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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 7, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PST

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and every time they played man coverage and it was simmons on kittle, they were targeting him. i know they wished they continued to drive on there because they possibly have a different outcome if george kittle make that big catch. >> we will take our first break. when we continue here on xfinity sports sunday, jimmy garoppolo. he plays very well. the defense did not. dante speaks out about the future of the 49ers' quarterback, when we return. we need to do something now! pfeffer, what's the plan? uhh, t-mobile sir. t-mobile has great phone offers for every customer. on every plan. ok. hold on a second... you're telling me that new and existing customers get this? yup, new and existing customers. and they can get other benefits, like free stuff or discounts every tuesday. i was going to say the same thing. that's it! draw up the contract. t-mobile doesn't have annual contracts sir. i like that... i like that a lot. great phone deals on every plan, every day, everyone.
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who's on the ball brought to you by manscaped. the official below the waist grooming partner of the san francisco 49ers. over 4 million men trust manescaped tools for their family jewels. who is on the ball? brought to you by manscaped. jimmy garoppolo on the ball. completed 28 of 40 for 326 yards, two touchdowns, one interception. sacked five times.
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quarterback rating of 100.6. donte, assess the play of the 49ers quarterback. >> i think he was formidable. he was decisive. he had his weapons back. he gave his guys opportunities to go up and make plays for him. he got the ball. in the second half, he did hold onto it a little too long and a lot of those yards did come in desperation. but you saw that jimmy knows where to go with the football but it's not equating to wins. so it really doesn't matter. and you can say that kyle shanahan and lynch, they have given him the keys to the car this year. they have given him every opportunity to lead this football team, show that he can be a winner and just hasn't equated to the wins they thought it'd amount to. >> you said something interested. i was talking to you in the newsroom. and i said wait, what about trey lance? is he getting the shot, why can't he playing? and you said that ship may have sailed at least you think it should have sailed because the team's beat up a little now. >> the offensive line is beat up. you don't want to put your shiny new toy out there and you can't really get a true look at him
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because he is running around like a chicken with his head cut off for his life back there. you give him a fresh start next year. but right now, you -- jimmy ride with the keys to the car. you started it so you have to finish it. >> time for the right connection. the right connection brought to you by t-mobile. back-up quarterback colt mccoy, the starter today. he had the right connection, especially to christian kirk who had six receptions for 91 yards. mccoy finished 22 of 26 for 22 -- 249 yards touchdown, no ints. this is a 35-year-old backup from hobbs, new mexico, who by the way, donte, in 2013 played in four games for the 49ers. he passed once and he completed it. so, he had one pass, one completion in his stats in 2013 for san francisco. but today, he looked like a pro bowler. >> yeah, he looked awesome. he looked like joe montana out there. he was decisive with the football. the defense gave him no resistance and if i can think back correctly, feld, 2013, he
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was our scout team quarterback and they would always tell him, hey, throw the ball like you would in a game. don't just throw it to the defense to give 'em a look and we picked 'em off countless amounts of time so the 49ers' defense didn't take the field with energy, without focus, without attention to detail and it doesn't matter who is at quarterback, if you take the field and you are not ready to play, then anybody in this league is going to shred you apart. so, hats off to colt mccoy, you play audsome today, buddy. >> there is short weeks and there is long weeks. this will be a long week because the 49ers don't play again -- play again until monday night football when they play the rams. we will look ahead to the rams. who played on sunday night football tonight. but first, a preview of the news which comes up next. i'm in the nbc bay area studios. coming up in just moments, we are tracking another powerful storm approaching the bay area. strong winds and flooding, a real concern. we are tracking it all for you. and in just a few hours, pandemic travel restrictions
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end. what you can expect to see at airports this week, next on nbc bay area news. [instrumental of “ghost” by justin bieber plays] that's crazy. i'll tell you this. that's the best i've ever heard that song. like i felt it over here.
