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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 30, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. breaking news tonight, alec bald win breaks his silence. the actor speaking publicly for the first time since killing a co-worker on that movie set. what he says about the investigation. >> i talk to the cops every day. >> his tribute to theoman who lost her life and his defense of the film crew under fire over safety issues. >> they're a very well loyal crew. on the way, pfizer's vaccines for children have left the factory. some parents already booking appointments. new york city firefighters calling out sick, allegedly in
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protest over the vaccine mandate. the commissioner's angry response and the fear of a police and fire fighter shortage. president biden at a critical global summit. what he says about resuming talks with iran, plus the new international tax on corporations. brawl in the sky. the fist fight on a delta flight after one passenger put an item in the backseat pocket of another. the charges one now faces. the new supply chain crisis. we take you inside the backup warehouses, how it's slowing down the stuff you need. and halloween is back. trick or treaters out already and the surprise these kids will never forget. >> this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz ballard. >> good evening, tonight alec baldwin is speaking out for the first time since he fired that fatal shot fin days ago. while in vermont with his family, the actor answered questions about the safety of
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that film set. he give the most detailed description yet of his friendship with the 42-year-old cinematographer who lost her life and he talks about the change he wants to see in the industry moving forward. the investigation as to what happened and who is to blame is still ongoing with criminal charges very much a possibility. >> she was my friend. she was my friend. >> reporter: alec baldwin on camera for the first time since the deadly movie set shooting in new mexico. >> i'm in the allowed to make any comments. this is an ongoing investigation. i have been ordered by the sheriffs department in santa fe. i can't answer any questions about the investigation. i can't. >> reporter: in an impromptu interview, the 63-year-old, alongside his wife, telling us it will not continue, calming the death of helena hutchins one in a trillion. >> there are incidental accidents on film sets from time
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to time. but nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion upset a. one in a trillion thing. >> reporter: the actor/producer sharing his ken for hutchins' family, saying he has talked repeatedly with his husband. >> he is in shock. he has a 9-year-old son. we are in constant contact with him. we are very worried about his family and his kid. as i said, we're eagerly awaiting the sheriffs department to tell us what their investigation has yielded. >> reporter: the encounter at times intense, even awkward, baldwin shoeing his wife away. >> guy, no details. >> i will answer the questions. >> the famed 30 rock actor fired the deadly shot, according to thorths after he was handed a guns with takenly with a real bullet inside. the director yelled pull gun, won't meaning it was safe to use. still baldwin protecting the production. >> we were a very loyal crew,
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shooting the film and this hard thing happened. >> reporter: in sharp contrast to what others recalled. source saying some crew members walked off set shortly before the shooting over safety concerns. but "rust" movie's production having said previously, we were not made aware any comments about safety or prop on set. baldwin turning his attention to a broader look at change in the. >> i what has to happen, we have to realize, this horrible catastrophic thing. some new measures, plastic guns, no live or real things, that's not for me to decide. it's urgent. it's urgent people understand i'm not an expert in this field. so whatever other people decide is the best way to go to protect people on film sets. i'm all in favor and will cooperate with that anyway i can. >> reporter: the baldwin family pleading for privacy.
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>> my kids are in the car crying. >> emily joins us from los angeles. do we know why baldwin decided to speak now? >> reporter: several photographers have been staking them out in vermont. he said he would talk in the hopes they would then stop following him, his wife and their children. jose. >> emily, thank you. today marks a critical turning point for the pandemic. pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids over age five is shipping to locations across the country. with cdc approval expected next week, hospitals are already booking appointments. vaughan hilliard has more. >> reporter: pfizer, now shipping out its covid vaccine for children after the fda approved the shot for kids five-to-11-years-old. for some, a true halloween treat. do you want to get a covid shot? why? >> so i don't get sick. >> reporter: stwath million kids are expected to become eligible this week for the pfizer covid-19 vaccine.
