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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 6, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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right now at 4:30, what started as a night of fun ends in tragedy. what will we just learned from investigators. >> plus a bay area county rolls out the carpet for kids. chilly weather and gray skies today. we'll have your forecast. and the news starts now. thanks for joining us. >> we begin at this hour with breaking news out of oakland.
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a freeway shooting has sent a child to the hop this afternoon. chp says the child was hit by a stray bullet after an exchange of gunfire in oakland. we don't know how badly the child was hurt but they were taken to a hospital nearby. northbound traffic on 880 being diverted while chp investigates. go to nbc bay for updates. at least people died, hundreds of others were injured in houston last night. it was the first day of travis scott's astro world's festival. about 50,000 fans were there. when scott took over the mic, a large portion of the crowd rushed towards the stage. someone went into cardiac arrest. >> it's like people like in front of them, they're running, going crazy, and george w. bush
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pushing and everything. >> security or emt's could not get to any people in the crowd. there was just too many people. at some point, the barricades became a hindrance. the people were trapped in the area. >> terrifying situation there. the rest of the festival is canceled. travis scott released statement saying they are working with law enforcement. >> the victims range in age of just 14 up to 27. authorities are not releasing any names. 13 victims remain in the hospital. five of them are minors. four others have been released. at a news conference in houston today, the mayor called for time to sort through the rumors announcing that the tragedy is an active criminal investigation. one of the leads reports someone injecting drugs into people with a syringe. first responders used narcan on several people. >> i also want to call out to the community, kids and young individuals that was out there,
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if you see something, say something. this is now a criminal investigation that's going to involve our homicide division as well as narcotics. and we're going to get down to the bottom of it. >> this happens just two years after three beam were trampled and hurt at the same festival back in 2019. parents, the effort to get your kids vaccinated is moving for the. >> here's nbc's christy smith. >> reporter: in san francisco's excelsior neighborhood people showed up to get vaccinated but this time it was the kids' turn. >> it means they're safer, they're -- we have elderly parents in our home and we want to make sure that they stay safe as well, so this enables one more step so that, you know, our family -- family members can't get sick. >> lloyd works for the city and
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didn't hesitate to get his kids vax designated. >> to keep other people safe and make sure we keep our family safe. >> reporter: the vaccination site had a family friendly atmosphere with balloons, bubbles and more. the five to 11-year-olds were not eligible for the pfizer vaccine. 80 shots were administered today by appointment. >> people are so, so excited to be able to get their kids vx nated and give them more protection against the various. so that the enthusiasm is seen and encouraged. >> latino task force, excelsior strong partnered up with in an area with many essential workers. >> we've done mass vaccinations, we've done community clinics. i like to say that this was a shot in the arm with a little fun. >> in san mateo county, kids getting their shot. this clinic at the county's event center had a playland
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theme hoping children feel at ease. >> what we want to do here is to create a family fun friendly venue. so it's all about super heroes, it's all about red carpet, it's all about making people and families feel comfortable. the great news is we have 300 appointments today and we're all sold out. >> reporter: in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> appointments at county clinics filling up fast. major pharmacies offering vaccines for kids. appointments are available at val greens and rite aid stores. cvs will get started tomorrow. things have turned around. as of tonight california's case rate is at more than 111 new cases per 100,000 people.
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that's more than enough for the cdc's high spread tier. most counties have flipped as well. you see here right now all bay area counties are substantial after many had reached if lower moderate tier. the good news is this hasn't translated into a spike in death. a sign that the vaccines are doing their job. a u.s. federal appeals court has frozen the vaccine mandate for large companies. it would forces companies with a hundred employees have to be vaccinated. several republican-led states filed legal challenges against the rule. that led to the freeze. legal battle is expected to continue over next several months. there's a lot happening when it comes to vaccination. we've got it covered online. all you have to do is go to incomes bay
4:37 pm >> president biden is calling last night's passage of the infrastructure bill a monumental step forward for the nation. the house passed it 228-226. the 1.2 trillion dollar damage includes roads, bridges and broadband access. the president is celebrating the hard-fought win. he's also looking to the future, urging lawmakers to find a compromise on his social spending bill. >> let me be clear. we will pass this in the house and we'll pass it in the senate. the build back better act will be a once in a generation investment in our people. >> the build back better plan includes new social programs including four weeks of paid family leave, ways to combat climate change. the president in delaware with the first lady. you won't be surprised to hear there's a lot packed into that bill. here are some highlights that california receives from the one
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that was passed. according to the governor, more than $25 billion will help fix highways and bridges, another 384 million to create more charging stations for electric vehicles. $84 million dedicated to wildfire protection. now to our microclimate weather coverage. chilly morning for many. you can see some of the gray clouds are starting to clear up just a bit there but is it going to last? our meteorologist joins us with more. >> we're seeing a fee breaks in the clouds. storm ranger scanning those skies, seeing showers earlier up around the north bay. most of the moisture with this storm is moving to the north and east away from the bay area but some bigger changes coming our way by monday. we'll see another atmospheric river pattern setting up during the day and that could lead to
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some locally heavy rain foorts of the bay area, especially around the north bay. we'll give you a preview of this monday night storm. a lot of red on the map, indicating an average of one to two inches of rain across the north bay. have a closer look on the timing of this incoming storm and what impact we might see coming up in about eight minutes. >> all right. we'll see you in eight minutes, rob. thank you. police in the east bay are urging people to be on the lookout for some kind of large animal, although at this point they're not exactly sure what it is. it was spotted in dublin this morning. police say it could be a coyote or even a mountain lion. they're asking people to keep their kids and any pets inside until it's caught. holiday air travel is looking bumpy.
