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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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it's sunday, october 31st, 7:00 on the dot. happy halloween. a perfect way to take you outside in cesar chavez park, an ominous glow in the background there in san josé. thank you for starting your sunday with us. i am kira klapper. arguably, the most important part of the newscast is with meteorologist, vianey arana, and how the weather will treat us today? >> yeah, a lot of people are asking about wearing a jacket or
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their costume. we have seen drizzle along the coastline and monterey right now. it's cloudy to start and head into the afternoon, we are going to stay cloudy. let me give you a spoiler alert. no, it's not going to rain today. the rain will hold off just in time for monday morning's commute, though. so if you are going to be out and about tonight trick-or-treating, expect a cloudy night over all with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we will see the light rain move in late tonight for the north bay, and then rain monday morning. i'll have another look at that in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you in about 15, vianey. thanks so much. there is an investigation into a deadly shooting at a halloween house party at the home of a city council member in gilroy. >> police focussed on the home
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of gilroy city council member, rebeca armendariz. gunfire early saturday morning at an outdoor party at her house left one dead and three others hospitalized. two of them have life-threatening injuries. her neighbor told us he attended the party last night and left before the shooting happened. he said there were about 70 people there, mostly teenagers and young adults. >> translator: i had gone over there with my youngest son and did not like what i saw. it was pitch black and a lot of people wearing dark clothing. >> neighbors reported hearing several gunshots, and first responders had a hard time getting to the victims because it was packed with cars. >> translator: there was not anymore room for the firefighters or ambulances. they had to run in with the gurney. >> gilroy police confirmed tonight s.w.a.t. teams were sent to eighth street.
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rebeca armendariz release add statement, saying i am thankful my family and i who live on las animsa -- >> police say the shooting happened after several people got into a fight and one person fired a gun. i have spoken with council member armen darius, and she's heartbroken right now. marianne favro, "today in the bay." now to another deadly halloween party. two people were killed and five people seriously injured in
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sacramento. it happened a castle banquet hall. hundreds of people were there for the event. police say a gun battle erupted just before 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning, and then spilled into the parking lot. when officers arrived two men were dead. the five other victims are recovering in the hospital and are expected to survive. new this morning, a two car crash spent several people to the hospital overnight, and it happened at midnight at port chicago highway and concord. you can see the smoke coming out of one car that flipped on its side. four were taken by ambulances and two were airlifted. also new this morning, a
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deadly fire in the east bay. it happened just after 7:00 last night on bassin odda court. three people did make it out of the house before firefighters arrived but one person was trapped inside and died. the three people that escaped suffered burns and smoke inhalation. a neighboring home was threatened by the flames, and the cause of that fire is under investigation. we are going to shift gears to halloween and a large return to normal by the bay area. this is the first time since 2006 that castro hosted a halloween party. >> for years there has not been an organized street event in
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castro for halloween, but this year the organizers of this street dance event said they wanted to put together an event that was safe under pandemic circumstances. the celebration this year is a whole lot different than last year. >> happy halloween. >> san francisco basically banned large group gatherings last year, and it seems like people are making an extra effort to let their costume creativity shine. this event at market is called glow in the streets. organizers say this is the kind of venue that is needed during the pandemic. >> this is a safer kind of way to gather outside. >> it's like, it's cuter, and you can bring them and leave and
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drop them off and then come back out for more. >> it party in the street was canceled after a police shooting, and many business owners say they now welcome all the people here after more than a year of pandemic restrictions, and business owners want to remind people, we are still in a pandemic. >> wear your mask where it needs to be and bring your vaccination card, because everybody is checking those. >> and they are asking people to be patient. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. bart trains will run hourly starting at 9:00 p.m., and they will stop at all stops except the airport stops. if you are still looking for something to do tonight, go to
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it's on our trending bar at the top. you can check out our full halloween guide. president biden began his final full day in rome at the g20 summit today by attending a meeting by the turkish president. this comes as tensions rise between the two countries. yesterday biden and other world leaders voiced support for a global minimum tax at a rate of 15%. it would be a way to pay for the build back better agenda, and tomorrow biden along with the other world leaders will travel to scotland for the u.n. climate change conference. back here locally and happening in the east bay, kaiser permanente is partnering with a pop-up vaccine clinic. the clinic will run from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and walk-ins
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are accepted. the first 200 people vaccinated will be entered into a raffle for four alaska airlines vouchers. marin county will be the first bay area county to stop requiring indoor masking in almost all public indoor spaces. and contra costa will follow that when it slightly loosens the requirements. the vaccination requirements will kick in for san francisco employees, and some of the less frequented lines for muni could be temporarily suspended because of a worker shortage.