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it now awaits final approval from the cdc, texas children's hospital getting ahead of the big rollout. >> we started opening appointments yesterday afternoon. in less than 24 hours, we had over 23,000 appointments. >> reporter: the shots are being shipped out literally today? >> they are being shipped today. we expect to have them on monday. >> reporter: while only parents are eager to get the kids the shots. >> if we can get as many kids normal way of life. >> reporter: a pfizer foundation found two-thirds of parents will wait or will never get their five-to-11-year-old's vaccinated. >> i don't know about now. >> reporter: are you vaccinated? . >> i had to for my job. >> reporter: these shots slightly different than adults. >> it is the same pfizer vaccine, but it's a third of the dose. it's pack and differently and has a different size needle,
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obviously, for smaller children. but it is essentially the same vaccine just a smaller dose. >> reporter: the adult shot comes in a vial with a purple top. it will have an orange shot. do you want to get a vaccine shot? >> what's a vaccine shot? >> a shot that keeps from you getting covid. it's a touchy subject right now. >> reporter: now in the u.s. 20th month of the pandemic, the demand for shots high. how quickly can they get their shots, once cdc approves it? . >> we expect it can happen as soon as wednesday. >> vaughan hilliard joins us, vaughan, what's next in the approval process? >> reporter: jose, the cdc will meet on tuesday and wednesday and can give approval. getting it, it could take longer. it's a different shot, they have to figure out the logistics for it.atlanta, thank you. new york city is on edge
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tonight after a deadline passed on friday for firefighters to get vaccinated or face suspension on monday. now some first responders are calling in sick to protest. here's kathy park. >> in the nation's large set city, the deadlines past and concerns over public safety are mounting. nearly all municipal employees must have one shot of the covid-19 vaccine or face unpaid leave as of monday morning. throughout the week leading up to the friday 5:00 p.m. deadline, unions near the firefighters held multiple anti-mandate protests. >> we've asked for more time forethis vaccine mandate or for the rules to be explained to our members. >> reporter: tensions are still high, among the holdouts, there is pushback with enough new york city firefighters taking medical leave at six fire companies in the city were temporarily out of service the fdny commissioner writing, the excessive sick leave is unacceptable, kraer to
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their oaths to serve and may endanger the lives of new yorkers. now the department will continue to respond to all calls for help. and the city's mayor is holding firm, noting that vaccination rates climb ahead of the deadline, the mayor tweeting the nypd vaccination rate for one dose went from 80% 84% by the e. the fdnw went from 67 to 72%. the department of sanitation from 67 to 76%. vice president kamala harris today attempting to model behavior publicly receiving her booster shot. >> let everybody get vaccinated and get through and beyond this pandemic. >> reporter: the vaccine crackdown goes beyond new york city. one new jersey hospital is now requiring boosters for staff who originally received the j afternoon afternoon jr vaccine. their deadline, christmas eve. and a federal appellate court
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ruled friday against exemptions for healthcare workers' vaccine mandate. >> kathy park joins me now from new york city. is the city ready if many first responders are suspended on monday? >> reporter: jose, the mayor says the city is prepared and has contingencies in places, including mandatory overtime and extra shifts to fill any sort of gaps moving forward. jose. >> kathy park in new york, thank you. now to politics and president biden's critical global summit under way in italy, tackling major issues like iran's nuclear deal and taxes and the environment. our kelly o'donnell reports from rome. >> reporter: president biden arrives for the first g-20 summit held in person in more than two years due to covid. as leaders came together for what's known as the family photo, mr. biden appeared on the far end on this world stage. today, meeting personally with
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outgoing german chancellor angela merkel on issues, alarm over iran's nuclear progress. president biden said today talks are scheduled to resume, referring to european negotiators and iran. together with leaders from britain, germany and france, calling on iran's president to return to the nuclear agreement to seize this opportunity and return to a good faith effort to conclude our negotiations as a matter of urgency. that is the only sure way to avoid a dangerous escalation. on international tax rules. leaders here endorsed a plan to set a global minimal tax rate for corporations to reduce tax havens, g-20 summit host praised this international corporation. >> from the pandemic to climate change, to fair and equitable taxation. >> reporter: major players stayed away, russia's vladimir
