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tv   First Look  NBC  November 7, 2021 1:02am-1:32am PDT

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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. i have a lot of hobbies, ok. i like to say i'm a jack of all trades, i'm a master of none. which leads me to wonder, what does
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it tak you need strategy, you need stamina, and you need a focused mind. and you need no gag reflex. go to your happy place. i believe if you have to be motivated to get up and do your job, you're in the wrong business. he makes it look easy. and most importantly, you have to have a flare, baby. so when you put all those things together, not only is it a form of art, it's an extraordinary ability. i'd like to think so, yeah. [roar] i rarely say this to people, richard, but take my money. what's your favorite card? name a card. jack of hearts. - jack of hearts. - yes. - so, one-eyed jack. - one-eyed jack. ok. there's your card. follow that one-eyed jack. here we go. you just shuffle those cards, we'll give the deck some shuffles. and your job is to follow your card. are you following your card? - i mean i'm doing best.
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do you know where it is right now? no. it's in there somewhere. ok, here cut off half the deck. ok ok. say a random number. uh, seven. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. what's that? come on. see. come on, richard. you know where it was, johnny. damn it. you apparently knew where it was. i had no idea where it was. but you called seven, didn't you? regarded as the best in the world, richard turner is an expert card mechanic. an auto mechanic fixes a car. do you what a body mechanic is? professional hit man. if you want to change your deck and you want to make sure you win, you go to a card mechanic. everything that you do as a mechanic has to follow the natural flow of the game. so what happens is, i'll deal cards to the other players. only when i'm ready i deal your jack of hearts. - ok. - watch face up. see how the card sits there? - yep, yep. but you have to deal it as neatly as if you're dealing from the top. smooth, man.
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please say you got that in slow motion? so basically what you're doing then, is you're making it appear as if you're pulling all the cards off the top. when in actuality, you're pulling the card from just below the top card. exactly right. now watch, here's one handed. see when it's face down? - yeah. you can't tell you've been swindled. when you think of a card shark, or a card mechanic, you think of the shady dude on fifth avenue who's trying to con you out of money. but do you feel like there is integrity to the craft? that's an interesting question because a card shark, obviously, is a cheater. there's not really a lot of integrity there because you're stealing the money. i chose to be an honest cheat. that's an oxymoron if i've ever heard one. i chose to use my skills as a form of entertainment. welcome to the magic castle. howdy. - woohoo. johnny: where are we right now, richard? richard: we are at the magic castle in hollywood. and it is to magic what the grand ole opry is to country music. and it's only by invitation to get into the place. would you also say this would be a place of secrets? the magic castle is full of secrets.
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so here's the lazy way of shuffling. ok. let's see if we can do this together. yeah. put your cards in your left hand, kind of spread them across. to any novice who's ever handled a deck of cards, you know they're awkward. i mean they're square, there's a thick deck of them, they're slippery. richard: see that, aw. that was a one hand drop, johnny. even i can't see, but i can tell what you're doing there. johnny: and did i forget to mention? richard is blind. richard: i do everything by touch. johnny: and he's a sixth degree black belt in karate. you're legally blind. well how could you possibly fight? i don't know, find out. johnny: when richard was just nine years old, he contracted a retinal degenerative disease. as his sight diminished, his sense of touch was enhanced. and his drive to do the seemingly impossible quickly followed. to be able to manipulate a deck of cards as seamlessly and as quickly as he's able to do it is impressive. but what's even more impressive is how smooth he is with all of his actions. you're actually better at what you do because you can't see.
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honestly, i've been very blessed and very fortunate. but a gift alone is not going to get you there. you have to then put in the hours. i have spent 58 years practicing with a deck, 10 to 20 hours a day. i sustained that for seven days a week for 26 years straight. to do something for that long, for that many years, and not completely lose interest in it, i have trouble sitting through a netflix documentary. say a number. 13. 13. lucky number 13. watch, i'm going to try to cut with one hand 13 cards. take them, count them out loud, face down on the table. richard, if there's 13 cards right here, i'm freaking out. you're freaking out. one, two-- ok, go, start freaking. three, four, five, six-- richard: faster. seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. i'll be damned. let's try this. two different numbers 5 and 10. one, two, three, four, five. see if that's 10 in that other stack. four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. yeah man. the guy's a smooth criminal.
