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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 3, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, willie geist, steve schirripa and michael imperioli. fortune feimster, everybody. [ cheers and applause i want to thank roy mayorga and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you guys [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ right now at 11:00, it is a go. shots are starting in just a matter of hours in the bay area. pfizer's covid vaccine officially approved for kids 5
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to 11. how fast can you get an appointment? you can't put a price on safety, great lengths one neighborhood so is going to. racist and homophobic slurs targeted teachers spray painted all over a south bay high school, plea from the principal. took matters into his own hands after elderly parents were attacked on the street. >> the attacker picks up construction, one of those a-frames, swings it at my dad. >> tracked down the attacker and hoping to help others. good evening. check out pharmacy websites, including walgreens, you can schedule an appointment for your kids right now. cdc has given the green light
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for pfizer vaccine. >> lower dose for 5 to 11 but are there enough doses and how long for the wait? ian, how about it. >> you city can't book on the myturn site but found places that will begin in the morning and pediatricians are ready for influx of parents and kids. late tonight the vaccinations for 5 to 11 have begun, 28 million kids now eligible. one connecticut hospital starting right away. >> when stuff gets better, i can be closer to my friends and don't have to wear masks. >> all the children have gone through so much, it's really just giving us that sense of safety. >> reporter: tonight in the south bay, first pfizer doses for kids in the bay area are being prepared at county fairgrounds. they'll start in the morning by appointment only.
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nurses have set up a kid friendly side of the building to make the vaccine less daunting. >> will be paying attention to what is around them instead of what's happening. >> reporter: san mateo county doing something similar on saturday. >> may be a little bit of fear, rightfully so, some kids may not want shots. we want to create a space where it's family friendly. >> reporter: san francisco is urging families to contact their pediatrician first and will have doses available soon at its vaccine sites. leading pediatricians say vaccinating this age group is critical to return to normal childhood. >> children in second grade have never experienced a normal school year. students in middle school missed out on sports and extracurricular activities. >> also stanford childrens health beginning thursday,
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kaiser permanente taking appointments by then and monday even more will be available. >> we reached out to every local county, marin county tells us the large scale clinics set for saturday. but pharmacies and pediatricians could administer them sooner. same for contra costa county, and alameda, could be a couple of weeks and solano county saying that. your pediatrician, hospital or pharmacy may have a different time line. check out the vaccine faq on
1:42 am or the app. faq-covid vaccine for kids. should my young kid get vaccinated, what are the possible side effects. some people are taking law enforcement into their own hands. another neighborhood sick and tired of rising crime is banding together to hire its own security force. tony enclave of russian hill. terry mcsweeney is in the city. >> reporter: nbc bay area news has learned of a meeting tonight in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood. people got together to talk about hiring a private security force to protect the area. it's not first time this has happened in san francisco and from what we're hearing, won't be the last. pictures everywhere on social media, even in broad daylight, cars burglarized, and in russian
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hill, people met to consider the cost for peace of mind. person says people know they can come to san francisco to steal with no consequences. lived in russian hill for 16 years. >> you go around, cars constantly broken into. been a number of package robberies, i think it's actually rampant. my friends are uncomfortable and nervous at night. >> reporter: in marina district, neighbors have already hired a security force. representing the area, spoke about crime and punishment, or lack thereof. >> been in the city 21 years and public services since 2007, never heard the complaints about home break-ins and other crime like i have the past year and a
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half. >> reporter: and sees lack of prosecution as major part of the problem. >> if you know you may not ge charged? what's to stop you. >> mayor, board of supervisors, prosecutors, police, everybody blames other one but don't have system that works. >> reporter: reached out to district attorney's office after hours but did not receive a response, nbc bay area news. just in, more problems at los gatos high school, vandalism, school officials say three groups trashed the campus over the weekend. racist and homophobic slurs spray painted on the walls and windows, some teachers names along with the slurs. eggs thrown at almost every building and 529-pound pumpkin was smashed.
