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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 2, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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where restrictions on masks may soon be lifted. fighting a global threat. president biden taking the world stage while you were sleeping. the details behind the new push to put an end to our climate in crisis. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. i like to call it terrific tuesday. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i call it taco tuesday. we will make it a terrific taco tuesday. i am laura garcia. let's get to kari hall. >> it's drier after the nice rain we had yesterday, and today the rain moved on but we are left with the moisture on the ground and it's giving us patchy dense fog, especially in parts of the north bay. visibility in napa down to quarter of a mile, and it's
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drifting around parts of the east bay so you may encounter fog on your way to work this morning. temperatures in the low 60s and 70s, and it looks like it will be sunny this afternoon we'll talk more about all of this and when rain returns. that's coming up in the forecast in a few minutes, marcus. in two hours from now the cdc panel members will meet to approve pfizer's vaccine for younger aged groups. once that happens the cdc director must approve the plan. the vaccine shots could be given out as soon as tomorrow. coming up for you at 6:30 this morning, our own bob redell tells you how they are getting ready to district the vaccine.
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the sharks' roster will look different for tonight's game at the shark tank, and there are other questions as well. kris sanchez joins us live at the sap center this morning. this is fallout from a big road trip they took. >> reporter: yeah, so i mean if you watched the game on saturday you know it was a scramble for the san josé sharks. they had so many players under the covid protocol they had to bring up players from the san josé barracuda. on the ice it was just kind of a different kind of show. here's what could be uncertain for tonight, seven players but the coach under covid protocol. according to the team, all staff and players are vaccinated. so the question is where did the team become infected? things are different on the road this season, as players are in
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hotels and restaurants and can be out in public if they are fully vaccinated. the team doctor can request a return to the ice if they have two negative tests. logan couture did not feel well enough to play but did test negative. i mentioned that the sharks called up some of the baracuda players, and they did not have enough players to play the game on halloween night, and that october 31st team had to be postponed. >> all of the adjustments being made. thank you so much, kris. moving you forward, and it may not be long before more of the bay area eases mask requirements. marin county became the first in the bay area to lift its mandate for indoor businesses, and everybody has to wear a mask on
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public transit, in hospitals and at schools. one infectious disease expert said approving the vaccine for children will help further ease the rules. >> once the vaccination gets approved and into the arms of 5 to 11-year-olds, i think the closest to getting to that point will be san francisco, santa clara and san mateo. >> any county with a vaccination rate of 80%, a low hospitalizations rate and 21 state days of moderate covid levels can ease restrictions. santa clara county is close to the yellow tier, and san francisco is closer with 76% fully vaccinated. the u.n. climate change summit right now in the process of wrapping up in scotland. the president is upping the nation's commitment to fighting the climate in crisis, which includes stopping the cutting
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down of trees. today's chris pallone is live in washington. this is on top of a big environment commitment made on behalf of the united states already. >> right, yeah, committing to ending deforestation. good morning, marcus. this deal was announced with the president of brazil and china, and the u.s. committing to end deforestation by 2030, and expect warn that a similar deal in 2014 did not work out and it has not happened. while attending the summit the president is also promising the strongest regulations to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas drilling. 80 nations will join the u.s. and european union by 30%, and speaking to the summit this morning the president also said the u.s. is committed to conserving and restoring carbon
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sinks, and those are things that absorb more carbon than they release. he's calling on other world leaders to join him. >> i am confident we can do this. all we have to do is summon the will to do what is right and what is in our capacity. as simple as it sounds, i think it is this simple. let's get to work. >> meanwhile, back on capitol hill, the house's top progressive says she's confident that a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a bigger social spending bill will pass this week, meanwhile democrats hoping to get a preview of what they might face in next year's mid-term election are casting their view upon the state of virginia where the democrat and republican are running neck and neck in today's election, even though president biden won the state by ten points last year. >> that's a race a lot of people are watching closely.
