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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 10, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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right now at 5:00, taking a turn. governor newsom warns winter is coming when it comes to covid cases in california. will booster shots help limit a possible surge? what experts are saying with infections once again on the rise. new developments in the house investigation on the january 6th capitol seize and documents donald trump wanted to keep under wraps, now a new list of people under the microscope. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. forget about inflation this morning, we're talking about
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meatflation, the prices of the meat are soaring. public leaders are actually turned that not enough people are boosting with the third shot. >> kris sanchez is live. >> reporter: at the same time boosters are go into arms, there are cases of covid surging in the state of california. right now the state has a 2.3% positivity rate, up almost half a percent since late october. look at this, there has been a 4% increase in hospitalizations, so those are the most serious covid cases in just the last two
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weeks, almost all among unvaccinated people. boosters could provide that layer of protection, but there are not a lot of people rushing out to get them. 20 million people have gotten a booster shot in california. >> two shots and trying to get the final one, at least for this year, anyway, and be done with it. it's very hard to find. >> i got both shots, fully vaccinated, my family is fully vaccinated but i feel like getting the booster right now might be a little too much too soon. >> a respiratory infection like covid along with the flu and common cold thrive in colder months when we spend time indoors, and the question is not whether there will be a surge in covid cases, that's going to happen, but the question is whether or not we could bring down the numbers of the surge and we don't see something like last year and the year before. >> before you go, i know amid
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that big travel announcement this week, i am sure travel is likely to be a factor as well? >> reporter: yeah, the more people that travel the more you have cross contamination, so to speak. the best way to protect yourself especially if you are going to be traveling or hosting people at your home over the holidays is to get the booster shot to make sure the immunity does not wane and you are infected with covid. >> because everybody wants to see everybody. be prepared. >> thank you, kris. happening today, solano county fair grounds opens its vaccination site for younger children, and that is open wednesdays through saturday. also today, santa clara county begins covid vaccinations at school campuses. it will take place on sunday. just a reminder for you. check, that way you can have information for the campus clinics around the bay area. a defeat overnight for
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donald trump in court. >> scott mcgrew, the former president had been claiming executive privilege here. >> both, you and laura used the word former. the court said a former president should not decide if something is protected by executive privilege. congress wants to see phone records from the white house as president trump made the claims of a fraudulent election, and trump tried to block the national archives from turning over the records, but a federal judge said trump's argument appears to be premised on the notion that executive power exists in purpose pew tea.
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and the committee has subpoenaed more election officials, and steven miller who is one of trump's closest aides to this day, and miller spoke to fox last night where the fox anchor concluded miller would not honor the subpoena. >> it's just one -- >> you are not going to be showing up to testify on this so-called select committee -- >> i don't even the documents, laura. >> the national archives is expected to turn the information over to the select committee on friday. >> and trump's lawyers could use the delay to block that disclosure. >> absolutely, and they are working on that now. they are appealing to a federal appeals court. the judge initially said no, because she had not ruled one
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way or the other, and she said it was too early and now that she has ruled i would not be surprised if we see an appeal in the next hour or so. >> we'll wait and see. >> thanks, scott. san francisco's district attorney will have to split his time between fighting crime and fighting off a recall effort. the petition was certified for a recall measure and it will take place on june 7th. there were 30,000 more signatures, and there's a statement saying we are confident san francisco voters will reject this republican-funded and endorsed effort as well. read the full story online right
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now on our home page, new this morning, san francisco mayor london breed weighing in on the recall of three school board members. she said she supports change. two board members up for recall did not comment, but the other board member suggested the mayor is ignoring his work to retain teachers and increase enrollment. critics argue the recall special election is a waste of resources. the special election is scheduled for february. only on nbc, exclusive video. a police raid tied to the shooting at the home of a gilroy councilmember. police executed three warrants yesterday morning, including an arrest. this is an 18-year-old that was
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charged of being a felon in possession of a firearm. he's a second person arrested in the case. the first person arrested last week was not charged. police are not releasing details on the firearm recovered. the fifth time a parole board has recommended the release for leslie van houten. she was sentenced to death in 1971, but that conviction was reversed on appeal. former governor jerry brown and newsom previously rejected the board recommendations. of course, that is associated with the manson killings there. live this morning in downtown san josé, leaders put the brakes on l.e.d. signs on
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airport property, and the commission voted down that proposal 7-2, saying it offered little benefit for the city. they feared it could open the door to more billboards. city council members will hold a final vote on november 30th. what are we looking at? >> i have no idea. it says san francisco, i will go with that this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the forecast. i am imagining, that's fog. is it? >> yeah, we have fog there and drifting around parts of the bay area, so allow extra time to get to work this morning. we are watching a storm system passing to the north. we are going to continue with some clouds for the morning, but visibility, as we look at our airport sensors are good, and notice in between we have fog settling in after the rain has passed.
