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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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making you say welcome monday morning. make it a great day. we'll see you back here in just a bit. thanks for tuning in this morning for "today in the bay." >> happy monday. good morning concert chaos. good morning. concert chaos. heartbreaking new images from that deadly stampede at a music festival in houston. a woman rushing that stage amid the crushing surge begging a crew member to stop the show. this morning, what we're learning about the victims, the youngest just 14 years old. the lawsuits already being filed and the latest on the criminal investigation. breaking overnight, open for business.
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long lines of cars at the southern border as the u.s. lifts travel restrictions on fully vaccinated people, clearing the way for reunions nearly two years in the making. >> it has been really lovely to keep in contact, but it's not the same as being with each other physically. >> just ahead, an inside look at the changes and crowds expected at airports, as well, all across the country. clash in the courts, the biden administration, quote, prepared to defend its strict covid vaccine rules on larger private businesses amid mounting lawsuits and a temporary block of the mandate by a federal appeals court. a live report from the white house, straight ahead. nfl's firestorm. aaron rodgers facing new criticism in the wake of his positive covid test and forced to defend that misleading answer about his vaccination status. >> my plan was to say that i'd been immunized. it wasn't some sort of ruse or lie. it was the truth.
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>> what he's saying now and where the league's investigation stands as the packers take the field without their star. all that, plus skimpflation. from longer waits to fewer options, the frustrating trend that has millions of americans paying more and getting less. and welcome back. the return of an iconic tradition as tens of thousands of runners hit the road for the new york city marathon. today, monday november 8th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. glad to have you with us. >> this is a big, big week in the nation's journey to get back on track from the worst of the pandemic. >> in some ways, it started yesterday with the return of the iconic new york city marathon. 33,000 runners strong after many cancellations. much more on that, coming up. another popular event is opening for business this week.
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the named big apple circuit with a reimagined show led by hire wire star nik wallenda. we're going to talk to him. and as of today, u.s. boarders are open for fully vaccinated people and a lot of emotional reunions. nbc's tom costello will have the latest on that. but first, to that tragic story, in houston over the weekend. >> it was quickly led to a criminal investigation and several lawsuits. eight people have died and there is a criminal investigation and several lawsuits. nbc's morgan chesky on the scene for us with the latest. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is a somber morning here in houston where flowers line the fence for eight victims in this horrific situation. it took seconds for this concert to turn deadly. today we're learning that both travis scott and festival organizers are facing multiple
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lawsuits. this morning, disturbing new details emerging about the devastating events at rapper travis scott's show in houston. a criminal investigation ongoing as though behind astros world festival face multiple civil lawsuits. >> everyone was pushing to the front. you had no room to walk. >> with an estimated 50,000 people in attendance, a sea of fans rushed towards the stage just minutes into scott's friday night performance. >> you couldn't breathe. i'm talking about everybody was so crushed up on you. >> the surge killing eight people, all under the age of 30. the youngest, just 14 years old. video showing desperate fans climbing on stage to beg for help. >> stop the show. >> reporter: at another point, as first responders tried to drive through the massive crowd to help, some fans seen dancing on medical vehicle.
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>> people are dieing. >> reporter: witnesses described feeling helpless, watching some fans fall unconscious before being trampled. 25 people were hospitalized, 11 suffering from cardiac arrest. on stage, the rapper pausing his performance multiple times. >> we need somebody's help. somebody passed out right here. >> reporter: but the show went on for nearly an hour. scott's girlfriend, kylie jenner, who was at the concert says they weren't aware of any deaths until after the show. >> i'm honestly just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this happening. >> reporter: police investigating disturbing reports of a security guard ricked in the neck with a needle before falling unconscious. medical staff saving him with a drug used to you revive overdose patients. sunday, mourners gathered to honor one of the first victims laid to rest. >> we're grieving. we're in pain. >> the family of 27-year-old danish baig, he died saving his
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fiancee from being crushed. >> you go to a concert to have fun. you don't go to a concert to die. >> reporter: we're learning more about a prior concert of travis scott's that's getting increased scrutiny here. he urged the crowd to rush the stage. police are clear to say it does not appear he did so in this y this investigation could take weeks if not longer as they're analyzing every angle of what took place that night. savannah. >> morgan chesky in houston, thank you. now let's move to that significant development overnight for global travel. as of today, u.s. borders are reopened to travelers from nearly three dozen countries as long as they are fully vaccinated. it's a move more than 18 months in the making. tom costello joins us now from dulles international where officials are expecting a big travel push. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are expecting that big european bank of flights to
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arrive in the afternoon. anybody who arrives today had to jump through a series of hoops to get here, including canadians and mexicans. bottom line, though, this is a major development as the world continues to rebound from the pandemic. >> approach. your speed is 180 or greater. you have a great day. >> reporter: this morning, the skies are full international travelers locked out of the u.s. for nearly two years are on their way back to america. >> so delighted. we've really, really missed the u.s. >> reporter: among those leaving london early this morning, nippa islam with her mom on their way to new jersey to see her sister, aisha matthews who married an american and had a baby during lockdown who they haven't met. >> facetime and whatsapp video calling has been lovely to keep in contact, but it's not the same as being with each other physically >> reporter: british airways, flying them to new york for free
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as part of a family reunion promotion. this morning, major u.s. and european airlines report packed planes as the u.s. officially reopens to the fully vaccinated. to contain covid, president trump shut down most flights from china on january 31st, 2020. then most european visitors were barred on march 11th, 2020 president biden kept the policy in place until today now citizens from 33 countries can travel to the u.s., but most will have to provide proof they're fully vaccinated before departure and anyone 2 and older must provide a negative covid test result taken within three days of departure. >> that testing requirement applies to everyone, not just foreign nationals, but u.s. citizens and lawful permanent residents. >> reporter: southern boarders are opened today traffic backed up this morning at entry points to the u.s. in mexico while canadians and mexicans
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must present proof of vaccination, they won't need to provide a negative covid test. back in london, sam mclaughlin admits he misses america terribly >> the sounds, the smell, the yellow cabs, the people, the hustle and the bustle. >> reporter: sam used to travel to new york six times a year during covid, he started a blog for brits who missed the u.s and he's already booked a december trip. >> i think a lot of people are sincerely missing america and the travel ban could not have been lifted soon enough. >> tom, it must be a real process. someone has to check the vaccine, the covid test status what's that like >> that's up to the airlines you have to upload your proo of vaccination, your cdc card, and then you have to upload your proof of a negative pcr test within 72 hours of departure i did it recently when i blew ssfr bruels to the united states this is something that takes a little bit of work, so don't wait until the last minute if you're flying to the u.s. from overseas. americans also, not just
