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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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of course we'll continue updating you on air and on our digital platforms as well. we have some other breaking news involving the giants. it's an end of an era. buster posey is set to announce his retirement tomorrow. posey has been the heart and soul of the giants since taking over as the catcher in 2010. that's the same year the giants won the world series for the first time since moving to san francisco. over 12 seasons he did everything you could do on the field. he won three world series titles. was an all-star seven times. named most valuable player in 2012 and rookie of the year in 2010. posey decided to sit out the 2020 season because he wanted to protect his young family during the height of the pandemic. he has two sets of twins. one set is adopted. he returned this past season with force having a great year while leading the giants to a record 107 wins and a division title. by retiring, posey is leaving $22 million on the table.
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anthony flores will have more on the retirement including how he foreshadowed this move after the giants season ended. that's coming up at 5:30. one day after official approval, shots of the pfizer vaccine being given to children 5 to 11 years old. >> some parents are jumping at the first chance to get their kids vaccinated. the goal to have their kids fully protected by christmas. look at this calendar. if your child got their first shot today, they are eligible to get their second shot in three weeks which would be november 24th, right before thanksgiving. kids are considered fully vaccinated, though, two weeks after that second dose. that means kids who got their shot today would be fully vaccinated by december 8th which is well before christmas. santa clara county had already set up covid vaccination sites for young kids so it would be ready to go right away. robert honda joins us from a county vaccine site set up in san jose where the line of families has been almost nonstop today.
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robert? >> it has been very busy. all of the appointments here are by online appointment only. so the families that showed up on the first day were generally very enthusiastic. as you can imagine, recipients 5 to 11 years old, some were reluctant as well. every child we talked to wanted to be protected from covid but getting a shot isn't fun for anybody. the health department planned to vaccinate 400 children today at emmanuel baptist church on north white road. aaron stallings brought her sons, 7-year-old linus who was eager. >> what's your attitude about the shots? >> happy. >> reporter: and 9-year-old henry who was not happy at all. >> i really don't want to have the shot. >> reporter: public health officials say they understand. about 3,000 appointment slots filled up in a couple of hours. there are still quite a few openings in the south county area. in all about 170,000 children in the county are eligible to get a
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shot. cvs, walgreens and private health systems are also booking appointments for this weekend. officials say the important thing to remember, these patients are very young and need a little extra tlc. >> we've implemented a number of safety checks in our sites to make sure that children in this age group of getting the right dose. a lot of color coding, checking, double checking. and then our staff have been trained on strategies just to make children feel welcome and comfortable. >> henry never really got comfortable. it took 15 minutes of intense cajoling and a trip to disneyland. >> are you glad you got it? >> yes, because now i can absolutely go to disneyland without a super angry mom. >> it's important so we just kept talking about why we're doing it and because it was our responsibility as a part of the community to keep ourselves safe and everyone else safe and we had to push through. certainly did and so did many
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others. the county says they expect more vaccine shipments soon so more appointment slots will be opening up. and tomorrow, the county starts to set up a mobile vaccine site at about 80 south bay schools. live in san jose, robert handa. >> can't top a trip to disneyland. thank you, robert. what about other bay area counties. the consensus is to first get vaccines through your child's primary care provider. kids can get vaccinated at pharmacies in san francisco. city-run vaccination sites are expected to open soon. contra costa is working with school districts to host vaccine clinics at some elementary schools. and alameda county plans to host pop-up clinics and is also working to bring vaccination clinics to schools there. if you want to be fully vaccinated, have your kids vaccinated by christmas eve, they'll need to get that first dose by november 19th. they'd get their second shot november 10th with full immunity two weeks later on december
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24th. president biden wasted no time urging parents to get their young children vaccinated. this afternoon he said kids being able to get a shot will accelerate our path out of this pandemic. >> for parents all over this country, this is a day of relief and celebration. after almost 80 months of anxious worrying every time the children -- your child had a sniffle or started to cough, you can now protect them from this horrible virus. >> the president also says more and more doses will be shipped out each day so that the white house's vaccination plan will be up and running by next week. it's important to note the vaccine for kids shouldn't be confused with booster shots that some adults are now eligible to get. and the difference is primarily the dosage. let's break it down. for pfizer, the dose of the booster shot is the same as the first two shots that you get now for johnson & johnson and moderna, that's the same. but the booster shot from moderna is about half the dose. pfizer and johnson & johnson is
