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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 9, 2021 2:06am-2:32am PST

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rittenhouse. >> i thought that the defendant was an active shooter. >> reporter: he said he had gone to the racial justice protest in kenosha, wisconsin last august to serve as a volunteer medic he testified he confronted rittenhouse after seeing the then 17-year-old shoot a man just feet away with an ar-15 style rifle. >> the defendant had re-racked his weapon with the rifle still aimed at me. >> reporter: he had a gun in his hands with his armed raised >> what was going through your mind at this particular moment >> that i was going to die. >> reporter: rittenhouse fired shooting him at the bicep. throughout the trial, prosecutors have showed the jury videos from multiple angles painting rittenhououse as a vigigilante. lookoking for trtrouble. > part of m my job is if therere is somebobody hurt i'm running into harm's way. >> reporter: but today during cross-examination, the defense ripped into grosskreutz arguing he chased rittenhouse. >> you had said that you were looking for a non-lethal way to end
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this interaction >> that is correct, yes. >> yet, you pulled your gun out and began -- i'm going to use the word chase you began chasing or running after a man who was running away from you, correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the defense also pointed out that grosskreutz was suing the city and could benefit financially if rittenhouse is convicted. rittenhouse faces seven charges, including first degree intentional homicide his lawyers insist he acted in self-defense. the prosecution is expected to rest its case as early as tomorrow rittenhouse himself could testify later this week. >> all right, gabe thank you. in just 60 seconds, former president's obama's rallying call on climate change, which countries he's pointing the finger at and alec baldwin speaking out again after that deadly movie set shooting what he is calling for on all movie sets.
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new subpoenas issued tonight to six former trump campaign aids by the house committee investigating the january 6th attacks. they include bill stepien, the 2020 campaign manager and jason miller a senior campaign adviser and michael flynn, a former national security adviser the committee is demanding their testimony and records. at the white house today, president biden taking a victory lap after the passage of his bipartisan trillion dollar infrastructure bill. but there are daunting new battles just around the corner. garrett haake is on capitol hill >> reporter: president biden tonight celebrating two victories at the white house. the milwaukee bucks nba championship and the bipartisan infrastructure bill he hopes will be a political slam dunk. >> are you feeling momentum >> i'm always optimistic it's going to be a tough fight, and it ain't over yet as they
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say. the old expression goes but i feel good. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: the late friday vote a possible turning point for the president who saw democrats lose the governorship in virginia last week and his own approval slide to a new low, 38% in a poll out today democrats trying to bounce out of a week they hope was rock bottom with a packed month ahead in congress the house plans to vote on the president's $1.75 trillion climate and family care bill the week of november 15th. sending it to the senate both chambers must pass bills to avoid a shutdown by december 3rd and congress expects to have to raise the debt ceiling again before year's end or face default. republicans focus on opposing the larger spending bill. >> the american people basically said last tuesday, stop. enough is enough >> reporter: that bill now the democrats top priority with no margin for error left. how concerned are you or what's your feeling about the political
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prognosis there? >> i am so confident and i'm excited, quite frankly, the democrats when we're in the majority, this is what we do. we deliver for the american people. >> reporter: the president looking to capitalize on his political momentum with a trip to baltimore's port on wednesday and a bipartisan signing ceremony likely next week lester >> garrett haake on the hill, thank you. and as president biden looks to cement his agenda here at home, one of his predecessors was on the world stage. former president barack obama making an urgent call to action at the un climate summit anne thompson is in scotland tonight. >> reporter: like the football coach at halftime. >> hello, glasgow. >> reporter: former president barack obama rallying the climate change conference. now in its final week. >> we are nowhere near where we need to be at. >> reporter: calling out china and russia for not doing more to cut greenhouse gases then the democrat aiming his fire at the trump administration and republicans. >> one of our two major parties has decided not only to sit on the sidelines
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but express active hostility toward climate science. >> reporter: but now system some republicans are here to work on solutions >> my name is john curtis, and i'm a republican and i'm at cop. how cool is that? >> reporter: the head of the congressional conservative caucus came >> we know we must reduce emissions now let's have a thoughtful conversation about how we do that. >> reporter: also in scotland, republican senator lisa murkowski from oil rich alaska, conforming twice as fast as the rest of the world. >> there is an expression if you are not at the table, you are on the menu. >> reporter: murkowski part of a bipartisan delegation led by democratic senator christ koonz to reassure those who doubt americans resolve. >> i'm trying to deliver a partial answer to that question, will we stay the course >> reporter: murkowski says to move forward on climate change whether it is tax incentives or carbon tax, the two parties must work together as they did on the infrastructure bill. >> the only way that
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we are going to put in place policies that will be enduring and thus policies that will be effective is when they are bipartisan >> reporter: so the nation has climate policies that can survive no matter which party is in power. lester >> anne thompson, thank you. alec baldwin is speaking out again after his involvement in that accidental shooting death on a movie set in new mexico the actor said on social media that every film or tv production using guns fake or otherwise should have a police officer on the set hired by the production company to monitor weapon safety. up next, why shopping in some stores this holiday season may be a lot harder in "the price you pay.