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chris pallone in washington. thanks. nbc bay area committed to following the latest on the climate in crisis. head to the website, and here in the bay area and beyond we are talking about it, and find the latest stories at and then in morgan hill, a pastor is accused of inappropriate touching children over a six-year period. it's not clear if the alleged incidents happened at the church, and police want parents to know what is going on. >> we would just ask the parents to speak with their children in the event they do disclose anything to immediately call and set up an interview with the detective. >> the pastor is facing 15 criminal charges, and the church
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did not respond to our multiple request for comment. more this morning on a deadly shooting outside the home of a gilroy city council member. >> there was a memorial for one of those shot and died from the shooting, and the 19-year-old is now in custody, and police say there was a second shooter. this all unfolded at the home of councilmember rebeca armendariz, who did not attend last night's council meeting. police say her family is cooperating with the police investigation. a live look at san francisco this morning. happening today, paid leave supporters plan to gather outside the offices of house speaker, nancy pelosi. they are pressing her to push expanded paid leave as part of president biden's build back better legislation. the rally takes place of noon
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outside of the federal building. 6:08 for you this morning. we will take a live look at walnut creek. you can see the droplets on the lens this morning. it will be drying out, i'm sure, today, but not for very long. meteorologist, kari hall, monitoring what we can expect in the forecast. it was good nap weather, and after the show i took a nap, and are we seeing a continuation of that? >> we are left with fog this morning, and that's the problem around napa this morning, visibility cut down sometimes to quarter of a mile, and we will see clouds linger throughout the morning. we will see for the microclimates, drop being back to the 50s tonight. tomorrow looks nice, and then with rain, it comes behind that. mike, you have a new crash?
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>> yeah, not the one here in byron. over here, this is the one i am talking about. the new one off the antioch bridge. a little slowing as you make your way from highway 160 to highway 4 in the commute direction. that will affect folks in this direction. the real backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza, and we have a lighter build and san josé and hayward are showing traditional slow spots just developing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," the new move from peloton that may have you breaking a sweat mid flight. plus, turns out made up money isn't worth anything?
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who could have possibly guessed? we will hit highs on the open after record highs yesterday. plus -- >> calling all you tiny dancers out there, the all-new fashion line from elton john is set to be released. stick around. we have much more right here on "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning. we're coming up on 6:14. as you are stepping out the door, it's a mild start in san josé. a few passing clouds and it feels humid out there. we will see more sunshine later this afternoon and temperatures warming up to the low 70s. our break from the rain doesn't last that long. we'll talk about when it comes back, coming up in a few minutes. a live look at palo alto shows you no problems, but we are seeing more activity on highway 101. here's an easy drive, but there's a backup at the bay bridge and richmond bridge as well, and a problem getting to the antioch bridge, and we'll sort of out, coming up. spacex and nasa are delaying
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the mission until the weekend because of health concerns, and we don't know what it is but they were quick to say it's not covid. the "san francisco chronicle" sz says facebook and tiktok are expanding and looking for more real estate. it's a lot, too. facebook wants 700,000 square feet of real estate in the city, and that's a lot during regular standards, much less during covid. the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 rally. and elon musk reminds investors that a deal has not been signed, and something we first said when we heard of the deal, it won't have a material affect on the sales on teslas, because tesla
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sells every car it makes. and then digital world acquisition company shares are down 30% from highs hit when the former president announced the deal. and then the currency from the squid world is worthless. they shut down, apparently selling all of their assets. there's some irony, people who bought into a game because they are greedy. the value of squid, that was the name of the coin was worth more than $2,000 a coin, and now it's worth half a cent. there's no value in made up money named after a tv show, and
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i feel that should not be that big of a surprise. there are a lot of made up currencies out there, and our producer said all currency is made up, and some are a bit more trustworthy than others. >> yeah, shows a lack of value or value in some of the cryptocurrencies. >> who could have guessed? >> i am sure a lot of people could. >> except if you lost it. >> thanks, scott. peloton and delta airlines bringing fitness classes to the skies. new programs will be available on all delta skies equipped with seat back entertainment. instructors will lead you through stretching exercises and mid flight meditation. rotate those ankles. >> there we go. trending this morning, elton johns is setting his sights on you.