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our temperatures today. look at this, napa today, 68 degrees and some sunshine. i think it will be perfect for outdoor activities and enjoying time outside. mike, you are seeing your map look relatively clear as well? >> that's great. kari, you said the skies are not necessarily clear for drivers, and we are looking at the south bay, and the peninsula, i don't see a lot of slowing through the altamont. wednesday traffic, a little bit lighter. and it's typical this time of year as well. and then this is where the denser fog, and maybe it's thicker over here through fairfield as well. chp noted that. the crash on the benicia bridge, just on the grid and a crash off the richmond bridge. 580 moving slowly. facebook switching how the
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ads target you. what you won't be seeing anymore after years of criticism. a luxury carmaker partnership. yeah, the new experience set to hit the stores soon at a theme park. first, drugs, corruption and a cover-up. nbc bay area investigates allegations of widespread conspiracy inside the growing marijuana capital of the united states, and what law enforcement agency is accused of being involved. there's a lot more news ahead on this wednesday morning. we'll be right back.
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happy wednesday. it's 5:14 as you are heading out to the peninsula and driving to work, it has been foggy in some spots and mostly cloudy. get ready for sunshine later this morning into the afternoon. nice forecast ahead. we'll talk about that as well as when we are going to get our drought update, coming up in a few minutes. as we look at the golden gate bridge, you see a little sheen on the road, and it's not really a puddle, and there are low clouds just at the top of the tower here, and same thing for the bay bridge. we'll talk about where things could be slicker, coming up. good wednesday to you as well. super important day as we try
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and figure out the health of the economy. we get the cpi, the consumer price index, this morning. this will give us a key read on inflation. we know meat prices are way up, and marcus and laura will talk about that in a moment, but the cpi will show how all price increases are hitting your wallet. and also the electric truck company rivian will make its debut on the stock market. this means, at best, has a few test trucks on the road is worth more than ford company. investors are trying to figure out what is the next tesla? some think it's rivian. jim cramer over at cnbc said the next tesla is probably ford.
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elon musk said he would sell billions in stock, probably to pay a tax bill. "the new york times" reports meta, the company formerly known as facebook is dropping ads like gender, religion and sexual orientation. they will be dropping the ads altogether. advertisers found those categories useful. anybody could use them to create a banner ad. facebook says the system was being abused. a group calling itself birds aren't real will protest ahead of twitter. the group claims all birds were replaced by the government in
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the '50s, replaced with robotic drones. it's unclear whose side ducey is on. is it a elaborate and funny social commentary? they insist they are being genuine, and if they were not being genuine, it would be a funny social commentary. >> i thought it was a joke? >> is it? what is real anymore? i am not quite sure. >> you know what -- >> yeah? >> i could say a lot of things this morning, but we're going to keep it real and not say anything. if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. you don't think birds are real? >> that's what they claim. yes. or it's an elaborate social commentary -- >> at least half of them. >> let's move on.
