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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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welcome. i'm laura garcia. >> you see mike standing by with a look at that commute. first i want to start with kari hall. how is it looking >>. >> it looks good. the rain to the north will stay to the north of us. it is a chilly start to the day. we're seeing the temperatures in the upper 40s and the lower 50s it throughout much of the morning. there will be a lot of cloud cover as the highs reach to 63 in oakland. san jose reaching 67 degrees, and we'll talk more about all of this as well as some of the weekend events and the places you may be headed in a minutes.
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>> breaking news for you this morning, pfizer just announced a new covid treatment. it says it may cut the risk of severe illness by nearly 90%. that bill is combined with the lowdose medication used to treat hiv. the drugmaker say it's is halting clinical trials with the hopes of fast tracking the bill. and covid booster shots for at-risk people due to the decline in effectiveness. the new study is published in the journal "science." they found the effectiveness of the pfizer, moderna, and johnson and johnson all dropped dramatically. doctors point out that being vaccinated is far better than
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going without even if you have been infected. >> some people have good immunity for a long time and some people don't. >> the numbers from that newy g of the conclusions more closely tied to the age levels of the people studied. >> new details this morning and we all heard the stories of unruly airline passengers, maybe even seen it firsthand. now the fbi is giving aviation leaders a way to crack down on the bad fliers. kris sanchez as a look at the new guidelines. hi there, marcus. it has always been a couple name exhibited bad behavior on flights, but we have really seen a surge through the pandemic and finally after more than a year, the fbi and the faa figured out a way to share information in order to prosecute some of those folk that's are exhibiting that bad behavior.
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with videos like this, it might be surprising to you that how few passengers have faced serious penalties after assaulting flight attendants and sometimes assaulting each other. look at the numbers this year. the faa got about 5000 come plenties about aggressive behavior. in 227 cases they initiated enforcement action. in 37 cases they were referred to the fbi for criminal prosecution. that is fewer than 1%. here is the faa director on the new protocol. >> it is a warning and a deterrent. >> he jammed an elbow into her side and knocked the wind out of her. >> pushing for a no fly list after several members were assaulted. the majority of all complaints
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are related to masks that are required of anyone over the age of two on planes and airports. that mask mandate went into effect in february of this year. we have been at it for about nine months and it will remain in place. >> thank you so much, kris. 6:04 right now, a live look at the white house. resolutions may final i will be at hand. today in the bay, chris palone is on capitol hill, and this has not been an easy task for the president. >> it sure hasn't. the president worked the phones well into the night to try to make sure his favorite spending plans passed today.
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nancy pelosi is planning to call a vote on the nation's roads and bridges and the bigger build back better program that has money to fund new social programs and to fight climate change. the house members would not only be paid for with new taxes, but it will trim the budget deficit in the next decade. republicans remain united in opposition. >> people are concerned about inflation and debt. we don't talk about it, but they are concerned. >> we saw a histoic race in new jersey. i think it was a response to the biden agenda and the american people saying i don't want this, this is not what i voted for. >> so far the house has started a debate.
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so that will slow things down. the votes will likely come later on this afternoon. democrats want all of this wrapped up by thanksgiving, but that will be a tough timeline. the senate is out and the house will soon be out. that means the senate can take up the social spending be at the earliest on november 15th. >> we will continue to follow so much. thank you, chris. back in the bay area, happening today, an 18-year-old man accused of a deadly shooting in campbell. the shooting happened tuesday on west sun any oaks avenue. a tip later lead police to locate the system. they found anymore a car about a mile from the scene of the shooting. authorities are not revealing details. >> and now among the very first to see dave chapelle's new
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untitled documentary. thousands attended and after the screening of the film, he performed. he has recently been a subject of backlash for material in a netflix special. one supporter that wanted to make a statement says she was removed from the show after security believed that she was recording it. most fans were focused on other aspects of chappelle's material. >> this is my city. i'm trans, i'm proud, trans lives matter and i want him to know his words don't get to my soul. >> racism is the underlying issue here. many people are saying they are trying to turn minorities against each other, but the real problem is racism. >> the new untitled documentary focuses on his performances.
