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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 12, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PST

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>> seth: i want to thank my guests taylor swift and aisling bea. i want to thank elmo lovano and the 8g - >> hi seth >> seth: oh hi amber >> hey seth, you forget to say goodbye to taylor swift and she is backstage and she is furious. you should go talk to her right now. >> seth: you just want me to leave the studio so you can set up for "the amber ruffin show. >> the one on peacock tomorrow night? how nice of you to remember. >> seth: all right stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ right now on nbc bay area news, reunited. an east bay toddler back at home safely with her family thanks to
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some very alert neighbors. >> we had the amber alert. i had no idea that truck was in front of my house. >> the amber alert is off but the search is on. also a protest at the golden gate bridge turns dangerous. a crash leaves several officers hurt. and we investigate one of the biggest senior operations in the bay area. good evening. a frightening ordeal to say the least. imagine this, your car stolen with your 1-year-old daughter inside. it happened tonight in pittsburgh. >> police found the little girl and the car. what they're looking for is the female suspect. >> it happened before 6:00 p.m. the car was parked on bliss avenue when it was stolen with the little girl inside. a neighbor spotted the car a few blocks away, abandoned. sergio quintana was there.
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>> reporter: according to pittsburg police, the child's father was at the back seat adjusting her in her car seat and talking with a friend. and that's when a woman walked up to them and asked for a cigarette. when they said they didn't have one, she walked off. hopped in the front seat, put the vehicle in gear and sped off. the good news is someone spotted the stolen suv a couple hours later about a mile away after police issued an amber alert. >> they were blocking the driveway. it was sitting here and it was weird because they heard the baby scream, crying, screaming and crying. and then they looked in and flashed the lights. the door was open and they got the baby out. >> reporter: we watched as family members and police officers brought the toddler to the police department for a medical check. lieutenant william hatch we are the pittsburg police say the little girl looked like she was in good shape so they took her home. family and friends rushed to the police department to make sure she's okay. they're clearly shaken up so they didn't want to speak on
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camera. all they said is they're happy the child is safe. investigators believe the woman abandoned the suv when she realized there was a baby in the back. >> reporter: police say they have security camera video from the restaurant where the suv and child were taken. they're using that video to try to identify the woman responsible but so far tonight, no word on who she is or where she is. in spirgburg, nbc bay area news. from demonstration to dangerous. an anti-vaccine mandate protest at the golden gate bridge turns into an emergency. a car crashes on the bridge, injuring chp officers and bridge employees working to keep protestors and the cars apart. in fact right there you can see the chaotic moments caught on video. jean elle is live where the injured are being treated. how are they? >> reporter: well, the chp tells us five people were injured. they all had nonlife threatening
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injuries. we have seen several chp officers and golden gate district employees here at marin general checking on colleagues. an anti-vaccination protest at the golden gate bridge attracts hundreds of people and takes a dangerous turn. a driver slams into a sweeper truck that collides, sending it toward a cement wall. the chp says two chp officers and three golden gate employees were between the truck and the wall. >> very hectic but very scary when i saw my guys hurt. >> reporter: the chp officer said they were working to keep protesters off the roadways after they got over a barricade when they were hit. >> we got some good help from some of the demonstrators. it was a little bit of a conflict at first. a couple started coming over the walls. we are concerned about what their intentions might be. one of the guy was a medic and helped. >> reporter: at least three
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people were taken to the hospital by ambulance. the chp said all the injuries are not life threatening. we did see a golden gate bridge worker leave marin general hospital on crutches. the collision happened around 6:15. demonstrators say they gathered instead of walking across the stand because the bridge district closed the walkway. >> we're not allowed to walk across the bridge right now. >> reporter: the protester said they demonstrated there because it is a national landmark and they want their voices heard. >> we are against medical mandates of all kinds. covid shots carry real risks and nobody should be forced to get one. >> reporter: the protest was loud and did get drivers' attention. it injured five. the accident and follow-up investigation brought traffic to a nearby stand still for hours. the chp said one person was arrested earlier in the demonstration for stopping his car on the bridge and resisting arrest. jean elle. nbc bay area news.
