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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 30, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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true. >> alec baldwin speaks for the first time since the deadly accident on his film set. his words to the paparazzi. it seems that people are into the idea for getting dressed up for halloween in a way they were not last year. >> the fun is just getting started. san francisco is getting ready for its busiest halloween in years. the news at 4:00 starts right now. >> it's halloween weekend. typically, of course, san francisco sees a huge surge in people wearing costumes and looking to celebrate. >> last year the pandemic put most celebrations on hold, maybe this year it's time to let it loose. christie smith joins us live. how is it going so far? >> reporter: a gray saturday here in the city as far as the weather goes. but it is halloween weekend and, of course, a lot has changed
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since this time last year. but there are still some things people need to keep in mind if they're coming out. >> reporter: the saturday before halloween, some people were bundled up because of the weather. others donned costumes. >> it certainly is a better season than we had expected. >> reporter: at cliff's variety, people have been shopping. >> it seems that people are really into the idea of getting dressed up for halloween, decorating their homes in a way that they were not last year. >> reporter: some may celebrate in at home. in recent years, there wasn't a big street party. but people would still come in costume for a good time. >> we invite everyone to come out, to practice the halloween safely and responsibly. wear your mask where it needs to be and bring your vaccination cards because everybody is checking for them. >> reporter: decorations are up at bars and some businesses that were impacted in the pandemic.
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and they expect people to stop in. >> people have been celebrating halloween for the last two days. >> reporter: at this restaurant and bar, he's looking forward to the fun yet to come. >> we have a lot of reservations. the restaurant is superpacked for the evening and our chefs have prepared some special halloween cuisine. >> reporter: i would say within the last hour or so here, we're seeing a bit of a change. more people circulating, more people walking around and more people in costume. >> i'm sure it's going to continue to pick up out there. thank you. let's take a live look now across the bay area. so it's been a cloudy day thanks to another system moving in. you already see some rain drops there at sfo. rob, how are things looking for tomorrow? halloween? all the kids are hoping, no rain. >> the timing showed work out
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pretty good. we got a little bit of sun around san jose, up towards walnut creek. gray skies. a little bit of mist and drizzle closer to san francisco and really what we're seeing outside right now is a pretty good sneak preview of tomorrow's review. low 60s in san francisco with the cloudy skies, out towards the tri valley. by 8:00 tomorrow, the north bay might see a little bit of rain. san jose looking good and dry. temperatures in the upper 60s. so storm ranger right now, not really seeing much in the way of rain. we have this system that could bring more drizzle heading into tomorrow morning and a better chance for rain as we head into monday. an active pattern returns. we're going to see rain chances picking up on monday and the strongest storm in the series likely coming up for wednesday night into thursday. closer look at the impacts in our seven-day forecast coming up
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in ten minutes. >> if you're looking for events this halloween, head to nbc bay we're following breaking news where four people were shot at a halloween party overnight. one of them died. it happened at a home owned by rebeca armendariz. not many details are being released at this time. it's still not clear what led up to the gunfire early this morning and whether the shooting happened inside the home or outside. we do have a crew on the way to gather more information for you. we'll have an update coming up tonight at 8:00 after the notre dame football game. after alec baldwin talks to the paparazzi, baldwin fired the prop gun that took the life of halyna hutchins. >> i can't answer any questions about the investigation. it's an active investigation in terms of a woman dying.