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49ers lineup on xfinity sports sunday press conference will come your way tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. tuesday, 49ers talk. wednesday. friday, it's game plan. and then, monday, the 49ers are on monday night football. pregame live at 4:00. postgame live, laura britt and company, including, of course, donte whitner, joe staley, takeo spikes, matt. national tv, donte, and monday night game. get a little more pufrmed up when you played on monday night football? >> absolutely. you know the world is watching. you know, 49ers, they have a lot to prove after losing this game today, especially when arizona didn't have their stars. so, you know, la will be juiced up. they are coming off a loss, as
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well. so, hopefully, the 49ers are up for the challenge. >> titans beat the rams tonight in the game you probably just watched. the rams now fall to 7-2. this was not matthew stafford's best moment, donte. >> no, absolutely not. i don't know what he was thinking there but that is a huge turnover. you can't put your team in harm's way. take the sack for two points here, not the seven. >> monday will be the first meeting between the rams and the 49ers, donte. they will also meet on the last game of the season. is this a team that the 9ers, if they play well, could beat? >> yeah, you always play well against your division opponents but, you know, what 49er team are you going to get? the disciplined 49er team with physicality? or the one that showed up today? >> what do you do about the defense? and josh norman was benched, by the way, after the taunting with kingsbury. put him back in the lineup. has not had the best season, and has had a lot of penalties. >> i think you go to the rookie. he played well early in the
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season. well in pre -- in the preseason. i think you put him back in the game. you can't have veterans that continue to get these penalties that kill the football team. and even in coverage, he hasn't done that well. so i think that you go to the young rookie. but the 49ers' defense is fundamental flaws. effort, pursuit angles, tackling. those can all be fixed. it is all about the attitude they take in next game. >> what would you say to the team if you were on this team in the locker room? you have lost four of five. things have not gone well and this was a very poor defensive performance. >> it's about when you come together, collectively, can you all point out your mistakes and not take it to heart? right? we all have one goal in mind and that's to win football games. so if you are not getting your job done if it's a smallest detail whether it's bolsa to the last guy on the roster, we all have to take a look at ourselves, lock ourselves in a room until we complete the task at hand. that's fixing the defense, fixing the small things which leads to big things and running
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some wins off collectively. so with everybody coming together as a group. >> don't take it personally, when people point out the criticism. i hear ya. 49ers fall today. they will do it again next week on monday night football. they are now 3-5. donte whitner, dave feldman of thanks for watching. don't go anywhere. the news is coming up, next. customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro— and t-mobile will pay for it! it has the most advanced iphone camera ever! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking about existing customers like ronald! the new iphone on t-mobile— let's do it! new and existing customers, can upgrade to the iphone 13 pro on us. on our most popular plan magenta max. do we have a plan for the second half? nah, we're gonna get creamed— but we'll be on t-mobile!
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right now on nbc bay area, get your umbrellas ready. another strong storm coming our way. meteorologist rob mayeda has the hour-by-hour timeline. zblchlks also, lifting the pandemic travel ban after nearly two years. the u.s. is opening its borders to international travelers. what the change means for tourism and airports here in the bay area. and tragic new details about the freeway shooting that left a toddler dead as the search for the gunman continues. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area news. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i am audrey asistio. tonight, the search continues for the gunman that left a nearly 2-year-old boy dead on 880 in oakland. >> police say jasper wu, shown here, was killed by a stray bullet. now, community leaders are saying enough is enough. here is nbc bay area's marianne favro. >> reporter: jasper wu of
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fremont shown here in a superman costume was just a few weeks away from celebrating his 2nd birthday. instead, his family is planning his funeral after the boy was shot while in a car on southbound 880 saturday afternoon. the boy's mother was driving the family back home from san francisco. jasper was in a car seat when police say a stray bullet struck him in the head. >> shots fired southbound 880. >> reporter: font, we have learned wu's father is on his way to the bay area from china. carl chan who spoke with the boy's mother said she told him the father had never met his son because of covid restrictions. >> you -- your family could be having such a good time. and then, all the sudden, a bullet hitting your new or your little baby or just anyone in a car. it is unimaginable. >> reporter: chan is helping provide assistance to the family, and is also calling for change. he wants more chp patrols on bay-area highways. >> i think this is not only the
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turning point. i think this is the time that we all have to be waking up and understanding that, you know, not just little child being a victim. we all could be victims. your family could be victims and anyone could be victim. and we have to make changes. but change is got to start now. >> reporter: other community activists are echoing the need to do more. >> i think it's terrible. you know, tragedy, just reinforces the need for immediate and intentional action. i think we have to address violence holistically. we have to address it now. we really have to address it as the public health crisis that it is. >> reporter: detectives say they don't believe the family was targeted. tonight, investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> hits hard for so many including fremont police. they tweeted about the shooting saying the department sends condolences to the family. they a added a second tweet quote this act of violence is
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not acceptable. chief washington has been in contact with oakland's chief armstrong and they mutually share concern and oout outrage. our department, along with our community, stand in support of the family. we are continuing to follow this tragic story and will be sharing up dates about the investigation on air as well as on our website. in a matter of hours, things are going to be changing in a big way for travel in the bay area and across the country. the united states is lifting a nearly two-year ban on international travel from many major countries. that means people who are fully vaccinated can visit. now, they are going to have to still show proof of vaccination. though, children under the age of 18 and those from certain countries with low vaccine availability are going to be exempt. foreign travelers will also have to show proof of a negative-covid test taken within three days of their departure. nbc bay area's thom jensen tells us how the bay area is preparing. >> reporter: in a partnership, sfo and sf travel launched an
9:07 pm
aggressive international marketing campaign telling the world our gate is open. and we're already seeing evidence of it here at the airport and at some of the city's top-tourist destinations. on the embarcadero at pier 39 and across the city, 50 of them. >> we want to just welcome it in with a big hello and, um, we just want them to feel as comfortable as possible. >> reporter: san francisco's new welcome ambassadors ready to welcome visitors returning to the city as the u.s. lifts pandemic-travel restrictions that have barred most international visitors since early-last year. >> we guide them to good restaurants, recommend good places for 'em. you know, the family attractions and everything. >> reporter: in 2019, international travelers were huge contributors to the city's $10 billion tourism industry. >> tourism is the number one industry and employs so many people in the city so we are thrilled to see international travelers starting to come back, starting tomorrow. >> reporter: 86,000 jobs in san francisco are supported by
9:08 pm
tourism and foreign visitors bring in big business. >> they are the biggest spenders in our city. they stay the longest. they spend the most money. and we are really looking forward to seeing, especially more travelers coming from europe. >> reporter: as far as sfo goes, it's seen an increase in service lately and plans to increase from 28 international carriers to 33 soon. back to about 75% of pre-pandemic levels. and airlines are reporting surges in international bookings to san francisco. people are being warned that airports this week will be a lot busier than normal. and to expect lines as these new travel rules roll out. from sfo, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. tom, thank you, as the u.s. lifts covid restrictions for international travelers, time is almost up for tsa workers to prove they have gotten the covid vaccine. all tsa employees must be fully vaccinated by tomorrow. or have received a special exemption. the agency could start enforcing penalties as soon as tuesday.
