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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 9, 2021 1:37am-2:01am PST

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♪ right now at 11:00, the radar is active as another atmospheric river arrives. i will show you how much rain could soak your neighborhood and how it is going to impact your
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morning commute. also, overwhelmed with grief. the family of a toddler killed by a stray bullet on 880 shares their anguish. the help they need from you tonight as investigators try to track down that shooter. and from heartache to joy. the wait is over for so many families. >> how sad can we be? you are in the greatest country on earth, in america. >> the emotional reunions at bay area airport after the united states lifts the travel covid ban. ♪♪ good evening, everyone. two major issues unfolding right now. widespread internet outage and a microclimate weather alert. let's start with the atmospheric river hitting the bay area. as you can see there, that radar, a lot of green. >> a lot of green and yellow there. let's take a live look outside from the network of cameras. a lot of wed roads. if you can, stay home in the next few hours. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are getting the rain and not as much damage, right, as we saw
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a couple of weeks ago? >> exactly. it really has a lot to do with the speed of the storm system. this afternoon this really started to speed up, so it is limiting any kind of flooding concerns. so overall beneficial we are getting the much-needed rainfall and not seeing too many damage reports, although the winds have been gusting to about 50 miles per hour. some of our highest peaks, so i know, yes, in fact you have been dealing with a lot of the wind. right here across the north bay we've seen about a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain so far. that's where some of the highest totals have been coming in from. you can see the yellow showing up on the radar, it is some of the heavier pockets. let's put a track on it. through the north bay heavy rain continuing through san rafael. vallejo, to you by 10:43. san francisco, all a batch here of heavy rain continuing through the next 15 to 20 minutes. it will make it over to oakland by 11:38, orinda by 11:50. you can also see it is moving
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off towards concord by 11:18. back into pittsburg by 11:34. we haven't seen much in san jose. that's typical of an atmospheric river. we are seeing a rain shadow so a few sprinkles so far tonight, but eventually we will see the rainfall pick up for you overnight. here is what we're looking at. wind gusts as well out of the south, 20 to 40 miles per hour. that could bring down some more trees and power issues and also some sierra snow. that snowfall happening right now, continuing into the morning. we are seeing anywhere from 2 inches in tahoe city to 8 inches in kirkwood. if you are going there tomorrow morning, be prepared for those winter conditions. now, coming up in less than 20 minutes you will want to stick around for this, we'll have a look at my long-range outlook and i will show you when i'm seeing more rainfall returning to the bay area. >> jeff, thank you. you can track the storm on our nbc bay area app. download it and click right there on our radar. it will show you when the storm will hit your neighborhood and when it will leave. we are also following
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breaking news now. if your internet is out you are not alone. xfinity experiencing a widespread outage that started just before 10:00 this evening. now, we are hearing aukh, as fa monterey. unclear if the outage is at all weather related or what the cause is. minutes ago marin county sheriff tweeted there are reports of internet outages throughout marin and sonoma counties. it says not to call 911 to ask why your internet is out. call your internet service provider. in the last few minutes we heard of some areas in the bay area coming back online. xfinity posted on its app it is hoping to have the issue resolved around 11:10, 11:15 tonight. xfinity, by the way, and nbc are owned by comcast. this evening they came together to mourn a little boy shot and killed on 880 in oakland this weekend. that toddler, the innocent victim of escalating violence in oakland. the family of jasper wu is begging for your help tonight.
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the boy's grandfather expressing disbelief and deep sorrow at the boy's loss. nbc's cheryl hurd joins us live from fremont with more details. that must have been so sad so night. >> reporter: oh, it really is, jessica. i am live in fremont because this is where the family lives, a family overwhelmed with grief. the grandfather speaking out tonight, hoping that his words will prompt someone to come forward to help authorities find the person who killed his grandson. basically adorable, loving and energetic boy, that's how liu is describing his grandson jasper wu tonight, his eyes showing the pain he is feeling inside. >> translator: what he really wants is to capture this perpetrator because he doesn't want these people or person hurting more innocent people.
