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tv   Today  NBC  November 3, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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container is leaving by train. watching out for rain to move in tomorrow morning, and we'll have more updates. >> sounds good. thank you so much. thank you for joining us as well this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live news local update. >> the "today" show coming up, next. good morning. breaking news, republicans reign. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing! >> glenn youngkin, the projected winner in virginia's high stakes battle for governor, a stunning reversal in a solidly democratic state. and in a surprise, the governor's race in new jersey, too close to call. this morning, the message delivered by voters on a tough night for democrats. and the fallout now facing president biden and his party. breaking overnight, shots in arms. the vaccination of children as young as 5 now under way across
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the country after final approval of the pfizer dose. >> we've been waiting for this day. >> nearly 30 million kids now eligible. just ahead, an inside look at one of the most important turning points yet in the pandemic offering families new hope ahead of the holidays. "today" exclusive, the woman in charge of the weapons on the set of alec baldwin's movie at the center of that shooting investigation. what does she believe went wrong and how does she explain the live bullets loaded into a prop gun? we'll go one-on-one with her attorney in a live interview as they speak out for the very first time. needle in a haystack, a 4-year-old girl found alive nearly three weeks after vanishing from her family's camping tent. the emotional reunion with her parents and the suspect taken into custody overnight. those stories, plus baseball's best. the atlanta braves hammer houston. >> one to deep left, this one is going supersonic. that is out of the ballpark. whoa!
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>> to become world series champions for the first time in nearly 30 years. >> is this happening? it is. >> today, wednesday, november 3rd, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. congrats to the folks down in atlanta, world series champs for the first time in three decades. >> i can hear them all the way here in new york city. a big congratulations for the folks in atlanta. we have a lot of other breaking news to get to, including some of the first kids under 12 getting vaccinated against covid overnight. we'll have the latest on the rollout from coast to coast,
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just ahead. plus, we're hoping to get new answers and insight on just what happened during the fatal shooting of that set of alec baldwin's movie set. but first, to the drama that unfolded on election night, starting in the closely watched state of virginia. >> glenn youngkin set to become its first republican governor in 20 years, a stunning victory for a political newcomer and a major blow to democrats and president biden who had carried that state by a wide margin in the last election. and another surprise this morning, the new jersey governor's race, too close to call at this hour. we'll break everything down for you. we'll get started in virginia with garrett haake. garrett, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning. he started as a significant underdog in this race, but this morning, republican glenn youngkin is the governor elect
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of the commonwealth of virginia, having defeated terry mcauliffe in a bruising campaign. all of this raising significant red flags for democrats. and this isn't the only state where that's happening. in new jersey, the governor's race still too close to call in a state where democrats expected to win handily. in virginia's closely watched governor's race, republican businessman glenn youngkin has emerged triumphant. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing. >> reporter: narrowly defeating his democratic opponent, form er governor terry mcauliffe. in a state president biden won by just ten points one years ago. >> this is the spirit of virginia coming together like never before. >> reporter: former president donald trump who endorsed youngkin and helped tele rallies for him claimed victory and thanking, quote, maga voters. but youngkin successfully kept his distance from mr. trump during the race and did not campaign with him. our nbc news exit poll shows the former president remains unpopular with most virginia voters while a majority viewed youngkin favorably.
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youngkin cut into mcauliffe's strong holds and he won back suburban voters who trump lost in 2020 by focussing on education, including the controversial critical race theory, which highlights the role of racism in u.s. history but isn't taught in virginia. >> we are going to re-establish excellence in our schools. we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> reporter: in what may have been the race's turning point, youngkin seized on this controversial comment by mcauliffe in a debate. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> mcauliffe says the comment was taken out of context. meanwhile, in new jersey's governor's race -- >> we're going to wait for every vote to be counted. >> reporter: phil murphy is locked in tight competition with jack ciattarelli. the two gubernatorial races
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could have major implications for president biden and the democratic party. with the president's agenda stalled in congress and the midterm elections one year away. the president, in scotland, asked if the virginia race is a referendum on his administration. >> i've not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i've got any agenda passed or not is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. >> reporter: the results here are already setting off a new round of democratic finger pointing around the country, but especially on capitol hill. virginia senator mark warner blaming democrats in congress for not passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill that he said could have helped both biden and terry mcauliffe. expect to hear a lot more on this debate in the weeks ahead. savannah? >> thank you. let's turn to kristen welker who was up late coanchoring election night coverage. kristen, good morning. democrats are waking up. this is a gut punch in virginia, but also a potential surprise in new jersey in terms of how close it is, no matter how it turns out. what do you think this means in
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virginia? the agenda stalled in democrats with democrats fighting among each other? >> reporter: the implications are massive. traditionally the party does struggle to energize the base in off year elections, there is no doubt that alarm bells are going off within the democratic party. there's more pressure than ever to get something done, so you can expect the president to use the virginia loss as a way to galvanize democrats. the progressives and the moderates who have been fighting to try to act on his agenda, but look for voters in virginia and new jersey, there is a clear sense of frustration that nothing was getting done in washington. i was out on the campaign trail. i spoke to voters who said as much. instead, they said there seems to be disarray, there's inaction. and remember, the number one issue for voters in this race, if you look at the exit polls, was the economy, those rising prices. and right now, democrats seem unable to produce results and that is clearly hurting them. >> the economy, no question, but
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education. we saw how that was a key issue in the virginia's governor's race and it did not go well for the democrats. >> reporter: it didn't. and taking it a step further, it seems like the democrats lost the culture war in this election cycle, right? virginia's new governor electric, glenn youngkin seized on a range of issues that seemed to motivate parents particularly in those all important suburbs, which mr. trump lost, issues on the controversy over mask mandates, critical race theory. democrats, terry mcauliffe in particular tried to down play those issues, to some extent to ignore them altogether to say they weren't relevant and the lesson is they may need to find a way to talk about them ahead of the midterm. >> the virginia race poll showed was going to be tight as a tick. in new jersey, people did not think it would be too close to call the next morning. what is the take away from that?
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>> reporter: you're absolutely right. this is perhaps one of the biggest shockers of the night. this is a state that mr. biden won by a whooping 16 points, savannah. so the expectation was there would be an early call. but incumbent governor phil murphy is part of the democratic establishment and clearly voters are rejecting that right now. it's worth noting that jack ciattarelli kept president trump at arm's-length. you might see republicans use that as we approach the midterms as a playbook. but the bottom line, democrats are doing a lot of soul searching about all of in this morning. >> there are lessons for republicans and democrats in those races, kristen, as you point out. thank you very much. pfizer's covid vaccine now available for kids ages 5 to 11 after receiving the official green light from the director of the cdc. in fact, the rollout at some hospitals began overnight. we're going to talk about all that with dr. ashish jha. but first, tom costello is at children's hospital in washington, d.c. with details. hey, tom, good morning.
