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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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neffer showed up. we investigate the new fallout and who's now out of a job. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, and thanks for being with us on this monday. >> not enough, anger boiled over at pittsburg high as students demanded more action be taken against a fellow classmate who wore a kkk outfit to school last week e the school isn't saying how he's being disciplined. but other students say they want him expelled. robert handa is at pittsburg high where the students are very clear on their demand. >> reporter: well, it's been a very emotional day here at pittsburg high school. there were protests both inside and outside the school, all saying the punishment does not fit the crime. the anger has not let up.
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today a large group of students at pittsburg high school put that frustration out in the open, upset that a fellow student, who was suspended for wearing a kkk costume last wednesday has not been expelled. >> i feel like he should be expelled. he shouldn't be allowed to come back to school. it's very disrespectful to all people of color, point blank, period. >> reporter: today students demonstrated inside and outside the school. in a letter to the community, the pittsburg high principal said the student wore the kkk costume on a dare and didn't get caught for four periods because he only wore it briefly between classes. he went on to say that those who showed up with him on a social media post have been given unspecified consequences and will have to attend a restorative justice program.
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many students are not satisfied. >> we need more justice, and he needs more consequences. >> reporter: do you think the protest helped? >> yes, well, kind of. >> it's really unacceptable right there. >> reporter: parents and family members we talked to, who were picking up their children today tell us they feel the same way. >> people accept this kind of thing and say it was a joke, there's no way you can joke like that. it's like pointing a loaded gun in someone's face. >> reporter: some students told us that the student who wore the kkk costume and was suspended for three days has now been told to stay away for five days. we called the school district to try do update that situation but have not heard back. in pittsburg, robert handa. >> it is a sensitive time. this is the scene in downtown san jose this
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afternoon, not quite as active as last week. but you see the rain, the windshield wipers, and yes, the umbrellas. the good news is you kept halloween dry. so parents and kids are very happy. what's happening tonight, though? >> just like you said, we really need it. every single drop counts. the storm system is beginning to break up. there's still some showers out here offshore that we expect to move in tonight. currently on storm ranger we have activity over contra costa, alameda counties, picking up more showers in dublin through 6:33. pleasanton, east pleasanton through the back half of the hour. the highest for the north bay. san francisco right around a quarter of an inch. the update, the rainwater update. look at this surplus, it puts us
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from anywhere from 407% to 748% of normal. we'll talk more about shower chances tonight and two more systems ahead in about 15 minutes. here's a really good resource when it comes to all the rain we're experiencing. download our free nbc bay area app. you will have access to the same radar jeff and our team uses. it had show you the rain in real time and when the rain will arrive in your neighbor hood. marin county went maskless. the county lifted its indoor mask mandate, which means if you are vaccinated can you now go to most places without the mask. 81% of people in marin county are vaccinated. that number expected to jump again when kids ages 5-11 are approved for the vaccine in the coming weeks. they are the first count to reach the yellow or moderate
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status guidelines for three straight weeks. you industrial to wear masks in schools, day care centers, hospitals, clinics and public transit. >> i think people will feel more relaxed. they'll shop around more, hopefully. >> happy, yeah, can't wait to throw this thing on the ground and probably have to pick it up against sometime soon, though. yeah, can't wait. >> you will have to pick it up again. because businesses can require you to wear masks if they want to. how close other bay area counties to lifting their own mask mandate? san francisco appears to be close. only 76% of people in san francisco are fully vaccinated. and that number needs to hit that 80% mark. let's look at santa clara county. they're still in the orange tier. they have to be in yellow for at
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least three weeks before they can ease the mandate. the county needs to bump this number up. it only has 73% of people vaccinated. it needs to be at 80% to ditch the mask. take a look at this. saturday night, dozens of cars, hundreds of people showed up for this illegal sideshow. several makes tell us that they called police but no officers ever showed up. so why didn't sjpd show up to this? here's nbc bay area's marianne favro with some answers. >> reporter: san jose police confirm they got the calls reporting the sideshow but say they were so tapped with other crimes they didn't have enough officers to respond safely. this video taken late saturday night near sixth and st. johns streets in san jose shows the chaos of a dangerous sideshow. you can see several people standing on the street, playing a game of chicken, as cars race