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school has surveillance video but so far no arrests. sent a letter to parents unless people help us take a stand, these acts will be repeated as they're not held accountable. it's disheartening to know this behavior could go unpunished. fremont could be next city to provide income for poor residents with a focus on families at risk of becoming homeless and young people transitioning out of foster care. directs the city staff to find ways to fund the pilot. and oakland are giving out cash payments, part of universal basic income, to families to battle poverty. san francisco school board
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discusses mandatory budget cuts. reducing by $50 million, cutting jobs across the district and taking away $40 million in central services and another 55 jobs in that area. has until december 15 to my knowledge submit a plan and board must approve it. walnut creek voted to be a vape-free city, passed a ban on sales of flavored tobacco. enforcement doesn't begin until five months from now. a bay area man wants help to find person who attacked his elderly parents. see the video there, last week in san francisco but wasn't until he took matters into his own hands he got closer to finding out what happened. cheryl hurd. >> dad is 84 years old, walks
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with a cane. >> reporter: attorney and his c fighting for her parents after they were attacked in downtown san francisco. >> man walked up behind them, kicked my dad in his bad leg, so hard he almost knocked him off his cane. >> reporter: that's the first encounter with the man. this is video of the second encounter 20 minutes late. >> points and shouts at my parents and my dad tries to take a picture of this person so that he can give it to the police. >> reporter: father can't make out what he's saying but see him pick up a construction sign and throw towards his parents. mother screams. >> i wanted to share what we did to try to find at least the picture of the attacker and
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maybe video because we weren't getting responsiveness from the police department. >> reporter: taking matters into his own hands, went to the scene looking for cameras that may have captured the attack and got lucky. >> just want a record to be known, there's this guy attacking old asian people on the street. that should at least be documented. >> reporter: started the chinatown safety patrol in january when this 84-year-old thai-american was pushed to the ground and later died from his injuries. he would like more action from police when it comes to attacks on elderly asian people. >> first instinct should be to contact law enforcement or proper authorities and not have to take matters into your own hands. really paints a picture of how much public safety is an issue right now. >> reporter: an issue jones will continue to fight for.
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. for the second time in san francisco history, a police officer is facing homicide charges for on-duty shooting. body cam footage shows two officers trying to talk to sean milwaukee brewer at his home, he refuses to talk to them. telling them to get off his property. things escalate and officer kenneth chaw fires. he survived at time but when he died three years later, coroner ruled the wounds contributed to his death. settled with the family but now the d.a. is filing charges. election night in virginia, nbc news projecting that republican glen youngkin is the next governor, could indicate direction of the midterm
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elections. ran on banning critical race theory from schools. last year joe biden won. republican national committee is saying this is the start of a red wave. new york city elected second african-american to be mayor in its history. he campaigned to reallocate police resources towards fighting gun violence and creating transparency in the nypd. president biden is back on european soil after wrapping up the european tour. among the big achievements, leaders of more than 100 nations agreed to end deforestation by 2030. the summit continues through next week. back in 60 seconds.
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still ahead, followed for 40 miles and robbed in front of his home. frightening attack on bay area photographer on his home camera. not a shot but nasal spray, new vaccine that could offer even better
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thieves are getting more brazen and violent. bay area photographer spotted at golden gate bridge, followed him home 40 miles to fremont and he was robbed of gear. caught on his home security surveillance camera. he's speaking out. jean elle. >> that's when i noticed two guys kind of approach my car, right? and the first guy knocked on my window and i immediately had a bad feeling about this. something is wrong. he's got mask on, gloves on. that's when i locked the car immediately. he said hey, which direction is the freeway. >> reporter: bay area photographer louis, asked us not to use his last name, arriving home in fremont after taking pictures of the golden gate
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bridge when he was robbed by two men police say followed him home. one man smashed his rear window and stole camera bag and man in window ran to the getaway car. put his car in drive. >> chased them unwisely so to interrupt them from escaping, then i saw gun pointed at me. >> reporter: one shot fired as family came running out. no one was hurt. louis is shaken, knows other amateur photographers targeted for their gear. >> some are pepper sprayed, tackled to the ground for existing and taking pictures of moments they enjoy, right? this has got to stop. >> reporter: we've reported on wedding photographers losing everything in car break-ins and real estate photographers robbed in traffic. experts say it's not just bay
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area problem. >> first thing everybody did was warn us about the risk of robbery. it's prevalent there in san francisco but it's worldwide problem. >> reporter: louis started a petition calling on camera manufacturers to include antitheft technology in their products. >> crime is not a new thing, people used to have cell phones grabbed out of their hands but now we have p.i.n. numbers on them, trackers on them. >> reporter: louis focuses on the big picture while police investigate. arrested one suspect, 35-year-old police say was on federal probation for robbing a photographer in san francisco in 2015. possible love triangle may have led to murder. jessica and her brother marco quintanilla faced judge today, accused of shooting and killing
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19-year-old in a fairfield home, brother marco with accessory to murder. leilani was last season in sacramento at halloween party, left with two air force airmen and investigators say she was murder in the home of juan perra peralta and body found in salinas. he's made bail. back to orange and red, not necessarily good thing. cdc updated the covid transmission map, appears the bay area has taken a step backward. solano and sonoma in red, high. everybody else in orange, substantial, were in yellow tier until yesterday. dr. monica gandhi, nice to have you back on the program. seems like we're making correct