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europeans and overseas folks >> tom costello for us there at dulles international, thank you. now to the battle over vaccine mandates, the biden miadstniration set to react to a legal challenge for its new rules for larger companies after those rules were temporarily suspended by a federal court sam brock has more on that sam, good morning. and also the rollout of vaccines for younger kids hitting full steam this morning sam, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. as for that rollout, this behind me is one of the roughly 1700 cvs pharmacies across the country where parents can now take their 5 to 11-year-olds for a shot that is that legal clash is playing out right now. more than two dozen states suing the federal government over a looming corporate vaccine mandate. this morning, the biden administration is playing defense after an appeals court temporarily blocked its corporate vaccine mandate for large companies saturday the white house has until later
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today to respond >> the administration is certainly prepared to defend them >> if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job, to be careful around chemicals, it can put in place these simple measures to keep our workers safe >> reporter: at issue is what the three judge panel called grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate. starting in january, the mandate compels companies with 100 or more employees to confirm their workers are vaccinated unvaccinated workers must wear masks and submit weekly covid tests and companies that don't comply can be fined. it's just one of several legal challenges to the mandate involving dozens of mostly republican-led states. >> my name is brandon troslair >> reporter: a grocery chain with nearly 500 employees and a plaintiff in one of the lawsuits says he's worried about losing workers and freedoms >> it isn't a workplace issue. this is a social issue and we think it's overreach of osha to get between me and the
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employee >> reporter: truckers hit with supply shortages warning the vaccine mandate will undoubtedly ensure the trucking industry loses a substantial number of drivers. as daily infections are down by more than half in the last two months >> done. >> reporter: now nearly 30 million kids between 5 and 11 can finally get vaccinated >> i want to be free from covid. i've had it once and never again, never again >> reporter: from children receiving shots at denver's zoo to pop-up sites in more than 1,000 new york city schools to cvs stores nationwide providing kid-sized doses. >> cvs is scheduled to deliver more than 1 million vaccines to kids ages 5 to 11 today. so i think you're going to see broad immunity get put into the population >> reporter: they make an appointment ahead of time. as for that battle right now over a corporate mandate, there are challenges currently in the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 11th circuit
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courts if there is a permanent injunction, it could affect the entire country forcing the supreme court to get involved. savannah, back to you. >> sam, thank you. 7:12 a lot more to get to in washington craig joins the table. >> hey, hoda good morning good morning to you, as well president biden still riding high this morning after his long stalled 1 trillion infrastructure bill finally cleared congress with bipartisan support. but uphill battles await other key parts of the president's agenda kelly o'donnell is at the white house on this monday kelly o, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. a new push for that larger bill begins next week when congress is back and it won't be easy democrats are on their own to get it done. but this morning, the president can enjoy one clear win in the books with more than 30 republicans from the house and senate who voted for his bipartisan infrastructure package. this morning, the white house making plans for that long
7:14 am
awaited ceremony to finally turn the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. >> i want people who worked so hard to get this done, democrats and republicans, to be here when we sign it >> reporter: passed by the house late friday night -- >> the resolution is adopted >> reporter: the $1.2 trillion package will include $110 billion for roads and bridges, $66 billion for rail, $25 billion for airports, $55 billion for clean drinking water and more >> a once in a generation investment that's going to create millions of jobs, modernizing our infrastructure >> reporter: one agenda victory secured, but another uncertain now democrats must resolve differences over the bigger $1.75 trillion climate and family care bill moderates remain concerned about costs. >> making sure that this bill is paid for and responsible given how much good is in there -- >> reporter: progressives want to protect key programs. >> it includes prescription drug
7:15 am
pricing. it includes paid family leave. >> reporter: but republican leaders say voters' message is they expect the president to govern more from the middle. >> joe biden won a very narrow election by winning swing voters and they're not where the progressive caucus is, i can assure you and the vast majority of americans are not for this second bill. >> reporter: as the president and first lady walked rehoboth beach sunday, his team claimed confidence >> i think this bill is gaining momentum we're going to get it passed and most important,ly, we're going to get to work for the american people >> reporter: this week, the president will visit baltimore to highlight how the bipartisan infrastructure bill will help ports and we know that's been important with all of the supply chain concerns and the president says the first real world impact of the new spending could be seen in two to three months craig. >> kelly o'donnell from the white house. kelly o, thank you let us get our first check of the weather for the week. >> look at you >> good morning.
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>> we have sunshine. >> your velvety thing is like a forecast on its own. >> i'm going to stand here while you just kind of pet me. i like that. well, we've got some warm weather coming right now here is the pattern we're looking at big dome of high pressure. high temperatures, 5 to 25 degrees above average. calm weather, dry weather for most folks, but toward the latter part of the week, temperatures out west fall again about 5 to 15 degrees. a lot of moisture coming in. that's going to make its way to the east but in the meantime, we've got above-average temperatures look at this cleveland today, you're going to be near 70 degrees at 68 philadelphia, 7 degrees above average. chicago, 15 degrees warmer than average. it's 66. for tomorrow, look at this chicago, again, you're flirt, 60 degrees. st. louis, 68. that's 10 degrees above average. pittsburgh, 64 degrees down in charlotte. 77 and over the next several days, you're going to see right into the end of the week, mild conditions
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62 on friday in boston mid 60s, new york city same in washington, d.c. pittsburgh looking good. temperatures cool down in chicago by friday. 47 degrees but you can see generally above-average temperatures and as we look at the rest of the country today, again, fairley quiet. warm and sunny down through the gulf, into the mid plains. blue skies up and down the eastern seaboard feeling cooler out west. windy conditions making their way into the pacific northwest ahead of this storm that will be pushing in over the next several days we're looking at that coming up in the next half hour. but we've got your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds she's worked in retail during the holidays. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪♪ apply today. ♪♪
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good monday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we have a clean start to our day, and we're getting ready for rain. we are under a microclimate alert, and we have atmospheric river rain coming in, expect high winds and heavy rain later tonight and it continues into at least tomorrow morning. the rest of the week is dry as we continue to our veteran's day week. >> and that is your latest weather. guys just ahead, new fallout for aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. amid the covid vaccination controversy, rodgers has been dropped by a sponsor we'll have the latest. things aren't quite what they used to be, companies reducing services, impacting everything from your vacation to pizza deliveries
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guess what they call it, guys? >> what's that >> skimpflation. isn't that catchy? we'll find out if the trend is
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7:27 am
oakland, and a bullet from the northbound side struck him and killed him. evidence collected on the northbound side of 880 indicates that jasper was not targeted. again, they believe this was a stray bullet, and they are still trying to locate the shooter. i am cierra johnson in front of sfo. today is a big day because some of the travel restrictions are being lifted for some countries, including mexico and some of the european countries. some experts believe getting those international travelers back to the bay area is key in regaining the tourism industry. there will be 50 ambassadors welcoming them, all in the effort to regain tourism and to make sure folks feel comfortable here in the bay. time for a look at the microclimate forecast for you. meteorologist, kari hall, is here for that.
7:28 am
>> we are under a microclimate weather alert, and there will be heavy downpours and winds could reach 45 to 50 miles per hour, marcus. >> thanks, kari. we will have another local news update coming up in about 30 minutes. meet you back here then.