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and shortly after the george floyd killing. >> 6:07, let's take a live look outside, golden gate bridge this morning, what a beautiful view. after rain yesterday, the conditions are looking pretty dry. what does the forecast look like today? >> a lot of changes coming our way. it feels really cool behind that system that passed yesterday. a lot of the bay area walking out the door right now. temperatures in the 40s. make sure you're prepared for that. we're not going to see as much sunshine as we saw yesterday. there will be more clouds passing by. we'll see peeks of sunshine in parts of the east bay after starting out in the 50s. we'll reach into the mid 60s with a lot of clouds into today with a breezy wind. took a look at our highs for today. 67 in concord as well as san jose and palo alto. let's talk about when rain comes
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back. now you a traffic break in berkeley? >> yes, in both directions of i-80. a lot of people on the shore. maybe both directions, maybe something in the center divide. website 80 at ashby avenue. that is presenting more slowing near berkeley. we have the metering lights on and a slow drive in san francisco. it is in patches through the tri-valley. >> forget having to buy a ticket to get that buttery movie theater popcorn. coming up next, you'll be able to get the same snack, just watching in your living room.
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a new marketing push. >> and more good news, really good jobs numbers, the economy is really improving. >> look, the quick edly good news this morning, we finally know the two women set to defy draifty in the upcoming "wick ed" movie. >> you're under studies. someone a tony winner, another other an oscar nomination. >> we're getting coaching from laura and kari coming up later. . we're going to talk about that and more coming up here later on "today in the bay."
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happy friday, it is 6:30 and we're temperatures out to chilly temperatures. we have the least visibility. we'll continue to see clouds. we'll talk about all of the changes ahead in the forecast.
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>> just fine here in dublin. just a little further to the west. chp is calling for an alert for that crash. >> happy friday to you, we just got the latest unemployment report. >> it is much better, the unemployment rate. economists took a look at the last month's jobs numbers and with better data adjusted those and the wages up. people are getting raises, and you should be asking for a raise. because asking for a raise in inflationary environments means
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just not being paid less. if the prices go up and you're paid the same, you're getting a pay cut. powell is the chairman of the federal reserve. he doesn't usually interact with the president, but his term is up. president biden has to decide whether or not to keep him. american airlines pushed back the deadline set for employees to be fully vaccinated after the biden white house yesterday pushed back it's deadline for federal contractors. the new date now january 4th for the airlines and the employees covered under the federal mandate. in the meantime, let's talk vacations. more vacations, less working out. air bnb said it made record profit, more money than it ever made in it's company's history. and keep in mind in just a few days we open the borders back up to european tourists.