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with the skill set that you have, this has got to attract some pretty shady characters, right? i've had mobsters all over the world proposition. one guy, he says, how much will it cost to buy you? you know what i had thought of at that moment? - what? - the movie godfather. yes. both: i'll make you an offer you can't refuse. yeah. don't let anyone say or tell you something is impossible. what's that? ah. richard: take possible out of impossible. make everything extraordinary. we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! i have a plan— right now at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro— and t-mobile will pay for it! it has the most advanced iphone camera ever! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking about existing customers like ronald! the new iphone on t-mobile— let's do it! new and existing customers, can upgrade to the iphone 13 pro on us. on our most popular plan magenta max. do we have a plan for the second half? nah, we're gonna get creamed— but we'll be on t-mobile!
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go up about two inches and pinch it. and what i do is, i go around with two fingers, just like that. all right, look at that. we've got ourselves a banana. don't let my inner child fool you. balloon sculpting is one extraordinary art form. it's eye catching, sometimes surprising, and for balloon artist jeremy telford, tremendously award winning. thank you, thank you very, very much.
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johnny: in 2015, jeremy telford set the guinness world record for the largest balloon structure created by an individual. with a 65 foot balloon wiener dog. ok. i spent 80 hours building the thing and used about 8,867 balloons. they made you count. how tall and wide was it? jeremy: 12 feet tall and 32 feet wide. that's one big wiener. the first really large balloon i did was a 45 foot dinosaur here at thanksgiving point. every single bone was within a half inch of accurate. what he is able to make out of balloons, in my opinion, is more impressive than somebody who can sculpt a dinosaur out of clay. dinosaurs are among some of jeremy's favorite subjects. so this is the utah raptor, huh? yeah. in utah's museum of ancient life at thanksgiving point is where he displays some of his work and finds inspiration. in fact, i started building on one last night.
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i was thinking maybe you and i, we could finish it up? only if i can put it on and run around here and scare children with it. - sounds fair. can we make that happen? let's do it. all right. so this build, altogether, is about a 10 hour build. time is of th my plan of attack is to blow up, twist, and assemble as many balloons as i possibly can in the fastest amount of time. so when did you discover that you had this talent? my wife and i met each other at a juggling club in college. the what? juggling club. the juggling club. and her brother had been doing this for a while. and he taught me as a way to pay for my college degree. when we do the raptor, we'll do that about 500 more times. is that all? i see a guy make a balloon animal, you know on the pier, at a children's birthday party. not very impressive. but what you've managed to do, and what you're capable of doing, it's an extraordinary ability.
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ok, so small bubble, take it across, there you go. like that, ah. you are making a basket. look ma, i made a basket. he's a natural. i'd show him something, and he'd have it down pat. which is not something i expected. 70% of the raptor is going to be this weave. johnny: ok. just making it different sizes. johnny: so this is a very important technique to use? jeremy: yup. johnny: it's crazy because right now it's just a bunch of pieces that are separate and i'm having difficulty seeing how this is going to become a dinosaur. is that right? i honestly could not have done that better myself. johnny: flat weave time? jeremy: flat weave time. johnny: there was a few times i got a little bit frustrated. there was a few times i got a bit distracted. [balloon squeals] excuse me. oh my god my hand cramping. ah. i always said i could be a rock climber if the rest of my body were as in shape as my wrists were. all the credit in the world to you balloon builders out there. let's do this, jeremy.
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and so, after hours of finger numbing labor, it was finally time to show off my extraordinary ability, striking fear into the hearts of unsuspecting children. [roar] [roar] johnny: and i thought dinosaurs were vicious. what the-- oh, the humanity. i learned a few things today. one, balloon making is much more difficult than it looks. two, dinosaurs were not killed by a meteorite, they were killed by small children. that was brutal.
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy.
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but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive johnny: my schedule can be. extraordinarily unpredictable. so sometimes, i've got to call for backup.
