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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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a controversial week in the kyle rittenhouse trial, the jury hearing some emotional witness testimony as the defense rests. deadline averted at least for now former president trump gets a chance to present its case before a three-judge panel related to the january 6th capitol riot former soldier jessica lynch opening up about her life and what she's doing today rivian went public two days
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ago and so far passed gm and ford with market cap if you aren't familiar with them, you will be soon >> it's the buddy-buddy story, the four-year-old and his neighbor are all but inseparable. >> glad are you joining us to end the week i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. another trump official could find himself in contempt of congress former chief of staff mark meadows can testify in a few hours or rick facing contempt charges. nbc news' chris pollone joining us from washington, d.c. good morning what is the committee looking here from meadows? >> reporter: good morning, the committee wants meadows to give a deposition and turn over documents at 10:00 this morning. committee chair benny thompson said he faces possible civil and criminal proceedings if he doesn't comply they say he has no valid reason
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to resist the isn't. he could have the house vote to refer contempt charges to the justice department a. lawyer says he remains under the instruction of former president trump to respect the long-standing principles of executive privilege. meanwhile, president trump had a victory. they paused the release of documents from the january 6th committee while an appeals process plays out. adam kinzinger says he does not see this as a setback. >> this is not unexpected. i think we expected, frankly, there would be a stay issued by the appeals court. we see an accelerated time line to see this case it's not going to slow down our investigation. i suspect keeping the supreme court potentially aside, we'll have these documents fairly soon. >> reporter: the appeals court scheduled an oral argument november 30th in a case which, of course, could be appealed walt u all the way to the
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supreme court. >> asr it is a massive case, thank you a much the kyle rittenhouse trial is getting to this conclusion, butting heads with prosecutors on thursday as the defendants rests ite defense, a use of for expert, ice lightsolating kyle rittenhouse saying he acted in self-defense some of the video from the cell phone and body cam of independent journalist blogger drew hernandez, who told the jury from his perspective, rittenhouse was not the aggressor this night >> did you observe him acting in an aggressive manner to anyone that you observed? >> in no way, shape or form. the first time i seen kyle, he actually deescalated the
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situation. >> supporting the teenager's testimony from a day earlier when rittenhouse appeared to break down talking about what he later described as an attack when pushed by prosecutors >> everybody that you shot at that night, you intended to kill, correct? >> i didn't intend to kill them, i intethe stand for hours, the line of questioning from the state sparking anger and multiple repry mappeds from the judge. >> this was the subject of the motion i am well aware of that and the court left the door opened >> for me, not for you >> my understanding is. >> you should have come and asked for reconsideration. >> reporter: the defense has asked for a mistrial the judge hasn't ruled on a motion he could when he meets with the legal team outside the presence of the jury. they'll be back monday for closing arguments in the case.
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jay grey, nbc news, kenosha, wisconsin. we have a consumer alert for you. chicken patty products sold at trader joe's are being recalled the frozen chicken patties and spinach and fetta chicken sliders have been taken off shelves due to complaints of bone fragments in the food they recalled almost 98,000 pound of chicken proud between august 16th and september 29th some states are backtracking in their progress against coronavirus. infects are climbing in 17 states from californiato colorado even in massachusetts, which is seeing a 44% increase in break through cases. according to cnbc, cases are up 25% in the mid-west, 18% in the nest, and 4% in the west over the past two weeks unvaccinated americans are filling hospital beds across the nation and currently account for the nearly 1,300 covid deaths. the state department of
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health say they incorrected administered pfizer shots to 112 children, they say the pharmacy may have administered a lower dose than recommended. meanwhile, a brothel in austria is located in vienna is offering vaccines every monday this month and those who roll up their sleeve receive an offer with a 30 minute second of a choice with a lady of the street, a man wanted at shooting at a building earlier this week led officers through the city for nearly an hour that suspect was shot and killed by police. our houston affiliate has more. >> reporter: the chase went up and down several key parts of our city many could do little but sit back and watch as it ended. >> i just got back from a long trip, but it was probably about