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>> reporter: the chp says jasper's family was driving southbound on 880 in oakland saturday afternoon when their car was struck by a stray bullet, hitting the toddler in the head, killing him. two other children were in the car. at a news conference this evening, the chp says the family was not the intended target. >> california highway patrol's mission is to make sure that the motoring public is safe when they're traveling the freeways. >> reporter: it is hard to feel that way when the chp is reporting that there were 76 shootings on alameda county freeways in a 12-month period. >> i can only imagine what the parents are going through. >> reporter: several community members gathering in west oakland tonight to remember jasper, the memorial happening about an hour after jasper's father landing at sfo traveling from china to the bay area to bury his son, a son he never met in person. >> he was supposed to come back
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but because of covid-19 he couldn't do that. unfortunately, this little baby is unable to see to his own second birthday. >> reporter: that was carl chan, president of the chamber of commerce in chinatown. he is helping the family put together a gofundme page, but there's another page out there that has raised some $5,000 so far. but the family says that that page has no ties to them. reporting live in fremont, i'm cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news". >> cheryl, thank you. a long-time san francisco cop who was just 47 years old has died after complications from covid. he was among the police officers in san francisco who was placed on leave for not following the city's vaccine mandates, at least not according on time. not just san francisco but oakland and san jose also have the vaccine mandates. here is nbc bay area's jean elle. >> reporter: a san francisco police officer dies after testing positive for covid. he worked for the sfpd for 17 years. his widow says the 47 year old
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tested positive for covid last week and was rushed to the hospital saturday where he died. police sources tell nbc bay area he was among the 41 officers placed on leave for not meeting the city's november 1st vaccination mandate. as of tonight, the san francisco human resources department says 98% of city employees are now vaccinated. in san jose, city officials say 95% of employees have now provided proof of vaccination. of the 354 that have not yet gotten their shots, all but six are either on their way to full vaccination status or have religious or medical exemptions. >> and if they received their exemption, they have to be tested at least twice a week and show that they have a negative covid test to remain on the workforce. >> reporter: the city of san jose has sent out notices to the six employees without an exemption, letting them know they may lose a week of pay for not getting vaccinated and more extreme consequences are
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possible. the city of oakland is requiring employees to report vaccine status by november 15th and be fully vaccinated by the end of the month unless they applied for an exemption. employees who don't get the shot may be terminated. as bay area cities crackdown, there is pushback against mandates in other parts of the country. the biden administration is responding to an appeals court decision temporarily blocking its vaccine or weekly testing requirement for private companies with 100 or more workers. florida is just one state challenging that mandate. >> no cop, no firefighter, no nurse, nobody should be losing their jobs because of these jabs. >> reporter: as appeals work their way through the court system, the white house is urging business owners to continue encouraging employees to get the shot. jean elle, "nbc bay area news". well, it is a hotly debated topic among parents with young kids to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. well, tonight the santa clara
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county office of education held a virtual town hall to answer some parents' questions. they were joined by doctors from the county, stanford. the county has set up more than 80 school vaccine sites to prioritize access to the highest impacted communities. doctors reminded parents vaccines are safe and effective for the newly eligible 5 to 11 year olds, adding in the 3,000 clinical trials that were done on kids there were no major adverse effects and no deaths. the parents asked questions about the potential for a condition that has an inflammation of the heart. >> as a matter of fact the myocarditis risk from infection is more than 100 times higher than the risk from the vaccine. >> so will the kiddie vaccines help lift the school mask mandates? that decision, they say, is up to the state. officials say no plan or metrics for lifting the mask mandate as of now. months after a blind woman was sexually assaulted in cupertino deputies still need
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help finding her attacker. tonight they showed these photos. this is the santa clara county sheriff's office says this man grabbed a woman and assaulted her in a parking lot near stevens creek boulevard. it happened in may. investigators haven't been able to identify him. he drove a silver scion, with toy trucks on the dash. if you recognize the person at the target store, you are asked to call the sheriff's department. still no clearances about what triggered the lockdown at the great mall in milpitas last week. on friday night police swarmed the mall after getting calls of a fight and possible shooting. police found no evidence of a shooting after they swept the mall. today police revealed officers did break up a fight and a questioned three people. one of them, a 15 year old with a knife. that teenager was booked into juvenile hall. a bay area high school football coach is back on the job after being put on leave. this stems from a viral video. last month you might recall we showed you this video of a
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dangerous drill that was run during football practice at el cerrito high school. the video was shot in 2019. you see the players there getting hit over and over by two on-rushing players. after the video surfaced the school's coach was placed on administrative leave. he has now been reinstated by the school district. a source tells us that he was also el cerrito's athletic director was not at the practice the day the drill was run. the assistant coach who ran the drill in 2019 was fired shortly after. i want to take you back to our microclimate weather alert. rain coming down hard in parts of the bay area. you can see -- pardon me. >> let's bring in nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney. we talk about the rain. we can see it with the umbrella in full force, terry. >> yeah, i heard you guys talking about there's some green on the doppler and there's some yellow on the doppler. this is the yellow. it has been coming down here for the past three hours or so, light and then slightly heavier.
