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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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available across the bay area? >> plus president biden has now left the global climate summit in scotland. what was agreed upon? and will any changes be made? >> by showing up, we've had a profound >> who the president called out for not being involved in the solution. and stepping in to help the salmon population, the extreme measures state fish hatcheries are taking because of climate change. >> good tuesday, the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> as expected the cdc has given final clearance. the pfizer covid vaccine can be given to young kids 5-11. many parents are still hesitant but doctors and health clinics are not and ready to add --
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administer shots as early as tomorrow. >> reporter: about three hours ago they voted to recommend the lower dose covid vaccine to those 5-11 and the cdc director officially signed off. members of the advisory committee were highly supportive of the vaccine. >> we have a total of 14 yes, 0 no and the motion passes and the interim recommendation is now a recommendation. >> reporter: even though children do not get nearly as sick as adults, but it will provide numerous advantages. cdc models project that vaccinating children 5-11 could help to accelerate the decline in cases currently seen in the u.s. we have reached out to all
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of the counties in the bay area to find out when they willadmin people. hi dr. peter. many parents that couldn't wait to be vaccinated are waiting when it comes to their young kids. a survey from the kaiser foundation, 2/3 says no way or i am going to wait and see. what would you say to parents like me? >> i think it is understandable if people want to wait and see. people are not saying no. in fact 2/3 of the parents say they will give it at some point. 1/3 say they will give it immediately. i think that is good news. i think that is enough to have people feeling comfortable with it. again, it is a third of the
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dose. we see fewer side-effects in the initial survey from the 2,300 kids. i expect that we will not see much more over time. >> i know you say it is okay. you read the trials. it is a go. parents can do it comfortably. if i am one of the wait and sees, how long should i wait for where i can feel totally comfortable? a couple of months, six weeks? >> for some people when the neighbor next door has his or her kids immunized and everything seems okay. for others close to the time of holiday travel so that the kids can hug grandma or grandpa and feel good about it. for others it may be a couple of months like you said. and in most cases a two-month period after the administration in the large population of kids is when bad stuff happens.
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it hasn't happened in the trial yet. more people get it over the next few weeks. i think it might be a time for the wait and watch category. >> your counterpart believes there should be an incentive for hesitant parents like me. if the governor says if kids are vaccinated we can drop the mask mandate at school. do you think it is a good idea to have an incentive and is it safe to do that? >> i think it is probably not safe yet until enough kids are immunized. the whole reason for masks in schools is not as much for disease presentation and people getting super sick as much as not just wanting to disrupt the integrity of the classes being in session. i think that is both of those reasons is driving the mask man date in school. it is not an absolute man date. i think as the disease continues to drop and as people get immunized to protect people being in school.
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that will probably fall off too. >> i know that there were concerns when the pfizer vaccine and all of the vaccines came out at first. fertility concerns. should i be worried about that for young kids? >> i think that it is always a concern with young patient who has a very active immune system. but again, at 1/3 the dose many people model that you will see much less than would be originally expected in young men, which is under the age of 30 is what had been seen primarily. so that is what i am hoping as well. and even in those cases, you know, most people recovered in the order of three to five days. >> okay. one last question. the dose is smaller, 1/3. will it affect a 5-year-old more than an 11-year-old, the side-effects, the pain in the arm, a little bit of a fever?
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>> that is a great question. it is not about the size of the person as much as the age. the age of the immune system is really driving the lower dose in kids. so far at least even in the youngest kids through the oldest kids they act the same. with 1/3 of the dose it will be surprising to see they had fewer side-effects like fevers and chills. >> fewer side-effects, a higher efficacy rate. very promising news there for hesitant parents. thank you so much. another big question, will there be enough supply for the country. nightly news will take a look at that and the conflicting feelings. >> will there be change and
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progress stemming from the united nations climate conference overseas. world leaders agreed to stop deforestation by the end of the decade. one of the many accomplishments they say they made by the leaders at the conference in scotland. you can see president biden. he praised his counterparts and took a swipe at russia and china, among the biggest polluters for not showing up. >> i think it has been a big mistake for china not showing up and the rest of the world will look to china and say what value are they providing? they lost an ability to influence people around the world and all of the people here the same way i would argue with regard to russia. >> mr. biden unveiled some of the nations strongest regulations ever to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas drilling. the president is now on his way
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to washington d.c. but the climate summit continues through next week. back here in the bay area we have seen signs of climate change for years and creates weather pattern between severe drought and fierce storms. it is a sign of trouble. advocates are stopping to help these for out. >> reporter: moving over the feather river the oroville dam is a shadow of itself. too many rainless months left it parched and dry. one of the state's most important resources for chinook salmon. the hatchery is the birthplace and the final destination of a three-year journey to the ocean and back to spawn. >> at the hatchery we are spawning.
