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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 8, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive. next, the rain is here. how bad is it going to be tonight? jeff ranieri to break down when and where we will see the heaviest pockets. plus -- >> families and friends together again for the first time since the pandemic began. we're sharing these personal stories of reunions happening at the airport tonight because the travel ban ended today. also, it's been three years since the camp fire, which burned down entire towns. the mayor of paradise joins us to talk about the resiliency of his community and the problems they still face. and happening at this hour, the vigil for that little boy, jasper wu, who was shot over the weekend on 880. his family in fremont so shook
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up. the family just flying in tonight from china. good evening. >> this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. we will get to that heartbreaking story about jasper wu. but we want to start with this stormy monday night. either your neighborhood is wet right now or it's coming soon. rain moving across the bay area as we speak. our exclusive stormranger radar scan is behind me, green and yellow, which means we are active. outside now, some of our live cams, left side of the screen the golden gate bridge and then in the east bay on the right side the roads are starting to get slick. this is the second atmospheric river we have seen in the past couple of weeks. remember the last one? more than foot of rain in parts of the bay area, including the north bay, we saw flooding and we saw a lot of downed trees. tonight it won't be as big or as damaging, but we should still take some caution here.
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let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we did this a couple weeks ago. we are doing it again. not as bad. >> we are getting that out of the way first just because i think there is a lot of folks that are nervous that did get that storm damage and hearing atmospheric river, you know, really kind of sets in just some anxiety. so you can see on this view here the atmospheric river is just not as juicy, so to speak, as what we had. there is still some heavy rainfall. you can see it out here on our stormranger. other radars combining together. eventually this rainfall is going to be moving in with our timeline. >> yeah, what is the timeline? 7:00 right now, just starting for some of us. >> exactly. so 9:00 tonight heavier rain, yellow and orange showing that heavier rain. we will be under this widespread rainfall through 11:30. also into about 2:00 in the morning. then after 2:00 in the morning we should begin to see this break up. i think for the morning commute you need the umbrella. it's going to be hit-and-miss
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rain, isolated heavier pockets, but overall wid consistent rainfall should start to wind down tomorrow morning and then we will be left with a few showers tomorrow afternoon. >> any indication how much rain? we have a good fix on that. the north bay will be the bull's-eye. you will be able to see this on the rain cumulation maps here. the deis at the top. look towards the red and any kind of madgeenta color. that's one to two plus inches. over the north bay, guerneville, santa rosa, in the one to maybe two inches there for some of the higher elevations, possibly a little bit more. look at the south bay. >> i see some green here. >> yes. so we are in a rain shadow. you hear about that from time to time. basically all of the higher elevations over the santa cruz mountains steal all of the moisture and rings out the moisture over the higher elevations and there is not much left for san jose. it's typical for an atmospheric river. less in the south bay. more up across the north bay. >> this time last year we
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weren't talking about this, right? >> right. >> we are like right on schedule and a little bit ahead. so it really is fantastic news for us. we didn't get storms like this until it was like january and february. we didn't even get even cold air moving in until then. so we really are getting exactly what we need. we are getting snow across the syria, too, two to nine inches, and there is going to be some chances as we head into december, early december, for maybe a few more inches of rainfall. >> this is all really good news. >> it really is. >> see you later in the newscast. get access to jeff's radar anytime right there for free ton our nbc bay area app. just tap the weather section to reach it. you can also zoom right into your neighborhood and watch exactly when the rain will roll in. this is a great app to have. also more weather coverage on our website, including a detailed explanation of what exactly the atmospheric river is. okay. among our other big stories on this monday night, a lot of happiness here. sfo looks like sfo again.