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hundreds of young children in gilroy today rolling up their sleeves for their covid vaccine shot. the santa clara county office of education hosted the vaccine drive for 5 to 11-year-olds at offices on ren avenue. 700 children receiving their first dose. the goal is to reach the spanish-speaking community and those who struggle with healthcare access. organizers say the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. >> it's been so rewarding because families are very appreciative. they are very excited to have this opportunity. we've been anxiously awaiting the vaccine. >> i know that there is a low percent chance now that i will get the virus. >> county education leaders say they understand many parents still have questions. so, going to be hosting a virtual town hall meeting tomorrow night to address those concerns. solano county is also getting ready to administer shots to young kids. starting wednesday, kids as young as 5 can get their dose at the mass vaccination site at the
9:10 pm
fairgrounds. the clinic runs wednesdays through saturdays between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. sonoma county health leaders expect to receive some 7,500 doses of pfizer's pediatric vaccine this week so they are bringing vaccination clinics to campuses in several north-bay cities. so the first two will be held on tuesday and you can see them. those locations on this map right here. so, the clinic at gernville elementary school will be open 1:30 to 5:30 tuesday afternoon. the second clinic will be open in cloverdale at jefferson elementary. vaccinations will be available there between 3:00 and 6:00. clinics are also set for wednesday, friday, and sunday at schools in sonoma county. we have posted the full list of locations on our website. all you have to do is head to look outside right now from our network of traffic cameras and you will notice, among other things, the roads are dry. but this time tomorrow, maybe not. things are going to look very different. another storm headed our way. bringing gusty winds and heavy
9:11 pm
rain at times for some. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda with the when and the where, rob. >> and what will be packing that bigger punch will, once again, be the connection to an atmospheric river that's going to boost the rain rates at this storm and at times lead to some gusty conditions. and we will start things off talking about that wind advisory for the bay area. you can see, most of the bay area will be impacted by this starting at 7:00 tomorrow evening. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour so you could have some tree damage and local power impacts and if those come down on the roadways, into tuesday morning, you could see an impact there due to those gusty winds. and the other component, obviously, the atmospheric river is the heavy rain potential and we do think it will be the north bay. these areas showing up in red around some of the mountain areas could see 2 to 4 inches of rain and around the rest of the bay area, probably a good half inch of rain falling in a pretty short period of time. so talk more about the heavy rain potential, the timing of the heaveniest rain and the strongest wind in our hour-by-hour forecast about ten
9:12 pm
minutes from now. back to you. >> rob, thanks a lot. i think that might be my story tomorrow night. >> is it? >> it could be. it's looking that way. you can track the storm on our free nbc bay area app. just type your zip code. you get a forecast specific to where you live. we will also send breaking news and weather alerts right to your phone. terry, a tense afternoon for a pilot and passenger of a small plane. the one you see right there. this plane had to make an emergency landing at a horse park in woodside. shortly after taking off from palo alto, the pilot noticed a fuel leak. he was able to land the plane at the park on sand hill road. the pilot and passenger walked away without any injuries. the faa is now investigating. police have made an arrest in last night's deadly shooting in oakley. the 22-year-old brentwood man is in custody in connection with the shooting. broke out during a family birthday party. two people killed, another two recovering from wounds. the victims were 44 and 28 years of age. stunning sight in the east
9:13 pm
bay. graffiti littering the walls of the mission in fremont. today, visitors sichltly shocked at what they saw. here is nbc bay area's christie smith. >> reporter: at mission san jose in fremont, there is still a lot of work to be done after vandals struck in the middle of the night. >> around 3:00 a.m., on friday, we got vandalized by a group of people. they came in and they left graffiti on this building and also they put -- they throw bright-red paint all over too and also left a banner -- big banner in front of the church. >> reporter: paint was cleaned up on the statue but graffiti reading land back ohlone land or colonizer remain. christine gates is the business manager of the museum and gift shop. she says it is upsetting and revealed why some of the graffiti hasn't been pain
9:14 pm
painted over yet. >> it's very sad and upsetting. damage is pretty good. so it's not easy to clean up. so we have to get a professional to work with the material. it's very specific. >> reporter: the history of california's mission and the treatment of indigenous people have come under intense scrutiny and criticism, recently. today, visitors weighed in on what they saw. >> you express your feelings. >> i definitely think it's a shame. i definitely think it's too bad that this property was vandalized. um, and i would say that it's not very clear, i guess, um, not clear in what they want. what kind of changes they want. um, whoever did it. >> reporter: it's not the first time there's been graffiti here. there are security cameras and police are investigating. in fremont, christie smith, nbc bay area news.
