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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 10, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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right now at 11:00, concerns about a covid winter surge remain high in california. ahead, what's being done to prevent a rise in new cases. >> and encouraging new developments on the vaccine front. a promising new numbers in children's vaccination rates. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. covid cases are starting to tick up again and with thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, anyone eligible for a covid booster shot should really get it now. >> kris sanchez joins us now. >> so far about 3 million
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californians have gotten their boosters at farmapharmaies and r locations but if you're eligible now, the time to get the covid booster shot is now because cases are surging. let's take a look at the numbers right here on your screen. they have 2.3% positivity rate which is up almost half percent since late october. the state is now reporting 15 cases per 100,000 people. but look at this. 4% increase in hospitalizations in just the last two weeks. almost all of them are unvaccinated people. so far 20 million people in the u.s. have gotten the booster. as i mentioned, 3 million here in california. a reminder of who is eligible because there's some confusion. anyone over age 65, anyone between the ages of 50 and 64 who have medical conditions, anyone 18 and up who works or lives in a high-risk setting. and you should get that booster six months after your second pfizer or moderna shot or two months after your
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johnson & johnson vaccine if you got that one. some people say they are ready. others say they want to wait a bit. >> i have two shots and now trying to get the final one, at least for this year anyway. and be done with it. it's very hard to find. >> i got both shots. i'm fully vaccinated. my family is fully vaccinated but i feel like getting the booster now may be too much, too soon. >> a respiratory infections like covid along with the flu and common cold thrive in colder months when we spend more time indoors. the question isn't whether there will be a winter surge, it's how bad will it be and how can we protect ourselves? the answer may be that booster. >> thanks, kris. so cal football team is now being forced to postpone their upcoming game amid ongoing confusion around a covid outbreak. they rescheduled saturday's game to december 4th. so the team had two dozen players test positive last week during the game against arizona. players are now testing
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positive. cal tech's coach blames it on poor communication from the city of berkeley suggesting players tested positive one day after testing positive. the team, they are just ignoing proper covid measures. postponing that game, probably the best decision. >> right now we need to find out are these players symptomatic in which case they can transmit the infection and the appropriate thing to do is to cancel this game. so i think we need a little more information from what's happening. >> just about all of its players are fully vaccinated. that game rescheduled with usc is now going to take place december 4th. happening now, the so lano county fairgrounds have opened the mass vaccination site for younger children. that site officially reopened last month, wednesday through saturdays. also today, santa clara county begins covid vaccinations at school campuses. it's also taking place sunday. now just in, the white house
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saying about 900,000 children between ages of 5 and 11 got their first covid vaccine within the first week. another 700,000 have appointments for their first dose. following a stream of violence in recent weeks, neighbors are looking for answers. happening now, officers with san francisco police are meeting with locals in part of the agency's coffee with cops event. cierra johnson joins us from that event. are there a lot of people? what are neighbors saying, cierra? >> good morning. the event really at the tail end now. just about one officer talking with a couple of people. at its height, there were 15 or so folks and a handful of officers interacting with the folks really just wanting reassurance given regarding the violence that's hit this neighborhood. it was november 4th, about a week ago, a 21-year-old was fatally shot and another man injured in an exchange of gunfire just blocks away from
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this coffee with cops event. weeks before that, a 65-year-old was attacked, stabbed and left for dead in the middle of the street. and days later a 19-year-old shot and permanently blinded here. neighbors say they simply want answers. we spoke with both a neighbor as well as the owner of this coffee shop and they both say open the lines of communication is a great step but more needs to be done. >> it piques my interest because it's been increased violence in the neighborhood lately. particularly last week, there was a shooting, right around the corner from where i live. it's been really concerning. so i wanted to ask the local officers what their response has been and would be. >> i wish they'd do it every six months so people, if they have any problems, they can talk instead of calling. works face . questions and answer than making
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a phone call to the police. >> at a recent community meeting, a spokesperson said they are working to de-escalate sbagss in the neighborhood but admit a shortage of officers across the board is really making it difficult. so back out here live, the folks who did speak with the neighbors of this neighborhood say they are appreciative that the event was held but they hope the next step would be a more formal gathering, similar to a community forum that they can get more concrete answers on how the city and the department plan to move forward and combat a lot of this crime in the neighborhood. live in haight ashbury, cierra johnson. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day. just beautiful day in the city. >> that's interesting because all that fog, that haze we saw this morning. looks like it burned off, kari. >> yes, and across the bay area it's looking amazing out there.