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7:30 am
and we're back with a look at the place where they make the impossible possible. it's the reimagined big apple circus, returns this week led by famed high wire artist nik wallenda nik is goi tngjoo in us live later in the morning to tell us all about it apparently he will do the interview from a high wire >> really? better him than us >> that's how he does it let's get to your headlines, 7:30 monday morning. several ivy league college campuses had to be evacuated yesterday because of bomb threats. cornell, columbia and brown university sent out emergency alerts to students and staff
7:31 am
they were told to avoid campus until police finished their investigation. a few hours later the campuses were deemed safe this comes two days after a bomb threat forced evacuations at yale university. nashville police are praising a local pastor this morning for stopping a man who pulled out a gun during a sunday service. surveillance video shows the 26-year-old suspect with a gun in his hand walking up to the altar. he apparently told everybody to get up and pointed the weapon at the congregation and that's when the pastor tackled the suspect before he was able to fire that gun. church members held the suspect on the ground until police arrived. he faces 15 cotsunf ofelony aggravated assault to the nfl now, a huge upset on sunday night football, l.a. rams taking on the tennessee titans
7:32 am
>> four-man rush and that's going to be picked up at the 24 by byard with a touchdown. >> kevin byard, that was matthew stafford's second interception in under 30 seconds. the titans would score again just before the half and they would go on the win it 28-16, shocking the rams at sofi in los angeles. both teams now sit at 7-2 and the titans picked up that win without their star running back who is likely out for the rest of the season with a foot injury >> but these got it done meanwhile, green bay's star quarterback, aaron rodgers is facing new fallout over his bout with covid and what it revealed about his vaccination status he's admitted now that he is not vaccinated >> so rodgers missed that packers games against the chiefs on sunday. it was an absence that's been the talk of the nfl and beyond for days now nbc's stephanie gosk is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. it has been the talk of the town when the packers drafted quarterback jordan love last year, many thought he would
7:33 am
eventually replace aaron rodgers, but on sunday, love was forced to start for the team days after rodgers tested positive for covid the team lost and rodgers is still under fire aaron rodgers facing new criticism this morning the packers star missed his team's game against the chiefs after testing positive for covid. >> aaron rodgers has ever right not to be vaccinated but if you do, as the leader, you have to make every precaution to make sure you don't hit that covid list. >> it would have been nice if he had just come to the naval academy and learned how to be honest >> yeah. >> learned not to lie. unfortunately, we've got players that pretty much think only about themselves and i'm extremely disappointed in the actions of aaron rodgers >> reporter: while rodgers remained you under a league mandated ten-day quarantine, the nfl is investigating whether the packers and their qb broke the league's covid rules >> i believe strongly in body autonomy, not to have to
7:34 am
acquiesce to some woke culture -- >> rodgers announced friday for the first time that he never took one of the three authorized covid vaccines, saying he's alanlergic t ingredient in the pfizer and moderna shots and was concerned about side effects from j&j he opened up about this exchange at an august press conference. >> are you vaccinated? and what's your stance on vaccinations >> yeah, i've been immunized >> the 37-year-old maintains he was telling the truth. my plan was to say that i had been immunized it wasn't some sort of ruse or lie. it was the truth >> reporter: rodgers admits he took monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin, a drug sometimes prescribed to people with parasites. the fda has repeatedly warned against taking the drug for covid because of risk of serious illness. >> health is not a one size fits
7:35 am
all for everybody. >> rodgers revealed he consulted with podcaster joe rogan who admitted to taking ivermectin. one day after the interview, rodgers and previa health ended their relationship hours after the announcement, rodgers received the snl treatment. >> i never lie i took all my teammates into a huddle, got all their faces three inches away from their wet mouth and told them, trust me, i'm more or less immunized go team. >> that's rough. >> yeah. seriously, back to the nfl's investigation of whether he and the packers may have broken covid rules, what kind of punishment could they face could he miss even more games? >> well, first with the team, money. and a fair amount of money hundreds of thousands of dollars potentially on how many infractions there were for the
7:36 am
people also, possibly draft picks are on the table for the team. when you look at aaron rodgers, it's penalties and suspension is possible they have the ability to suspend here, although at this point that looks unlikely. we reached out to both aaron rodgers and the nfl and we didn't get any >> and big credibility issues for aaron rodgers. >> you have to worry, too, about his team and how they feel about what he has done, as well, and potentially jeopardizing their season >> yes the packers before the loss, even with the loss, this is a legit playoff contending team. >> you have a bye on the table a home-field advantage in the playoffs, which is a big deal at lambeau. >> yes just ahead, in the wake of the pandemic, is quality customer service becoming a thing of the past? >> a lot of companies are cutting costs and some say they're cutting corners, too and there's a term for it. they're calling it skimpflation. kerry sanders has a firsthand look at the impact, coming up right after this
7:37 am
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crunchy and meaty textures with a mouth-watering gravy coating. meow mix tasty layers. the new one cats ask for by name. what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? what's strong with me? me? with me! this morning, something that you have probably noticed, but didn't know what to call it. >> you will now, okay. if you've been waiting longer for your pizza to be delivered or wondered why hotel service isn't quite what it used to be, here is the word for it. skimpflation >> yes nbc's kerry sanders has more on why some services still have not returned to their prepandemic
7:41 am
quality. hey, kerry, good morning >> good morning, guys. we've all heard the term inflation. if you took maybe an advanced economic course along the way, you learned the term stagflation. but even my cousin, who is a ph.d. economics professor at an ivy league college tells me he's never used the term skimpflation in his class, but it is very much real. it's where we pay what we've always paid, but now we get less for our money. skimpflation, you know it when the business you're dealing with seems like they're skimping on quality service. book a flight online and make a call to change your ticket it can feel like the airline is skimping out because you're on hold for hours do the airlines skimp by not hiring enough humans to answer phones want to order a pizza? expect to wait and wait and wait at dominos, driver shortages are reportedly leading to longer delivery times even at the so-called most
7:42 am
magical place on earth, the rides are back in action the monorail humming, but a key convenience for park goers, the parking lot trauma still has not resumed since pandemic cutbacks and closures some park visitors now must walk nearly a mile in each direction from the parking lot to the magic kingdom. >> that walk can be brutal if you have been in the theme park all day, walking all day long, you don't have any more energy left. so those traumas are missed. >> as businesses adapt to a post pandemic marketplace, consumers report finding services they remember now gone. >> if an organization is not expending the effort to really listen in and then deliver personalized experiences, they're just going to miss expectations and satisfaction is going to be very low >> reporter: three years ago, acsi reported overall customer satisfaction to the u.s. began
7:43 am
falling. the pandemic only accelerated that decline satisfaction levels now at their lowest in 15 years in the hospitality industry, hotel rooms may go uncleaned during multi day stays that personally made omelet at the hotel breakfast bar now, in many cases, no longer exists at r are thin, surveys find customers less satisfied with the service and, in turn, diners think they're less likely to return. >> i'm short 25 servers right now. >> the stress kicks in when, at the peak hours, when you want to make sure you can take care of the customers that you have. >> reporter: what's to blame >> what i hear from business leaders every day is they're all struggling with the competition for talent they can't find the people they need >> reporter: new research finds annual losses of $1.9 trillion driven by frustrated customers
