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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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at the kids' parties than the kids themselves. >> i love roller skating. it's a bummer. >> it is a bum ir. how much will all of this cost? the white house facing really tough questions about the president's infrastructure bill. bay area lawmakers making the sales pitch on behalf of the president. and the former high-ranking members of the trump administration being called to testify in front of the committee investigating the u.s. capitol attack. and a mea culpa from the reigning mvp. aaron rodgers apologizes for lying about getting the covid vaccine. >> i misled some people about
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my status, which i take full responsibility of. >> but, is it too late? we dig into what it means for the coronavirus crisis. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us, i'm janelle wang. >> i'm raj mathai. it's infrastructure week. the backup at the nation's ports. the biden administration is taking new steps to ease backlog in the supply chain. the white house is moving to speed the distribution of some of that $17 billion for ports included in the newly-passed infrastructure bills. >> 30, 40, 50 years from now, we will look back on this as the turning point. >> the secretaries of commerce, transportation and energy are also messengers for this bill, making sure the public nose about the trillion dollars being spent on roads, public transit, the power grid, clean water and broadband internet. a lot going on here.
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president biden heads to baltimore tomorrow to talk up the benefits and keep talking up his agenda. today california senator padilla was in san jose outlining the president's plan. chris sanchez has some answers. >> reporter: the question is always what's in it for me? we know california's going to get billions and billions of dollars for infrastructure projects that will impact the way californians get from point a to point b and the water we drink. dignitaries talked about investments that will turn the diridon station into the grand central station of the west. >> this is the biggest investment in infrastructure in decades and in sustainable infrastructure. >> reporter: here's a closer look at what's in the infrastructure and jobs act for california.
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$9.5 billion in public transportation funds, including b.a.r.t. $47 billion for roads, bridges and ports. $11.3 billion for the water supply infrastructure, including infrastructure for drinking water and $3.3 billion for wildfire prefecture and restoration for communities in burned areas. there's also $5.5 billion for power infrastructure to prevent blackouts and withstand extreme weather. sights are now set on president biden's build back better bill, which congresswoman jill lockman says not be funded by regular joes. >> it more than pays for itself. and how does it do that? not by taxing middle class people, but going after where the money is. if you take a look at corporate taxes, there are major corporations that made a
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kazillion dollars that paid no taxes. more subpoenas have been served on white house aides to former president donald trump. the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol has served one of them to former senior white house adviser steven miller, accusing him of spreading unfounded information about voter fraud and encouraging state lawmakers to change the vote's outcome. another subpoena was issues to kayleigh mcenany. the committee's letter to her said the investigation has turned up credible evidence of her involvement in those day's events. a man who faces charges in the january 6 insurrection is seeking asylum in belarus. he is accused of obstruction and
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other offenses. he says there's no grounds to the charge he hit a police officer. however the justice department says he was captured on video outside the building shoving a barricade into officers and telling them, i'm willing to die, are you. he left the country in march. twitter stopped a warning on a tweet from paul gosar which has since been removed. apparently, his staffer added his face to an anime character which depicted him attacking alexandria ocasio-cortez. they sit on several committees together. she said any other workplace posted on social media about killing co-workers would get that person fired. it got a warning because it depicted hateful content. quarterback and cal alum,
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aaron rodgers, reacting to a firestorm of criticism about being infected with covid. today he tried clarifying his comments he made last week about misleading the public about his vaccination status. he has chosen not to be vaccinated. >> look, i shared an opinion that is polarizing. i get it. and i misled some people about miostat us, which i take full responsibility of those comments. in the end, very to stay true to who i am and what i'm b and i stand behind the things that i said. >> and he went on. he says he feels good right now and hopes to be cleared to play this sunday. remember, he sat out last sunday. rodgers has been fined nearly $15,000 for violating nfl protocol and the packers were fined $300,000. what kind of weight does aaron rodgers have in the national community, and has the damage
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already been done? let's bring in dr. peter chin hong. we usually don't talk about sports and medicine here, but we in this situation. does he hold a love the weight, aaron rodgers, and what kpiechbd misinformation did he spread here? >> he holds a lot of weight. he's mvp in football. and football is one of the highest sports in the country. we think about all those unvaccinated folks still, and we think about vaccinating 5-11-year-olds, probably some of the biggest fans of aaron rodgers. i think it's a critical period. it couldn't have come at a worse time when we're trying to think about ways to vaccinate all of our population. >> to be clear here, he brought up three things in the interview he did last week. one of them, we don't know a lot about the vaccine. you want to debunk that? >> we know a lot about the vaccine, more than 7 billion doses around the world.