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she was my friend. she was my friend. the day i arrived in santa fe to start shooting, i took her to dinner with joel souza. we were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and this horrible event happened. >> that happened in manchester, vermont. the only reason he agreed to talk today is so the paparazzi would stop following him. his children were in the car during that interview and they were crying. hundreds of thousands of coronavirus vaccines gone to waste. california health workers have thrown out nearly 650,000 covid-19 vaccine doses since december. that's according to the san francisco chronicle. it represents 1% of the total doses given out. it's still significant considering some countries are struggling to get any doses. as a whole, the u.s. has wasted
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4.8% of available doses. vice president kamala harris got her booster shot today in washington, d.c. senior adviser to the vice president says harris got a third shot of the moderna vaccine. she wanted the public to see how easy it is to receive that covid booster. >> what we know at this point in our country is the vast majority, well over 90% of the people who are in an icu or are dying from covid are unvaccinated. so let's everybody get vaccinated and get through and beyond this pandemic. >> the booster shot is not for everybody. the cdc has authorized the moderna booster for people over the ages 65. those are 18 and older may receive the covid booster as long as they live and work in a
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high-risk setting. pfizer and johnson & johnson also offering booster shots. open house at levi's stadium. the goal is that the bay area is ready to host matches for the world cup. >> why was this visit so important? >> it's big. they held a meeting in san francisco yesterday, but today it was all about the pitch and where the matches are going to be played. the host committee drumming up the excitement for today's crucial visit. a band welcomed members as they entered the stadium. they're like rock stars. there will be minor modifications needed. the grass will need to be replaced. a sub air system needs to be installed to control the quality of the playing surface. more space around the pitch will need to be cleared. these are all changes and investments. the 49ers and the bay area host
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committees are more than willing to make to strengthen their build for world cup matches. >> we've hosted the super bowl, international soccer matches, conferences, we're ready to do this. we have a tremendous region behind us that will help all of the teams that are playing here and all the people that are visiting from out of this country and certainly in the bay area will have plenty of accommodations. >> the 2026 world cup will be hosted by the u.s., mexico and canada. fifa is expected to decide which cities will be selected to host matches for that world cup early next year. let me give you one more note. we talk about economic impact. when levi's hosted super bowl l, $350 million was generated for the area. they're hoping to to have six, seven or eight matches and the economic impact in the bay area could be exponential. >> that was a lot of money.
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fingers crossed. an extra $4 million, that's how much it could have cost to build san francisco's millennium tower. >> here's the exclusive story of how we all ended up paying much more for something that should have cost much less. >> before the millennium tower was finished in 2009, it was sinking and tilting. the 58-story high-rise was cheaper to build. what became the heaviest building west of the mississippi when it first opened. despite the weight, it was supported by hundreds of thin concrete piles driven into old bay mud. it steadily continued to sink into that ancient mud until word got out in 2016 triggering a massive legal battle and the now troubled $100 million fix that
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is supposed to halt and reserve some of that leaning. >> how much did the millennium tower developers save by building the tower that way. >> we learned that by one estimate early on, it would have only cost about $4 million more to support a heavy concrete tower like the millennium to bedrock. that's about 1% of the $350 million cost of the project. >> this is so cheap, that it should have been taken care of right away. >> reporter: this local engineer served as a consultant to the projec until 2004. millennium was one of a cluster of high-rise projects planned about what had been billed as the west coast grand central station. he says he figured the other buildings would be built into bedrock. >> it's mind-boggling that anybody would say, well, let's save ourselves 4 million and
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take a risk that this might not work out. the consequences of that risk are enormous. >> it wasn't always an easy sell. they worked up the $4 million estimate to convince one developer to do it. and even offered to foot the bill. because he says they were worried that a concrete tower might sink into its planned underground complex. after the developer refused the offer, the city stepped in and then the project was scuttled. as for the millennium tower next door with virtually an identical foundation, trans bay did not offer to pay for the upgrade and millennium ended up not being anchored to bedrock. we were referred to the homeowner's association. trans bay's head has never spoken publicly about what happened with millennium. but question about those events