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so plan to have lunch outside as we continue with more sunshine into the rest of our day. is at 64 degrees. headed for the upper 60s and it's going to feel very comfortable with a light wind. and we'll see more of this in the forecast. so looking around all of our microclimates, concord, 69 degrees. 65 in san rafael. and in palo alto, up to 67 degrees. 70 in antioch today as well as 70 in morgan hill. it's nice now, but our overall weather pattern shows that there is still an active storm system and a lot of active weather out there in the pacific. but it's targeting areas just to the north of here. so it does look like all of this stays away from us, and we will have more dry weather in the forecast over the next few days. so i'll be tracking this. we'll talk about if there's any chance for rain and an update on the draft monitor coming up in just a few minutes. kyle rittenhouse, the man accused in the shooting deaths
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of two men during the night of violence in kenosha, wisconsin, took the stand today in his own defense. the defense says that rittenhouse travelled to kenosha during the riots that followed a police-involved shooting last summer to offer his assistance. and only fired his assault rifle in self-defense. he described being confronted while trying to put out a fire. during his testimony, rittenhouse broke down in tears when describing the events of that night. >> i was cornered from in front of me with mr. zeminski and there were -- >> rittenhouse now facing several charges, including two counts of first-degree reckless homicide. the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial under way. technological failures have been taking the spotlight. it was a former theranos
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director making headlines. major testing inaccuracies were brought to light and how theranos leaders glossed over them. a blood testing machine showed prostate antigens in women, even though those antigens are only found in men. you can follow our reporting online at click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. new video this morning of the kaiser nurse strike in redwood city. a union representing more than 135,000 nurses explains the picket is meant to warn the public about potential issues associated with kaiser's new home all alone program. national nurses united explains the program sends patients in need of hospitalization back home to be cared for by health care workers in a remote capacity. nurses we spoke to say the worry is that the program doesn't provide the patient the best possible care. >> a family doesn't know, yes, we have those videos playing or facetime, but things can happen
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in a second, in a minute, that we can right away -- time is of essence. for patients to be at home it is not safe. >> we reached out to kaiser for comment on this but have yet to hear back. >> kaiser pharmacists are planning to strike next week. members may walk off the job monday. they are advising patients to fill their prescriptions now. separately, kaiser mental health workers are organizing a one-day strike for next friday. three san francisco school board members facing a recall. how mayor london breed is responding. plus, the impact from california wildfires being felt far and wide. the way one major industry is being forced to adapt due to the presence soef much smoke during the summer months. and today on kelly clarkson, young blue shares the full story of how he almost missed a chance to collaborate with drake. watch "kelly clarkson" here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon. and don't forget, nbc bay area
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news comes on later at 5:00.
