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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 4, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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chase center and how the trans community took a stand. >> overwhelmed by calls for help. a bay area security company finding a new way to help neighbors fight crime. >> is your street at risk? we investigate a threat few people saw coming. how toxic waste could seep into your neighborhood because of climate change. >> thank you for all of your support. >> buster's big good-bye. why he is retiring, moving and the legacy he is leaving behind. one of the most famous and controversial comedians in the country is on stage. plenty of laughs inside chase center and a lot of anger outside. >> recent criticism has dave chappelle clapping back at the lgbtq community.
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jean. >> reporter: he is getting a lot of attention, and his show is still going on. some members of the transgender community say the jokes go too far and one came to the show to make a point but got kicked out. police escort a transgender dave chappelle show ticket holder out. she said she came to the show to make a statement. >> this is my city. i am transgender and proud. i want to see he does not get to my soul. >> reporter: the show comes as the comedian's netflix special has the trans community protesting. employees want it removed from the service because he jokes about transgender rights and
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identity. those that put the community in danger. he says violence against the trans community is real. >> i don't feel safe because i am constantly afraid of countless violence i have seen be done to people that look like me. >> reporter: chappelle fans are aware of the controversy. but some say the comedian is making a point about racism. >> he is pointing out we have been struggling for centuries to make the kind of progress and it has been incremental at best. trans progress has been dramatic. >> the racism is the underlying issue. many people are not seeing that. they are seeing it and trying to turn supposed minorities against each other when the real problem
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is the racism. >> reporter: a conversation likely to follow chappelle's new documentary at screenings across the country. three people injured and two critically after a fire at a san jose home on alderwood drive. firefighters said they had to break a window to get to a victim. a double shooting. one person is dead and another hospitalized after shots were fired in the middle of the afternoon along haight street. long time residents say they have seen crime before but nothing has bold and brazen as this. >> there is a shooting down here two weeks ago. guy stabbed to death here two weeks ago. over by the corner, am i going to get shot next? >> a lot of people are concerned. no word on any arrests. >> candles, flowers, thank you
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notes for supervisor wilma chan. the beloved supervisor hit and killed by a car a block from her alameda home. as the community mourns, police are investigating whether factors like speeding or distracted driving played a role in yesterday's crash. >> we are going to be thorough and thoughtful and understand what occurred. >> she devoted herself to her job but was more devoted to her family. >> she is survived by two children and two grandchildren. >> it is a booming business, san francisco's spiking crime rate means private security firms are in high demand. instead of relying solely on sfpd homeowners are hiring their own security and many are turning to a pleasanton-based
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company. >> reporter: crime is a big problem not only here in san francisco but all over the bay area and people are finding new ways not to become a victim. bold car break-ins in broad daylight. four in five years prompted melissa to get protection from a private security company. >> one of the break-ins, they used a blow torch to cut the glass on the garage and manually opened it. >> reporter: all caught on cameras. police came out to take a report but said it never led to anything. so she hired deep sentinal, a unique security company using cameras and 24 hour monitoring to keep the crooks away. >> we have five of the cameras. one in our backyard and one in the lightwell.
