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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, time is up. today is the deadline for san francisco workers to be fully vaccinated. some muni riders will be affected. what you need to know about when and where you can ditch the mask. >> american airlines cancels nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend, and the affect bay area
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residents have had to deal with. i am marcus washington. we have a lot for you this morning. first, we have to get to the forecast for you. >> we're waking up to rain in the north bay. we are seeing showers moving through ukiah and santa rosa, and northern napa county and marin county. we are seeing once again light showers moving in, but this is enough to make those roads wet once again as we watch this storm system come in, and there's another one right behind that. we have two storms headed our way for this week that will bring in beneficial rain. we will talk more about how much we are expecting when it moves in, and that's all coming up in a few minutes. mike, you already have a road closure.
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>> we do, kari, and it's because of a crash. we have a number of crashes. further east in the contra costa county, we have a closure -- a very serious crash and lanes are blocked at high school road. less than 24-hours ago, a crash also shutdown this road. back to you. a live look at san francisco this morning, because today is the deadline for city employee vaccine mandates, and one agency said it will have to modify service because some of the employees have not complied. two san francisco muni bus routes will be suspended. sergio quintana has more on
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that. >> i go to work that way. i come back this way. >> lopez rides the one california route from russian hill to work on the embarcadero, and he's not happy his route will be affected -- >> i am a restaurant manager, and we are looking for people to get in and get vaccinated, so just comply and do it, and move forward. >> the one california short route from downtown to the presidio, and the 14r mission short route will be suspended, and two weekend services will be suspended. 123 employees have not complied with the mandate, and it's a small percentage but enough to
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affect the routes. passengers will not lose the ability to get around, but they should expect buses on the routes to be more packed. >> this should be enforced. i feel like reasons that people have, they are not following the science. >> san francisco is not the only big city in the united states with an employee vaccination mandate that kicks in. new york is already seeing thousands of employees going out on medical leave because of the requirement. >> the nyfd with 11,000 employees said they have 2,000 firefighters out so far. here in san francisco we did have the police, fire and other front line departments about their employee vaccine compliance, and they said they don't anticipate any service interruptions. today marin county lifting its endorse mask mandate starting at noon. masks will no longer be required
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inside. this is happening because the county met the criteria established by the nine bay area counties for lifting the county level mask mandate. hospitalizations have declined and remain low, and it maintains 21 consecutive days of moderate level on the cdc's community transmission tracker. it's not just marin making changes. also starting today alameda county, contra costa county and the city of berkeley will ease mask requirements, but only in certain endorse settings in places like gyms, offices and religious gatherings. and now to a look at sfo. this is part of a nationwide problem for american airlines and it continues into this morning. american has canceled 1,700 flights nationwide since friday, and blaming the problem on weather and staffing issues. here in the bay area, the affect
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has been minimal, 36 flights over the weekend and six today. american airlines said most customers are being rebooked the same day it expect the cancelations, and delays could be getting better today, as 1,800 flight attendants will return to work. and then safeway stores have ended their overnight hours because of the theft. one supervisor tweeted he already met with safeway reps and hopes to meet with police leaders to devise a better plan. and then chancellor, joseph castro, visiting one campus shortly afternoon. the administration did not issue
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a direct response. the union argues the union is flush with cash. we are expecting rain to make its way into the bay area and also later this week. we will look at traffic in just a bit, and that could be affected when the rain starts to come down. when should we see some of the rain -- >> it's already falling in the north bay. it's been raining for a few hours now. this is going to be a focus where we see a lot of the rain. we have storm ranger powered up, and the view of the golden gate bridge was a soggy one, and it's getting heavy as we head over spots like northern marin county, and we are going to see some of the showers passing by. it's going to be off and on, and the focus will be the north bay
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where we will see some of the heaviest rain off and on throughout the day, and we will talk about expected rainfall totals and how we're doing with our water year update. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have more about the closure in concord. >> yeah, it was north bay north chicago highway closed, and we do talk about that with slick roads, and kari did show the rain coming in so note that for especially the north bay right now. it will be an issue, but right now the roadways are dry here throughout the bay. no major issues and the altamont pass looking good as far as the speeds coming into livermore. it's 4:38. coming up next on "today in the bay," apple has christmas in mind with tons of new items, and it's really the nontech items that could be in high demand and
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what will be very hard to get this holiday season. plus -- >> not as flashy as figure skating or snowboarding, but it's a sport many fall in love with, and we will look at this winter staple and how the winter games will have a lot of new fans with it. stay tuned for kari's forecast, and mike has a look at the roadways this morning. it's 4:39.
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happy monday. we're coming up on 4:42. it's so great to see rain coming in in napa right now, and it's cloudy but we will see the showers arriving by about 9:00. on and off rain throughout the day and only making it into the low 60s today. we'll talk about the rain and how much we will see coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. right now dry roads on the nimitz 880. moving south toward silicon valley. light and dry right now. let's check in with dom. can dom here us?
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>> can't hear us, or he's just completely ignoring us. >> we will iron things out and check in with dom in just a bit. right now we will go to brian sullivan. >> investors gearing up for more hearings. the federal reserve is expected to announce it will begin to unwind the stimulus program put in place during the pandemic and lockdowns. and they will be talking about inflation running at a 30-year high. in focus today, you have a big number on u.s. manufacturing as well as construction spending. union workers at john deere are set to vote tomorrow on a new contract that will offer bigger raises and bonuses. that company trying to end its first strike in 35 years.