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at least 20 shots fired. >> reporter: the suspect leading four constables on a 45-minute chase. at one point they entered downtown they feared he would injure hundreds during the veteran's day parade. >> we gave the pause to start the veterans day parade. i did not want to begin and get people on the parade route so he had began staging resources int downtown area. >> reporter: the suspect is believed to be responsible for firing at a substation and has been on the run since monday he called wanting to tell his side of the story. we immediately called the precinct for the constables office and gave him his contact information. >> the tip we received from channel 2 helphood narrow in on his location and what area he would be in. luckily, one of our patrol units if south houston spotted the
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vehicle. they came to a track stop. he chose to flee from them >> thanks for that report. currently, we have strong weather coast-to-coast to tell you about. nbc meteorologist jan eessa web joins us with that. >> hi. good morning we have strong storms entering the northeast d.c. to new york city and boston. we will deal with rain it should move out for your early evening around dinner time but our friends on the pacific northwest, we have another pineapple express revving up in this area. it's coastal areas from seattle i think northern california by tomorrow afternoon, you start to deal with rain flash flood watches have been put in place across this area. we are talking about some areas picking up ae throughout the
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weekend. we are below the freezing mark across the dakotas i just saw a reading of negative 21 degrees somewhere. i'll show you where coming up. >> eeks. all right. we want to hear about that thanks, janessa. today off the hot hand of j.p. morgan ii the senior from uc riverside from way beyond half court at the buzzer to give the hielders the upset win at arizona state he had 14 on the night it handed the sun devils the first loss of the season jessica lynch shares her story of captivity in iraq with students would you like fries with that arbys is getting into the
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on veterans day, president biden visited the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president says being a veteran is a badge of courage that unites across all ages regardless of background u.s. army veteran and former p.o.w. jessica lynch is working to tell children about the importance of veteran's day. she spoke in a school in virginia about her experiences >> i don't look at myself as a hero i don't look at myself as you know a celebrity or someone who should be doing interviews like this like i feel you know that i was just a survivor. >> reporter: a survivor who is now a thriver. jessica lynch who enlisted in the u.s. army after she graduated high school in 2009. lynch was a p.o.w. in iraq after her unit was ambushed. she suffered a broken back and
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several broken limbs and ribs. lynch was rescued and sent back to the u.s. in 2003. since then, she not only talks to schools around the country about her experience but has appeared in several movies and fulfilled a life dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. she spoke to students at emerson elementary and talking about war to younger students is challenging but has gotten easier throughout the years. >> to me, this is just a part of an educational, you know, experience for them. i want to be able to talk to them about what a veteran is not so much about what i went through. again, they're too young for that but being able to just, what itself the meaning of a veteran? what it means to be able to be a soldier. >> reporter: lynch says she loves hearing how she's inspired young students, especially girls, to join the armed forces. >> as a mom, as an educator, as now a you know a veteran, you
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look at them and you're like, yeah, that's our future right there. >> jasmine wright president of the belfry president student council is one young woman lynch has inspired >> on a daily basis, we think our life is going to end and so much happened to us. but she truly has been through the most she got through it she's pursuing her dreams. she continues to inspire people throughout the country that's just amazing. >> our thanks to kaylin for that report still to come. how about 12 days the of a dollar menu, why all mariah wants for christmas is mcdonald's > plus a front row seat to the wedding of the year. paris hilton reality show. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. i didn't order a pizza. i know, but that “parker promo” saved me so much on my insurance,
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the flavor of vodka. crinkle fries. it is available in limited quantities next thursday mcdonald's is partnering with mariah carey, customers can get a free each day with a $12 purchase on the app paris hilton prepares for her wedding with her fiancee s. the docu-series is out by peacock, owned by the parent company nbc universal. they have a large market cap, larger than gm and ford, if you haven't heard of rivian, you will charron cho joins with us more good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a blockbuster start, a public company with $100 become after the stock surged 57% in two days of stock trading
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if you recall tesla on day two just $2 billion. queen e when it coombs to the ceo, we have a new billionaire worth 2.2 billion alone on the back of that market cap surge, despite the fact it's only just began delivering cars or vehicles at this stage it's got a lot of pre-orders and a contract with amazon to build 100,000 electric vehicles by 2030 meantime, we discuss future work and what that looks like, one company made the step of limiting the amount of contact after hours, by e-mail, phone or message. portugal cracking down and so it can lob fines if there is an overreach by employers they came back from portugal that's why there is a thriving night life there. >> i think so, more than that, although, that would never be a reality for us here.
