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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  November 1, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news tonight, it's what we need, more rain. you can hear it. showers continue tonight. jeff joins us with the updated timeline and another round of storms headed our way later this week. also, he wore a kkk costume on campus. many of his classmates walked out today in protest. why these students want a stricter punishment for the student. and world leaders are in scotland to discuss climate change. is it all talk? or can it all lead to action. good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. is this all hot air, or can we
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actually get something done at this global climate summit? and the kkk costume on campus, that's ahead. let's start with the slick evening commute. you can see it on the radar, lingering showers, not the heavy rain that we saw last week, but enough to keep your umbrella handy. you see san jose, oakland, san francisco and the north bay, we all got wet. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. talk about this. happy monday to you. good news is you kept all that rain away for halloween. so the parents and kids are happy with you. >> we did all we could on that front. we have a few showers over the east bay now. as we move through tonight we're looking at hit and miss showers, then by tomorrow morning, wet weather moves out, a few clouds. overall by tomorrow afternoon the sunshine does return for us. >> it is november 1st. what is coming up later this
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week? >> the storm system on thursday originally looked like it could be a stronger storm. right now just showers on thursday, but this one right back here, next monday, this could be a stronger storm, and i'm seeing what could be an atmospheric river tap into this. >> when you say atmospheric river, it takes me back to last week. could it be similar? >> i don't think it will be as bad, but if this stays on track could put our totals well over one inch for portions of the north bay and the mountains as well. >> any death of the drought? >> with the last rain we did make a 10% improvement. marin county had an improvement. they dropped down one tier. i think if this holds in next monday i think we could see across the state another 10% drop. this is the rainfall so far we've seen for the season which
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starts on october 1st. that column near you is the surplus. we're running about nine inches up for the season putting us at 652% of normal. so we're definitely on the right track. we get that next storm system monday and we're chipping away at that drought. that's what we immediate to have happen. >> we're off to a great season. we'll see you in just a sec. other stories we're working on. we'll wrap up with our weather. you can look at our radar 24/7 available on the nbc bay area app. you can see the rain move in, in real time and the future cast. it's really a good way to plan your day and be prepared. the tension is rising at a local high school. a student protest prompted by the kkk halloween costume. last week, a photo surfaced on social media of a student in a
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ku klux klan outfit at pittsburg high school. they didn't reveal the exact punishment, but they've learned that the boy was suspended for three days. today the students say that's simply not enough. here's robert handa. >> i feel like he should be expelled. >> reporter: the anger has not let up. today a large group of students at pittsburg high school put that frustration out in the open, upset that a fellow student, who was suspended for wearing a kkk costume last wednesday has not been expelled. >> he shouldn't have been allowed to wear it at lunch or anywhere around the school. i think more action should have been taken. >> reporter: today at lunch, students demonstrated both outside and inside the school. blasting the district for not taking the incident more seriously. in a letter to the community last week, the pittburg high principal said the student wore the kkk costume on a dare and
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didn't get caught for four periods because he only wore it briefly between classes. the suspended student and those who showed up with him on a social media post have been given unspecified consequences and will have to attend a restorative justice program. many students are not satisfied. >>na is like not acceptable. innocent black lives, other people were actually getting they lives lost in the kkk. >> reporter: parents we talked to tell us they feel the same way. >> for that person to walk around the school as long as they did, i don't know. >> reporter: you think damage was done? >> i think so. i think anything like this happens, it is damaging to everybody that experience that. >> it's a serious issue. a lot of sensitive viewpoints on campus. let's bring in robert handa who
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was on campus earlier today. any spoons from the principal or the district leaders there at pittsburg high school? >> reporter: no, we haven't heard from them, not since we saw the letter. students have told us as we reported before, that they have heard that the suspension was extended from three days to five days. we've been trying to confirm that as well as try to find out an update on the situation, but so far the district has not responded. >> i've been going back in my memory. we've seen a lot of controversial outfits and costumes over the years, can you recall something like this, a kkk costume on any campus at any bay area school? >> reporter: no, i can't really. i mean, you know, the sense of humor behind it is a little bit hard to kind of fathom. i did do a story in milpitas, where a teacher dressed up in black face, and i. >> reporter: how much emotion that generated. i haven't seen too much of that. we just talked to some students
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here who mentioned that they thought maybe some people were not taking enough of a sense of humor toward this. they said that maybe if the guy had made fun of the kkk more than using it as a costume, maybe people would have laughed along, however, as you saw, not too many people are laughing along, and not too many people thought it was funny. >> yeah, it's not the right climate nowadays. do you expect any announcement from the school district anytime soon? perhaps this week? >> reporter: yeah, i think so. you know, they have to go through that program, and i would say they would probably reevaluate it after that and see if it satisfies the students. a lot depends on what attitude that student has after he comes out of that program. >> perhaps we can learn from all of this. another story we're watching this evening, you can ditch the masks as of noon today. most businesses in marin county can get rid of mask requirements for anyone fully vaccinated.