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>> this is someone trying to break into a san francisco building. here you see two men trying to break into a car. the company is designed to stop crime before it happened. >> we provide everything through the camera as a virtual security guard for a fraction of the cost. >> vice president of marketing says that the up tick in crime has made it difficult to keep up with the demand. and he believes the demand will become greater as people become more desperate to feel safe. deadline set. private companies have two months to comply with the biden administration workforce vaccination mandates covering a staggering 84 million people. about 2/3 of the u.s. workforce. companies with 100 or more must ensure each worker is fully
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vaccinated or they need to be tested weekly. it will be up to osha to enforce the mandate and fines could reach $14,000 per violation. tonight states are planning to sue the administration over the mandate. the deadline for full vaccination is january 4. in the meantime the roll out continues for kids as young as five. in san jose a neighborhood hit hard by covid saw the vaccine come to them. parents had to be on site to give consent but they could be vaccinated too. a family of four that already had covid. >> i do not want to take a chance. if i had the opportunity to protect my child i am going to do it without thinking twice. >> county has 80 schools to be used as campus vaccine sites. >> a suspected peeping tom has been arrested in pittsburgh. police say the man wore a halloween mask when he tried
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looking into the home. he was wearing the mask on the side of the freeway and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. teachers say it is not the way masks are supposed to be used. masks for covid. administrators at walnut creek say students are using the elastic on the mask to carve gashes into the plastic chairs and cutting into the sides of their desks? >> how much more can the millennium tower lean before engineers would worry it would fall during an earthquake. the fix entails drilling 100-foot holes. the latest sinking caused another quarter inch tilt. he believes it could lean more than six feet to the left and still hold up in a major
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earthquake. >> there has been an increase in the settlement. the increase is not as dramatic as the media would have you believe. >> for the elevators and the plumbing to continue to operate properly the margin is much tighter. right now the tower is tilting 23 inches to the left and nine inches to the north leaving one more foot of tilt before the building would stop operating properly. >> did you see it? usually stoic and a man of few words. today a different side of buster posey. saying good-bye with his wife, twin girls right there and other set of twins. posey was tearful, reflective and humble. the giants' superstar was never the life of the party but he was the lifeline of the franchise, leading the team to the three
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world series titles. more on buster's message to the fans. >> reporter: he has provided some of the biggest and most exciting moments in bay area sports. today giants' catcher buster posey announces he is retiring. >> i want to do more stuff from february to november with my family. physically it is much harder now. to be honest it is hard to enjoy with the physical pain you are dealing with. >> reporter: the 34-year-old thanking nearly everyone in the organization during an hour-long press conference and mostly his family and wife. >> thanks for being there with me to celebrate the great moments and thanks for being there in some of the lower ones. >> reporter: and for the fans. >> i hope you have seen a sense of pride we have taken in am canning together each day and
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night, working hard with a common goal pushing each other along the way. >> reporter: posey is one of a kind. >> it is hard to imagine any player having that period of time with the same team with such success. >> reporter: echoed by bruce bochy. >> i put him up there at the top of the players that i had when you look at everything about him, the talent and the person that he is. >> reporter: posey shined off of the field as well, raising millions for the children's hospital and donating his own money and time visiting patients. posey said that he his wife and four kids will move back to georgia but might work with the team in some capacity moving forward. as he leaves behind a giant legacy in the bay area. >> i got to win three world championships and to be a part
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of the first one ever and two more. i could not ask for much more than that. >> pure class. we posted the entire news conference on our website. it is right there on the front page. and later in this newscast buster tells us the three things that make up his legacy. >> we are back in 60 seconds. attacked by a bear inside her lake tahoe cabin. you will hear the woman's harrowing story. >> rising sea levels threaten to wash toxic waste into neighborhoods around the bay area. we investigate the toxic threat coming up. >> get ready for a colder morning tomorrow, plus i will show you what is moving in tomorrow coming up in six minutes.
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>> a dramatic change tonight. >> steven spent months documenting how groundwater is rising under many bay area neighborhoods. scientists worry about that and what the water could bring with it. >> reporter: rising groundwater can push to the surface toxic liquids and gases found in landfills like this and others around the bay area. we wanted to know how much toxic waste is buried here in the area. while much of the world is focused on rising sea levels due to climate change, we found a uc berkeley team studying rising water in the ground beneath our feet. >> we think of as a dry crust of land is not so dry anymore. >> reporter: she studies water movement in urban areas.