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the lifeblood of san francisco and the bay area is travel and tourism. today for the first time in 18 months we opened our doors. travelers from as many as 30 countries worldwide are now allowed once again back here into the united states. we are talking about mexico, canada, the u.k., india, the list goes on. this map shows all the countries that are now allowed back this the u.s. it's happening because the u.s. lifted its ban on visitors. anyone coming into the country must be vaccinated and test negative. this is about real people reunited with their families, their friends and loved ones. for many it's the first time since the pandemic began that they're seeing each other face to face, skin to skin. nbc bay area's thom jensen is at sfo where he caught up with a lot of reunions.
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>> my mom was going through a cancer treatment so we couldn't risk of travel because of covid. so we are super excited to have them for the holidays. >> it's been two years. what's it been like being apart this long because of the travel restrictions? >> hard. it's hard. >> come for two weeks only. but we're happy just to see. >> two years, yes. >> reporter: how have you been communicating? >> on the facetime and talk on the phone you a lot. >> reporter: has it been two years? >> yeah. >> reporter: what has it been like? >> hard. >> reporter: you are a close family, i imagine? >> of course. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw her today. you are looking pretty happy right now. >> it feels great to see them. >> so many hugs. great to see that. there was a major business impact of course to all of this. in san francisco alone the chamber of commerce says the city normally sees 20 million
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visitors annually. one-third of them are from outside of the u.s. with the borders reopening that's a lot of money that can be pumped back into the local economy. small businesses we know this, hit the hardest during the pandemic. more than half went out of business in san francisco. but the ones that sur voifd now have some added hope. >> a lot of the small businesses have felt it, obviously. 51% of the small businesses closed during covid-19. this is a very important piece. and i'll say because the international tourism has an opportunity to impact dollars for hotels, restaurants in san francisco today, tomorrow. the convention business is a little bit slower to react because they plan so far out. we are starting to see activity though and folks planning conventions here in san francisco in a couple of years. and so the best thing right now would be to have a very robust international leisure traveler coming into san francisco and enjoying our great food and our sights and enjoying the city. >> a friend of the program
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there. optimistic here. we always talk about tech a big driving force in the bay area, but it is travel and tourism. our question of the day, are you ready to travel internationally again? kenny is already traveling. on instagram he says it's challenging to go in and out of london. however, if you have been vaccinated and have proof, it's a breeze. and on facebook, michael says, heck no. domestic air travel maybe in 2020. no idea when international could happen. we need more than a week or two between fistfights and savage attacks at 30,000 feet by passengers on passengers or crew members. he says he doesn't have the stomach to travel internationally yet. another story we are watching this evening. this is a tough one. that little boy killed by a stray bullet on saturday afternoon. what makes this even more gut-wrenching, it cool front been any of us. on # 80 in oakland on saturday
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in his car seat when he was shot. he was in the crossfire of an apparent gang shootout. tonight his family is reuniting. melissa colorado at the site of a vigil that start started in oakland. >> reporter: the father of a little boy who was senselessly shot and killed while hayes family was driving over the weekend right here in oakland. he is on his way from china to the bay area instead of celebrating his little boy's 2nd birthday, he is going to be here organizing his son's funeral. i want to show you what's going on. we are here in west oakland are where can see community members have gathered, left behind flowers, candles and a sign that says "rest in peace, jasper wu." a spokesman for the family says the family from fremont is demanding justice as they grieve for the toddler. community activist involved in raising awareness about asian elders are now organizing this
