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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 2, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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few hours away, a pivotal meeting that could clear the covid shots for your kids. we're breaking down the timeline. plus -- >> we were shook up when we saw the tape. >> she was last seen alive leaving a party, and what we are learning about this mysterious case that spans across three counties. a historic downpour at least
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for one bay area city, moving possibly past the danger. this is "today in the bay." thank you for joining us. it's tuesday now. >> a long monday? >> yeah. i'm good. >> i am marcus washington. let's talk about the forecast today. meteorologist, kari hall, has been tracking that. >> we are seeing spotty sprinkles, mist, drizzle and fog this morning. you may run into some of the fog. we can see some of the raindrops on the camera lens here as you head out in walnut creek. expect temperatures in the upper 50s. we will stay there as we go into much of the morning, and we are headed for upper 60s and low 70s today. overall, really nice as we get our clearing sky and we will get a lot more sunshine this afternoon. i am watching another round of
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rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have a major crash in san francisco? >> yeah, it started as what was a relatively minor crash on 101 and 280, and then that person involved fleeing the scene and running across the freeway, and somebody was hit. 280 is your alternate. that has been going on for a while. if that continues it will be a big problem for san francisco. no problems for the rest of the bay area, though. back to you. >> thanks, mike. in a few hours 5 to 11-year-olds could be authorized to get the covid vaccine. soon, a cdc advisory panel will
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meet to sign off on the vaccine for the younger-aged group. >> we have the best scientists in the country who are reviewing the data and reviewing it independently, and if all goes the way we expect it, it will show us the benefit of vaccination outweighs the risk. >> the federal government already started distributing doses to pediatricians, and children's hospitals, pharmacies and other sites where children can get the vaccine. experts say vaccination for kids are critical to ending the pandemic, but some parents are hesitant. if you have questions, you can go to our website, we put a lot of answers there for you. you can find the link on our trending bar. and then a 19-year-old woman was murdered over the halloween weekend, and among those listed is a member of the u.s. armed
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forces. >> a neighbor places a candle in front of the home where police say the 19-year-old was killed. this case spans several county, starting in sacramento where police say the young woman was last seen at a halloween party in the early morning hours of october 30th, and then she was killed on cascade lane in fairfield not far from travis air force base. the next day her body was found in a rural part of monterey county outside salinas. the woman had left the party with two men who were active duty air force, and at this point we don't know if she knew the two men and one of them is now under arrest being an accessory to murder, and that suspect lives in the home on cascade lane, peralta. this man also lives there and
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just learned about the discovery of the young woman, and he said he has not seen her for months but has seen her at the home. >> condolences to my family. i work every day, i work nights, and i barely see the roommate. >> neighbors are stunned. >> we were shook up when we seen the crime scene tape and a lot of officers. >> a 21-year-old woman was arrested and a 27-year-old man was arrested, both for accessory to murder. and then one law proposal is seeking to keep kids from getting access to guns.
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the bay area city areas have enacted similar ordinances including dublin, palo alto, san josé and redwood city. also today, city leaders in walnut creek will consider banning the flavored tobacco and electronic smoking devices. 9 out of every 10 smokers try smoking by the age of 18. with repairs now made, the criminal fraud trial resaoplgz for elizabeth holmes. the repairs are a result from the water main break, and the trial was put on hold. holmes defended herself and her company from charges of fraud.
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prosecutors pointed out she talked about being in charge and responsible for what was happening at theranos. follow our reporting of the theranos trial online. head to and click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage. looking into pg&e's role in the second largest wildfire in history. pg&e says that it expect more than $1 million lawsuits due to the fire where it scorched nearly 1 million acres and one person died in that fire, and more than 1,300 buildings were destroyed. while the cause remains under investigation, the utility says it may have started when a utility fell on one of its power cables. it's a sigh of relief for some first responders in the north bay. wildfire season has officially been declared over for one city,
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and this is following the 11 inches of rain they got last week. the santa rosa fire department is confident the chances of severe fire sparking is slim, and they do warn they must always keep up the wildfire measures. >> say a hallelujah. >> and i will say an amen. it's misting and drizzling, and it's mostly from the fog. it's good to see the hills turning green again, too. napa, visibility down to a quarter of a mile so take it easy heading to work. we have seen light patchy fog, too, across the bay area. overall, we're looking good. after the morning fog, we clear out and will see sunshine today. temperatures warmer, reach into the upper 60s for many spots.
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low 70s for the inland east bay down to san josé. we'll talk more about those rainfall totals and when rain returns. that's in a few minutes. mike, you are focusing on san francisco? >> that's right. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. maybe mist, as kari showed you on the san mateo bridge. i don't know if that played a factor here, but i think the factor was somebody was running across 101 when they were hit by another vehicle, and a couple other injures reported, and only one lane open for north bay 101 heading towards cesar chavez. getting into san francisco from the east bay or from the north bay, you're doing just fine right now. and so is contra costa county. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's election day for some in the bay area. you have filled out your ballot
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yet? this mid-term has a lot of people worried. still ahead, the reason election officials are now facing threats. the new move from peloton that will have you breaking a sweat. here we are at the bay bridge toll plaza, and things moving along smoothly for you. how is the rest of the bay area looking? well, mike has that covered and kari will keep you updated on the weather, and there's much more news right here on "today in the bay."