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we finished spawning our spring run. >> reporter: for jason julian there is concern the drought will impact the fish as droughts have in the past. >> during the last drought we saw a big decline on the number of fish returning to the rivers in the subsequent years. >> reporter: here and other hatcheries in northern california, the fish are getting a helping hand. inside the hatcheries biologists collect the salmon eggs, inyou can -- hatched and raised. the drought leaves rivers too warm for eggs to survive, the hatcheries are picking up the slack. >> typically it produces 6 million fall run. this year we are increasing the number by 1.75 million. >> reporter: within the collection room each column of trays holds more than 100,000 salmon eggs. >> we hoped the increased
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production will offset the drought impacts. >> reporter: in shasta county coleman fish hatchery is increasing their production by 2 million. >> with all of the challenges, climate change, the drought, we are taking measures to support these fish. >> reporter: because salmon are on a three-year life cycle the impact of the current drought likely won't be felt for several years. >> if we didn't have extra help from the state, we would be looking at three years from now fishing with very few salmon. >> reporter: john mcmanis applauds the move calling it vital for california's struggling fishing industry. >> the salmon coming out of the central valley are the major economic engine for all of these coastal communities. >> reporter: the state took the step of trucking the juvenile hatchery fish directly to the bay to give them a better chance
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of survival and now as the environmental community casts a hopeful eye on the dark clouds gathering over the state, there is hope that the working done here will provide a silver lining. up next, the race that everyone around the country is watching. an update on virginia's governor's race. >> two problems, a flooded car and insurance policy that won't pay. we will help you fix that. >> we are tracking more rain chances. i will have an updated look at that in about eight minutes.
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the difference between products, they live for it. from american hardwood to spanish porcelain to italian marble, i'm looking for inspiration from every part of the world. so, when it comes to discovering every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at >> if you don't live in virginia, chances are you don't care much about tonight's election. but a lot of people are tuning in. the polls close about 90 minutes ago and this governor's race
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could be a bellwether for the country. the democrat is hoping to be celebrating tonight and experts say the winner could provide insight into how the 2022 midterms will shake out and a snapshot of how voters feel of president biden's performance so far. the neck in neck race has seen president biden, vice president harris and former president obama campaigning on behalf. >> it say question of which voters from the pool actually show up. democrats have had a terrible time this fall mainly because of what is going on in washington getting democratic voters excited. >> yeah. it could be a backlash from democratic voters against the performance so far of president biden. other parts of the country, voters will decide a number of key issues including police reform in minneapolis and
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vaccine mandates in new york city. while it is an off year election, there are bay area issues at stake. notable questions on the ballots, two school district parcel tax measures, also a school parcel tax measure in menlo park. and council seats in emeryville and tiburon. >> switching gears to the weather. many are recovering from last week's atmospheric river. a lot of cars were flooded. >> even worse many car insurance companies will not pay to fix the water damage. that would be a real bummer. >> you are on the hook, completely. we want to help you fix that. generally you have to have comprehensive damage coverage. here is the thing.
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it is optional. millions of california drivers do not have it. san francisco-based money geek estimates more than a 1/3 of cars do not have comprehensive coverage. what does it mean for the bay area? >> it means there are 1.8 million cars in the bay area that are not covered. >> let's check to see if you have coverage. find your policy. look on what is called the declarations page, which should be the front. if you need help, call your company or agent. if comprehensive coverage is not added, many let you adjust your coverage there on the app or the website. you can call your agent. that is what you pay them for. the cost, it varies and here is how. >> the cost of comprehensive coverage is certainly going to vary based on the type of vehicle that you own. if it is newer with a lot of new
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technology versus older model. and the amount of deductible which is how much you might have to pay out-of-pocket if you do in fact have a loss. >> most car insurance policies renew every six months. you don't have to wait until renewal to make changes. if that storm spooked you, it is possible you can shop for comprehensive coverage right now. we will tackle all sorts of insurance issues for you. if you have one tell us about it and click the response option from the main menu or you can call us. back over to you two. >> yeah. i think have i both. collision and comprehensive. like when your windshield cracks and you have to get it changed. >> yeah. the windshield is comprehensive. the flooded car, comprehensive. >> i just checked my policy. i have both. >> don't drive through standing water anyway. >> exactly. turn around. >> exactly. turn around, don't drown. >> the pandemic has turned the