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putin and china's xi checked in remotely. for president biden time for catholic mass and tonight he and the first lady attended the leader's dealer at the palace. and a political development from home. as house democrats now plan to vote tuesday on the infrastructure bill and the climate and social spending package. democrats have set and missed deadlines before. but if they do pass these multi-trillion dollar packages, that would be a much-needed welcome home for president biden next week. jose. >> kelly o'donnell in rome. thank you. up next, one of the most violent cases of air rage caught on camera yet. the charges the passenger now faces. also, we take you inside the supply chain cris is♪ music ♪ ♪ dream, dream when you're feeling blue ♪ ♪ dream, dream that's the thing to do ♪
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this was a cold call! ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ we are back with breaking news about a major air travel disruption. american airlines has cancelled more than 1,000 flights since yesterday. hundreds more were delayed. the airline is citing staffing problems and high winds at its dallas/ft. worth hub. backup as travel rebounds from all the pandemic disruptions. it seems like we have been hearing a lot lately about fights on airplanes, many sparked by mask mandates. but we have new video tonight of an incident on board a delta flight that's one of the most
3:46 pm
violent yet. a warning, some of these images are disturbing. >> reporter: a bloody brawl breaking out on board a flight to california again. passengers on board a delta plane in atlanta watching in horror friday morning. atlanta police reporting a 30-year-old man got upset when the passenger behind him placed something in the seat pocket, curtis clayton then throwing punches before another passenger restrained him. delta releasing this statement, civility at our airports and on our flights is something our people and customers deserve always. >> this is happening far too often. >> reporter: the violence falls less than 48 hours after more bloodshed that forced american airlines to make an emergency landing. >> we had one of the worst displays of unruly behavior we ever witnessed. >> reporter: according to sources, this man punched the
3:47 pm
flight attendant in the face twice after she accidentally bumped into him and apologized. >> she had blood splattered on the outside of her mask. >> reporter: this year, there have been nearly 5,000 reports of unruly passengers, according to faa. nearly three-quarters have been mask-related. >> i'll give you a few second here to make that decision. >> reporter: a united pilot stepping in today addressing unmasked passengers ahead of takeoff. >> otherwise, are you going back to the gate. we'll have you removed from the aircraft. >> these unruly passengers are distractions that can distract us away from a critical role we pla i to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: tonight, the delta passenger behind bars charged with battery and interference with government property. jail time, amid the growing push for a tougher crackdown on violence on board. >> when we come back, the warehouses packed to the rafters. the new road block in the supply
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alerts through tonight. while most areas should dry out in time for trick or treat tomorrow, maine and new hampshire could get up to four inches of rain. we have new photos tonight of a shocking discovery at a south texas border station. agents found 75 migrants trapped inside a refrigerated truck. it was padlocked outside, it was 58 degrees inside. they all survived. the migrants were mostly from mexico and central america, where many are fleeing deteriorating economic conditions and rising violence. we've reported extensively on the supply traffic jam in our nation's ports, but there is another road block in the process after ships are finally unloaded. backed-up warehouses, how are they delaying your deliveries? >> reporter: beyond the congested ports and containers stacked to the sky, the supply chain has another hurdle at a crucial mid-way point remember
3:52 pm
. warehouses nationwide are running out of space. these shoes were packed in april they are arriving by a container in this warehouse, now they have to find a place to put it all. the amount of space available hit critical lows. it's 1%, effectively sold out. once the goods are loaded off to ports, they're loaded in worry i warehouses and sorted and passed to new trucks to make it to the stores where they are sold. that is if the can you build them fast enough?o of duke really. they own hundreds of warehouses in the u.s. he's never seen this demand. are there enough warehouses to handle? >> no, not even close. you can bring to market several hundred spare feet across the u.s. today. the majority of that would be
3:53 pm
consumed dramatically. >> reporter: building a warehouse like this takes at least nine months, start to finish. and time is just one problem. >> material costs are up exponentially. so steel, the structural steel we see in the warehouses up 260% since january. and it's not just steel, it's roofing tear, it's pre-cast concrete, the major components that go in. >> reporter: warehouse executives can't find workers fast enough. how many more people do you need to hire to get more of this stuff out the door? >> we can probably hire 150 people today. there is sa lot of added pressure on us. >> reporter: and the start and stop of shipping delays only adds to the stress. >> the reality is you have a day where 20 containers show up. >> reporter: a literal logistical nightmare? >> definitely. yeah. that's what we're here for. >> reporter: keeping the supply chain moving the best they can. jolene kent, nbc news, fontana, california. california. still wow... that's so nice!