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the same full dose. what about kids' vaccine? that one is one-third of the dose that's given to adults. so the dosage is smaller than moderna's booster shot which i just told you is only half. remember only people 65 and older can get a booster shot as well as those with underlying medical conditions and people who work in high-risk environments like at hospital or doctor's office. if you have more questions about getting your kids vaccinated, head to click on covid-19 vaccine for kids. you'll find a full list of frequently asked questions and answers there. let's go outside. a live look at the traffic cameras. a beautiful day today. look at that blue sky over the golden gate bridge. we had a break from the rain but we're tracking more wet weather headed our way tonight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with our hour-by-hour timeline. when can we see the first raindrops? >> i think later on tonight, into early tomorrow morning when we'll see that rainfall pick up. and i can show you on the
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satellite radar picture, the cold front is located right here. so eventually when that gets here, that's when we'll see that rainfall pick up for the bay area. closer view of stormranger, we're dry over the bay but showers now starting to develop through eureka. let's take you through the timeline. 11:30 tonight, some rain over santa rosa. also into vernville and point reyes. right at 3:00 in the morning, some showers over the east bay and the peninsula. we'll talk more about this system, also that chance as we roll into next week about details on that in less than ten minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you in a bit. track the storm on the nbc bay area app. it gives you minute-by-minute updates and watch live radar to see where the storm is and when it's going to be headed for your neighborhood. a stunning twist in the shooting that left one teen dead and three more injured at the home of a gilroy councilwoman. today the only person arrested in that case walked out of jail
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a freeman. marianne favro is live to tell us more. >> reporter: david caldron was scheduled to be arraigned today but the da's office says it has declined to file charges. today i spoke with the victim's grandfather about that decision. a growing memorial for 18-year-old michael macias who was shot and killed here at a weekend party. a council member owns the property. three others were also hit by gunfire. two remain hospitalized. saturday night police arrested one of the suspected shooters, david caldron, here on church street. today he was supposed to be arraigned. instead the da's office issued a statement saying he have declined to file charges pending further investigation. this was a large chaotic halloween party that ended with a tragic shooting and homicide. the grandfather of the victim told us off camera that it is
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unexplainable how caldron is not facing charges since several witnesses identified him as the gunman. he also says right before the shooting, witnesses told him the lights at the home went out. he says when the gunman opened fire his grandson michael jumped in front of another person to protect them. and ended up dying in his younger brother's arms. we tried to talk to the council member today but received no response. caldron is her second cousin. christian padilla who knows the victim's father visited the memorial today. >> younger brother was there. he's just in shock. he's just -- he can't believe this happened. >> reporter: witnesses who attended the halloween party tell us at least 70 people were there. most of them teens in costume. i just spoke with gilroy police. they believe that there were at least two shooters and they are still looking for the suspects tonight. they also say they have no reason to believe at this point that it was a gang-related
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shooting. in gilroy, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. five men have been arrested after san francisco police say they took part in a series of armed home invasions. police say the first robbery happened on august 3rd on the 500 block of sunnydale avenue. three suspects forced their way into a home taking cash and jewelry from a couple in their 80s. less than a week later, another home invasion on louisburg street and one on paris street. police believe the five men carried out even more robberies across the bay area and northern california. now to the theranos trial. we're getting a closer look into how founder elizabeth holmes took a scrappy startup and turned it into a $9 billion company in the biotech industry. let's take you out to scott budman who joins us live. scott spent the day in court and joins us now. scott? >> reporter: good evening, jessica. good the trial mixed the business and the tech. the jury hearing testimony today
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about how elizabeth holmes allegedly convinced high-dollar investors to part with hundreds of millions of dollars. the trial of elizabeth holmes went full financial today. on the stand, dan mozely who represents high-dollar investors like the walton family, founders of walmart, who put $150 million into theranos. the devoss family in for $100 million, even former u.s. secretary of state henry kissinger, both an investor and board member for theranos. and according to the defense, not one of them looked closely at where their money was going. >> there really has been such an absence of due diligence throughout this entire process. >> reporter: what they all have in common, according to moseley's testimony, holmes convinced all of them that theranos machines worked and that the company would eventually make money. court watchers say today's testimony meant to help
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prosecutors could actually boost the defense. >> the defense is gaining ground because they are showing that, you know, anybody who is going to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in a startup, especially a scientific, technology startup, at an absolute minimum needs to be convinced that the technology works. >> reporter: prosecutors also told the defense that on a couple of different occasions, theranos released memos with its logo, alongside the logos of pharmaceutical giants pfizer and schering-plough. they brought witnesses to the stand to testify that neither of those companies authorized theranos to use its logos. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. you should know scott has been following this trial since the beginning. he's also been following theranos for years. you can follow him on twitter. you'll get live updates from inside the courtroom.
