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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 11, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. we start with breaking news on the golden gate bridge. this is a store we've been covering for about three hours now, but within the past 45 minutes, major developments. a crash at the scene of this protest injured two chp officers and three golden gate bridge personnel. let's show you what's happening. our sky ranger is live overhead right now. the crowd of about 300 to 400 people has disbursed. you're looking at the san francisco side of the golden gate bridge heading into marin county. within the past hour, this is what we were seeing, 300 to 400 people not necessarily on the
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lanes of traffic but right beside it. and holding them back on the perimeter are several cph officers and other bridge personnel. traffic is and was backed up for miles because there was only one, maybe two lanes that were going through. and keep in mind, that was during the 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. hour. and then we saw this. we're going to loop this video again. you see that car crash? so close to all those people. looked like a minivan, that dark color van on the right side of the scene. goes right into that other truck. so, now you're talking about a three-car accident next to all those people and suddenly quickly ambulances started to show up. on the ground level for us, gene, what is the latest and how are the injury conditions of those officers. >> reporter: raj, what started as a protest and keeping folks safe at the protest has turned into an accident investigation.
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as you mentioned, two chp officers and three golden gate bridge workers were injured keeping people safe. they were injured during that rear end collision, we're told. one of those vehicles went into people who were standing on the bridge. the chp officers and bridge workers, injuring them. three were taken away in ambulances. we're told they all have non-life threatening injuries, but three were taken away in ambulances. so, now protesters have dispursed. it looked like the area is clear. but chp remains and bridge workers remain. it looked like they are conducting an investigation into the accident, towing away the vehicle involved in the accident. and the bridge truck is still here as far as i can tell. traffic is moving slowly through still, raj. >> we can see it from our sky ranger. you are down below, but we can see the traffic just right there snaking its way through on the far left lane. you were there with the
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protesters, any arrests or any disruption? was it a peaceful demonstration regarding these people who were against vaccine mandates? >> reporter: we did not see any arrests. we have not gotten an update from law enforcement that there were any arrests. lots of yelling, noisy protest. but we didn't see anything that would lead to any police activity. folks are -- they were out here protesting the vaccine mandate. the majority of the people that i talked to said they really were against a mandate requiring children to get the covid-19 vaccine. >> jean, we'll continue to keep you there throughout the evening, find out exactly the details of that car crash, whether it was simply an accident or if it was an intentional crash where that suv drove right into those two trucks. in terms of the protesters, 300 to 400 about the estimation. that was peaceful according to jean elle on the ground level. right now the scene at the
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golden gate bridge is clear. the protesters have left. what you're seeing is from 30 minutes ago. now we're going back to the live look from the chopper. you can see the traffic just single lane going into marin county. if you're on that bridge tonight or expecting someone to come home, give it time. it's quite a backup. let's move on also tonight, the story about sunni lee. have you heard this? the gold medal gymnast says she was pepper sprayed, targeted because she's asian. this happened while she was waiting for an uber down in los angeles, waiting for some friends, all asian. a guy drives by, screams out, go back to your country, and pepper sprays them. sunni lee is one of the most popular asian-americans in our country right now. you take away her gold medal, you take away her "dancing with the stars" looking fame. all this talk here on tv, on the
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radio and podcasts, all this talk about anti-asian hate in these past 18 months, it's just talk for so many people. and sometimes it even fuels people to act out with even more hate. not sure when it's going to stop. as for sunni lee, she says she was really shook up and still is but felt powerless to do anything about it. here comes another housing story. usually the reaction is, oh, no, we know it's expensive to here. but that's not the focus tonight. are your kids ever going to afford to live here? are you ever going to retire here? housing and community is generational, but if you don't make generational type money, your runway likely ends sooner than later if you choose to stay here in the bay area. i made $18,000 a year my first nbc salary. adjusted for inflation, that's about $30,000 a year in recent times, in this day and age. according to the california association of realtors, you need to make at least $300,000 a