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welcome back. a major defeat for former president trump in court. congress can see what it wants to as it investigates the january 6th attack. >> the former president had been claiming executive privilege, but now, the first batch of documents is set to be turned over to the house committee by friday. nbc's peter alexander following the new developments. >> reporter: overnight, a major setback for former president trump. in a legal battle over examining his role in the january 6th insurrection. mr. trump had been trying to avoid handing over 700 pages of documents to the committee investigating the riot. late tuesday a federal judge ruling against that request. the former president attempting to claim executive privilege. but the judge writes, presidents are not kings and the plaintiff is not president. adding that president biden is
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not constitutionally obliged to honor his predecessors. executive privilege assertion. >> if somebody is hollering this loud, then i am to assume that, undoubtedly, you have something to hide. >> reporter: it comes as the house committee is now focusing on ten former officials, including senior advisers, that the committee said had knowledge of mr. trump's actions, leading up to and during the violent capitol attack. among the latest targets, stephen miller who in the weeks after the election spread false information about the vote looking to invalidate joe biden's victory. remaining defiant. >> you're not going to be showing up to testify in this so-called select committee, are you? >> i don't even have the documents. >> reporter: kayleigh mcenany who was reportedly with president trump at times as he watched the capitol siege. also subpoenaed for testimony and documents, nick luna, one of mr. trump's personal assistants, reportedly in the oval office the morning of the capitol
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attack when the president allegedly spoke by phone to vice president pence, pressuring him not to certify the votes. mr. trump slammed the committee members as, quote, politically ambitious hacks. one of two republicans serving on the committee, liz cheney, arguing the u.s. is confronting a domestic threat it's never faced before. >> a former president who is attempting to unravel the foundations of our constitutional republic aided by political leaders who have made themselves willing hostages to this dangerous and irrational man. >> our most read story right now at is san francisco district attorney now having to split his time between fighting crime and fighting off a recall effort. yesterday the city's department of elections certified a petition for a recall measure that will take place june 7th during the statewide primary election. opponents last month submitted
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30,000 more signatures than needed to put that pressure on the ballot. the group friends of chesa boudin released a statement saying we're confident voters will reject this republican-funded and endorsed effort. he's enacted to keep us safe and to make the criminal justice system fair. read the full story online right now. go to san francisco mayor london breed is weighing in on the effort to recall three school board members. in a statement to the chronicle, she says she supports parents' calls for change adding board priorities have been misplaced during a difficult time for schoolchildren. two board members up for recall did not comment but the other one suggested the mayor is ignoring his work to retain teachers and increase enrollment. critics also argue the recall special election is a waste of resources. the special election is
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scheduled for february. "new york times" reports meta, the company formerly known at facebook, is dropping dozens of categories like gender and religion, sexual orientation as well. the company prohibited their use in housing and apartment ads but now it will be dropping them altogether. and some troubling news for shoppers. the labor department says the consumer price index hit its highest point in more than 30 years. much of that increase was caused by rising fuel costs. fuel oil prices jumped more than 12% last month. used car prices are up more than 26%. and food costs have jumped more than 5% in the past 12 months, according to today's report. later today we may get answers in the true impact from our climate in crisis. >> the bay area council will release new findings analyzing the impact of wildfires on the state and bay area economics. >> california's wine industry, one area definitely feeling the
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heat from the wildfires, some santa cruz county winemakers had to adapt to avoid fire and smoke damage seemingly every season. many of them are turning to rose, using groups that otherwise would have turned into pinot noir. >> you'll pick up smoke flavors later on. you still want to make a bottle of wine that's approachable soon. >> winemaker also says you're probably seeing more rose bottles on the shelves this year with demand picking up for a little bit of lighter wine. a lighter rainfall for us. no rain, kari. very light. >> it was missing this morning, though. but i wanted to give you an update on the water year. we're going to keep showing this because this is positive news but we'll kind of compare it to
