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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the sudden and tragic death of a beloved bay area politician. >> if there was something going on, she would fight for whatever cause for families, children. >> alameda county supervisor wilma chan hit by a car while walking her dog. ahead in a live report, a look back at her legacy and the questions surrounding safety in the neighborhood where it happened. and vaccinating the nation. america's top doctor heading to capitol hill to explain what needs to happen to put the pandemic behind us. we're live in d.c. with a message to lawmakers. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this
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thursday. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we're talking about rain once again making another appearance in the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it. >> it's already cleared the north bay. it's moved through san francisco. you see that wet golden gate bridge shot. now the rain is moving through the south bay as well as the tri valley and the peninsula. it is raining in san jose. also that rain is going to be tapering off soon in milpitas. if you're about to head out the door, maybe give it a few more minutes. rain clearing dublin heading into livermore right now. this is a faily quick-moving
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and light system. we'll be talking about the forecast ahead for the weekend coming up. developing this morning, remembering a bay area leader who died tragically. alameda county supervisors still plan to meet today but without supervisor wilma chan. >> she was struck and killed yesterday while walking her dog. bob redell live at the scene. we're talking an absolute trail blazers in makes here. >> reporter: alameda county supervisor wilma chan spent 40 years fighting for the under served in the east bay community. sadly yesterday morning she was hit and killed about a block away from her home at the intersection of shoreline avenue and grant street where she had been walking her dog. the driver did stop after the collision, tried to help
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supervisor chan and is cooperating with the investigation. law enforcement has not indicated what led up to this collision, nor whom might have been at fault. people who live here say distracted driving and speeding is a problem. we reached out to the president of bike walk alameda who says there have been four people hit and killed by cars. >> pedestrians should be safe. she was a good person and she deserved to be able to walk her dog across the street. >> i feel horrible for the lady that got hit and was unresponsive. somebody was able to grab her dog, thank goodness. also for the girl that hit her, she didn't try to leave at all. >> reporter: according to a witness, the driver of the car was distraught. she comforted supervisor chan number she was taken to the hospital.
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the supervisor passed away at 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday. she fought for the east bay, was instrumental in saving san leandro hospital from closure. she became the first asian american to be the majority leader in the assembly where she served from 2000 and 2006. her family is asking for privacy, but did express gratitude to the first responders, doctors and nurses who tried to save her. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell. members of the white house covid response team are appearing on capitol hill today. they tell senate lawmakers what needs to happen to move past the pandemic. they're also likely to face some tough questions about the backlash over vaccine mandates. chris, this comes with some new
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vaccine rules in the works for private businesses as well. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. fram officials say that in the coming days we will see some new rules announced regulating vaccine mandates at private businesses with more than 100 employees. it's likely to cause even more backlash from people who simply don't want to get the shot. public employees in several cities are already resisting vaccine mandates, this as ford becomes the latest company to issue its own rules, requiring all 32,000 salaried employees to get the shot. members of the white house coronavirus task force are trying to convince parents it's the right thing to do to help end the pandemic. >> many parents are already seeing inaccurate claims on social media, text threads and
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in their inboxes. >> reporter: federal officials expect to have vaccines for children under 12 fully available nationwide by early next week. >> how many americans are fully vaccinated? >> reporter: let's take a look at the numbers. in the united states a little more than 70% of adults are fully vaccinated. in california the number is slightly higher, about 73%, according to state data. and 220 million adults in america have gotten at least one dose. that's a little over 80%. testimony continues later this morning in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. the former investor testified yesterday about how he and many
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others became interested in the doomed blood testing company. according to the defense, most of them never closely examined where the money was going. prosecutors also showed that theranos released reports implying that partnerships with big pharma companies including pfizer, which the company representative testified was never authorized. you can follow our reporting on the trial online. berkeley police this morning talking about an unusual arrest, one they say involved a prowler wearing no clothes early monday morning in the neighborhood on wallace street. police say officers responded to calls about someone peering into the bedroom of a teenage girl. a woman in the house next door started screaming saying there was a naked man in her bedroom. officers ran over and found the man hiding in the bathtub wearing only a shirt.