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>> coming up through the ground and we can't see it. but we need to be checking what is going on under the hood. >> reporter: they studied data to monitor water quality and mapped the entire bay area. black shows where the water is at the surface. >> underground water with an underground contaminant on it getting into pipes and am coming into buildings could be happening during the wet seasons now, not 2050. >> now. >> now. >> it is a risk now. >> yeah. people could be exposed to this in a way that impacts their health, causes a miscarriage or cancer case. >> it is underground and affecting the water under us. >> reporter: sherry lives next door to a toxic site and
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developed into cancers the same year crews tried to clean up the site. >> do you worry it has impacted your health? >> reporter: she worries that the rising groundwater will wash the toxins directly into her neighborhood. >> this is a reality that can't be ignored anymore. >> the chemicals we worry the most about are volatile organic chemicals like petroleum fuel components, benzene. >> reporter: a senior geologist that has identified 25 different landfills at risk of leaking toxic chemicals as sea levels rise. >> it does not take too high of a concentration to render water
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unsuitable for drinking. >> reporter: all but two are closed. he has sent orders to monitor the contaminated soil. >> groundwater levels are going to rise. >> many of the areas where we will see toxic sites, those cities are not aware the sites will be underwater soon. >> reporter: executive director of san francisco baykeeper finding more than 1,100 sites that could release toxic chemicals as groundwater rises. >> a lot of these will be. we are looking at a big
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catastrophe. >> no. no. the state is not acting fast enough or in a coordinated way. >> we take our mission very seriously. >> critics say etsc is not doing enough fast enough. >> i would say that the understand the urgency about doing the work. we count on doing our work based on the best available science. sometimes that takes time. >> reporter: as for critics that want to remove all of the chemicals from the bound, that must be balanced against the
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cost. is it worth the carbon and the diesel fuel required? parts of the bay may have to be returned. managed retreat and a controversial idea but one some experts say is the only way to avoid toxic waste from washing as the waters will rise from below. stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> that is a concern for so many of our neighborhoods. if you have a story for stephen stock or anyone else, give us a call. or you can visit our website.
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>> all right. let's bring in jeff to talk about the next couple of days. >> yeah. a step closer to the weekend. clouds lingering as we get you ready to go, it is going to be cold again. we are down to 49 for the tri-valley peninsula. it will be interesting tomorrow. we are seeing more rainfall pushing in. now we will be on the cloudy side of things. but i wanted to show you where the rainfall will be.
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sierra, 1-3 inches of snowfall on saturday. the rainfall right to the north of us. we could get in on some drizzle but the highest rainfall totals staying away. i think the big headline is the cloud cover stays. temperatures do not adjust much. we are finding the widespread 60s. concord at 67. looking good through morgan hill and san jose. palo alto at 66. we are keeping the chance of rain in the forecast for monday and tuesday. you will notice morning temperatures in the 40s and 50s and 60s as well. this feeling, tell feel like
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fall. almost to the weekend. >> what do we call it? weekend lights. >> "friday night lights." >> it has been called a pandemic game changer, the new covid pill just approved. >> a lot of police activity near the pleasanton mall after spotting an armed robbery suspect sitting in a car in the mall parking lot, went after them and arrested the man or the woman in the mall's macy's store. several stores were closed for a while but luckily nobody was hurt. we will be right back. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them.
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they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. >> more bay area counties moving to vaccinate children. >> and tracking your weekend forecast.
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the u.k. is taking the lead on the so-called covid pill becoming the first company in the world to approve the anti-viral pill. hailed as a pandemic game-changer and recommends the drug be prescribed as soon as possible after a positive covid test and within five days of the onset of symptoms. u.s. advisors will meet this month. >> a frightening attack in san francisco. a woman in her call with her terrier mix and a came up with a knife.
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a stunning story from an east bay woman, attacked by a bear inside her lake tahoe cabin. face to face with a bear rummaging through her freezer. >> he came at me and i couldn't see at all what was happening. i saw one paw and i really couldn't see anything else. it was terrifying. i am lucky to be alive. >> she said she made it into a nearby bedroom and then the bear just wandered back outside. >> you can see the cuts and the stitches. >> she is so fortunate. >> we will check in more with buster posey and including what he feels about his own legacy.
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stay with us.
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>> spending the year at home in the east bay he had a feeling then he would be retiring this year. this was the first story we ever did with buster. 2008. today, he talked about his legacy with the giant. >> faith is number one for me and then my family and then the way that i treat people, other people. everything else falls in to place after that. >> that sums up perfectly and beautifully about who he is. they are working on a roll for buster in the organization and plan to honor him perhaps on
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opening day. sharks, still without seven players all on the covid list. sharks in their thursday black sweaters against the blues. good news accident second period. nick mercly with his first goal for the sharks but the sharks lose 5-3. we are back in a moment.
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>> meet mark, one of several comfort dogs at hand. dogs from k9 companions were there for kids to pet if they were feeling anxious. i had a dog named mork. a jack russell terrier. my sister went by mindy for years. >> mork and mindy. have a great friday. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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