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around them in circles. witnesses say this went on for more than an hour and a half. but despite calling san jose police, officers never showed up. today we asked police why. >> i can tell you particularly that night, we were very busy. there were a lot of calls for service on persons crimes, robberies, requests from the fire department asking for our aid. patrol was really depleted that night. unfortunately, we could not respond to this event. >> reporter: another issue. police say because of the possibility people involved with sideshows may be armed, the department must respond with a large team of officers. >> this is not the type of event where we can send two officers to clear out this intersection. we've seen firearms at these type of events. it requires a coordinated
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response where we need 12, 14 officers. >> reporter: it's not just here. street shows were held in the roosevelt neighborhood. it's a growing problem happening all hours of the day. >> unfortunately, we're seeing a lot more of it right here in my immediate neighborhood. not just at night but during the daytime when there's pedestrians, bicyclists, cars in the area. it's extremely dangerous. >> reporter: san jose police said they are taking steps to crackdown on sideshow activity, citing spectators, going after promoters and towing cars. they say the department's severe staffing shortage played a role in their decision not to respond this weekend. >> something serious is going to happen. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. another top executive at good samaritan hospital is gone. the latest to leave is the director of nursing for women's services. a unit that's been the target of
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many of the staffing and patient care complaints at good sam. candace nguyen has been leading our coverage. >> i spoke with her over the phone today. she was let go just this afternoon. she was very upset and did not see this coming, although she did acknowledge complaints against her and her department e this is a picture from her linked in profile. we have been covering incidents within her unit since one stopped sending patients to the hospital citing staffing and other kearns. concerns. then they were put on notice. it comes after two other top executives left good sam within the past two weeks.
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the chief medical officer on your left and the associate chief nursing officer to the right. this is what i was told over the phone, she said i am in shock. i don't know why i was let go. but i don't have anything bad to say. i love my team and the hospital. there are good people at good sam's. i'm proud of everybody and i will miss them. good samaritan hospital sent us a statement today saying their policy is not to discuss personnel matters publicly, they hold all their staff to the highest standards to ensure they can continue their track record of providing high-quality care. in august, they tried to recruit 80 nurses and create new positions to address staffing shortfalls. good sam says it's made progress with regulators and expect to receive a formal report shortly. i'm candice nguyen.
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up next, thinking small to solve a big problem in the bay area. the community now with a new tiny home village. i'm scott budman, balancing an upcoming text boom with climate concerns. just ahead, the university that says it can help . and, as our drought continues, i'll have an update on reservoirs and two new chances of rain ahead in ten minute.
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our climate in crisis. this is a notable week as the international climate summit opens in scotland. the bay area is looking into ways to baltic growth and climate considerations we show considerations. >> reporter: with so much new building planned for this area in the years ahead, a software startup says it can help the city balance business and
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climate concerns. the climate summit features leaders of more than 120 countries working on ways the planet can fight climate change. >> we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build an equitable clean energy future and in the process create good-paying jobs and opportunities around the world. >> reporter: here in the bay area, the national capital project out of stanford has developed software to help cities go more green. >> to make cities cooler and healthier places to live. >> all of these hummingbirds come here. >> reporter: dr. gretchen daily is a professor of environmental science at stanford and leads the project to show how the software can be adopted by cities and developers. adding environmentally-friendly aspects to projects like the google village, and they're already seeing results. >> and having more nature in and
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around cities can really alleviate that, lowering high temperatures by five degrees fahrenheit or more, just by having trees and wetlands. >> reporter: san jose mayor liccardo says his city, the largest in america to ban the installation of gas in new buildings is adapting to the coming boom from the tech industry. he cited the city's largest software company, adobe systems. >> in fact, they retrofitted their headquarters here to make it the greenest major headquarters in the world. they're now doubling their headquarters here in downtown san jose, and their new building will be entirely electric. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> if you're looking for new or different health insurance, now is the time. open enrollment for covered california is now under way.
