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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 9, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. right now at 11:00, taking a live look outside this midday. many parts of the bay area remain foggy after much-needed rain this morning. >> we're tracking the rain totals and what the rest of the week may hold for us. >> good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. rainy start to the day. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> seeing some of those showers moving through. we look at storm ranger. still showing light rain but that's the extent of what we're seeing right now. spotty and light. it's still raining in marin county. it looks like this is where we've had those highest rainfall
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totals approaching four inches on mt. tam and you can see that it's still raining in that area. so still looking at some of those raindrops over parts of the east bay. oakland as well as some off and on light rain moving toward san ramon. parts of the tri-valley and peninsula seeing some clouds. but not much in the way of rain right now. we're still in the target of this atmospheric river where we've seen it tapering off. a lot of those clouds moving just to the north of us. had been some breaks in the cloud but a little bit of rain. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza camera. raindrops on the lens. having to turn on the windshield wipers as you're heading out for lunch in some spots. a chance of rain for the next couple of hours but the overall trend will be for this to wrap up and we head back to dry weather. we'll take a look back at how much rain we've measured and what's ahead in the microclimate forecast coming up. >> at this hour, about 1,000 pg&e customers are without power. this is the latest outage map
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that we have. this is way down from the 7500 customers that lost power because of the recent rain storm. most of those major outages hit marin, san ramon and san jose. even when we're not on air we're tracking that storm. and with our nbc bay area app, you can as well. it will send you those alerts and updates to your phone and even track the weather in your neighborhood. internet and cable service back on this morning for a lot of people who couldn't connect last night. comcast xfinity experienced a widespread outage across the country including illinois, indiana, michigan and philadelphia. here in the bay area, customers started reporting problems just before 10:00 last night. we saw several dozen tweets about the outage. but we hear most people were able to connect about 11:00 p.m. we should note xfinity and nbc bay area are both owned by comcast. the cause of that outage is unclear. developing this morning, a gofundme page has been set up
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for jasper wu. he's the toddler killed by a stray bullet this weekend on interstate 880 in oakland. nbc bay area's bob redell has more on the emotional message the boy's family is now sending. >> reporter: they want justice for jasper wu. we spoke with jasper's grandfather from his home in fremont. lu describes his grandson who was about to turn 2 as an adorable, loving and energetic boy. he's still in disbelief what happened saturday afternoon. his mom was driving jasper and two other children down southbound 880 in oakland when a stray bullet from the northbound direction hit jasper in the head and killed him. the chp had set up a tip line to try to catch the shooter. >> translator: what he really wants is to capture this perpetrator because he doesn't want these people or person hurting more innocent people. >> california highway patrol is making sure the public --
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motoring public is safe when they are traveling the freeways. >> reporter: the chp reports that over a 12-month period, there have been 76 shootings on freeways here in alameda county. in dublin, bob redell, nbc bay area news. new details on the officer who died from apparent covid complications. jack nice served as a san francisco police officer for 17 years. his widow says that he died in mantica saturday afternoon after testing positive for covid last week. police sources tell nbc bay area nice was among 41 officers who were placed on leave for not meeting the city's november 1st vaccination mandate. san francisco's human resources department says 98% of the city employees are now vaccinated. developing this morning, more americans may soon be able to receive a covid vaccine booster shot. "the washington post" reports pfizer will seek authorization for people 18 and older as soon as this week. right now only those over 65
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qualify for boosters or people with underlying conditions or working in high-risk settings. top health leaders have already approved mix and match booster shots. california senator alex padilla and congresswoman zoe lofgren stopped in san jose to talk to the impact of the recently passed infrastructure investments on jobs and what's next for president biden's build back better bill. >> kris sanchez joins us live with what regular joes can expect from all of it. >> reporter: isn't that always the question. what is in there for me? and we know now that california is getting billions and billions of dollars for infrastructure that will impact the lives of everyday californians from the roads that we take, the way that we get from point a to point b to the water that we drink. senator alex padilla, congresswoman zoe lofgren, mayor and other dignitaries talked about those investments that will help turn san jose the