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oh hello, mr. bennett. is your grandson, jonathan, available by any chance? i need to ask him a question real quick. hey johnny, what's up? wait, jonathan, that's you? hair looks great, man. jonathan i need a favor, all right? ok. you know how i'm the host of first look now, right? oh, yeah man. i know, i've seen it. your um, your biceps look great. cool, thanks man. i saw you hosted an episode of first look a while back. i think you were in south korea or something, right? i am a korean fisherman. yeah, that was really awesome. we got to go hiking, and then we went and saw the caves. yeah, jonathan, something big popped up. and i'm just not going to be able to make this shoot. i mean, listen it's show biz, you know how it is. want some lime? of course. jonathan: so are you asking me to like fill in or something? exactly, jonathan. and you'd be perfect. ok, so what's the shoot? it's easy, man. you're going to be working with some basketball team. ok. you're not going to have to get too involved, maybe do an interview or two.
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yeah. piece of cake. have fun and don't mess this up. wait, mess up? what am i going to mess up? jonathan: some basketball team? this isn't just some basketball team, this is the freaking harlem globetrotters. i'm ready to go. are you ready to go? i'm ready. you gonna dunk it for me? that's me, huh? oh i can just walk up and boom. jonathan: they break records. we actually have 22 guinness book of world records. jonathan: blazed trails. without the globetrotters, the nba would have never existed. jonathan: and are even immortalized as cartoons. the first time i saw the globetrotters it was on scooby doo. and i saw curly neal and i didn't even know they were real people. jonathan: unreal is one way to describe what makes the harlem globetrotters world famous. but let's just say-- that is extraordinary. everybody can't do it, only the special ones, only a few. my name is ice becaus ve
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stay in front of me, it's always like they're sliding around on ice. oh. i'm an aerial assassin, if you will. ok. they call me moose, not because i look like one, i do eat like one. johnny: ok. moose: but i'm a large, powerful dunker. i grew up playing basketball, and i'm also a comedian at heart. jonathan: known for his high flying dunks and showmanship, 2020 marks hi-lite's 19th season with what's considered one of history's most influential basketball teams. the harlem globetrotters started back in 1926. and they were first called the savoy big five. a guy by the name of abe saperstein seen these guys playing and said, listen, i want to take these guys around the world. and we're going to play anybody that will play us. in 1945 and 1946, we beat the minneapolis lakers, known as the la lakers today. jonathan: 1946 was also when the nba was founded. and in 1950, globetrotter nat clifton became the first black player to sign an nba contract. for lebron james, steph curry, even myself, michael jordan, we all owe it to the harlem globetrotters.
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we're gonna try the one on one. here we go. put your finger right there. i can't believe i'm doing this. all right, let's go play. - believe it. jonathan: oh. you dunk that ball, you should hear a lot of noise. they're all waiting on it. so you've got to give them a little extra funk. you see on my face? - yeah, that funk? yeah. then you got to come down and give them some ugh, ah, oh, ah. and i like to mmh mmh, wooh. and i bring it up right there. see my eyes, still? jonathan: yeah. it's intense. hi-lite, i can do this in my sleep, bro. - yeah, let's see. - ok, here we go. here we go. i hit myself in the face. hi-lite: it was almost amazing. so i'm going to let you test this out. you have to try to take this ball from me. yeah, no problem. let's go, john. you think you can take it? - i got it, i got it. - here we go, come on. come on, almost had it. come on. let's go, john. i thought it was going to be easy. ice can run circles around any guy on that court, hands down. like i was trying to get the basketball from her, and i was actually trying as hard as i could, i didn't even get close. i think i need some ice for my ankles now.
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we're missing one last component, and that's the weave. the most important part. ok, pass to him. son of a gun. so when the weave is happening, all i'm thinking about is, oh no, who do i have to pass it to next? see you have to do the choreography, where you're going around one then behind the other one. and if i screw it up, they're going to crash into each other, and i'm going to ruin the end of the basketball game. i mean, no pressure. this is crazy. i'm about to play basketball with the harlem globetrotters. moose, hi-lite, high rise, dragon, beast, i mean what's my nickname going to be? apparently my name is butterfingers. and it's my job to sink the winning dunk before halftime. like, i can't even clap on the right beat. and now, ladies and gentlemen, direct from nbc's first look,
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it's everyone's favorite butterfingers, jonathan bennett. jonathan: i run towards the basket, hi-lite passes it to me, i jump and literally feel like an astronaut just being lifted into the air defying gravity. it's the highest i've ever jumped in my life. and i dunk the ball to score that winning basket. it felt epic. announcer: jonathan bennett. what didn't feel so epic was when i got stuck hanging from the backboard. we never went over that part. so. guys, don't leave me hanging. come on. put me down.