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year to buy a home right now in four of our bay area counties. here are the numbers. the highest is san mateo county where you need to make 364,000 bucks a year. san francisco, nearly 332,000 bucks a year. marin and santa clara counties, also over $300,000 a year. on the other end, parts of this bay area, the north bay seems to be more affordable. your median income still need b to be at least $139,000 a year in sonoma and $105,000 a year. if you make $200,000 a year, you're doing something right. but if you're going to be renting, among the questions now, will this be changing any time soon? you can make a big salary but still be forced to rent. our business and tech reporter joining me tonight. also with us, oscar way. scott, we've talked about this for not days but for years together in the news room. you've got two college-aged
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kids. where are they going to live in their mid and late 20s? >> very big question, raj. we don't know if they're going to go away to college or stay local. one thing we know is how in the world are they going to come back or stay in the bay area is the big question. it's that generational thing you talk about because it's rare for anybody to make $300,000 a year, not to mention straight out of college. and it's a big question a lot of young people are looking at and not really happy when they look forward to their choices. >> it's young people and also their parents like us, scott, me and you. oscar, let's bring you in here. what's the real estate impact here for just normal people. even high earners, talking about $200,000 a year, that still doesn't cut it in the bay area. >> you're absolutely right. thanks for having me, first of all. it's really tough to live in the bay area. the household income we're looking at $300,000 to hit the median price home. now, of course there are some homes that may be below, you know, the requirement of
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$300,000, but, you know, the real estate industry and the housing market is getting tighter and tighter in terms of supply. that's why it's getting tougher and tougher to buy a home in california and of course in the bay area. >> oscar. >> we have -- >> yes? >> no, go ahead. sorry to cut you off. >> typically the bay area, as we know, the household income is typically a little bit higher compared to other parts of california. we have shown some counties in the bay area, it's a little bit higher than let's say solano and sonoma. but it's very true, it's getting very, very tough. based on the number that you crunched, maybe about, only 20%, maybe even less than 20% of the households in the bay area can afford to buy a median priced home. and that's really, really tough. >> oscar, is there really california exodus? on the flip side of that, is there also a california influx? are other people coming in here because they make these big salaries?
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>> well, you know, in the last 12 months, 18 months or so because of the pandemic, you have heard about out-migration. you have heard about people leaving california or leaving bay area. i think in the first six months, the first seven, eight months or so because of the concern about the covid situation and also the ability to work remotely, a lot of people actually moved away from the metropolitan area. some even moved out of california because they can find more affordable homes. but in the last few months or so, we started seeing a little bit more people actually coming back to the bay area or to california. part of the reason is they have the experience of trying out in other states like utah, taxes. but they also really like california. so, you are seeing some people are actually moving back. at the same time i think there will still be some people who will be moving out because let's face it, technology allows us to work remotely. so, if the home prices continue to go up, there won't be more
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people moving out. but it's probably not going to be as much as what we saw in the early part of the pandemic. >> scott budman, back to you. is the bay area only for tech salaries now, everyone else gets pushed out to the wayward suburbs or leaves the region? >> it's really tough. part of the problem, oscar said it, there isn't that much inventory out there, so prices go higher. and the salaries have kept up with those prices in the tech industry. one thing that makes me think these housing prices aren't going to go anywhere for a while is in our economy, investor risk is back. we're seeing a lot of tech ipos over the last couple of months. that means we're only a few more months away from young people largely getting a chance to turn in those stock options for cash and being able to put down and think about it, a $200,000, $250,000 down payment. that's the down payment to get into this market these days. and, yeah, it takes tech money,