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we've been given the green light to friday. based on what we've seen, is that a good idea? >> i wonder. this year delays and cancellations may be part of the mix, much more than usual, actually. consumer investigator chris camara is here to help you navigate. >> reporter: we hope you have to use up in of the advice we're sharing right now. a coming wave of holiday passengers is the airline's first big stress test since the pandemic. so far not many would give them a passing grade. >> i missed two days of work
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before that. >> reporter: they're learning firsthand -- >> they don't have flights available. >> reporter: it's turbulent. today the tsa is screening almost as many people per day as before the pandemic. 34,000 fewer airline workers are on the job. >> they're short staffed as everyone is post pandemic. >> reporter: he said airlines are flying with zero wiggle room. one staffing shortage or a computer glitch can ripple nationwide. >> they canceled everything. >> reporter: october southwest bumbled. this past weekend american fumbled. each time passengers left stuck. >> never got any notification. >> reporter: tight schedule, staffing, add it all up, a gathering storm at the holidays. >> it's out of our control and it's horrible.
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>> reporter: we want to help. if your flight is canceled, do you know when the next few flights leave? you should. research flight schedules now. arm yourself with info about back-up flights. when your flight's delayed or canceled, you're basically competing with everyone else. ful rebooking race. here's how to win. immediately try rebooking yourself on the airline website or app. some airlines like delta even let you switch dates and airports. with you they're warning not everyone can use self service. you have to work with an agent when you fly with a pelt or service animal. you're plus size and book two seats or you're taking an infant overseas on your lap. don't just stand there. work the phone. some airlines will text you, try that. also call them. it's possible someone will answer before you reach the
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counter. also use social media to your advantage. airline agents on there have power to get things done and they might respond to you faster than picking up the phone. in my case i recently sent american airlines a direct message on twitter. got a response an hour 37 minutes later. that is not great but it is far faster than the four hours the call center said it would take to call me back. american told me it's handle time, the time passengers spend on line with an agent is up this year. it's added thousands of reservations agencies and is still hiring. you might end up with unexpected expenses. what about travel insurance? will it pay you back? may be. it depends on the policy. >> there's a lot to look at. >> reporter: sue is sedan recommends flight insurance that covers flight militias plus hotel and rental car costs. airline travel insurance
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policies might be bare bones. >> it's just covering your airline tickets. >> reporter: say you plan and protect yourself and yet an airline leafs you strajded. afterward you can ask the transportation department to intervene. >> we want to help and we feel good when we're able to get consumers their money back. >> reporter: since the pandemic started, number of passengers have complained. >> the volume continues to be high. ful super frustrated. >> reporter: susan rode in from stan forld. they ignored their refund request after a canceled flight for a year. >> no response tos the phone calm. dead silence on their end. >> reporter: two weeks later, the dot pinged her character. >> the next day the airline said we're bumping you up in the cue for a redpund. j she got $120,000 back. to file a complaint, snap that qr code right there. call on us, go to nbc bay
4:47 pm pick up the phone, 888-996 p-tips. >> very helpful information, chris,ing thank you. recreational crab season started today. there's a state ban on crab traps to help whales and sea turtles. it's delayed in the area for that same reason. crab is a thanksgiving tradition for many. be prepared for higher prices. >> i think this -- there's nothing like good fishing weather. let's find about the weather in general. >> as long as the seas are aren't at 20 to 30 feet, it's a nice day to be out on the water. as we get into monday. right now 66 degrees in san jose. a few breaks of cloud cover. allowing for some blue skies.
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i think we'll see the same temperatures around tomorrow with low 60s currently in dublin and san francisco mostly cloudy skies and west-northwest wind at 12 pliels per hour. what we have out there is the sort of weakened end of a storm system that is passing by the bay area. you can see a few ice weighted showers along the coast. slight chance of showers in the north bay at night. bigger change tomorrow morning. the time. again, we wind the clocks back an hour tonight. sunrise changes to 6:42 in the morning. chilly start. 30s and 40s outside. during the afternoon, partly cloudy skies. sunset will be at 5:05 and see the temperatures to wrap up your weekend. 62 around san francisco and oakland. similar temperatures from north to south tomorrow. it should be nice at santa clara.