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airlines, hotels, air bnb will be in that much greater demand. as for the working out, peloton shares plummeted as fewer people are working out at home. also decreasing is the amount of tyke that existing owners spent on their bike. peloton knows you're not riding your peloton. part of that could be people going back to the gym because people are feeling more comfortable and a lot of gyms are reporting, you know, near pandemic level populations. >> people are back. >> you like working out at the gym. >> i do, something about being there. i did it at home and i tried to do it online with a trainer, it just didn't feel the same. >> i don't like being around people when i workout. >> luckily when i go, there is not a lot of people in there. >> that's the beauty of the shift, right? no one is anywhere. >> yes, yesterday i had the gym
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to myself. >> thanks for clearing the place out. >> i'm driving my kids around. >> all walks of life here. >> we're real people. >> at the movies, new this morning, i want some popcorn. amc is putting that knowledge to the test. so starting next year, the chain will open retail store counters and kiosks to serve freshly prepared popcorn. they will be sold at amc theaters and home delivery services. you can buy prepanged and microwaveable amc popcorn at retailers across the country. >>ly have to take a couple tums a couple hours after all of that popcorn. >> put some m&ms in it. >> a party when you go to the movies with marcus. we finally know who is stepping into the iconic shoes for the planned "wicked" movie
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adaptation. ♪ make me feel like a dangerous woman." >> yes, ariana grande will portray glenda the good witch. portrayed on broadway by kristin chenowith. production is expected to start next year. and in an interesting note, this is said to be a dream come true for grande tweeting back in 2012 saying she wanted to play glinda one day. >> that is critical. i can see that. she and kristin chenowith have a
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really good relationship. >> i could play a munchkin. >> they did get your offer, and i think they said thank you, but no. >> an under study. >> yeah, thank you, next. let's get a look at what is going on in the weather department this morning. yeah, we're going to see some clouds moving in today. there will be a storm system very close by and if you're traveling north of the bay area you'll run into that rain. here in the south bay we're looking at dry temperatures. 68 degrees in east san jose. upper 60s for much of the east bay and 67 in fremont, today. mid to upper 60s in the
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peninsula today. going up towards 64 degrees and for san francisco highs reaching 66 downtown. the seven-day forecast now at the bottom of the screen as the north bay highs are only 62. and napa today, 65 degrees. we will once again see active weather in our forecast for the weekend. more clouds, rain to the north and even showers other the sierra. next week we'll get rain here in the bay area and it looks like a pretty decent storm. although the models have been going back and forth with how much rain we're going to see. at this point it looks good. and take a look at one of the computer models and what they're putting down in terms of rainfall for next week. possibly getting over two inches of rain in the north bay. most of us getting half an inch to over an inch in san francisco. this weekend, not bad at all. i think you will be wearing a
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jacket for most of the weekend. we will adjust to the time change as we set our clocks back by sunday evening. the sunday will be setting shortly after 5:00. by next week earlier sunrises and also some showers coming in starting on monday. mike, now you have breaking news going on? >> yes, in the tri-valley. this is the dublin interchange called into play here. traveling southbound at 680. it continues to the south here, that is the issue for 680 southbound. two lanes blocked here, and i think three more getting by at the off ramp. it is cold out and this may be an issue for the tri-valley. no major problems. the crashes did clear to the shoulder and off to the freeway. the bay bridge toll plaza started to back up and we still
6:22 am
have the off ramp closed off of westbound 80. that is a distraction from an earlier fire in the area. >> 6:21 right now. nbc bay area responds. >> holiday air travel is looking bumpy, and not just storms. we'll explain several problems and share some solutions.
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we are here to explain why. >> analysts say airlines are packing their holiday schedules full even though thousands of workers sidelined in the pandemic are not back on the job yet. so if you booked a holiday flight, here is what you can do right now just in case. research the airline schedules. find and save info about back up flights. also, download your airline's app. when there is trouble, many of them let you rebook yourself. that is the post it note version. tonight we will talk about how to solve the issues.
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i will join you again tonight at 11:00. >> okay, so giants fans, we knew it was coming but it did not make it easier to hear. buster posey saying goodbye to baseball. he sites the desire to spend more time with family and also the physical demands of playing catcher. >> i'm so thank you for all of your support that i have received in the last 13 seasons. >> he played 12 seasons and he was a seven-time all-star. he also is leaving up the opportunity to work with the team in some capacity.
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>> you know we posted the entire news conference at nbc bay go there after the show and watch it on the front page. >> what a great guy and good luck to them. it is 626. a spike in break ins. leading to a big boom for a security company. the unusual way that one company is promising to keep families safe. >> starting today, they will start administering a vaccine shot for children. this is at no cost to mom and dad. the available at county run clinics. >> and a san francisco police officer caught on the wrong side of the law, we'll have that for "today on the bay."