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it announced a new tentative deal this weekend on a six-year deal. more than 10,000 workers at 14 plants in america and canada are on strike. at apple the item with the longest wait time is low tech. the most back ordered product is apple's $19 polishing cloth. if you order the cloth right now you could wait 10 to 12 weeks before january at the earliest before it arrives. the -- >> wow, can't go like this. >> probably shouldn't, but i do, though. stay with us here on "today in the bay." when we come back, kari will be tracking that rain for our new workweek. >> yeah, more rain on the way as we watch it falling in the north bay. we have storm ranger powered up
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and tracking that. that's next. san mateo bridge moving smoothly, and a crystal clear view but kari will talk about what may slow you down over in contra costa county, coming up. under quarantine, singer, bon jovi testing positive for covid and how he made the show go on without him.
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welcome back.
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a very good monday morning to you. what a beautiful live look outside of the bay bridge glistening there in the reflection in the water. a nice start to our monday morning. but don't be fooled. so calm right now. >> yeah, and kari hall has been tracking the weather. >> if you are about to head out, make sure you have the umbrella and rain gear and be ready for some of the showers that will be moving through. once again we already saw it in the north bay and it continues with off and on light rain, and that's what we are expecting today as we focus on the more measurable rain on 101 between santa rosa and novato. we have seen in some of the hills and mountains in the north bay getting heavier rain. this is system number one. there's another one behind that and we will track this set to move in on early wednesday. as we look at today, we see the
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showers spreading across the bay area. some of it getting lighter as it moves into the east bay as well as the south bay as we sometimes see in san josé, we get rain shadowed. a lot of the heavier rain will move into the santa cruz mountains. looking at how much rain we may see out of this, once again for the north bay, we will see about half an inch of rain. then you head down to san francisco and it's like a quarter inch. look, we could see an inch of rain here, and then as you head over the santa cruz mountains, and los gatos, only a quarter inch of rain. for parts of the east bay, the tri-valley, about 0.1 to a quarter inch of rain. scattered showers moving in. tomorrow this moves out so we're sunny and cool. the rest of the week we are watching another chance of rain moving in on wednesday. as we look at our water year update, we're still doing pretty good. remember, it started one month ago today, and we are seeing a
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surplus after a historic storm we had that brought all the rain, nine inches for is not tau rosa and hopefully we will continue to see it adding up. as far as temperatures, only reach into the low 60s today and we will see the temperatures warm up once the rain moves out. we are trying out on friday, and then this weekend we fall back, and keep in mind daylight saving time ends. we will see the temperatures come down a bit. i'm watching that off and on rain. mike, you have a misty view of the golden gate bridge. >> yeah, you were talking about north of novato, and that will be an issue right here. it's just affecting our view of the golden gate bridge. the span itself, the cameras we have north of the toll plaza, it shows a dry roadway, but the rain will affect the 101 up in that part. no major issues except for this crash, 242, and counter commute,
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it's north bay where the closure is and the investigation. anywhere else, it looks green. back to you. singer jon bon jovi was scheduled to give a concert in miami yesterday but had to cancel after he and others tested positive. he was going to give an acoustic performance at one south beach hotel, and according to the rep, bon jovi is fully vaccinated and doing well. according to a recent "washington post" report, up to 12,000 personnel have rejected orders to get fully vaccinated despite the pentagon mandate. it amounts to less than 4% of
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the overall active airmen. those that refuse could be dismissed. the bay area team, teaming up with afghan refugees to send a message through art. the 17-year-old caroline has been painting social justice murals at a number of bay area high schools. her latest one, she created a mural entitled, i see you, and all good living. the store in alameda, it features a 8-year-old boy killed by a suicide bomber. she worked with afghan refugee families over the weekend that made their way to the bay area to help with the project. on february 4th, winter olympics get under way, and you know what that means, and it's
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time to brush up on your curling knowledge. one club in the south bay will get a lot of attention. the silicon valley curling club, and it only started four years ago and already has 100 members, and as one mother and daughter will tell you, the whole family can take part. >> i love getting involved with the sport for a lot of my life. >> it's way more fun than i thought it would be. >> the club meets regularly in san josé, and get ready for popularity to peak when the beijing games begin. it's going to be great. the official logo right there. okay, you can carve a pumpkin here, carve a pumpkin there, you can carve a pumpkin anywhere. we will take you under the sea
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where spooky season came to life. and then david chiu is a former san francisco supervisor, and he will replace the attorney, dennis herrera, who will be the new manager of san francisco public utilities commission. we'll be right back.
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trending this morning, a video showing a special way to celebrate halloween with an underwater pumpkin carving contest. this was off of key largo.
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underwater artists of all ages used dive knives and fine carving tools to transform their gourds. >> how cool is that? also pretty cool here, the northern lights putting on an extended show over the halloween weekend. this is the skies above northern scotland. they followed what scientists called a significant solar flare providing a super charge to the aurora borealis. >> very cool. 4:57. the deadline is here. coming up next on "today in the bay," what happens to san francisco city workers that go unvaccinated after today's deadline and how it could affect your commute. plus, kari tracking your forecast. >> yeah, we are tracking rain. looks likes it gets to palo alto
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around 9:00, and we are already seeing that in the north bay and we'll take a look at stormranger. that's coming up next. >> we will track that as it goes through the east bay as well. this is dublin moving smoothly coming in westbound with the headlights. we will talk about alameda county and contra costa county, your whole commute coming up.
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just comply and do it and
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move forward. >> right now at 5:00, time is up. the deadline is here for san francisco city workers to be fully vaccinated. we're going to look at the impact that will be felt starting today across the city. the right to choose going before the supreme court this morning, and why some fear the controversial case in texas may forever change abortion laws across the united states. and overnight tragedy in gilroy. what authorities are now saying about the young man now in custody. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this november 1st. thank you for starting your morning with us. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. a lot to get to on this monday morning, including rain in the bay area. >> yeah, we want to bring in meteorologist, kari hall, who is tracking rain. >> yeah, it's nice to see this rain. it's back and we will see lighter showers this go around


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