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60s. no rain and no gusty wind. nothing like we had a couple of weeks ago. temperatures staying in the 60s around kickoff time and dropping into the upper 50s around the four corner. notice here monday another atmospheric river pattern setting up but not as stroongd not lasting as long as the event we saw about two weeks ago. it will power up some pretty good rain rates at times, especially monday night into tuesday. that's the reason the north bay average looks like around 11:00 monday night to 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. should be about one to two inches of rain and the rest of the air picking up an inch to half an inch of rain. by the afternoon you begin to see light rain and the main impact coming in for around 11:00 monday night. you saw the rain totals, even as the storm moves out tuesday morning, you may see some ponding on the roads. it's enough rain that could linger into the tuesday morning
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commute. then it moves out quickly. the totals look like they're going to stay in the one to two inch range. skies clearing and that might be it in terms of storms. once we get past tuesday, long-range outside look as we get into looks like november 17th. it's starting to turn dryer. as we wrap up the weekend with cool temperatures, wind and rain increasing monday evening into tuesday. then the rest of the week around san francisco, trending dryer and a bit warmer. it's been a while since the seven-day forecast focuses on just one storm. it's a powerful one, though. it's going to get your attention with the wind and rain monday, tuesday, and wednesday but drying out as we head to next weekend. of course we obviously need the rain and snow around here. >> thanks. a tradition is back in the big apple after being canceled
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by the pandemic last year. yes, indeed, preparations underway for the new york mayor on the thon. take you there next.
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welcome back. hundreds of people rolled up their sleeves today for vaccines today. the event was organized specifically to reach the aaip community. more than 500 people showed up to get either a booster shot, a new shot or both. >> we want to stay ahead of the virus. today we have booster shots and we have flu shots. so you know, we want to avoid the twindemic of covid and the flu, which is trouble. >> this is the second such event organized by all american medical group and a group called self-help for the elderly. after being canceled last year, the new york city marathon is back. >> they're all coming back with changes. last-minute preps generating a buzz in the big apple.
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linda vacarro reports. >> reporter: the first marathon in 1970 had is 27 runners. by 2019 it ballooned to 53,000. this year will be scaled down just a bit to 30,000 marathoners. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: the blue line is back. today a ceremonial painting of the blue line marking the 26 mile route of the new york city marathon returning after a year off. >> it's a wonderful event. new york loves it. it's a great event. very glad to see it back. >> i'm near mile 17. when we hear the runners come up 1st avenue it's one of the most exciting feelings. >> it's renewed hope and perseverance of all those participating and those making this happen. >> reporter: runners must provide proof of vaccination or show a negative covid test within 48 hours of race day.
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there will be more start ways to space runners apart and lots of hand sanitizing stations. this year racers will be able to wear fuel and hydration belts. >> i think being outside most of the time, spread somewhat apart at least. so i think ice dprats. >> i think for us, it should be fun. >> reporter: and covid is not the only concern. more than 600 cameras will monitor and record events along the route with several layers of security. >> that means from the block of cars on the perimeter, of which there are hundreds, to the bomb squad to the intelligence bureau, counter terrorism. >> we're going to have thousands and thousands of officers out there making sure that the runners and the spectators are safe. >> i am always so amazed by the marathon. >> you've done a half marathon? >> that was years ago.
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saturday night live is indeed live tonight and a stripping of first-time hosts continues. >> this time it's kieran culkin taking the reigns. >> looks like his brother. >> exactly. >> i'm glad you told me. >> cast member alex moffett is a robinson and said he looks forward to rookie hosts. >> i think a fellow like kieran culkin who is such a pro, it's exciting to have him host for the first time. it's clearly going to be good but what's he going to do. he seems like such a good dude. i'm a fan of his on "succession" so it's cool to have him on. >> you can watch it right here at 8:30, then again at 4:30.
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>> you may be in for a long wait because of supply chain problems. vta says many trains are down for maintenance and they don't have the parts to repair them. how about brake pads for trains? they say fewer cars are going to be running to and from receive receive ie. if you're taking it to the niners game, keep that in mind. niners hosting the arizona cardinals at levi's stadium. cardinals in first place. they're part of the nbc bay area. coverage starting at high noon and catch them once again h the game is over for their post game show, niners and arizona tomorrow. and the niners have already lost to arizona once this season. it's time for payback.
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>> i get so stressed out watching their games. >> me, too. thanks very much for joining us. breeders cup coming up next. >> we'll see you at 6:00. take care. ♪ you know, people always ask me, what's the perfect meal? before i can even answer that, i need to ask you a question where are you eating it? your surroundings.e setting, these things matter in a meal, and they matter in a race, too a track that catches your imagination with history, glamour, star power. it can fool you into thinking anything is possible on race day. t


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