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and encouraging steps now we're going in wrong direction. why is this happening? how concerned should we be? >> this is an artifact how we define community transmission. literally. cdc transmission metrics prior to vaccination were based on the fact we were encouraging mask asymptomatic testing because you could pass it on to others. let's pretend that high transmission is 50 over 100,000 cases. line up 100,000 people, 50 have covid in their noses, that's substantial transmission. however, after vaccination in highly vaccinated regions like ours, cdc says don't test if you feel well and you're vaccinated, only go and test if you've been exposed to covid or if you feel like you have covid. so having 50 out of 100,000 people have covid in their nose
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after vaccination actually just shows the right people are testing. so it is an artifact. unless we change how we define community transmission, highly vaccinated regions are always going to look like they're in the red. could be a new weapon in the fight against covid, stanford scientists trying to develop a stronger vaccine administered without a needle. sterilizing immunity, protected completely, allowing no chance of infection. vaccine they're working on could be inhaled through the nose, providing a line of defense immediately. >> possible this could be applicable to -- on worldwide scale, obviously best-case scenario. main advantage of this is the fact that you are able to
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introduce your vaccine into the lungs, and the lungs is the primary source of the infection. >> curious part, originally the scientists were working on way to treat brain cancer, then pandemic hit and applied research to lungs instead. fascinating. >> really is. so much happening in the bay area as well. jeff ranieri talking about beautiful day and night it was but changing tomorrow right? >> got that right. tracking rainfall chances coming our way within next 24 hours. top headline is chance returning once we hit tomorrow night and very early thursday. we'll get you to that but start off with wednesday morning forecast, midway through the week, closer to the weekend, begin with more sunshine in the morning than we've seen lately. sun, little bit of cloud cover. temperatures in 50s from south
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bay peninsula. you can see a pocket of heat towards the get to martinez, 69 and 60s over the north bay to the coastline. will get sun tomorrow, dry through the day and then late, next shower chance moving in. view of the storm system is nothing compared to the strong storms we had within the past two weeks but see a little bit of yellow, heavier pockets. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night, over the north bay. closer here, as we head through the early morning hours, thursday around 1:00 a.m., got widespread rain in the north bay but watch how it falls apart thursday morning, not much left for south bay, east bay or
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peninsula. light, blue is trace amounts, a few pockets in green, quarter inch for the north bay. low storm on the totals range but holding out hope for possibly stronger storm with heavier rainfall next monday and tuesday. quarter to one inch potential. inland valleys, 70s tomorrow and drops off, feels like november as we head to the next seven days. time change coming on sunday, we're all ready. anyone have the old winding clocks in their house? >> sometimes decorative ones. >> you are right. >> the microwave, the oven. >> yeah. >> turn the clocks. >> and wrist watch. >> don't have apple watches. >> but the phone does it for you. fall back. >> thanks jeff. happening now, snow, could be a couple of months before sierra at tahoe reopens, it's
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still recovering from the caldor fire that burned chair lifts and weakened trees. global supply chain new details about the deadly car crash with the star player for the raiders. the team released wide receiver
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henry ruggs. investigators say he crashed toyota in rav4 which caught fire, killing the driver. ruggs and his girlfriend were hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries.wi dui inv death, faces up to 20 years in prison. facebook is getting ready of facial recognition that tags people in photos, expected to affect billion users, it's how facebook recognizes our faces and our friends to tag each other but will no longer do it automatically and will delete more than 1 billion stored facial recognition templates. back in a moment with sharks and
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well, it is one of the biggest covid outbreaks for a sports team since the pandemic began and happening in our backyard. >> the sharks have seven players and head coach out on the covid protocol list. keep in mind entire team has been vaccinated. at shark tank tonight, where are all the fans? sharks historically among league leaders in attendance, not this season. sharks and sabres, tomas hertl through traffic, fired up. 5-3 sharks beat the sabres, 6-3 on the season despite playing without top players. now we have a new world series champion tonight, in houston astros the braves and
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astros, jorge soler, out of the ballpark, massive shot, braves win 7-0, final out of the game, let the celebration begin. atlanta something new happening with the san francisco symphony, easier to see the symphony, partnering with clear for the technology with airports and ballparks, allows you to sign in, connects the identity with proof of vaccination, streamlines the process. cutest video of the day. warriors practice today. they have a new ball boy,
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jessica. >> so cute. >> that's dray junior, as in draymond green, feeding dad the balls. warriors host the hornets tomorrow night. way to go. four years old. >> go, go, go! that's it for us. breaking news tonight. the cdc panel voting unanimously to make 28 million children eligible to receive the covid vaccine. cdc advisers recommending a smaller dose of pfizer's vaccine for children 5 to 11 the first shots are expected to go in arms in a matter of hours, allowing kids to get fully vaccinated in time for christmas. what parents need to know. also, election night is here, all eyes on the tight battle for virginia's governor both president biden and former president trump looming large over the race. what it means for the midterms and beyond president biden's final day at the u.n. climate summit the global pledge announced on cutting greenhouse gases back home,
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the standoff over his agenda and soaring consumer prices. nbc news asking the president how long will it last. opening statement in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the teen charged with fatally shooting two men in violent protests last summer will he take the stand. mysterious jet pack man in the sky. how authorities crack the case the answer may surprise you. my ride to the nation's tallest monument on our "journey across america." this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt across america reporting tonight from st. louis. good evening from the gateway to the west, st. louis, missouri, the second stop on our journey across america this week. a lot to report from here including some struggles that will ring true in many american cities in the pandemic first, tonight following last


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