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@scott budman. still ahead, students demanding action. the reason why hundreds of high school students in the east bay walked out of class today. and a deadline has passed. just how many san francisco officers are now on leave because they haven't gotten vaccinated. and i'm tracking rainfall developing off to the north right now. we'll show you the timeline of this next storm system and how much rain we'll get. i'm back with that in about six minutes.
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hundreds of students in the east bay walked out of class to send their school district a strong message. oakland tech high school students claim cases of sexual misconduct are going unpunished.
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nbc bay area's melissa colorado found out the district says it's working on the issue. >> no one knows where to go for help so everyone just stays silent. >> silent no more. hundreds of oakland tech high school students made a bold step by taking part in a walkout this morning, marching nearly four miles from their school to district headquarters in downtown oakland. >> we're protesting against the sexual assault that's been a problem for so many years. >> i know a lot of people who have been harassed, touched and have been raped. they made statements. nothing has happened. >> reporter: students say there's not enough transparency once administrators look into complaints. they also want more confidentiality protection when a student comes forward with an assault or harassment accusation. this oakland tech freshman didn't need a bullhorn to take her complaints straight to the district spokesperson. >> you don't listen to this, you'll get sued and you'll lose
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a [ bleep ] ton of money. so please listen. >> one thing one of the students brought up is they don't feel comfortable going to a teacher or going to the administration. >> today the school district held training sessions for administrators to remind them what constitutes sexual harassment and how to send those cases up the chain of command for a thorough investigation. and it's not just the adults getting a refresher. >> we're going to be adding classes starting next week for the kids at oakland tech in all grades to remind them of these -- of what affirmative consent is, what sexual harassment is. how to report things. >> reporter: the district's omsbudsman is in charge of handing all investigations involving title 9, that includes sexual harassment by other students or teachers. right now that office is handling four title 9 investigations and two of those involve incidents at oakland tech high school. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay
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area news. they didn't get vaccinated so the police department told 70 employees, don't show up for work. the department says more than 97% of the staff got vaccinated by this week's deadline. the 70 who are still unvaccinated were placed on leave. 41 of them are police officers. some were already placed on leave a couple of weeks ago. if they don't get vaccinated, the department says they could be fired. police have a new training facility they can use at sfo. today the airport opened a 7,000 square-foot training center complete with an l.e.d. shooting range, simulation range and observation tower. they contract with other departments. so the training facility is really designed for san francisco police, the san mateo county sheriff's office and fbi to use for their airport patrolling. >> one of the important things about securing our facility is getting these agencies to work collaboratively together. and that's really what this building is all about.
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it's about bringing a place where people can train collectively, work on their tactics and really foster that collaboration and teamwork. >> sfo says the new training facility is equipped with solar panels to make it a net zero energy consumption building. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. sunshine outside today p. i know. so beautiful. you can see it back here behind me in san jose. wall-to-wall sunshine from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. lots of blue sky. we got in on the warmer temperatures. this was a respite for you. if it's gloomy for you, the last couple of days, we need more rainfall. we fit in good weather in between and it really makes it perfect. 76 in san jose. 70s over the next hour and then dropping into cooler 60s. we'll stay dry here through the night in the south bay. that storm system is going to be quickly approaching. so let's move into storm ranger on mobile doppler radar. dry over the bay area.