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he's facing multiple criminal charges. he's launching a new department of justice push to support affordable housing including a new team of state prosecutors focused on tenant protections. he also plans to increase enforcement of state housing and zoning laws. he's promising legal action against local governments that ignore state laws to boost housing supplies. let's take a live look across the bay area this morning, some places seeing rain. check in with meteorologist care kari hall. >> we can see it on storm ranger. showers moving into the east bay, south bay and the santa cruz mountains. it's showing that it's starting to clear out of san jose. light rain around milpitas and
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saratoga. now over livermore. just a few minutes ago it was over dublin. so we can see how quickly this is pushing south and east. that will be the trend today . in spots like petaluma, temperatures in the upper 50s, it's going to be slow to clear and warm up today. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> that rain had traveled through oakland, so we had slick roadways. still have this crash 880 with unexpected slowing right at the coliseum. all the activity was moved from middle lanes. that's what started the initial backup. it goes back past the exits downtown. around 23rd is when you'll slow down past the bridge approaching
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the coliseum. slicker roadways, usual suspects, minor flooding around lucky drive and near the bay bridge off ramp in san francisco. have you ever eaten plastic? likely you have, but we're going to tell you more about this. it's probably happened more than you think. at 5:25, why some argue the stomach churning numbers are a call to action. forget the hot fudge and grab the gravy. we've got a new spin on thanksgiving desserts that may have you ditching the pumpkin pie. it's time to set back your clocks. why do we do it?
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good thursday morning. as you're heading out on the peninsula, we are going to start out with some wet roads and temperatures in the upper 50s, a lot of clouds. the rain is clearing out and the rest of the day we'll start to
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see more sunshine by late morning into the afternoon. we'll track the rain coming up. of course we're tracking slicker roadways. right now we have the sheen on the road where you can see it. slow lanes blocked by the coliseum. more coming up. investors in a san francisco shoe company did very well in a stock market debut. shares in all birds jumped 90% on its first day of trading. all birds makes all natural shoes made of wool. investors poured into the stock. you hear about a company stock jumping 90% in its first day of trading, it would be natural to think that's a good thing. for people who bought on the ipo, it sure was. for the company itself it's a sign they badly underestimated the price of their own shares,
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selling to first investors for just 15. the company never made a profit, doesn't even sell shoes in half sizes, but they're very fashionable. jerome powell went before tv cameras to explain what the federal open markets committee decided in its two-day meeting. it's going to slow the amount of government debt the fed buys. what this is not is an interest rate hike, not yet. next year probably. the fed has two jobs. one is slow inflation down and that's not going well, as you know. the fed says not our fault. it's a temporary thing. it will go away after coronavirus is solved. it's also supposed to encourage
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job growth. the fed thinks we can to maximum employment by next summer. in a way, we're there now. there are way more jobs available than there are people interested in taking them. >> with covid case counts receding further and progress on vaccinations, economic growth should pick up this quarter, resulting in strong growth for the year as a whole. >> we're going to get a jobs report here in about 14 minutes. this would be the first time jobless a claims giving us some idea how the economy is doing. when it comes to buying chicken, looks like you may not have to wing it. wing stop says the price of wings is dropping. the price of wings down almost 40 cents a pound since the peak of the shortage.
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during the summer shortage wing stop started a virtual restaurant called thigh stop. it was a plan b offering chicken thighs. it will not be going anywhere. now you can have your choice. we're talking a little turkey today. is your mind still frozen on the dessert plans? >> the portland based ice cream company salt and draw is rolling out some thanksgiving meal ice cream. how about caramelized turkey and cranberry sauce in ice cream, or rolls with salted butter cream. sweet potato pie with strudle.