9:15 pm
>> thank you. still ahead. big bird backlash. the covid controversy involving "sesame street" on social media. and the results are in. elon musk asked twitter users to help him make a multibillion-dollar decision. we are going to tell you what they decided. and before we need the umbrella tomorrow, you probably would like a warm jacket for the morning. few spots of bay area right now in the mid-40s could see upper 30s in some valleys as you wake up tomorrow morning. more on that and when rain and wind arrive in our forecast when we come right back.
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you may have seen this one. a tweet from the iconic "sesame street" character big bird about the covid vaccine set off a fire storm of controversy. an account posted yesterday that big bird got the vaccine and that his wing is a little sore but the shot will protect him and others. a lot of people quickly reacted, including texas senator ted cruz who called it government propaganda. sesame street has been
9:18 pm
discussing covid through the pandemic teaching kids about masks, staying healthy, and discussing vaccines. time is running out for students in san francisco to possibly get their tuition paid if they get the covid vaccine. san francisco state is offering ten scholarships to students who live in the city and are between the ages of 12 and 17. the ten lucky students going to be picked through a drawing. the winners will get four years of undergraduate tuition. >> wow. >> that's -- that's a good prize. >> uh-huh. >> that is a lot of money. there is still one chance to be eligible. students must get vaccinated on saturday. >> okay. >> at mccoppen elementary school on 6th avenue in the richmond district. >> i think that is going to be a busy staurt. so the results of elon musk's unofficial poll are in. the majority of his twitter followers think he should sell 10% of his tesla stock. musk set up the poll yesterday you might remember saying he doesn't have a salary or bonus, selling stock is virtually his
9:19 pm
only way of paying taxes. he asked his 62 million twitter followers to weigh in, saying he would abide by the outcome, no matter the results. well, there is the outcome. 58% were in favor of selling the stock, while 42% were against. so insiders say that it's likely musk was thinking about selling stock before this as he faces paying billions in taxes on stock options and needs to repay loans. we continue to cover the climate summit in glasgow, scotland, and east bay council member is there as part of the delegation representing california. he says many there look to the bay area for its leadership on air-quality issues, in particular. >> so our presence here is a staple at the c.o.p. and the opportunity for us to come and both share things we're doing that are on the leading edge of helping regulate, um, emissions to make our climate a preserved place for the future. but also, to really learn about some of the other issues that intersect with our work that are happening around the globe to better inform our advocacy and ensure that we are doing our work with a global mindset.
9:20 pm
>> on the emeryville city council, as well as the bay area air quality management district's board of directors. the main focus of this year's summit is to curb greenhouse gas emissions. >> you don't need me to tell you massive wildfires are an unfortunate reality for california and each year they seem to be getting worse. now, u.s. representatives jared huffman and zoe lofgren, both from the bay area, have joined california senator alex padilla in introducing legislation to provide better aid. two bills introduce the by the congress members redesign the federal government's response to wildfires, and provide more resources for affected communities. representative huffman told us this weekend the legislation modernizes the stafford act, which governs fema and was written before climate-related disasters. >> and so, it is time to modernize that law. one way we can do it is by requiring fema to do for fire seasons in the west, what it does for hurricanes.
9:21 pm
to -- to predeploy key resources during red-flag warnings and other times when we think we might have a chance of a catastrophic fire. um, there are a bunch of other ways in which we're trying to make fema more fire responsive. >> the two bills are called the fire act and the disaster equity and fairness act. a person in fairfield helped police find a skimming device an atm. person tried using the machine on travis boulevard and then he noticed wires sticking out of a suspicious-looking mirror. he flagged down an officer, found a camera behind the mirror designed to record pin codes and card numbers. police say when using an atm, it is good to cover your hands as you enter your pin because you never know who might be watching. >> so tiny. >> yeah. special celebration in the south bay as the expansion of the coyote creek trail officially opens. san jose mayor sam liccardo and other dignitaries took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony as part
9:22 pm
of the grand opening. more than 20 miles long. coyote creek trail is one of the longest trail systems in the south bay. now, open to cyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. the new two-mile segments brings san jose one step closer to finishing the trail network. >> i think you all know that this is part of a vision that crosses many districts and we want this trail to keep on going north so that we can connect so many of the beautiful parks we have along the coyote creek. a chain of emerald parks and really make access to them open for all san jose residents, and increase the use of them because we know with more use, we have a better and more beautiful city. >> san jose police will patrol the trail ten hours a day, seven days a week to ensure it is safe for everyone to use. >> let's get back to maybe our lead story. rob mayeda with talking about rain. >> yeah. good day for the trail opening today. tomorrow, maybe not so much.