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i think, you know, at this point, ten years of resurgence of mrna vaccines. i think it's debunked. >> aaron rodgers also brought about fertility concerns. your thoughts. >> this has been looked at over and over again. it was brought up even before the beginning of the vaccine rollout. we know that there's no effect on fertility. in fact, when you get covid, you have more problems with miscarriages and preterm births, so i think it's the opposite again rather than what was stated. >> he said obviously, he's not vaccinated but because he has covid, he's been taking ivermectin to combat this. ivermectin, is this something that's been cleared? and why do we keep asking this question? why do smart people, like aaron
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rodgers, a cal grad, thank treatment? >> i think i'm i'm mystified. it's a horse medicine. it's not an anti-viral, it's an anti-parasitic. we have lots of monoclonal antibodies. >> yesterday the travel ban was lifted. we have various countries, people coming in now to our local airports, could this lead to a little spike specifically in the bay area with all of our international travelers? >> i think it's going to lead to spikes, but probably not in the same way as last winter in the bay area and other parts of california probably have more profound impacts, like even sacramento area, with the low are vaccination rate. southern california with the lower vaccination rate and spilling over into central
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valley, but, you know, europe has seen 50% of the world's cases of covid in the last two weeks. so it's no small potatoes of people move back and forth. >> peter chin hong from ucsf. tesla stock started dropping after elon musk said he plans to share 10% of his stocks. it went down nearly 12% this morning. he may want to sell some shares to pay down his debt. keep in mind, tess ha has been on an upswing. a cable outage started last night before 10:00 p.m. most people were able to reconnect about an hour later. people in the southwest also had trouble getting online.
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the disruptions were the result of a network issue. and they are investigating the cause. they are both owned by comcast. when are we going to go back to the moon? nasa reveals new plans about a possible return. we never really know when the next power outage is going to take place. so we've got to be prepared every day. i'm chris chmura, we'll show you how next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. storm ranger showing just a few spotty showers. the new weather trend moving in tomorrow. and then the rain surplus we're dealing with. that's all great news. i'll see you back in about eight minutes.
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well, it's now just part of living here. power outages. some are surprises, but more often we get a warning about the lights about to go out. >> it seems elementary, but it's worth a refresher course.
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consumer tips on how to prepare. >> let's talk about how to protect yourself, your electronics and your food, also how abe lincoln might be able to help. make sure you have a flashlight handy. ideally, it's part of your emergency go bag, you have one, right? charge your smartphone and leave it charged in until the power goes out. if you have a backup battery, make sure it's charged. if you don't have one, make sure you have one, the public safety outages can go on for days. make sure your car has a full tank of gas. don't let it get stuck in the garage. move it out of the garage before the power goes out. some garage openers have a battery backup. practice manually opening and closing your garage door. to make sure you're doing that
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safely, read your owner's manual. prior to an outage diskibt or turn off appliances or gear. next let's talk food, a fridge full of groceries is a lot of money, we get it. the good news is, pg&e says your fridge might be cold four hours without power. if the refrigerator is still at 40 degrees or colder the food is safe. but food held at a temperature above 40 degrees for more than two hours should not be consumed. as for your freezer, it might be able to stay cold as long as 48 hours, if you keep the doors closed and you stock it full. there's no reason to rush out and binge buy frozen pizzas to fill the space. water-filled bottles will fill
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the space, cheap and effective. what if you leave and everything is froeden. fill a cup, freeze it, put a penny on top. leave it there. after a power outage or vac way, check the cup. if the penny is on top you're fine. if it's on the bottom, that's evidence the power was out and the food has spoiled. at the climate summit in scotland, many people are talking about the speech by the foreign minister of the island nation of tuvalu. he prerecorded it at home with his pant leg rolled up to illustrate how rising sea levels
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threaten to yoe raise his entire country. he speaks from an area that used to be dry land. it is sacred to its 12,000 people. without world intervention and cooperation his nation will soon be extinct. america's next moon shot is being bumped back by a year. the artemis mission would put astronauts back on the moon for the first time since 1972. nasa also committed to landing the first woman and person of color there as well. the trump administration set a deadline for this mission for 2024. today nasa said congress hasn't given up money, funding, to make this possible. and spacesuits need to be improved. so they're hoping for a launch in 2025. and jeff will be signing up for that most certainly. >> yes, please. >> ready to go to space. >> that would be awesome. >> let's talk about the rain we have overnight, and the time change is really weird.