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it applies to grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, bars. however, there are some places you still have to wear a mask no matter what. public transportation, hospitals and inside any businesses that choose to still can require masks. these rules only apply if you're fully vaccinated. if you're not vaccinated you have to mask up. >> we just feel that we're at a place where we no longer need to mandate it through laws. our community knows what to do. >> i'm going to keep mine on probably until the next group of people have gotten their booster shot, honestly. >> happy, can't wait to throw this thing on the ground and probably have to pick it up sometime soon, though. yeah. can't wait. >> you see, it's a mixed bag. people have mixed opinions and perspectives. they meet these three requirements. covid transmission has remained low enough for 21 straight days. two, hospitalizations are low,
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and three, at least 80% of the people in marin county are vaccinated. other counties will be able to lift their mandates when they hit those three markers. our other big story tonight, our climate in crisis. you're probably hearing all about this now. world leaders say we must act right now. they've been saying this actually for a year. what's the truth with all that? today president biden unveil agnew strategy to transform the u.s. into a clean energy nation by 2050. it means the country would run primarily on clean energy like wind and solar. while he urged other countries to do more he pledged to raise $3 billion a year to help developing countries adapt to climate change. the president warned that the world has a narrow window to do all of this. >> we meet with the eyes of history upon us and the profound
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questions before us. it's simple. will we act? will we do what is necessary? will we see the enormous opportunity before us. or will wefe this is the decadeis decade. >> president biden among 130 world leaders meeting in scotland. the president however is getting heat on social media for the way he's traveling around europe. you see here a 20-car motorcade following him in scotland, this video posted by the daily mail. but it was an improvement from the 85 cars his entourage used in rome a couple days ago. the extra cars hold officials, reporters and gear. you will have moments like this, jet lag, and a lot of speeches. cameras today catching the camera appearing to nod off
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during today's opening session of the climate summit. he opened his eyes after a staffer came over to speak with him. boris johnson also appeared to doze off. let's get serious, though. countries aren't yet doing enough to cut greenhouse gas emissions. this chart shows what we're currently producing, what we've promised and what we need to do. this comes from the action tracker and the "new york times." it's not just us, not just the u.s. none of the top ten biggest polluters are even close to cutting emissions to the levels needed. china would need to make drastic changes to limit global warming. the european union's pledge is a lot closer. but the eu still needs to make improvements if it wants to stop global warming from going over 2.7 degrees fahrenheit. a lot to digest.
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up next we'll be joined by a bay area lawmaker. and we'll be joined by an expert who has ideas of his own. what is happening with american airlines canceling and delaying hundreds of flights? should we be concerned? also we have the problem with southwest. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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about our climate in crisis. this is just the beginning of a two-week period in scotland where a lot of people will be talking about this but will actually anything be done about it? as we showed you before the break, the summit in scotland is filled with world leaders, 130 to be exact. it's not just presidents and prime ministers. more than a dozen california lawmakers are headed to scotland for the summit. we go to fremont and carbon plan. carbon plan evaluates programs. what are you hoping to accomplish when you're there? >> well, i'd like to tell the california story and meet with other sub nationals and find out what they're doing. we passed a budget this year that spends $15 billion, which is an investment on our drought
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program, our forest prevention, fire prevention. we have to make more investments. we're going to have more money next year, and we need to spend the money wisely and do things to bring down methane and the pollutants that are causing the carbon crisis. >> do things get done here or, forgive the pun, just hot air? >> it is a challenge with so many nations. in paris, there were 197 nations, and we still haven't gotten article vi done, which is the playbook. what's the rule book we're all going to follow six years after paris. so it does move slow. but when you're in the room and on the cop, there's these side events that go on, and side discussions and get encouragement and you tell folks that, you know, california is about 40% of our grid now, our
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renewable portfolio standard is renewable. it's non-fossil fuel, and essentially, that looks like what the federal government is doing. they want to take the electric system or conveyance system and de-carbonize it. we're having economic prosperity while we de-carbonize our economy. >> danny, let's get you in this conversation. correct me if i'm wrong, but several years ago, president obama had a very similar speech that president biden had today about what needs to be done. is anyone listening here? >> yeah, i think these climate events are important in the sense that people do need to get together and talk about these things. but for the general public, people think something is going to come out these meetings that's going to completely
