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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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one to two hours. the lower atmosphere will get wetter and allow that rainfall to reach the ground. the timeline this, 6:00 p.m. heaviest rainfall offshore but we think that will get here once we hit 11:00 p.m. tonight and some of that rain continuing of course as we head into early tomorrow morning right there at 2:00 a.m. not only the rain, but the wind. wind gusts just after midnight of 20 to 45 miles per hour. i will have more looks at this in about 18 minutes. you can track the storm as it rolls. track it through our nbc bay area app. download it and click on the radar. it will show you when the storm will hit your neighborhood. find the app in our app store. as the storm moves through the bay area send your photos and videos of what you are seeing in your neighborhood. tag us own our social media platforms or e-mail us on i see at organizers of a candlelight vigil for the toddler killed by
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a stray bullet over the weekend are asking for this evening. the latest on the investigation and the memorial that jasper wu's family created for their little boy. >> i am shaking. my body is aching from it. 23 months old. >> reporter: serena morales spends her free time patrolling oakland's chinatown. never could she have imagined she with be organizing a vigil for a baby boy, the latest victim of oakland's rampant gun violence that leapfrogged from city streets to secretary of state 880. the family was driving southbound when their car was struck by a stray bullet, striking the toddler in the head. a family spokesperson says jasper's mother was driving at the time and there were two other children in the car. jasper was pronounced dead at
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the hospital. chp says the family's car was not the intended target and instead the gunman was likely traveling on the opposite northbound lanes. >> find these killers if we work with each other, look at your dash cams from that day. your videos, if you are a semitruck driver, doordash, uber driver, anything, please look at your videos. >> reporter: the mayor says oakland police is assisting the chp track down the shooter or shooters involved. she says, quote, to lose a 23-month-old to gun violence is at heart-wrenching and as sickening as it gets. tonight's vigil for jasper is at 7th and market in oakland at 7:00 p.m. >> we have got to do this for the community. we need to let them know we are near support them. >> reporter: a chp officer confirms chp helped escort the wu family to the site of the those who drive by dpt oakland can see the family's memorial
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for the baby. a tribute of balloons and flowers for a toddler who was just weeks shy of turning 2. a family spokesperson tells us his father is on his way from china, expected to land tonight to help bury his son. we know this story has touched so many and the wu family is urging everyone do not fall for fake gofundme pages. the family is currently in the process of setting up an official gofundme page to help pay for funeral expenses. in fremont, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. the chp just wrapped up a news conference about the shooting. we will bring you the latest coming up at 6:00. meantime, a san francisco police officer has died after testing positive for covid. officer jack nyce, 46 years old. he is a san francisco native. he was an army veteran and served with the san francisco police department for 17 years. his widow tells you he tested
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positive for covid last week. saturday he was rushed to the hospital suffering from complications from covid where he later died. sources tell nbc bay area that he was among the 41 officers placed on leave for not meeting the vaccination deadline. a live look at san francisco international airport which saw more tears of joy than usual today. this morning the u.s. lifted the ban on international travelers caused by covid. the result was a day of reunions after two years of pandemic separations. >> the international terminal heert sfo has always been a place where families are reunited after traveling long distances but these reunions today were extra special for many families. apart for two years because of pandemic restrictions.
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there might not be anything quite as heartwarming after seeing a loved one after a long time apart. for many families those timeless embraces were halted for two years due to travel restrictions triggered by covid. today those international travel bance were lifted. the result, a day full of powerful reunions. today louisa saw her nieces from he will sal dor for the first same tins 2019. >> my mom was going to a cancer treatment. so we're super excited to have them for the holidays. >> reporter: for this family grandma and grandpa can travel and see their grandchildren for the second time in the children's young lives. >> it's been two years. what's it like being apart for this long because of the travel restrictions? >> hard.
