning.
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regina in san josé asked our consumer investigator for help with a home improvement store. the builder says one store charged him ten times more, and she got $1,400 back. and then our team helped matt who had a flight change. long story short, the refund did not happen until our team e-mailed the airline, and that's a $4,083 victory. the first topic is in the first special. hints for holiday travelers, a fire prep refresher, and how to
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detour thieves from stealing your catalytic converter. thousands of pharmacist threatening to strike. >> then -- >> i am clearing up booster confusion. maybe you thought you had to wait to get your third shot of the covid vaccine. i'll tell you more about it and how it could benefit you.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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emotional responds. students back in school in san francisco after a teacher's aide was killed. plus -- >> to protect the community, i have parents over 65, and i just want to make sure they are safe. >> the rush to get a booster as santa clara county opens its doors to anybody to get a booster shot, and many bay area residents are booking appointments. a push to get shots in more arms before the winter. gas prices are high in the bay area, but if you look around your efforts can pay off. where you can fill up for a little less. this is "today in the bay." of course we are traditionally broadcasting to your television, but we also are
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streaming live on i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. let's look live outside at walnut creek. you can see a lot of dense fog. meteorologist, kari hall, we're probably seeing the worst visibility there? >> yeah, it's in parts of the east bay and north bay where it's as low in some places at zero right now. that will be the case for the next couple of hours and then it clears out. novato, zero also in concord. every now and then you can see a headlight going by, and it's not just a blank screen but that's what you will have to deal with on your way out the door. we will see more of this for the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. this morning, a community still mourning the death of a teacher's aide in san francisco.
6:32 am
his death the result of a traffic crash that took place in front of the elementary school that he worked at for years. this is memorial that is honoring that aide continuing to grow. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. you can really feel the love. some of these cards and notes were written by some of the students saying thank you, and there's a photo with cancels and flowers at the memorial at the corner of franklin and union. he was a paraeducator that worked here at the elementary school. according to investigators, police responded to a crash involving two cars here at sherman elementary at franklin and union, and when they arrived they were notified as a person down, and that person was later identified as a paraeducator at
6:33 am
the school. in a letter released by the school, he was a long-time staff member and attended the school as a child where he now works. parents and students learned of the death and many came to the school for a moment of silence as well as to pay their respect. >> when we told him yesterday what happened, he told us that he was the kindest teacher. >> reporter: as students returned back to school today, the school did notify us that there would be counsellors on duty to help the staff as well as the students work through any grief they have from this situation. as you can see, really it appears this individual was loved by, both, the students -- there are notes there from the parents of those students as well. we also learned the principal will address the students and staff later on today. we're live in front of sherman
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elementary in san francisco, i am cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. new details in the east bay where alameda county supervisors face the task of filling the seat of chan who was struck and killed earlier this month. her family hopes her chief of staff, dave brown, who lives in contra costa county, and they believe he is most familiar with her agenda. who is ready for a boost in california? now nearly everybody is eligible to get that third dose of the covid vaccine. roll up your sleeve, marcus, it's just in time for the holidays. >> there you go. kris sanchez joins us now. eligibility has been confusing for a lot of people. >> yeah, up until yesterday we did not qualify, and we were
6:35 am
telling you about the cdc guidelines, but you can throw those out, because here in california, anybody who wants one can get one, everybody over the age of 18, and two months after last pfizer or moderna vaccine, and two months after the johnson & johnson shot. demand for boosters in california was not robust right away. here in the bay area, though, santa clara county has already been offering boosters to all eligible adults and those appointments were filling up fast and the county started to add more so people could feel protected over the holidays. >> yeah, there was a lot of appointments available and i was able to get it. >> very easy. went online and looked it up. >> it's good to know people are
6:36 am
accepting the vaccine. >> i tried to book an appointment yesterday. i did find one at the fair grounds. i also found one through my local safeway pharmacy, and i found a vaccine available at my health care group. if you don't find one right away, don't get discouraged and maybe just try someplace different, and give a couple weeks for that vaccine to build up before you gather for the holiday. about 2,500 pharmacy workers are threatening to hold a week-long strike. patients are being told to pick up medications ahead of time. in a statement kaiser says it has an offer on the table that keeps its pharmacists among the highest paid in the profession and it is continuing to provide
6:37 am
patients and members the pharmacy services they need. in the past six months, one group gathered over 18,000 pounds of trash in the water. cleanup was along more than half of the 72-mile shoreline. the group hopes to finish the cleanup by february. you can watch the entire story on our website, got to keep it blue. >> keep it blue. that's what we are seeing this weekend when we look at the skies this weekend. blue skies, meaning a nice weekend for us, kari. >> yeah, spots like south lake tahoe, it will be a great weekend. starting out cool and then we warm up into the mid-60s for the end of the weekend, and lower 60s for today and tomorrow. once again, a beautiful day out there. if you are keeping it home, and maybe want to pick up early christmas gifts. check out the harvest festival, and you will see the temperatures reaching into the
6:38 am
low 70s for the weekend. this goes on all weekend long. if you are getting in the holiday spirit, you want to go ice skating, we have great weather for that in san francisco at the union square ice rink. it will be the upper 60s. but if you are thinking about the road trip, or if this is where you are lucky enough to live, st. helena has beautiful colors. as far as the sierra, they are past peak right now and that's why it's in brown. central valley and parts of the north bay at peak right now, and are at high bright fall foliage colors in parts of the north bay and much of the bay area right now. want warmer weather? maybe head to paso robles, they will be in the mid-80s with sunshine throughout the weekend. napa valley with highs in the mid-70s from now through sunday. mike, you are tracking the ripple affect from the delays?