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a neighbor has been mourning the loss of one of its educators. the neighbor was shot and killed by an elementary school where he worked. the crash was yesterday morning right before school. tonight you can see where andrew dieman was killed across from sheryl an elementary. a growing memorial is there. when the police arrived, a cars had collided and a man was down. a pedestrian. even the parents say their kids are devastated. >> when we told him yesterday about what had happened, he told us that he was the kindest teacher. >> his father told us by phone, his son was special and made a real impact on everyone he met. the school will resume classes tomorrow after being closed today for veterans day. counsellors will be on hand for students and staff members. how to stop deadly violence in oakland. the death of a toddler on 880
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has city leaders desperate for a solution as the community raises money for the 23-month-old who was tragically killed. >> reporter: these images of jasper woo have touched the hearts of everyone who sees them. he was killed by a straight bullet while riding with his mom in the car on interstate 880. the chinatown chamber of commerce is holding a news conference tomorrow to make a play to the public to help find the person behind the gun. and offer a $10,000 reward. >> what we are trying to do is to offer the reward for people for providing information, to capture the killer. >> reporter: 2021 has been deadly and violent year in oakland. at least 119 deadly shootings so far. compare that to 102 last year. overnight, a woman was shot at lake merritt just hours after
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another woman was struck twice by stray bullets while picking up concert tickets outside the theater. the criminals know we don't have enough police officers to police the city. so it is almost like they can do whatever they want. they won't get caught. >> reporter: the oakland city councilmember says there needs to be a call for action. >> i am communicating with the how many and the oakland police department as well as caltrans to see what we can do here in oakland with the installation of some cameras on certain areas of highways. >> reporter: he says the bottom line is something dramatic needs to be done to help save lives and leaders hope tomorrow will be a step in that direction. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a deadly fire in aircraft county that started this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. in brentwood at an apartment complex on nancy street. sky ranger was overhead.
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when firefighters arrived, the apartment was fully engulfed in flames. they pulled two men from the building. one died. a dog in the apartment also died. okay, california wants all counties statewide to follow in santa clara county's foot steps. the state health leaders are urging vaccine providers to give covid booster shots to any adult who wants one. that means now if you're over the age of 18 and have waited at least six months since your last dose, you can get a booster. health leaders hope more people opt in to get that boost of immunity before thanksgiving rolls around. doctors say they're already seeing more people get their shots and that is making it tough for people trying to get appointments. >> we've definitely seen a rush on appointments in the last 24 hours. and our county operated sites are working hard to open up additional appointment slots for those seeking boosters. >> here's a small hurdle. health care providers, some of them, are waiting for updated
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guidance from the cdc. pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are offering boosters. moderna acknowledges that there has been a small number of younger men who have developed a rare heart condition after getting that shot. the drug maker says the protection that the moderna vaccine offers outweighs the risk. the cdc is reporting fewer break through cases among moderna recipients compared to pfizer or j&j. we asked the infectious disease expert if people should be concerned if they got one vaccine over the other. >> i think people should not really be concerned. i think the main issue is that people who are eligible for a booster in the most dangerous category should just get one regardless of what type as soon as possible. >> we also asked the doctor about people who have had covid and have been fully vaccinated. he said that group has hybrid immunity and probably does not need a booster exempt for people
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within the group who are over 65 or immuno compromised. we know you have a lot of questions about the covid vaccine. we can help you. head to we have answers about the boosters, shots, kids, vaccines, everything you need to know plus where you need to know your mask and when. food banks continue to see skyrocketing demand. now just two weeks before thanksgiving, supply chain issues and inflation mean the price for everything they need to help others is going up. last month the alameda county food bank in oakland paid $60,000 more than they did previously for staples like green beans and canned tuna. it is now dishing out a million pounds a month to distribute four and a half tons of food. >> we realize thanksgiving is our biggest distribution time and we more than ever, because
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of what has been going on with the pandemic and people really struggling to even put food on the table. it is hard for a lot of communities here. the food bank is relying on donations to keep one the surge in costs. an easy way you can help those in need are nourishing neighbors food drive. we are kicking off our food drive with our sister station telemundo. you can make a donation at any local safeway store. that money goes directly to our local food banks. it begins november 20th and runs through christmas day. in san jose, the veterans day parade made a come back after a pandemic pause last year. the grand marshal, a marine corps colonel led representing vets from every era along with dignitaries. you can see the marching band. this was the parade's 103rd year.
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inial need, a people gathered on the uss hornet. although no longer in service, it holds services each year to honor our vets. 83 families with allegations about elder neglect and financial abuse. we investigate a large senior care provider in california which operates about a dozen locations here in the bay area. also ahead, an olympic gold medalist, gymnastics star pepper spray. what suni lee is sharing about an ann asian attack. i'm jeff
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allegations of abuse, untrained staff and a long delay in calling 911. we investigate brookdale senior living. >> brookdale is the largest senior living operator in the nation with about a dozen locations here in the bay area. we found deadly covid outbreaks have been the latest in a laundry list of problems to hit this company. here's investigative report he candice nguyen. >> reporter: the state attorney general is already suing brookdale for different reasons. now 83 families are coming forward about its assisted living services. pumping brookdale to deny that it allowed years of elder neglect and financial abuse.
