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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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airport. >> what's it been like being apart for this long because of the travel restrictions? >> hard. >> hard, yes. >> hard for a lot of families william travel restrictions lifted we're there as families see each other in the first time for months. remembering that little boy, the toddler killed in the cross fire on the 880. the vigil planned for about one hour from now. the news at 6:00 start right now. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. let's start with the microclimate weather alert. under another atmospheric river. not as powerful as the one we experienced a few weeks ago, but it's still going to bring in a lot of rain. jeff, where are we going to see it first. >> right now everybody is getting showers but the heaviest rainfall expected over the north bay. you can see currently the storm system is pushing it across the
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coastline, but there's just not as much of an atmospheric river top with this. we're getting a boost, but again, it's just not as potent. so a little bit of good news, we'll be able to get beneficial rain, but i do not think we're going to have nearly as many problems. you can see on storm ing raer doppler radar we have pockets dropping. expect that rain to pick up in petaluma at 6:29, lafayette by 6:46. let me show you how things will continue through this evening. 11:00 p.m., widespread coverage of rainfall, and that would continue even into 2:00 in the morning. we'll keep the heavy rain as we move into early tomorrow morning, as we just mentioned but the heaviest rainfall, north bay. wind gusts out of the south at 20 to 40. that's where we could see trees down, power issues.
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i'm back in 20 minutes. >> we'll see you then. as a storm moves through the bay area, we want to you send us your pictures, videos what you are seeing in your neighborhood. tag us on social media platform os email us at isee. get vaccinated or get a job. there were big concerns employee vaccine mandates triggered a mass exodus and public safety crisis, potentially hundreds of people, including cops, could choz to quit rather than vaccinate, but that's not how it's turning out. here's scott budman. >> reporter: san jose police officers have other city employees have, for the most part, stepped up to get vaccinated, and that has san jose city officials breathing a sigh of relief. >> the city of san jose employees care about their coworkers. they care about our community. >> reporter: the city says 95% of it employees have now
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provided proof of vaccination and of the 354 that have not yet gotten their shot, all but six employees are either on their way to full vaccination status or have religious or medical exemptions. >> if they receive their exemption they have to be tested twice a week and though they have a negative test to remain on the work force. >> it's a peace of mind for me. >> reporter: those who live here say they're gad to see the numbers, and are relieved an employee exodus didn't come to pass. >> so i think people are going to get the vaccine, and if they don't, it's on them and they're going to be fired, which is the harsh reality of it. >> reporter: the city says it would rather avoid, that but are telling the six, they could eventually be terminated. >> and i think it's a testament to all of us really wanting to get back to a new life, a new normal. >> reporter: meanwhile, the city says it's sent out notices to the six remaining holdouts,
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telling them they face forfeiture of a week's bay with greater consequences looming san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. a san francisco police officer died after testing positive for covid. officer jack nice was 47 years old. he's a san francisco native who spent 17 years with sfpd. his widow tells he tested positive last week and was rushed to the hospital suffering from complications where he later died. she would not comment on his status, but police tell us he was one of the 49 officers placed on leave for not meeting san francisco's november 1st vaccination deadline. an emotional day at sfo today. lots of tears, hugs and reloaf. that's because the u.s. lifted a long time ban on international travelers. all of that cause by covid.
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nbc bay area's tom johnson joins us now with a day full of reunions after years of separation. >> reporter: the international section here at sfo has always been a place where families were reunited, but these were extra special, the i part for two years because of restrictions. >> daddy! >> reporter: there might in the be anything quite quite as heartwarming as seeing a reunion after a long time apart. for many families the timeless embraces were hulted for two years due to travel restrictions triggered by covid. today those international travel bans were lifted. the result, a day full of powerful reunions. today she saw her nieces from el salvador for the first time since 2019 and the first time since she was diagnosed with cancer. >> my mom was going to cancer treatment, so we couldn't risk to travel or bring them because
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of covid, so we're super excite to have them for the holidays. >> reporter: and for this family, grandma and grandpa are finally able to travel from san salvador and see the children for just the second time in the young childrens's lives. >> what's it been like being apart? >> it's hard. but we're happy just the see. >> reporter: every redown different and special in its own way. for lenore kunz, the relifted restrictions mean she's able to hug her boyfriend for the first time since -- how have you been communicating? face time. a lot more to come as bay area families welcome the end of a ban and return of families separated for too long by a global pandemic.
