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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 31, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11:00, down to the wire for san francisco. a vaccine deadline looms for city employees. the impact coming tomorrow because of it. this year has been mostly a return to normal. but south bay families didn't drop their guard. a tragic holiday weekend in gilroy. gunfire at a city council member's home. the young man that's been arrested. thanksomrow is the deadline san francisco's employee vaccine
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mandate. one city agency says it will have to modify service because some employees haven't complied. two san francisco bus routes will be suspended. we goimpact. >> reporter: the two-routes effect that helped ease crowding on one of the busiest transit quarters. >> i go that way and come back this way. >> reporter: he run rides the 1 california route. he is not happy that the route will be affected because of nonvaccine compliance. >> i work in a restaurant. i'm a restaurant manager. and we're looking for people, okay, to get in and get vaccinated. it's like this comply and do it. move forward. >> reporter: beginning tomorrow, the 1 california short route and the 14r mission short route will be suspended.
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and beginning this weekend, the 30 stockton short and the vanness will be shut down. a small percentage is enough to affect the bus routes. all of the suspended routes affect the other system. they should expect the buses on the routes to be more packed. riders we asked support the mandate. >> it should be enforced. i feel like reasons that people have, they're not following the science. >> reporter: san francisco is not the only big city in the united states with an employee vaccination mandate that kicks in tomorrow. new york is already seeing thousands of employees going out on medical leave. the f.d. with 11,000 employees say they have 2,000 firefighters out to far. here in san francisco, we asked
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the police, fire and other front line departments about their compliance. the department of public works says they don't anticipate any service interruptions. the other departments we asked have not responded yet. happening tomorrow, marin county is lifting its indoor mask mandate. starting at noon tomorrow, masks will no longer be required inside. they will still be recommended. this has happened because the county has met the criteria. the county's vaccine rate is above 80%. hospitalizations have declined and remain low. an it's maintained 21 days of moderate level data. you can't lose the masks completely. they're required in a number of public places, schools, health care facilities, jails, homeless shelters and public transit. private businesses can require
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people to wear masks indoors if they choose. it's not just marin making changes. alameda county, contra costa county will be easing mask requirements. but only in certain indoor settings where everyone is fully vaccinated. places not open to the public, gyms, offices and religious gatherings. four different cameras to show you. perfect weather today and tonight. there's rain in the fast tomorrow. when does it get here? >> we're starting to see it across the coast. we are wrapping up an epic month for rainfall. the rainfall surplus thanks to last week's rain, 5 to 9 inches above average. all bay area locations benefits from the record-setting rains last week. and we'll add to the totals
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around the north bay. light rain to start. more substantial rain will be moving into the north bay by mid-morning. expecting lighter rain to start. by 11:00, seeing the areas of yellow and darker green, moderate to steady rain. that will impact the monday morning and monday evening commute. another storm will add to the totals on wednesday and thursday. how much more rain we expect in the forecast in about ten minutes. >> sounds good. download the nbc bay area app to track the weather in your neighborhood. health leaders are warning people in cloverdale to use boil
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ed tap water or bottled water. residents will be told when water is safe to use without boiling. that should be within three days. passengers flying on american airlines have hat a rough go of it. all part of a nationwide problem for the barrier. american canceled 1,700 flights nationwide sings friday, blaming the problem on weather and staffing issues. two flights departing sfo and arrivals canceled today. still waiting to hear from oakland. most customers are being rebooked same day. new video of a side show that started about midnight. sixth street and st. john.
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some living nearby was worried about what happened. and they called the cops. we reached out to san jose police and they tell us they will have information tomorrow. the halloween party is on in the mission district. here's a look at the festivities earlier this evening. people dressed in the most creative costume. jellyfish, a rabbit, a couple of dinosaurs and many more. residents say they are excited to be back celebrating. >> everybody is festive and following mandates and whatnot. it is calm compared to other previous years. >> of course, you remember last year's halloween celebrations were canceled, due the pandemic. another night of trick or treating is in the books. maybe it's the vaccine and maybe it's your kids wanted to get some candy.