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where's the beef? bloomberg reports beef prices are up 34% since last year. the price for a boneless chuck roast up $8, just under 30%. the reason? you guessed it. meat packing shortage. supply chain consultants say prices may keep going higher through next summer. diners are feeling the impact. >> we have found that the customers have been buying different beef, and some of them at lower costs and we have put in lower costs beef just to offset the increase of the primal cut. >> you can watch the full interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." trending this morning, start your engines. legoland and ferrari are teaming up for the first build and race
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attraction. >> this will happen at the park outside of san diego. this is how it will work. guests can sit in the driver's seat. they have a chance to build and customize their cars, and once you are finished, you can hit the racetrack and go up against other drivers. there's no extra charge for this attraction. >> that's cute, you know? creativity going, too. >> when we went there, my son spent an hour there building cars on the racetrack, and so they must have upgraded that attraction. >> does he have a license yet? >> no, but he's close to that. i was always worried about watching everybody, and now there's one specific one. >> yeah, that's going to be its own segment. >> right now let's toss to kari. a good day ahead?
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>> yeah, it's a nice one. we are dealing with fog this morning. after all the rain is soaking into the ground, and we can see the weather pattern is targeting areas to the north. we are going to stay quiet here for a while, but let's look at our water year update. this resets on october 1st and doesn't show us the overall picture. santa rosa, we have gotten 13.5 inches of rain. 6.5 in san francisco. concord, 5 inches, and 2 inches in san josé. we're off to a nice start after seeing light snow in the sierra. the palisades called in and said they had 7 inches, and sugar bowl, 7 inches as well. and looking at our drought monitor, still a big drought, a mega drought, in fact, going on across the region. this is years and years of drought that has been making it much worse over the last few
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years. we are in the exceptional drought despite the recent rain. we will get a new update tomorrow morning and, of course, we will bring that to you. we will see upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay. 64 downtown, and for the north bay we have upper 60s. we will still see a lot of storms further off towards the north and west, and as storms move closer they just fall apart. we are not expecting much in the way of rain. over the next seven days we have dry weather, and temperatures warming up in the mid-60s and low 70s. this is decent weather for the middle of november, and heading into december, it looks like we could see rain further down the line. mike, you are seeing mist on the bay bridge? >> yeah, not a lot. we have had rain, and right now
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we are just showing you mist on the lens, and it's enough to keep the sheen and perhaps a little slickness on the roadway. we have had rain so it has cleared deposits off the roadway, so it should be a good flow. not a problem as far as speeds go. we are looking at slowing out of the altamont. the rest of the bay shows a light drive in the peninsula and south bay. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> the concert is pushed back, but she wants a refund and not a different show time, and state law is on her side. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. we know one person that did not change the clock on his rice
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cooker. you can follow mike's mishaps on instagram, facebook and twitter. he doesn't really have that many. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 5:25 for you right now. nbc bay area responds to one
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person taken to the limit. >> good morning. sharon in san mateo planned to live it up in hotel california. she paid ticketmaster to see and hear the aeg eagles in 2020. sharon did not have a peaceful, easy feeling about being in a crowd and requested a refund. and sharon asked us to step in as a last resort. the ticketmaster rep responded, and said i passed this on to a fan support, and then the $1,273 showed up in her account.
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what a nice surprise. but you can get your money back when any event is postponed, canceled or rescheduled. section 22507. go to and click the responds option from the main menu, or call us at 888-996-tips. >> can never leave that story. top stories we are following, including more cal players sidelined by covid. the team postponing the upcoming game with questions swirling about positive tests. what the school is now saying about the outbreak.