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this is walnut cheesecake. pumpkin and ginger snap pie. that could be good. >> we like the dessert flavors. >> that makes sense. >> you can purchase that online or at bay area locations. >> all those were ice creams? >> yeah. >> they're all okay in my book. i thought salted carmel was crazy. why would you put salt in? >> but that's fantastic. >> similar salty sweet and it's ice cream. bring it on. kari hall, starting to rain in places this morning? >> yeah. nice to see the showers passing on by. most of us getting about a tenth
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of an inch of rain, just enough to wet the lawn, wet the roads. then the rest of the day is going to be improving with dry weather continuing. we're going to continue to see the rain push off south and east. there's still some very light rain moving through. parts of the east bay seeing rain pushing off toward the east. we're going to see a clearing sky into this afternoon. then for the weekend we're dry. next week we'll have another chance of rain coming in. at this point, doesn't look like a lot of rain. the forecast today does show some breaks in the clouds by late morning. this afternoon it's nice and clear, but slightly cooler
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behind this cold front moving through. temperatures today only head for the upper 60s in some of our warmest spots. you can see that we still have some cool weather in the forecast with the next chance of rain moving in for the weekend. there still will be some clouds off and on saturday and then monday into tuesday. we'll see some more light showers moving in. it's only going to reach into l breezy winds. eventually we will get some sunshine. the weekend is looking nice and cool, definitely jacket weather. next week we'll keep you up to date on our next round of rain. mike, you're taking us back to oakland. >> we love oakland, but not for this reason. a crash and slowdown on the nimitz still blocking the 880.
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it's not even back to high street. that's the good news, less slowing but still slow through that stretch. no problems throughout contra costa county. back to you. next, nbc bay area responds. >> a vacation rental host might have cameras watching you, so you need to look for them beginning with yor search for a rental. kris sanchez posted this on instagram. one of our directors noticed her matching with the one and only baby yoda.
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when you stay in a vacation rental, did you know the host might be watching you even insied inside? >> you can take steps to know. chris chmura shows us how.
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>> if you think cameras are totally forbidden from vacation rentals, i'm afraid you're wrong. the host might be able to have cameras outside the house and in some parts of the inside. vrbo says you can have them outside but not inside. airbnb says we prohibit any cameras or recording devices that observe the interior of certain private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. cameras not in certain private spaces might be allowed. airbnb says we require hosts to disclose all security cameras in their listing. say you find a camera that's not supposed to be there. what should you do? airbnb and vrbo said to contact them immediately. you can also contact a lawyer
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and law enforcement, especially if you think a camera was intentionally concealed to invade your privacy. new red flags for scientists when it comes to our climate in crisis. they predict by 2050 there may be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. the issue is having world wide effect on our planet. new data indicates people on average ingest credit cards worth of plastic in their food every year. activists are working to stop plastic production. next, tonight's soldout bay area appearance by a popular comedian recently confronting
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some backlash. >> reporter: vaccines are now available for your children age 5 to 11 but can you get an appointment? we're going to walk you through some of the places where you might be able to get a shot for your child. and buster posey retiring from baseball. we'll take a look at his time with the giants.
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late last night the lights were still on at oracle park. later today buster posey expected to hang up his cleats and retire. say it isn't so. we're going to talk to his former teammates. first, rain back this morning across parts of the bay area. meteorologist kari hall tracking it all. >> we're starting out with quick moving showers, very light.