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scott budman found more kids and treats. >> reporter: more kids are out but people are being cautious. at the houses going all-out like this lego-themed house, you're seeing people being careful and giving out candy, by a table. things felt brighter this year. >> we have a tradition. we scare kids. >> reporter: neighborhoods like this one in san jose, were packed with families. >> this is where it gets really crowded. we are expecting over 1,000 kids. >> reporter: houses were decked out and welcoming. >> the normalcy felt good. >> reporter: we saw a lot more homes giving out candy at the door this year, we saw people pinning candy on a fence for kids to take. >> i think it's for covid
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reasons. we would like kids to have fun. while lots of parents tell us they are excited about vaccine approval for little ones on the horizon. >> yes. totally. yes. some say they are playing it safe for now. >> i kind of want to do it every year this way. it's fun and there's not decision paralysis. a late night shooting. a s.w.a.t. standoff and arrest. new details on the deadly party that took place in gilroy this weekend. afghanistan activists don't want to be silenced. how a bay area team of artists make sure they're heard. and storm ranger's eyes on the first of two storms.
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how much we are expecting when we come right back.
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welcome back. we're following the deadly shooting at a council member's home. police have arrested a 19-year-old man. the shooting happened around 1:00 saturday morning during an outdoor halloween party. one person did die. three others were hurt. the victims are ages 17 to 19. today police arrested benjamin caldadone. he's accused of pulling the trigger. seven people are in the hospital and one car was smoking. you can see it. the car was knocked on its side. the other car not in great
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shape, either. that was in the intersection of willow pass. several people taken to the hospital and three air-lifted. they are in serious condition. traffic deaths in the first half of this year were the highest they have been in 15 years, according to data from the national highway traffic administration. more than 20 people died in a terrific incident in the first six months of this year. that's nearly 20% more than the same time period the year before and the biggest percentage increase on record. 15 states and puerto rico accounted for half of the road fatalities so far this year. a touching tribute to a fallen u.s. service member from the east bay. nonprofit tribute to fallen soldiers traveled from eugene, oregon, to the family home in pittsburg. the 23-year-old died in 2016, shortly after leaving for her
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first tour of duty on the air force carrier "uss ronald reagan." the navy says she died of natural causes, sepsis, to be exact. but her family thinks she was mishandled by the military. the family lost that lawsuit. a bay area teen is teaming up with afghan refugees to send a message through art. take a look. 17-year-old caroline contadine has been painting murals at a number of high schools. now, she is working with afghan refugee families that made their way to the bay area. they are painting a mural titled, "i see you." take a look at this. not your typical rescue call. police in san rafael responded to reports about a stranded otter on the highway. >> a stranded otter?
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>> yeah. the otters out. when officers arrived they found the otter was a baby northern fur seal, who they named ivy. i like the name. northern fur seals are considered a threatened species. it's unclear how ivy ended up in that location. very cute. >> very cute picture. a great day for an otter rescue. we got light rain in the morning. now, entering for light rain to have the picture after midnight tonight. san francisco 59 degrees. not too windy out there. a big change from last weekend, announcing how it ended up. 60 in san jose, increasing clouds, trivalley, 58 degrees. and over towards walnut creek, 57 degrees. we'll see a little rain coming in mid to late morning around
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contra costa county. and dropping into the south bay, as we head into the afternoon. rain returning for your morning commute. highest impact in the north bay and progressively down the peninsula and into the east bay by midday. mid 50s and 60s for highs in the bay area. rain changing to scattered showers. 63 in san francisco. going to take your pick around the bay area. storm ranger seeing the light rain showers, marin towards sonoma county. seeing the outer fringe of the storm system, not in the same class as last week. it has a lot of moisture with it. it doesn't have a parent storm that is strong to wring out the heavy intense rain rates. we'll see rain at times. light rain in the morning. the focus of the first half of
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the day will be about san francisco northward, some will see a half-inch of rain coming down. notice how this does fall apart by 5:00. the reason that the santa clara county rain totals don't look too impressive with this. by tuesday, things wind down. the impact of the second storm will be in the north bay. that's the high hills of the north bay getting close to an inch of rain. less in the valleys. and a lot less south of san francisco into san jose. some rain coming in late wednesday to thursday. you see it on futurecast midweek. we should see a similar breakdown of rain totals higher in the north bay and less in the south. let's add up the two storms in four days.
