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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 10, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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a peninsula neighborhood making changes and what they discovered is buried in the paperwork for homes across the bay area. we investigate a conspiracy and coverup involving stolen drugs, cash and guns. >> i knew immediately i got robbed. now it was who did it and how are we doing to uncover this? >> prosecutors say the bad guys in this case, cops. good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. we'll get to those stories in a
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moment but first, breaking news in the east bay. a shooting outside the famous fox theater in oakland. it happened a couple hours ago around 2:30 this afternoon less than an hour after a meet and greet event with the rock band all time low. the band says one of the fans was hit possibly by a stray bullet. the concert tonight is cancelled. all of this of course comes during this heightened concern in oakland after a stray bullet killed that little boy last weekend jasper woo on 880. let's bring in cheryl hurd joining us from the fox theater with the late details. tell us where you are and what you're seeing right now. >> reporter: well, i'm standing in front of the fox theater and as you can see, the gate is locked. fans are very disappointed tonight because the concert set for 7:30 is cancel led because of a shooting you just talked about that happened about 2:30 in front of the fox theater. when police arrived, they found a woman hit by what authorities
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are saying is a stray bullet in the arm. witnesses say she was standing in front of the old box office on telegraph avenue waiting to go inside for a meet and greet with the band. the lead singer took to instagram to explain to concert goers why the show had to be cancelled. >> earlier today an altercation took place down the street involving gunfire and one person waiting in line for our show was hit by a stray bullet in the arm. thankfully, that person is okay. they're safe. they're stable. >> i've kind of dreamt about this moment for like five years so i'm really upset but i hope everybody is okay and that's really what is important. so yeah. >> reporter: now, witnesses are saying it was a stray bullet. police are not officially saying that it was. they're just telling us that a woman was shot. now this shooting comes just four days after there was a tragic shooting on an oakland
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freeway leading this toddler jasper woo dead. a stray bullet killed him while riding in the backseat of his mom's car. they were traveling on 880 southbound. the freeway isn't far from here. gun violence is a huge problem here in the city of oakland. unfortunately, there is no real solutions to this problem. meanwhile, the concert has been cancelled, raj and no word on if and when it will be rescheduled. >> cheryl, the interesting thing is we've been in the community so long and so many of us have been right there waiting to get in the fox theater. we know from the 880 shooting there aren't many high quality cameras to track the cars on the freeway but you're not middle of the city. any indication of security cameras that may have seen the cars go by and make the shot? >> reporter: that's funny you should ask. that's the first thing i did was go from door to door, business to business looking for surveillance video, and i wasn't able to find it.
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as i was standing here waiting for this live shot, i managed to see a security camera right here in front of the fox theater. unfortunately, in this case the shooting apparently happen the across the street. what this camera probably captured is the aftermath right here. >> okay. any indication for the fox theater when the next show will happen or anything from the oakland police chief as of this hour? >> reporter: not at this time. we don't know if the concert has been rescheduled. the band is very communicative with the fans and they didn't say if they would be coming back and tonight i haven't heard from the police chief. >> possibly a stray bullet like last weekend on 880 hitting a woman waiting to go inside the concert. that concert is cancelled at the fox. let's move on. also tonight, allegations of a wide spread conspiracy. a story that seems so farfetched but it is happening according to
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the fbi and according to our exclusive reporting. these allegations of this conspiracy involving north bay cops and northern california sheriffs. this involves marijuana, corruption and a coverup. bottom line here, cops extorting regular people during traffic stops. here is senior investigative reporter. >> reporter: more than 150 miles north of san francisco in rural northern california you'll find majestic mountain ranges, dreaming coastlines and weed, lots of weed. a trio of counties, humble, trinity make up the emerald triangle, one of the largest marijuana producers in the country. zeke was driving nearly four years ago when he found himself at the center of a bizarre crime and coverup. >> this is where we pulled off
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and this is where i was robbed right here. >> reporter: he was visiting from texas in town on a work trip hoping to launch his own marijuana business when he saw flashing police lights. he was being pulled over. at what point did you get the feeling something is wrong? >> within the first 30 to 60 seconds. >> reporter: the two men identified themselves as federal agents with the atf and one asked if he had money or drugs in the car. flatten told him he had a doctors note for medical marijuana. >> he goes oh, that gives us the right to search the vehicle and right there i shut up. i knew that they don't have that right. they don't have a search warrant. >> reporter: flatten is a former cop himself and says these men didn't seem to have the right uniforms. >> there was not a badge. there was not a name tag. there wasn't a patch on their shoulders. matter of fact, there was a half circle style patch that had been removed. >> reporter: what reason would a law enforcement officer have to remove the patch on their