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in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. we have more coronavirus coveragen our website. vaccine clinics for students are set for wednesday, friday, and sunday, and schools in sonoma county. we posted the full list at nbc bay happening now, his father is on his way to the bay area, the father of that toddler killed while riding in his family's car is arriving from china tonight to help bury his son. a spokesperson says the fremont family is demanding justice as they grieve for their little boy just weeks shy of turning 2 years old. today, a chp spokesperson confirm officers escorted his family to the site. they went there today where they left balloons and flowers and burned incense to honor him. opd is helping the chp
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investigate. community activists involve in the raising awareness of crimes against -- >> come together. we can find his killers if we work with each other. look at your dash cams from that day. if you're a semitruck driver, door dash, uber driver, anything, just please look at your videos. >> happened right on 880 in oakland saturday afternoon in the 2:00 p.m. hour. within the past hour, the chp told us there have been 76 freeway shootings in the east bay in just the past 12 months. they say the majority were on 580 and 880. the family of a fairfield man continues to mourn after he was gunned down trying to buy a car. candles have been put on the sheet where the 19-year-old used to live. he agreed to buy a car after seeing it for sale on an app called offer up. police say when he showed up to
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purchase the car, a woman shot and killed him and took the money. a 24-year-old woman is accused of killing him. >> he had his rough times. he did. but he got his stuff together. he -- you know, he was getting a good car. he was going to come up and see us with his girlfriend. he wanted to become a teacher. he was getting his stuff together, and he was going to be good. >> an uncle said the young man wanted to be a high school english teacher. well, it's critically important but not many people talk about it. we're talking about political redistricting. the south bay is redrawing lines and has one area concerned. >> reporter: even as we speak, the san jose redistricting commission is getting ready to meet with latin members voicing
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their concern. prior to the redistricting meeting latinx community leaders made it clear they don't like what they've heard so far. as part of the of districts various proposals flo latinx as well as many groups of color sent an open letter detailing concerns that so-called minority/majority neighborhoods are being fragmented. >> i'm concerned it pushing family members like mine outside of key districts. there are four key latinx neighborhoods like the one we're this today and right now the community map says, let's just move them. let's dilute their voice. >> reporter: tonight, the commission will weigh in by a unity map put together by various racial groups. that would keep minority/majority yarts in tact. they say numerous issues will not be addressed or given priority in diluted districts. >> obviously the impact of covid-19 in our community, how
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it connects to job loss, housing, and security in neighborhood. >> reporter: we reached out to the commission members but did not hear back. long time activist victor garza says he plans to address the commission, but also wants to hear from them. >> i believe they all have their own idea as to what's in the best interest. however, i believe the community is the one that they should consider, not what they think. >> reporter: it will be a lively debate since redistricting literally affects every part of the city. the meeting is expected to go on until late tonight. to find the link, go to nbc bay robert handa, nbc bay area news. up next, the high school football coach back on the field, reunited after being suspended. it all stems from this video of a drill at an east bay high school. a legally blind woman sexual assault in the a cupertino
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parking lot. why sheriff's deputies are turning to the public for help more than five months later. we are seeing that rainfall beginning to pick up. i'll have to latest on the time line and how much we're going to get out of this coming up in about eight minutes.
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a plea from couper tino police tonight. do you recognize that man in can you help track him down? police say this man in these photographs at the target on stefans creek boulevard in cupertino sexual assaulted a blind woman. that attack happened in may. new photos that the officers hope will help you figure out who that guy is. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff's deputies say this man sexual assaulted a legally blind woman. >> he walked up to her, held her against her will, sexual assaulted her, and at one point he was disrupted and ran off. >> reporter: he ran off after a bystander honked his horn in a parking lot. the assault happened in may, but many who live in the area just learned about it today. >> it's hard to believe.
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this area, i think, is very safe. >> the fact that she's blind, that's even way worse than what it is. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect took off in his silver scion, which had mottle toy trucks on the dash and no front license plate. deputies say the man first made advances toward the same woman earlier the same day as she came out of a nearby coffee shop and she politely declined. sheriff's deputy say before the assault, the victim followed the victim into this store and watched her while she shopped. he then followed her into a parking lot about a block away where he assaulted her. investigate havingers say they've exhausted leads. >> we've reached out not only within santa clara county but outside sources as well. >> reporter: which is why investigators are turning to the public to catch this man and prevent him from harming anyone
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else. nbc bay area news. we have a follow-up to a story that sparked a lot of concern across the country. last month we showed you a viral video of a dangerous drill that was run during football practice at el cerrito high. the players get hit over and over and over by two on-rushing players. after this video surfaced the school's coach was placed on administrative leave. he has now been reinstated. the source tells us, he was not at practice the day this drill was run. the assistant coach who ran this drill back in 2019 was fired shortly after the incident. okay, the clothing line run by kanye west will have to pay almost a million dollar for leaving customers unhappy. sued by prosecutors from alameda, sonoma, and -- counties. customers weren't getting their product on time. state law says products brought
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online must ship out within 30 days unless they're warned it will take longer. yeezy settled without admitting wrong doing. the company is banned from misleading about shipping times moving forward. >> speaking of moving forward, i think the rain is here for many of us and, if it's not, it's about the hit. >> we're starting the see the rainfall return, and that's why we're under the microclimate weather alert. sorts will be getting heavier rainfall. what i want to show you, again, is the storm system moving into the california coastline. we have an atmospheric river tap, but it's just not nearly as extensive as the atmospheric rivers we have had on and off the past three weeks, especially the october 24th river where we had all that damage. we've got to storm moving in. i think we're going to get high totals but again, doesn't look as bad as the historic storm. i want to get that out there.
