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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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that her laptop was stolen. >> the advice the police are giving as we head into the holidays. covid here to stay, what the experts are telling us and what you should know. >> also, under pressure to be more transparent, we investigate and dig into the numbers released by the san francisco d.a. about prosecution rates in the city. the news at 6:00 starts right now, good evening, and thanks for being with us on this friday, i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. apparently what happens in the city is not staying in the city. lots of focus on car break-ins in san francisco, but it turns out it's not just there. car burglars increasingly targeting san jose streets and parking lots, too. nbc's scott budman is live in a recent hot spot. we know this area really well. it's right near our studio, scott. >> reporter: yeah, it's true, jessica, and it is one of the areas here in the south bay where car break-ins are up
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leading police to advise be extra vigilant when you park and shop. you don't have to search all that far before you find evidence of the problem at this brokaw road shopping center. >> i see glass on the side of cars. >> reporter: this area has seen a surge in the number of car break-ins lately. >> i know there is break-ins going on. >> kyon kim comes here every day to get her coffee. >> just seeing the glass on the ground, so i don't know when it's happening. either overnight, i don't know if some cars are here at nighttime. >> reporter: the san jose p.d. says it doesn't have the exact number of break-ins, but we did see police vehicles patrolling the area, and the most recent data shows car break-ins in san jose up by more than 30% in the last half of 2020. >> so there's a lady here yesterday who had her car broken into, and she had mentioned that her laptop was stolen. she had the glass guy working to fix the repair and everything real quick. >> with more people targeting cars around the holiday shopping
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season. >> well, i've seen some broken windows around the parking lot and then, you know, quite a bit lately. it's all of a sudden there's a big increase. >> reporter: it's extra important to clear everything out before you walk away. which means don't leave packages, purses, jackets, anything visible in your car that could lure a thief. live in san jose, scott budman nbc bay area news. it's a busy process, counties across the bay area are now ramping up their covid shots for young children. an active scene today in contra costa county, appointments booked up in richmond and concord. they just started offering vaccines this morning to kids 5 to 11. we caught up a lot of parents who wanted to get it done on this, day one. >> i'm excited because then my mom says then i can go to chuck e. cheese. >> you know, if something were to happen if she were to be exposed she wouldn't have to quarantine the same way she is
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now. missing ten days of school is not easy. >> other bay area counties plan to start offering vaccinations for young children in the coming weeks. keep in mind, your neighborhood pharmacy or clinic might have shots available right now, and all shots are free. coronavirus looks like it's here to stay, at least for a while. many of the nation's leading experts are sounding that alarm again today, and they warned people not to get rid of your masks just yet. the new warning comes as pfizer announces a new antiviral pill that might be a game changer. here's nbc bay area's damian trujillo. >> reporter: you can't miss the electronic road signs in east san jose urging people to get the vaccine. experts tell me this is the only way to return to some form of normalcy. but when? >> they gather frequently for a pickup game of pickle ball. it's one of the few times these friends don't wear masks outdoors. now ucsf's dr. bob walker is
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suggesting we may need to keep our masks for a while longer. >> clearly covid will not go away for the next couple of years. >> dr. walker's prediction is echoed by other experts. >> we may never get rid of it. >> certainly i'm not pleased. >> yeah, i'm a little tired to have. >> dr. walker says the bay area is probably the best place in the country if covid plans on sticking around because of our high vaccination rates but for the next year or two, what we see now is likely what it will be then. >> a little better, a little worse, but not massively better and i think not massively worse either. >> dr. walker says low vaccination rates in other states are holding back progress, but he's intrigued by the new experimental pfizer covid antiviral pill, which cuts hospital rates and deaths by 90% in clinical trials. he calls it a potential game changer, one that could prove him wrong in his virus
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prediction. >> if they're at risk and get covid, if they can get tested quickly and their medicine quickly, that their chances of a bad outcome go down very low. >> reporter: the experts say keep masking up or at least keep the mask handy and get vaccinated to have a better shot at finally winning the war against the pandemic. troubling new details about yesterday's deadly shooting in san francisco's hate ash bury neighborhood. witnesses say the shooting began as a robbery after a struggle. one of the robbers was killed by the man he was attempting to rob. the san francisco medical examiner confirms the man shot and killed yesterday is 21-year-old samuel jessup. he's from the city. this is the third daylight shooting on this block in just the past two weeks. neighbors say the violence there is officially out of control. >> right in daylight, you know, nobody gives a hell anymore. >> a nice day and all of a sudden da da da da, we jump out and we saw two people hurt.
