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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 8, 2021 3:00am-3:30am PST

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♪ ♪ breaking overnight new details from our st. louis affiliate on a potential serial killer connected to six homicides. new details this morning from the tragic astro world concert where eight people died and dozens were injured in a stampede grammar schools will begin offering covid vaccines to kids starting today, as the u.s. braces for a surge of international travelers with new rules going into effect this morning. and lester holt gets a rare look inside the dea's battle to control the fentanyl crisis in
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america. >> and nfl highlights with much more a busy monday ahead. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm philip mena. >> glad you can be with us i'm frances rivera we begin with breaking news. a suspected serial killer has been arrested for several shootings, and six homicides in the st. louis area and in kansas city, kansas police linked 25-year-old perez reed to two murders in st. louis, and one shooting in st. louis county in september, with a .40 caliber smith and wesson pistol he was then connected to two murders in kansas city in october. evidence included the murder weapon and shoes matching the crime scenes many of the victims were sex workers. reed is facing charges, including two counts of first degree murder and one count of first degree assault the prosecutor's office expected to hold a press conference later
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today. now to texas, where memorials have begun for the eight people who died at the astro world music festival a funeral was held sunday. the family says that he died saving his fiance from a stampede and now they're demanding justice and answers, as police launch a criminal investigation into what happened here's nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: panic in houston. >> they're running, going crazy. and pushing and everything >> reporter: tens of thousands rushing the stage at the astro world music festival >> it was like this weird fight was going on, and then it was like the biggest mosh pit ever everybody was pushing and everybody was trying to get out. >> reporter: but hundreds couldn't get out eight fanses ages 14 to 27 killed in the stampede 25, including a 10-year-old, with serious injuries taken to area hospitals and at least 300 treated at an
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on-site field hospital >> nothing of this magnitude that any of us can recall, and certainly that i can recall that has taken place in this city this incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed >> reporter: the investigation now includes narcotics officers after a security guard told medics someone injected something into his neck during the chaos. he collapsed unconscious and revived with narka >> i'm def tated >> reporter: travis scott, the headline performer, posting his first on-camera response to the tragedy sunday, send prayers to the victims and promising to help in the ongoing investigation. >> help us figure this out >> reporter: survivors trying to figure out things, as well >> we do let loose, but to the
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point lives are lost, it's sad >> reporter: the pain of that loss evident, along the fence surrounding the concert venue. jay gray, nbc news houston. after months of negotiations, joe biden is able to deliver on a key campaign promise. with the support of 13 republicans, the house passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, sending it to the president's desk the $550 billion package is the largest investment in restoring roads and bridges and provides funds for clean water initiatives. house democrats also cleared a procedural hurdle for the larger build back better safety net bill nancy pelosi is pushing for action on that legislation scores of school districts across the u.s. are turning chair facilities into school-based vaccination site. some are even offering incentives to children who roll up their sleeves according to "the wall street
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journal," california has 3100 school located clinics for vaccines and starting today, the state's largest district in los angeles will kick off mobile vaccination sites. detroit will kick off its campaign to vaccinate 68,000 children ages 5 to 11 by appointment only the mayor says more than 450 michigan children under the age of 12 are becoming infected with the virus each day and new york city plans to offer vaccinations at schools starting today. the big anal is offering incentives such as $100 debit cards, trips to the statue of liberty and more in a bid to persuade more children to get vaccinated, big bird announced he has been vaccinated against covid-19. and today, the u.s. is set to lift a nearly 20-month international travel ban matt, good morning thanks for joining us. >> reporter: good morning. this is definitely a big
