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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 11, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, defying health orders. the east bay restaurant not following the county's covid protocols and a live report on the repercussions it is now facing. good morning to you. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. we'll get to our top story in a moment, but first today we are honoring our veterans. president biden took part in a wreath laying a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier and marks the 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. we will have more coverage highlighting our local vets
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still ahead this midday. in contra costa county, one restaurant refusing to check the vaccination status of customers as required by the health department. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live outside of lumpy's in antioch. you spoke with the owner? >> briefly off camera the owner of lumpy's diner in antioch says there's a lot of misinformation about the restaurant. she politely declined my offer to set the record straight. she doesn't want more publicity. there is a small crowd. he did tell the "east bay times" lumpy's diner is not checking indoor diner vaccination status out of respect for her customers even though it is required by the local health department. the icu health services confirmed lumpy's has been fined three times for $1750. this is for two violations back in september and a third in late october.
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fuds ruckers another restaurant in concord fined $250, similar violation. in and out burger in pleasant hill fined $1750. had its health permit suspended before reopening for takeout and drive-through only. in and out in san ramon and pinnal $250 each. with regard to lumpy's we don't know what kind of impact this is having on its business. as we saw earlier today there were a number of people eating there inside including one couple who are regulars. they tell us they believe rules are rules, that lumpy's should be checking the vaccination status, but still support the diner. >> do you still sympathize with lumpy's in. >> i do. you can see the vacancies of businesses throughout the community. people have lost their livelihood as a result of it and so there ha to be some sympathy to the people trying to keep their businesses alive and there has to be a way where everybody can work it out so that people can survive and take care of
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their families. >> reporter: now this morning i did ask icu health services will lumpy's be ordered to shut down if it continue to defy the vaccination status, quote, the primary goal of health order enforcement is to gain compliance by educating business owners. suspending a restaurant's permit is a last resort. reporting live here in antioch, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. you know, even as younger students receive their first covid vaccination shots some teachers are holding out. in the months ahead that may factor into the decision of whether to extend or drop school mask mandates. bay area's kris sanchez has been following the story and digging deep and where do we stand now, kris? >> as you might remember a bay area school district was among the first in the nation to prioritize teacher vaccinations that was san jose unified, and now across our big districts, the vast majority of our teachers are fully vaccinated. statewide, a bit of a different
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story. 10% of public school teachers are unvaccinated. amounting to about 32,000 teachers. as of this morning only 5% of san jose unified teachers were not vaccinated. as of october 3% of teachers in san francisco unified had yet to get a shot, 5% in fremont unified, 5 pr% in oakland unified. mandate vary by district. a lot of parents jumped te chance to get their younger school aged children vaccinated as soon as the smaller dose was authorized. within a week almost a million kids in the 5 to 11 age range got vaccinated and another 700,000 families booked appointments at their local pharmacies. that doesn't count the kids going to the doctors offices. but consider that in the u.s., there are about 28 million kids in this age group. now as the kids get their shots, and as the majority of teachers are vaccinated, some families
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are wondering when are we going to see the mask mandates at school go away. consider overnight the mask mandate ban in texas was overruled by a judge who said it violated federal law to ban masks and the cdc director dr. row chel walensky said it will be a minute. >> kids should wear masks even if vaccinated? >> i would say masks for now, but they are not forever. >> reporter: the cdc director points out about 85% of counties in the u.s. are at high or substantial rate of transmission. we might feel insulated from that in the bay area because our vaccination rates are higher than the state average and our transmission rates are lower. however, nbc news's steve patterson is in fresno and they have tents still full of covid patients because there's no room in the hospital. >> wow. there you have it. kris sanchez, thank you. a lot of people have been asking questions about this and we have some answers about the masks, kids and the vaccine and