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in the deposition in the legal fight, she said paying for the upgrade was up to the developer. they chose not to spend the money for profit reasons, i guess. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: he's confident that spending $10,000 more from the beginning would have saved a ton of money later. >> $4 million more is not enough to be consequential. it's something that you would just do. it's done all the time. things come up like that and you just go ahead and fix it. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> how much has the millennium tour cost taxpayers so far? trans bay terminal spent $58 million on an underground retaining wall to make sure it wasn't cause millennium to sink any further. also paid 30 million to settle the litigation. that's all your money. taxpayer dollars. there's also the $100 million fix we've been telling you about
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designed to stop the tower for leaning any further. we don't know who is paying for that because it's part of the sealed settlement, that 30 million could be part of it with the developers picking up the rest. that means everyone together has spent between 150 to 200 million for something that might have cost just $4 million to prevent back when it was built. our investigate unit has been digging into this for years now. to learn more, just log onto your website, click on millennium tower in our trending bar and there you can read and watch all of our stories. it's like the switch goes off with smell. and then when the switch starts to come back on and people start to recover, it doesn't come back correctly. >> it's one of the most notorious side effects of covid and there's no cure. we're going to here from the doctor who says there's still hope. and the chopper catchers a
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a sobering reminder to be responsible and safe this weekend. the chp posted this chopper video of a dui roll over on 80. two people were inside that bmw when the driver lost control at a high rate of speed after rolling over, the car caught fire. both people in the car were able to walk away. no injuries. the driver is charged with driving under the influence. imagine candy tasting like garbage or coffee tasting like cigarette smoke. it's an unusual side effect of covid-19 and one that is impacting millions of americans. >> we're going to learn about the symptom and some promising news about most people suffering from it. >> it started tasting terrible. it was awful. >> imagine your favorite food
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suddenly taking on a whole different taste. >> i really love red peppers and they taste like mix of wet dog and dirty socks. i hoped my favorite wine and i tasted it, and it tasted like grass. >> it's been like that more months. colleen said she had a mild case of covid in february. when her infection cleared, she lost her sense of taste and smell. when her taste returned, things were out of whack. >> two of my worst offenders are probably two of my favorite foods, chocolate and peanut butter. >> reporter: searching for clues, the married mom from virginia found a support group on facebook with stories from thousands of others just like her. >> and there are people in that group who have had to go to hospital to be put on feeding tubes because they cannot eat because their taste is so
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distorted. >> reporter: the condition is called parosmia. impacting up to 10% of people who get covid. >> it's lonely and isolating and frustrating. people don't understand the impact of it. dr. reed in philadelphia is studying the phenomenon, but says scientists still don't know what causes it. >> it's like the switch goes off with smell and then when the switch starts to come back on and people start to recover, it doesn't come back correctly. >> reporter: there's no treatment, no cure and no one knows how long it lasts. but it appears the condition is only temporary. >> there's hope. a lot of people get better and they get back to where they were before. >> reporter: most people fully recover within a year. as for colleen, she's hopeful things will return to normal soon so she can get back to enjoying her favorite foods and going out to dinner with friends and family without being
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tormented by her taste buds. >> it's been seven months for me. that's a long time. i'm over it by now, at least mentally. i'm hopeful that i might be turning a corner personally. >> sharing her story so others know they're not alone as researchers get to the root of this unusual side effect. >> coffee, chocolate, eggs, roasting meat, all common triggers for people with the side effect. anything, even bread and water, can be problematic for some. >> there's no medication to treat it, but some doctors recommend smell therapy and things to try to trigger the damaged nerves in your nose, retraining your brain. let's talk about something you probably notice by now, audrey joining us on the weekend. she's an anchor and reporter. it's great to have you.