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we can turn off the sprinklers for today. we'll see mostly light rain dropping about a tenth or a quarter inch of rain moving through the east bay, the south bay. light showers starting to move out of contra costa county. still wet on the roads through the tri valley. we'll be left with a really nice but cool afternoon. we'll talk more about this and some weekend events coming up in a few minutes. if you're up this morning early, it may be because you're trying to book the coronavirus vaccination for your kids. >> reporter: bay area public health leaders say check with your child's pediatrician first
5:32 am
because that may be where they feel more comfortable. i know that's what my kids wanted. we went to the fairgrounds in santa clara county. the state website is up and running. if you have more than one child, you can choose family scheduling and book all of your kids at the same time so there's no running around back and forth. we also know that the santa clara county site as appointments they will be taking, but they also have walk-in sites. unclear which sites have those lower doses. there are major pharmacies planning their rollout as well. all of the big pharmacies are already accepting appointments for kids 5 to 11. walgreens, rite aid and cvs will have vaccines. there will be some mobile
5:33 am
vaccines on school campuses. we are at this pediatric practice in los gatos as these two little sisters became the first to get their covid vaccines there. their mom said they are looking forward to some normal celebrations at the holidays coming up. her doctor says she's seen more complications with kids who get covid than with kids than get the vaccine. >> i think things we've been avoiding like indoor birthday parties and christmas, so we've been waiting and we're excited to go back to doing some of that stuff. >> we have a fair amount of kids followed by cardiologists who have cardiac problems from covid. these were healthy kids who didn't have any problems now suffering from various cardiac
5:34 am
problems from covid. >> reporter: vaccines are not mandatory for children at this point, although we know san francisco is considering requiring proof of vaccination at big venues for anyone who's now eligible. our county is going to give parents time to make sure they have the opportunity to get their kids vaccinated. we know the city of san jose has been very strict about their vaccination policy. >> i know a lot of parents are wanting to get their kids vaccinated. will the shots affect availability of the booster shot for those people who are eligible? >> reporter: a lot of us are waiting for our booster shots that come six months after our second dose. that should not be a problem because the pediatric dose for kids 5 to 11 is a different dose. it's about a third of the dose we get. for example there are in santa
5:35 am
clara county just 170,000 kids in this age group. so we're not talking about massive amounts looking for the vaccine. >> if you have any more questions about that vaccine make sure you check out our vaccine frequently asked questions page on our website, go there and click on the frequency asked questions covid vaccine for kids. attorneys sit down in the hearing for a civil site tied to a bay area homicide. jurors acquitted real estate heiress tiffany lee from killing the father of her children.
5:36 am
her brother is charged with accessory to murder. investigators say she was murdered at the home of an airman near travis air force base. netflix comedian dave chapelle is on a ten city tour. the event already sold out. his netflix special saw some backlash for his jokes about the trans community, which chapelle has acknowledged while defending his work as art. two weeks ago some netflix employees staged a walkout. a giants fan favorite appears to be ready to step out of the batter's box. after 12 seasons buster posey is
5:37 am
ready to retire. fans are waiting for official word. i'm a big fan of buster. >> he's really became a community favorite here. earlier we had that shot of that empty stadium all lit up. since 2010 buster posey has been the face of the franchise. the announcement is expected to come at some point today. many folks new it would come, but were not looking forward to it. he is at the top of his game. the star also made headlines for opting out of the coronavirus shortened 2020 season to care for his prematurely born adopted twin girls as well as his set of
5:38 am
older twins. >> i'm saddened about this decision selfishly. i'm saddened for the fans that they weren't able to give buster posey a proper sendoff. he may go down as the most beloved giant ever. >> giving mitts to kids who can't afford it. he's a hero on and off the field. >> reporter: again that announcement expected at some point today. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> he's such a family man. we will miss him. reports of posey's expected retirement hitting those who watch the giants hard this morning.
5:39 am
>> he'll be missed on the field. >> big time. take a look at that forecast. you're waking up likely seeing some rain out there, at least the wet roads and ground out there. >> there will be some ice skating lessons on saturday morning at the union square ice rink. you can get there about 8:00 in the morning and there will be still some cool temperatures but really nice. this weekend in tahoe is going to be really nice and our temperatures cooling off. there may be some spotty light showers moving through on saturday as we see more clouds and nice weather there. temperatures in the mid 60s tomorrow in sonoma county.