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coming up, we will take you to washington, d.c. with our weekly interview with chuck todd who has a preview of this week's "meet the press."
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welcome back. it's time for our weekly discussion with chuck todd, nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press." always good to see you. joe biden is overseas for the g20 summit, and obviously having problems back at home getting his agenda passed. are you able to kind of bullet point what is staying and what is going right now? >> i think the two biggest ways of saying what is staying, climate investments are staying, and things having to do with child care is staying, and those are the two big components.
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the most money being spent is going to be basically some form of tax credits to incentivize energy companies to diversify their energy and move towards low emission energy or no emission energy, and so that's the lion's share, and not in it, paid family leave, and expansion of medicare not in it, and negotiated prescription drug prices. that's about the best i can do for you. >> that's good. that's a great help. i saw this morning, i got an nbc news alert, and there's a new nbc news poll that biden's job rating sinks to 42% less than a week from the vote for governor. it almost becomes a vote for biden versus trump, right?
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>> it's what terry mcauliffe would like. if it was a proxy for trump versus biden, i think the democrats would be in better shape, but what has happened in the race is republicans has, i think, successfully made it about education and sort of a larger issue, sort of parental involvement in education and it redefined the race somewhat. it put terry mcauliffe on the defensive here. we will see what happens. the president's job rating does not help the democrat much at all, and if he is underwater by seven, and he's sitting at about 42, 43 in virginia, and then you see why the race is so close. i think we are staring at a nail-biter on tuesday. it will send a signal about where things are headed for 2022. >> fascinating that will be such
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a microcosm on what is going on in our nation. chuck, great to see you. happy halloween. we hope you join chuck for this morning's "meet the press," he will have secretary of energy, and secretary of state on, and that interview with terry mcauliffe. we hope you stick right here and watch "meet the press" right after us. vice president kamala harris got her booster shot yesterday. we're told she got the third dose of the moderna vaccine. harris qualifies as the shot because her duties as vice president put her at risk of becoming exposed to coronavirus. this morning, john bon jovi has tested positive for covid-19. the singer was going to be giving an acoustic halloween
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performance, and according to a rep for the band, members of the band that tested negative stayed behind and did play for the crowd. new developments now in the investigation into the january 6th riots at the capitol. former president trump is trying to block documents from being released to the committee investigating the insurrection. the documents include call logs, drafts of remarks and speeches and handwritten notes from his chief of staff related to the violence. the former president has sued to prevent the national archives from transmitting the documents. today here locally, a special tribute for a marine from the bay area. a memorial is planned for the
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23-year-old danielle lucky. she was on her first tour of duty when she died less than two weeks after boarding the "uss ronald reagan." according to navy documents, she went to the ship's medical bay five times in less than a week complaining of nausea, fever and joint pain. at first medics did not seem concerned putting her on bed rest, and then she was finally admitted to the medical ward. it showed late stage kidney and liver failure after testing her blood. the group tribute to fallen soldiers will have the memorial today in pittsburg. and then the frontman for the stroke complained about not being let into a restaurant because of an issue with his vaccine card. julian casa blanca talked about
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the crazy low band levels. they played just an hour instead of 90 minutes. it may be a first but maybe not a last for one bay area taco bell. was probably know this one in pacifica has the representation of being the most beautiful taco bell in the world. the high school sweethearts got married at san francisco city hall on tuesday and then everybody drove down the coast to taco bell for the reception. they said some of the guests were skeptical, but ended up having a blast. >> aunts, uncles and cousins, they were not sure. >> it was fun when we first walked in. there were other patrons in the store, and they were cheering along with everybody else. >> the couple said the staff went above and beyond to make