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>> sfpd refusing to comment on what led to the gunfire. police will only say it's an ongoing investigation. regardless of how it happened, neighbors say they are saddened to hear another young man lost his life to gun violence in the city. these are challenging times for san francisco's district attorney. today his office unveiled this. it's a new dashboard on its website that allows the public to see how often the d.a. files criminal charges after police officers make an arrest. this new feature is proof of his commitment to transparency, but the announcement comes in the midst of a recall effort to have him removed from office. the d.a. is also facing tough accusations from lawmakers and even his own former prosecutors who say his office often lessens charges for violent crimes and sometimes fails to prosecute them altogether. a lot happening here. let's bring in our senior investigative reporter bigad shaban who's been breaking news about these allegations over the last few weeks.
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let's start with this new data that's being released. what does it show? >> it shows what the d.a. himself has been touting far while now, overall prosecution rate pretty much mirrors those of frooefs district attorneys going back at least a decade. that means out of all the arrests made by the police department, the d.a.'s office files charges about 56% of the time. if you drill down to specific types of crimes that same data chose where boudin's charging rate differs for past d.a. with lower level crimes, his office only files new charges about 10% of the time. raj, the rate was more than double that the year before he took office. >> is this more of a pr move? what are the critics saying about this move today? >> well, frankly some don't feel this new section of the d.a.'s website, raj, actually solves what they feel has been a real lack of transparency from the
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office regarding how often prosecutors strike plea deals with violent offenders to essentially give them lesser charges. here's why, the new dashboard shows how often charges are filed, but it doesn't specify what charges are filed or whether a plea deal reduced the original charges. all of those factors can make a huge difference in cases. for example, just last week we reported on a man who was initially charged with assault with a deadly weapon and chld endangerment off office. the d.a.'s office allowed him to plead of a misdemeanor. this is someone accused of domestic violence. did the d.a.'s office file charges in that case? yes, but those charges aren't what actually stuck, so some argue the outcome didn't ultimately fit the severity of the crime. >> you know this, he's been talking and saying he wants to reform the police, the way we police, the way we govern here, and that's what he was elected to do. what else is he going to be required to release? i know this is part of your
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previous reporting. >> yeah, raj, actually, on tuesday the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote on a proposed ordinance that would essentially force the d.a.'s office as well as the police department to issue quarterly reports about how how oftens domestic violence offenders are arrested and prosecutes. they want to know what kinds of sentences are being handed down and if approved, raj, those new reporting requirements would start in the new year. >> okay, and really quick, i know it's been a few months. you've continued to ask him to sit down for an interview. any updates on that? >> you know, we are still waiting. obviously it's an open invitation for the district attorney to come and speak with us about so many issues that are pressing the city, and we're going to keep asking. whenever he's welcome to it, we are here. >> we will make time for him. bigad shaban reporting from our san francisco newsroom. tonight a san francisco police sergeant is on leave accused of robbing a peninsula pharmacy for painkillers. police say davin colt, 27 year
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veteran of the department was caught moments after robbing a san mateo rite aid pharmacy wednesday night. the d.a. is reviewing the case and could charge coal with first degree robbery and resisting arrest. he posted nearly $58,000 in bail and promptly checked into rehab. >> obviously he has hidden a shameful addiction for a long time while also being able to do a very difficult job in a first responder setting. >> his attorney went on to say that his client started using painkillers in 2010 after being bitten by a police dog while training. the sfpd tells us coal is on unpaid leave scheduled to be in court november 18th. up next here at 6:00, making moves to stop those big parties, what airbnb is now doing differently this year for new year's eve. >> plus, shot in the eye with a paintball, the woman targeted
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a strange and disturbing attack in san francisco, a woman says someone shot her in the eye with a paintball. it happened right outside the outer sunset. nbc bay area's christie smith spoke with the woman who is recovering and how is she. >> reporter: well, right now she's resting at home, but still taking it day by day. she explained what happened. she says that a car drove by and that her partner was hit about since times. she was struck about three times incluing once in the left eye, as you can imagine very painful, and she says she immediately couldn't see anything. we spoke with zoe who is still stunned about what happened just afternoon midnight on october 30th. she said they had done some work at outside lands, got on a bus and eventually got off and waited for someone to pick them