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it's pitch-black and i get tired really early. >> i totally embrace it. i can't do anything else but go in and relax. let's get some good news to start. we talk about the rain surplus. we doing incredible. we had storms in september. our historic rain in october. look at this, this column right here is our surplus, our amount of rain above normal. 10.40 inch this is santa rosa. 6.51 in santa rosa. san jose, 1.46. we are going to undergo a drying period but i'm still seeing positive signs that the early part of december could bring us more storm systems with maybe a couple more inches of rainfall. we're on a good stride. that could continue into december. let's move it into storm ranger, mobile doppler radar. just a few spotty shower left right now. watch out for slick spots if you're headed out to the store
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the next few hours. any kind of rainfall is long gone. that brings me to the next thing. i want to show you what's coming in for tomorrow. the main thing this is going to do for us is help to displace the storm track and move it off to the north. so our rain chances go away. i think we enter that dry weather and fall coming back for the morning. it looks like we might have some of that patchy, difference ground fog forming from san jose to gilroy. be on the lookout for that. some of that from the east bay, north bay and san francisco. we start with that, but an incredible rebound. so we're going to start it off with a chance for fog, also chilly. got to have that jacket. i know all of you probably do. it's one of those mornings where you'll head bag inside if you don't. peninsula, 51. south bay 50, low 50s over the east bay and the north bay down to the coldest at 48.
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daytime highs tomorrow will warm up a couple degrees. 70 in morgan hill, right over to cupertino at 68. light winds throughout microclimate. vallejo 65. san francisco continuing our trend with 60s to the outer sunset. we have dry weather over the next several days. daytime highs in the 60s, morning lows in the 50s. check it out. yes, 70s thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. we're looking good for veterans day right into this upcoming weekend. i don't know, it's putting a little extra kick in my step. awesome california weather. i'm loving it. >> i've never heard you clap on the air like you just did. >> boom.
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a show of support. the community coming together to cheel on a female goalie. on a f. . . . . . . ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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let the games continue. the creator of "squid game" says there will be a season two. a netflix spokesperson says they are in discussions for another season, but nothing is official yet. after airing in september, "squid game" quickly picked up millions of fans around the world. it's already wracked up more than 3 billion minutes watched. have you heard of robin hood? a data breach may have compromised information of 7 million customers. 5 million e-mail addresses and 2 million full names were exposed in the hack. no social security, debit card or credit card information was taken. last year, 2,000 accounts were hacked and customers' money was stolen.
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the breach has been contained and it's in the process of contacting everyone involved. robin hood is based in men hoe park. a female hockey goalie was recently heckled and sexually harassed at a high school game. she returned to the ice with an outpouring of support. friends, fans and olympians filled the stands in pittsburg, pennsylvania filled the stands. last week she was heckled, bringing her to tears. last night was a different story. among those cheering for her was a former team usa goalie. >> there's a thousand people in this building. she's handling it well. >> the girl was invited to a penguins game. a covid outbreak i of the
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our skyranger over memorial stadium on the cal campus late today. it's going to and quiet weekend at the stadium. the cal football team was forced to postpone this saturday's game against usc. the golden bears have 20 players as well as coaches that have
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tested positive for covid. some are not satisfied by what they're being told by the university's health services and are questioning so. test results. no word yet about the big game with stanford. the usc game has been rescheduled for december 4th. the sharks play in calgary and will do without their head coach and some players. those in covid protocol are getting better and made practice in san jose, including erik karlsson. the plan is for them to all reunite and play in denver on saturday. we are losing a local legend after nearly two decades of rewriting the record books. >> chris wondolowski is calling it a career.
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he scored a goal. it was his 171st of his career, the most-ever in mls history. after the game he gave a heartfelt good-bye to the fans. today he officially said farewell. >> i think it's really going to hit me when preseason starts and guys go back. right now it's the end of the season, it's always sad when the season ends. you get melancholy and feel that, but whether guys go back to preseason, that's when it's going to sink in. >> i think he's going to come work with us at nbc as a soccer commentator. he played 17 years in the mls, 14 with the earthquakes. what a class act he is. >> jessica aguirre joins us with what's coming up at 6:00. >> how many elementary school children are actually getting vaccinated? >> i'm so glad, because we
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always think, what is going to happen when she starts school? and she's going to bring some germs home. >> we break down the new numbers and why bay area health officials say hesitant parents shouldn't wait much longer. >> also the pain is simply overwhelming. we talk one on one with the mother of that toddler, that little boy, who was shot and killed on 880. and it's official. san francisco's district attorney is facing a recall. we investigate the new challenge for chesa boudin. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the shots are happening since approval. nbc bay area's marianne favro is in richmond where the vaccinations came to the kids. >> reporter: this is one of the first covid vaccination sites for kids


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