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diridon station into the grand central station of the west. >> this is the biggest investment infrastructure in decades and the first investment in sustainable infrastructure. >> reporter: let's take a closer look. the infrastructure and investment jobs act for california will bring $9.5 billion in public transportation funds, including b.a.r.t. in san jose and caltrans electrification project. 47.2 for roads, bridges and ports and zero emission technology. $11 billion-plus for water sfli and infrastructure, including drinking water in particular. and $3.3 billion for wildfire prevention plus restoration for communities in burned areas. there's also $5.5 billion in money for power infrastructure to prevent blackouts in california and to help the system withstand extreme weather. with the vote on the infrastructure and jobs bill,
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sights are set on the build back better bill which zoe lofgren says will not be funded by regular joes. >> the build back better bill, which is next, actually more than pays for itself, and how does it do that? not by taxing middle class people but going after where the money is. if you take a look at corporate taxes, there are major corporations that made a kazillion dollars and paid no taxes whatsoever. >> we could see a vote on the build back better bill as early as november 15th. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. happening today, more bay area remembrances are planned for alameda county supervior and former assemblywoman wilma chan. chan died after being struck by a car in alameda. contra costa county supervisors
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are planning to pause and pay tribute during scheduled meetings later today. criminal testimony is going on in elizabeth holmes fraud trial today. they are talking about his firm investing millions in theranos. he stated his company shares grew from pennies to $75 a share at one point before eventually becoming worthless. you can follow our reporting of the theranos trial online at just click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. san jose leaders will decide the fate of a controversial downtown statue. the statue shows former mayor thomas fallon. critics call him a symbol of american imperialism and the statue became a focal point during the george floyd protest. the city's art commission voted unanimously to recommend that it be removed. today council members will make a final decision on this issue. also today, governor newsom is scheduled to make his first
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public appearance in two weeks. this is since he canceled an overseas trip. he's expected to speak at a california economic summit in monterey. some reports indicate that he did appear over the weekend at a san francisco wedding. but his recent time out of the public view, well, it is fueling some of the rumors on the rumor mill. on social media his wife tried to squawk speculation including suggestions he may have had some bad reaction to a covid booster shot. she indicated newsom had family obligations, even telling people, quote, get a life. she later took that post down. newsom canceled an appearance at the climate summit in scotland late last month. coming up here, a shocking story. imagine finding out that you have been raising the wrong baby for one year. well, ahead, we'll tell you how one family found out that and what they are now demanding from the people responsible. >> and today on the kelly clarkson show. selma hayek stops by and shares
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a story of why her eternals co-star angelina jolie shoved her face in a cake. watch kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon.
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welcome back. you're watching nbc bay area. the entertainment world mourning the death of actor dean stockwell. he had a career that spanned more than 70 years. he played all sorts of roles in movies and television. received an ascorfor the film "married to the mob." he also won a golden globe for his role in nbc's "quantum leap." i loved him in that. sam was his name, right? popular series that ran five seasons right here on nbc. starting in 1989. dean stockwell died on sunday. he was 85 years old. >> may he rest in peace. now to a shocking story from los angeles where a woman and her husband are suing a fertility clinic for negligence and malpractice. they claim she gave birth to the
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wrong child after doctors allegedly implanted a stranger's embryo during an in vitro treatment. stephanie gosk has the details. >> reporter: for one california couple, a life-changing mistake altered their dream of having a child. >> truly impossible nightmare. >> reporter: daphne carried a child via ivt to term. they were raising a baby girl for months only to discover the child was a different race and genetically unrelated to them. >> the heartbreak and confusion cannot be understated. >> reporter: unable to conceive their second child on their own, the couple turned to the california center for reproductive health to freeze their embryos and get in vitro. following one unsuccessful try, the procedure worked. >> that's it. i'm settled. i'm done. my life is perfect. >> reporter: after birth, the couple began suspecting the child may not be theirs. >> the moment our second daughter was born should have
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been among the happiest of my life. i immediately felt shaken, confused as to why i didn't recognize her. >> reporter: they ordered a dna test, confirming their worst fears. >> the child was not related to either daphna or alexander. >> instead of breast feeding my own child, i breastfed and bonded with a child i was later forced to give away. >> reporter: the embryo belonged to a stranger who livered and began raising the cardinale's baby. both couples went to court and legally exchanged children but they could not get the time back. >> we missed an entire year of our daughter's life. >> reporter: they filed a lawsuit against the california center for reproductive health and the doctor involved. the defendants did not immediately respond to our request for comment. calling it a traumatic experience, the cardnales are now healing and working to bond with their biological child.
