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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 1, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, good-bye masks. >> the health and fitness industry has had a tough one. gyms like this have had a tough one for the last year and a half. hopefully we're at a new stage, we're moving on and can start putting the focus on being healthy and kind of get rid of a little bit of the fear that's been going on. >> the bay area changing indoor masking policies as of today. what you need to know about when and where you can ditch the mask. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> to our top story now, starting today, three more bay
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area counties and one city will dial back their mask requirements. nbc's bay area bob redell live in walnut creek. >> this could be a really big deal changer here for people that are headed to the gym. >> absolutely. the idea being it stays this way, we don't know what covid is going to do in the coming months. but starting today in contra costa county, also alameda, city of berkeley, masks are optional in places like gyms. we're in the gym in walnut creek where for the first time in several weeks they don't have to put on a face covering again, as long as you are vaccinated. and this does not apply to all indoor settings. places like gyms, offices and churches. again, everyone must be vaccinated. symptom-free. no more than 100 people allowed inside. you must still wear your mask inside places like stores, restaurants and schools. so again, today this applies for alameda, contra costa, along
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with berkeley. again, masks are optional in gyms with less than 100 people. we've seen a few people still wearing their masks this morning but most seem to be -- seem to have taken them off. management hopes this new rule sticks and helps businesses get back to where they were precovid. >> we've been stuck in between trying to figure out how to please both sides. it's a 50/50 with our membership. half want to wear a mask. half of them don't. and this new sort of mandate that's come down letting people decide if they want to wear masks or not really help us. >> it's a challenge wearing a mask and trying to breathe when you're exerting yourself. no doubt. it feels good. it feels good. it feels like we're one step closer to normalish. so it's -- it gives me hope about the future here. >> reporter: starting in just under an hour at noon today, marin county, north of us, will lift most indoor mask mandates.
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this will be a step ahead of places like contra costa, alameda, birkly. masks will be recommended but no longer required in most indoor settings, including stores and restaurants in marin county. masks would still be required in schools, health care facilities, jails, homeless facilities and on public transit. this is assuming that everyone is vaccinated. marin county is able to do this because they met the criteria established by the health officers throughout the bay area. which would allow them to lift these county level mandates. those criteria are the county's vaccine rate in marin is above 80%. hospitalizations have declined. they remain low and they have maintained 21 consecutive days of moderate level data. the moderate level of transmission according to the cdc's community transmission track. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news.
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>> a lot of good information there. you can't lose those masks completely just yet. they are still required in a number of public places. that includes schools, health care facilities, jails, homeless shelters and public transit. also private businesses can still require them to wear masks indoors if they choose. the number of global deaths from covid has surpassed the 5 million mark. the u.s. is the nation with the most recorded deaths anywhere in the world. today the deadline for san francisco city employees to show they're fully vaccinated. >> one agency says their services are being impacted because some employees just haven't complied. nbc bay area's cierra johnson joining us from san francisco. this is when some muni riders may have to find an alternative route. >> yes, good morning. it's the decision to not comply by the muni drivers that will impact bus riders here in san francisco. let's break down those numbers.
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take a look at your screen. there's a 123 employees that have not complied with the vaccine mandate out of that 6,000 workers. out of 6,000 total workers. but that number, believe it or not, is enough to temporarily impact some of those routes. now the agency tells nbc bay area, if they will receive any last-minute vaccinations and, of course, re-evaluate those suspended lines. let's talk about which lines in the city are suspended according to the mta. the 1 short route and the 14r mission rapid route and coming this weekend, 30 stockton short and the 49 van ness short weekend route will also be suspended. those are just weekend routes. so this morning a lot of folks may find some of those buses a little more full because those were supportive lines that were canceled. we'll, of course, keep you updated if those numbers
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fluctuate and, in turn, if those buses are brought back en route. a lot of changes because 143 of those workers have not complied with that vaccine mandate set back in june. live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks. moderna says the fda is delaying a decision to its covid vaccine for 12 to 17-year-olds. regulators say this is while they take time to study the rare risk of heart inflammation. the fda tells the company its review could last until january. and moderna will also delay filing a request for emergency use authorization of its lower dose vaccine for 6 to 11-year-olds. it's likely by the end of the week children over 5 will be eligible for pfizer covid vaccinations. the cdc advisory panel meets tomorrow and they'll have to officially sign off on it. the cdc director must then approve it. it's about 95% effective at preventing symptoms for children 5 to 11.