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new evidence tonight on strokes and the kind of fat you eat. a large study found of those who ate the most vegetable fats were 12% less likely to have a stroke compared to those who ate the least amount of those fats those who ate the most animal fat were 16% more likely to have a stroke. fat from dairy was not associated with stroke risk let's turn now to the price you pay. those supply chain problems we have been telling you about, well, they're really hitting home for small businesses who find it hard to compete with the big stores stephanie ruhle has more on their struggle to keep up >> reporter: a normally busy holiday shopping season is in danger of collapse for small business owners, feeling the brunt of the supply chain problem. >> i'm scared about what's going to happen
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this holiday season. >> reporter: jessica is a third generation owner of klem's. >> we have seen supply chain shortages all over the store in pretty much every defendant. >> reporter: items she needs to run her business like lawnmowers and footwear are not getting delivered. >> we normally sell about 70 push mowers a year this year we were able to receive five. normally these shelves would be completely full. >> reporter: 50% of businesses across the u.s. say supply chain issues are affecting their business and 70% believe these problems will continue for six months in new orleans, candace owned this book shop. shortages have forced her to turn a page on how they operate the online book seller, they can get those books to customers. >> yeah, they absolutely can you know, i may be losing some customers, but i'm gaining new customers every day because of my expertise in books.
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>> reporter: candace is usually able to give recommendations for other books if a customer can't find what they're looking for. >> i am cautiously optimistic about the future. >> reporter: why cautiously optimistic? what gives you a reason to be optimistic at all. >> people love books i do believe the supply chain issues will work themselves out eventually. >> reporter: but in the meantime, they'll wait for those shipments. up next, the firefighters inspiring america by helping one of their broththers in need
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finally in our inspiring america tonight, the remarkable brotherhood of firefighters who came to the rescue of one of their own here's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: brian always answered the call of duty he became a firefighter in 2000 and ended up at ground zero. >> my strength comes from the fact that i got 20 years on top of the brothers that -- 345 guys didn't make it home. >> reporter: it was a brotherhood that was there for brian when he started battling nonhodgkin's lymphoma when no treatment seemed to work. >> unfortunately for brian, the disease has come back a few times. >> reporter: so his doctors recommended one of the last lines of defense, a blood stem cell transplant if brian could find a stranger who was a match. again, the fdny jumped in with donor drives as far away as los vegas. >> brother fireman he served the city of new york. >> reporter: and then the news they had been
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waiting for. a match. someone already in the system. >> everything is confirmed. the donor collected, so we have the cells. >> reporter: a donor brian doesn't know. >> who is this kid that stepped up to the plate? i look forward to the day i get to meet him and thank him. >> reporter: last thursday he got his transplant today he's home recovering. >> reporter: brian, it is so good to see you. how are you feeling? >> for the most part, i'm feeling really good >> reporter: already embracing his new mission, encouraging others to join a bone marrow registry. >> you could change someone's life like someone changed mine >> reporter: he may no longer wear the uniform, but there is still a hero inside. kristen dahlgren, nbc news new york. and that's "nightly news" for this monday. thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. gogood night
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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ every time you come around, you know i can't say no ♪ ♪ every time the sun goes down, i let you take control ♪ ♪ i can feel the paradise before
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my world implodes ♪ ♪ and tonight had something wonderful ♪ ♪ my bad habits lead to late nights, endin' alone ♪ ♪ conversations with a stranger i barely know ♪ ♪ swearin' this will be the last, but it probably won't ♪ ♪ i got nothin' left to lose, or use, or do ♪ ♪ my bad habits lead to you ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ ♪ my bad habits lead to you ♪ ♪ we took the long way 'round ♪ ♪ burned 'til the fun ran out, now ♪ ♪ my bad habits lead to late nights, endin' alone ♪ ♪ conversations with a stranger i barely know ♪ ♪ swearin' this will be the last, but it probably won't ♪