7:44 am
who say they won't come back >> how are we going to fix it? >> well, experts say businesses might want to raise wages because that might draw more employees back and then again, us, consumers, we might need to adjust our expectations, at least for the short-term for instance, reportedly disney is going to return those traumas at the beginning of next year. guys >> kerry sanders, thank you. we're impatient. we want things now >> skimpflation, it rolls off the tongue >> does it >> it's not a term that's why it doesn't really roll off the tongue. but let's see, anyway, we are looking at still that storm system that was off the coast. 15 million people are under coastal flood advisories, coastal flood warnings from
7:45 am
florida all the way to the mid-atlantic states. we'll be watching that and out west, big storm coming in snow alerts, we've got through tuesday an additional 4 to 12 inches of snow we have windy conditions, pacific northwest all the way down into coastal california that could lead to power outages, trees down. today, a windy day gusts of up to 75 miles per hour heavy rain and snow moves on short tonight, northern california pacific northwest tomorrow that wet weather moves east into the rockies with heavy rain and snow leading to some difficult travel rainfall amounts from seattle all the way to san francisco, 1 to 2 inches or more and as far as snow is concerned, some good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we are under a microclimate weather alert tracking a storm that will be moving in, the atmospheric river set to arrive
7:46 am
late afternoon and evening. some of the heaviest rain will be really late tonight at about 10:30, 11:00, 12:00 for parts of the east bay. then starting to taper off tomorrow, and skill scattered showers that will continue through tomorrow morning and then taper off by tomorrow afternoon. >> and that's your latest weather. still ahead, sarah jessica parker, her new message to anybody who questions her return to carrie bradshaw in her 50s. but first, these messages. oh, yeah, we're back. we've got some amazing visitors on the plaza.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
look at those folks. those are people who completed 26.2 miles yesterday in new york city's marathon. and let me tell you something, that made you realize new york is back. >> back, baby. >> and they're up early, standing. how do they do that? >> after a year off because of the pandemic, it was back in a big way, nearly 30,000 runners strong. >> among those who finished the grueling 26.2 miles, willie geist, our guy. it was his very first marathon. willie completed the course, get this, in less than four hours. >> he blazed that trail. it was special and personal for him. he was running in honor of his father. and he, by the way, raised nearly $300,000 for parkinson's research, something his dad was diagnosed with decades ago. willie said if one nickel had been raised while running, it would have been worth it. he raised more than his goal. >> three times his goal. that's amazing.
7:52 am
and it led to a memorable moment among many. check this out. stephanie ruhle, our pal, jumping the sidelines, hopping a barricade to hug willie. >> she's lucky he didn't fall over. >> in new york, you see somebody in a cape coming at you, you tend to run in the opposite direction. >> he ran fast, too? like a nine-minute mile? >> his first ever marathon, that's next level. he didn't just run it, he blazed it. >> just ahead, we have another new marathoner who started from scratch. and yesterday, she crossed -- >> yes! >> you know erin azar. she's a motivational mom, tiktok star, what do we call it, the struggle is real marathon? struggle running. guess what? she did it. >> we'll have her and much more after your local news.
7:53 am
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good morning. it is 7:56. i am marcus washington. here's what's happening now. >> i am bob redell. the oakland china town chamber of commerce is calling on chp to increase patrols on local highways after a 2-year-old boy was shot and killed. this is jasper wu of fremont. he was just weeks away from his second birthday. on saturday afternoon, his mother was driving southbound 880 and jasper was in his child seat in the back when a stray bullet from the northbound side struck him and killed him. evidence collected on the northbound side of 880 indicates that jasper was not targeted. again, they believe this was a stray bullet and they are still
7:57 am
trying to locate the shooter. time to get a look at the forecast for you today. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the rain headed our way. >> yeah, we are looking at atmospheric river targeting the north bay and then the rest of the bay area this evening. it will taper off tomorrow. the rest of the week is dry as our temperatures go from the low 60s to the low 70s this weekend. looks nice for saturday and sunday. heads up, the next 24 hours are going to be very soggy, and once again, rain arriving late tonight. marcus? >> thank you, kari. we will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. see you back here then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, concert nightmare. "coming up, concert nightmare. at a travis scott performance in houston, 8 killed, all under the age of 30. the youngest, just 14 years old. some fans begging for help. but others dancing on top of emergency vehicles. >> you go to a concert to have fun. you don't go to a concert to die. >> we're live with the latest on the investigation. remarkable rescue. >> he had no idea that she was
8:01 am
putting out a distress signal. >> a teenage girl rescued from a kidnapper after using a hand gesture popularized on tiktok. how she managed to flag down a good samaritan. plus, marathon mom. >> i am not feeling good. two miles in and i'm walking. >> we're catching up with erin azar, the tiktok star who used humor and honesty to document her journey to the new york city marathon. >> just going to run as fast as i can. do i look cool? >> our interview 26.2 miles in the making, straight ahead. and a peek under the big top. after last year's cancellation, the big apple circus is back in town and we've got your front row seat to the action today, monday, november 8th, 2021. >> it is the new york city marathon. >> from des moines, iowa. >> columbus, ohio. >> celebrating our 60th birthday. >> on a girls trip. >> from south carolina.
8:02 am
>> from ft. worth, texas. >> we're celebrating our 40th birthday. >> bucket list trip to new york city. >> from memphis, tennessee. >> and huntsville, alabama, and we're celebrating on "today." >> i love it. welcome back to "today." i am so proud of all of those marathoners out there and getting up early. >> one of them just said they ran 26.2 miles to meet al roker. coming up, a look inside the big awaited apple circus. we'll have a sneak peek with nik wallenda. and just ahead of veterans day, our first look at something very special that is happening at arlington national cemetery to actually help all americans mark the 100 year anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. i spent some time down in northern virginia last week, got some access. we want to show folks how they
8:03 am
are planning to mark this very special occasion. >> wow, all right. we'll look forward to that tomorrow. let's get to your news at 8:00 monday morning. a criminal investigation has been launched into that deadly crowd surge. it happened at a weekend music festival in texas. 8 people killed. nbc's morgan chesky joins us from houston with the latest. morgan, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. it is a somber morning here in houston where flowers for those eight victims line nrg park where witnesses say it took seconds for this concert to turn deadly. we have new video showing how dire the situation was. you can see fans climbing on top of speakers to escape the crush of that massive crowd. 25 people hospitalized, 11 of them treated for cardiac arrest. rapper travis scott did pause the show multiple times, but it ended up going on for nearly an hour. kylie jenner, also at the show, said they weren't aware of the deaths until after the concert
8:04 am
concluded. meanwhile, with multiple civil lawsuits and a criminal investigation going on, we are told scott is cooperating along with organizers. but police are looking into reports of a security guard being pricked in the neck with a needle and paramedics having to revive him. in the meantime, this investigation may take weeks if not longer as they are currently looking into every single angle of what took place on friday. savannah. >> morgan chesky in houston, thank you. meantime, a 16-year-old girl who was reported missing last week is now safe thanks to a good samaritan who recognized her signal for help. nbc's erin mclaughlin picks up this incredible story. hey, erin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. it is a remarkable story. a teenage girl was being abducted in a car and she made a signal made popular on tiktok alerting people to distress and abuse.