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>> reporter: hi, hoda. good morning. so the cdc signoff means that 28 million younger children are eligible now for the vaccine. here at children's national, they start vaccinating today, the most at risk conditions with underlying conditions. but across the country, there are plenty of parents that have reservations and concerns about getting their child vaccinated. overnight doctors started administering the children's covid-19 vaccine. >> i have my vaccine and life is going to be better. >> after a cdc advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend the smaller size of shots for kids. 15 million doses purchased by the federal government have now started arriving at hospitals, pharmacies and doctor's offices. from ohio to north carolina, to texas. >> oh, wow. >> beneath the orange cap, one-third of the adult dose given with a smaller needle. kids get two shots 212 days
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apart. pfizer's ceo says they have enough doses to cover every 5 to 11-year-old in the country. >> i think the vaccine will be very safe. >> reporter: right now, children represent about a quarter of all new covid cases in the u.s. the cdc reports nearly 2 million confirmed cases among 5 to 11-year-olds. >> the risk is too high and too devastating to our children. and far higher than for many other diseases for which we vaccinate children. >> reporter: pfizer's data shows a more than 90% success rate of shielding kids of that age from symptomatic covid. but parents are split. according to the cdc, right now between 34 and 57% of parents plan to vaccinate their kids. >> the first one. come on. he's a champion for getting his vaccine. >> i'm scared to get my child vaccinated. >> reporter: among concerns for parents, myocarditis. a very rare heart inflammation condition it's been associated with the
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pfizer and moderna vaccines, but only in young boys and older men. there were no reports of myocarditis in pfizer's study with younger children. the naugs's nation's leading pediatricians say it's a bigger risk to not get your child vaccinated. >> if you can tell me with confidence that the pandemic is almost over and that children aren't going be affected any more, then i think waiting makes sense. but there's little evidence that that is true. >> reporter: so now with the 5 to 11-year-old group approval for vaccination, what about younger kids? the ceo of pfizer says they're going to start looking at data of kids from 2 years all the way up to five years and then eventually newborns. the data on the first group expected by the end of the year. toddlers next year. hoda? >> tom, thank you. let's bring in dr. jha, the dean of brown university school of public health. dr. jha, good morning to you. it's a big, big day. i think a lot of parents have been waiting for this day. but put it in context. what does this mean in terms of
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breaking the back of the pandemic? >> it is a big day. as soon as my pediatrician can squeeze my 9-year-old in, he will get vaccinated.iteans evern america is not eligible for a vaccine. that has a profound effect on schools and i think it means that all schools, again, should be open but that we're going to have to have fewer quarantines. schools are going to have to get back to a much more normal that we're all waiting for. i think this is important. >> dr. jha, you just said your 9-year-old, you'll take him to get his vaccine. but only 27% of parents polled in the country are with you on that. another 30% is going to wait and see. another third is saying no way. what would be your message to those other parents? >> first of all, talk to your
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pediatrician about this. america's pediatricians have come out strongly on this. the risk from covid is so much greater than the vaccine. it's really important that we do this to protect kids. we have lots of vaccines to protect kids. this is the most steady vaccine that we have. it's important that kids get it. >> tom pointed out that one of the risks is the risk of heart inflammation. myocarditis. is that a valid concern parents should have? >> older boys, young men, myocarditis does happen. we haven't seen it in 5 to 11-year-olds. it's incredibly rare. and thankfully, every case we have seen has resolved and have gotten better. if you're comparing the vaccine to covid, the vaccines are much safer. >> can we talk dosage for a second. now these are for kids who '5 to
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11. my child is going to be 5 in a little while. she probably weighs about 40 pounds. weigh over a hundred pounds. so is there one specific dose and can your child get too much of the vaccine? >> it's a really good question, hoda. the clinical trials show the benefits and the side effects are comparable, even though they're going to be pretty different in sizes. what i would say is if you have a particularly small, you know, 12-year-old or a particularly large 11-year-old, talk to your pediatrician about this. the recommendations are staying with the age group, but you can always have that conversation with your doctor and sort out the best result for you. >> kids 2 to 5, when do you expect them to get their vaccine? >> probably a couple months away. my guess is we're still a little bit away from that evidence. >> dr. jha, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. and we'll turn now to craig who has the new champion crowned in the world series.
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>> that's right, hoda, savannah. good morning to you, as well. congratulations going out to the atlanta braves this morning. they are on top of the baseball world for the first time in more than a quarter century. they defeat today houston astros in six games last night. morgan chesky joins us from the ballpark where it went down in houston. morgan, good morning to you. >> craig, good morning. the atlanta braves leaving absolutely zero doubt, walking into minute maid park last night beating the astros 7-0. the first clenching world series shutout since 2005. remember, the braves, they capped off a remarkable season. they have the fewest number of wins of any postseason team before going into the playoffs and beating the odds. >> left side. world champions. >> reporter: for the first time in 26 years, the atlanta braves are world series champs. capturing baseball's biggest prize, beating the houston
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astros in a 7-0 shutout. the key to the braves victory, the long ball. >> high fly ball to left and good-bye. >> reporter: jorge soler crushing a three-run homer in the top of the third, a whooping 446 feet. on his way to becoming the second cuban born player to ever win world series mvp. >> jorge soler. >> swanson and freeman also belting big home runs. >> hit back at the wall. it is -- gone. >> this is everything you've worked for. >> reporter: and marks the end of the season for the braves that many are calling a cinderella story, the team going from 88 wins in the regular season to capturing the world series for the first time since 1995. >> the final out of this
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ballpark series brought you the braves the world series. >> i got this shirt in 1995, put it in my closet and saved it and thought tonight was a good night to pull it out, and it worked. >> reporter: lots of excitement in atlanta today. let's talk a little bit about expectations here. back when the braves won it in '95, there were four hall of famers on the team, a future hall of fame manager on the team, as well. so there was a little bit of an expectation that they had to bring it back to atlanta. this team, however, not a lot of people expected them to come this far. however, they pulled it off beating 50-1 odds. that's why everyone in slan very excited to day. >> not bad at all. congrats to braves fans. >> congratulations. >> yeah. >> you know what, craig? i noticed when you came in, i said, oh, wow, craig got a new haircut. and then i looked a little closer and i noticed that there's something else new that you're sporting. >> yeah. >> craig got an earring. >> but it's a very sweet story.