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i know a lot of you are nervous, if you had roof damage, trees down, without power for days on end. this, again, doesn't look at strong. storm ranger showing some heavier pockets indicated by yellow. rain in san francisco moving towards oakland. also increasing the rainfall here as we move through the next 30 to 40 minutes. the time line on this continues with widespread rainfall through 9:00 tonight. you can see the yellow and orange here. that is indicating the heavier rain. keys at the top as well. as we move through tomorrow morning, right around 2:00 in the morning, we're still staying with that rainfall moving through the bay. but eventually by tomorrow morning it starts to break up around 5:00 a.m. i think we'll still need to umbrella. isolated pockets of rainfall. just not widespread consistent rainfall through tomorrow morning. we'll keep a chance of spotty
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shower as we move through 8:00 a.m. totals highest over the north bay. you can see these bright colors over marin, napa, sonoma county, gurnville. that's where totals welcome back in the 1 to 2 inch range, mill valley. east bay higher elevations getting higher rain. for the south bay, that's where you'll be in a rain shadow and totals will average a quarter, maybe a half inch on the high side. lesser amounts to the south. highest to the north. forecast for tomorrow, keep the umbrella with you. have the jacket also. temperatures starting in low to mid 50s throughout the bay area. and it's pretty simple. not too many changes for microclimate. if you're down here it's going to feel pretty much the same. on my seven-day forecast you'll see in san francisco, we get in on dry weather as we move into
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wednesday all the way through the upcoming weekend, and across the inland valleys, even 70s coming our way, starting on veterans day, and that would continue through this weekend. the next question i get, once we see a storm hitting is when is there going to be more on the way? >> that's the next question. >> and early december is really looking good for potentially more storms that could bring a couple more inches of rainfall. jessica, as you have been mentioning this is good stuff. you love it. >> then thinking thanksgiving right around the corner. >> thank you, jeff. >> up next, helping feed those in need this holiday season. the big donation that a bay area food bank just got.
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ a water main break on the peninsula turned a busy street on belmont into a lake. the problem start late last night when that water main break began, began flooding rolfston avenue. right near notre dame high school.
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police shout down rolfston for hours while crews cleaned up the water. thanksgiving prep under way. a 18 wheeler pulled up to san francisco's food bank carrying four ton of foster forms turkeys. that's enough to serve 10,000 meals in the city and marin county as well. >> these are not just the ingredients for a thanksgiving meal. s this this is about ensuring that families don't have to choose between rent and food or medicine and food. >> this is our way of helping out, and we hope that our donation encourages other companies to support the fine work that the san francisco marin food bank does. not just the pandemic aggravating things this season. you've got is the supply chain log jam, which is another complication. that's driving up prices and making lots of seasonal goodies hard to find. >> are we still doing outdoor
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okay, kind of a staple. palo alto may make outdoor dining a permanent fixture.
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it allows restaurants and businesses to keep the parklet in the busiest parts ofdown town. this has been exended to at least june. the parklets popular, many want to keep them, but some say they're taking up too many parking spaces in front of stores and sending people elsewhere, but right nows a go until june. tonight at 7:00 it's been three years to the day since the campfire burned downtowns near chico. one of the towns with us paradise. tonight we'll be joined by the mayor to talk about the problems they still face and how many people never came back. next, the reunions after the travel restriction is lifted. how it will impact your travel budget. tonight, the investigation into the deadly concert disaster in houston. new images of the chaos that left eight dead, hundreds injured during travis scott's performance. the crowd surging. festival goers trapped and trampled
6:30 pm
fans pleading stop the show but first lawsuits filed. were warning signs ignored? all the victims now identified the youngest just 14 the family of a 27-year-old man speaking out after he died shielding his fiancée. also tonight the u.s. reopening its borders to vaccinated travelers. after 20 months families reunited plus, the biden administration responding to the court blocking its employer vaccine mandate. and the vaccine firestorm for aaron rodgers. what a top sponsor now says. the lone survivor of the kyle rittenhouse shooting telling the jury he thought he was going to die and what he acknowledged doing with his own firearm. the new subpoenas from the january 6th committee. the top trump allies facing demands to testify. president biden today celebrating his infrastructure victory. now the next hurdle: can he get his massive social spending bill passed. the supply chain crisis can your favorite small businesses survive this holiday


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