8:05 am
a passing motorist noticed and thankfully knew the hand gesture and called it into police. >> this man, 61-year-old james brink is in police custody this morning accused of abducting a teenager. he was captured in kentucky after his alleged 16-year-old victim made a hand gesture popularized on tiktok that alerts people of domestic abuse. a quick thinking motorist recognized the signal and took >> repor action >> what does the tiktok hand gesture is you tuck your thumb in and you wrap your four fingers around it and you relate tuck your thumb in, wrap your fingers around it and release. back and forth >> reporter: deputy sheriff gilbert explained the hand gesture who was sitting beside his abductor in his vehicle. >> we think the suspect just thought she was waving at individuals. because she was in the front seat where he was. >> reporter: an alert motorist
8:06 am
saw the signal and called police, giving the dispatcher mile marker updates that allowed police to set up a road block and make the arrest. the signal was created by the canadian woman's foundation in response to a surge in domestic violence the signal becoming increasingly popular on tiktok, but not widely known >> the use of the tiktok hand signal signifying i'm in trouble, i need help, was a ground breaking event for us and maybe nationwide because had we -- had she not given that signal to a motorist and had a motorist not recognized that signal, who knows where that 61-year-old man would have wound up with this 16-year-old girl. >> reporter: and that teenager is now being reunited with her family in north carolina a good ending to a story that could have turned out so differently. hoda >> all right, erin, thank you so much one of the toughest vaccine mandates in this country went into effect in legislation today. anyone entering indoor bars or restaurants along with places like health clubs, nail salons must be fully vaccinated
8:07 am
those who are not can show proof of a negative covid from the last 72 hours. the city hopes they encourage more people to get their shots because new case these have started inching up again after a sharp decline. 8:07 let's get a boost. >> a brave little boy named walen knows a good attitude helps when you're facing a big challenge. so he danced to his favorite song as he headed into surgery for his heart transplant at joe dimaggio's children's hospital in florida ♪ by the way, walen also danced his way home a new heart after a total of 259 days in the hospital >> wow, what an amazing little boy. >> way to go, walen. coming up next, we'll keep the inspiration going. and you probably know her. tiktok star and mom and now marathoner erin azar >> yes, we got to talk to her a
8:08 am
while back about training for the new york city marathon so she did it. how is she feeling after the big event? we're going to find out. i think she's pretty happy we'll find out, right after this alla the color, alla the gifts. your dog is your best friend. ♪ ♪ ♪ but your dog's best friend is your ex-girlfriend... because she always has irresistible pup-peroni. be your best friend's best friend. pup-peroni. ♪♪ ♪♪ spray, lift, skip, step. swipe, lift, spin, dry. slam, pan, still...fresh
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit welcome back yesterday marked the return of the new york city marathon after it had to be canceled last year because of covid >> and you could call it a huge success, 33,000 runners took success including someone we adore, tiktok's running star erin azar. >> we first met her back in september. she was beloved for her honest takes of the highs and lows of training this morning, she's run into our studio but first, a look at how she got here >> she calls herself mrs. space cadet online >> good morning. here is a another installment of a slightly overweight person who drinks too much beer trying to train for a marathon >> erin azar isn't your average influencer >> just going on run as fast as i can. do i look cool canmarathon. >> erin >> what started as a 30-day
8:12 am
challenge of run ago mile a day. >> my muscles are all out of walk from pregnancy. i just had my third baby four months ago >> she not only captured the real struggles of running -- >> i'm dieing and on the verge of crying. >> but captured millions of views, as well her journey which she calls team struggle run has gone viral. >> do i feel like running today? no i am not feeling good. two miles in and i'm walking sometimes this is what marathon training looks like. >> in september, she took us on. >> miss erin aza >> well, i'm running up what i call puke hill >> after two marathon covid cancellations, third time is the charm. >> i'm fine. everything is going to be fine i signed up for the new york city marathon. >> and on sunday, erin ran as a
8:13 am
member of the michael j. fox team raising money for parkinson's research, a cause close to her heart as her father, jim, has battled the disease for the last decade. running across five bridges and through five burrows, erin call it all on tiktok >> here we go. >> after six hours of hills, personal cheer squads and getting a little turned around -- >> oh, my god. where are we are we still on the course >> erin crossed the finish line finally accomplishing her goal years in the making. >> and here she is, mrs. space cadet herself, erin azar >> come and have a seat. >> we're coming. >> all right i can make it. >> how do you feel, honey, for real >> i took some motrin this morning. >> okay. >> so now i can -- everything else works, just not my feet >> the dogs are barking.