9:23 pm
by the afternoon, we are going to watch the clouds thickening up. rain and wind on the way. but right now, 53 degrees as we see clear skies and a few areas seeing some chilly temperatures a bit later on tonight. 51 currently in san jose and into the tri-valley, mid-40s already. probably one of the colder nights we've seen in a while setting up. you got 45 right now in dublin and let's go over to lake that show. you want real cold weather? how about 28 degrees? good news because we have got snow on the way. winter-weather advisories up for the sierra. by late monday to tuesday, about a foot of snow above 6,000 feet. that is good news. they have had some warmer temperatures for a while so new things cooling down and be adding to that snow pack, curtsy of the next storm on the way. a chilly start. no rain to talk about to start the day. then, as we head into the arch, we will begin to see some light rain on approach. heavier rain coming into tomorrow night. highs near 65 in san jose. low 60s for san francisco to oakland. upper 50s closer to santa rosa
9:24 pm
and napa. first up will be the wind. we will see these wind speeds picking up after sunset and look at these gusts just after midnight. by 2:00 in the morning tuesday, lot of purple on the map. those are wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour. wind speeds coming down midday on tuesday. so mainly, a high-impact monday night storm event where we could see up to 2 to 4 inches of rain here in the mountains of the north bay. less as you move south is typically the case. santa cruz mountains, though, don't be surprised you might see more than 2 inches of rain by the time this storm wraps up. for the morning, there is not a lot out there. then as we head toward the evening commute, look at this. north bay in san francisco. the rain starts to move in around 6:00. main event for the rain for the entire bay area, likely to be 11:00 to about 4:00 a.m. and then for tuesday morning's commute, we could have some ponding on the roads due to those very high-rain rates at times. 8:00 a.m., still dealing with the showers. slight chance of isolated thunder, too. that could be in the mix early tuesday morning. and then by the afternoon, notice here in the future cast
9:25 pm
things do start to dry out. and there is going to be a lot more drying it appears in that extended forecast. once we get past tuesday, storm track starts to lift to the north around mendocino county and then starts to move even farther to the north as we head into next weekend. so it's been a while since we have had a prolonged break from storms. so once we get through this monday night-tuesday storm, the extended forecast is starting to trend a little bit drier and you are starting to see some of that in the seven-day forecast. good news for any veterans day plans on thursday. things are going to be trending a bit warmer. san francisco, mid-to upper 60s. and valleys, after a stormy start to the week, this time tomorrow night, it is going to be windy and rainy but the end of the week could see 70s heading into next weekend. so, a bit of a break. the storm door closing for a little bit but coming up in our next half hour, we are going to show you how much of a rain surplus we have built up due to these early arriving storms. almost a foot of rain in some places in the north bay ahead of average. >> thanks, rob. all right.
9:26 pm
up next, honoring those who have sacrificed so much. we will tell you -- we will take you to a special celebration for veterans in the east bay.
9:27 pm
9:28 pm
veterans day is this thursday. rob just mentioned that but people celebrated today in the tri-valley. the annual veterans day parade and ceremony taking place this afternoon. this is in please ntdon. the parade made its way down main street. people lined main street to give thanks for every man and woman who has served in the military. one veteran we spoke to had a simple message. >> well, all i can say is for the veterans is i thank them personally. and especially, the brotherhood of the marine corps. i would say semper fi for each one. >> yeah, this year's parade was dedicated to the pleasanton military family support group which has helped the local military community for more than 20 years. all week long, nbc news is honoring veterans in our series "those who serve." going to be shining a light on
9:29 pm
our veteran heroes, the challenge they face, and those who go to great lengt and nightly news with lester holt. >> such beautiful weather for today's parade. >> perfect. it was perfect. up next at 9:30, it is a threat only few saw coming. could toxins come bubbling up in your neighborhood? we investigate the parts of the bay area most at risk. we need to do something now! pfeffer, what's the plan? uhh, t-mobile sir. t-mobile has great phone offers for every customer.