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right now at 5:30, hitting the picket line. kaiser nurses plan to protest across the bay area starting in one hour, ahead of more planned demonstrations next week. the impact it could have on people needing their prescriptions filled. off the field. cal is reshuffling its schedule after more players come down with covid. how the school is responding. shipping backlog only getting worse. the crisis ahead of the
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holidays, and the latest response from the white house. this is "today in the bay." we're traditionally broadcasting to your television, and also we are streaming live on and on our app. take us on the go. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington, and once again i have been passed up. "people" magazine, we have the details on the big reveal coming up for you. it's not me, but congratulations to this man. that's coming up for you at 5:45 this morning. in about an hour, i mentioned nurses are expected to hit the picket lines outside several hospitals, and this comes as there's another strike
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at kaiser. >> cierra, what do people need to know about this? >> reporter: people need to keep in mind we are talking about two separate incidents. let's talk about the picket slated to begin in about an hour, and it's slated for across the street. there are two separate incidents and two separate issues all that affect those at the kaiser group. the picket is planned for 6:30 this morning and it's to warn the public about issues with kaiser's new home program. there are patients sent back to home to be held for in a remote capacity. the program does not provide the patient the best possible care and it's a blatant attempt to
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increase profits. we have rea for comment on this issue but have not heard back. the strike will take place at different locations, and on monday that strike involves pharmacists. the union told kaiser their members may strike starting monday and the hospital group is letting patients know now and urging them to fill prescriptions now. >> he says if i don't pick up my pills by the 15th, i might have to wait. people cannot wait for them pills. >> reporter: in a statement kaiser says it has an offer on the table that keeps its pharmacists among the highest paid in the profession, and they
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are going to continue to give patients access to the pharmacy. we heard the first honking of the picket slated to begin at 6:30. you can see signs in that area, and we will update you on the picket, as well as the information involving the pharmacists picketing with pfizer next week. >> thank you. it's 5:34. cal's football team now being forced to postpone their upcoming game amid ongoing confusion about the covid outbreak. the team had two dozen players test positive during last week's game against arizona. more players are now testing positive. the head coach blames the problem on poor communication on the city of berkeley, suggesting
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players tested negative one day after testing positive. one health expert said postponing their game probably is a good idea. >> right now we need to find out, are these players symptomatic in which case they can transmit the infection and that's the appropriate thing to do is to cancel this game. i think we need a little more information. >> cal says just about all of its players are fully vaccinated. the game against usc will now take place on december 4th. san josé sharks still staying strong despite several players and their head coach out due to covid protocol. last night in calgary, they beat the flames 4-1. it makes it one loss in the five games they played since the start out of the outbreak. most if not all of the players who are out along with the head coach are likely to return by the next home stand. tomorrow the sharks will play in
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winnipeg. and then the judge in scott peterson's trial is considering juror issues. during the resentencing hearing, peterson will break his long science over what happened. and then yesterday on the stand in the theranos fraud trial, there was testimony about major inaccuracies in test results. prostate antigens were shown in women even though they are only found in men. follow the theranos trial online at, and click on the elizabeth holmes trial coverage.
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a new online shopping survey shows the number of items out of stock is 33% above last year at this time. products with the highest level of backups include electronics, jewelry and clothing. everything for christmas. >> absolutely. all of this comes as the backups grow at american ports. and the white house is now taking action. >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning and greetings from miami here. the biden touts the billions from the infrastructure bill, and it's not even signed yet, but it will go to ports backlogged around the country. there are investments that could be applicable elsewhere, including in california, whether that's deepening the harbors or connecting the ports they will selves to highways and rail. there's an acute problem in california because of all the
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cargo coming in. they are calling on the state to come out and help with funding, because it's a worry that jobs will be moving out of california to other parts of the country. this is a national issue going on, especially as the holidays are approaching, and so many retailers want things fixed or improved. >> thank you. let's take a live look for you this morning at the skyline in san josé. still dark and early for you at this hour, but we will look at what we can expect as the sun starts to rise and you head out today. meteorologist, kari hall, has that look at the forecast. how does it look, kari? >> it looks good. you may encounter foggy spots as you drive to work, but the airport sensors are showing clear visibility but there's fog
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in between, so watch out for that. we will see the temperatures stay in the upper 50s to about 10:00, and then eventually we will make it in the upper 60s today. up to 67 in livermore. napa headed towards 68 degrees. nice in oakland again today reaching 66 degrees, and 67 in palo alto. not a lot of change ahead. we'll talk about that. mike, you are checking in on the berkeley curb? >> yeah, it's called the berkeley curb, because it's where? in emeriville. yeah, berkeley is not involved, but there's no issues with slowing. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have seen fog registering in parts of the north bay, petaluma and fairfield for i-80, but not a major concern for drivers. there's an easier build. there you go, right on time. a little bit of slowing from northbound 101 to oakland road off of 680. back to you.