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xavier becerra was in california to help people register for the market place for next year, 2022. the focus on people not yet enrolled. millions could lower rates by switching to covered california. >> every american should have access to quality health care. so that if your child gets sick and you have to go to the hospital the other part of your brain isn't thinking, am i going to go bankrupt now if i do this? >> enrollment for covered california is open until january 15. the goal is to get homeless people off the streets. oakland is opening modern living spaces and they're tiny. this is for 65 homeless people. it's the first large-scale tiny home village. each home, single occupancy, which oakland leaders say
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important during the pandemic. >> the rains are coming. we need to get people off the streets. i've done a lot of winters out here. it's my first winter where i haven't been in the rain, and it is very miserable. people don't realize how bad that wet, rainy season is for people that actually live out here. >> these tiny homes come with electricity and running water and they hope to transition people into permanent housing. >> it is the perfect timing to get people off the streets. today we saw the rain and a couple more storms expected our way. >> one could be stronger over the next seven days. so great to see roofs over people's heads. little things can make big, big changes. i did want to start off and update you on the reservoirs tonight and we have great news to share but. these are the latest numbers as of today. fulsome is 75% of normal.
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there was 20-foot rise in water at lake oroville. and shasta at 41% of normal. our three largest reservoirs running 47.3%. we definitely made headway. we've still got a lot to go. really focus in on the bay area and the north bay did get the most beneficial rainfall and most rise out of the reservoirs. two weeks ago we at 32.39% of normal and currently, we're at 51.29%. that's an increase of 18.9. you can see right now on storm ranger doppler we've had the storm system move in this morning. i do expect spotty showers as we continue through tonight. but the most consistent rainfall has moved on out. so those showers over contra costa and alameda county, we expect those to continue as we move through this evening. as we move through the next few
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days, the change i'm watching is this high pressure. that's going to push it to the north. we start with clouds tomorrow morning, kind of gloomy, but then watch this. right here, around 2:00 and 3:00, we're going to see that sunshine return, and i think it's going to set us up with a really good day. we're going to be on the chill chilly side. san francisco, 55 and the north bay at 52. but with this area of high pressure i just showed you building in from the south, we're seeing about a ten-degree warmup from the south. we're back up to 70s. and of course right at the coastline. but, again, a warmer day with afternoon sunshine.
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on my seven-day forecast we have a spotty chance of showers on thursday. initially, that looked like a stronger storm, but it's just a few showers. a quarter to one inch. 70s through the next few days and we drop it on down to some 60s. we're getting what we need go here. halloween was good. the big question, jessica, did you get that kit kat? >> i got many kit kats. >> all right! >> i need do stop having kit kats. >> there's about 90 candy bars in the newsroom. >> and not a single kit kat. >> oh, man, we know where they are. >> i'm sure a lot of parents at home were looking for that candy bag, too. it seems the suburbs are driving up bay area home sales. the new numbers showing how the prices are going.
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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it's a sign of the times, another setback in san francisco due to the rising crime rates.
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no more late night hours for safeway. now the castro safeway is only open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. city supervisor says the theft at that safeway has gotten out of control. he wants to meet with police leaders to plan how to reduce crime at that store. making it in the bay continues to be a daunting task as housing prices just keep rising. the median price is gist near $1.8 million. in san francisco, the immediate about $1.6 million. these numbers according to core logic. up next, nearly hit by a
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car. take a look. the story of this wayward seal found on the streets in the bay area. stay with us. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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okay, not quite a fish out of water, this is mammal out of water. a baby northern seal was found on the streets of san rafael. >> the seal was found in ivy, so
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police named it ivy. they are listed as a threatened species and usually spend their life at sea, so it's unknown how ivy ended up in the city. little ivy is so cute. are we in for a rough holiday travel season? american airlines forced to cancel or delay hundreds of flights. up next on nightly news, a lot of bay area families moving to austin. lester holt looks into austin as a hot boomtown. there are consequences to rapid growth. lester holt joins us from austin, next. tonight, the supreme court showdown over the controversial abortion law right here in texas. the justices hearing nearly three hours of arguments over the law banning most abortions
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in the state the critical questions the court's two newest conservative justices asked. and the signal on where the case heads now. also tonight, president biden on the world stage while his spending plan suffers a new blow back home what moderate joe manchin now says he wants before he'll back the bill. the president of the un summit in scotland urging the world to act on climate change, warning the eyes of history are watching and president biden's apology for something his predecessor donald trump did. american airlines canceling more than 2,000 flights in four days what they are blaming for the chaos. the battle over vaccine mandates 9,000 new york city workers now on unpaid leave for failing to get the shot, including police and firefighters will it impact emergency response times? and just hours from now, the key cdc advisory meeting on vaccines for children. will it give the green light? and kicking off our journey across america here in austin why it is now one of


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