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hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. there is good news tonight about the holiday spirit. the halloween holiday spirit and how one group of adults is using this weekend to create another season. in huntington, west virginia -- >> let's spread them out by classroom. >> reporter: joe murphy and a small group of volunteers. >> these are great.
3:57 pm
>> reporter: are helping halloween dreams come true. >> dude, are you a ninja warrior, a blue ninja warrior. >> reporter: one classroom at a time. how'd you come up with this idea? >> so about six years ago, some friends, we discovered a need in our community that he had some kids that were without halloween costumes and it really struck home with me. because i was one of those kids. >> yeah, i like it. >> reporter: so joe and his team started raising mo into give children here something to celebrate. >> that's wolf girl. look at wolf girl. >> oh, i'm being a washington. >> reporter: a costume chosen, the kids got at school. >> reporter: why do you do what you do, jo e? >> well, i do it because the need is great here. it's one of those times when we want the kids to be able to dream themselves into another situation a lot of times or to dream themselves into another occupation or again to be a he lo. >> at first it was a small
3:58 pm
zombie parade for the community called night of the living dead. it's since grown into something much more special. now providing more than 200 halloween costumes across an entire county. >> as soon as i got off the bus, they were like, we got costumes, mommy. >> reporter: for sarah ray, the costumes are a gift that fuels their imaginations. >> do you want your hair in pig tails? >> pig tails. >> reporter: this one transforming daughter kieran into a lovely butter into i. >> you're beautiful. >> reporter: and son jackson into a scary werewolf. >> all right. me and their dad work hard to try to provide for them. when they get stuff like this, it lights them up. >> reporter: a new halloween tradition. >> an eyeball. >> i wilck. >> reporter: inspiring ideas all year long. >> this play doesn't stop at halloween. they carry it throughout the
3:59 pm
whole year. it becomes something they enjoy doing time and time again. >> and each donation of about $30 helps buy a costume, joe hopes to expand the program to meet all the into evidence in his community and eventually throughout all of west virginia. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. kate snow will be here tomorrow night. i'm jose diaz ballard, thank you for the privilege of your time and good nig ht right now at 4:00, it is the bay area ready for the world cup? that's the pitch made to leaders today. why changes might be needed at levi's for that dream to come
4:00 pm
true. >> alec baldwin speaks for the first time since the deadly accident on his film set. his words to the paparazzi. it seems that people are into the idea for getting dressed up for halloween in a way they were not last year. >> the fun is just getting started. san francisco is getting ready for its busiest halloween in years. the news at 4:00 starts right now. >> it's halloween weekend. typically, of course, san francisco sees a huge surge in people wearing costumes and looking to celebrate. >> last year the pandemic put most celebrations on hold, maybe this year it's time to let it loose. christie smith joins us live. how is it going so far? >> reporter: a gray saturday here in the city as far as the weather goes. but it is halloween weekend and, of course, a lot has changed since this time last


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