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right now it is coming down about as hard as it has. nothing to compare with the atmospheric river that we had a few weeks ago back in october, but this is really needed, especially here in marin county. take a look at video we have of the rain coming down here in san anselmo. marin county is definitely in need of rain. seven reservoirs, it takes care of its own water supply. it absolutely has to have rain, and it is getting some now. with that goodman's hardware supply in mill valley, talking to people. they were -- they got the wake-up call with the previous downpour back in october. at the prediction of rain this time around they were grabbing tarps and sandbags. if we come back to the video here in san anselmo you see the sandbags in front of the store. they were taken by surprise perhaps a little bit by the atmospheric river last time. they're not going to be surprised this time around. again, the rain coming down big
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time here in marin county. the eoc has been -- emergency operation center has been partially opened just to be on the safe side, and i have not heard of any massive outages here. pg&e also deploying more resources to the marin county area in the bay area in general. live in san anselmo, terry mcsweeney, "nbc bay area news". >> thank you, terry. we like to hear that and see that. jeff. well, tracking that rainfall coming down right now. we'll show you where the heavy bands of rain are moving and what's ahead for the morning commute. and then families reunited after the u.s. lifts its covid travel ban, but not just families that are smiling tonight. what it also means for businesses and our local economy. and after six months in space, the spacex crew returns to earth from
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vice president kamala harris left for paris this evening. she will meet with french president emmanuel mac reason on wednesday and will take part in veteran day ceremonies. it is all part of ongoing efforts to mend relationships with america's oldest ally. a submarine deal between the u.s. and australia, causing australia to back out of its deal with france. the u.s. has reopened its borders for the first time in
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almost two years to travelers fully vaccinated coming into the u.s. it is also something that businesses and cities, especially here in the bay area, have been waiting for. nbc bay area's ian cull has more. >> welcome back to america. >> reporter: joyful moments full of tears and even champagne toasts 20 months in the making. families reuniting tonight at sfo as the international travel ban due to covid was lifted. >> how excited can we be? you are in the greatest country on earth. you are in america. it is good to have access to america. >> reporter: she saw her family from el salvador for the first time in two years and the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer. >> my mom was going to a cancer treatment so we couldn't travel or to bring them because of covid and everything, so we're super excited to have them for the holidays. >> reporter: with vaccination rates rising, the white house today reopened u.s. borders to 33 countries including china, india, brazil, south africa and much of europe, though international arrivals from
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other countries had also dropped off. now airports are packed and there's heavy traffic at both the mexican and canadian borders. >> this is the good news that we've been waiting for for quite a while. >> reporter: he is the president and ceo of the san francisco chamber of commerce. he says one-third of the city's tourists are from around the world. >> san francisco, as you see, has 20 million visitors that come annually. part of the lack of the energy in downtown san francisco is because of lack of tourism, and so we're very excited to see this latest news come about. >> reporter: effective today, new rules require international visitors to show proof of vaccination and a recent negative covid test. there are a few exceptions for the unvaccinated. that's for travelers under 18 and those traveling from countries with low vaccine availability and in certain humanitarian and emergency situations. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: after the pandemic halted so much, today families oceans apart finally getting to
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hold each other again. ian cull, "nbc bay area news". it was the deadliest and one of the most destructive fires in california history. three years ago to this day the campfire began near chico. today governor newsom announced the cleanup is almost complete. crews removed debris from 11,000 burned properties in butte county and got rid of 97,000 trees. this was drone video from 2018. the campfire leveled communities in a matter of hours. that included the town of paradise. >> heavenly father, please help us. please help us be safe. >> just chilling to relive all of these moments here, flames on both sides of the road as thousands of people fled. at least 85 people did not survive. rebuilding is a slow process, but there is progress. in the days and months after the fire people left paradise for good, but today more than 1,000 homes have been rebuilt.