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what i'm watching is the cold front. you can see it right here offshore. once that starts to move in we'll see the rainfall chances increase. a look closer. rainfall developing near crescent city down to about eureka and again eventually this will be moving our way. the timeline, the way things play out is at 11:30 opportunity, guerneville to santa rosa. then the east bay and peninsula at 3:00 in the morning. and then it just really falls apart over the south bay. not a whole lot left for you. and as we start off the morning commute at 8:00, cloud cover to start. but eventually, yes, we get more sunshine in here tomorrow. so we get the rain and then also some sun mixing in. we'll be able to get through this without any problems. trace amounts to about a quarter of an inch. most of us in this blue color which is 0.05 to 0.2. and green through the coast.
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that's around a quarter inch to 0.4 inch. nothing to worry about with this storm system. as we started off for tomorrow morning. cloud cover for you early commuters but make sure to have your jacket. we are going to start off chilly. down to 52 in the peninsula. 50 for the tri-valley. also more of those low 50s over the north day and the east bay. san francisco, got you at 54. daytime highs tomorrow going to drop off a lot. 10 to 15 degrees cooler. instead of mid and upper 70s. back to 67 in oakland. 66 in santa rosa. 69 in concord. seven-day forecast, we eventually will get to more rainfall. so as we take you into san francisco, do notice some drizzle returning saturday. not the sunniest of weekends. pretty overcast for us. time change on sunday and then we get our next chance of rain monday and tuesday. now wanted to update you that the totals look lower on this now. 0.1 to 0.75 inch.
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it may not be as strong. we'll continue to keep an eye on that. for now, we're getting the pattern that we like to see in november. this is really good stuff. >> good. we need it. all good. but i did enjoy that sun today. >> so good. >> thanks, jeff. coming up -- oakland is making it easier for you to make it in the bay. why you might see more rvs parked on private property. 23
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. oakland is trying to deal with the housing crisis by allowing people to park rvs on private property. the new policies make it okay for rvs and tiny homes on wheels to be in all areas where housing is permitted. however, they cannot be on city streets and state-owned property. the rvs are also subject to rent
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control regulations. oakland's homeless population increased 47% from 2017 to 2019 and has only grown since the pandemic started. new neighborhoods taking shape on a bay area naval base. construction under way on an 8,000 new homes along with 550,000 square feet of retail space. they arrived by ferry which is undergoing its final test runs for regular service. it is scheduled to begin in january. okay. today we learned a new word. at least i did. it's called bingocize. >> moore is 100 years old right there and going very strong. >> i can bend over and touch my toes. >> you can?
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i'm not on any medications. >> wonderful. >> moore enjoys her outings at the community senior citizens center in north richmond. bingocize is offered there by meals on wheels diablo. so you play bingo and in between you exercise and then really dance when you get bingo. >> we should try that in the office. the holiday spirit has already come to san francisco's union square. we're going to take you there, next. ♪
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a sure sign of the holiday season in san francisco. >> the city opened up the holiday ice rink in union square today. organizers have been setting up the rink there since 2008. last year it took a break. they celebrated a comeback with performances from acrobats and young figure skaters. >> you come this year and i promise you, you will see things that you have never imagined. you will never enjoy anything anymore so mark those calendars. >> there's a little difference this year. no on-site ticket sales to limit person to person contact. so all the purchases have to take place online. get your tickets online. also live entertainment
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throughout the next couple of months. it's so much fun to go to union square and go ice skating. >> she's a s'more. that costume is great. >> i noticed that, too. what's coming up at 5:30. >> a lot going on, on this wednesday. right now, two days ago he had the world at his feet. not only out of a job but disturbing details about a former raiders star. >> no one ever wants to see this whether it's a football player or not. never want to see something like this happen. >> what we're learning about the deadly car crash in las vegas and how the raiders are responding.


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