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can afford two weeks only. we are happy. >> reporter: every reunion different and special in its own way. for lenora, the lifted travel restrictions means she is able to hug her boyfriend from holland for the first time since 2019. >> two years. >> reporter: how have you been communicating? >> on the facetime and talk on the phone a lot. >> reporter: i imagine you will betty emotional here in a couple of minutes when he arrives. a lot of emotional in the international terminal and more to come as bay area families welcome the end of a ban and the return of families separated for too long by a global pandemic. in san francisco, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. coming up in seven minutes, i am going to speak with the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce. we are going to break down how big of a boost businesses will see now that the travel ban is lifted and what it will take for businesses in san francisco to fully recover from this pandemic. a lot of parents across the bay area spent the weekend
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getting their young kids the covid-19 vaccine. and today the state continued the push to get more children that shot. california's health secretary held a virtual news conference today to give an update on the vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. he says the state is expected to get 1.8 million doses bit end of next week. he also reminded parents that kids can get the covid vaccine and their flu shot at the same time. he says the top concern for most parents are there serious side effects to this? >> it's not something that we take lightly. i think there has been a number of cases that have been examined, exposed. thankfully, the vast, vast, vast majority of young people have no significant side effects from the vabs. >> he went on to say in the number of small cases where there have been significant side effects, they cleared up and the kid recovered fully. the state positivity rate is
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holding steady around the 2% mark. today 2.4%. last friday 2.6. on wednesday it was 2.3%. so it's hovering in that neighborhood. we are going to continue our reporting online. go to there you will find answers to your questions about kids, vaccines, booster shots, and where and when you need to still wear a mask. still no clear answers about what triggered a lockdown at a south bay mall. police had calls of a fight and possible shooting at burlington coat factory. police found no evidence of a shooting after they swept the mall. but today police revealed officers did break up a fight and questioned three people. one of them a 15-year-old with a knife. that teen was booked into juvenile hall. a new plea to find a man who sexually assaulted a blind woman. it happened in parking lot in cupertino five months ago but the santa clara county sheriff's
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department is hoping new video and pictures released today will help solve this case. here is nbc bay area's maryann favreau. >> reporter: have you seen this man? santa clara county sheriffs deputies say know me he sexually caught assaulted a blind woman. >> she was in the parking lot. the suspect went up to her, grabbed her and held her against her will. she physically struggled against him. at one point he sexually assaulted her. there was a bystander inside their vehicle who saw the incident occurring, honked their vehicle horn and ran out. >> reporter: the suspect jumped into this silver sky on which had model toy trucks on the dash and no front license plate. deputies say the man first made advances towards the woman sass and she politely declined. sheriffs deputies say before the assault the suspect followed the
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victim into this target store and watched her as she shopped. he then assaulted her in a parking lot a block away. >> it's incredible. i can't believe things like this are happening. it's really sad. >> reporter: detectives say they have exhausted all leads and hope by sharing this picture the public can help them find this man and keep this from happening again. in cupertino, maryann favreau, nbc bay area news. it is a plan to raids bart when it comes to fighting climate change. this a live look at the skyline of san jose. city leaders pledge to make the city the largest to go carbon-neutral by the end of the decade. they are working on a plan. leaders say the surge in wildfires across the state is one of the main reasons they are acting now. and here is one way to get there. it might be more inconvenient for gardeners. a san jose city councilmember wants to get rid of gas-powered
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leaf blowers. . an electric leaf blower program. they are using battery-powered blowers instead of gas ones to clean public spaces. the goal to gather information to test their effectiveness. 20 california cities have implemented a gas leaf blower ban, including oakland, los gatos and l.a. tracking some showers and rain developing right now. we will have the timeline of this atmospheric river coming up in about eight minutes. also coming up, how much longer is outdoor dining going to last in palo alto? the vote happening tonight. a low-flying pg&e helicopter flying around. what is the utility doing? we'll explain.
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today is three years since the deadliest wildfire in california history. the camp fire started in 2018. flames raced through the surrounding area, leveling the town of pair ties. 85 people died. 18,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. cal fire determined the cause was a nearly 100-year-old transmission line owned and operated by pg&e which filed for bankruptcy two months later. coming up at 7:00, we speak with the mayor about the day that the camp fire started and the rebuilding process three years after it destroyed the town. helicopters are flying low in the north bay to inspect gas safety for pg&e.