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the town is now home to 190 businesses. we spoke to the mayor of paradise earlier this evening. he moved there eight years ago and was elected the city council just days before the campfire started. he lost his own home and his business. >> well, it was our home. it is still our home and there was never a doubt that we were going to rebuild. it is like no other community. it is just so close knit, and everybody looks out for everybody still. and the day or the second day after the fire, i probably got 50 to 75 phone calls telling me how sorry they were that we lost our home and our business, and those phone calls were coming from people that had lost their homes. that's what kind of community this is. >> isn't that incredible? what a nice man to share those stories with us. the mayor's message for others, defensible space is key.
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he said it was critical for the homes that did survive that campfire. >> yeah. and after that fire we saw subsequent fires that also ravaged the rest of the bay area here for us, too. so then to watch them go through it and experience it ourselves, it has been kind of this march we've had, jeff, for a couple of years, but now we finally have some rain. >> i know. so many people are rejoicing in the fact that it is november and things look close to what they should be. a little bit more active than normal, but nonetheless we are getting the rainfall. nobody is complaining about this, especially tonight's storm, because primarily this is going to be beneficial for us. we do have the wind. we have some heavy downpours, but because of the speed of this storm system i do think we are going to avoid any kind of major flooding issues, at least based on what i'm seeing right notice. let's take you into some of the heavier rainfall indicated by the yellow and also this orange. you can see really a lot of contra costa even into alameda county, marin, san francisco
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dealing with the heavy rainfall. it will continue to push off to the north and east into hercules. you will keep the heavy rain until 11:47. vallejo will keep the heavier rain until after midnight. san francisco is getting in on it now. that continues into oakland through 11:47. orinda, you are going to continue to see that stay as well through after midnight as well. now, let's bring it off here more to the east. i think back into walnut creek and concord, you are also starting to see it pick up over the next 30 to about 40 minutes. in san jose, as expected, this is very typical of an atmospheric river event, also known as a pineapple express. the mountains really steal a lot of your moisture, so you've only had a few sprinkles. we think there's some rain for you on the way in the next couple of hours but do not expect the heavy, heavy rainfall we are seeing up through parts of the north and east bay. it is not in the cards for you the way this is all lining up for us. so where do we go from here? i think by 2:00 in the morning we are still seeing somewhat of widespread rainfall through the bay area, but then after 2:00
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a.m. we are going to begin to see this break up with some isolated heavier pockets for the morning commute. you have to still have the umbrella tomorrow morning. watch out for the wet roadways, but the trend is that this would break up here as we head through 8:30 in the morning, also into the afternoon. just left with some spotty showers. so rainfall totals, heaviest here in the north bay. we are good for about three-quarters to 1 inch on average. some of the mountains around santa rosa, guerneville, definitely could surpass 2 inch totals. peninsula, east bay around half to three-quarters of anning. san jose, trace amounts to about a quarter of an inch. besides the rainfall we have dealt with the wind. it is very gusty out there, 25 to 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts until 3:00 in the morning. once we roll into the morning commute that wind will start to calm down for us. temperatures tomorrow morning, jackets out, umbrellas, too. we are starting off here in the low 50s across much of the bay area.
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50 in the north bay. east bay at 53. daytime highs really aren't that different across the bay. commuting from the south bay into san francisco we have lots of mid 60s coming your way. on the seven-day forecast you will see in san francisco we dry out wednesday right through the upcoming weekend with the 60s moving in. check it out. veteran's day across the inland valleys, we're going back into the 70s. it will be really beautiful into the upcoming weekend. a few seconds left on the clock. the next question i get when we get rainfall, when are we getting more? i'm calling for a 60% chance we get another moderate storm by the end of this month into early december with a quarter to 1 inch range. so we still have more on tap for us as we head through next month. >> that's great news. >> it is. >> we are enjoying what is happening right now, too. thanks, jeff. happening now, snow made by man and mother nature falling. temps dropped low enough that the palisades tahoe resort was able to fire up the snow-making machine for first time this year. they're hoping that the temperatures stay low enough with real snow expected to fall
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tonight. daily operations at the resort are set to begin november 24


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