6:39 am
>> yeah, all lanes including the hov were slow, and now we see the hov lanes moving smoothly, that's great. i did just hear about another disabled vehicle just passed treasure island and blocking a couple lanes. this could be a delayed report of an earlier issue we were tracking, and we will track that and it could mean more delays for the bay bridge, but it's the only delays head into contra costa county. everything else is looking friday light. back to you. >> thank you. 6:39. all week we have been spotlighting the climb in gas prices as it moves closer to $5 a gallon. here's a gas station on berryessa road. we are trying to find the cheapest locations for you. the cheapest is the grand gas
6:40 am
and go-food. in san francisco, it's a touchless car wash at $4.17. the new system rolling out that could ease the impact for the backlog of so many waiting cargo ships. the key investigation about the january 6th capitol attack, we'll see if the witness shows up. taylor swift coming in with new songs and old songs. we'll explain, straight ahead.
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abductions. happy friday. we fog as you are heading out. much of the east bay covered by fog, and once that clears out we have a beautiful day ahead. we will talk about our forecast and when we any see rain coming up. the fog is clear from this spot on the san mateo bridge, but we may have a new issue for
6:44 am
highway 92. we're also tracking a crash -- sorry, disabled vehicle on the bay bridge causing delays from the east bay. thanks, mike. we have new details on the massive shipping backlog in southern california. the ports of los angeles and long beach are now requiring waiting ships to anchor further away from the coastline. right now dozens of ships are in a large group 40 miles off the coast. the new system will require ships arriving early to anchor 150 miles away in an effort to reduce congestion and coastal pollution. president biden will meet with his cabinet this morning to brainstorm ways to free up the jams. >> the white house hopes that new infrastructure bill will help speed up the supply chain. >> yeah, that's what they are saying, but the infrastructure bill is not law yet. for something the democrats have been waiting around for a long time, but there's no rush to sign it. the president said he will do that on monday presumably so he
6:45 am
can be joined by members of congress on break right now. biden will meet with his cabinet to see how they can implement some of the solutions as quickly as possible. and then president biden is electric break for he has been enjoying all of the electric cars that manufacturers are bringing to the white house. not only can you get a tax break of $7,500, but you get an extra tax break of $4,500 if you get a car built by union labor. joe manchin says he will not vote for the bill if that's in it. press secretary, jen psaki, back after testing positive for
6:46 am
covid. an appeals court delayed the white house records being sent to the capitol city. mark meadows is supposed to give a deposition to the bipartisan committee investigating the attacks. if he does not show up the committee may recommend the household meadows in criminal contempt. we'll be watching the capitol steps to see if he shows up. you can follow me on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. a actress is in a coma this morning after she suffered a stroke on wednesday night. she's being treated in mexico city. her relatives are asking fans for prayers.
6:47 am
that actress made her television debut in 1964 and has been an iconic figure in the latin american culture for decades. and a court will decide if it's time to terminate the conservatorship. her father stepped out of the conservatorship and the conservator that over sees her life and medical decisions has come up with a care plan. >> i think we can expect for the court to dissolve the conservatorship of the person, giving britney the right to make decisions over her medical care and personal decisions, her day-to-day life, essentially. i don't think the conservatorship over her estate, which is managing her money, will be over just quite yet. >> spears' attorney and her parents publicly support termination, but the judge is
6:48 am
not tipping her hand. you can see more coverage later this morning on the "today" show. trending this morning, swiftees, your dream is coming true. taylor shift has released a new album of "red." >> that's the track featuring a country music star, chris stapleton. her master recordings were sold without her permission. you can catch swift this weekend on an all-new "saturday night live." she will be the musical guest, and actor jonathan majors is hosting. this weekend will be a nice one to get out and enjoy the
6:49 am
weekend, but before we get to the weekend, we have to face friday, and meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking that and a lot of fog. where is that? >> yeah, we're trying to see through the fog to get to the weekend and that sunshine we are expecting. as we look outside in walnut creek right now, visibility is low. you do need to allow extra time to get to work, slow it down and use your normal beams. don't throw on the high beams. we will start out about in the low 60s and 70s. palo alto, at 10:00 you could make plans to head out to the park and enjoy a beautiful sunny day and heading for the low 70s here. in the south bay, looking at a high of about 74 in morgan hill, and 75 in gilroy. east san josé reaching 74 degrees. our east bay temperatures reaching 73 in walnut creek. oakland up to about 69 degrees. we'll see mid-60s in daly city. for san francisco, mid to upper
6:50 am
60s today. marina district, still cool at 62. 69 in mill valley, while clearlake will reach up to 75. it's all clear here in terms of rain, but take a look at where it has been just pouring. this atmospheric river causing flooding concerns and that's where it will stay for a little while longer. you can see the connection, the long line of clouds that makes it all the way to the hawaiian islands. it's the reason they call it the "pineapple express." it just is up and down the coast. usually a storm track to the north may be the case for us throughout the winter, but it looked like even though the atmospheric river dipped to the south a little bit the rain dries up before it gets here. we will have a cooler next weekend, but this weekend it's going to be very warm. take a look at gilroy, for the weekend 70s and even 81 degrees on sunday.