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>> wow. new developments out of houston following friday's music festival crowd surge that killed eight people. we are now learning that first responders at that scene declared it a mass casualty emergency at 9:38. but travis scott continued to play until 10:15. it's still, however, too early to tell if scott knew what was going on, which is why he continued to play. >> no, not at this point. i'm not prepared to say that i'm not prepared to say that he was fully aware of the -- what was going on. all i'm saying is that everybody at that event from the artists on down, security and everybody that is there to provide public safety, including the crowds, ha responsibility when we attend these to ensure each other's safety. >> scott is now offering to pay the funeral costs for the victims. he is also bowing out of the upcoming day in vegas festival scheduled for this weekend.
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post malone will be taking his place. the tourist and airline industry looking forward to a flood of international visitors. but what does the new policy mean for you and your holiday travel plans? here's what experts say. >> just show your proof of vaccination and get the test. the testing requirements for the u.s. are quite lenient. you need a pcr test or rapid test. i've flown in from countries overseas and i don't need to get a pcr test because rapid tests are cheaper than pcr tests. and more assessly accessible and you don't have to worry about having a lab get you the results in time. the rapid test is the way to go. >> watch a few interview on nbclx that's 11-5, xfinity cable 185 or this midday, we'll take a live look. let's go on a trip. this is where snow has already been falling for you. this is when that storm passed through the bay area. that's the storm that created
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that beautiful snow there. the camera there that you're seeing is from palisades ski resort. and that is real snow. the resort also says those temperatures have been low enough for them to actually fire up the snow-making machine for the first time this year. the resort right now hopes to reopen november 24th, perhaps sooner than if that snow keeps coming down. >> guess the puffy ski jacket. >> ready to go. >> we can see it was snowing earlier. now it's turned to raindrops. the temperatures are warming up even at that elevation. for the bay area, especially for the north bay, look at mt. tam, still going up. now over 4 inches of rain and in the santa cruz mountains, over 2 inches of rain there. santa rosa, over an inch and three quarters. san francisco approaching an inch. and about a half inch in antioch. and so as we look at san rafael, an inch and a half there. fairfield over an inch of rain.
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oakland, livermore, san martin, a half inch of rain. that looks good. and then we still have some light rain falling in some spots, especially as you go down the peninsula. parts of the east bay around milpitas and fremont. some light rain at this point. so you may still have to deal with the umbrella, but for the most part, the rain is going to be tapering off. we can see drier air starting to intrude on the back edge of this atmospheric river. take a look at the connection that goes all the way across the atlantic and so this is going to be really what enhances the rain and at some time we'll see these atmospheric rivers it depends on the intensity and the rain they bring and they wave back and forth. can be as long as 2,000 miles. that's that subtropical connection. and it's going to stay active here going into at least early next week. but a lot of the rain targets the pacific northwest. by the time it gets here, models show it falling apart next tuesday. that will be our next chance of rain.