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up. someone struck them with paintball pellets repeatedly and drove off. >> it hurt very badly. i couldn't see. i finally got to like see it in a mirror or like with the phone, and i calmed down a little bit. we were going to the hospital. they haven't -- they didn't tell me anything there besides that i had an eye and then the doctor that i've been seeing this whole week actually was on call, came and saw me there and was like this is our plan. >> reporter: again, she said she continue see out of that eye and even still says it's mostly darkness in that left eye but is taking it day by day. she's going to see the doctor every day. she's a hair colorist and hasn't been able to work and is still in quite a bit of pain as she tries to recover. the attack left her feeling sad and angry that someone would do this, so she says she has gotten a lot of support. there's an online fundraiser to
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try and offset expenses. police say the investigation continues. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith nbc bay area news. airbnb is trying to prevent those big parties on new year's eve. the vacation rental site says it's going to try to block guests from making one night reservations ahead of new year's eve, two-night reservations and last minute bookings will also be restricted. now, in the past parties linked to those types of reservations have led to a lot of issues including damage to the homes and violence. guests who don't have positive reviews will also have a hard time getting a rental. earlier this week, we learned facebook is dropping its facial recognition. today we're learning its parent company, the newly formed meta will not be dropping facial recognition. the website rico reports that metta is already exploring ways to incorporate biometrics into its emerging meta business.
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that involves building an internet simulation where people can interact as avatars. let's check in with jeff another time before the weekend gets going for official, and it's going to be a little bit? >> cloudy. >> cold. >> yeah. so you know, we're kind of hanging on with this storm paper here just off to the north, so we're going to be on the drier side of things with some rainfall chances there right off to the north. you can see that rain right now over redding, a little bit there for chico, even some snow there over mount shasta. for us we're dealing with the cloud cover and the chance for spotty drizzle. i see the possibility of some spotty drizzle even as we move through tomorrow with that overcast skies. let's bring it right into tomorrow morning's forecast. if you're up early, 7:00 or 8:00 trying to get those errands done early so you can have the afternoons and evenings yourself, we're going down to the coldest morning all week long.
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widespread 40s, 48 for the south bay. i have 47 in the tri valley, and look at that, north bay 45. san francisco, 50, and the east bay 47. daytime highs tomorrow, i do have them cooling off a few more degrees, and really no big differences here, if you're in the south bay, you're headed up to wine country to meet up with some friends. you've got very similar temperatures with 62 in napa, 50s and 60s at the coastline. let's move it ahead to the storm system. we've been talking about this. everything is still on the table for this to happen monday night into tuesday. now, when that storm gets here, i am looking at an atmospheric river also known as a pineapple express meeting up with this. it's basically a boost of some sub tropical moisture that really helps to increase our rainfall totals. this is going to be nothing like the october 24th major and historic storm. i do think rainfall totals will be widespread. overall we're looking at a quarter to a half inch on average down towards the south bay. the east bay could get in on
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closer to 3/4 of an inch, and for the north bay 3/4 to one inch with some of the higher elevations, one inch, maybe about one and a half. i think we're going to be able to get through this without any problems. it should move out a lot quicker than some of the storm systems, again, we had about two weeks ago. sierra snows that's also going to happen by monday and tuesday. we're looking good for at least a foot, 17 inches there in kirkwood. my seven-day forecast in san francisco, eventually we got to wait for it, but we'll get some sunny days in here wednesday, thursday, and friday, and temperatures also warming up through the inland valleys by the mid into next week, you'll see 70 there next thursday, and never too early to look ahead towards next friday. also looking at some low 70s. i think we're doing good with this weekend, we get an extra hour of sleep on sunday, and as far as i see it tomorrow, the clouds, it's like a big excuse to do nothing. my favorite. >> in jammies all day.