8:14 am
>> yeah. >> just watching that last moment when you crossed the finish line at the new york city marathon after all that you've been through, just -- just what was that like, that moment when you stepped across >> it was surreal. i didn't even think that it was happening for real, real, real i envisioned it so many times. i was like, this can't be happening. my legs are working, i'm still moving and it was buckets of tears, like a mess >> the journey is beautiful. could you have ever imagined when you first took that step to try to start running that you would be doing the new york city marathon, that you would be tiktok famous and a regular here on the "today" show? >> not at all. this is completely insane, first of all hi >> hi. >> okay. it's real life but, no, i never, ever thought any of this would happen i just was looking for a couple running friends on tiktok and it blew up. millions
8:15 am
>> do people recognize you when you were running did you get some erin love tell us. >> i -- okay in all honesty, i thought there would be a couple cheer sections i'm pumping myself up. there's going to be a couple people out there it was like every quarter mile people had mrs. space cadet signs. people were screaming. and they're like, i love you i'm like, i love you i felt like i was a superstar. it was amazing >> since you always keep it real for struggle running, what was it like? isn't the new york city marathon particularly hard? >> i thought that it was i think everything is hard but the bridges, i think, i didn't realize, you know, obviously, you have to go uphill before you go downhill that was rough but it was -- it was amazing the crowds keep you going. but i will say that someone was like, how are you that with it at 23 miles? i'm like, well, i happened to struggle really bad from mile 10 to, like, 20, so i think i got
8:16 am
it out of the way early. >> second wind >> yes >> were you listening to music >> i had my headphones on. i couldn't even listen to music because i couldn't hear it the crowds it was that amazing. it was just -- and not even always for me, obviously you're running with so many people and they have their own cheer sections so we're all -- i was just crying the whole time >> by the way, your cheer section is right here, your dad, jim gaffney. what does it mean to you that your daughter -- she met her accomplishment, but she was running for you. >> well, it was -- i'm really proud of her and proud of the team fox members that ran with her for parkinson's. >> and you, by the way, your lovely father is here. you also pinned to the window, i should point out -- >> can we? >> yes we have to see them from the front, too those are your people. tell me who is out there for you? >> you have my sister in the black, my mom going back and forth in the middle. then my husband, dan >> now dan likes -- okay we have to bring it in here
8:17 am
because you have a famous pose >> yes >> will you show us your famous pose >> yes >> which one do i look at? >> this one. >> okay. so feet out a little bit and then you kind of put your arms up and your elbows a little bit. bend your knees a little bit and you tuck your butt in just like that that is running outfit of the day pose >> i like this one >> "today" show outfit of the day. >> here we go. >> you guys nailed it. >> thank you >> wow >> we had a great teacher. >> i'm impressed >> so what's going to happen with the running, erin is that going to continue or are you one and done >> oh, we are going to keep -- we are going to keep going i would love to do the new york city marathon again, but i do want to do -- i want to use it as a way to travel >> yes >> so, yes you can't see the city like
8:18 am
that whenever any or time can you be on the bridges, no cars, you know, without police yelling at you. >> you were running to help the michael j. fox foundation and parkinson's research is to near and dear to you. >> erin, you're a marathoner now. >> it's official >> how does it feel? >> it's heavy. my mom, she picked it up this morning and she goes, oh, my god, does everyone get one of those? as if i won or something and it was only me, you know, that got it congratulations, erin that's awesome >> thank you so much >> also, you can find out more about the cause behind erin's run, the michael j. fox foundation and it's on our website let's get a check of the weather. >> all right it's kind of hard to point this way. but, erin, look at this. still making its way through the northern rockies eastern two-thirds of the country, spectacular just nice and clear. we got 60s and 50s in the mid-atlantic states. 70s through the gulf
8:19 am
look at this, alaska, single digits and 20s, but boy, hawaii, that's nice, temperatures in the 80s there. so for today, windy conditions ahead of that big system coming into the pacific northwest feeling cooler up through the northern plains. warm and sunny through the gulf. through into the mid-atlantic states, beautiful blue skies stretching from new england all the way down to florida and into the gulf a spectacular day. that's w good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. we are under a micro climate weather alert. we are set for this atmospheric river to come in this evening. it will pack high winds and heavy rain that starts later tonight, continues through early tomorrow. look at the possibility of one to two inches of rain. after that, we're all clear. see sunshine through veteran's day and the weekend. san francisco will see highs in the 60s. >> and that's your latest weather.
8:20 am
best time of the day, popstart >> who is here >> instead of carson, who is grieving for his raiders, we've got joe fryer! >> thank you so much i am here. all right. good to be here. first up, sarah jessica parker this morning, the actress is opening up about the eagerly new anticipated new "sex in the city" interview. she takes aim at harsh comments made about her and her costars and what she sees as a double standard for women morgan radford is here with details. >> good morning. so we all remember "sex in the city" and fans of the hit show are thrilled at the chance to see their favorite fashionistas see the back on the stand. but there's been a surprising amount of criticism facing tough comments about the star's ageing appearance that's why sarah jessica parker is firing back just like that, carrie bradshaw is back in the city. >> please, you were drunk and he was rich
8:21 am
>> more than two decades after the show first premier ed, the next chapter of "sex in the city" is almost here >> i'm talking about a woman's right to shoes >> and while fans can't wait to see the high fashion, some on social media are only focused on the appearance of sarah jessica parker and the show's other stars and how they aged. online, the criticism has been harsh. >> we're so tired of calming down >> which is why sarah jessica parker isn't holding back. speaking out in a new article for the december issue of "vogue" saying it almost feels as if people don't want us to be physically okay with where we are. adding there's so much misogynist chatter in response to us that would never happen about a man. over the summer, parker's
8:22 am
appearance was scrutinized after she was photographed rocking her natural silver streaked hair while dining with her long time friend, andy cohen parker telling vogue, he has a full head of gray hair and he's exquisite. why is it okay for him speaking about her other look, she said what am i going to do about it stop ageing? disappear? parker has received a wave of support online for standing up against ageism in hollywood. >> as we speak, the next chapter of "sex in the city. >> the ten episode revival series on hbo max follows carrie, miranda and charlotte as they continue their friendship from their 30s into their 50s. >> live in the big apple, but at a more mature age. with silver hair not often shown on the silver screen >> sarah jessica parker is an executive producer for the series, which does premier next month. actress kim catrell will not be in this version of the show, but creators say the reboot will feature a more diverse cast. guys >> a lot of folks looking forward to that. >> thank you, morgan up next, "saturday night live," this weekend, kieran
8:23 am
culkin took the stage as host. back in 1991 with his big brother, macaulay, hosted, he joined for a few sketches and was lucky enough to be hoisted into the air by kevin nylander 30 years later, recreating that adorable moment as the cast threw kieran up on their shoulders so he could ham it up one more time. love that moment and it was a big show for the first time host packed with celebrity cameos during the popular scratch the dionne warwick show she welcomed the surprise guest to the stage, the actual dionne warwick. check this out >> today i heard a song by an artist called young boy never broke again. why aren't people just called burt bakarack any more >> that is an excellent question and i don't know the answer, but i will keep tweeting until i find out >> two dionne warwicks are better than one. love that. next up, adele ahead of the release of hurry upcoming album, 30, the grammy award winner is set to appear in a broadcast event called adele one night
8:24 am
only and for fans who can't wait until sunday, the set list is e? >> that is an excellent question and i don't know the answer, but i will keep tweeting until i already out. set lists including the classics like hello, rolling in the deep, appear in ath a few unheard tracks from the new album. it's been a busy week for adele, on saturday, she performed in the uk for the first time in four years at the london palladium. we can't wait to hear more from the new singer when 30 drops november 19th. that is the end of next week
8:25 am