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uniform? >> i have no idea other than to hide their identity. >> reporter: the men found three pounds of his marijuana and took a picture of him and his driver's license and drove off with the weed without ever giving him a ticket. >> i knew immediately i got robbed. now, it was who did it and how are we going to uncover this? >> reporter: flatten filed complaints with the county sheriff's office and district attorney that he says went nowhere. he tells us he eventually identified one of the two men from a photo as officer joseph with the rohnert police department. flatten and seven other people sued rohnert park. the city paid $2 million out. flatten took his story to the fbi that recently indicted the cop. federal agents say he extorted marijuana and cash from drivers, which he then kept for himself. his attorney says he did not do
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this and we are confident that a neutral jury will see that. another officer was charged by the fbi for stealing cash and drugs from numerous drivers. flatten tells us that officer was not at his traffic stop but tatum is accused of creating a false press report attempting to hide the crimes committed against zeke flatten. tatum's attorney never responded to our request for comment. both pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial. flatten believes what happened to him is far more wide spread than he thought stretching beyond california. after he went to authorities, flatten said someone broke into his home in texas and wrote on one of his walls. what did the message say? >> light is death, police cockroach. >> reporter: and when a service light kept coming on in his car, his mechanic spotted this under the hood. >> they found a gps tracking unit hard wired in my car. >> reporter: this is the stuff
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spy movies are made of? >> yeah, yeah. this is -- this is cloak and dagger. >> reporter: flatten and three other marijuana growers have now filed a new civil lawsuit in federal court alleing a criminal enterprise involving rohnert park police, california fish and wildlife, the sheriff's office and mendicino committee. they are accusing acts of extortion, theft and more. you're alleging a major coverup? >> absolutely. what was happening to me on the side of the road was the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: none of the agencies named would comment except rohnert police and says the city recently hired an independent police auditor to review complaints from the public. attorneys for california fish and wildlife and the county
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sheriff's office filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit calling it unsupported and say the lawsuit fails in every way aside from i accuses former mendocino bruce smith of being the second officer involved in flatten's traffic stop. smith who over saw the county's marijuana enforcement team has not been charged with a crime, but this new lawsuit accuses him of stealing weed and valuables on multiple raids on marijuana farms. this marijuana grower who didn't want to be identified isn't part of the latest lawsuit, but tells our investigative unit officers took tens of thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry during a raid led by bruce smith. >> they are nothing different than their own cartel or mafia. >> reporter: bruce smith did not respond to our request for comment but as part of a separate lawsuit that never
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mentioned smith, he gave a videotaped deposition earlier this year and he questioned the intelligence of any officer willing to steal during those raids. >> you would be an idiot. i know people do it, but it is beyond my belief people are that stupid. >> nobody is policing the police. >> reporter: john scott is a civil rights attorney of 30 years and filed this latest lawsuit. how many more victims do you think are out there? >> hundreds. >> reporter: recreational marijuana has only been legal in california for less than four years. prior to that those robbed by law enforcement were to scared to speak up. >> call the police and admit you're illegally growing or transporting marijuana? i don't think so. who are you going to call? ghost busters? >> reporter: in the remote corners of california's emerald triangle, zeke worries corruption may have gone unchecked for decades inside the very agencies sworn to protect
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and serve. >> they're actually a gang with badges. >> reporter: a gang with badges. those are strong words. >> that's what these guys are. >> reporter: and it's time he says to weed them out. with the investigative unit. >> amazing to think this is happening in our own backyard. this scandal is far from over. the fbi continues to investigate and so do we. up next, homeowners stunned to find overt racism written right into the deeds of their homes. one neighborhood on the peninsula is doing something about it. we're talking about just how wide spread this problem is. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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well, this question may seem to come out of the blue but have you checked the deed of your home? probably not. if you do, you may find a relics of the past but it's embedded in the present. it's a racial covenant. here is an example. it specifies that no homes can be occupied by anyone who isn't caucasian or of white race. even though these are not enforced, it's still there to show people of color were barred from living in many parts of the bay area. a community in san mateo is
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doing something about it. nbc audry talked to the homeowner who is pushing for change. >> reporter: buried deep in woodside. >> i just got a sinking feeling kind of i was very disturbed. >> reporter: small printed deeds to these homes with a stunning guideline that reads in part. >> no lot in this tract shall nor any part thereof or interest be at any time occupied or used by any person or persons other than those of the caucasian or white race. >> reporter: a race restrictions amended until the 1950 decoloration, involving property rules. laws passed since then making such restrictions illegal but the language still exists in some documents so people that live here gathered signatures from two-thirds of all property owners to change it. as of today, their active home deeds no longer have the race restrictions and instead includes.
