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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. covid surge is on the way. winter is coming and experts are warning infections and deaths in california are only expected to get worse. easing the shipping crisis in southern california, the improvements they made and when fines will start to kick in after millions of products remain stranded at sea. good morning. we're broadcasting on your tv
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and streaming at nbc bay area right now. >> we'll get to mike and the morning commute in just a bit. first let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> waking up and heading out the door to some patches of fog especially until north bay. as we begin this morning with the fog, we may also start with some clouds but it all cheers clears out today. san jose reaching 71 degrees. pretty perfect out there. later on today make some plans to get outside. we'll talk about all the changes ahead in a few minutes. it's so clear on the bay bridge. >> yeah. traffic flows across the bay bridge.
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we saw fog creep down on our road weather index right here. no problems reported by chp. looking at a smooth drive all the way down to the south bay and even the altamont pass. breaking news, sw declerk south africa's last apartheid president has died. he announced in 1990 that nelson mandela would be released from prison after 27 years. he died at his home in cape town. he was 85 years old. doctors are saying we can expect another winter surge. >> this time around there are some key differences you need to
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know about. what could be on the horizon for us. >> top health officials and even the governor warn rising covid-19 cases isn't a good sign heading into winter. >> winter is coming, winter is here. as we want to be reminded and should be reminded, last year we had a challenging winter. >> doctors say it will be a different surge than last winter because people are mingling and traveling. >> most of the burden is going to be on the people who covid and delta gets who are not vaccinated. >> more cases could disrupt life and mean more workers and school children quarantining from exposures. >> when things get bad, if
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numbers go up in some areas, i think that's what we'll do. >> he says a few factor will help. kids are getting vaccinated now and mask mandates are still in place. as for boosters, those 65 and up and immuno compromised should get one. >> if you're staying at home and not really doing anything, even if you get infected nothing is going to happen to you because you're vaccinated. >> thousands of teachers right here in the bay area still do not have covid-19 vaccines. more of that coming up up.
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we posted answers to your questions at next week supervisors will vote on a proposal to increase eligibility for the access program. right now the program serves 8,000 adults. with approval it is possible another 20,000 or more may be added. new details this morning in the shipping backlog clogging southern california ports. the threat of fines is improving the situation on shore. the number of ships waiting to be off loaded has shot higher even since the white house launched a new push one month ago to end the log jam from 58
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last month to 78 this week. fines will kick in next week for the containers that sit too long. taking a live look outside at walnut creek of this thursday morning early. how are we looking? >> it looks good. we'll call this friday eve. >> there you go. we are going to see some nice weather today. let's get you out the door as you're driving through the delta and looking at some clear visibility. antioch at 53 degrees, good visibility. as we go into today we'll see temperatures headed for the low to mid 60s.
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>> look at this, a nice easy flow of traffic as we expect this time of morning along both sides of the bay. look at this, barely any slowing for traffic coming out of the altamont pass. the dublin interchange is fine.
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back to you. we've heard many stories about millennials choosing not to have children or waiting to do so but there could be some new indication that hospitals could be busier. what experts are saying about a potential baby boom. plus, what's on your holiday list. i'll tell you about one popular electronic item that is getting harder to find. taking a live look outside. mike's got tabs on the morning commute.
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temperatures in the low 50s in oakland. we will see a lot of sunshine today. >> looking right at the 101. everything's moving smoothly. there are some crews out there making great progress on those lights through san mateo. good morning. wall street is set to open higher after the markets fell
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yesterday led by a selloff in tech stocks. the rise in yields putting pressure on tech, facebook, amazon, apple, netflix, microsoft and alphabet all closing lower. the bond market is closed today for veteran's day, but the stock market is still open. disney returns to profit in the most recent quarter but the stock is falling as subscriber growth for disney plus is slowing down. it's the lowest quarter gains since the service launched two years ago. disney says streaming is the top priority as cord cutting
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continues on traditional holiday networks. and sony has cut production of playstatio further because of p shipping. this latest development comes as the chip shortage is impacting a wide range of companies. back to you. >> tough at christmas. >> tell me about it. a new study by bank of america may make you say oh baby. baby boom is on the way. more millennials are having children. pregnancy tests have grown by an average of 13% since last year. bank of america says the baby boom could help several retailers trying to bounce back from the pandemic. meteorologist kari hall checking our forecast as we inch
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closer to the weekend. >> we're almost there. dense fog up around santa rosa right now. an impending issue when it comes to our climate in crisis has some leaders treading in pricey waters and the action they're taking. much more ahead for you right here on "today in the bay" .