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and it takes stock options, and that is flowing into the bay area. >> final question, is it okay to say, yes, the demographics are changing and normal salaries, quote/unquote, are just being priced out? >> well, i would say, you know, it's getting very, very tough. and keep in mind though, we have a generation that will be coming in and becoming home buyers or the homeowners. and it's getting really tough for them. and you actually need a high salary to live in the bay area. like i said, technology allows people to move to other counties that might be affordable. so, it is possible we might see more people moving out to some of the peripheral areas, peripheral counties. but, yes, if you live in san mateo, santa clara and san francisco, you do need a high salary right now. and also keep in mind we have a very, very low interest rate right now. next year interest rate will go
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up a little bit higher and the year after that too. >> it's the price we pay of our success in the bay area. scott budman, oscar way, appreciate your time. we have more breaking news. a car stolen in pittsburg with a 2-year-old girl inside. police say the girl has brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a purple sweater. this is the picture of the car she was in. it's a 2007 chevy tahoe, and you can see there, black rims, kind of a gray color, gray-brown color. there's a mexico sticker on one of the rear windows. the license plate avsk465. if you see this car, please call 911. there's a little girl inside this car that was stolen. we're back in a moment. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. gabby petito dominated national headlines for weeks. she went missing. she was later found dead. her fiance, the last person to see her. but there are countless other young women, women of color, who go missing without even getting a mention. so, where's the news coverage? where's the intense police and community search? there's a term for this, missing white woman syndrome, and it's the subject of tonight's race in america series. i know what it is, but what is
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it? >> it's a term that's been around for a long time, 20 years. it is garnering a lot of attention because of the gabby petito case. we have to say off the bat that any person who goes missing, regardless of color, that's a tragedy for the family. but missing white woman syndrome refers to the disproportionate amount of media coverage that a white woman gets compared to women of color, minority women. academics are really studying this and there's a lot of research on it now. but for the people that are boots on the ground, it's a reality. they combat it every day, and it's happening here in the bay area. the executive director of "misssey" which stands for motivating, inspiring, serving and serving sexually exploited youth, she said it's happening in our backyard. >> three to four girls a month. >> three to four girls a month? >> yes. >> in oakland. >> yeah. >> here in the bay area? >> yes.
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>> three to four girls a month? >> three to four girls a month. some show up or got away. >> how is it that i don't know this? >> i don't know. and they're young girls. they're, you know, 12-18 years old. >> 12 years old. now, last year -- i mean, right. you have -- >> you took the question right out of my mouth. how do we not know this? we are the news. a lot of this doesn't even make it on our desks. >> the reason it's a complicated quagmire that all of us are involved. a lot of times these girls are deemed run aways or people have this perception that they put themselves in harm's way, right? and so we blame the victim, right? and so police then don't send it to us. we're talking about 12-year-old girls. no matter how old they are, that's a tragedy, right? and then those -- the information comes to us, as the media. we are given these stories. we sometimes also say, oh, they must be a run away.
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we don't really look at the bigger picture. and the fascination begins. you look at the gabby petito case. it's like a monster. we put out the story, the public feeds on it and we get caught in a social media. that's the issue, the intersection of gender, of beauty, of youth, all these things that we traditionally in this country and around the world hold that people are fascinated with, when that intersects with race, all those things are combined to create this missing white woman syndrome. >> we can talk about this for a long time and we will be. in about 15 minutes jessica is going to be joined with marcus washington for our next edition of "race in america" at 7:30 tonight. thank you, jessica. we'll see you shortly. let's talk about our weather now. jeff raniere is going to join us as we head into the weekend. stay with us. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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hey, i am in san city at we create art. look at this awesome mural behind me. this is a public art gathering where artists from around the world come together to paint these murals to bring color and light to the area. >> we're out here having fun, getting weird and making a lot of magical art so they can see roughly 20 murals that have been created over the last two years here. some fresh this year and some from last year during the pandemic. but they can not only hopefully get superinspired, they can kind of journey through the neighborhood, grab a beer, enjoy the local venues and whatnot. but also talk about the art and how it makes them feel and also -- hopefully it influences their positive manner. >> be sure to check out california live on nbc bay area.