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>> what's that? >> you know i'm an earring guy. my daughter went to get her ear pierced for her 5th birthday. so daddy took one for the team. >> so are you going to keep it? >> what's the verdict? >> well, i mean, i don't think -- we'll see. >> if you did all that, what the heck? >> you think i can wear an earring for the rest of my life? >> tick, tick, tick. >> me, i think you should have multiple piercings. >> no, no, this is it. only piercing. i walked in this morning, roker, like that, as soon as i walked in. i won't say exactly what you said. >> exactly. hey, why don't you get an eye patch and a parrot. it will be fantastic. anyway, we are looking right now at some lake-effect snow. you can see it coming across gaylord, michigan, by the way, home of the call of the wild museum. hey, we've got a lot of cold air
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out there. 52 million people from texas all the way to the northeast looking at freeze watches, warnings, windchills into the low to mid 20s from chicago. mid 30s in syracuse. beckley, west virginia, and this afternoon, this evening, we're looking at this morning, lows, the first freezes for detroit since may 1st. the average first freeze into october. and since climate connection, we put this together, 1970. first frosts are running one to three weeks later. 95% of the country is experiencing warmer falls than we had since 1970. we're going to get to your local forecaur local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds cast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ if there's anything that you want ♪ ♪ if there's anything i can do ♪ ♪ just call on me and i'll send it along ♪ ♪ witve from me to you ♪
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good wednesday morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we can barely see anything with the dense fog as you drive through dublin and half a mile visibility, and we are seeing that in san carlos and no visibility in novato so allow extra time to get to work. and then for the weekend it will be slightly cooler. we will watch more rain by early next week. >> i think something dangly. >> i was actually getting us an appointment to get tattoos >> no, we'll stop here >> are you sure? family tattoo. >> he is so disgusted, by the way. >> i think it's great. >> no, no. >> it's a father's love. >> i'm just not as good a dad. i'm just going to tell you right
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now. >> not true. >> you wear it well. maybe a little more bling, though moving on, we have new details emerging in the investigation into that shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie. a lot of questions around hannah gutierrez reed joining us for an exclusive interview, just ahead. exclusive interview, just ahead. but first, this is "today" on welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys.
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host vaccination clinics, too. cvs will start giving shots on monday. zillow says it will lay off a quarter of its employees after a disaster of a program buying houses. zillow said it lost more than half a billion buying and flipping dollars, and they pulled off the impossible losing in a house market when home values are up 13%. it makes you wonder if that estimate is all that accurate. we have nice weather headed our way. sunshine and actually some rain moving through during the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning most of us will wake up to some clouds and then clearing as we go through the day. this weekend we will see temperatures in the upper 60s. we set our clock back one hour this weekend. next week we will be watching
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more heavy rain for the bay area moving in, laura. >> thank you very much. another local update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning. [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy. and there you have it- woah.
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welcome back 7:30 it's a wednesday morning, november 3rd, 2021 we have a happy midweek crowd outside rockefeller plaza and we're going to head out and chat with them in just a bit. breaking overnight, the las vegas raiders have released star receiver henry ruggs iii he's now facing multiple charges after a fiery crash left one woman dead it happened on a busy las vegas street the suv burst into flames and the passenger was killed ruggs faces felony charges of driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death he's expected to appear in court
7:31 am
later today. a 4-year-old girl who disappeared from a campsite in the australian outback more than two weeks ago has been found alive and well the stunning rescue of cleo smith is being called a miracle. police officers discovered cleo alone in a home about 45 minutes from where she went missing. the dramatic rescue captured by an officer's body cam. she was reunited with her family cleo's mom writing on instagram, our whole family is whole again. a 36-year-old man is in custody and is expected to face charges. the city of boston making history overnight, michelle wu becomes the first woman and the first person of color to be elected mayor. that ends boston's 200 year history of electing only white
7:32 am
men as mayor the harvard school graduate will be sworn in on december 16th we have a lot to get to, including that fatal shooting surrounding actor alec baldwin >> one of the people at the center of the shooting investigation is hannah gutierrez reed, the 24-year-old who oversaw the weapons on the set. her attorneys are with us this morning for an exclusive live interview. but first, miguel almaguer with the latest on the case miguel, good morning >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the sheriff in santa fe tells us investigators are looking at the people who handled the gun moments before alec baldwin pulled the trigger accidentally killing halyna hutchins. hannah gutierrez reed was in charge of weapons on the set of "rust. her attorneys telling nbc news the 24-year-old armorer has been slandered and falsely portrayed
7:33 am
in the media, adding she has no idea how a live bullet got into the revolver that was fired by alec baldwin >> you said someone was shot >> two people accidentally >> reporter: the accidental death of cinematographer halyna hutchins has not been ruled a crime, although many legal experts say charges could be filed. the d.a. has not yet received the case >> they could be looking at criminal charges, but it is too early to be able to say or show that >> reporter: the sheriff says much of the investigation centers on the two people who handled the resolver before the shooting, assistant director dave halls, who declared the gun was safe, and gutierrez reed, savannah asking the sheriff about her early statements to investigators. >> according to the court documents, the armorer, hannah gutierrez reed told your investigators, quote, no live am mow is ever kept on set. given your investigation so far, is that an accurate and truthful
7:34 am
statement? >> no, obviously it isn't. that was a live round that struck and killed miss hutchins, so that is not an accurate statement as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: "rust" is gutierrez reed's second film as armorer. she's the daughter of a stuntman who she says taught her about handling weapons on set. on tuesday, baldwin posted a series of screen shots from a former crew member who not only disputes claims that staff was overworked and treated poorly , but defends gutierrez reed after reports expressing concern about her lack of experience this morning, witnesses sharing their side of the story as investigators piece together what went wrong. the production company says there were no official complaints from staffers on the set. because of the complexity of the case, the sheriff believes its investigation may not be wrapped up for months. that's when the findings will be taken to the district attorney for possible criminal charges. >> miguel, thank you
7:35 am
joining us now is jason bowls and robert garner, the attorneys for the armorer hannah gutierrez reed good morning to both of you. >> good morning, savannah. >> good morning, savannah. >> before we get into the facts of this case, you had released a statement last week. you said hannah was beside herself and devastated by what happened how would you describe her state of mind right now? >> savannah, i think she was absolutely devastated. she remains very emotional about everything that's happened as you can imagine, coming on the scene after and everything that she saw, she's heart broken and she's just devastated by what's happened. >> the key question in this case is how on earth a live round got into that weapon on set. it was your client who loaded the gun, so how does she explain how a live round got into that
7:36 am