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this adds up the two storms. sum total could be 2 to 3 inches in the mountains, not as overwhelming as last week. this is good news. adding to the rainfall we started for october. november stays active. and we might see showers out there. form and midweek seem to be the stronger. a little rain. tuesday and wednesday, highs near 70 degrees around the valleys. the rain chances are staying above average. not coming down in feet. i think we saw a week ago. in moderation. good news in the seven-day
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forecast. >> i feel i would be amiss if i didn't ask you what your twin boys were for halloween. >> one was construction and the other was an nbc bay area meteorologist. he had an i.d. badge. >> i love that. need the see the photos. >> we'll have more of her photos later in the week. >> yes. too much fun. still ahead, it is a day of the dead celebration, with a focus on taking care of the living. see how the festival return had a slight change.
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look at this. a thrilling an for some families. they danced to "thriller." they danced in front of tourists. the goal was simple, have fun. many of the dancers were service members or family members of those in the military. day of the day celebrations are happening again in the bay area. >> some changes this year. >> reporter: the fruitdale district in oakland has the tights and sounds of a familiar day. after going virtual last year during the pandemic, people were
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back for the festival. >> it's about welcoming the ancestors from the after-life. >> reporter: this year there was a shift. >> we're notstages. we wanted to make sure the event was as safe as possible. >> reporter: people were asked to wear mask. and there was a covid vaccination clinic. >> first or second shot, booster and the flu vaccine. >> reporter: instead of vendors, they hoped to move foot traffic into storefronts. there was a virtual marketplace, a day many waited for with a tone of healing. >> it's beautiful. especially this area was hit very hard with covid. >> people took in all that was here. >> we have 25 created by local artists. we have ethnic dancers and a
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soccer tournament. the day of the living. and the 49ers are back. >> what a trip to chicago will do for confidence and morale in san francisco. finally a win. how jimmy g. and the 49ers surprisingly used the ground game in chicago to get their first victory in a month ena half. that's right. stick around. sport is next.
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let's keep making a differene together. welcome back.
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jimmy garoppolo grew up about 25 miles away from downtown chicago. today, he returned home to lead the 49ers for their first win in six weeks. after a lackluster start, jimmy g. trying to fire up the skill players. it worked. did you know jimmy could do that. that leads to a field goal. niners down 13-9 at the break. the momentum carries over to the second half. on third and long, the screen to deebo. all the way to the 1 yard line. 171 receiving yards. deebo was supposed to get the ball. jimmy g. takes it in for the touchdown.
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in the fourth, elijah mitchell, everybody saying get in the end zone. a seven-point 49ers lead. check this play out. makes the defense look silly. a 22-yard touchdown run. p.a.t. was no good. jimmy garoppolo, his second rushing touchdown of the day. the 49ers beat the bears, 3-22. >> we lost four in a row. that's tough. a huge team win. it was 2-0, or ended like that. really proud of the guys. >> our team needed a win. we came ready today. you can feel each other.
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when we're playing like that, that's when we get dangerous. >> all right. up next, the arizona cardinals come to santa clara. kyler murray has a sprained ankle. to baseball, the fall classic heading back to houston tonight. the astros fight off elimination against the braves. game five in atlanta. the braves come out swinging. adam due value gets the party started in grand fashion. the astros were determined not to let their season end tonight. maldonado with his third rbi of the game. houston wins 9-5. the braves lead 3-2 games. the series is going back to houston for games six and seven. that's a look at sports. the 49ers needed that boost of confidence. and so did jimmy g.
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they got it. guys? >> going on to the big game against the cardinals. >> levi's will be rockin'. up ahead, the pentagon could be facing a new fight. >> the deadline one branch of the military is set to miss.
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back with a look at the white house tonight. that's amazing.
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the white house was lit orange for halloween. we wanted to stay in the spirit. we have the orange house instead of the white house. >> late something for halloween. president biden used his final day in rome to tackle some of the economic challenges facing him at home. specifically higher prices and stress to supply changes. >> mr. biden announced an end to the trump-era trade dispute. the united states will import more european steel and aluminum, a trade-off to a pause on terrorists. he announced a spool of initiatives to avoid bottlenecked. all this comes as president biden's polling numbers are sinking. an nbc news poll shows 71% of americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. that includes almost half of democrats.
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half of the polls give biden low marks for competence and uniting the country. look at every other president. i didn't run to determine how well i'm going to do in the polls. i ran to make sure that i followed through on what i said i would do. >> president biden said his build back better bill will be voted on this week. prince charles ended today's g20 summit with a warning about climb change. it's an issue he has pushed for 20 years. he is urging action. >> we will need trillions of dollars every yeek year to create new infrastructure and to meet the climate target that will save our tourists and farms, our oceans and wild life.