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they are using helicopters this week to patrol gas pipelines in marin and napa counties. helicopters may fly as low as 300 to 500 feet and lower if they spot a problem. the utility says it's using state-of-the-art technology to detect leaks and make repairs if necessary. tonight palo alto leader could make outdoor dining last well into the new year. city council meeting started a few minutes ago. councilmembers have given preliminary approval in some parts of downtown. tonight they are going to decide on expanding the program in the busiest areas at least through next june. one business owner says he thinks ditching outdoor dining with hurt businesses. >> the community is very, very, very happy to enjoy the parklets. business is thriving. and i think it would be fair to be able to continue using them. >> he went on to say he is happy parklets will still be an for customers to help keep duri
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as we mentioned at the top of the show, the u.s. is reopening its borders to international travelers. visitors from europe, china, india can come to the states again after nearly two years. joining me is the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce. so nice for you to join our news program tonight. is this going to make a difference when it comes to tourism in san francisco? >> oh, absolutely. this is the good news we have been waiting for for quite a while. as in the earlier story, families reuniting, friends coming back together is so important for san francisco. on the tourism aspect, one-third of the tourists that visit san francisco are from international destinations. so san francisco, as you see, has 20 million visitors that come annually. part of the lack of the energy in downtown san francisco is because of lack of tourism. so we are very excited to see this latest news come about. >> one-third. that's quite significant. do you think any of our cities
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pandemic restrictions will impact them or deter them from coming to the city? probably not, right? because you have to be fully vaccinated to even come to the states. >> that's right. we want to make sure that everyone remembers you to show proof of vaccination going into restaurants. but i think san francisco has done a great job of making sure our covid numbers are one the pest in the nation. that should send a message to folks that are visiting, if we want to maintain those good numbers and making sure that you are vaccinated and showing proof of vaccination, then adhering to all of the different rules that we have, including mask-wearing in certain areas will help keep san francisco safe. >> such a difficult 22 months. how much has san francisco recovered or how long do you think it will take san francisco to recover from this pandemic? months, years? >> well, you know, a lot of our small businesses have really felt it, obviously. 51% of the small businesses end up closing during covid-19.
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this is a very important piece and i'll say because the international tourism has an opportunity to impact dollars for hotels, restaurants in san francisco today, tomorrow. the convention business is a little bit slower to react because they plan so far out. we are starting to see activity though and folks planning conventions here in san francisco in a couple of years. and so the best thing right now would be to have a very robust international leisure traveler coming into san francisco and enjoying our great food and sights. >> traveling abroad or locally, go to san francisco and do some sightseeing. so nice to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. okay. that might bring the tourists. snow being made in tahoe. temperatures dropping low enough at the palisades tahoe resort, fired up the snow-making machines for the first time this year. crews made snow at olympic valley and alpine meadows. now they are hoping temps stay low as some real snow is expected to fall this evening.