gun? >> i think that's the most pivotal question in this case. and i think that is going to be the question that we want the fbi, want the sheriff, want the district attorney to all address. we know they're going the address it we both are former federal prosecutors. the fbi is super competent that is the central question as to this case, which is how did a live round get on set and who put that live round on the set we know that there was a -- >> she loaded the gun. did she load a live round? >> well, we don't even know that, and let me tell you why, savannah there was a box of dummy rounds and the box is labeled dummy hannah did take from that box, which she, by all accounts, should have been able to rely on that contains only dummy rounds. she loaded rounds from that box into the handgun, only later to find out there is a -- she had no idea. she inspected the rounds, that there was a live round we don't know, however, whether
7:37 am
that live round came from that box. we're assuming it did. we're assuming somebody put the live round in that boxe assumin live round which if you think about that,xa the person who put the live round in the box of dummy rounds had to have the purpose of sabotaging this set. there's no other reason that you would do that, that you would mix that live round in with a dummy round. >> let me stop you right there is that your theory of the race, that someone intentionally placed a live round into a box of dummies for the purpose of it ending up in a weapon that would be used on set >> we don't have a theory yet. we are investigating and we are trying to get all the facts. that's one of the possibilities, admittedly, that you have a round that's supposed to contain only dummy bullets, prop
7:38 am
ammunition that have a projectile incapable of being fired and they resemble a real round. and the reason for that, savannah -- >> why would someone do that why would someone do that in your mind and had the motive and the opportunity to do it >> i believe that somebody who would do that would want to sabotage the set, want to prove a point, want to say that they're disgruntled, they're unhappy. and we know that people had already walked off the set the day before and they were unhappy. they were working 12 to 14-hour days, they were not given hotel rooms in and around the area so they had to drive back and forth an hour to albuquerque and they're unhappy. >> i just want to be crystal clear. are you saying potentially those that were unhappy, disgruntled crew members who had walked off the set, that they're potential suspects in your mind of intentionally place ago live round to prove a point, in your words?
7:39 am
>> well, i think, savannah, that you can't rule anybody out at this point because we know a couple of facts. we know there was a live round in a box of dummy rounds that shouldn't have been there, at least one live round we had people who had left the set, who walked out because they were disgruntled we have a time frame, between 11:00 and 1:00 approximately that day in which the firearms at times were unattended so there was opportunity to tamper with this scene and yes, we're looking at that possible because -- i'm sorry? >> was the gun ever left unattended on the day of the incident >> savannah, it was left unattended from 11:00 to after 1:00 hannah actually took the -- the guns are locked in a safe. the prop ammunition was in a truck. the prop truck that was completely -- but the
7:40 am
answer to your question is that the tray was outside the church for over two hours unattended after she had prepped that for what was going to be an afternoon filming session outside of the church. >> so the gun was on the tray. she had -- >> the answer to that is yes >> so the gun was on the tray. she had loaded it. it was unattended for a period of two hours as the armorer, was it her responsibility to maintain custody and control of the weapon >> she had two roles on that film set she was an armorer, but she was a key props assistant. she was being paid for an armorer part-time, essentially at 11:00, nothing was going on at that point.r part time, essey
7:41 am
she was doing two roles. so what had happened, savannah, is at 11:00, nothing was going on a she had the guns prepared. she had them laid out on thend b cart they went to lunch she came back, she had another duty and responsibility as key props assistant. so she had gone to do that right after she had provided the handgun to mr. halls so mr. halls took custody of the weapon and at that point she was doing her other duties as a key prop assistant >> let's set aside for the moment how the live round got there, which obviously to you is a matter of great dispute. once it was time for that weapon to go on to the set, did hannah inspect the gun, the chamber did she look at the cartridges and determine that they were dummy cartridges >> she does not. and, savannah, this is a
7:42 am
critical fact. what happened and what transpired in the church was not a rehearsal. it was not a set to be filmed. this was what was called a tech prep and they're positioning cameras. hannah was not in the church and that's really significant because if there was something that was going to involve one of the firearms, she had to be there. she wasn't in the touch because it wasn't set up to have that dynamic of we're going to use one of these firearms and the tech prep was positioning cameras. she wasn't there >> we only have a few seconds, but dave halls who is the assistant director said hannah had spun the chamber for him, that he only remembers seeing three rounds, but that he had inspected it and, of course, the
7:43 am
witnesses say there was someone who said cold gun. did that happen? >> yes, in fact, savannah, that did happen she did spin the cylinder for him. she did show him each and every round in that chamber, which there was six. there was six dummy rounds she believed to be in that handgun she spun it and showed it off to mr. halls -- >> as the armorer -- >> at that point she gave -- >> as the armorer, when she's spinning it around, shouldn't she have known with her expertise that there was a live round in that chamber? >> well, the problem is, and when you look at a dummy round and you look at their appearance, they have the same projectile tip some of these mimic and look like a real round. and on that scene and that set at that time, hannah spun it for mr. halls. he took the weapon and he went into the church and thereafter provided it apparently to mr.
7:44 am
baldwin. >> finally, she gave an initial statement to the investigators if they request another interview, will you allow her to cooperate and are you fearful that criminal charges could be forthcoming in this case >> we are definitely cooperating with the authorities we will have another interview with authorities we are speculative of what the district attorney has said and what she's doing, looking at this, taking her time and really getting all the facts. again, we think the fbi is going to be very important their forensic analysis. and what they find regarding those live rounds, how they got there and who put them there, the dna, the fingerprint and all of that evidence >> it's very good to have your perspective and get this information. thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it >> thank you >> thank you, savannah still ahead here on a wednesday morning, a meme that's
7:45 am
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7:49 am
i am meteorologist, kari hall. we have dense fog in parts of the north bay and visibility down to zero in novato. we have seen heavy fog along the peninsula and tri-valley, so allow extra time to get to work. we are also going to watch rain set to move in late tonight and early tomorrow morning, and scattered showers moving across the bay area mainly before sunrise. we will see it clearing out by tomorrow, and most of us getting one-tenth to quarter inch of rain, and temperatures staying in the 60s throughout the forecast. coffee >> i traveled to a place where you might not expect to find coffee growers california a firsthand look at how and why farmers there are hoping to put their special beans on the map here is a little thing they're not really beans >> what? >> we'll tell you all about that but first, these messages.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. good morning. it is 7:56. i am marcus washington. here's what is happening now. >> i am bob redell in fremont where the city council last night voted to research a universal income program and it seemed to be worthwhile for the residents if it were to happen. it would provide income for families at risk of homelessness and young people transitioning out of foster care. los angeles and oakland are already investigating in the universal basic income as a way to battle poverty. let's get a look at the forecast for you. here's meteorologist, kari hall, standing by. >> some of us are having a hard time seeing outside. this is a live look in dublin
7:57 am
right now where visibility is at zero right now, so be careful on your way to work, and we are seeing dense fog in the north bay. by this time tomorrow, we will have off and on showers moving through, so changes coming our way. sunshine on friday and clouds on sunday and then we will see temperatures coming down as we track a new system for early next week. sunshine will see a lot of sunshine today and showers tomorrow morning and staying cool with highs in the 60s. >> it's that time again. thanks, kari. we will have another local news update in 30 minutes. see you back here then.