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>> yeah, his new eyewear collection will be sold at sam's club and walmart. walmart pledged to donate 1 million of their proceeds of their collection to the elton john aids foundation. you can be fashionable and help out a good cause all at the same time. and some of the glasses are cool, too. i like them. >> yeah, i can imagine. some of them very unique. >> why do i have a feeling he never has been inside a walmart? just sayin'. >> kari, it's time to put away the sunglasses and pull out the umbrella in some cases, and it's gone now but could be back. >> yeah, we saw the rain moving off to the east yesterday, and now we have humidity and a little fog, and this is the next storm system coming in mainly on
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thursday morning, so we have a break in between. when we look at how much the last system brought us, and most of us, not a lot, but the upper elevations, mount tam had two inches of rain, and nearly two inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. san francisco, quarter of an inch, and less than half an inch for the oakland hills and santa rosa, and that was pretty decent for san rafael, almost inch 1/2 there. san josé barely measured anything, and morgan hill was even less. today we continue to dry out. temperatures in the low 70s today. reaching 71 in danville and daly city will see a high of 63 there. redwood city, a high of 68. novato today reaching the upper 60s. our next chance of showers arrive early thursday morning. we have been timing it out, seeing when the showers hit the north bay and rolling on through
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the rest of the bay area. most of us will miss it, as it's falling through the overnight hours and as you head out it will be wet but the rain will be wrapping up. south of san francisco, most of us will get about 0.1 of an inch of rain, and further to the north, looking more like a quarter inch of rain, so that's pretty good. we will see a chance of some of the clouds rolling back in on saturday and rain returns early on monday. mike, you have an alert for the east bay? >> i do. first, out of the east bay, the bay bridge is moving smoothly. it's just slow at the toll plaza. no alert here, just the backup. the issue for the north bay, highway 37 got word of a crash, a motorcycle down, and that's why we had that weird pattern going on. we will track that for the north bay. highway 4, slow through
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pittsburg, and the alert is getting to the antioch bridge. folks traveling up to 160 and the antioch bridge, you will have to reroute and go over to hillcrest and back around and then connect from east bay highway 4 to get on that and travel into the north bay. just a note for a clash and clarification, since i covered that in the last report. a little slowing for san josé and 101. that's it, and back to you. >> thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> two problems, a flooded car and an insurance policy that won't pay. we'll help you fix that. i am consumer reporter, chris chmura for "today in the bay." "nbc bay area responds" is next. top executive out of a job at good samaritan after a series
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of complaints. you can watch the full report online right now, and you will find it right there on our home page. we'll be right back. alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save.
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good morning. generally for car insurance to cover a flooded car you have to have comprehensive damage coverage. it's optional, and millions of california drivers don't have
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it. san francisco-based money geek estimated more than one-third of california cars do not have comprehensive coverage. as for the bay area -- >> that means there's 1.8 million cars that don't have comprehensive coverage. >> find your policy and look at the declarations page which should be on the front. if you need help reading it, call your company or agent. if you do not have it, adding it is easier than ever. you can do it online or on the app, and by calling your agent. >> if it's a newer call with new technology and sensors versus an older model year that may not be as expensive to repair. >> you don't have to wait until renewal to make changes. if that storm spooked you, you can shop for comprehensive coverage right now, perhaps. we tackle all sorts of insurance issues.
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if you have one, tell us at and click responds option from the main menu, or call us at 888-996-tips. new details in the suit filed by kobe bryant's widow. she filed a claim saying she suffered emotional distress. the judge ruled the county's motion to have her undergo an inland medical evaluation was untimely, given the trial is three months away. 6:26 right now. happening today, voters in minneapolis will decide the
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police department and the office of the chief will be removed from the charter. another bay area city looking to prevent kids from getting a hold of guns. that new ordinance up for a vote. and then a new federal investigation surrounding the dixie wildfire and how it could impact pg&e. later today, the cdc advisory panel could approve the covid vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds. how soon the shots will be available for your young children. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, a young woman dead after being seen at a halloween party. the new developments in a mystery spanning three counties. for parents, doses of hope. the pivotal meeting set to clear the way for covid vaccinations for children as young as five. in a live report, we're breaking down the timeline. the bay area gets a chance to dry out today as sunshine returns, but we have more rain on the way for the weekend. i'll tell you when you will need that umbrella again. this is "today in the bay." 6:30 right now on your tuesday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington.