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from the online ads -- >> i love it here. >> reporter: to the in-person tours. >> all the people seem very nice. >> reporter: michelle says lace a photographer who developed dementia. >> the facility looked beautiful. >> but then? >> it just started breaking down a little bit. >> reporter: and then a lot, she said. >> he was on a permanent catheter. it wasn't working. brookdale nurses said they had been pumping fluids into him to see if they could get him to move. he ended up in the icu for several days with stage five kidney failure. >> the first impression is this looks like a nice home. >> reporter: mary said she had a similar experience. her husband michael, a vietnam veteran, was a resident dealing with parkinson's and diabetes.
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>> he had low blood sugar. he made it known that he needed to get some food, some juice. the person didn't come back. he was frightened. >> reporter: mary's husband and her father are there under new management. it is by far the largest senior living provider with 682 service locations across the country. 57 in california. 11 assisted living facilities in the bay area. 83 families including michelle who is named plaintiff and mary have filed declarations in an ongoing lawsuit accusing the organization. they allege neglect and mistreatment prompting our investigative unit to take a deeper look. >> i really hope this can make a difference. >> reporter: our team reviewed state records finding more than
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half of brookdale's assisted living facilities have had dozens of covid cases each like many other similar facilities in california some of the residents died but we're still digging into exactly how many because the state isn't specifying the locations. in march, california's attorney general sued brookdale's other service sector, skilled nursing, saying the company misled federal regulators about quality of care which brookdale disputes. that same month they kritd the assisted living facility in san jose saying staff took 44 minutes to call 911 after a zen showed stroke symptoms. in may, brookdale's napa assisted living facility was cited for failing to properly investigate after a resident fell ten times, ending up in the hospital. later that month it was also cited for persistent staffing shortages. finally in september, this hidden camera footage from its assisted living facility.
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a hidden camera found that the assistant pulled her hair & while a second person watched and failed to report abuse. in a statement to nbc bay area, brookdale said if allegations are brought forward about misconduct, abuse or neglect, we take swift action. we do not tolerate such actions and the situation is dealt with promptly. in regard to the staffing and delayed 911 call violations, brookdale said it doesn't always agree with the merits or the regulatory interpretations. nonetheless we submitted a plan of correction. >> that's not right and it has to stop. >> reporter: she is mary and michelle's attorney. she is requesting for a judge to expand their case into a class action to allow other former residents to potentially join their suits. >> we are trying to ensure that at least this one provider that has so many locations here in california starts to comply with
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those basic mandates. >> reporter: we have been reaching out to brookdale for an interview. they've invited us to their danville location. my producer and i are about to head in. now the v.p. of operations has agreed to sit down with us on the record. however, due to that pending litigation, they're not allowing us to report anything with our cameras on their property. sitting in one of the rooms, the vp of operations and a company spokesperson said brookdale doesn't believe ada laws apply to assisted living. they say it makes a target for lawsuits. some driven by plaintiff lawyers which we must defend. we are vigorously defending our company from the unsupported allegations made against us. michelle and mary are moving forward with their allegations. michelle says brookdale exacerbated her father's health, leading to his death in 2018. michael now lives at a v.a. hospital. >> i want there to be change, at left a in the state of
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california. >> it scares me to death. what will happen when we get to that point? >> reporter: you may be looking for a safe place for your loved ones. i recently spoke with industry insiders about things you can do or say when looking for a senior care facility. that q & a and live right now along with this investigation on with the investigative unit. i'm candice nguyen. >> thank you. if you have a story for candice or anyone in the investigative unit, call 888-996-tips. let's bring in jeff ranieri. a really beautiful day for all the veterans events around the bay area. >> and we'll see a repeat as we head into tomorrow's forecast. a really good weekend shaping up for us. let's get you tom friday forecast. we'll start out with a little fog around 6:00, 7:00. that patchy dense ground fog you want to watch out for in the north bay.