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candlelight vigil for jasper font at 7:00 p.m. right here in west oakland. now, today a chp spokesperson confirms that officers escorted jasper wu's family to the site of the shooting on interstate 880 where they left behind balloons and flowers. another memorial for that little boy. and we are also hearing from oakland mayor liberty shav who says that officers are assisting chp as they try to track down the shooter or group of shooters who were involved. that's the latest here. >> thank you. we spoke to one of the organizers of tonight's vigil there in west oakland. he told us he felt compelled to bring this community together to show support for the family. want to show the respect for the family. anything they need, they have our support. >> again that vigil is happening right now in oakland. late this afternoon the chp says that in the past 12 months
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there have been 76 freeway shootings in alameda county. think about that. 12 months, 76 freeway shootings, most on 580 or 880. up next, we are talking about recovery and resilience. today marks three years since the start of the deadliest fire in california history. almost the entire town of paradise was gone within hours. we are joined by the mayor of paradise about the victory so far and the work still being done to rebuild. also, why is elon musk tweeting about selling billions of dollars in tesla stock? you are watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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the deadliest and one of the most destructive fires in california history. the span of mere hours, the camp fire leveled communities in beaut county near chico, including the town of paradise. >> heavenly father, please help us. please help us to be safe. >> the images we saw were just horrific. flames on both sides of the road as thousands of people fled. at least 85 people did not survive. in all, the fire destroyed about 18,000 homes, businesses, and other structures. this drone video here was shot just a few days after that fire
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in 2018. street after street gone. 95% of paradise burned down. the communities of ma fwal yeah and beaut creek canyon also ravaged by the fire. three years since, many of the 27,000 people of paradise left for good. but not all. today about 6,000 people returned and still call paradise their home. rebuilding is a slow process, but there is progress. as of today about 1,000 homes have been rebuilt. the town is home to 190 businesses. more homes and businesses are in the process of rebuild. so there is some positivity and good news. also today governor newsom announced that the cleanup after the camp fire is also complete. crews removed debris from 11,000 burned properties in beaut county and got rid of 97,000 trees. part of the rebirth of the town of paradise is the mayor there.
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steve crowder. he moved there eight years ago and was elected to the city council just before the days of the camp fire started. he lost his home and he lors his business. mayor crowder joins us now. thanks for being with us. if i can just ask you why did you stay and why did you choose to rebuild? >> well, it was our home. it's still our home. there was never a doubt that we were going to rebuild. >> mayor crowder, sorry to re-live this with you here, but what do you remember about that night, that morning three years ago? what stands out to you? >> well, we knew there was a fire. it was about 15 miles away. i wasn't overly concerned about it at the time. i was watching the news and i was outside and it started raining ash and that was concerning. i heard propane tanks start to explode. so i -- my wife was at work
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already, an i called her and told her to come home and we will get a few things ready and we'll get out. as we -- as i went outside there was a lot across the street from me that was -- had a spot fire going. so i called my wife back. i said you stay where you're at. i am going to come get you. so i did. on the way out of town we stopped at town hall. i asked if there was anything that i could do. i was asked if i would go up and help direct traffic, emptying the town. and i agreed to do that. i went out and kissed my wife good-bye and told her to go down to chico and we'll catch up after. i was in town until probably 3:30, 4:00 that day, and we met
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up at a shopping center in chico after that. it was quite the ordeal. >> i bet. and again thank you for sharing these memories with us. what gooirns would you give all the other communities that you see, not just in california, but across the west coast, that have been hit by wildfires or that are in a fire zone? >> if you're in a fire zone and you haven't had one hit yet, defensible space. forest management. get rid of all that old fuel. defensible space was critical in the homes that did survive. our homes, all of our homes built after 2008 were built to standards which means they were hardened against wildfire, the majority of the town was not. everything is rebuilt today will be up to current standards.