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keeping track of the changing pandemic headlines online. we posted those answers to your questions. that's at let's take a live look in san francisco. beautiful shot there of the skyline, the transamerica pyramid. it is shaping up to be a beautiful day out there. meteorologist kari hall, she's been tracking that forecast, and i'm excited about it. >> i'm ready to go out for lunch. we are going to have nice outdoor lunch weather with sunshine that will continue the rest of the day but we have parades going on in san jose. it kicks off at noon and it will be at about 68 degrees. headed for the low 70s this afternoon. it feels very comfortable out and around the bay area. with our temperatures headed for 73 in napa, san raphael 70 degrees while san francisco is headed for the upper 60s, half moon bay will see a high of 66 degrees. so all of the clouds we had earlier this morning clearing out and we can see the storm track still well to the north of
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us. we'll be tracking that rain as it moves up around portland but for us it stays dry for the next few days. we'll talk about when the atmospheric river will wave back our way as it does this time of year and when we can see rain chances in our forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. developing now, san francisco police are investigating a crash that killed a teachers assistant. video of the intersection at franklin and union street in cal hallow where it happened. san francisco unified says andrew zieman was struck and killed in front of sherman elementary school. this is where he worked for six years and where he also once attended as a child. the school is observing veterans day holiday but grief counselors will be on hand when students return tomorrow. we are learning new details about a shooting in oakland next to lake merritt. video of the scene that shows police officers setting up the crime scene around a white chevy suv around 12:30 this morning
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and police tell us a woman was shot and is currently in grave condition. officers is not given any details about a possible suspect or a motive. at the same time oakland police are looking for the people involved in a violent gunfight outside of the fox theater yesterday afternoon. witnesses say that a woman was struck in the arm by a stray bullet. it happened when an armored -- armed car owner got in a gun battle with thieves trying to steal his car. police would not confirm any of this but the concert planned for last night by the band all-time low was quickly canceled. that shooting also happened not far from a school. witnesses say children were nearby when the gunfire erupted but no one else was injured. honoring our veterans, next here on "today in the bay's" midday newscast, we are taking a look at what's going on across the bay area and salute those who served and have served our
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country. also, the social media challenge that is raising awareness about the many challenges those in uniform face. we'll be right back. .
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today we are honoring those who serve our country and that means raising awareness of the many challenges that our brave men and women in uniform face. nbc lx's chase cane is live in temecula and we're talking about a serious challenge. what's going on there? >> yeah basically we have somen if influencers who are trying to see if they are as tough as a navy s.e.a.l. not all of them are fitness influencers because robert is a veteran. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> what were you telling me about the training for what air force special ops is compared to what your experienced navy
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s.e.a.l. training? >> we do the same thing. our selection process is about ten weeks. we have 150 kids per class. we graduate usually 10 to 15. most of the good guys quit. it's a mental game. people say who are you, what's a pj? go ask a navy s.e.a.l. we come in and rescue them when they get shot. we're their buddies, and they like us. >> i think that's why you see i won't call him out on his age but an experienced member of this team. >> 70 years old. >> still doing it? >> you know what, i still train kids, air force special kids, they have to stay in the game or they call you old. >> that's it. thank you again, thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> he's one of the few that is an actual veteran. mo of these people are fitness influencers. the whole idea you look good on instagram and social media but can you hang? you probably notice that they're wet a little dirty, because they're not just doing these exercises, these training exercises, they're crawling
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through the dirt, crawling through the mud. if they're not keeping up the pace they might get out the water house or a bucket of water and dump it on them for extra motivation. by the way, i'm going to borrow his backpack because they put sandbags in, easily 30 or 40 pounds of extra weight they got in there. they're truly, marcus, giving them the navy s.e.a.l. experience. the idea is that this is to raise awareness and money for the #burpies for vets challenge going on all month long. post an 11 second video doing burpies, donate$11 and that benefits about a dozen charities raising money for america's veterans. >> raising the awareness and this looks like it's fun. i say it's fun because i'm not doing it and i saw you pick up that bag. kind of heavy there too, right? >> sorry, say it again. we have a drill sergeant action out here. >> the bag you were picking up -- >> this is not easy, marcus.