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johnny: before today if you asked me to name an extraordinary ability, eating would not be it. i used to actually competitively body build. now i train so i can shovel copious amounts of foods down my face. everybody's good at something. for me, it was eating hot dogs with buns soaked in warm crystal light, i don't know. johnny: anybody who knows anything about competitive eating knows this extraordinary feat of human consumption most famously goes down right here, on the corner of surf and stilwell avenues in coney island, brooklyn. crowd chanting: three, two, one, go. so i've competed at the nathan's famous 4th of july hot dog eating contest six years in a row, and i've won all six.
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that's our super bowl, or world series. that's what everybody looks forward to. we're on espn. long story short, i did it for the hot dogs. johnny: legend has it, nathan's hot dog eating contest dates back to 1916. in those days, 20 hot dogs was the big deal. we started getting more return eaters. we started getting eaters from overseas. and we realized, there needs to be a sort of governing body to advance the sport with integrity. and so we launched the league in the late 90s. you can't have a sport without integrity. exactly. yeah. begin. johnny: major league eating holds about 70 events per year of varying cuisines. but to this day, if i want to make it into the big leagues-- the nathan's famous hot dog contest is where the sun rises and sets on our sport. announcer: joey chestnut. johnny: and after breaking his own record in 2020, with 75 hot dogs consumed in 10 minutes, joey jaws chestnut is still the top dog to beat in the sport. i would consider that an extraordinary ability.
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yeah, i mean i think they're as great as any other athlete. he's got 12 titles, it's unheard of. so he is the apex predator, the greatest eater of all time. unfortunately, we couldn't get the greatest eater of all time to chow down against me, the greatest challenger of all time. but we are on hallowed ground, so we're going to eat some dogs. richard: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the original nathan's famous on the corner a surfer and stilwell avenues. we have the legendary eric badlands booker, miki sudo, six time nathan's famous world champion, and the up and comer, the fastest rising star in major league eating, nick wehry. johnny: 40? yes, 40 hot dogs and buns, 10 minutes. 41 dogs in 10 minutes. 42 dogs in buns in 10 minutes. god, dude. do you have certain techniques that you like in order to consume more hot dogs-- hot dogs faster? i do cabbage runs, drink water by the a ton, eat 21 sticks of bubble gum to exercise the jaw, cheek, and jowl. rip meat off bone like a savage. damn. that's how you got to do it. you know there are no shortcuts to this. you just line up 10 minutes worth of hot dogs
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and go to town. right before the competition starts, my hands are here, kind of waiting. 3, 2, 1, go. peel these two out, put them in your hands, straight down. five to 15 are going to go down pretty easy without fluid. five to 15. while you're chewing these and getting them down, pick up one of these buns, dunk it in the water. just kick that thing back. that's why we dunk it. it becomes a drink. you drink the bun. so it's two dogs, bun, bun. it's not about being comfortable. it's not a beauty competition. it's a paycheck. well there will be no paycheck today. first prize for this contest, good old fashioned bragging rights. five, four, three, two, one, dig in. and we are underway. johnny's been watching his tapes. johnny: eating hot dogs fast is way more difficult than i had ever expected. god damn it. richard: 30 seconds, he's got four nathan's hot dogs and buns down.
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the first two hot dogs actually weren't so bad. and it wasn't necessarily the eating, it was like the chewing up and swallowing part. go to your happy place. richard: moving on to his second-- go to your happy place. and then it was the wet bun in the cold water. it's not even necessarily the taste, it was like the texture. richard: two meats in hand for nick wehry, the front runner. ah. richard: nick wehry is going to beat the time clock. he's got his last bun in hands. your champion today, here at nathan's famous, nicholas wehry. i survived. the one takeaway i have from today is i didn't die. 10 dogs in two minutes, nick wehry. nine hot dogs, nine and a half for miki. i'm afraid johnny lost and, you did a full three in two minutes. that's quite a pace, actually. listen, i haven't taken down three weiners in three and a half minutes since college, richard. i don't see myself competing in here in the near future. i think with the proper training i could be.
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i just don't necessarily know if i want to be. how about a little love for our newcomer? thank you. [upbeat music]
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[music playing] i'm sara gore and this is "open house." this week, bright and airy designed, including this connecticut home. and we learn how this architect came to terms with his toughest client, himself. we're with tiktok star and comedian


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