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you have come home. >> i'm home finally. it's been 13 years. born and raised here in the peninsula. and i'm just so happy to be back in the bay area. all my family and friends are still here. they're happy to see me, but i think they're happy to see my kids. i have a 7 and 3-year-old. >> they travel together, that's good. >> i'm so happy to be here. great to work with you every weekend from here on out. >> great to have you here. >> thank you. >> rob is joining us now. it's great to have you, but she's the new kid on the block. >> and she picked a great weekend to start last week. maybe a little too much rain and wind. we have clouds around the bay area. 68 degrees. mild conditions. more of those clouds in walnut creek. 63 degrees. overall, exactly what you saw in the city cameras, we're going to see a similar trend during the day tomorrow that begins with a chance of more drizzle and light
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rain early in the day. and during the afternoon, we'll have highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. upper 60s, south of san jose, low 60s around san francisco. this is kind of the break. the better chance comes in tomorrow night on into monday. not seeing a whole lot. a little sprinkle or two out there. we have the first system on the north coast. you can see the spin of the clouds offshore. that could bring the chance of some light rain early tomorrow. have a look at that hour-by-hour coming up. the storm mind it is our monday forecast. that's the storm that will have warm moisture and more rain in our forecast as we get into monday. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up, we think, to light rain at times. you can see a little bit of that coming through and good news is we're sort of overlapping from sunday morning to sunday night, a bit of a break in the action. we should see a little more sun during sunday afternoon. clouds on the increase after sundown. notice 7:00 to about midnight we begin to see a little bit of
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light rain getting into the north bay and more of that rain spills back across the bay area by noon on monday. the biggest impact with this first storm as we get through the day monday could be the north bay. places like sonoma county might see a half inch or more here. a lot less farther south. unlike last weekend when we're talking about rain, piling up by the inches or a foot of rain, the expectations are about a half inch or more around sonoma county. when you add up the second storm now, you can see the five-day totals. they get closer to 2 to 3 inches of rain. we're expecting monday to be the wet start to the workweek. we catch a break tuesday and early wednesday and wednesday night into thursday, that's probably going to have the best chance for maybe an inch or so of rainfall up around the north bay. we're not overwhelming small creeks and streams like last weekend. the storms are moving out quickly. we'll see some cloudy skies tomorrow. ghostly cloudy.
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and a chance of light rain or some mist after sun down tomorrow night. you'll see temperatures staying in the 60s, kind of muggy out there. and you'll see it still looks good in our forecast, above average rainfall and extreme to exceptional drought across california. welcome sight. not coming down all at once. more rain chances ahead and it looks like most of halloween shall be dry. we'll see the rain coming in tomorrow night into monday. >> thank you so much, rob. really appreciate it. and i'm glad the rain isn't coming tomorrow. that's good. >> would have been a bad day. >> after tomorrow. we'll be right back.
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performing. the third and final day will be tomorrow. fans had to show proof of vaccination or a recent covid test to get inside. ultimately, they said it was well worth it. one home in berkeley skipped the blood and gore. they decided to shore off the threat of climate change. this front yard was transformed into an oil spill. that's scary. complete with a cardboard oil tanker and a stream of black running across the sidewalk. the owner of the house is a longtime advocate of climate change. she included messages of hope to encourage kids to make change. >> they went all out with that one. it's really good. >> they did. they're not rooting for the same team, but that does not mean they can't be friendly. >> one family nearly missed their chance to see the world series.
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. we are following breaking
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news. seven sharks players and their coach have been placed in the nhl covid's protocol. the sharks organization is not saying if anyone has tested positive for the virus or if they were potentially exposed. the start of today's game was delayed by 15 minutes to allow for all players to be tested. the sharks say all sharks and staff are fully vaccinated. a braves fan did something special to help a houston fan trying to make some father/daughter memories. >> dave and his 11-year-old daughter are astros fans and this week they were gifted the opportunity of a lifetime. it all started when he put up a post on an astro's facebook group, asking if anybody would be able to trade tickets to the game. a fan saw the post, gifted them two tickets to game six out of the kindness of his heart. >> i told her i would take her.
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it came time and the money wasn't there. we were trying to trade something for it. >> i'm like this guy is willing to give so much special stuff away to go to this game with his -- >> father/daughter relations. >> thanks for joining us. notre dame is up next. everyone. we are live on an overcast evening at notre dame stadium. tomorrow is halloween. the party tonight is in the house. where notre dame has handed out mostly losses and tonight with their defensive star sidelines, the offense will have to carry the irish to a seventh win. the visitors of carolina bring a hall of fame coach and the
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