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they're heavy for sure. >> absolutely. all right. chase, thank you so much. i think i'm going to let you go and get out and workout with them. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. thanks, chase. watch additional coverage and many other stories on nbc lx channel 11-5, xfinity 185 or we have been honoring those who served and it was here on nbc bay area during our "today in the bay" news cast two years ago we told you about this guy, jake larson. he was then 96 years old, world war ii veteran trying to get to france for the 75sth anniversary of d day. a go fund me campaign raised thousands to get to normandy. now larson is 98. we caught up with him at his home in martinez and on this veterans day he says it's important to remember how world war ii troops shaped american history.
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>> if it weren't for the veterans, we'd all be speaking german right now. hitler's goal was to conquer the world. conquer the world. that meant you did what he told you to do. if you didn't do it, he killed you. >> larson a published author. he debuted "the luckiest man in the world, stories from the life of papa jake." congratulations there. in the bay area, there is a long list of activities honoring those who have served, including in alameda where a ceremony is now under way. chance members gathered at the hangar of the "uss hornet." people in attendance will be able to tour a special exhibit about female african-american
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veterans and their experiences. the exhibit is meant to highlight their amazing achievements. >> the fact that some of these women are just as old as i am and the fact that they actually stuck it out, they endured and went through hardship, based on deployments and long hours, with the fact of serving to protect foreign and domestic. >> also featured at today's special event it will be a tribute to vietnam combat veteran and former secretary of state colin powell. the praised soldier and diplomat died from complications of covid-19 last month. in california, u.s. senator alex padilla leading a new effort to boost voter registration access to low and middle income americans. he and 17 other democratic senators have sent a letter to treasury secretary janet yellen that requests allowing americans to register to vote through federally provided tax
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preparation services. the irs manages volunteer income tax assistance centers. they argue that some people who use those services really are less likely to encounter voter registration officers elsewhere and the move could add tens of thousands of new voters. california one step closer to finalizing a new election map reflecting one less u.s. congressional district. a state commission released a draft map yesterday ahead of the november 15th deadline. it reflects the loss of one of the state's 53 congressional districts due to the 2020 census numbers. the maps were redrawn for the state assemblies and the senate. all have yet to be finalized. time to get a look at that forecast because we are having a nice day outside. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that and the sun is shining pretty much everywhere today. >> it is. i was looking at the san jose camera because i could sees the people lined up for the veterans day parade and there is a lot of people out and about taking in the sunshine and enjoying this
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beautiful day. but we do have to talk about the drought. it was updated this morning and we can still see that the drought is ongoing across the region and a lot of the dark reds indicate where we have exceptional, the highest level of drought across the central valley and in the north bay. over towards the east bay. but with the update this morning, i did see some changes in the colors here. especially for northern california. from mendocino county on northward, i did see that it went from extreme to severe, where we see the oranges there, so that's the change from last week going down a category so there was some slight improvement with the atmospheric river we had and recent rain. this is what it looked like last week, all red. but we haven't seen a change in the exceptional drought from napa county to solano, alameda, as well as contra costa county on eastward. so we're still looking at some rain that's across the region and the atmospheric river does continue, but it's farther to the north where they're dealing
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with heavy rain, some flooding up around seattle as well as portland and it's going to slowly start to dip to the south but then fall apart before it gets here. we were looking to see if we could get rain on tuesday. it doesn't look like it. we may have another shot thursday into friday but that's a good seven days out. so our temperatures today headed for the low 70s. we were talking about how nice it is outside to have lows or highs in the low 70s but this is about normal for this time in november where we're looking at a high of 73 in danville and oakland today headed for 68 degrees. daly city high of 67 there and 67 in downtown san francisco and our north bay temperatures reaching about 72 in santa rosa, clearlake today headed for 73. as we take a look at our seven-day forecast it looks pretty much the same. every day over the next several days we're going to see those highs back in the low 70s. we might start out with our