>> mark your calendar. >> she has a song called i drink wine >> that could be our anthem. >> exactly next up, jennifer nettles, currently starring in "waitress" on broadway, she made one super fan's day when she popped by their store on her way to work check this out >> hey, lizzy, jennifer nettles here so i have been seeing you night after night in the audience. i figured it's about time that we meet. did a little snooping around and learned that you work at the drum book shop right here in new york city. >> it doesn't get any sweeter than that. >> she knew right away when she saw her who she was. >> and she's seen the show eight times. >> jennifer nettles is the best. >> they hugged, took some pictures, love it. finally, ed sheeran, the grammy winner just wrapped up a new week his new album grabbed the number one spot on the billboard charts
8:26 am
divide and multiply also debuted at the top spot. this is his fourth album to hit number one on the billboards list >> nice start, joe fryer >> way to go coming up next, high wire good morning. it is 8:26. kris sanchez. expect a scene like this outside sutter delta medical center. this is after a protest in july. 350 workers plan to walk off the job and the union accuses sutter of walking out on contract mediation talks they say we stand by our offer, we are confident enough to place it on a ballot and it was recently approved by more than 3,000 employees at seven other seiu-represented hospitals
8:27 am
across our system. meanwhile, you may be talking about the rain. we have another atmospheric river heading our way. >> we are starting out dry, but everyone will be talking about the rain moving in later. storm ranger gives us a clean start this morning, we'll see showers arrive by 7:00 to 8:00 this evening, first in the north bay, spreading and getting intense in the overnight hours. looking at heavy rain and high winds, at times a rumble of thunder, especially as you approach sunrise tomorrow. we are in for a significant storm, kris. >> we'll be ready for it. i will have another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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today feels real good. it is monday morning, november 8th. can we say hello to these new york city marathon runners these guys finished the marathon they said their legs are shaky, but they're happy to be here this morning
8:31 am
>> it's like the marathon after party. >> someone just asked me, where is willie and his medal? what did you ask >> i said where is willie and his medal? >> willie and his medal are in bed. >> he's probably doing "morning joe. >> it's a pro doughnut situation over there meanwhile, nik wallenda is doing what he does best reminding us the rules of gravity don't apply to him and his family he's going to tell us about the big return of the big apple circus >> also, jacob soboroff has a new story for our once in a lifetime series this portion you are going to meet an nfl captain giving back in a big way to families in need of housing help and then we're going to take you inside the test kitchen of a world renowned chef ready to share his secret toes make your home cooking that much better. and then coming up on the
8:32 am
third hour of "today," i cannot wait to share my conversation with gal gadot with her on her new action packed movie dancing with "the rock" and the latest wonder woman tomorrow on "today," with everyone spending a bit more time at home than usual, they've become wildly popular during the pandemic, those air purifiers. but how well do they work? vicky nguyen is going to take a close look at what they can and they cannot do for our health. >> mr. roker, we've had big crowds, not this big you've got to make a run do your own marathon >> we're going to do that in a moment >> we're going to do that. let me do the weather and then we'll -- >> the weather first and then the run? >> i'll do a mini, mini, mini, mini marathon. let's show you what's happening week ahead mid-atlantic down to the southeast, beautiful sunshine through the gulf into the plains rain and snow out west and then as we get into the
8:33 am
midweek period, bright skies continue in the eastern third of the country, wet weather from the upper mississippi river valley, mid mississippi, mountain snows out west. friday, we're going do be looking at wet weather here in the east with heavy rain snow showers upper midwest plenty of sunshine good morning, i am meteorologist kari hall. we'll see rain arriving by 8:00 to 9:00 tonight, and getting heavier with high winds along with heavy rain at times. this has continued off and on through at least tomorrow morning, we are looking at the possibility of one to two inches of rain, maybe higher in a few spots. after that, we're going to see drier conditions. veterans day looking nice and low 70s for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. time to go around the horn everybody, look at those medals. all those medals are fantastic over there we love it oh, yeah hole hold it they came to run with me here we go
8:34 am
we're still going. come on down here we go yeah whew yes, we made it. all around the horn, baby. a marathon edition back to you guys >> thank you, mr. roker. >> still got it. >> i like his mini, mini, mini marathon up next, a firsthand look at the new york city's return to the big apple circus the guys behind it and nik wallenda will do an interview from high atop the tight rope >> stretch it out. stretch it out tight rope. >> stretch it out. stretch it out. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it.
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that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
8:36 am
get your popcorn and cotton candy ready because the big apple circus is back >> after some financial challenges and being put on hold because of the pandemic, it's making its return to the big top.
8:37 am
>> nik wallenda is known for his death defying acts he's taking on the next challenge of reinventing this show he joins us next from -- where the high wire. >> of course you're doing a high wire while doing an interview on the "today" show very impressive. >> thanks. for sure >> so tell us about this reimagined reinvented big apple circus >> yeah. you know, it's been my passion to reinvent and rejuvenate the circus and this opportunity came up just before covid started, actually and as you guys know, we had to cancel last season but to be at the helm of one of the greatest shows in america, the big apple circus in lincoln center is truly a dream come true we have reinvented and reimagined everything circus >> a lot of people have been to the big apple circus and they wonder what is different what are we going to see that is different?
8:38 am
what can we expect >> so everything from the moment you walk in the door, we tried to change the environment as a whole. my dream has always been to elevate the circus, no pun intended but the reality is we want to turn this or i want to turn this into a theater environment so you'll notice major changes to a brand new stage to an incredible set that you see behind me. >> nik, there is a lot happening beneath you there. tell us about these performers that are there, as well. what are they doing? >> yeah. so one of the blessings of my career is that i've been able to travel the world and headline with some of the greatest performers and all of them are now here in new york city performing alongside of me, include johnny rocket, one of the most comedic daredevils behind me. i have an amazing hula hoop artist we have james on rolabola. we have the amazing allen silva, a semifinalist on "america's got talent" who is now our little
8:39 am
giant ring master and we have the ab brothers who are directly from africa. >> nik, you have a diverse cast of performers. was that intentional >> you know, that is one of the things i love about the circus i think society is trying to catch up with the circus but everybody has always been welcome in the circus. look, i grew up with the birdied lady and the crab man. so the reality is everybody has always been included in the circus these people here are my family. >> speaking of your family, i heard your family is part of this production, too >> that's right. my beautiful wife is part of this show and then i have a lot of family that actually are working now behind the scenes. so it's been a cool opportunity to be at the helm of something so great and to bring in all of this experience, a lifetime. of course, my family started in the 1780s, so over 200 years of experienceme. of cours >> is that comfortable sitting there? i'm feeling uncomfortable watching you >> i have to admit, it's not very comfortable >> seems like a wedgie danger. >> not an uncomfortable as juggling if he lands wrong, that's a problem. >> nik, we want to say thank
8:40 am
you. thank you so much. good luck. >> glad you guys are back. >> thank you so much thank you, guys. >> you can catch nik and the rest of the amazing performers at the big apple circus. the shows kick off on thursday and they ran through january maybe something to do for the holidayserformers at the big apple circus. the shows >> exactly coming up next on once in a lifetime, jacob soboroff introduces up to a team captain going above and beyond for his community. but first, this is "today" on ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
8:41 am
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8:42 am
we are back with once in a lifetime, our special series with nbc sports. this morning, an nfl player using his spare time to take on the housing crisis >> many families are one check away from eviction and homelessness and the pandemic has only made things worse >> now one nfl star is jumping in to help those families and
8:43 am