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the grand scheme of things. so in santa rosa, so far, 13 inches of rain. in just the first part of our water year. this goes all the way through may. and then as we go into oakland, looking at over six inches of rain. san francisco, almost 6.5 inches of rain so far. and we're at a surplus as of now. with the snow totals we have from the recent storm system that moved through, anywhere from 4 to 7 inches. some of the highest snowfall totals at palisades and sugar bowl and then it started raining so some of that snow melted. we still have this megadrought going on where some of the worst of the krout is happening across the central valley and here into the bay area. when we look at the recent rainfall we've had, it's not helping as much with the overall drought situation because this has been happening for years on end. and what we need is several more years of above normal rainfall. now every thursday we get the
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drought update. we'll see if it changed, but we are hoping that there's at least a little bit of a dent and, of course, i'll have those updates tomorrow morning. let's get a look outside in walnut creek. it's 62 degrees. we're seeing sunshine. we're headed up towards the upper 60s. a really nice day to enjoy more time outside. up to 68 degrees today in san jose and 71 in gilroy. for the east bay, temperatures mainly in the upper 60s. danville reaching 69. skies clearing out in downtown san francisco or headed up for about 64 degrees. and 68 for a high today in novato. here's a look at the overall pattern, what's happening out there in the pacific. we can see that it's quiet here even though there was a little bit of rain moving across far northern california. that's kind of skipping off to the east and missing the bay area. but there's also quite a few storms out there, and it's going to stay active going into next week. but a lot of those storms staying to the north of us and there's one chance of rain, but
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the models keep just breaking it apart before it gets here. so we may be headed into extended stretch of some dry weather and also some warm temperatures. take a look at san jose. for the weekend, in the mid-70s. and then cooling into the mid-60s next week. maybe this is when we'll see that cold front moving in but it doesn't look like it's going to bring us any rain. and temperaturewise for the holiday tomorrow, 71 degrees for inland areas. low 70s for the weekend. more clouds early next week with upper 60s and san francisco will continue to see temperatures in the upper 60s over the next few days. once again, dry here. even though water year was off to a great start. we see dry weather and start see those numbers heading back down. we'll continue to monitor that and hopefully next week get more rain in here. >> it has been a refreshing change. >> it has. thanks, kari. tiktok is to gen-z as facebook is to millennials according to a digital analyst
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which some believe explains why facebook is looking to rebrand. >> its newest campaign featured tiktok stars who don't have much presence on meta-owned platforms. the data shows gen-z is using the platform less and sees it as one for the older set. >> as newer platforms like snapchat, tiktok have emerged and kind of started to cater to younger people, have the content they want, different format, more engaging sorts of things, that has been something that facebook, the platform, hasn't necessarily provided. >> you can watch a full on nbc lx, that's 11-5. xfinity channel 185 or on a setback for space travel. still ahead on nbc bay area, the key reason nasa is pushing back on its mission to the moon. and happening now, it's the 100th anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. for the second day in a row,
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arlington national cemetery is allowing private citizens to file past the tomb and lay flowers in honor of those buried at the site. this is the first time in 78 years people have been allowed in this area, which is usually reserved for members of the old guard and dignitaries. tomorrow, a processional and military flyover will be held to commemorate the somber anniversary. we'll be back for more right after the break.
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new at 11:00, bad news for spacex explorers. nasa delaying its mission to the moon. the space agency says that the original goal of reaching the lunar surface in 2024 was not practical. as you remember, that date was set by former president donald trump's administration in 2017. officials say that they do remain focused on returning astronauts to the moon, but pushed back the time frame saying that it will happen no earlier than 2025. >> a little more time to prepare. >> "people" magazine just released this year's sexiest man alive. >> and it's not me. all right. not this year anyway. so he played a superhero, a heartthrob and just about anything else in between. we're talking about actor paul rudd. 52-year-old rudd is considered one of hollywood's funniest and friendliest leading man. he broke into hollywood in the
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'90s and his breakout role came as josh in "clueless." of course, that list goes on and on and includes anchorman franchise, friends and portraying antman in the marvel movies. and in this cover story the actor tells "people" this is not false humility. there are so many people that should get this before me. i thought he was talking about me but then, he probably doesn't know who i am. >> yes. >> yes, i like the way you think. all right. let's get a look at that forecast. how is it looking, kari? >> too sexy for this. we've got sunshine out there, put on those sunglasses, enjoy the day and we'll see more temperatures in the 70s going into the weekend. dry weather continues and we'll be watching to see if there's any rain beyond this. >> sounds good. thank you for joining the sizzling newscast.
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up next, at 5:00. >> get all the information on all day long. we'll be back here tomorrow, 4:30 to 7:00. hope you join us. >> have a good one. ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom!
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