5:40 am
dry weather there for paso robles. >> looking over here, 880 smooth. there are a few flares that haven't yet burnt out. you can just drive over them. 880 cleared now. there was another crash at 580 in that same area. that also cleared. so getting away from oakland into hayward should be a much more pleasant drive. the rain is now pushing off. san jose just started their commute. the bay area visit from a controversial republican lawmaker suddenly cancelled.
5:41 am
just ahead, the reason for the about face and the new pledge from organizers. maybe a sign of the times, a bill that just a few years ago everybody agreed on now blocked in the senate. plus, grab a cosmo to go. you can soon live like carrie bradshaw. how you can literally walk in her shoes for the first time. did you sigh that st see tht the elderly asian couple attacked? you can watch it later this morning by following us on instagram.
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as you're waking up, we do have right lane and we are going to continue to see some showers moving through with storm ranger showing the rain moving through parts of the south county right now. it's still a wet commute. we'll talk more coming up in a few minutes. >> palo alto shows a little sheen on the 101. still a smooth drive along the peninsula. reports of flooding in some patches. we'll shout a couple of them out
5:45 am
coming up. new this morning, the upcoming bay area visit from perhaps the nation's most controversial house lawmaker is now scratched. georgia representative and one time qanon supporter marjorie taylor green was scheduled to appear saturday for the san francisco gop. the plan included announcing the location last minute because in san francisco it was not an option due to green's vaccination status. the dinner is now off apparently due to scheduling conflicts. republicans said no to a voting bill to protect minorities at the ballot box. >> this is a bill that just a few years ago everyone agreed on. >> literally everyone. the last time the voting rights act was put up for renewal, it passed the senate 98-0. that was 2006. yesterday it couldn't get enough votes to get past the filibuster
5:46 am
as every republican but one voted against it. alaska's lisa murkowski was the sole republican. the supreme court struck down some of those provisions a few years ago, leading democrats to want to reup the rules adjusted for the court's decision. up until now the law they were trying to pass is different than the more controversial freedom to vote act from earlier this year. when we talked wednesday morning we didn't know who the next new jersey governor would be. we now know it's democrat phil murphy. he got the majority despite some pretty close races around the nation. in virginia we're not hearing any calls of voter fraud. previous elections were fair and square as well according to any credible experts.
5:47 am
just note worthy. president biden says there's no way america is going to pay families whose children were taken away from them hundreds of thousands in compensation. that information has been floated by lawyers. payments as high as $450,000. biden says the idea of compensating them is, quote, not going to happen. the president on wednesday praising scientists after cdc approved children be vaccinated. the white house points out if everybody got vaccinated, we'd have beaten the pandemic by now. president biden still seems convinced he can just talk americans into doing the sensible thing. >> please do your part. if you know someone who's not vaccinated, encourage them to get vaccinated. folks who haven't gotten vaccinated yet, please get
5:48 am
vaccinated. it's eas accessible and free. get vaccinated. >> a judge will consider some evidentiary rules on the january 6th attack. we're watching that carefully on twitter. ending years of debate, uc hastings law school finally tackling the ties to its controversial name. the school founder was california's first chief justice. he also provided the money to build the now famous san francisco law school in the 1870s. critics point out he is also tied to the mass slaughter of native americans, even financing it. the school board yesterday voted unanimously to rename. the san jose film festival is back starting tomorrow. it will run for about two weeks.