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tables in the job market and employees are now calling the shots. the pandemic hit and people were forced to work from home. the new reality led millions to re-think their lives. what do they want now? flexibility. hr consultants say companies that do not offer it are missing out on 50 to 70% of job applicants. 3/4 of employers are reworking their pay and benefit structures to lure new workers. zillow is getting out of the home flipping business. zillow would buy and renovate houses to sell. a combination of competition and a volatile housing market made the service flop. company says 25% of the workforce will be cut, about 2,000 jobs. >> let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist. >> that is why we live here right, one of the reasons. we are doing good. we got a nice break in between the storm activity. we will get you a view of san francisco and the world famous golden gate bridge. looking spectacular. a lot of the cloud cover cleared out. we had a small window of sunshine. san francisco at 66. light wind out of the north and chillier 50s on the way at 10 and 11:00. tomorrow i am seeing dry weather from the area of high pressure. that is what helped to push the storm track off to the north. it will be a really quick break. i see it moving on out. then i will see a weaker system dropping down from the north. we are only going to get a spotty rain chance and certainly picking up more rain. all of the details on the totals
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once we get you through the temperatures tomorrow. we will start off and mainly have dry conditions throughout the day. we will mix in sun and clouds. widespread 50s here. as you walk out the door, if you feel chilly in your location or city where you are at or wherever you are commuting to work it will feel the same as we go through tomorrow. we will have the sunshine. 68. 70 in pleasanton. you had closer to the coast and the northern peninsula. temperatures will drop off. san francisco, 63 in the marina. 66 in the mission. through the north bay a lot of the upper 60s and lower 70s.
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looking at the sun as we move through tomorrow. tomorrow night, we see the next system moving in. overall it is pretty weak compared to what we have been through. 9:30 we get rain in the north bay. totals into thursday morning. you will see in san francisco, we will dry out after this for friday, saturday, sunday. consistent rainfall would be next monday and tuesday and that could bring us a quarter to an inch. we will watch it closely. we might get an atmospheric river tap with that. too early to be certain on that but i definitely do think it will be the next widespread chance of rain. this is what we are asking for. such a good trend to be in. >> beautiful sunshine, rain, beautiful sunshine. >> that is how it should be. >> up next, devouring a garbage
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and treatment of cancer.
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>> a huge sink hole in japan opened up and partially swallowed a garbage truck. the hole is estimated to be 32 feet long and 16 feet deep. it was on the verge of falling all the way in for six hours. it is unclear if it had anything to do with it. fortunately the driver of the truck was not hurt. >> when trick or treaters see a big bowl of candy it is hard to stop at one. one bowl of connecticut created a sweet viral story over the weekend. they were trick or treating when he saw his favorite candy, king sized reeses pieces. it was his apology that surprised the homeowner.
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>> i apologize in advance, i have to take two. >> is that a devil out fit? >> he took two. i would have taken three. the homeowner wasn't mad at all. she shared the video to track him down to give him more and people sent dominic's family cash to buy candy. the homeowner says it is a halloween moment she will never forget. >> king sized candy are the best. >> can you play hockey, if so call the sharks. half the team is out due to covid concerns. what happens for tonight's game? stay with us.
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>> tragic story involving one of the best players on the raiders. henry ruggs has been driving under the influence involved in a death. driving a corvette and crashed into another car before 4:00 this morning. the other car caught fire killing the driver. ruggs has non-life threatening injuries and if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. the sharks returned to the ice tonight and they will have to play without their head coach and a number of players. >> the sharks need players right now. seven players and the head coach on the covid protocol list. among the seven, erik karlsson
5:59 pm
and they host the sabres tonight at the shark tank. all the sharks including the minor league players are fully vaccinated. this might be the cutest video of the day. warriors practice at chase center. >> nice pass. >> who is doing the passing. >> that is his little boy? how old is he? >> dre jr. giving daddy the ball. he is four years old. warriors are 5-1 and host charlotte. >> give me the ball. i'm ready to pass it to dad. >> hi jess. >> at 6:00, two assaults in the south bay have now become hate crimes. >> it is just a sad commentary that people are acting out in this type of a hateful way. >> what each alleged attacker did and said that could land
6:00 pm
them in jail. >> a san francisco cop on the other side of the law. the reason san francisco's d.a. said he needed to file homicide charges. >> a major change for facebook, again the one feature you will no longer be able to use. why privacy advocates are liking today's move. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thank you for being with us. >> it is a dangerous trend, attacks on asian americans and immigrants, and it happened again. santa clara county d.a. is charging two men with hate crimes for two separate assaults. the most recent altercation against a woman out just walking her dog. >> reporter: the santa clara county d.a. office said a man


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