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want to update on breaking news we told you just a few minutes ago. in the east bay, this car stolen with a 2-year-old girl inside. the girl has brown hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a purple sweater. this is the car here. the license plate number 5vsk465 with a mexico sticker on one of the rear windows.
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you're urged to call 911 if you see this car. our other stories across the bay area and the nation, we pause today to honor those who have fought for our freedom. we do this every year and we ask this every year, are we doing enough for our veterans. this is the first veterans day since the end of the war in afghanistan. people gathered on board the usa hornet. although it's no longer in service, the ship holds services each year to honor the veterans. >> so many veterans that have given their time and service to the country. and we have this day we can honor and respect them, as we should. ♪♪ >> and this is always a beautiful celebration and way to honor people. san jose the veterans day parade return. last year they didn't have it because of the pandemic. the grand marshal, a marine corp., along with dignitaries
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and marching bands. >> i love it. and i like not having the mask on. we're all vaccinated. >> yeah. it was nice to see. we need to help our veterans, though, in so many ways including mental health. our question of the day, how are you honoring veterans today? we asked on facebook, instagram and twitter. russell tweeted a picture of himself on the uss hornet. well, have you seen this now? a group of divers on the hunt for trash in lake tahoe. they have underwater dry suits, since water temperatures there have dropped to 20 degrees. since may they covered 44 of the 72 miles of storeline there at tahoe. you can see the red line marking what they've covered so far. they've taken more than 18,000 pounds of garbage. beer cans seem to be the most common items.
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divers also found cell phones, an entire charcoal grill and a diamond engagement ring. hopefully they can get the engagement ring back to the rightful owner. >> and to the other folks, don't do it. >> back here in the bay area, this was a beautiful day. >> oh. so nice. >> and we are heading to friday now. >> we're going to be setting up good, this area of high pressure setting up for beautiful weather. we'll get you into our forecast. you're going to be see as we head through tomorrow morning we're going to start off with temperatures in the 50s and a few areas of fog, some relative light winds as well. as we move through the day, i see numbers moving up a couple degrees. gorgeous, we get sunshine 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow. 73 in insanity row sarks 73 in river mother. 74 in morgan hill. i know what you're saying. okay. this is great.
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but what about more rainfall? so, let's bring you into that. you can see over the next ten days, the bull's eye of all the rainfall is going to go towards seattle and portland. they're going to get hit with two to three different atmospheric rivers. hang on, don't be too disappointed here. once we get around thanksgiving, i am seeing the chance here of rainfall. the 24th into the 27th. doesn't look big, right around a half inch right now. the better bet would be early to mid-december. that's when we could get in on a moderate storm system that could surpass one inch. so, we've got to wait for it, but things are looking good here as we look ahead. on my seven-day forecast, friday and saturday looking excellent with those low 70s inland. we'll get clouds and cooler 60s coming back in. friday, tomorrow, raj, pretty much perfect outside. i've got to make a lot of plans before i get into work. >> it's an a plus forecast. thank you, jeff.
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tonight at 11:00, abuse caught on camera, allegations of elder neglect and financial abuse. we investigate one of the biggest senior living operators in california. that story coming up on our 11:00 news cast. next, our latest installment of "race in america" with marcus washington and jessica aguirre. designed to get more context, two opposing views about how to deal with our danger. >> fires are spreading rapidly through large areas. >> what ultimately is the solution here? >> so, you know more about our community. join us for nbc bay area news tonight weeknights at 7:00 following "nightly news."
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male announcer: tonight, a family is pleading for help to find their missing son. male announcer: she's only 12 years old, she has been missing since early sunday morning. jennifer lyle: last year, it was something like 268,000 women and girls went missing, 68%-80% are african-american girls. alison dahl crossley: this is a story about the intersections and the connections between race and gender. harrison bandabaila: one of the most dehumanizing things to know that, you know, you can be a black person, and you can go missing, and pretty much the people who are supposed to help you won't help you.


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