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change the landscape, and that's not how it works. the outcomes are things we create here at home. in the bay area, sacramento, and washington, d.c. what happens here is more important than what goes on for those two weeks. >> at what point will there need to be immediate action, china and russia, too? >> we need to all show up. the united states is uh with of one of the biggest oil producers in the world. we need to cut emissions much, much faster. california's stepping up to the plate. the question is, will we follow through to take action. and right now there's a gap that
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everybody faces. and we need to recognize the scope of that. we've lived through fire seasons that are the result of climate change. it's real, it's here, it's happening. >> senator, wrap it up with you. is this all political talk when you get there? do you just talk politics and how to fund this? >> no, i think, i mean, there's some of that, let's be honest. but part of the message is to say the details of california policy, what investments we made, how we've changed our renewable portfolio standard from 50% to 60%, how we've got our reductions of co2 from this decade from 20% to 30% and what we're implementing that we think we can get beyond that and give hope to other sub nationals and regions and cities. >> very interesting. danny, is california the leader
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in terms of thoughts of going green? or are other countries doing it better than we are? >> i think california stands out. a big part of the biden administration pledge is based on the leadership of california in that area. we've also been incredibly ambitious in the vehicle standards. it's important for california to tell the success stories that we've made, and we've also got quite a few challenges that policy experts are aware of. we're a very important jurisdiction, but what matters is what people follow and what people copy. and that, again, is about showing up and implementing, no disrespect to the delegation going. >> we'll probably check in with you in scotland, if you don't mind. thank you both tonight. >> very good. our question of the day, what do you want to see come out of the u.n. summit climate. on facebook, will says, i love
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how the climate conference isn't a zoom meeting but a conference in which they all fly and use jet fuel and carbon emissions to attend an event about decreasing carbon emissions using taxpayer money, also, is it too much to ask for biden not to have naptime? and amber, action, a single word. >> the weather partially to blame for major ongoing travel hassles with american airlines. american canceling another 338 flights today bringing its total number of cancellations since friday to more than 2200, about 10% of american airlines flights. the airlines says bad weather and staffing shortages, keep that in mind. staffing shortages, contributed to the problem. at sfo, american, five cancellations. in san jose, one cancellation. american does not operate out of oakland, so no data there. we talked with a senior aviation
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business administrator, he says american is running with the staff it has. things are fine until something like a weather event impacts the hub. >> the biggest advice i would give is build as much of a buffer for yourself as you can. fly out tuesday instead of wednesday before thanksgiving. even monday is better. come back monday or tuesday, not saturday or sunday. things are going to be busy, there's going to be a lot of strain on the system. but the biggest buffer that you can build in for yourself would really help. >> and a lot of us don't have that time to have that buffer. but that is the reality. we saw the delays with southwest, will this be the new normal? american plans to bring back 1800 flight attendants that were on voluntary leave. let's take you outside at
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one of the live cameras in san francisco. nice first night of november. jeff returns in a moment.
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welcome back. jeff is with us. two headlines now, rain coming in this week and sunday the time change. we lose an hour of daylight but gain an hour of sleep. >> you stole my thunder on that. i'm just kidding. >> i'm sorry, it popped in my head. >> it's a huge headline. we have high pressure building
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in tomorrow. that's going to give us beautiful weather. let's get you into the microclimate forecast. we will expect dry and mild weather, but notice as we begin the morning we'll have widespread cloud cover throughout the bay area. then wait for it, wait for it. once we hit the afternoon, you can see the sunshine will start to return. a warmer day after we get over these cool 50s to start. can you see on my temperatures here, isolated 70s over concord, livermore, san jose and morgan hill. while we're shaping up pretty good, the next chance of spotty showers arrives thursday, a dry weekend. we have the time change on sunday. clocks go back one hour, a new sun rise at 6:38 and earlier sunset at 5:03. and next monday we're looking out for potentially a stronger storm system. that earlier sunset gets us every year.
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>> here's what's coming up in prime time, the voice, followed by ordinary joe. and we hope you join us for our 11:00 newscast. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us, enjoy your evening. see you at 11:00
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