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>> the community supports diversity, equity and inclusion. >> reporter: a major change the community says feels right. >> is this going to change the world? no. but i think it's a step in the right direction. >> this issue unfortunately is larger than just one neighborhood. the neighborhood of la derra. joining me is a teacher of racial justice and healing at u.c. berkeley. nice to see both of you. audry, you talked to that woman that discovered the discrimination in her deed. i want to read the deed of my home. how did she initially find out? >> you should read the deed of your home. leslie actually found the race pretty much the race restrictions in her deed when she first bought it back in 2003, her home in 2003. as you heard her say there, she found it very disturbing and the reason why she read through her home deed is because she's an architect and was actually looking for a design restrictions and guidelines
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instead you see there she found something much more disturbing. >> yeah, i don't know who reads through that dead. audry, we both grew up in the peninsula, if that neighborhood knew about this for awhile, why not act sooner? or the time is now. >> the time is now. last year we saw so many things happen in our country. leslie told me after she saw the killings of george floyd, ahmaud arbery and breonna taylor, she knew she had to do something to contribute. >> have you checked the deed on your home? simple question. >> yes. i did two years ago and guess what? >> you got it, too? >> it says that -- i got it too and the language is very -- it more explicit. it targets asians and black americans. >> margretta, it's amazing to
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see. sorry to cut you off. this isn't the deep south here. this is the bay area but it happened and it happening. are we still paying the price, some people whose ancestors had to live through this? >> there is a direct connection between these racial housing covenants and today's homelessness so the racism of 100 years ago that created low income communities of color through these covenants and the tool of red lining starved these families and these communities from access to the good kind of home financing. these same neighborhoods were targeted 15 years ago for predatory loans and many low income homeowners of color lost
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their homes. for example, in oakland we saw 11,000 foreclosures happening and they were concentrated in the same neighborhoods that were targeted for racial housing convenanc and red living. when people lost their homes in the state of california, there is no rent control protections for single family homes. so overnight what was once affordable homeownership quickly became subject to market forces. >> you can cite this and trace it back to the racial covenants in the deeds? >> yes, that's right. that's right. and we also in our interviews of unhoused people in oakland we found that many people living in encampments were once renters in these same neighborhoods. >> that is amazing. margaretta final question, not
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just blacks targeted but asian-americans. how many people of color here? >> it depends on the jurisdiction. in california, given the racial history, it was actually chinese and japanese who are targeted first for these racial housing covenants and black americans when they migrated to california. it looks a little different in boston and new york and philadelphia. again, based on the racial demographic history of those cities. >> audry, final question for you back to it, was it a success? >> it was a success. they got the 700 votes they needed, signatures they needed to make it happen. it is out of their home deeds and as you heard a little earlier, they have something else to replace it. >> slowly but surely we're making progress. thank you to both of you. we've done a lot of reporting on our housing crisis. our documentary called "moms of
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magnolia street" profiled homeless mothers that were fighting back against rising homelessness, inequality and corporate owned housing. you can watch on, roku or our your tube channel. let's take you outside. a live look in the south bay in san jose. jeff will rejoin us in a few minutes with the forecast heading into veterans day. perhaps a lot of parades tomorrow around town. stay with us. princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii,
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well, the price you pay for just about everything is getting steeper as in more expensive. food, gas, housing, a troubling new report out today shows this. look at that. the inflation from a year ago up more than 6%. that's the largest increase in consumer prices in more than 30 years. many economists are blaming the pandemic and major disruptions in the supply chain. who price hike is hurting your wallet the most? one of the most popular answers we're seeing on our various social media feeds food. the other one-word answer simply -- >> it adds up. >> it does. and on my instagram a friend of mine that i follow, check this out, we'll tell you what it says. 6 .29 for premium gas in l.a. 6 .29. >> even the cheap stuff around here is high 4s. >> its insane. >> i have my own list.
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tomorrow is veterans day a lot of parades. san rafael, the list goes on. >> we're good to go. >> great. >> that's the excellent news for us. weather will be cooperating all across the bay. and it's because of this area high pressure that's moving in from the south. it's pushing that storm track off to the north. through this weekend mild and also that dry weather. so as you roll through tomorrow morning, it is going to be chilly to start some isolated upper 40s inland but really a lot of 50s here with a calm wind and those clear skies. through the afternoon, numbers warming up with that high pressure three to six degrees hotter. really, really beautiful. 73 concord, 71 down towards san jose. on the seven-day forecast, veterans day tomorrow hold with the low 70s through sunday. we cool off next week with some increasing cloud cover. no rain over the next seven days but raj, i can't tell you around thanksgiving also into early december, we are looking at the potential here of more rain fall coming back in. >> we like it. >> yeah. >> thank you, jeff.
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>> tonight at 11:00 covid at cal. football players speaking about the big outbreak, the changes the program is making to keep everyone safe and coming up in prime time, "chiago med" starts at 8:00. that will do it for us at 7:00. have a great evening.
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♪ what did travis scott know and when did he know it? "access" breaks down the latest shocking video. there is so much more than meets the eye. >> security, somebody help jump in real quick. >> do we know who loaded the gun? >> we do. >> and that's not the only new "rust" bombshell being dropped by the district attorney. >> good, good, good, good, good. >> safe to say no one's gone through more than paul rudd to take this title. >> who's in your


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