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9:32 pm
scientists worry about what that water could bring with it. >> reporter: rising groundwater can push to the surface toxic liquids and gases that are found in landfills like this and other sites around the bay area. so, we wanted to know just how much toxic waste is buried here in the area? while much of the world has been focused on rising sea levels due to climate change, we found a uc berkeley team of environmental scientists who have been studying rising water in the ground beneath our feet. >> what we think of as a dry crust of land, it's not so dry anymore. >> reporter: dr. christina hill, a uc berkeley professor, studies water movement in urban areas. >> coming up through the ground so we can't see it. but we need to be checking what's going on under the hood. >> reporter: dr. hill and her team studied data from wells that the state uses to monitor water quality. they matched those numbers to
9:33 pm
ground elevation at each well. the team mapped the entire bay area. red highlights where groundwater is less than 40 inches below the surface. black shows where the water is already at the surface. >> underground water with an underground contaminant on it getting into pipes and coming into buildings -- that could be happening during the wet season now. not 2050, 2100. >> now? >> now. >> it's a risk now? >> yep. people could be exposed to this in a way that impacts their health, causes a miscarriage. causes a cancer case. >> it's underground and it's affecting the water under us. >> reporter: sherry lives next door to a toxic site in richmond. she says she developed two cancers the same year work crews began trying to clean up that site. digging into the soil next to her neighborhood. >> reporter: do you worry that this has impacted your health? >> i think that it did. i have no way to prove it. >> reporter: she now worries that the rising groundwater hil
9:34 pm
will wash those toxins still left in the soil next door directly into her neighborhood. >> this is a reality that can't be ignored anymore. >> the chemicals that we worry the most about escaping from landfills are volatile organic chemicals. things like petroleum fuel components. >> reporter: keith robertson is senior engineering geologists for san francisco's water quality control board. the board has already identified 25 different landfills at risk of leaching toxic chemicals as sea levels rise. >> it doesn't take too high of a concentration of some of these chemicals to render water unsuitable for drinking. >> reporter: all but two of those landfills are now closed but waste from decades of dumping remains. robertson has sent orders to landfill managers in the area to closely monitor the contaminated soil. usually, the only barrier keeping chemicals from escaping is what's known as a cap made
9:35 pm
with layers of clay, plastic sheeting, sand, and vegetation. >> groundwater levels are going to rise and it is something that we're concerned about not only at the landfills but also at the hundreds or thousands of other contaminated sites in the bay area. >> many of the areas where we see toxic sites, those cities are not actually even aware that those sites are going to be underwater soon. >> reporter: executive director of sfr baykeeper which found more than 1,100 sites in the area that could release toxic chemicals as groundwater rises. >> a lot of these toxic sites around the shoreline are going to be inundated and we are honestly looking at a big catastrophe. >> are we doing enough fast enough to mitigate or address this issue? >> no, the answer is no. the state is not acting fast enough. none of the agencies around the bay are acting fast enough and they are not acting in a coordinated way. you need to actually be excavating the toxins out of
9:36 pm
these sites, cleaning them up to standards that are safe for public health. >> we take our mission very seriously. >> reporter: meredith williams is director of dtsc, the state department of toxic substances control which oversees many of these sites. baykeeper and other critics say dtsc is not doing enough fast enough. what would you say to those critics? >> i would say i understand the urgency about doing the work. we count on doing our work based on the best-available science and that sometimes takes time. >> reporter: as for those critics who want to remove all these toxic chemicals from the ground, williams says that must be balanced against the cost. >> it's a question of how it pencils out. >> how much it's going to cost? >> how much is it going to cost if we want to, for instance, dig up every speck of highly-contaminated dirt and haul it away. is it worth the carbon and the diesel fuel and the emissions that would be required? >> reporter: experts tell us
9:37 pm
that rising groundwater poses such a serious threat, that parts of the bay area may actually have to be abandoned and return to the bay waters. it's what's called managed retreat and it's a very controversial idea but it's one some experts say may be the only way to avoid toxic waste from washing into occupied neighborhoods as the waters rise from below. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. if you have a story for stephen or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or visit our website well, tempers flared in boston over the weekend after a riot against mandatory mask wearing and vaccines drew a large counterprotest. boston police called to the scenes as the two sides clashed this afternoon. you sigh it right there. officers in riot gear pulled protestors off one another, set up a barricade to separate the
9:38 pm
two groups. initial protest was organized by a group called superhappy fun america. probably best known for its straight pride parade in 2019. at least one person was arrested today. back in california, if you plan on going to a number of places in la anytime soon, be prepared to show proof that you have already vaccinated. for covid-19. starting tomorrow, people who go inside restaurants, gyms, arenas, some city buildings and more will have to show proof. it's one of the strictest mandates in the nation. even though it goes into effect tomorrow, it won't actually be enforced until november 29th. businesses who violate the ordinance will get a $1,000 fine after a warning. fines will increase if the rules continue to not be followed. on your marks, get set, go. still ahead, two major marathons making a pandemic comeback today. we will show you.
9:39 pm
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after the pandemic cancelled last year the new york city marathon returned today. did it ever? about 50,000 people lacing up their shoes, running from staten island to central park. as expected, several covid protocols were in place. runners had to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test within 48 hours of that race. face coverings were required at the start and post-finish areas. five starting waves, instead of the usual four. from new york to la now, the los angeles marathon also returned today after a one-year hiatus because of the pandemic. smaller-than-usual crowd ran in the 36th annual marathon. roughly 10,000 people ran, which is lower than the usual 25-30,000 participants. it was twice postponed before runners got to finally hit the starting line. >> superfun. i love it. >> inspire hope, peace, love. >> total positive energy. >> it feels good to do something that we used to do kind of return to normalcy. >> you know what?
9:42 pm
i like the smaller feel. you know what? with covid, have to be very protective. we got our masks, i got mine here too. >> we are in la so we are always happy whenever there is a chance for it to be less crowded than usual. >> the like the new york marathon, runners had to be fully vaccinated or show proof of a recent negative test. >> not so much in la. let's check in with rob mayeda right now and see what is going on weather wise. we got a storm coming in like tomorrow evening. >> yeah, right now, things pretty quiet on our storm ranger mobile doppler radar. scanning the sky. but this time tomorrow night, different story as the storm offshore gathers strength. it makes the connection with an atmospheric river which will, once again, be boosting rain totals around the bay area. a closer look when we come right back.