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>> some parents plan to wait to sign their kids up for a vaccine. experts say vaccinations for kids are critical to ending the pandemic. if you have any questions we've put together a list of answers at nbc bay you can find the link on our trending bar. time to take a live look outside in san francisco right now. you can see there it is wet out there on the ground. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring what we can expect from that rain. we saw it this morning moving from the north bay and clearly made it to the city. >> yes, and it's all across the bay area now. as we step out of the building it's going to be raining here in san jose. and we're seeing this widespread rain continue, but for most of us, it's a light to steady rain. much heavier for san francisco, moving toward oakland. you can see the bright yellows and reds indicating heavier rain around san ramon and over san francisco where we are just seeing that shot. it's going to be moving through with heavy rain but 580 really
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wet right now and parts of the east bay to the south bay we're seeing a light to moderate rain and this is -- this storm system that's coming in will stick with us for a few more hours. we're looking at decent rainfall totals in parts of the north bay. not only tracking this storm. there's another one well out in the pacific that's going to be moving in by the middle to end of the week. but we're going to continue to see this rain spreading in off and on showers with some of the lighter rainfall totals across parts of the trivalley. much heavier for the santa cruz mountains and the north bay. we'll talk more about how much rain you can expect where you live. that's coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. last week's historic downpour moved to be a real test for the napa valley. it was recently restored to prevent flooding but climate change continues to threaten nearby homes. you can read more about that ongoing issue online on our home page or type in
11:09 am in crisis. a teenager facing charges in the deadly shooting outside of a home of a gilroy city council member. 19-year-old benjamin caldron was arrested yesterday. he's accused of shooting four people at a house during a costume party early saturday morning. one person died. three others were injured. two in critical condition. the victims range in age from 17 to 19. police are not revealing a motive at this time. new overnight, san jose police investigating a deadly shooting that happened yesterday along great oaks parkway. one identified man was taken to the hospital. doctors tried but couldn't save him. so far police are revealing few other details. this is san jose's 29th homicide this year. happening today, san jose state educators plan to protest a visitiom csu chancellor. chancellor joseph castro is visiting the campus a little
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after noon today. teachers recently declared talks were at an impasse although the administration did not issue a direct response. the union argues the state is flush with cash due to budget surplus and unspent covid funding. one san francisco's busy safeway stores has ended its late-night hours. the city leaders say this is due to out-of-control shoplifting. last week the castro safeway on market street scaled back from 24 hours to 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. city supervisor raphael mandelman tweeted that he's already met with safeway representatives. he now hopes to meet with police leaders to devise a better plan. also today, president biden is among more than 130 world leaders attending the u.n. climate change conference. taking center stage is tackling the threat of global warming. he will push other leaders to cut carbon emissions even as we
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in the u.s. do not have our cleanest and latest clean energy deal passed. this is a make or break summit and president biden goes there with one hand tied behind his back with uncertainty over his ability to actually push the u.s. to force climate action. more bad news for president biden. he's slipping in the polls with the lowest approval rating to date. in fact, the lowest of any president. here are the latest numbers from the latest nbc poll. 42% down seven points from august. and more alarmingly, 71% of americans think that the country is moving in the wrong direction. still ahead -- the right to choose going before the u.s. supreme court. the reason some fear the controversial law in texas may forever change abortion access across the u.s. plus, more canceled flights. american airlines cancels nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend
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stranding passengers across the country. the impact bay area travelers are still feeling this morning. and an inspiring rodeo queen. today on the kelly clarkson show, she introduces us to a 17-year-old teen who is breaking barriers and paving the way for her peers. you can watch "kelly clarkson" here at 3:00 this afternoon.