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development for foreigners who maybe have friends or family in the united states, so i think we're going to see some nice reunions coming up if you're an american who has been waiting on someone abroad, i think this is a big step but it's not a complete lifting of restrictions, so let's run through some of the details. so the basic situation is that as of today, citizens of 33 different nations who have w.h.o. approved vaccinations, are once again allowed to visit the united states. this includes united kingdom, france, italy, spain, china and iran these visitor also need to show documentation of vaccination and also a negative covid test that said, if you are traveling by land from canada or mexico, all you need is documentation of vaccination, no covid test required so, you know, that's a big development. airlines are expecting a huge number of book togs the united states
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virgin atlantic said they have seen a 600% booking to the united states. most of those bookings are to new york but this is nice win ahead of the holiday season back to you guys >> it's been about 18 months since travel has been able to resume that way. thank you, matt. a missing 16-year-old has been found after using a distress signal that became popular on tiktok. you hold your hand up with the palm facing the other person and then tuck your thumb in and fold your fingers down. she was inside a silver colored toyota the driver called 911 and flils arrested the alleged abductor at the kentucky state border. the girl said she had traveled across four states her parented reported her missing in asheville, north carolina multiple campus buildings had on the evacuated because of bomb threats at three ivy league schools. the threats were deemed not
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credible and the buildings were cleared for reentry. this comes two days after a similar incident at yale law enforcement officials are not linked these threats shaquille o'neal has added thousands of dollars to the reward for information leading to the arrest of shooting an atlanta police officer there is a manhunt for 22-year-old jordan jackson it left the officer critically injured. the father and husband was responding to a domestic abuse call at the time shaq's $5,000 contribution brought the total for an arrest to $30,000 the titans and rams duked it out in the primetime sunday night showdown tennessee's defense gave matthew stafford no room to breathe,
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picking him off twice and sacking him five times the titans were outgained by over 150 yards but were efficient in the red zone. under that pile is adrian peterson that was his first game with the team tennessee avenges that super bowl xxxiv loss winning 28-16. and in a rematch of super bowl i, patrick mahomes and the chiefs got on the board first. jordan love tossed his first career touchdown late. k james connor gets in for h touchdown. he rushed in there for the touchdown and caught up one. the cardinals beat the 49ers 31-17. both the jags and the bills both have players named josh
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allen. one on offense, one on defense but jacksonville's josh allen got the better of buffalo's josh al within that sack. the jags with the surprise of the day, they upset the bills 9-6 for the win. the new york city marathon returned for the first time since 2019, and what a comeback it was the winners, two runners from kenya. around 30,000 runners competed one man took a break from the race to propose to his girlfriend and yes, spoiler alert, she did say yes. and here's msnbc's anchor stephanie ruhle jumping over the barriers to hug colleague willie geist. our very own bill cairns bringing home the medal with a time of 3 hours and 38e comparim
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past years and a huge shout out to producer cody schultz who ran the marathon for the first time. he's like, dang, there's not any chocolate in this. but he's fast asleep or catching a flight, because he has a caribbean vacation >> well deserved congratulations to everybody out there who accomplished that tremendous feat. better than i. now to the weather some coastal al flooding from connecticut. welcome back, janessa. >> good morning. good to see you guys both. and a big congratulations to everyone that ran the new york marathon a big accomplishment there now, let's talk weather and get your week going here we have a coastal low that's happening just offshore of the carolina coast into the hartford area we're going to be dealing with high surf. so if you're a boater,
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definitely going to be seeing that throughout the day. 8 million people are impacted all the way down to florida. we do have coastal flood warnings for this area they will last for this afternoon. coul likely waves. so a ver to the mid-atlantic but just a ton of sunshine it has definitely been chilly across the east coast, but i have a big-time warm yup millions of deadly pills are stored there >> and dominating the box office, the controversial e attorneys. back in 60 seconds time than you, but mr. clean clean freak delivers
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>> hi. >> hello >> this is what the end of the world looks like we have a front row seat >> at the box office, the american superhero film "eternals" debuted with $71 million in ticket sales domestically the fourth highest film opening during the pandemic. top movies included "venom" and "no time to die. >> have you heard of will me wood it is one of the hottest places in the country to make a movie right now and we'll take you there. >> and a rare look inside the dea's efforts to control the fentanyl crisis. r dinner. definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum and save water. did you know an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle?