5:49 am
it's an online experience that brings you film and live events. this year's festival showing more than 80 features and 80 short films around the globe. you can buy ticketsing right now online. on instagram dolly parton posted a rare photo of her husband from decades ago to promote a t-shirt she's now selling through her website. the caption reads, find you a partner who will support you like my carl dean does. airbnb dropping some big news. you'll soon have a chance to live like sex and the city's carrie bradshaw. >> in anticipation of the reboot on peacock, her new york city apartment is going up for rent on airbnb. it's only going to cost you $23 a night. in celebration of the series
5:50 am
23rd anniversary. sarah jessica parker is going to virtually greet visitors at check in and you can drink cosmopolitans and even try on some of her iconic outfits. that apartment is only available next friday and saturday for one night stays. booking opens on monday. just like that, the rain has returned to the bay area as well. >> it's going to be out of here too. it's moving fairly quickly. we do see some showers now passing through the south bay. storm ranger shows it moving quickly south and east. that's after it has swept through the bay area early this morning. now wet roads on 101 as you get north of morgan hill. then for the east bay, we're seeing some showers on 580 and
5:51 am
light showers across contra costa county. overall once again it will be sweeping through quickly. the rest of the day we will be clearing out. looking at some dry weather the next few days before another round of rain on monday. it is nice to see a very active weather pattern continuing as we'll continue to see some rain chances every few days. even this weekend there will be a chance of showers, but it stays north of the bay area. if you will be traveling outside our area, you will see some more clouds and off and on showers. that next round of rain comes in monday into tuesday. as we look at our water year, we're still doing very well here with a surplus of rainfall after measuring over 11 inches of rain in santa rosa just in october. a few tenths of an inch of rain
5:52 am
so far in november. we're at 700% of our usual amount for the water year. across the region we did see some minor improvements in marin and sonoma counties last week. we still have exceptional drought for parts of the north bay as well as the east bay. it will be cooler. that will help keep some of that moisture in the ground. in san francisco our temperatures will be staying in the mid 60s. >> the big problem in oakland has cleared up from the nimitz. watch for some damp roadways right now. the bay bridge overall looking
5:53 am
pretty good with mild slowing across the span. we should see the metering lights on any second now. we have a slowing building out of pittsburg this morning. not so bad over in concord. a little slowing for highway 37. speed sensors have nearly completely recovered. we're just below the speed limit as we continue to see that ripple effect in the opposite direction. recovery past 66 almost complete. maybe a build through hayward and a little slowing for san jose north 101. as many counties move forward to loosening mask mandates, monterey county tightening theis comes as the c back into the orange tier from
5:54 am
the yellow tier according to the cdc's transmission map. the new rule will remain in effect for 30 days and people who do not comply may face a fine. the shipping backlog's trickle down effect on farmers across the state. also new action lawmakers are taking to try to fix the issue. ♪
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welcome back. in today's climate in crisis we look at the impacts of warming of temperatures as well as rising sea levels and super storms taking a toll on our trees. on the atlantic andsearchers ha the term ghost forest as a term to describe trees that have turned white due to exposure to saltwater. this is not just happening in the u.s. brazil, ukraine and mozambique
5:58 am
are experiencing this problem. new details for you, central valley farmers now say they're having trouble exporting crops due to delays in the global supply chain. port officials say shipping costs are so high, many ships hurry back to asia instead of stopping at the smaller port of oakland to pick up exports of walnuts and almonds. >> the terminals are running out of space. we need to make room. we have 500,000 containers sitting and waiting. >> some processors have resorted to paying much more to ship products to ports in texas and maryland. just this week texas governor
5:59 am
greg abbott said, quote, we can get goods out faster and at a lower cost than california due to our centralized location. governor gavin newsom is giving the state until november 17th to reduce port congestion. the ahmaud arbery murder trial in georgia, the jury has now been seated but critics say it includes just one person of color. three white men are accused in that shooting. investigators say that arbery was chased while out on a jog and shot. a crash involving former wide receiver henry ruggs, who was under the influence and driving 156 miles an hour seconds before the crash that
6:00 am
killed a woman and her dog. a judge set bail at $150,000 with the highest level of electronic monitoring. if convicted, he could years in prison. shock and grief following the sudden and tragic death of a beloved bay area politician. >> if there was something going on, she would fight for whatever cause. >> alameda county supervisor wilma chan hit by a car while walking her dog. a look back at her legacy. america's top doctor heading to capitol hill today to explain what still has to happen to put the pandemic behind us. good thursday morning. i'm marcus


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