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right now daily operations are set to begin november 24. that could change, maybe soon er, if conditions allow. >> finally it seems like some cold weather moving in. >> another foot of snow on the way up across the sierra over the next 24 hours. that is excellent news. we couldn't get weather like this until last year until january and february. so just such an early and strong start as we have been mentioning. i know a lot of you are nervous when you hear atmospheric river. head our historic storm back on october 24th, which brought a lot of flooding conditions and certainly so many problems here throughout the bay area. i wanted to let you know first off this is nowhere near as strong. you don't want to let your guard down especially in the north bay. we will still have higher rainfall totals. but nothing compared to that storm system on that sunday of october the 24th. so as we get into stormranger,
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we have some showers beginning right now. nothing extremely heavy. again things beginning to get wet here in the roadways from the north bay all the way down towards the san francisco peninsula and also the east bay. whatever you have planned, certainly over the next hour, just be ready for those wet roadways to start and then things are going to pick up. that's what i want to move into next. how i see things developing. the yellow and the orange, that is some of the heaviest rainfall. we think about 8:00 tonight. we will get some of heavy rainfall over the naubds. then this moves across the entire bay area by 11:30 tonight. even rain for the south bay, the east bay and peninsula. rainfall through 2:00 in the morning, but after that it does look like this would begin to break up. so right around 5:00 in the morning tomorrow we will have the chance here of some rain, some isolated heavier pockets but it shouldn't be as consistent throughout the morning commute. but you will need that umbrella as we head from the morning
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tomorrow right there into the afternoon with this chance of intermittent rain and potentially a little bit of sun breaks through the afternoon. now, rainfall totals with this as i talked about really looks like the north bay is going to be hit heaviest. take a look at the key at the top. we are definitely good for one inch on average through the north bay. you notice the higher elevations, especially guerneville, the russian investigator, we could get in on two plus inches. certainly around two inches for mill valley and for some of the higher elevations of the east bay right around that one inch mark, maybe even one and a half inches. notice down towards the south bay we are expected to be in a rain shadow. totals likely could not be as much. around a 0.25 inch, maybe higher in some spots. lesser to the south, highest totals there off to the north. as we start tomorrow morning, have your jacket and umbrella. temperatures begin in the 50s. through the east bay 53. san francisco 55.
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the north bay at 50. daytime highs tomorrow we are going to see 60s all across the bay area. not too many changes in our temperatures. and my seven-day forecast. once we get over this storm system, we are dry as we head through the next several days. only that little break coming our way and you will see through the inland valleys very have some 70s thursday on veterans day right into the upcoming weekend. and then after this it looks like december could offer some more rainfall chances for us, too. >> good pattern there. >> yes. >> on, off, on, off. >> good stuff. >> thank you. up next, something just did not seem right. we're going to tell you what tipped off a person that a bay area atm was being used by crooks.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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scammers are using them to steal your credit card information. this in fairfield. the scammers are placing so-called card skimmers inside the strip where slide your credit card and it steals your data. they are also using pinhole cameras hidden inside mirrors of the atm to record you punching in your pin number. police say the card skimmers are commonly found at gas stations and convenience stores, but credit union and bank atms are vulnerable to being hacked. an 18-wheeler pud up to san francisco's food bank carrying four tons of foster farms thanksgiving turkeys. thes enough enough to serve 10,000 meals. not just the pandemic ago things this holiday season. the supply chain logjam driving up prices making lots of seasonal goodies hard to find.
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okay. we are going to right back with a milestone moment for a spacex crew at the international space station.
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. a spacex crew is on its way home from the international
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space station right now. a day later than planned though. >> yeah, the delay was due to yesterday's high winds off the florida coast where the dragon capsule will splashdown. the crew members said good-bye as the hatch to their capsule was closed. it then undocked from the space station and all the nasa astronauts, japanese astronaut and a mission specialist spent under 200 days in space. splashdown happens tonight at 7:30 our time. it will take time for them to adjust back on earth. what's next at 5:30? >> a deadline to respond here. the legal challenges president biden is facing over his vaccine mandates for private businesses. >> we feel it's an overreach of osha in between me and the employee. the other major covid-related change that many people are celebrating this evening. >> plus, the infrastructure bill passes, but the battle isn't over yet. our political analyst breaks down the challenges still
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remaining for the white house. and talking climate change. former president obama says there is no time to waste. >> this is now and we have to act now to help with adaptation. good monday, everyone. the news at 5:30 starts now. >> i'm raj mathai. there's a good chance your company is impacted by this new rule. today the biden administration faced a deadline to respond to the many legal challenges to the president's vaccine requirements for large private companies. today also marks the re-opening of our borders for air travel. there are a lot of happy and tearful reunions. here's nbc's alice farr. >> reporter: today, two sides to the drive to vaccinate america be the world against covid-19. star spangled celebrations and joyful


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