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tough bathroom soap scum, and even stainless steel. mr. clean clean freak it is mission accomplished for spacex the capsule successfully doblgd at the space station overnight they were made of a crew of three. they are doing well and will be conducting experiments on the iss for the next six months. the docking comes less than 24 hours after it launched wednesday evening after weather delays one of the most transformative figures in south africa's history has died. fw de klerk was the last president under apartheid. in 1990, de klerk freed nelson mandela from prison after 27 years. the two shared the nobel peace prize in 1993. he was 95. the u.s. postal service says
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it is ready for shipping 92 machines have been added. the post-paster said, quote, send us your packages and mail and we'll deliver timely. >> rain, sleet or snow, right. the first blizzard warnings are here they are in effect across the parts of the plain and the upper mid-west snow flurries falling in the dakotas. that is snow accumulation in bismark. that storm is expected to move east janessa is back with us with a look at our weekend weather forecast hello again, janessa >> hi, guys. you know, for the upper mid-west to the greater cleveland area. are you hearing in the forecast, this will not be a big snow event. where squalls persist, it's really hard to forecast lake-enhanced snow so i expect at least two-to-four inches in that area. that is shovelable pacific northwest to the desert southwest, our temperatures are
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in the lower 70s, in our last segment, i was telling you, we are getting a negative 21 degrees reading in alaska. subzero temperatures going into the weekend. we continue to watch that snow and wind event across the upper great lakes. now a shield, but in perspective. temperatures are not too bad in the deep south 55 degrees it will hurt for them a little bit for early morning lows temperatures will continue to warm up for your sunday. now the big weather story for the northeast and the mid-atlantic behind this storm system is a lot cooler air day time highs will be in the lower 50 lake enhancehood snow throughout your day for sunday. look at this sunshine from the plains into southern california. day time highs, los angeles, that's a good beach day. 83 degrees in fairbanks, alaska, negative 1 for your sunday
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you're going to love it. it's a good fire >> who can forget wilson's performance in castaway, the deserted island just sold at auction in london for $300,000 it quadrupled the 80,000, still calling it he instead of it.
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>> if you never seen it, you got to get it on our list. we share aal and unique friendship. a world war ii veteran in illinois has begun an enduring friendship with a 4-year-old. >> reporter: nikki's lawn mower may be pretend but his friendship with his next door neighbor bob is very real. >> since the day he was born, since the day he was born, he's been my helper, haven't you? >> yeah! >> yay >> reporter: the unlikely pair >> 90-plus years we're apart i'm 94 and he's four. >> reporter: bonded over yard work. >> the second he started walking, we got him in lawn mower, he would watch bob do it. >> every other day we do the front and the back and we do the front and the back >> i couldn't ask for a better
4:28 am
role modem for my son. >> reporter: bob enlisted in the navy at 17 and was in officer candidate school during the world war ii and served again in the korean war. >> what are you talking about? >> you don't know what i'm talking about? yeah. >> nikki may not understand bob's military service now >> bob >> but he will. >> reporter: bob >> reporter: her mom took photos like these so one day he can appreciate how rare it is to have a world war ii veteran for me. >> you are funny. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: at 94, bob's lost many of his friends in the service, making veteran's day challenging. >> it is, it really is what are you going to do that's life. but i got this guy to take them on >> reporter: a friendship that keeps him going. >> it just happened and i'm so glad it did happen >> reporter: and bob's yard in tip top shape. >> our thanks to lauren petty in
4:29 am
that report. i love it's documented on camera as a 4-year-old, you may not remember when you get older. you will always have this to look at. >> they will have many more years in that friendship years in that friendship >> what a way to end theeek, w ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap.
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right now, child abductions in contra costa county. an educator killed just feet away from the school where he taught. this is "today in the bay." we're broadcasting to your television and we also


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