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a live look at sfo where some bay area travelers will face another day of headaches. >> american airlines has already canceled close to 10% of its flights today. this is after cancel something 1700 since friday. according to flight aware, 338 flights canceled so far. 6 are in the bay area. families we spoke with are trial to remain positive but explained this back and forth is not ideal. >> yeah, never got any
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notification. woke up at 3:00 in the morning this morning. so, yeah, it's really frustrating. >> the airline is citing staffing shortages due to weather related issues in dallas. happening today, the closely watched criminal trial for a young man who shot and killed two people during heated police protests starts. 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse shot three people in all during the protest in kenosha, wisconsin, in the summer of 2020. following a police shooting in kenosha where a white officer shot and paralyzed a black man responding to a domestic call. rittenhouse took up arms on his own in response to the call made by people on social media. the judge in the case has already made national headlines for deciding the attorneys must not refer to the men rittenhouse shot as victims. >> the word victim is a loaded, loaded word. and i think alleged victim is a cousin to it. >> the judge ruled the lawyers
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can, however, refer to the three men as rioters, looters or arsonists if they have evidence to support those claims. the defense is expected to argue rittenhouse, who pleaded not guilty, shot the men in self-defense. over the next month, the supreme court will hear a series of cases which may fundamentally change abortion access here in the u.s. happening today, it all kicks off as justices hear arguments surrounding the controversial recent texas abortion law. nbc's pete williams reports on what their focus will be on today. >> reporter: the court is considering what's to become of two lawsuits challenging sb-8, the texas law that's stopped nearly all abortions in the state. the law says they can't be performed after six weeks of pregnancy, before most women know they're pregnant. >> it's meant to intimidate, threaten, make us afraid of providing the abortion care. >> reporter: state officials
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cannot ban abortion that early so the texas legislature handed off enforcement to private individuals making it harder to challenge the law in court. it allows anyone to sue any doctor who performs an abortion or helps out. those suing can collect at least $10,000. >> the texas heartbeak act saves about 100 lives per day from abortion. >> reporter: texas is urging the supreme court to rule because none of its officials do anything to enforce the law they cannot be sued. but abortion providers in the state and the justice department both say their lawsuit should go forward and that state court clerks and judges should be blocked from doing anything to carry out the law. the biden administration says texas should not be allowed to use its novel law to nullify a constitutional right to abortion. >> they empowered complete strangers to become point hunters going after women who exercise their right to choose. >> reporter: and a month from now the court hears an even
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bigger case. a challenge from mississippi to roe v. wade itself and decades of rulings on the right to abortion. happening now, enrollment for "cover california" kicks off today. californians who need health insurance can sign up. >> and health and human services secretary javier becerra was in sacramento to help get more people registered for 2020. especially those not currently enrolled or who could get health coverage for them and their families for free. nbc bay area's thom jensen joins us. so they estimate many new enrollees could get full coverage with no monthly payment? >> that's right. and more than a million who are uninsured altogether are eligible, they say, and millions more in the private sector could get lower rates by switching to cover california. the former california attorney general and stanford grad coming home to make sure everyone gets that message. he was joined by california's health and human services secretary and others to make the announcement and remind people
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that this is day one to start enrolling for the coming year. secretary becerra touting the american rescue plan which makes health care more affordable than ever before for more people. >> every american should have access to quality health care. so that if your child gets sick and you have to go to the hospital, the other part of your brain isn't thinking, am i going to go bankrupt now if i do this? no, the only thing that you should be thinking about when your child needs to go to an emergency room, to a doctor or hospital is, am i getting the best care possible? not can i afford to do this? that's where we're heading. you go on the covered california website and sign up for health insurance. it's that simple. and it's that matter of fact. >> secretary becerra also said there is more options than ever before. he and covered california officials said more low-income californians and americans across the nation especially in communities of color hit hardest
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by the covid-19 virus and the financial hardships of this ongoing pandemic. becerra and others urging congress to pass president biden's build back better plan which includes even more subsidies for affordable care coverage. enrollment for covered california is open through january 15th. >> some good notes there. thanks, thom. just about three months from now, hard to believe, the winter olympics get under way. you know what that means. >> it means a good time. time to do a lot more, though. >> brush up on that curling knowledge. not your hair but curling always brings out the high drama during the winter games. one club in the south bay will get a lot of attention. the silicon valley curling club. the club started only about four years ago. it already has 100 members. and as one mother and daughter will tell you, the whole family can take part. >> i've always been in love with the sport for a lot of my life. it's so much more tiring than i thought it would be. it's way more fun than i thought it would be.