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potentially it stays to the north bayful it should clear out pretty quickly and we'll get back into that sunshine as we move through rest of the day tomorrow. on top of that, we'll start out cold for the morning. down to 51 for the south bay. tri-valley at 48. more of those 40s over the north bay. and right there for the east bay, that patchy fog. as you move through the day, numbers are warming up two to three degrees. that will be good enough to give us the widespread 70s. it will put to you 73 in milpitas and 74 to morgan hill. right here in the east bay, plenty of 70s from martinez to pleasanton and right back to hayward. for the peninsula, not quite as warm but i see us getting to 71 in redwood city and 65 in daly city. san francisco, jacket weather all day long. at least a light jacket with 60s to the marina. let's bring it to the north bay. maybe you're heading to napa or sonoma. now all this beautiful weather is being produced by this area
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of high pressure. it is basically pushing that storm track off to the north, seattle, portland. they'll be getting the rainfall as they head into the next few weeks. so do expect dry weather over the next ten days. but by the end of this month, into december, i need to see some increasing rainfall. so hang on. we'll get those rain chances in here eventually. my seven-day forecast in san francisco, you see the 60s continuing as we move through the next seven days and across the inland valleys, 70s into this upcoming weekend. as we hit early next week, the clouds begin to increase and temperatures will drop. again, the rain goes to seattle. we'll get the cloud cover moving in. we've got a lot of rain, a big surplus. i think we can sit back at least the next several days. >> thanks, jeff. all right. happening now, you have to be making some big bucks to buy a home in the bay area. the national association of realtors says you need to make at least $300,000 a year to buy
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a home now in four bay area counties. in san mateo county, a whopping $364,000 annual income is needed to buy a home. san francisco, $330. marin and santa it doesn't matter if you're an olympic gold medalist.
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suni lee said she was the target of a racist attack. she was in l.a. waiting for an uber with some of her friends. all of them asian descent. a car sped by and someone yelled racist slurs and pepper sprayed her. they said go back to your own country. she's from minnesota. she said she's very upset about it but couldn't do anything because it happened so fast. does the color of your skin or how old you are or how pretty you are matter if you go missing? tonight we tackle that had very premise. what is known as missing white woman syndrome. the family members in the bay area organization said search for missing bay area girls and women say the disproportionate attention to white women is real. tonight a stanford expert backed up those claims with research. >> there is gender research that has found white women specifically are seen as more fragile. they're put on a pedestal. we can think of the damsel in
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distress narrative. the missing white women syndrome has found that missing white women receive initial attention more than other missing persons in the news media, as well as prolonged attention. >> so who is to blame and how do we change the cycle that determines the value of a life based on gender, race, beauty and class? if you missed tonight's episode, you can watch it online. we'll be back in a moment and s as many of you know, starting tomorrow many of the sharks including the head coach
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can start rejoining the team after sitting out nearly two weeks with the covid protocol rules. tonight sharks in winnipeg are going after it. jonah from san jose, a little moab muscle right there, they kept going for about 30 to 45 more seconds. the jets made it look easy. watch the two-on-one here. they get it past james reimer. the jets beat the sharks. final score, we told but that breaking news. we're following breaking news in contra costa county. for the second time a child has been taken during a car theft. >> let's bring in bay area cheryl hurd. we're talking about an infant
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this time, cheryl. >> reporter: we are. 4 months old, i'm told by the lieutenant. it all started about 10:00. i'm told a family was going into the wing stop to pick up some food. they left their 4-month-old child inside the car. take a look at the car. it is right here, right off ayers road. back to what happened then, someone jumped in the car as the parents were picking up food. they called police. police scoured the area and luckily found this car. the baby in the back seat. everything was okay. we arrived here about a half-hour ago and you can see about seven police cars here. they had the canine out looking for the suspect. now, police aren't sure who that suspect is. they don't know if it is a man or a woman but they're spending time combing the area, looking for someone. i did see them have the dogs take a sniff out of the car to
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see if they can find who it is. in the meantime, we'll have an update on the story on the morning show on today in the bay. reporting live in concord. back to you. >> we're fortunate this ended in a good way with the baby being okay. >> the baby is safe. see you tomorr breaking news tonight, the defense resting its case in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the final witnesses a day after rittenhouse broke down on the stand. the teen charged with killing two men during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin. the defense zeroing in on three critical seconds in the time line the judge and prosecutor clashing again today. and the new charges the state wants the jury to consider also tonight, the rising toll in the astroworld convert tragedy. a 22-year-old college student now the ninth person to die. you will hear dramatic new police audio as the chaos unfolded. covid cases on the case in 17 states. are we at the beginning of a new
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winter surge plus, the states defying the fda and opening up boosters for all adults. the surveillance video and 911 calls played for jurors today in the ahmaud arbery death trial what they reveal the first blizzard warnings of the season the powerful coast to coast storm we're tracking. soaring gas and heating prices can the white house bring them back down rising tensions with china our nbc news exclusive inside the u.s. base for a major show of military might. and honoring those who serve on this veterans day the place where veterans battling ptsd forge new bonds. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening as it turns out kyle rittenhouse's dramatic testimony was not the last word in his defense. with no ruling yet on a mistrial, his lawyers resting their case tonight, closing with witnesses meant to reinforce rittenhouse's testimony that he killed two people and wounded a third in


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