7:58 am
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"coming up, election night surprises. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing. >> glenn youngkin wins virginia's governor's race triumphant over democrat terry mcauliffe .meanwhile, a tight governor's race in new jersey. what the reaction might mean for the 2022 midterm california's new brew. >> agriculture needs innovation. i think we need pioneers >> how climate change is bringing coffee crops to the
8:01 am
west coast and what that could mean for the future of your coffee. we'll take you to a farm in california developing a uniquely sustainable cup of joe plus, one-on-one with olivia munn we'll catch up with the violet star chatting about her new movie, her thriving career and her growing family, just ahead and pickleball for all >> go carson >> team "today" hits the court to try out the sport sensation sweeping the nation. >> you always have to be back behind this yellow line. >> this yellow one >> it has to be under handed >> yes >> why pickleball is so popular and the winner today, november 3rd, 2021. >> here from holland, michigan, celebrating shelly's birthday. >> celebrating my grandparents in san diego >> today we celebrate the world
8:02 am
series champs, our hometown team >> go braves >> girls' trip from atlanta and dallas >> because wanda is turning 50 >> we're excited to wish nolan a happy 11th birthday. >> happy birthday, nolan >> and good morning, everybody happy birthday happy anniversary. happy everything >> happy hump day. >> nice to have you along with us let's get right to your news at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it would not be election night without upsets and nail biters in virginia and new jersey delivered the drama overnight. garrett haake has the latest on this races for us. garrett, good morning. >> hey, savannah, good morning you want drama, we have it here for you in virginia. he started as the underdog, but now glenn youngkin is the governor elect of the commonwealth of virginia he defeated former democratic
8:03 am
governor terry mcauliffe in a bruising campaign that's raising red flags for democrats across the country. and it's not the only race that's doing that. there's also that nail biter in new jersey, still too close to call between democrats phil murphy, republican jack ciattarelli, that's another race we're watching closely but here in virginia, youngkin's campaign relied on education and economic issues that sealed the deal, talking about what's going on in schools, talking about things like getting rid of the grocery tax here in virginia youngkin tried to walk a tight rope when it came to former president trump. he accepted his endorsement early on the former president claimed credit several times last night for youngkin's victory but youngkin kept the former president who is still fairley unpopular here in virginia at arm's-length he never actually campaigned with him anywhere. it's the current president who is going to have to deal with
8:04 am
democratic the recrimination from this race we are starting to see finger pointing among democrats about exactly what went wrong. virginia senator mark warner, one of the folks saying perhaps if congress had passed that bipartisan infrastructure bill it could have helped both democratic campaigns and the president. but, savannah, we're going to be hearing this debate for weeks to come hallie jackson joins us to describe how brandon is not so flattering meme. good morning to you. >> you're talking about the phrase, right. let's go brandon and it's basically political code speak
8:05 am
it is a g-rated version of an r-ra r-rated insult against president biden. >> there are three words you have seen trending, let's go brandon and if you haven't seen them, maybe you heard them >> let's go, brandon >> chanted at the ball games >> let's go, brandon >> yelled by celebrities >> let's go brandon. >> rapped in a viral song that bumped adele out of the top spot on itunes. even referenced in congress. >> let's go, brandon >> none of it is actually about brandon. instead, it's a kind of code for opponents of president biden it started when nascar driver brandon brown was being interviewed after win ago race last month and the crowd behind him launched into a vulgar chant. >> as you can hear the chants from the crowd, let's go brandon. >> the crowd was actually saying expletive joe biden. and that moment exploded
8:06 am
now let's go brandon used as shorthand to insult the president. one southwest pilot now facing an internal investigation after saying it over the intercom on a flight the euphemism has been slapped on merchandise and one south carolina weapons shop has used it >> it's been embraced by republican politicians, but now it's being used to sell guns and ammunition and that worries law enforcement officials. >> reporter: neither the white house nor the secret service responded to nbc news request for comment. although a white house spokesperson say they hadn't heard of the phrase until they were asked about it last week. to some, this feels different. >> norms were really busted during the trump administration. it got down in the gutter. and so i think that example he
8:07 am
set and now too many people in the country are copying that example. >> reporter: they are some who say part of the popularity of this let's go brandon thing comes from people who like using a code to troll democrats. who knows how long the shelf life will be you have one republican aide who described this as a boomer meme that is getting past its due date we'll see. >> hallie, thank you 8:07, let's get a boost. >> we need one >> twins, let's go two twin brother whose excel at being cute didn't score quite so well in the fruit snack challenge. their parents left them each with a pile of treats and one very important rule. >> you can't eat these yet you have to wait until we come back i'm going to leave them right here don't touch them wait, okay we're going to come back don't eat them yet don't eat them we'll be right back. we just have to go get something.
8:08 am
just wait a second >> thinking it over. they shoot the grin. nod. are we in it nothing more needed to be said oh, look, happy dance. >> oh, my gosh >> at least they're fruit snacks >> i think we have our first entry for the new hall of fame this year. >> super sweet >> that dad knew what was going to happen. >> he sure did >> the look between those kids says it all. >> we're in. coming up next, get ready because we are getting into the swing of things. >> inside the soaring popularity of pickle ball as we hit the court for our very own "today" tournament, right after this wet e your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on, on the inside. it's true, if you have diabetes, you know high blood sugar is the root of the problem. but that excess sugar can cause the blood vessels to be seriously damaged.