9:43 pm
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and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ the effects of climate change can feel so overwhelming at times, it's easy to feel like a small group of people really can't do much about it. >> well, terry, what about a group of small people? students in san jose trying to
9:45 pm
reverse a troubling trend. >> reporter: in the 2nd grade classrooms at san jose's magnet school. >> so what are we going to write? >> teachers like kate moody spend plenty of times working with students on their numbers and letters but it's three letters, in particular, that get extra attention around here. pbl. they stand for project-based learning. >> you try and find a real-world problem that the kids can, um, embrace and try and find solutions to. >> right over here. >> reporter: well, for the past five years, the project's 2nd graders at steindorf have been working to solve is the case of the vanishing monarch butterfly. >> right over here. >> reporter: laura howard and myles are part of this year's effort. all over campus for the past few years, students have been planting milkweed, a plant
9:46 pm
critical to the monarchs' survival, but one that's been disappearing due to the use of weed killers, as well as climate change. >> so we need to plant more milkweed so they don't go extinct. >> reporter: and this year alone, the monarch population of california, thanks to steindorf's 2nd graders, was increased by at least a few dozen. >> this is really the first year we have seen them fluttering around campus. and the kids have been so excited. >> it's amazing to just hatch more butterflies. it's just great. and it's very, like, i'm very happy. >> reporter: and while numbers like this are clearly not enough to single-handedly change the monarch's future, the confidence these students are gaining from the experience might just, one day, benefit everyone's future. >> and that's what pbl is all about. i mean, is -- is giving kids the power to change things in the community. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc
9:47 pm
bay area news. fighting climate change from the sky, these stunning pictures are part of a joint mission between nasa and the usgs. it is called land sat 9. a satellite carrying two special cameras orbiting earth taking pictures that will help manage vital natural resources and track the impacts of climate change. right now, land sat 9 is in the midst of a 100-day check-out period. testing all the equipment before it gets handed over to the usgs in january. then, along with land sat 8, the two satellites will collect 1,500 pictures of earth. every day. 1,500 and cover the entire global every eight days. let's keep looking at the skies now. look at this. stunning sunset. >> nice. >> ooh, over san francisco tonight. this is a time-lapse taken looking at the city from our emeryville camera. unreal. >> it is gorgeous. >> should be a postcard. >> at night is a sailor's delight but that's not going to work out tomorrow, is it?
9:48 pm
>> yeah, it is going to look more like this. >> okay. >> yeah. tomorrow, big change is headed our way. right now, though, i thought we would bring you up to date. starting off with some climatology before we dive into the meteorology of tomorrow's forecast. right now, as we get through november, this is typically the kick-start to our rainfall season. but the big months being december, january, and february. so, we should begin to see more storms arriving this time of year. but this is following up a record-setting october that has already put us anywhere from 4 to 9 inches ahead of the pace for rainfall. so, almost double-digit bonus rain up here around santa rosa. already up to almost 12 inches of rain. almost a foot of rain. again, a lot of that came down on october 24th. the totals you see behind me, so far, this rain season is more typical of mid-to-late december. so we have got this great running start to the rainfall season and i think once this next storm is done, that surplus in the north bay certainly will be into some double digits as we
9:49 pm
go through the next 24 hours. right now, pretty calm as that sunset showed you. just some high clouds moving over san jose. 51 degrees. 53 currently in san francisco and little cooler out toward the tri-valley. 45 degrees. we will wake up to some 30s tomorrow morning before the clouds start to thicken up so a clilly start and then light rain at times for the afternoon. followed up by this time tomorrow evening and night, some heavier rain. 65 in san jose. low 60s, san francisco to oakland and most of the north bay tomorrow, upper 50s to low 60s for highs. right now, our storm ranger scanning the skies off to the west. rain-producing clouds lurking here offshore and there is a lot of moisture offshore and it is one of these atmospheric river connections, not as strong as two weeks ago. but it will pack a slightly bigger punch to those rain rates, once again, with that moderate-strength atmospheric river making that connection that should bring for the north bay at least the highest rain totals -- this little area here in purple, northwestern sonoma county, close to 2 to 4 inches
9:50 pm
of rain. half inch or less around santa clara valley and higher totals i think around the peninsula and santa cruz mountains. in terms of the timing, not much to look at for the morning but clouds will be on the increase toward the evening. 6:00, you begin to see the rain move in and probably some downpours at times. 11:00 to just before sunrise tuesday, then you begin to see we change -- change from showers to decreasing showers once that storm starts to move out. and we tend to be a little bit drier for the second half of the week. wind gusts tomorrow night could be up to 40 miles per hour. by midday tuesday, wind speeds calm down. then after that, actually the storm door starts to close shut. you can see here, mendocino county. a few showers after that. thursday and into next weekend. things are starting to look quite a bit drier in that seven-day forecast so we do have a stormy start, especially tomorrow night into tuesday. rain at times and wind. clearing skies for wednesday. second half of the week, though, bit of a pattern shift now as we head into next weekend, we should see 70s in reach by next
9:51 pm
saturday and sunday. after another pretty powerful storm comes through the bay area through your tuesday-morning compute commute but drier weather through the end of that seven-day forecast. back to you. >> veterans day looking really good. >> yeah. rob, thanks a lot. let's check in with anthony flores right now and, you know, the -- the 49ers -- the -- the cardinals didn't even bring their top guys. we -- i thought we had 'em. >> like i said, it is hard to find the words. on paper, the 49ers should have -- it should have been a cakewalk. it was a cakewalk for arizona. yeah. the 49ers only have one win at home in the past two years. say that again. they have just one win at home in the past two years and it didn't come today. why kyle shanahan says the 9ers made it easy for the cardinals to get a victory at levi's. stick around. sports is next.