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right now at 6:30, the next step in ending the pandemic. a big rush this weekend as more counties start vaccinating kids. what you need to know to keep your family safe. a bay area police officer accused on being on the wrong side of the law. the charges we're learning about this morning. >> we'll have more clouds coming our way. i'll be tracking when we'll seen
6:31 am
rain returning to the bay area. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good friday morning to you and thank you for starting your day with us. >> i'm marcus washington, right now, we're tracking breaking news at the tri-valley that could have an impact on your commute. first we do begin this half hour with covid vaccination rollouts. counties across the bay area are now rarping up operations. >>. >> we'll have more on what parents need to know. >> yeah, good morning. first of all these shots for your ten day are at no cost to you. and now according to the online point tool there is no more availability today at the vaccine development.
6:32 am
there are more times available tomorrow and throughout next week. that is now the other counties in the area, they are set to begin tomorrow, they may be starting sooner and you'll want to start with that. the counties are telling us there could be a couple more weeks in mid november. all of these dates pertain to county run vaccination sites. your pediatrician may have availability sooner. they set up a vaccination
6:33 am
clinic, one of 80 campuses throughout the island where they are there. parent vs. to be on site to give consent. one family of four already had covid. >> i don't want to take the chance, i'm going to do it without thinking twice. >> if you have questions about the vaccine, we can help, we have our vaccine faq at the nbc bay area. it has answers to the most asked questions like "should my young kid get vaxed and also the possible side effects. >> thank you, bob. 6:33 right now, a peninsula robbery suspect now free on bond this morning but tis prorns is
6:34 am
really surprising a lot of people. we have v a look at what his employer is saying. >> >> it is really a bizarre story this morning. there is a response to a robbery in progress here. and i'm sure they did not expect to arrest a individual also in law enforcement. that individual was a san francisco police department sergeant. it was suspicion of robbery. according to the san ma day you police department. he attempted to flee on foot, but this is back in 2017. he was most recently assigned to
6:35 am
field operations with the department, and according to the department he was placed on unpaid leave. so back out here they just tushed the lights on here at this rite-aid. sergeant kohl was just released on bond. we're live. >> an employee linked to hate filled social media posts. they have discovered child pornography linked to his computer. he is accused and being arraigned today for being arrested earlier this week. he is a nonsworn in community
6:36 am
service officer with the san jose police department. he was not charged with threats against maufrss posted on although-right -- alt-right websites. the guards talked to them in realtime. the hone owner says she took action after five break ins. >> one of the break ins p think they used a blow torch, and then manually opened it. >> okay, so the company is seeing more customers these days as people in some neighborhoods ban together. the latest is in the company
6:37 am
saying it has been really hard to keep up with that demand, and he says it is going to go up. >> starting next year, a new low-cost option to visit our neighbors to the north. according to the chronicle, flare will offer flights to canada. costs go up towards seat selection and carry on items. non-stop service starts in political and vancouver flights start in may. let's take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge. a nice start to our morning out there. you know what? don't forget, time change this weekend. we get another hour of sleep. not that i'm excited about that, or anything, kari. >> i'm excited about that, but the other thing you have to
6:38 am
remember is that you have the sunsetting in the day. if you're hitting the road, maybe going to big sir this weekend. just a little cooler by the end of the weekend. low 60s for highs there. if you're planning to go to napa valley, there will be clouds and mists in the early hours. but the days will be nice and comfortable. you'll probably keep your jacket on today. there will be off and on showers there. temperatures reaching into the upper 50s for today and tomorrow and more sunshine on sunday as the high temperatures go to about 60 degrees. and then for l.a. this weekend, warmer weather down there. there will be a cooler end to the weekend with highs to the mid 60s and then we're excited about this. we have a home game this weekend
6:39 am
for the 49ers. we will be in the upper 60s and we'll see a mostly sunny sky. and mike, now you have that traffic alert for the trivalley. >> a little worse, unfortunately jurping on, you're okay, but definitely if you jurp on further to the south on 580 ins. having mentioned that and folks knowing about that it will get pretty crowded. the crash doesn't have any major injuries. a crash near 2242, but not a major problem. for most drivers it is brewing.