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as soon as today, the cdc may green light covid vaccinations for children as young as five. >> bob redell is at a kaiser facility in pleasanton. how soon can parents expect the vaccine to be available? >> reporter: if the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 is approved by the cdc, they could start to administer the doses early november. we are already in november, so i would assume that means within the next couple of weeks, but, again, the cdc still needs to give it the approval. the advisory panel will hear various presentations from doctors about the pfizer vaccine and decide whether or not it would be appropriate for kids ages 5 to 11. the cdc director would also have to give a thumbs up. the federal government anticipated this approval and already started distributing doses to pediatricians, world health clinics and pharmacies
6:32 am
and other sites where children could get the vaccine. pfizer says its vaccine is 90% effective in preventing symptoms in this age group. >> as a pediatrician and father of five, i have followed this with personal interests and professional interests, and i think we need to trust the science. we have the best scientists in the country, who are reviewing this data and reviewing it independently. if all goes the way that we expect it, it will show us that the benefit of vaccination outweighs the risks. >> the california department of public health said it's ready to administer vaccines to children 5 to 11, and the pfizer dose would be a much lower dose than what is given to adults. once approved, check with your pediatrician or local pharmacy or your children's school, and supplies might be limited at
6:33 am
first but they hope to begin administering shots for kids in the early part of this month, again, assuming it has cdc approval. >> thanks for the latest, bob. 6:32 right now. people in palo alto have another option for getting tested for covid. palo alto unified schools is opening up a testing site for everybody. previously it was only available for district students and staff. testing is available monday through friday with no appointment necessary. with repairs now made, the criminal fraud trial resumes today for theranos founder, elizabeth holmes. the repairs we are talking about are the result of last week's water main bursts that was three blocks from the courthouse, and without running water at the courthouse, that trial was put on hold. they are looking at interviews where she defended herself and
6:34 am
company against accusations of fraud. we have reporting of the theranos trial online, and just go to and slick on theranos trial coverage. police say a 19-year-old woman was last seen alive at a halloween party in sacramento. investigators say she left early saturday morning with two men who were both active duty airmen. it's not clear if she already knew them, but one of them, juan peralta, faces accessory to a murder charge. the roommate said he has seen her before but just learned about her murder. >> condolences to the family. i give them my prayers.
6:35 am
currently the landlord here, and i work every day and i work nights, and i barely see the roommate. >> her body was found in a field near salinas. fairfield police say they also arrested two people from pittsburg in connection to the crime. and then council members in pleasanton city council will have a gun ordinance proposal. in 2016, a study says more than half of all gun owners do not lock up their guns or store them properly. other bay area cities have enact the similar ordinances including dublin, palo alto, san josé and redwood city. also today, walnut creek leaders will consider banning the sale of flavored tobacco and sales of electronic smoking devices. new this morning, san francisco school board members
6:36 am
have reportedly come up with a tentative plan to come up with $120 million in budget cuts. it includes reducing school budgets by $50 million, cutting 360 positions across the district and a $40 million cut to central services and more jobs on the chopping block there. and then yesterday pg&e admitted it received a subpoena from the u.s. attorney's office nearly one month ago related to the fire. pg&e says experts -- pg&e actually says they expect a more than $1 billion loss due to the file that burned nearly 1 million acres. the official cause remains under investigation, but the utility
6:37 am
has said the fire may have started when a free fell on one of its cables. santa rosa's fire department is confident the chance of a severe fire is now slim, but it continues to warn residents they should always keep up with wildfire preparedness measures, something everybody should keep in mind. >> absolutely. we have been talking about rain and sunshine, and now we have them both today in some places, kari. >> yeah, it's foggy and drizzling in some spots. let's say that again. one foot of rain over the course of a month in santa rosa, and now it's drying out. we are going to see some spots getting sunshine, and we're starting out with fog this morning, visibility down to one mile. we can see in walnut creek we're starting out with foggy conditions, and temperatures going to be little warmer compared to where we have been
6:38 am
with sunshine later this afternoon. mike, you are tracking all of the changes for the backup out of vallejo. >> there was a motorcycle down, and we talked about that, and all of that backup formed and people were honking horns because a friend stopped to help that friend having problems on the shoulder, and the person that made sure his friend was okay took off because he was making everybody mad in vallejo, polite people here in the morning getting mad at people helping each other out. and then no major issues. a build for pittsburg, and a build of 40 minutes from vasco over to 280. there's the slowing we see from 101, and 87 may follow suit in the next couple of minutes and we will track that for silicon
6:39 am