6:51 am
will feel like summer in some spots. then we will cool down next week, and i'm keeping the hope alive for the next rain chance on thursday and friday, and then we will have early morning clouds and fog. mike, you are continuing to see the delays on the bay bridge? >> yeah, i have been watching closely on the sensors. it's slow as the fog starts to clear from the bridge itself. this is why you don't use the high beams because that light makes things tougher to see sometimes. that was a bright shot. meanwhile, a slow drive on the bart, no delays. highway 37, not so bad. highway 4, just your typical slowing. there could be a crash coming through the san mateo hills that will affect the drive to or from the bay. happening now, the oldest
6:52 am
muni line up in the air. "the chronicle" reports muni directors are wondering what to do with the j-church line. ridership for that line has been slower. the line is no longer running underground. it's likely j-line service will be shortened permanently with fewer runs or keeping an aprevious kwraeuted route. two children abducted in separate instances in contra costa county. both have been returned to their families. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome bang. before youdoor, two children abducted in contra costa. >> bob redell talking about these strange incidents that were not connected. >> there's no indication of police they were connected. there were two abductions, one in pittsburg and one in concord. they took place yesterday.
6:56 am
this is new video from the concord abduction, a 4-month-old reunited with her parents last night. earlier in the evening, around 10:00 last night. the family went to a stop to get food and left their child in the van, and the van was stolen with the child inside it. the other child was taken yesterday in pittsburg. the child's father was at the back of the suv adjusting her car seat when a woman walked up and asked for cigarette and walked off and then hopped in the suv and sped off. somebody spotted the stolen suv a mile away after the amber alert. both incidents, the abductors are still out there. >> gosh, i hope they get answers. thanks. a new $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of jasper
6:57 am
wu's killer. the toddler struck by a stray bullet as his mother drove along interstate 880 in oakland six days ago. his family are asking anybody in the area on that day to give police any dashcam or cell phone video around the time of 2:15 last saturday. >> yeah, i hope they can find who did that. and then grief counsellors will be on hand after the death of a teacher's assistant just steps from the campus. here's a live look from the growing memorial outside sherman elementary for andrew siemann. students were not in class for veteran's day. he not only worked at the school but once attended as a child. the cause is still under investigation. two chp officers and three golden gate bridge workers are recovering after a chain reaction crash during a protest last night. this is a look from above when
6:58 am
it happened. you can see the suv veering into the street sweeper truck that strikes the fence along a mass of protesters. this happened during an anti-vaccine protests. none of the injuries are serious. kaiser workers are threatening to strike, 2,500 pharmacy workers are threatening a week-long strike. in a statement kaiser says it has an offer on the table that keeps its pharmacists among the highest paid in the nation. it's 6:58 right now. want to get a final look at traffic and weather. >> we're starting out foggy for some spots in the bay area, especially the east bay, the peninsula as well as the north bay. warmer temperatures, headed for the 70s. next week it will be slightly
6:59 am
cooler, more clouds but nice overall. san francisco continuing to see the highs in the upper 60s. we're holding out hope for our rain chance by the end of next week. kari, the chp just reported the issue on the bay bridge cleared and then seconds later we see the hov lanes at the bottom starting to move. that's a good sign. delays across the bay bridge here. this is palo alto, we talked about fog in the north bay and contra costa county, but this is a issue for folks on the peninsula. no problems reported, but the traffic is moving smoothly. >> we'll take your word for it. >> look at san francisco, already burning offer that. >> beautiful. we thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. it's friday. make sure you get out and have a great day. a live look there at the golden gate bridge. you can see a little fog rolling
7:00 am
in, but nevertheless, a nice way to kick off our friday. that does it for "today in the bay" this morning. the "today" show coming up next. >> there you go. hope to see you bright and early on monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. we're always here for you. al is tracking it all. the defense rests after a final day of testimony. the kyle rittenhouse trial nears an end. his lawyers making a case for self-defense in the fatal shootings of two men during unrest in wisconsin. the judge and prosecution clashing yet again. closing arguments set for monday


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