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8:16 am
we're back it's 8:15. we have carson, jenna and sheinelle. >> the gang is all here. >> in case you haven't heard, pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in this country with the number of courts more than tripling in the last decade and our friend, savannah here got the bright idea to get us altogether to try it out perhaps because she's a ringer >> no, i am not. but i have to say it was jenna who first introduced me to pickleball so i knew when i played, this is something we all had to do we headed to court 16. craig, you were on assignment that day >> i missed it >> it was a mostly friendly competition in our first ever but hopefully not last "today" show pickle ball tournament. >> i like a sport where you could do it barefoot while holding a rose
8:17 am
that's my kind of sport. >> the closest thing to pickleball that i have ever done is when i'm done making my bloody mary, i put a pickle right in the middle there. >> i have never played pickleball, but i think i would love it because it has all the things i love. i love tennis. i love ping-pong it's right in between. >> it's true, pickleball ask a cross between tennis, ping-pong and badminton. players use paddles and a wiffle ball the court is smaller than a tennis court and you serve underhanded. players are supposed to stay out of the kitchen, an area right under the net. >> no skills, all heart. >> can't lose, baby. >> i have never played pickleball before. i don't have any athleticism so i'm very intimidated right now. >> i'm excited sheinelle jones and carson jones, that's my middle name region are going to be a great team today >> it's sort of an easy, accessible, fun, light hearted
8:18 am
spot to play and you can play it at any age >> i always love a sport where they say, oh, you know what? you need little old person, you can play this. you'll barely know that you're moving >> pickleball is sweeping the nation >> pickleball has been around since the six and in the last decade for seniors. but now the pickleball craze is attracting fans of all ages. there's even a magazine dedicated to the sport its publisher runs pickleball camps in over 160 cities around the country, including this one in st. george, utah. >> there is a huge pickleball boom going on. 4.5 million now. >> it's not just fun, it's a heart healthy activity that lowers blood pressure and strengthens agility and it's extremely social >> wait for it >> seems like a perfect combo for our "today" show team so we took a swing at our first "today" pickle ball tournament >> go team blue. >> hey, blue team. >> i will look out for us, team orange
8:19 am
>> go team orange. >> go team >> we're going to get 'em. >> before we faced off in doubles matches, a little warm-up and some pointers in the pickleball pros here at court 16 >> you always have to be back behind this yellow line. >> this yellow one >> has to be underhanded >> yes >> so it needs to face straight. >> most games are 11 points, but we're kind of in a pickle with an early wake-up call tomorrow, so our round robin game is first to score five points so it's al and i against popstarters carson and sheinelle. >> whoa. >> ooh, nice, carson >> go carson >> let it go, let it go. >> you're better than this >> i know. i am >> oh. >> there we go there we go. >> come on, sheinelly. >> oh.
8:20 am
>> good one. that was a good one. >> we woke the sleeping beast. >> i know. >> okay. by two >> nice game >> now i feel like i've got my sea legs >> bronze medalists. >> sheinelle and carson advance to round two against the fierce fourth hour duo hoda and jenna >> yes >> that's out. >> yes >> that was pretty good. >> come on >> oh, good try. it's okay, jbh >> let's go. >> good try. jenna, way to go way to go. >> you got it, baby. >> oh. >> yes let's go >> all right feel it in >> oh. >> game, 5-1 >> darn it >> that was not my popstart best >> good game good game. >> let's go get a drink. >> hoda and jenna for the "w," but it wasn't over yet >> take you two on
8:21 am
>> we mixed it up and jenna and hoda challenged carson and me for one more final round >> come on >> there you go. let's go >> one ball at a time, baby. >> we're not digging around. >> no, we're not >> let's go. >> too bad for you >> come on >> oh! >> let's go! let's go >> let's go. >> wow >> in! >> it's in >> spanky. spanky >> best volley yet >> okay. it's okay. >> we won. >> we won! >> that's the plus, baby >> hey, guys let's have a drink >> good one. >> that's pickleball humor, friends. >> yes
8:22 am
>> cheers. >> that looks like fun >> a good time >> carson, how was your back surgery after i jumped on? >> i think the sport is that popular because with physical limitations, anybody can play. >> after everybody left, some of us stuck around. al started to get this -- >> he got good >> musta on sheinelle was taking a lesson. there's something about it, right, that makes you want to hang around. >> and it's light. >> you can swing hard and the ball doesn't go that hard. >> that was -- >> the best players ever >> he goes, is she an athlete? i go yes >> basketball. basketball >> you two freaks are the most competitive. >> we know we are. we like to get in there. >> you leaned into it. >> we leaned in. >> beast mode. >> she has like three moves. >> how about that paddle dance of yours
8:23 am
oh, my let's show you what we have for today. we are looking at some afternoon showers in the pacific northwest. rain and snow showers around the great lakes. the biggest problem we've got heavy rain threat down through texas. : good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall, still foggy over novato, and down near half moon bay. allow some extra time to get to work. take it slow, we will get some sunshine this afternoon, temperatures in the low 70s. tomorrow we have showers moving in early in the morning. the rest of the day will be drying out, and we'll continue to see some dry weather into the weekend, and a new storm system is set to move in by early next week. and that's your latest weather the only problem with this sport is the scoring >> it's like volleyball.
8:24 am
>> if you get it, you get it, you know >> still ahead, we have a lot of catching up to do with olivia munn she's got a new movie. it's going hit home for a lot of women preparing for life as miss olivia is. she's going to be a first-time mom. but first, your local news and weather. >> that was fun.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, it is 8:26. later today a man arrested in connection with a deadly weekend halloween party shooting in the south bay is expected to appear in court. the shooting happened outside the home of a gilroy council member. one of the four shooting victims died. two others were critically injured. the 19-year-old suspect is reportedly related to gilroy councilman rebecca armendarez. police are now looking for the second shooter. meteorologist kari hall has a quick check of our micro climate forecast. >> it's all about the following right now for a lot of our inland valleys where visibility
8:27 am
has been extremely low throughout the morning commute. that's all the rain that we've had recently just settling in. we're going to see some more showers coming back to the bay area by early tomorrow morning, so we're going to see that mostly before sunrise the rest of the day we'll be clearing out after getting about a potential quarter inch of rain, and the weekend is looking nice but a little bit cooler. highs will reach into the mid-60s for the inland areas and we do have a bigger storm system set to arrive on monday and tuesday. in san francisco we'll continue to see those highs in the 60s. >> kari, thanks. it is 8:27, we'll have another local news update for you in a half an hour. hope to see you then, until then we'll send you back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:30 am
hey, everybody welcome back it's a wednesday morning, the 3rd of november. al, it's a little chilly what do you think it is? it's fall, right >> it feels 45 >> it feels like november. >> we've had such a warm fall, this is the first super cold day, i think >> al has a story that will warm your heart >> impact in south america is being impacted by climate change i recently visited a farmer who is taking steps to grow and roast coffee beans in
8:31 am
california and after that, she's a star in hollywood and this morning, olivia munn is with us live. she has a new movie out. she plays a woman who is trying to fight back against the critical voice in her head we all have that voice in our heads. and she's about to become a new mom. >> looking forward to catching up with olivia coming up in a few minutes on the third hour, love is going to take us back to his new documentary. we'll going to talk about the summer of soul as you've never seen it before and tomorrow coming up on "today," ed sheeran is gearing up to produce a new record, he has a new baby to talk about so a lot of things to chat with mr. sheeran about.