valley. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's election day in the bay area. coming up, how some of the key issues could be decided. elections all across the nation, including, yes, virginia, it's a very important one. we'll go over that, coming up. the all-new photos revealing what the so-called jet pack man in the sky near l.a.x. might be. interesting. did you hear about the couple that got married and had their reception at a taco bell in pacifica. a lot of people interested in seeing the pictures. can you find them at you can see how the taco bell team made their day extra special. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ good tuesday morning. it's 6:42, as you are heading out in the north bay, it has been foggy. allow extra time to get to work this morning. right now it's 53 degrees, and we'll see the temperatures heading to the mid-60s, and overall it's a warmer day. rain returns soon, and we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. here we are looking at the richmond side of the richmond san rafael bridge. in fact, more slowing coming out of contra costa county. i'll check out to see if i can find the source, and we'll find
6:43 am
out what is going on, coming up. this is an off-year election, and voters in parts of the bay area heading to the polls this morning to decide key issues, and that includes two school district parcel tax measures in the san josé county, one in the berryessa school district and los gatos. council seats up for grabs in emeriville and tiburon. and then the mid-term elections now a little more than a year away, and one-third of voters do not have faith their vote will be accurately counted. another 5% are unsure about the elections, and more threats are being made to elected officials, especially women. >> we are seeing focused on
6:44 am
democratic women, secretaries of state, and we won't be intimidated and we won't stop. >> you can see the interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay," at 7:00. and then a very important election in virginia. >> the election integrity numbers, 30% that don't trust the process is the view, heavy republican. the georgia senate elections came right after the 2020 presidential election. trump said georgia ballots in the georgia process were not trustworthy, and republicans did not show up and democrats flipped the senate. will that be the case in virginia today? it's a tight race. in a 50/50 race, republicans
6:45 am
tend to have the advantage because historically republicans show up to the polls. more reliably than democrats, but will they if they don't trust the election. really, the democratic candidate, terry mcauliffe should have the race in the bag but he doesn't. somehow they may lose virginia even though president biden won the state by ten points. where did this advantage go? well, you have seen president biden's approval numbers. meanwhile, will democrats pass these two bills. liberal democrats don't want to pass the infrastructure bill until they pass the build back better bill. joe manchin, a conservative, upset the apple cart again yesterday saying he's not ready to vote on this one so let's pass this one, he said. >> twice now the house balked at sending this legislation to the president. as you heard, there are some house democrats that say they
6:46 am
can't support this infrastructure package until they get my commitment on the reconciliation, and it's time to vote on this bill up or down, and go home to your constituents and explain the vote you made. >> and then president biden did appear to close his eyes for a while while attending the summit. we can't say for sure he's a sleep. it was 30 seconds, and it's not a great look for the free world, especially somebody his age. ronald reagan was caught with his eyes closed while meeting with the pope, and he was 71 at the time, and biden is 78 and will turn 79 later this month. we are going to be watching what
6:47 am
is happening in virginia. we will talk about it tomorrow morning with results, and in the meantime, i am on twitter and you can find me there, i'm @scottmcgrew. new for you this morning, a possible explanation of the power jet sightings. lapd flight crew took the photos two weeks after two reported sightings last year. the faa and fbi say that the images align with one possible explanation. so here's a retired airline pilot and aviation consultant. >> it's a very good possibility that the previous ones were also balloons, and pilots mistook a jet pack. >> the human-sized floating toy may be a life sized character in
6:48 am
"the nightmare before christmas" series. the faa and fbi do point out at this point none of the jet pack sightings have been verified. state fish and wildlife delaying crab season once again in monterey county. the official crab season was set to start november 15th. recreational crab fish something -- fishing is still allowed. >> maybe christmas. with just a few weeks to go until thanksgiving, and many people are already getting into the christmas spirit. yes, you heard me right. i said christmas. ♪ ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ ♪ >> is it? yeah, if you have been out
6:49 am
shopping, you have noticed maybe stores taking on a more festive look. spotted in our own news room, two people put up their christmas trees. radio stations playing christmas music as well. what do you think? i put a poll up on twitter. people getting into the christmas spirit, what about you? no way, too early. bring on the music? 32% say yes. 18% say i am just ready for 2022. >> we have not hit thanksgiving yet. today, it's national traffic broadcast professional day, and -- >> happy day to you. >> thank you, and we're already looking at christmas. kari, i know you like the seasonal spices. >> i am ready for christmas. i am ready to put out my
6:50 am
decorations, and then i think about bringing out the boxes and stuff. >> deck the halls with kari hall. >> i will hash tag that, i think. well, not a lot of rain, but upper elevations have rain. san francisco, about a quarter inch of rain there. oakland hills had less than half of an inch. san rafael also had high rainfall totals. and for the rest of the bay area, it was much less. san josé, 88100s of an inch of rain.