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we're going to be real tough on the defensible space. we have cal fire inspecting every lot, every year. it's just got to be that way so we don't ever experience anything like this again. >> mayor crowder, a lot of people not skbruts in california, but around the country are rooting for you guys. what is the most special thing about your community as we wrap this up? >> it's like no other community. it's just so close knit and everybody looks out for everybody still. and the second day after the fire, i probably got 50 to 75 phone calls telling me how sorry they were that we'd lost our home and our business. and those phone calls were coming from people that had lost their homes. that's what kind of community this is. >> that is incredible. mayor crowder, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. again, we are all rooting for
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you in paradise. we appreciate it. >> thank you. we appreciate it as well. >> of course. let's move on here. elon musk is back in the headlines. actually, he is never really out of the headlines. tesla stock dropped about 5%, about $50 billion. over the weekend he asked his followers if he should sell some of his shares. he tweeted i propose selling 10% of my tesla stock. do you support this? he also said he would honor the results. poll. by the way, 58% voted yes. so what's the deal here? we smile about this. we talk about it in the newsroom all the time. is he serious here? why does he want to sell? to pay back the money he owes in taxes? >> because he will owe taxes because he will be selling some stock. he was vested some options in 2012. if you follow tesla stock, you know there was a good time to get stock options rg they come due next year. he doesn't want it to expire. it's worth $28 billion now. >> he wants to cash in on the
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$28 billion? >> yes. >> but uncle sam wants a chunk? >> $15 million worth. he has to sell a bunch of stock and maybe more after that to pay for selling stock. that's how it works. >> ceo sells stock. but there is not many ceos like him, right? he announces anything. >> right, he hasn't sold any tesla stock yet. he doesn't take a salary. he has been saying there is no way to tax me. i don't get a paycheck. that's not true because of the options. he has been flamboyantly talking about. you mention tesla stock down about $50 billion today because he announced it on twitter which has a market value of about $50 billion. there you go. >> anything else? this is just him being elon musk? >> it is. but one thing that we've come to see elon musk do is get the attention of the s.e.c. you wonder if he didn't do it because of what some could call stockman inlation. hey, i am about to sell billions
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of dollars of stock which will dough press the price. good news for those who might short the stock. you are not supposed to talk about this stuff publicly. >> we could talk about this for about five hours. thank you for your perspective. outside on this stormy monday night, the live camera in walnut creek. get ready for the rain. jeff will rejoin us with an update on tonight's timeline of the storm.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. tonight's storm should bring in fresh powder to tahoe. jeff, they are making snow. forget the natural stuff. they are going right at it. >> why not? >> the newly renamed palisades tahoe firing up the snow-making machines. they plan to open for skiers and boarders november 20th. let's pump in some snow. >> yes. they will get about 9 inches out of the storm, maybe over a foot for the highest peak. >> that's impressive. >> look at this, too. this is right now. our radar is active. we have some real heavy rainfall offshore. if you are headed anywhere in the next couple of hours, watch out for the slick roadways. we'll show you on the futurecast here the heaviest rainfall over the north bay. once we hit 9:00 tonight down to san francisco then we will start to see it move over the south bay by 11:30 tonight. we will stay in a somewhat consistent rainfall activity by 2:00 a.m. after 2:00 a.m. it's going to start to break up.
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i think we will be more in the hit or miss rainfall situation. scattered rain with isolated heavier pockets for the morning commute. rolling through tomorrow afternoon it continues to break up with just an isolated shower chance in the mix. all right. let's get you into that rainfall totals map. off to the north bay anywhere from 1 to 2 inches on average. but the south bay much less. only averaging about a 0.25 inch to 0.5 inch for some areas. rain shadow down there for the south bay. the highest totals to the north. starting off tomorrow with 50s. have the jacket and the umbrella. for the afternoon daytime highs don't adjustment with lots of 60s across the bay area. the seven-day forecast, we stay with dry weather once we hit wednesday. also warming up into the 70s thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. so we get over this storm system, raj, dry weather moves in, early december more rain chances come our way. in primetime now at 8:00 on
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nbc bay area, "the voice." at 10:00 "the lost symbol" and our 11:00 newscast. that does it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, including our producer, thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11.
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i was about to tell my boyfriend hey, tell my son i love him. >> i was lost last night. >> we're grieving, in pain. >> how could this happen? "access" breaks down the chain of events that led to the travis scott tragedy, including the icu nurse that barely made it out alive. >> passed out. >> why is everyone so interested in love life of pete? >> i have no idea. >> the list is so long and now it is kim. what is it about pete davidson and the ladies? >> i am going to marry him, 100%. >> i like to surf,


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