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their day special, including a heart made out of hot sauce packets. good for them. it's time to checking in with meteorologist, vianey arana for a look at the forecast. seems like the weather is cooperating with trick-or-treatings or those having an outdoor resiption. >> the concern is always do i have to wear a coat over my costume? let's get to that forecast. san josé, you can see we have overall a couple clouds in the sky, and cloudy around the coastline. that is that not supposed to look like that. looks like the camera was lost. 51 degrees in san josé. dublin, 51. we're pretty much starting out in the 50s, and by this afternoon we are expecting to see the cloud cover linger and here's the reason why. we have satellite radar up and scanning. you can see we are calmer on the bay area, and looking out ahead,
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we are talking about an inmi system expected to bring raine timing of that, and we own stormranger doppler radar, and it's scanning here for when the rain does make its arrival. let's talk about the climate highs for today. in through palo alto, upper 60s. here it says afternoon mostly cloudy, and it also has an afternoon late rain chance for the north bay. again, if you are going to be out trick-or-treating between now and, let's say, 7:00 or 8:00, you don't have to worry about the rain. after the 9:00 or 10:00 hour, you might start to get drizzle. if you are going to be out all night into early tomorrow, please don't drink and drive. it's not worth it. let's look through the hour-by-hour outlook, because it gives you a better idea of the
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timing of this. moves it overnight into early monday morning. becoming a little widespread through the santa cruz area in the south bay, and we will see that linger. as far as your rain totals go, this is a rain estimate, some of the higher totals, half an inch up through ukiah, and everywhere else, a couple 0.1 of an inch in some areas like san josé. looking ahead, this is one of two potential storms that we are going to be seeing this week, so this one is late tonight into early tomorrow, and then we get a break from the rain with high pressure building back into tuesday and early wednesday, and late wednesday into early thursday we get another storm system making its approach, and that will bring around round of rain to the bay area. at least we faired out okay today when it comes to the rain, just a little chilly tonight.
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monday morning's commute, probably a soggy one so keep that in mind and t extra time. on tuesday morning, dry, and then aside from that, rain late wednesday and then next saturday into sunday we will remain in the 60s with seasonable weather. >> that works out perfectly. we did a little preliminary halloween last night with my kids in their darth vader and the child, also known as baby yoda. i need to get better photos today, and thankfully the weather will cooperate. thanks for that, vianey. see you again soon. it's 7:22. coming up, sharks' players out because of covid, and they still won. we will show you what could be called their best effort in years. sports is next.
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good morning, everyone. i am anthony flores. the sharks were down but not out against winnipeg. seven players missed a game after being put in the game protocol, and it was tied at one in overtime, and the sharks snapped their three-game skid,ing and what a win for san josé overcoming so many challenges because of covid-19. >> it's a feel-good win. not only did we need to win it to get back on track, but obviously missing a lot of key guys, and just having kind of a crazy day. just came together and that's a big win. >> the warriors hitting the court against the thunder for the second time in so many days, and draymond with the alley, and
7:26 am
wiggins with the oop. golden state blows it open in the third. curry had 20 points but did not score in the fourth quarter. but it didn't matter, the warrior beat the thunder. is jimmy g one more bad game away from losing his starting job. >> i would never answer a question like that. you can ask it 1,000 different ways, and i don't think like that. we are going to go to chicago and play as good as we can. >> check out our friends at nbc sports bay area for the pregame live, and then we will switch
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back for the postgame show. swanson goes yard tying the game at 2-2. next batter, jorge puts it up and out. the braves with back-to-back jacks. atlanta beats houston 3-2. the braves lead that series three games to one. that's a look at morning sports. >> thanks, anthony. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a halloween party turns deadly and a bay area city council member's home is now the scene of a crime. then book your flights soon. travel experts say now is the time to make your plans.