8:32 am
and check out our consumer confidential holiday hand book he you on our streaming channel today all day. vicky nguyen has some great tips for making your holiday safer, more fun catch it on and there's the al roker cooking up a storm thanksgiving podcast. >> that's right. but in the meantime, while you're downloading that podcast from apple, spotify or sirius xm, let's check out your weather. friday, heavy rain down through florida. mild into the rockies. stormy in the pacific northwest. on saturday, some coastal showers along the southeast coast, but sunshine throughout much of the country. another storm moves into the west coast sunday, sunday, we're looking at rain and snow in the pacific northwest. chilly on sunday morning through the great lakes, northeast, mid-atlantic states. lots of sunshine from the gulf good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing some patchy fog even at sfo, but most of san francisco's clearing out right now. we'll get some sunshine today
8:33 am
once that fog rolls out of here. then by tonight, rain moves in. by early tomorrow morning we're seeing it spreading across the bay area. then there will be some spotty light showers left behind. a gradual trend for drier conditions going into the day, the afternoon into thursday and friday. this weekend is looking nice, but a little bit cool, and we'll have a new storm system coming in early next week. >> that is your latest weather. >> the girls are freezing out here. >> can out here since 6:00 this morning. what a great crowd >> birthday over here from ohio. >> ohio. >> and another one right here. >> yes
8:34 am
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best time of the morning >> pickleball. >> this is 800 pounds of popstart in a 100 pound bag. henry winkler, gives fans of the show the opportunity to look as cool as this >> i mean, how come you don't get to pay anything? >> how come? because i'm the fonz >> for the low, low price of $50,000. you, too, can become the proud owner of that iconic look. henry winkler adding one of the jackets at an upcoming auction offering a full fonzie outfit including the t-shirt, biker boots. a portion of this will go to in
8:37 am
this is about you look humanity organization kiren culken, it's is set to take the stage for first time as snl host and he will be joined by ed sheeran. on tuesday, ed confirmed on social media that after testing positive for covid-19 last month, he was officially out of quarantine and ready to perform. set to follow them are newly announced hosts jonathan majors and musical guest taylor swift, that's november 13th and then shawn chi starts with saweetie good luck to all the first time hosts. can't wait to watch the shows. coming up again, a reminder, we're going to chat with ed sheeran in studio 1a next up, mario cantone recently played the celebrity edition of wheel of fortune and fans cannot stop talking about it. completely disarming veteran host pat sajak with a ton of playful response to the host >> i'm miss america. >> what letter >> spin like a tony award,
8:38 am
please there you go it's her impression of a tony award. >> i'd like to buy an i. >> there are no is >> no. call an ambulance. >> apparently we didn't get to see half of it some of the best shows from last sunday's show ended up on the cutting room show due to time constraints. >> come on, sajak. post that. >> we want to see it finally, kristen stewart, the star of the upcoming diana movie is engaged dylan meyer popped the question. >> i wanted to be proposed to. so i think i very distinctly carved out my -- what i wanted and, you know, she nailed it
8:39 am
it was really cute >> kristen and dylan started dating back in 2019 and we wish both of them a big congratulations. tomorrow kristen will be with us here live in studio. >> talking about the highly anticipated movie. a lot of buzz on this one, the princess di movie. we're looking forward to chatting with kristen again. by the way, while we still have the time, if you want more popstart, don't be embarrassed you're the only one. no, popstart plus, we encourage you, you're invited. >> popstart plus >> super sized coming up next, we are coming up next, we are talkin
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we are back with olivia munn she stars as a film producer that can't live with the constant negative thoughts that pop up in her head those thoughts are voiced by justin theroux >> i feel weird that way >> don't tell her. >> are you sick? >> no, i just -- you know, the committee in my head, just never noticed that much before >> what committee? >> you know, the voice that tells you you're a piece of -- or whatever. everybody has it you know what i'm talking about. >> i guess >> you sound crazy >> i don't know. my parents always told me that i was great, so whenever i have a bad thought or something, i just -- it seems like a lie. >> are you serious >> yeah. they told me i was great and i believed them.