6:40 am
>> the billionaires that received stimulus checks. >> and the funeral services set to begin for secretary of state colin powell. some states are fighting back against the vaccine mandate. we have block buster good jobs numbers. and wall street likes it. >> after a year of unruly passenger behavior through the pandemic, the fbi and the faa are working together to share information. but you might be surprised how few people have been prosecuted. plus -- >> all right, take it easy on adele, stars are just like us, okay? bloopers that she is now sharing
6:41 am
from behind the scenes of her latest music video. don't forget, catch an all new snl here on nbc bay area here live at 8:30.
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happy friday, it is 6:43. it is a chilly start in the north bay. took a look at our temperatures. we're going to start out with fog, a lot of clouds in the next
6:44 am
several hours with peeks of sunshine today as we make it into the low 60s here. we'll have more in a few minutes. >> and traffic alerts for the trivalley the crash blocked three lanes in your commute direction. >> happying today a celebration of life motion is for secretary of state colin powell. he died last month from complications from covid. he was also battling multiple myloma. we'll have coverage of the service this morning, you can catch it at 8:50.
6:45 am
>> more than a dozen states are suing to stop president biden's new mandate. >> we'll find out what the courts think, right? the toughest argument that i think states will have it whether or not the biden administration through osha has the power to tell federal contractors what to do. the biden administration on thursday announced, bar don me, all employers with 100 or more employees need to require vaccines. no one in the mouse is marking you get a vaccination. health care workers have no option, it is vaccinations only. >> a pair of federal judges are requesting a question to block congress from having certain
6:46 am
records on the u.s. capital. former president trump claimed executive privilege, but the current president says those records are not protected. one of the judges said that the person able to determine executive privilege the executive? meaning biden. and pointing out that what they have for records is that the january 6th riot happened in the capital and that is literally congress's house. speaking of that attack, the texas realtor that once said she would not go to jail for her role in the attack is going to jail, she was sentenced to 60 days behind bars. the judge mentioned that her skin color could keep here out of jail. meanwhile, democrats hope to do today what they have been unable to do so far which is to pass
6:47 am
president biden's bills. many blame the losses on election day because of the lack of processes. after a defeat, democrats worked twice as hard to muddle their agenda. they say we need to refocus on alienates american voters with big goals and incomprehensible plans. we'll talk about the jobs on twitter. you will find me there. >> more people than we thought could get stimulus checks and that has some people outrages. 18 billionaires received payments. they looked at records to make sure that the checks were
6:48 am
received. they also noted that some of the checks were later returned. >> cracking down on bad behavior. teaming up to deal with unruly passengers. >> we're more than a skbreer this unruly behavior rash, but now we know that the faa will be working with the fbi to share information better to get more prosecution. but but with videos like these, passengers assaulting flight antes, it might surprise you. look at the numbers, the faa got about 5,000 complaints about aggressive or disruptive
6:49 am
behavior. the agency initiated enforcement action that, for the faa includes fines. but 37 cases were referred to the fbi. the flight attendants union has been pushing for a no fly list. the majority of the complaints, 72% of the 5,000 are related to masks for anyone over the age of two. it will remain in place at least through the holidays. >> thank you, trending, grammy award winner adele showing her funny side. releasing the bloopers of her new music video.