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happy halloween. 7:29, as we see that shadowy look at cesar chavez plaza in san josé. kind of a gloomy morning, but it's perfect to bundle up and go trick-or-treating. thank you for starting your sunday with us. i am kira klapper. meteorologist, vianey arana, joins us with your microclimate forecast. >> 56 degrees to start out our morning. walnut creek, you can see the skyline there. let's get a look at that. things are quiet. we saw drizzle along the coastline, but we have a storm that we are monitoring and once that storm makes its arrival we have our own mobile doppler radar, storm ranger is up and scanning. i have a little bit of what to expect, a couple headlines. again, a little drizzle around the coastline, and into the evening, mostly cloudy.
7:31 am
you don't have to worry about the rain for those trick-or-treaters. it's not until late tonight into early monday morning, and i will take you to the timeline on that in a few minutes, kira. >> thanks. an investigation into a deadly shooting at a halloween party outside of the home of a city council member. >> rebeca armendariz' home shooting left a male dead and three others hospitalized. police say two of them have life-threatening injuries. her neighbor told us he attended the party last night, and he says there were 70 people there, mostly teenagers and young adults. >> translator: i had gone over there with my youngest son and i didn't like what i saw. it was pitch black and a lot of
7:32 am
people wearing dark clothing. >> neighbors reported hearing several gunshots and said the police were so packed with cars, first responders at a hard time getting to the victims. >> translator: there was not anymore room for the firefighters or ambulances. they had to run in with a gurney. >> tonight swat teams were sent to the corner of church and 8th street. we reached out to the councilmember, rebeca armendariz, who release add statement saying i am thankful my family and i who live on las animas avenue were not heard by this tragedy. i pray for those whose loved ones have been touched. police say the shooting happened after several people at the party got into a fight and one suspect fired a gun. the councilman sac hilton issued
7:33 am
this statement, saying this tragedy took place at my colleague's home during a hallway party, and i spoke with her and she is heartbroken right now. my office is standing by in support of her, the victims and their families. new this morning a two-car crash in the east bay sent several people to the hospital. it happened around midnight on willow pass road at port chicago highway in concord. there was a car flipped over and there's smoke coming out of it. three people in serious condition were airlifted to the hospital and four others taken by ambulance. that intersection remains closed for the investigation. also new this morning, a deadly fire in the east bay. it happened just after 7:00 last night on boston ada court.
7:34 am
two cars inside the garage were fully engulfed in flames. three people did make it out of the home in time and one person was trapped inside and did pass away. the three that escaped suffered burns and smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. going to shift gears now to halloween night, and a large welcomed return to the bay area. this is the first time not since the pandemic, but since 2006, that the castro hosted a halloween party. today in the bay's sergio
7:35 am
quintana has the story. >> the celebration this year is a whole lot different than last year. >> happy halloween. >> since san francisco basically banned large-group gatherings last year it seems like people are making an extra effort to let their costume creative tea shine, and they had a place to gather and show off their creations, like this event like glow in the streets. >> this is a safer kind of way to gather our community, because we are outside and that's a safe alternative for many people in our community as well. >> it's smaller and cuter. i can bring them, leave, and then come back and drop them off and come back for more. >> this was canceled in 2006
7:36 am
when nine people were injured in a shooting. many business owners say they welcome all the people here after more than a year of pandemic restrictions, but business owners also want to remind people that we are still in a pandemic. >> where your mask where it needs to be and bring your vaccination card, because everybody is checking. >> they are asking people to be patient. in san francisco, sergio quintana, nbc news. >> if you are still looking for events tonight, head to look at our guide there on the top of the trending bar. and then president biden is attending a meeting with the turkish president. this comes as tensions rise between our two countries. yesterday, as we told you, biden and other world leaders voiced their support for a global
7:37 am