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happy tuesday. we're coming up on 4:42. as you are heading out in the east bay, it's cloudy and the roads may still be wet. the cars in front of you kicking up a little of the water, but temperatures in the upper 50s. it stays cloudy throughout the morning and cooler around sunrise, but it will be warmer this afternoon. we'll talk about when we will see warmer temperatures and the rain coming back. that's coming up in a few minutes. here's a little of what kari is talking about. see the sheen on the road? we see perhaps slicker conditions around the richmond bridge, and traffic is good here. san francisco, we have problems in both directions on a major artery, so right now let's check in with silvanna. >> wall street is opening lower
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than yesterday, and the feds' two-day policy begins today with the fed widely expect to announce it will start to unwind the stimulus injected into the economy during the pandemic. in focus today, earnings from pfizer, dupont, under armour and lyft. iphone is working on that a plan to roll out one feature next year. google has a safety app on pixel phones that calls for people in a crash. getting crash detection on an iphone means more drivers can get help during an accident. peloton says the new programs
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will be available on all delta flights, and instructors will lead you through stretching exercises and mid flight medication. this is the first time peloton is making services stream outside of the bike. so much more ahead on "today in the bay." kari and mike have a look at weather and traffic. >> it has been nice to see the rain coming in, and there's more on the way. we'll talk about this next storm system set to arrive in the bay area early on thursday morning. that's coming up next. right now the golden gate bridge. it's fine coming into our out of san francisco on this side, and we'll show you what is going on at the peninsula approach. that's coming up.
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i forgot what it looks like. we have green grass out there. it's nice to see the rain falling, and now with the humidity left we have fog. we starting out this morning with half a mile visibility from santa rosa to napa. there are a few spots in between that may have lower visibility so keep a look out for that. mount tam had a inch and three quarters, so that's good. santa cruz mountains, over an inch and a half. that was pretty good there. for some of the other spots like san rafael, almost an inch and a half. redwood city, 0.3 of an inch there, and so san josé, yeah, it's better than nothing. we will see the temperatures reaching into the low 70s. a little warmer, we will see low
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60s and 70s for the east bay. mid-60s downtown. north bay highs reaching into the upper 60s this afternoon. not bad. a little warmer, and we will also dry out. tomorrow looks clear for most of the day. late tomorrow night is when the rain comes in once again. this is early thursday morning at 1:00. much of the north bay covered with showers, and this looks to quickly slip on by. most of us could miss out on seeing the rain. we wake up and head out on thursday. it's wet out there. as far as how much rain we will see with the next chance, for most of us in the area south of golden gate bridge, less than 0.1 of an inch of rain, and so this is a quick light one and done chance of rain moving in early on thursday. the rest of the weekend is dry. we will, of course, remind you to set your clock back one our on sunday morning.
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next monday we are watching another chance of rain and it could be heavier, so we do have a couple days in between the systems coming in, and we have a chance to enjoy the dry weather and sunshine this weekend. mike, you are still tracking that alert for san francisco? >> yeah, kari, north bay 101. we only have one lane open between 280 and cesar chavez. if you get into a crash, if you are in the center divide, and it looks like the person was on the southbound side, but stay there. between cesar chavez and 280, that's the problem. 280 is a better avenue if you are going to the city streets, and the 101 on the lower deck, keep in mind you will have a short section with a lot of slowing. the rest of the bay, no major problems. just past the scene, no major injuries there or major crashes south of there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. today is election day, and
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while it's an off-election vote. there are some key issues. one in berryessa school district and one in los gatos parcel tax measures, and council seats are up in tiburon. nearly 30% lack confidence in the election process, and that's 18% higher than last year. more threats are being made to local officials, especially women. >> this is a way to shut you up? >> they are trying to. >> and a lot of the threats is
4:53 am
democratic women secretary of states. but we won't be intimidated or stop. >> you can see more of this interview on the "today" show, and that's right after "today in the bay." golden gate vision was to be a development providing hundreds of new and rehabilitated homes. the project has been stuck for months. according to supervisors, they have approved a half a million in new money to continue the renovating. final plans for the project are not expected to be hammered out for at least the next two years. something is starting to smell? we will show you why this massive flower is causing some a blooming stench. >> glad it's not me. and then santa clara county
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is set to receive covid relief, and they have decided $76 million of the funds will go towards hero pay, and that will be checks for roughly 22,000 county workers. it's 4:54. we'll be right back.
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trending this morning, it's big, it's weird, it stinks. a rare corpse flower is blooming at the san diego botanical garden. >> people are coming from all over just to take a whiff.
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>> there's really nothing more exciting than this in the world of hoard culture. this plan is the rock star of the horticulture world. >> rotten eggs. >> i don't know if i want to go see that. >> you can see it, but you don't want to smell it. >> yeah, that, too. this is when the bay area nursery owner planted one at the abandoned alameda gas station. full bloom lasts only two days so you have to get there quickly. another one is expected to bloom in three to five weeks. >> stink on, my friends. stink on. >> it's so interesting. >> it's kind of pretty. >> from a distance. >> here on "today in the bay," we have more, and we're live at the shark tank.
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>> as you are heading out on the peninsula, it's a cloudy start and could be drizzling. it's a cool start and a warmer afternoon. and then major injuries for the person that tried to run across 101. our alert is clear for san francisco, and we have our eyes on the morning build, coming up.
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on the ice. the san josé sharks head into the game tonight without several crucial players. what fans should know before they go. plus -- >> yeah, can't wait to put this on the ground. >> we're moving you forward with a look at other bay area locations where restrictions may soon be lifted. fighting a global threat. president biden taking the world stage overnight. the details behind his new push to put an end in climate in crisis. "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we certainly have a lot to get to this morning. let's start out with meteorologist, kari hall. >> it's starting to dry out after the rain moved through the bay area yesterday, and a look at the radar and we can see the activity m


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