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>> yeah. >> you know why he's happy today, he had a pumpkin spice. >> pumpkin spice latte. >> he's got a little extra step. >> he does. >> happy friday, jeff. happy friday to you. >> up next, not just the san jose sharks, now it's the cow bears. a covid outbreak with the football team. how the virus is now altering tomorrow's cal game.
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we are following breaking news out of milpitas, you're looking at a live picture of the great mall, this is off montague in milpitas. that mall is in lockdown. . we're hearing there's mrs. activity happening inside the mall. you're looking at it right there. you can see lots of squad cars from the milpitas police department. this is what we know so far, two customers we've spoken to, one says they're sheltering in place inside the mall. another person is outside in the parking lot unable to get into the mall again. the doors have been shut. the mall is in lockdown.
6:24 pm
at this point, we don't know exactly what has caused the lockdown, but we are hearing reports of potentially some people saying that they may have heard shots inside the mall, although that is not confirmed. let's take you over sky ranger, so you can see the magnitude of what this is looking like right now. right now we're seeing what looks to be like the freeway. sky ranger is headed in that direction. let's take you back to that ground shot again so you can see what's happening at the mall. we have crews headed to the mall. we have reporters headed to the mall, and again, we don't have any confirmation of exactly what's happening. there is a heavy police presence at the milpitas mall right now, which is off montague. we should also tell you vta says it is not stopping its trains at the mall at this hour in an abundance of caution. we're going to continue to monitor the situation. as soon as we have some sort of confirmation or know what's happened or if this lockdown situation has changed, we will
6:25 pm
bring it back to you. a covid outbreak within the cal football team. multiple players will not be eligible to play in tomorrow's game at the university of arizona. the team didn't specify how many players, but said they are dealing with the covid protocol. now, currently 99% of the cal football team is fully vaccinated. the rest of the players traveling to tucson will be tested and cleared prior to leaving. we're back in a moment. ♪
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this breaking news that we're following, told you about it a few minutes ago. this is the great mall in milpitas, the great mall under lockdown for police activity. at this point we're not sure exactly what's going on. we did speak to some customers inside. one said they're sheltering in place inside their store. another person is outside in the parking lot unable to get back in the mall. the mall is on lockdown. you can see heavy police presence there. reports of a potential -- some sort of shooting inside. you can see the officers there, and a lot of people waiting outside. >> yeah, we're just getting answers now. we have some news crews that have just arrived on site. we don't have any answers other than it's multiple agencies reporting here on site at the great mall. our crews have just now arrived, wondering, just trying to confirm was there a shooter, is there still an active shooter or is this all something that the people -- there's no shooter right now, so we're trying to
6:29 pm
figure out what's happening inside the mall and outside. we'll take a look now from our sky ranger that's above the scene. it is under lockdown. you see down below, that's the burlington coat factory. several stores inside there, so we're trying to get some confirmation what's happening at the great mall in milpitas. >> it's also a dining hot spot. there's lots of restaurants in that area as well. usually this is kind of like a transition time right after work. you've got a couple of different outlets there. of course we're going to continue to monitor this. our coverage continues on our 7:00 p.m. newscast, and again, we're going to have it on all of our digital platforms, check it out at we'll continue to watch this carefully. >> right now we'll send it over to lester holt with "nightly news." > breaking news tonight. the potential breakthrough for president biden's agenda after months of negotiations, house democrats finally headed to a vote on the president's bipartisan's infrastructure bill.
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speaker pelosi gambling do they have the votes? and new roadblocks for the president's even larger plan to expand the social safety net. why the new delays. also tonight aaron rodgers breaking his silence after testing positive for covid the reigning mvp acknowledging he's unvaccinated, but maintaining he didn't lie when he said he was immunized. why he refused the shot. the new weapon in the pandemic how effective is pfizer's covid pill. and the president's employer vaccine mandate facing new legal challenges. opening statements in the trial of three white men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. arbery's mother in tears as new video was played in court. remembering colin powell the emotional funeral service. the final stop on our journey across america, phoenix my rare access into the dea's evidence vault inside millions of potentially deadly pills. and the image seen around the world a baby handed to a u.s. marine over walls at the kabul airport as afghanistan fell. two months later, my


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