corporate minimum tax at a rate of 15%, and that would be a way for president biden to provide for his build back agenda, and it would make it more difficult for corporations to hide their profits. back here, a live look with cloudy skies. a record number of travelers is expected following last year's pandemic travel halt. experts say you need to be thinking about your thanksgiving and christmas holiday plans. here's what you can expect. >> with images of airports filled with stranded passengers still fresh on traveler's minds, the industry is warning those traveling this season to be prepared. >> they are prepared for the
7:38 am
holidays, they don't anticipate the cancelations and delays consumers experienced over the summer, but certainly consumers should be prepared for changes, delays or possible cancelations. >> and southwest said they would have 92% of flights since the pandemic. >> people are really concerned. >> the owner of vincent vacations is urging people to pad their vacation by a day or two. >> pack your patients. it's kind of a unique time. some things are unavoidable and you can't predict. >> in addition to working with a travel adviser, aaa recommends travel insurance and booking end of year flights now. >> fewer flights will be available for the holidays, so
7:39 am
it's important to book as early as possible, not only to save money but to make sure you have a seat. >> he reminds, airline delays are nothing new, echoing the sentiment to pack the patience. as we have been reporting, tomorrow marin county will drop its indoor mask mandates for people who are vaccinated. it's not the only county to loosen its restrictions. contra costa, and marin county and the median county of san francisco will slightly loosen their mask mandates as well. all workers in those counties must be fully vaccinated to go maskless. muni anticipates a driver shortage because of vaccine mandates. four lines, the one california short, the 14r mission rapid short, and the 30 stockton short
7:40 am
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♪ good morning. it is 7:42. i, of course, have your halloween forecast. let's get started with a live look over san josé. we are going to be a bit cloudy today, but, hey, pretty good to start so far, comfortably in the 50s. 51 in redwood city. i want to show you satellite radar because this paints the picture of what we are monitoring tonight and the workweek ahead. out in the pacific we have a system expected to bring rain, and i will take you through the timing of that, of course. and then our mobile doppler radar here, and what can we
7:43 am
expect this afternoon? good news is looks like the timing of the rain will hold off until after your trick-or-treating plans. it will be in the mid-60s for the interior valleys. if you will be afternoon trick-or-treating, you don't have to be worried about the rain, but late overnight into the early morning hours, the north bay there will catch the first part of the rain. we are going to see light right here -- notice the time stamp. that's about 4:00 a.m. we have a little drizzle into the overnight hours, and monday morning's commute in the north bay will probably catch some of the rain. and then not much to worry about when it comes to the south bay commute. but then in the evening the system pushes further, and the highest rain totals for the
7:44 am
north bay, we have a little over half an inch of rain up through ukiah. everywhere else is just 0.1 to a couple hundreds of an inch, especially for the rain shadowed area.ce i will push the timeline forward -- tuesday we catch a little break into early wednesday, and then late wednesday night we are monitoring another system that is expected to bring widespread rain to the bay area, so that's going to be our next chance of seeing rain. you don't have to worry about the rain for trick-or-treating. temperatures in the upper 60s for the inland areas. early monday morning, your commute, especially in the north bay around the coastline, expect the rain and that will move into the evening hours for the south bay, and then late wednesday into thursday, we get the second system making its arrival on thursday, and that will be
7:45 am
another chance of rain for us in the bay area. >> looks good. it's just shy of 7:45. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." political analysts, larry gerston, joins us to talk about climate change at g20 summit and how it can impact biden's build back better plan. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill.
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7:48 am
shooting a film together and then the horrible event happened. i have been told multiple times, don't make any comments about the ongoing investigation, and i can't. i can't. >> baldwin said the only reason he agreed to talk outside his vermont home yesterday is so the paparazzi would stop following him. we're going to shift gears now. as we have been reporting, president biden traveled to the g20 summit in rome to show america's stewardship role in combat climate change. did president biden succeed? political analyst, larry gerston joins us now. what is the latest now? >> you know, good morning to you. this has been a tough one for biden.