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>> there's a lot riding on this two-week-long climate summit. global leaders must outline how to halve greenhouse gas emissions. earlier tonight, i spoke with the mayor of san jose. reuters is reporting that at the g20 conference this weekend, world leaders agreed there should be a 1 1/2-degree celsius limit going forward. they like that idea. but they haven't made con crease measures to the problem. is that the problem? >> the goals are nice but the actions are better.
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we need assistance on foreign countries. the more coal they're burning, in a developing country or a powerhouse like china, that's going to affect us. we need much more investment in our electric grid infrastructure. that's failing in northern california because of underinvestment by pg&e. we will need a lot of investment to make this work. that will take some sacrifice. the cost of that investment pales in comparison to doing nothing. for the next two weeks, world leaders are meeting in scotland to hammer out a plan to deal with our climate crisis. we're tracking the summit closely. join us as we break down headlines from the global climate conference and what it means for us here.
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white house press secretary says she has covid-19. she got a positive test result and is experiencing mild symptom. she was with joe biden on tuesday. they were more than six feet apart and wearing masks. she had plans to travel with the president to the g20 summit in rome but decided against it. she plans to return to work after quarantine. tuesday, a deadline for the air force. thousands of personnel have rejected orders to get vaccinated. the vast majority, 96% are partially vaccinated. airmen that refuse to be vaccinated can be dismissed.
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thousands of them would choke the air force. moderna's covid vaccine for kids is being delayed. the fda is examining the risk of myocarditis, the inmra nation of the heart muscle. as for the pfizer vaccine for children, shots can be given as soon as this week. a cdc advisory panel will meet tuesday and will recommend a vaccine. >> last year, we were told to stay home. this year, many are hoping to get on a flight to visit loved ones. you need to be thinking now about thanksgiving and christmas ravel plans.
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the travel industry is warning that those flying this holiday season to be prepared. >> they don't anticipate the cancellations and delays that consumers experienced. but consumers should be prepared for changes, delays or possible cancellations. >> just 92% of capacity. continuation of a year filled with disruptive travel for tens of thousands of passengers across multiple airlines. lea vincent encourages travelers to pad their trip with an extra day or two. >> pack your patience. some things are unavoidable.
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>> in addition to working with a travel adviser, aaa recommends travel insurance and booking end-of-year flights now. >> fewer flights will be available. >> these may be unprecedented times and remines that airline delays are nothing new. >> not as flashy as figure skating or snowboarding. but the sport that many fall in love with. >> how this olympic staple brings in new fans. showing some light rain approaching the north bay. more where that's coming from. part of your monday forecast. why you need an umbrella tomorrow and midweek.
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we're less than 100 days before the opening ceremony. are you ready for the winter olympics in beijing. >> the sport of curling gets a lot of attention. a club in the house bay says there's a flood of interest. ian cole gave it a try. >> every four years the sport of
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curling gets ice-hot. there's curling league games under way. and learn to curl on the side. they're coveted spots that sell out quickly. i'm joining in. >> a social camaraderie to it. >> reporter: all of this is put on by the curling club. many got their start watching on tv. >> it's insane how much attention curling gets. >> reporter: every tuesday, the center rink for hockey is transformed. >> we go through a lot of effort to make curling happen, even hen we don't necessarily have a dedicated facility for that around. >> reporter: the club says in the lead-up to the olympics, demand soars. and during the games, they shut
11:44 pm
down the league to teach the curious public. >> anyone of any age, skill level, able to play, as soon as they learn. >> reporter: here is how it's played. >> two teams throw 40-pound stones of granite. they throw it at a bull's eye. everybody knows the sweepers or the crushers. they're helping to keep it going. once everyone has thrown their stones, they count the points. >> reporter: it's called curling because the stones curl in on the ice. there's ten rounds or ends in a match. and there's an entire language of new lingo. >> the target is called the house. the center is called the button. >> you get on your stone and ready to deliver. here we go.
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it is harder than it looks. and the newcomers are instant fans and perhaps future olympians. >> i've been in love with the sport a long of my life. >> it's way more fun than i thought it would be. >> i love it. >> when noel wins gold, in a future olympics, remember. ian cole got her going. >> exactly. >> nbc bay area is your home for the winter olympics. opening ceremony 96 days away. some families going all out for halloween, including this one. >> everywhere. we go all-out. >> we have picture that needs explaining. >> here's my family.