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>> thanks, mike. the impact from california wildfires are being felt far and wide, and next here on "today in the bay," how one industry is being forced to adapt due to so much smoke. and then the president going right to the ports, and then meanwhile, accusations of campaign violations for the past president. and then mlb executive of the year. he had been with the orange and black for many years and helped to guide them.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 5:43, as you are heading out in the south bay, it's a cloudy start and may even be misting at times. right now it's 63 degrees, so it's a milder start. we will slowly see the temperatures heading up today, but a lot of sunshine and a nice one for getting outside. we'll talk about what is ahead in our forecast, coming up in a few minutes. a clear look here for oakland. the nimitz, picking up the volume a little bit here. we will show you the commute that is getting bigger, coming up. in the aftermath of the weekend shooting that left a toddler dead on interstate 880, new questions about whether added surveillance cameras could boost safety.
5:44 am
compare this to contra costa county which has new surveillance cameras, and a monitoring station. the number decreased to two shootings and one death in 2019 once cameras were activated. one oakland leader said everything will be considered. >> nobody has the answer. there's no one answer, but it will take all of us coming together to try and figure it out. >> caltrans and chp both say right now there's no system in place to properly record video of alameda county freeways where shootings are most common. and then taking a stand against i.c.e. san mateo's sheriff's office will quit communicating with i.c.e. when an undocumented
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immate is released. the sheriff is calling this a way to grow trust within the community. and then off to baltimore to celebrate the passage of the new infrastructure bill. >> the white house identified baltimore as a place where things are going right. >> yeah, baltimore certainly has its problems, laura, but when it comes to the port of baltimore, things are moving smoothly. it was built before america was america. the white house sending people all over the united states to explain the benefits of the new infrastructure bill. this is a bipartisan bill made into law with republicans' help. the build back better bill would create new social programs, and all republicans are against that one. speaker nancy pelosi hopes for a vote next week. >> yes, we intend -- it's our
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plan to pass the bill the week of november 15th, as is indicated in our statements that were made at the time of passing the infrastructure bill, and we're very proud of that. >> meantime, a federal judge ruled against donald trump that wanted to keep white house records connected to the days around the january 6th attack secret. she said the records should be forwarded to the select committee investigating the attack. there's a lot to talk about there. we will do a deep dive at the top of the forecast at 6:00, and that's just a few minutes away. special counsel investigating the trump white house just released a report showing numerous violations of elections acts, including the former president using government property and taxpayer money to campaign, which is against the law. one of the most egregious was this, during the moments of the republican national convention where the president used the white house grounds as a
5:47 am
backdrop. 12 other former white house officials accused of violating that law, including the secretary of state, white house chief of staff and jared kushner. former white house chief of staff, mark meadows, said in the past, the public doesn't seem to care about the hash act. we'll talk about that further on twitter. you can find me there @scottmcgrew. >> thank you. later today we could get answers on the true impact from our climate in crisis. new findings will be released on the impact the wildfires are having on our state and the economy. the wine industry is one of the industries feeling the heat of the wildfires. more are turning to rose' to avoid smoky tasting wine, using grapes that otherwise would have
5:48 am
turned into mean yawn wow. >> you are picking up smoke flavors. >> demand is picking up for that type of wine. stop the presses because "people" magazine just released this year's sexiest man alive. >> yeah, he played a hero, a heartthrob and everything in between. we're talking about actor, paul rudd. he is one of the funniest leading men. his breakout role was josh in "clueless." the list goes on, and more
5:49 am
recently portraying antman in the marvel movie. >> a sense of humor is sexy. and i think it's funny they pose like this. >> you have been practicing that pose, marcus. is the voting over? >> yeah, for this year. >> there's always next year. it's a time to look at the forecast, to wash my blues away, kari, but not today. >> not today, and it's still wet out there across parts of the bay area. we wake up with patchy, dense fog. the roads are wet as you are coming out of the north bay into san francisco. right now temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. it does feel milder compared to the past few days, but i think with the high humidity, it probably feels very chilly out there. our temperatures today, you can see them at the bottom of the screen, headed for the upper 60s.