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coming up on the third hour of the "today" show, scottie pippen talking about his new memoir "unguarded. a fentanyl crisis is plaguing arizona
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phoenix has become a dist distribution hub for counterfeit pills coming in from mexico. we warn you, some of these images may be disturbing >> reporter: this is what two million counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl and other drugs looks like a fraction of the total seized in arizona this year these are all fentanyl pills >> these are all fentanyl pills. >> reporter: at the dea's evidence vault in an undisclosed location, our teams were granted rare access to see the scale of the crisis firsthand what are fentanyl pills? >> they look legitimate, these pills. sometimes they look like xanax, they can look like anything and contain deadly quantities of fentanyl >> reporter: the special agent in charge, sherry oz, says these fake pills are the number one threat why is phoenix so critical in
3:19 am
terms of this fight? >> phoenix is the head of the snake. >> is it part of that because you're so close to the boarder >> we are all the trafficking routes run right through our back door. >> reporter: nation wide, the majority of counterfit pills intercepted by the dea are seized in arizona, nearly half containing lethal doses of fentanyl the raw chemicals are largely sourced from china then dressed into pills by drug cartels in mexico and smuggled to cities like phoenix, where they are reakaged for distribution social media, now an essential tool to buy these pills online how easy is it to purchase online >> i can sit here with you, order pills, pay for them and arrange for pick cup and delive. >> do you have narcan? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: at the sprtreet level, the police are seeing the influx of fentanyl, responding to overdoses and administering narcan, now a regular part of their job. sergeant jason busher leads the department's drug enforcement bureau >> the biggest challenge are the quantity of fentanyl pills on the street >> reporter: not only are the drugs increasing, but the amount of people addicted to fentanyl is overwhelming. >> right now, it's the worse drug depen dan si. >> we visit the crime lab. these pills, all seized recently, confirm to contain fentanyl >> landon was 25 he was getting his mechanical engineering degree >> reporter: arizona state senator and teacher christine marsh lost her son last year
3:21 am
she believes he took a painkiller that was laced with fentanyl >> it's overwhelming i'm going to be mourning for my son for the next 40 years. >> reporter: senator marsh says her son would have hoped for others to learn from his mistake. >> there is a little strip in there. >> reporter: so she sponsored a bill that legalized testing strips in arizona that can detect the presence of fentanyl. her mission now, to save lives >> i've learned that one pill is too many >> reporter: a crisis not just touching those with addiction, but families in every corner of this country what is it that parents should be on the lookout for? >> having the conversations with your kids, and letting them know that this is not an experimentation issue. this is a life or death issue. one pill could kill. one pill, one time, game over. >> an eye opening story. up next, janessa has your forecast for the week ahead.
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business is booming in wilmington, north carolina it's becoming a hot spot for the film industry. cnn's jane wells has more. >> reporter: one of america's top movies "halloween kills" takes place in haddenfield, illinois and "our kind of people" is on martha's vineyard. but not really both are actually filmed in wilmington, north carolina a town so busy with the hollywood streaming wars, some call it "wilmy wood. >> i lived in california for 25
3:27 am
years. i had enough of that >> one of the things about north carolina, three, four hours, you're in the mountains. you know, three four hours the other direction, you have this stretch of beaches >> reporter: 2021 is a record year, with $300 million in film business it's a boost for locals like jess james, whose shop is being taken over for a shoot >> we definitely had costume departments come from tv and movies to do some shopping but this is the first time we have ever been scouted >> reporter: it's a big change from a few years ago, when a previous north carolina governor ended film subsidies and a transgender bathroom ban led to a boycott by hollywood. >> all the pictures coming here went to canada and georgia, too. >> reporter: jonas pate created "oute "outer banks" but had to shoot
3:28 am
in south carolina. he worked hard to overturn the bathroom law >> if we have incentives, we have work. if we don't have incentives, we don't. >> reporter: there is so much content being created here and everywhere as production spreads, hanging over everything is the tragedy in santa fe on the set of "rust. >> any time anything happens, people stop and say why do we have to do it? and there's a movement to make there not be any real guns onset, and why not >> reporter: but the show must go on, perhaps without live guns, as the entertainment appetite from streaming services as hollywood working from sea to shining sea. jane wells, cnbc business news, wilmington, north carolina >> one of the most underrated cities in the country. >> that was cool when you can stumble upon a set when you
3:29 am
don't expect it. the bucks of milwaukee will be making their way to the white house as champions joe biden is scheduled to host the team in honor of their 2021 championship win
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breaking overnight new details surrounding the musical festival in houston that saw eight young people lose their lives. hundreds injured and at least a dozen still hospitalized more breaking news iolving a potential serial killer in st. louis, missouri, and kansas city, kansas and the aaron rodgers covid vaccine controversy and the fallout from around the nfl. today, the united states braces for


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