11:46 pm
that's luke skywalker with his tian tian. baby yoda and an ewok. my daughter chooses what we're going to be. she wanted to be baby yoda. we worked around her. >> and you got into it, too. >> i have to. she will be really upset. it was fun and beautiful out there today. >> it was fantastic weather. >> it is. great coordination there. >> they did. >> it's ridiculous sometimes. >> and the weather, as you mentioned, good for the photos and trick or treat time. a few changes around the bay area. 60 degrees in san jose. increasing clouds. 58 in livermore and into san francisco. probably looking at a little light rain before sunrise. 59 degrees as we give you the timeline of when we think the
11:47 pm
most substantial rain will fall. hour-by-hour, 10:00 a.m. to lunchtime, the transition from more scattered showers to better rain rates, around midday for san francisco. the morning rain to start. in time for the commute. the rain changing to scattered showers over the south bay. another incident where we have the 60s outside and rain falling at times. not as strong as the storm last sunday night into monday. we will see the peak for the rain. in the morning hours. san francisco, at rain from
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about 10:00 to noon tomorrow. the storm will weaken as it progresses to the south. what's left of the showers should be winding down as we get into tuesday. peak rain totals with this storm are in the north the bay. you notice the futurecast, it weakens as it moves south. north bay, some of the hill tops could go over an inch of rain. the models going backwards on the rain totals. sunday. every two to three days, rain chances come back and forth.
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mild to warm temperatures in the valleys through wednesday. more news after this short break.
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you've probably been bitten by one of the tiny pests before. we're talking about mosquitos. they are invaing southern california by the millions. >> there's a new company that keeps the mosquitos at bay. buzzing and biting. shealy is getting bitten alive. >> another one here. >> reporter: like so many other southern californians. how bad is the mosquito problem this year? >> the worst it's been. >> reporter: talking about aedes mosquito. so small, you can barely make out its stripes.
11:52 pm
l.a. county control is spraying pesticide in parks and at homes. the numbers of this mosquito keep multiplying. researchers with a silicon valley company called verily may have come up with a better solution. they're treating male mosquitos with a bacteria that makes them sterile. >> we're going to release sterile male mask toes. they meet with the female. the female becomes pregnant. she lays eggs. when the eggs go to hatch, nothing hatches. >> reporter: working from this van, a team of researchers release sterile male mask toes mosquitos, in a neighborhood near fresno. >> did you have success this week? >> they were 99% less in the places we released in fresno.
11:53 pm
>> reporter: the team of researchers have tried this in australia. >> it was 80% to 90%. >> that made headlines down under. >> reporter: california had great results with sterilizing another species of male insect, the mediterranean fruit fly. starting in the late 1980s, the med fly threatened to wipe out california's agriculture industry. until the state began releasing sterilized male med flies from the air. >> an extremely successful tool in adding to the other things we can do to eliminate an insect species. >> reporter: this etymologist says sterilized mosquitos can be the key to controlling our ankle-biter population. >> it itches really bad. >> reporter: that's invading the inside of our homes. >> they love to breed indoors.
11:54 pm
they don't need a lot of water. >> ankle biter mosquitos can breed in your house plants. be careful not to overwater them. researchers are a hopeful they could approve the technique to reduce the annoying mosquitoes plaguing people. >> they seem like they're everywhere and they're so invisible. they don't make noise. we're back in two minutes.
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children always look so cute in the creative costumes on halloween. >> and the pets, too. >> they're good. >> dressing up your pet on
11:57 pm
halloween has bon for the fifth-straight year a with pets in costume. so cute. they walked down main street before prizes were given away for best costumes. organizers plan on continuing the growing tradition because it brings people together. >> i don't care what side of the equation you're on. what political party you're on or what your views are. when you get around pets, all that goes out the window. everyone likes the pets. when you get together like that, they put that aside. enjoying the day. >> they make everything better. talent competition was held for the many pets can do tricks. >> i'm going to go with the one dressed as a reindeer. >> so cute. >> i love it. >> more to show you. pets are gorgeous. they're fantastic.
11:58 pm
>> that's the press badge of chris. you may have seen him in the background. he was my weather producer. >> working for home like dad. unreal. >> and holding a cloth thermometer. and his twin brother, construction engineer, wearing the gear of his grandpa. >> civil engineer right there. and both sides of the family are represented. >> the engineer scientist from you and the meteorologist from you. i mean, you got to take credit. >> perfect. i love it.
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program
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