8:43 am
>> see, you are a freak. >> okay. every woman watching this, olivia, is nodding her head going, i know that feeling i know that feeling. i can't wait to talk about the movie, but i'm more excited to talk about the fact that you're about to do something for the first time you, my darling, are about to become a mom how do you feel? >> i feel good i feel scared. i feel nervous and i'm excited. i think i feel every day the feelings are just kind of rotating through i came home recently to a bunch of boxes and i'm looking at everything that i have to open up it's overwhelming when you think i know it's -- this is a small thing, but i don't know how many of each item i need. like how many blanket does a baby need? truly. i wish somebody could tell me. or how many onesies, how many diapers. what is the best rocker? that's a big question. apparently you need a really
8:44 am
good rocker. and then one that can support your head because a lot of them go down too low. and does it glide or do you want it to rock these are -- like these keep me up at night. it's really confusing. >> by the way, it's funny, olivia i was thinking about this moment when i adopted haley and hope. they give you the baby and they give you some formula and you're literally sitting there thinking, what do i do next? i laughed because you've been getting advice from your friends and there was something you said that you said one of your friends was really freaky good, she thought, at predicting your baby's height. tell me that story >> i never said that she was good this was my friend, jessica. she said i've got a gift i can tell you exactly how tall the baby will be she said do you want to know i said okay. >> she said how tall are you i said i'm 5'5". how tall is john he's six feet. she goes, the baby will be six feet i don't know how she came up with the math, but i'm excited
8:45 am
to see a six foot baby stretched out. >> i know you're excited i imagine john is excited. how are you guys feeling about it >> we're just really excited we just kind of -- we talk about the same stuff which is which rocker, what kind of crib do you put the baby in? you know, what do you put the -- what does the baby wear? so it's like the basics. honestly, thank god for instagram and facebook and blog. because there's a lot of moms who put out so much great information and that has been such a saving grace for me because i really -- like i'm really good with my dog. if it's anything like having dogs, then i can do that but i have a feeling it's going be much different. >> i think you're going to be
8:46 am
great. i tell you one piece of advice that maria shriver gave me i said i'm bouncing my haley up in the air she said what are you doing? i said i'm playing with the baby she said let me tell you something, your baby needs what you do to be looked at, to be talked to, to be loved and secure they need the most basic of things and i took that one to the bank. i want to talk about your movie, violet this is something i think all women struggle with. it's like you try to be confident, but there's a loud voice in your head that is just booming. did you take this role because you thought, like, i get her, i relate to her, i am her? >> yeah. when i read the script, i was taken aback by how the voice was related with what i have struggled with, that constant self-doubt, and self-criticism, and regret for things that have happened even decades ago. so when i read that, i thought to myself, if someone can actually execute this the way it
8:47 am
feels in my brain and my soul, that would be such an amazing thing to be a part of. justina is such a vision that family, the bateman family, they have this talent running through them it was really such a gift to be able to work with her. >> we did have justine bateman on this show she said she knew it was for you when she wrote this. how do you quiet those kind of voices, olivia, in your real life >> man, hoda, that's a hard -- hard one and i think there's different times in my life where they cycle through. i think the biggest voice i have in my head a lot is a lot of the regret of being able to forgive
8:48 am
myself for sometimes just the silliest mistake or just doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, just thinking, like, why didn't i know better or why wasn't i more mature at this moment? so that's really hard for me but i feel like keeping really great positive people around me has been helpful because sometimes i will have friends who have none of those thoughts and i'm like, how do you go through life like that and i'm trying to learn and listen from them and then also shutting doors, shutting things that just make me feel bad and things that make me feel depressed. i think that's been the biggest thing is to know what things don't serve me anymore >> i've known you for a long time i remember when you came on our show and you were just a kid you had a good heart and a beautiful soul and i can already picture you as a mom sitting here i can't wait for the day that your baby comes. i know you're going to be great at it. good luck with the movie,
8:49 am
olivia come back and see us whenever you can. we're waiting for you, okay? >> that means a lot, hoda. thank you so much. we should do a play date one day. >> violet, by the way, is in theaters with a wider release on friday at home and on demand it starts november 9th coming up next, mr. roker explores solutions to worldwide coffee shortage. it starts right here in california but first, this the "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
our ongoing climate series >> this morning, how rising global temperatures are threatening the world's coffee supply mr. roker, you took a recent trip not to south america. we're talking about southern california >> i know. i was really surprised climate change already impacting coffee production all around the world. take brazil, the world's leading coffee grower, climate contributing to a loss of more than 13 million bags of coffee, more than half of what we in the u.s. consume each year, a
8:52 am
potential shortage encouraging farmers in other parts of the world to find innovation solutions. growing along the tropics, these crops are some of the world's most valuable. weather extremes like drought, heat and fire are ravaging these native coffee lands at a rapid pace researchers say in less than 30 years, the world's so-called bean belt where the plant is most easily grown could lose much of the land for coffee farming. it's encouraging others elsewhere to try this crop it's the first time i've seen a coffee plant up close. it's not what i expected
8:53 am
>> most people don't know that the coffee is a cherry coffee that we drink is the seed inside the fruit >> jay ruskey has been planting coffee on his farm near santa barbara for over 23 years. today, his company, fringe coffee, is working with over 70 farmers to grow these beans across southern california >> here is your chance, al harvest a coffee cherry. >> that's surprisingly sweet >> all while having to adapt to climate change >> if i reflect in the last three or four years, we've had we've had a few heat spikes where we have one or two days where it's 120 degrees and that usually does not happen. >> how does changing climate affected your farm and what you grow, but even more importantly, how you grow it? >> what we're trying to do is move away from monoculture, high efficiency so add ago more resilient system by adding varying crops. >> i've been on a lot of farm webs but i don't think i've ever seen anything like this. jay grows tall avocado trees next to shorter coffee plants and dragon fruit >> that's terrific >> since you're here, throw that organic matter back into the plant and the soil >> in new york city, that's a $50 fine for littering >> no. you're contributing to the soil. the places where the avocados
8:54 am
and coffee were growing side by side, they were well protected during this heat event so the avocados may get burned up, but the coffee was protected. >> so the avocado trees were protecting the coffee plants >> yes >> experts say this may be the future of farming. >> is this being ahead of the curve in that as the traditional coffee producing climates get hotter and more inhospitable to coffee production, some place like here may have a little more wiggle room? >> certainly as we look to growing coffee in more different places around the world, that is going to provide resilient to the overall agricultural system. >> on his farm, jay and the fringe team harvest, pulp, dry and even roast coffee beans. >> wow, i can't believe the aroma. >> allowing me to reap the benefits of what was sown just feet away. >> this is unlike any cup of coffee i've ever had do you see a point where
8:55 am
california coffee is as well known as coffee from jamaica, colombia >> we'll never be the biggest or even near the biggest, but i want california to be known for some of the finest coffees >> how optimistic are you that farms like this combined with different technologies, that we have a future in this? >> i'm optimistic that people like jay, people around the world will keep looking for solutions. it's a challenge, but it's one that we can meet if we work together >> agriculture needs innovation. i think we need pioneers so what we're doing here, i think, will have a global impact and i think it's a great opportunity for the consumers to be better connected to their daily cups of coffee >> now, this coffee jay is growing isn't cheap. about $10 to $12 a cup he says the price tag helps mitigate the risk for farmers who get about half of that cash. and he compares his coffee to a
8:56 am
glass of fine wine if you smell it, it's a little more floral. this is not your morning cup of coffee >> it's flower forward >> no sugar, no cream. >> i don't drink coffee, but i could drink this >> craig tried the coffee cherry and got the seed out very nice. >> we're going to keep the coffee around. >> thanks for opening our eyes up next on the third hour, it's a story about a veteran who says a quarter and a potato chip . good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. some bay area parents have been waiting for a long time for today. this is the day children ages 5
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller blah ska, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today" on this special day. >> what's wednesday? >> hump day, baby. >> boom. >> mike, mike, mike, mike, mike. >> we have our sister to the show, vicky nguyen sitting at the table because it is such a special day. >> is it a special day? >> craig's favorite story of the morning. >> you know, i enjoy a nice cup of bourbon, but i've got nothing on a guy name fre


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