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inland valleys seeing the dense morning fog. next week when the system passes and drops our temperatures and brings in more clouds but not much in the way of rain. beyond the seven-day forecast to see if we can get showers. our weekend pretty nice. go ahead and make some plans to get outside as we'll continue to see some mild weather for the afternoons and our morning starts will be in the upper 60. now as we take a look at our climate in crisis i talked to the ceo of a company called big bites, a climate accounting tool that helps companies look at their sustainability. they strategize carbon footprint goals and track the progress in real-time. it makes the info available to the public showing carbon emissions, water pollution and if the product can be more environmentally friendly and if the distribution of that product can have less of a footprint. >> so we provide tools that enable companies to track that data across all their operations, be that retail
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operations, supply chain operations, the distribution of the product, the capture of, you know, raw material, so everything that has an operational impact probably ha an environmental impact as well. >> if you would like more information, watch the full interview including how fig bites is hoping to help solve the climate crisis. go to and click on the climate in crisis tab. >> thanks, kari. >> turning to an important conversation we're coming here on nbc bay area. if you or a loved one went missing play a factor in the search. that is tonight's topic in our latest episode race in america. i recently sat down with harrison, the brother of jonathan last seen by his family after leaving his home in may of 2019. his family says the response from police when he was reported missing was lackluster compared
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to someone like gabby pe tino. many are calling this the case of missing white women syndrome. we'll hear from harris and others and how the search could have been handled differently. that is coming up differently tonight a 7:30 here on nbc bay area. watch and we'll keep the conversation going. one local artist making history and leaving her mark in the fashion world. ahead for you right here, this midday, the new incredible milestone actress zendaya reached and it's not winning an emmy. first, happening now, a consumer alert, you need to be aware of, an important study that has been going on. an independent lab study find something brands of hand sanitizer have tested positive for a cancer causing agent called benzene. according to the fda 250 batches have been marked as contaminated in response some brands have recalled the products. the fda says if you have any
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products on the list you should throw them out. you can head to to see if your hand sanitizer is a part of that warning. we'll be right back.
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trending this morning oakland native zendaya made history as he accepted this year's fashion icon honor at the 2021 cfda award. she is the youngest recipient of
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that award and last night she turned heads in this vera wang two-piece set given that honor by the legendary naomi cam ble. trending this morning, a biopic on the lives of lucille ball and desi arness. >> i'm lucille ball. >> have you been cheating on me? >> the story is made up. >> if they boo you. >> we're done. >> not all laughs in this one. >> sorry. i got lost for a second. >> the academy-award winner nicole kidman nearly unrecognizable transforming into lucille ball and star of "i love lucy" stepping in the role as her husband is javier barnett. the film is called being the ricardos and will pull back the curtain on ball's private life which proved to be layered since
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she and desi were famously a couple on and off the screen. it's set to hit theaters december 10th. >> i am all-in. >> are you? >> yeah. >> i love lucy. >> yeah. so we have some nice weather out there for today. we're going to continue to see the sunshine. our valley temperatures headed for the low 70s and we did have more days like this for the weekend. looking forward to seeing if we have more rain and may be on the seven-day forecast i'll keep you updated. >> thanks, kari. >> before we go i want to give one final salute to our veterans, some pictures from some of our nbc bay area family and their relatives who have bravely served our country. we salute your bravery and sacrifice for keeping our country safe. the next newscast at 5:00. until then thank you to all of our veterans out there.
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right knew on "california live" -- it's our special salute to veterans day. fall is taking us to a place where comedy and music are helping our heroes heal and find harmony. >> i'm here to say we're celebrating veterans day. >> leila found a special spot raising a glass and money to save the brave. the special story behind the veteran-owned business that hoppers service members and makes it a mission to give back. >> we're going to take you behind the scenes of "my fair lady" all happening right now on "california


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