6:51 am
a lot of us will see some sunny skies for much of the day. before we week up on thursday morning, that rain is clearing. not before leaving most of us with about 0.1 of an inch of rain. it will be higher for the north bay with santa rosa getting another quarter inch of rain. looks good there, but just not really heavy. we do dry out for the weekend. we are looking at more clouds on saturday. sunday we set our clocks back one hour, and then on monday we do have more rain headed our way. mike, you have been watching the roads. what is going on now? >> i am just thinking about that hour we will get back on sunday, but you might spend some of the time over here today on the bay bridge. a little wind advisory overnight but nothing major. a little moisture on the lens but nothing major. we have a big backup forming on the richmond bridge. highway 37, looks like
6:52 am
everything is off to the shoulder. maybe the motorcycle is gone. no injuries reported at all, and there's a crash heading down towards the carquinez bridge around 780, and you could have to reroute to one lane, but nothing major there. almost 45 minutes out of byron and brentwood toward 580. that's a lot of slowing, but no incidents there. that's good news. the south bay builds over here, and there's slowing heading into downtown, and that's traditional for silicon valley. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening now, a recommendation on how to spend $374 million the county is set to receive from the american rescue plan act. already decide san diego $76 million of the funds will go towards hero paychecks for roughly 22,000 county workers. >> next, a quick look at the top
6:53 am
stories including pushing to help parents. a live look in san francisco this morning. this is where a call to action is expected today to boost support for families struggling to make it in the bay and across the nation. the benefits one group says, i need it now. if you watch the sharks' game on saturday, might have wondered who is that on the ice, never seen that player on the ice with the sharks. a big roster shake-up with the covid protocol and that could spill into tonight's game, too. that's coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:56. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at our top stories on "today in the bay," including the cdc meeting to green light covid vaccinations for children as young as five. >> bob redell live at kaiser in pleasanton. >> reporter: kaiser permanente said they would be ready to administer these doses for kids ages 5 to 11 in the early part of this month. we would assume in the next couple of weeks, assuming there's cdc approval, and that's what is happening later this morning, a advisory panel will meet and listen to various doctor presentations about the use of the pfizer vaccines in children and vote on whether or not to approve the use.
6:57 am
it would be a lower dosage for kids 5 to 11, and the cdc director would have to give a thumbs up, and the federal government already anticipated the approval and already started to distribute the doses to pharmacies and what not. reporting live here in pleasanton, bob redell for today in the bay. san josé sharks are scrambling ahead of tonight's game due to a covid outbreak. kris sanchez is there at the shark tank to tell you what fans can expect tonight. >> players and the head coach are under covid protocol. the question is how did some of
6:58 am
the teammates become infected? before saturday's overtime win, the team was on a five-game road trip and they stayed in hotels and restaurants and in order to return to the ice, a player who tests positive has to test negative twice. any player that is symptomatic has to isolate for ten days and cannot return to play until cleared by a doctor. we'll have to wait and see what happens tonight. in san josé, kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you. with repairs now made, the criminal fraud trial resumes for theranos founder, elizabeth holmes. the water main break was three blocks from the courthouse. a live look at this tuesday morning in san francisco. supporters are pressing nancy
6:59 am
pelosi to push expanded paid leave as president biden's build back better legislation at noon. and then meteorologist, kari hall, tracking the weather for us. >> we're starting out foggy in some spots, and peeks of sunshine, and temperatures heading for the low 70s. there will be rain coming back in the forecast early on thursday, and looking dry this weekend as we fall back and we will be tracking rain again early next week. >> over here, the san mateo bridge shows us that things are much calmer. the volume through oakland, the traffic is filling the bay area freeways. nothing unusual for this morning. what is good news, i am holding my phone. we are live on facebook live. we have laura, marcus and kari,
7:00 am
we all do facebook live. look, a double angle. >> it's from a distance. look at the moon from a distance. that's a gorgeous start the our day. that's what is happening "today in the bay." a local news update in half an hour. >> the "today" show is next. good morning. heading to the polls. voters across the country begin casting ba good morning, heading to the polls, voters across the country begin casting ballots on this election day, with all eyes on virginia's deadlocked race for governor. >> a defining moment where we get to stand up and say no to this left liberal progressive agenda. >> i need you out there working, this is so important for us. >> a major test of president biden's influence and agenda, heading into next year's crucial midterms. we're live with complete coverage. >>


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