beyond jacob soboroff has more. >> after 16 years in the nfl, nfl rams team captain says he's sticking around because of one thing and that is community. his community in los angeles is one of the most unaffordable place toes live in the entire united states of america more people sleep on the streets here than any other city in the country. what he saw off the field has inspired him to roll up his sleeves and get to work and it is inspiring other people, too >> it's not hard to drive around l.a. to look out your window and see people living on the street these days >> yeah. especially with my kids. there's always this opportunity for conversations like, dad, why is this person hold ago sign or why does this person look like they sleep right there? >> it was a conversation with
8:44 am
his youngest son that changed him forever. >> he said dad, you know how we talked about homeless people, we can use santa. and it crushed me that he thought santa was the answer to everything i said, mike, do you want to be santa for all those people and he said, yeah, i do. >> whitworth and her family have made it their mission to help with security. from rebuilding new orleans and with habitat for humanity, california where 20% of households are at risk of not being able to afford or pay rent >> the idea that there are so many housing insecure people in los angeles, i don't think it's something that many people across the country know. >> i play in the nfl, i have a job that i think is amazing every sunday to get out there and run out on the field and have people cheering you on. but it's one that i think ask pretty easy. when i think about people are working there butts off to have a place to sleep, it makes me realize how blessed i am but also how much more i can do. >> over the course of his 16-year career, the l.a. rams team captain has led by example putting in the work. he says it's his duty to give back to the community that has
8:45 am
given him so much. >> people buy tickets to come support us and root us on and cheer for to us play a game. why is it not the same way back? >> when whitworth learned about one group of families in legislation who were finally achieving they are dreams of home ownership after years of housing insecurity, he knew he had to cheer them on >> we knew this was a chance to open doors for people who have been dieing for the opportunity to own their own home, feel safer when they walk in their own home >> kyla works in the church and she's studying to become a minister for generations, her family has become renters, at times fearing for their safety >> where we presently live is not as safe as some neighborhoods. just the walk from the house to the car is scary >> bruce and his parents can relate they were forced out of their family home after 20 years >> that area just kind of started coming up in value and we were kind of just forced out
8:46 am
of the neighborhood. >> reporter: single mother maria has worked her whole life to provide for her daughter, valerie. the cost of l.a. rent has been a huge stress for her. >> i feel the pressure, to have to point provide for me and my daughter >> reporter: but now, thanks to habitat for humanity of greater los angeles and these families putting in hundreds of house of hard work putting in mortgages, they finally have a safe and secure place >> it's a dream come true. it feels like we're just stepping into a whole new season for our family like, what this means for generations after us that we have, like, a home in los angeles is huge. >> inspired by their stories, the whitworths have a surprise for these special families >> you said that you feel blessed. me and my family would love to try to bless you a little more we are going to cover the down payment for all of you guys and your homes
8:47 am
>> congratulations >> thank you so much >> thank you >> congratulations >> thank you >> and to fill their new houses with some new furniture. >> the folks at lowe's heard about each of you and they want to give each family a $10,000 gift card. so congratulations to you guys >> get in there. >> thank you >> it's life changing. i can't even put into words what this means for me. >> i feel like cinderella. >> real happy. real happy >> i think it's a day to be proud and to realize how special you are in this field caring about one another and caring about people >> reporter: one of the things, you guys, i absolutely love about getting to know andrew whitworth and hearing what he had to say and to do, he's not waiting for anybody else to come in and fix the system. he's doing everything he can to help whoever he can as soon as
8:48 am
he can and he's given $20,000 to causes here in l.a. after every single home built here in sofi and to causes back home in loose will, as well. >> wow >> he's reaching into his own pocket to get it done. i love it. >> look at the example he sets for his kids, as well. >> great >> this series is wonderful. >> coming up next, we're going to introduce you to a team of world renowned chefs ready to share their secrets of how to simplifyhe way you cook. simplifyhe way you cook. tbu the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. ♪ it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense.
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8:51 am
and we met up with the man behind the international brand, yotam ottolenghi to hear more about what he and his team call shelf love this may not look like the center of a food empire, but inside the london warehouse, mouth watering magic the ottolenghi test kitchen where chefs dance and you're encouraged to play with your food >> let's get cooking >> this is where the magic happens. >> this is our modest test kitchen. now international famed chef yotam ottolenghi and his staff want teach us to cook showing love to all of those ingredients in the back of the pantry fridge and freezer. >> maybe it's just me, but i find those shelves very intimidating >> well, we want them to be very inviting >> today they're showing me how to transform sweet potatoes into a spicy, one-skillet egg meal. >> people have this kind of phobia to things that have been relegated to the back of the
8:52 am
shelf. in this book, we say open up your heart to the shelf and get ready for what's waiting there >> they have introduced people worldwide to middle eastern spices and flavors he studied literature, but fell in love with food. opening his first deli in london's knotting hill in 2002 it gained a cult following the brand expanding fast to six delis and restaurants, best selling books and cooking shows. >> it was march 2020 during the pandemic with restaurants closed he and his team, like the rest of once had to get creative. and kept in touch by cooking their favorite recipes shelf love teaches how to experiment and another post pandemic trend, use every last bit of what you have in this recipe, those sweet potato skins become a tasty topping
8:53 am
>> taking those skins and break them up, toss them into a bit of olive oil with salt and pepper and this goes into the oven for 8 to 10 minutes. >> they make a delicious snack >> there's even a make it your own section. >> so to make this my own, i can choose different lettuce leaves? >> those salad dressings, segment 11 and add herbs and olive oil. no cheddar for the eggs, shelf love says anything oozy and melty will work. >> you can see this kind of oil bubbles coming from the sides and you know you're on the right track to deliciousness >> you can put your own post thanksgiving spin on it. >> if you've got a sweet potato mash or a pumpkin mash, heat it up and put the eggs inside and you're guaranteed something delicious. >> the book's main message, to make due with what you have. >> every book we want to teach a skill. >> the book's main message, to make due with what you have. >> every book we want to teach a
8:54 am
skill. resourceful and creative and using up what you have is a timeless skill that you can use forever, really. >> all righty. >> we're all silent, so i guess that's a good thing, right >> the moment you get that crispy skin in your mouth, you're seriously happy >> if your mouth is now watering for a little sweet potato shakshuka, find the recipe on and the cookbook is now available in the u.s. guys >> there we go >> well, just ahead in our third hour, we're going to chat with nba legend scotty pippin about this controversial new memoir he's got and later on the fourth hour, we'll share some laughs with snl's star keenan thompson. >> what's up with that >> by the way, we also have gal
8:55 am
gadot coming on in the third hour and she is delightful. >> do you talk wonder woman? >> and why is she now being called gal big toes. >> big toes? >> we'll find out. >> her toes must be pretty firs cooking up a storm with al roker.
8:56 am
8:57 am
travel restrictions have been lifted. anyone wanting to visit the u.s. has to show proof of vaccination, children under the age of 18 will be exempt. everyone must test negative within three days of arrival. happening now, cierra johnson is following the story, has a full report in the midday news. meteorologist kari hall tracks the arrival of another atmospheric river. this one may not have the impact of the last storm. she will tell you the timeline.
8:58 am
an atmospheric river will dump rain on the area. >> and the danger of power outages. how to prepare.
8:59 am
join us tomorrow, 4:30 to 7:00.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> oh, and a good monday morning. welcome to the third hour of "today." it is monday. it is november 8th. jill martin is back at the table. >> i'm looking at the monitor. you guys make me happy. we'rebout to have a thanksgiving meal. we have fall vibes going. >> rocking the sweaters there. >> i like you guys. >> i like you guys, too. >> we're going to start the weekoff with a jam packed show including this story from richard lui.
9:01 am
it's for anyone out there who


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