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♪ i got nothin' left to lose, or use, or do ♪ ♪ my bad habits lead to wide eyes stare into space ♪ ♪ and i know i'll lose control of the things that i say ♪ ♪ yeah, i was lookin' for a way out, now i can't escape ♪ ♪ nothin' happens after two, it's true, it's true ♪ ♪ my bad habits lead to you ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: all right! welcome to "the kelly clarkson show"! give it up for my band playing "bad habits" by ed sheeran! so we have someone on the line who is very familiar with that song, can we say hi to him, everybody? what's up, ed sheeran? [cheers and applause] um, give it up, give it up,
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people. they love you. it is great to see you again. i'm going to lead with this. it is absolutely terrifying to be singing someone song and then listening while you're doing it. i was like oh, my god. i love that song though. "bad habits" is such a jam. i love it, why did you write that? >> ed: thank you. i loved your version by the way. i was listening to your version wondering whether i should have used more electric guitar, because it sounds pretty great. i wrote it kind of by accident. i was working with the two people that i made the album with johnny and fred, and freud is primarily like a dance producer, and he played me a tune that he was just about to release and it was a really, really heavy dance tune. and i said let's try to make something upbeat they could also be played on acoustic guitar light, and i was not expecting it to be the first single, it's one of the songs that sort of
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came out and is just stuck, and it's not like -- it hasn't been like my biggest charting single, but i think it will end up being one of my biggest songs just over time. >> kelly: it has longevity. that's the best kind of song coming and i didn't want to freak you out, but my idea was to completely do it just piano and i wanted to make it really dark and sad and then i didn't want to freak you out, so i kept it this way. but i love a song like that. i feel like you write songs like that that you can do a huge band electric guitar, do it big, dance, singer-songwriter. it's an amazing gift you have, song writing knows that. you are a mega mentor on "the voice" this season, super stoked, but i have to ask, who was your favorite coach, ed? i mean, who is that, just shouted out. >> ed: only one person gave me a gift. >> kelly: you're like i can't say! >> ed: i still have it. >> kelly: i give you presence.
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>> ed: i have it in this house. >> kelly: i will buy your love, ed sheeran! i will do it. your daughter lyra which is the most beautiful name ever, she just turned one, how do you think she has changed you? >> ed: i mean, my bedtime has shifted and no longer getting up at 5:00, getting up at 4:05 which is good, but there is new emotion that has come from having a daughter, she is just wonderful, just wonderful. and knows what her eyes and head and mouth, and on the verge of talking, it's incredible to watch these things happen. >> kelly: it so cool, it's so fast that they change. they change so quickly so fast. your new album is "equal" what is this about rather than being equal? >> ed: the equal sign, i feel
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like being 30, equal is the end of the question in a start of an answer, and i feel like my 20s were just hell of a lot of questions, and now my 30s, they are starting to get answered for better or for worse, so the album is just -- i say it's a quarter life crisis album, but it's essentially turning 30, getting married, having a kid, losing a friend and sort of figuring out who i am around all of that. >> kelly: i love that. a lot of people will relate to that. it can't wait to hear it. you're touring again, which i know a lot of artists, we are all stoked to be doing again. where are you looking forward to playing? are you doing hometown shows? >> ed: you know, i have never really done hometown shows until the end of the tour, because it feels like the time where you finish and that's the celebration, so i'm looking forward, i am playing some cities and islands that i have never played before and i love touring islands, but to be honest the first leg of the tour
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i am doing the kind of places where it's safe to do shows at the moment in europe, where they sort of had festivals and is tried and tested and everything is covid secure, because i just want to see if it works before bringing it elsewhere, so i am excited to play london and paris and excited to play all of the places in germany, but i will be coming to the states in 2023, all of the dates are getting finalized now. [cheers and applause] >> kelly: don't you be a liar, you better bring your show here, because i want to go. it's so nice to see you, ed, thank you for zooming in. >> ed: can i just say it was such a wonderful day hanging out with you on "the voice" and i just think you're such a fabulous person. and i can't wait to see you, so thank you for having me back! >> kelly: thank you! see, it worked, the jacket bought my love. ed


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