6:50 am
>> adele understandably cracking up during some scenes as sheets of music were hitting her face. the song is still number for th second fwheek a row. >> i love it when they open the blinds and you can see the bloopers here and there. >> you can listen to that album today, looking out the window. take it easy on this forecast, how is it, kari? >> yeah, we're going to see clouds, not a lot of rain, and the weekend plans are still in tact. that rain once again staying to
6:51 am
the bay area and bringing us some clouds. in danville we will start out with cool temperatures this morning. maybe going for a walk at the park. you can see the sun peeking out now at the seven day forecast. we'll see the highs reaching 64 today. looking at a high of 65. san francisco in the mid to upper 60s today, but low 60s by the outer sunset with a breezy wind and for the north bay we'll see in the low 60s and sonoma will be near 66 degrees. looking at the overall trends here will be a very active weather pattern. by next week a decent storm
6:52 am
mauving in and we could see showers bringing high rainfall totals. the models have been going back and forth, but this one is looking good. we'll see if it holds together. possibly two inches of rain while the rest of the bay area gets a half to about an inch of rain. we are all dry this weekend, and we'll still be adjusting to the time change this weekend as we fall back this sunday. keep in mind that the sun will be setting shortly after 5:00 on sunday. and you have a traffic break for the tri-valley? >> the alert is that this is now reported as a deadly crash. we wanted to make sure we got that information correct, we don't want to misreport that. just show of the dublin interchange. and walnut creek, where it is starting to build, that could be a major problem.
6:53 am
we have kahnon road. that can take you through the canyon. go over to 580. that will add more time on to your drive. fortunately there is a friday light for your commute, but that traffic alert is southbound 680. everything else is standard for what you expect for a friday. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, multiple cal football players are in covid protocol and will not play at the game in arizona. they say nearly everyone on the team is vaccinated. and next a look at top stories. new hope in the form of a bill. makers say it could drastically cut your chances of covid. >> also, a bay area police officer accused on being on the wrong side of the law. what we're learning about all new this morning.
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welcome back to "today in the bay." here are the top stories that we're covering. first, pfizer just announced a new covid treatment that may cut the rick of severe illness by nearly 90%. the drugmaker also says it is
6:57 am
halting clinical trials with the hope of fast trafficking fda emergency use authorization. and a covid vaccination rollout for children as young as five. bob ridell joins us at one site in concord. what do parents need to know? >> there are three county run sites being run here, the one behind me here in concord, and there is two more. one in antioch and one in richmond. this is shots for kids ages fei to 11, recently approved by the government. no cost to you, the mom or dad, and there are times available. that scheduling website is we know concord is booked today, but the other two sites have availability today. with regard to the other counties, marin says large-scale clinic wills begin tomorrow.
6:58 am
next week napa and sonoma, alameda and solano are saying it could be a couple weeks. all of these dates pertain to county run vaccination sites. only your pediatrician may have availability sooner. >> knew this morning, a san francisco police officer is accused of robbery. here is a photo from a tweet in 2017. here is a look at the rite aid in san mateo. he is connected to a robbery there and was arrested after trying to ryder cup away. happening today, an 18-year-old man accused in a deadly shooting in campbell will face a judge for the first time. it happened on tuesday on west
6:59 am
sunny oaks avenue. a tip later lead police to locate the suspect who officers found the car about a mile from the scene of the shooting and that is where they found the suspect. authorities are not revealing details about a possible motive. let's take a peek outside. overlooking san jose this morning waiting for the sun's arrival. the time change on sunday will give us an extra hour of sleep. >> next week when we look at that sunrise it will be brighter at this time. clouds will be mixing in with that time change. sunday morning mobd we'll have some rain moving in. what is the update on the breaking news? >> they are getting over to 388. we're looking at a lighter
7:00 am
friday flow of traffic. we are still seeing a little back up. >> a lot of people there. >> make sure you join us for our midday newscast coming up at 11:00. good morning breaking overnight, new treatment. pfizer ready to seek emergency approval for a new covid pill, good morning. breaking overnight, new treatment. pfizer ready to seek emergency approval for a new covid pill, announcing it greatly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death while a fierce battle erupts over newly announced vaccine mandates for private companies. >> don't force someone to do this against their will. >> tens of millions of workers affected. several states already suing to stop it. we'll have complete coverage. finish line? after months of wrangling, house


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