5:50 am
enjoy more time outside, especially with the sunshine. in livermore, the slides and all the playground equipment will have dried out, and that's something i am always watching for. we are going to see temperatures in the mid-60s in the middle of the afternoon, and then in the afternoon, 71 degrees in gilroy. 68 in pleasanton. oakland today reaching 66. a light wind in half moon bay, and reaching upper 60s. a little cooler for ukiah and clearlake. there could be more clouds moving in, and this is why. we can see a storm system passing to the north of us and that will skirt off to the east and miss us here in the bay area. we're not expecting anymore rain, especially as our very active weather pattern continues. we're just not going to see much
5:51 am
of that here. that rain just falls apart as it reaches in. there will be another system that is going to be off the coast, so maybe, maybe the end of next week, but right now we are just seeing a lot of sunshine in the forecast. thursday looks really nice. for some of the ceremonies going on, we will see the temperatures reaching into the low 70s for the inland areas, and a nice weekend as well. for san francisco, expect highs in the upper 60s, a mix of sun and clouds throughout the forecast into at least next tuesday. mike, you are starting to see that backup building at the bay bridge. >> yeah, metering lights turned on at 5:34, the exact time the lights were turned on. we don't see the build here on the lens, and we have seen droplets forming in the last hour or so and that has calmed down. as you leave your house, it could be slick so do watch out.
5:52 am
we have the build over at the bay bridge and incline because of the metering lights and the build of volume there. and highway 4 as a build back to pittsburg and that's from the earlier drive for folks traveling out of that area. you are at about 25 minutes from marsh creek road down to 580. traffic holding steady out of the altamont. we see that little build over here for hayward and off castro valley. 101, we're clearing from the first burst. we did see fog really far south on highway 1, so not a big concern this morning, but always
5:53 am
be prepared. fremont, the traffic flow is nice as you are traveling 880. from time to time we see this shot that shows the glow, and the issue could be mist or drizzle, but right now everything is fine as the commute builds heading south with the headlights heading towards fremont. back to you. you will be able to buy fresh crab off the boats at fisherman's wharf. crab sales are supposed to start next week, however it's now on hold after california's delayed crab season to protect endangered whales and sea turtles. covid not just affecting humans but sea animals as well. still ahead on "today in the bay," one of the new aquarium's vaccination efforts.
5:54 am
and then how one of the school board members is responding to the recall efforts. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:56. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." a follow-up, and this is from st. james to storage.
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a controversial statue will soon be gone. >> the city council removed unanimously to remove the statue of one of san francisco's early mayors. critics say fallon slotted native americans during the mexican-american war. tiktok to genz is what facebook is to others. they see the platform for the older ones. >> as newer flat forms like snapchat and tiktok emerged and have catered to younger people,
5:58 am
and has the contents and more formats, that's something facebook has not necessarily provided. >> that's an interesting conversation. you can watch that full interview on nbc lx, that's 11-5, and xfinity channel 185. >> getting it mixed up, like snap tik -- >> yeah. in august the acquiren vaccinated its eight sea otters, and each was given two doses three weeks apart. the vaccine was made by a new jersey pharmacists that is leading in animal drugs. and then nfl fines aaron
5:59 am
rodgers for breaking covid protocol. nfl also fined the team $300,000 for a covid protocol violations for its participation in a party. brian williams will depart nbc at the end of the year. he was suspended for six months because of a misleading story, and that's when lester holt replaced him on "nightly news," and williams moved to msnbs where he launched the 11th hour. he said he will spend more time with his family. at 6:00, taking a turn. >> i worry about after thanksgiving, especially the week after thanksgiving. >> governor gavin newsom warns winter is coming when it comes
6:00 am
to covid cases in california, and will booster shots help limit the possible surge. experts are saying infections are once again on the rise. and then a loss for trump involving the house investigation of the january 6th seize. the documents trump wanted to remain under wraps will now be made available to lawmakers. there's a new list of people now under the microscope. this is "today in the bay." it's wednesday morning. hump day, as we like to call it around here. thank you for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> the cost at the butcher counter is skyrocketing. >> yeah, where is the cheap beef? >> there you go. health leaders are concerned that not enough people are


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