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those are the interstate. the highways are in green and white. the interstate highways travels. that's through dublin interchange, coming out of the altamont pass just a tiny blip of slowing. no problems along the east bay and the peninsula as well. that crash still over there affecting only the off ramp at candlestick park. >> you're going to have to deal with running in and out of fog as you're driving this morning.
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the temperature at 51 degrees in walnut creek. low 50s will be with us for the next few hours and then a nice little warmup. we're up to 72 today in east san jose as well as cupertino. gilroy headed for 74 degrees. low 70s for much of the east bay. concord reaching 73 degrees. hayward headed up to 70 today. these temperatures are just perfect. downtown we're headed up to about 67 degrees with a light westerly wind. for the north bay we're going to see about 72 in santa rosa and 73 in napa. high pressure builds into the
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next few days. no rain coming in. we're looking at temperatures warming up. napa heading for the mid 70s this weekend. next week we'll be pulling out the jackets and sweaters once again, possibly the umbrellas heading toward thursday and friday.
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if the distribution of that product can have less of a footprint. >> so we provide tools that enable companies to track data across all their operations retail operations, supply chain operations, the distribution of the product, the capture of raw material. everything that has an operational impact probably has an environmental impact as well. >> you can watch this full interview at and click on the climate in crisis tab. continuing with our climate in crisis, burlingame leaders are grappling with zoning and building codes. the city may soon become the first in the bay area to pay for it and require infrastructure for new developments, guarding
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against rising sea levels. >> we would be doing a combination of probably things like sea walls engineered and built, but also doing some title restoration. >> san mateo county has open add new agency to deal with effects of climate change. the county is considered one of the state's most vulnerable. california now unstep closer to finalizing a new election map reflecting one less congressional district. a state commission released that draft map yesterday ahead of the november 15th deadline. it reflects the loss of one of the state's 53 congressional districts. this is due to the 2020 census numbers. maps were also redrawn for the state assembly and senate. all have yet to be finalized. alex padilla is trying to
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boost voter administration access to low and middle class americans. he requests allowing americans to register to vote through federally provided tax preparation services. they argue that the same people who use those services are less likely to encounter voter registration offers else where. officials cracking down on unruly airline passengers. we'll have all of that still ahead. plus, we're taking a look at the events going on around the bay area to honor veterans today. the veteran's day parade was put on pause last year of course due to the pandemic.
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starts this afternoon in downtown fairfield. a consumer alert you need to be aware of. an independent study is finding some brands of hand sanitizer have tested positive for a cancer causing agent called benzene. more than 250 batches have been marked as contaminated. some brands have voluntarily recalled the products. the fda says if you have any products on the list, throw them out. head over to to the see if your sanitizer is part of that warning. some days, you just don't have it.
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now to a live look at lax, where the faa will issue fines to unruly passengers who disrupt flights. one passenger was fined 20,000 for disrupting a flight from los angeles to new york back in january. the pilot was forced to return to the gate and delay takeoff after the passenger removed his seat belt and began moving around the plane after yelling at flight attendants. turning to an important conversation we're examining here on nbc bay area. if you or a loved one went missing, how would the look of the color of your skin possibly play a factor in the search for you? >> this is our latest episode of race in america, the conversation. we sat down with a man's brother who was last seen by his family
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in oakland since may 2019. the response from police was lackluster. this is compared to someone like gabby petito. many people calling this disparity a case of missing white woman syndrome. you don't want to miss this episode. a very tough conversation, but one that needs to be had tonight at 7:30 on nbc bay area. how is the forecast looking? >> it looks good. any of the veterans want to visit a national park today, we have the list on
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♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ tight inventory and even tighter budgets when it comes to life in the bay area. we're going to let you know about the expensive way to live here in the bay area. your bottom line is growing. we are here with a chos closer at that impact with price increases the most in a decade. a shooting outside oakland's fox theater forcing a band to cancel their show. the clock is ticking for most of these guys. they want to go compete. there's


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