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>> way more fun than i thought it would be. the club meets regularly in san jose. get ready for the popularity to peak when the games begin. they make it look easy. >> they do. >> nbc bay area is your home for winter olympics coverage. the olympics start february 4th and we'll be here for the entire ride. or sweep for that matter. >> you know how they try to slow everything down there. kari, we're trying to slow this drought process down with all the rain, which is a good thing. >> it is. it's nice to see this rain. this is one of those days i'm at home cleaning and i'm like this with the swiffer going across the floor. so it's going to be a day where a lot of us are finding things to do inside. we've powered up storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. you can see it there working, scanning and the rain is just falling all around it. let me show you what it's picking up on. it sends out a signal. it projects that back on a map
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and shows us exactly where it's raining. and the closer that radar is, the higher level the detail and just second by second updates we get here. that's the red scan that you're seeing on the radar. so a lot of the rain has been over the north bay. that continues for parts of marin and sonoma counties. a little bit of a break in napa, but really picking up here in the past couple of hours for solano county. we've seen it moving into san francisco and parts of the east bay. pretty much just covering contra costa county right now. with some pockets of heavier rain. now the rain is getting lighter for san francisco. it's shifting off toward the south. moing across the bay and into the tri-valley where it's pouring at a pretty good clip. we see the bright yellows, that indicates heavier rain over milpitas. and the south county where we've seen the rain in gilroy and morgan hill. this is all part of a system that's moving in. spreading that rain across the bay area. and as you can see, there's a
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lot more where that came from off the coast. it's going to be raining here for a few more hours before this tapers off. the next storm system is set to move in late wednesday into thursday. also looks fairly weak at this point so we're not in a microclimate weather alert. this should not have a huge impact. just beneficial rain. the kind of rain we like to see. so the showers will continue with at times heavier downpours for parts of the santa cruz mountains and then as we go into tomorrow morning, it's pretty much clearing out at that point. with this round of rain we're looking at an additional quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain for parts of the north bay. mill valley in total may get above an inch of rain. we could see about an inch of rain for ben lomond but issue less than san jose. the reason will be lighter. adding to the surplus we've seen. we're just one month in. but it will be fairly chilly today. only reaching into the 60s. not much of a cooldown tonight. just slightly warmer tomorrow
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with a lot more sunshine. and we'll continue that warming trend into wednesday. once again thursday, early in the day, is when the rain comes back. and this weekend looking cloudy but at this point it does look dry. we'll be falling back, setting our clocks back one hour on sunday morning. marcus and laura? >> which means more sleep, right? >> yes! coming up, 'tis the season, ready or not. >> yeah, but ready or not, here the holiday season comes. >> oh, my. coming up, how our unofficial christmas queen is helping us count down to christmas. >> before that, this is what's happening now. some good news for the holiday tradition. macy's thanksgiving day parade, it is back. this year it will return to its prepandemic form and its route restored through manhattan. and those high-flying helium
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balloons once again pulled by handlers and crowds welcomed back to cheer them on. remember, you can watch the parade right here on nbc bay area on thanksgiving day. we'll be right back.
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♪♪ right now on "california live," we're celebrating dia de los muertos. >> and i've got an exclusive vip tour to the hottest ticket in hollywood. >> and we're transporting you from l.a. to the pacific islands via this hot spot in venice. cheers. >> plus, malou is making a splash in the desert. >> we've got to go out to dinner right now. >> all this and a lot more happening right now on "california live."


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