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we'll see if this can hold together, but if not, we're looking at still some very dry conditions. and our reservoirs do need more rain. take a look at our north bay reservoirs. right now only about half of the capacity. a little better with east bay mud but doing very poor for a lot of our south bay reservoirs. and we compare that to the statewide average, the historical capacity. and we're right at about half of what we take an average of all of these across the state. so only halfway there but we are still early in our water year. looking at all of the rain that's going to be moving out, we take a look at the seven-day forecast. we are seeing this rain taper off. partly, mostly cloudy skies today and not a whole lot happening over the next few days with our temperatures in the low 70s. veterans day looking really nice. the weekend, highs in the low 70s. next week we'll start to see more clouds moving in. for san francisco, mid-60s. and we'll stay there. upper 60s into the next several days. and a mix of sun and clouds. but things are starting to quiet
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down, marcus and laura. and so that's what we're expecting going into hopefully a very nice weekend. we can make some plans and get outside. >> sounds great. thanks. amazon will reportedly submit plans next week for a new warehouse and shipping center in san francisco. the company purchased the property about a year ago. located on seventh street at the edge of mission bay. executives presented the plan last night during a community meeting. if the plan is approved, the facility will provide about 500 new jobs and may be up and running within two years. it comes as amazon is looking to expand its facilities here in the bay area. the sacramento district attorney who prosecuted the golden state killer is launching a "true crime" podcast. the da wants to give people a behind the scenes look at the police work that led to the arrest of joseph deangelo. that podcast is called "inside the crime files" and three episodes have been released. they prosecuted deangelo for
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crimes across california that spanned 12 years and went unsolved for more than three decades. last year, deangelo pled guilty to 13 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of kidnapping. happening tonight, it's night two of "the voice." ♪♪ ♪♪ >> big finish there from sacramento native katie ray. she's among the 20 artists all singing for the chance to advance to next week's top 13. to this point, singers have only had to impress their coaches but now they are going to need your votes to move ahead. >> dial in. watch the live rounds of "the voice" here on nbc bay area. that show airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. followed by an all new "ordinary joe." and then catch nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> what a fun song to sing. coming up next -- don't come anywhere near it. >> that's the message for some wicked fans ahead of the planned
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musical movie adaptation next here on nbc bay area news. the person thousands say they do not want to share the screen with. thanksgiving travel expected to look different this year. aaa says more than 53 million people are expected to travel for the holidays. that's a 13% increase from last year and only a 5% below the 2019 level. most holiday travel will likely be on the roads. aaa predicts more than 48 million people will be driving this thanksgiving. and more than 4 million people are expected to fly. and 80% increase from last year. we'll be back with more for you right after the break.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." look at these pictures. kris sanchez and her family that she posted on social media. her mam and dad were in town. she got a little bit spoiled, which is nice. keep up with kris's adventures on instagram, facebook and twitter. stay away from "wicked." no, stay away is the message for fans of wicked. a new online petition is gaining signatures. the petition is asking that james corden stay away from joining the movie cast. >> last week we were telling you about ariana grande, cynthia
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areevo that are going to step in. now fans are asking that comedian corden stay away from that film completely. corden was no stranger to film adaptations. hit broadway musicals. he's been in "cats" and "into the woods." production is expected to begin next week. the movie will be produced by universal pictures which is owned by comcast which also owns this tv station. >> i wonder what his would be. >> he'll probably bust out a song. >> we were singing in the rain overnight. >> yes, and now that rain is starting to wrap up but still maybe some spotty light showers the rest of the day. partly to mostly cloudy. a lot more sunshine into the rest of the week and the weekend as our temperatures warm up. headed back for the lower 70s. >> not too bad. >> sounds good. thanks so much to you for joining us for our midday news cast. next one coming up at 5:00. >> get the latest information
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all day long at nbc we'll be back here not only for midday but even earlier, 4:30 to 7:00 in the morning for "today in the bay." join us then. >> see you then. have a great tuesday.
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and i heard about the research behind it. taking prevagen, i have noticed that i can think clearly. my memory is better. i can say that prevagen is one of the most outstanding supplements i've ever taken. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. good morning and welcome to "california live" from lover's point in pacific grove. we have a lot of fun here on "california live." today we're going even further. we're going to take a red engine ride along the monterey coast and go on a wine tour. like this? >> oh, i do. let me get this straight, malou. captain malou, excuse me. it's a wine tour with some urgency? >> you think? >> definitely urgency, yeah. >> malou, i have to ask, is that a real fire engine?


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