7:49 am
he goes to the conference, and he's in trouble with the french over the australia deal, and he's in trouble with other european leaders with the way we left afghanistan, and now he goes there and says don't worry i will lead you in climate change, and you know what? it didn't happen. it didn't happen, and it didn't happen because of guess who? congress. and the democrats in congress. if you go back to the $1.7 trillion bill, at least that's what it is now, the greatest contribution out of the bill, the largest amount of money in that bill, $500 billion in that bill is dedicated to dealing with climate change. congress did not give that to him. the democrats could not get their family together and as a result of that -- you see right there, that large amount of money was not in his pocket to show people in that meeting in rome. that is a very big defeat, a
7:50 am
self-inflicted defeat for biden and the united states. >> am i correctly gathering what you are saying, because the money is not there, because of congress it's not enough just for biden to show america's plans to combat climate change? >> yeah, kira, imagine a parent that says to his or her child, clean up your room, and they say i will get to it -- >> sounds familiar in my house. >> yeah, they never get to it. plans are plans. europe plans to go ahead and be climate change friendly yet they just agreed to a major natural gas line from russia, and that's fossil fuel. united states has plans, and there they are, plans, it doesn't look good.
7:51 am
it doesn't look any better for us than it does for any other country that promises things and not deliver. >> i guess it's good to hear we are not the only ones promising and not delivering, but where does this congressional inaction leave our country and president biden? how do we look? >> we don't look good right now. i mean, you know, it would be nice to try and paper this over and say something wonderful, but biden goes to glasgow empty-handed, and we talked about the plans, and the only way we will get out of that is the democrats in congress stop there blistering and pass some kind of bill. once that gets going perhaps the united states will be in a better position to say, you see, it's not about plans, it's about action. let's get back to the commitment we once made at the paris accord along with other industrialized
7:52 am
countries and see if we can get back on track. time goes by, kira, every day. we know the public opinion polls in the united states, they say we are all looking at each other doing something, and they need to get to work. >> the conference two weeks long starts tomorrow in glasgow, and hopefully we will follow this up with better news next time, larry. a quick look at the top stories we are following, including a deadly shooting at a halloween party at a bay area city council member's home. i will look at your weather headlines and halloween forecast. full details coming up. stay with us.
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morning. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following including gilroy police investigating a deadly shooting at a halloween party. one person was killed, three others are hospitalized. the shooting happened outside of the home of gilroy city councilmember, rebeca armendariz. there were about 70 people there at the costume party and it was mainly teenagers and young adults. several people got into a fight and at least one fired a gun. councilmember rebeca armendariz
7:56 am
issued a esti cooperating with police investigation. bart will offer extended service for halloween tonight. trains will offer special hourly trains tonight, and they will not stop at the airports but every other stop. for those who are going to the final night of outside lands, too. go to, and you can check out our full halloween guide at the top of our trending bar. san francisco is changing mask mandates tomorrow. as we have been reporting, marin county will as well. they are not the only counties to loosen restrictions. alameda county, contra costa and san francisco will loosen their mask mandates.
7:57 am
all workers in those counties must becited in order to take off the masks. vaccination mandates will take place tomorrow for san francisco employees, and that could impact the muni rides. many of the short rides will likely shutdown for this temporary period. let's check in with meteorologist, vianey arana, for one last look at the forecast before we go. >> notice the lightning behind, and this is just a scene affect, and you don't have to worry about lightning tonight, just a little spooky background. from 3:00 p.m., we will have a little more sunshine and then mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will top out in the mid and upper 60s. around the coastline, low 60s. if you are going to be out late, it will be chilly so take a jacket, but no rain tonight. >> thank you, vianey. thanks to all 6 you for making us part of your morning.
7:58 am
no 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. news tonight, instead it's sunday night football right here on nbc. dallas cowboys versus the minnesota vikings. and then a special edition of nbc bay area news at 9:00 and then 11:00. stay up-to-date at
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8:00 am
this sunday, the struggling biden presidency. >> president biden down sizes his social spending bill. >> no one got everything they wanted. including me. that's what compromises is. >> progressives still resist. no vote on infastructure without a firm deal on their priorities. >> the first step is we've got to see the legislation. >> you don't want to see the infrastructure bill passed and not have the kind of build back better bill we needed. >> our new nbc knew polls, sinking of confi


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