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
they are 0-4 this season at levi's stadium after being dominated this afternoon by arizona. the cardinals going without star quarterback kyler murray who sprained his ankle. his backup colt mccoy, he was awesome today. mistakes hurt the 9ers in the first. george kittle makes a nice 18-yard grab but he puts it on the lawn. the cards recover leading to an arizona touchdown. down 14-nothing in the 2nd. brandon aiuke makes this catch, tries to get some extra yards. funnel bls near the 5. arizona recovers. under 20 seconds before the half, the 9ers finally get on the board. jimmy g hooks up with kittle for the touchdown. 17-7 arizona at the break. the cardinals would gas the 49ers' defense in the third quarter. mccoy dumps it to james connor and look at him run away from the defenders. connor had three touchdowns in the game. the cardinals win it 31-17. the 49ers fall to 3-5 on the season and they are 1-8 over the past two years at levi's
9:55 pm
stadium. >> i was really disappointed. thought we played really well. had a good week of practice. i thought we even improved from the week prior but obviously didn't go that way. i didn't think we tackled very well. i didn't think we had 11 guys swarming to the ball enough. i think we made it pretty easy on those guys. >> slow start. i think put us behind the eight ball from the get-go. i think when you are playing like that, it's always tough. just throughout the game, there was just little mess-ups here and there. the turnovers killed us. something about playing home we got to figure out and get it right because these fans deserve it. all right. next up, the 9ers host the l.a. rams next-monday night at levi's stadium. derek carr and the raiders on the road at new york. third quarter. las vegas with the three-point lead. carr throwing for the sidelines but it is picked off by xavier mckinney. he takes it back to the house, 41 yards for the score and the giants lead. carr trying to rally the raiders, he is hit and fumbles. that is your ball game. giants beat the raiders -- this
9:56 pm
is a bit of a shocker -- 23-16. on to some good news, you guys ready for that? >> yes. >> the warriors have the best record in the nba. tonight, shooting down the rockets for their fourth win in a row. a homecoming for houston rookie jaylen green. his senior year in high school, he played in napa. how about the warriors moving without the ball. jerry pool feeding gary peyton ii for the flush. neon then, green on the move. check that out! he's got springs. he hammers it down. now, the warriors would blow it open late in the third. steph curry. the layup part of 15-nothing run. thanks, terry. the warriors down the rockets 120-107. hey to the pitch. chris playing in his final match with the earthquakes. first half, how about this? this is the way you go out and end your career. he scores his mls record 171st career goal. the quakes and fc dallas play to
9:57 pm
a 1-1 draw. after the match, the 38-year-old danville native formally announced his retirement from the nls. >> last drive. i told myself i would cry and i knew tears would be coming but thank you, guys. it's been -- it's been an amazing ride. i can't thank you guys enough. you guys mean the world. >> a great player and always gracious with his time off the field. all right. the giants' brandon crawford and the a's sean murphy and matt chapman all gold glove winners. that's a look at sports. guys, back to you. if you are asking about the 49ers, i just don't know. they just don't look good. there is no other way to put it. >> i will bring it up again next week. >> you are right. there is always next week. >> anthony thanks. all right. so earlier, we told you about the new york city marathon's return, right? well, one runner took a minor detour during the event to try his hand in love. you see him right there. he ran over to his girlfriend, mile 17. dropped one knee and asked if she will marry him. he had the ring with him as he
9:58 pm
ran the first 16-plus miles of the marathon. she, of course, said yes. you see right there. he then jumped back into the race so he could finish the marathon. so by the way, he still manage today finish the race in three hours, 33 minutes. so impressive. placing 3,056th out of nearly 25,000 runners. >> now, you have run a half marathon. >> yep. >> were you proposed to at any point -- at any point during the half marathon? >> no but i did have to stop for water multiple times. >> well, that's expected, right? >> propose and then just leave so quickly. >> get going. yeah. hope that's not a sign of things to come. yeah. thanks for being with us. see you back here at 11:00. we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! i have a plan— right now at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro— and t-mobile will pay for it! it has the most advanced iphone camera ever! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking about existing customers like ronald! the new iphone on t-mobile— let's do it!
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new and existing customers, can upgrade to the iphone 13 pro on us. on our most popular plan magenta max. do we have a plan for the second half? nah, we're gonna get creamed— but we'll be on t-mobile!
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i texted him he wasn't answering. i arrived at the office. i could see that something was really, really wrong i called somebody that steve worked with and he said, "steve's been shot.” and i said, "did he survive?” and he said, "no.” >> steve pitt was unforgettable. >> i think he's one of a kind. he just completely broke the mold >> he was the first to die that week hunted down by a man with a gun and a grudge >> i felt that, when this shooter crossed steve off, that he was moving down a list. >> a long list >> she came running towards my vehicle. there s


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