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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  October 29, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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[ inaudible ] >> he said it was clumsy. the situation that he is describing that was handled poorly and the other battle the president is dealing with here at home. not just an issue in the bay area. the reason in-n-out's refusal to check vaccinations is a problem. the fda gives a thumbs up. we will detail what needs to happen for the vaccine to be available to kids 5 to 11. the news at 5:30 starts right now. good friday. thanks for joining us. >> the president is in rome holding meetings before he attends the g20 summit. this is a pivotal trip. he is attempting to gather support electric other world leaders on issues like climate change, even while his own agenda is in limbo.
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>> reporter: as the president prepares for the international spotlight this weekend, a warm reception for the first couple from pope francis. >> reporter: well timed before a difficult meeting with the president of france. the first face-to-face visit between the two leaders after the fallout between paris and washington over the deal with nuclear submarines and australia. >> what happened was -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: while taking the world stage, the president has yet to strike a deal on his own sweeping social and climate agenda at home. the house postponed any vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill until next week. after progressives refused to support it amid a standoff over the larger $1.75 trillion spending bill. >> clearly to my mind, it has some major gaps in it.
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>> reporter: more pressure as the president wants to rally commitments from world leaders on issues like covid, climate change and helping the poor. >> what will the team around biden do next? what meetings could they set up going beyond the g20? >> reporter: tricky political maneuvering while the president struggles to make progress at home and abroad. governor newsom canceled next week's trip to the u.n. climate summit in scotland. he has family obligations. california will be represented by a delegation. instead of the governor, the lieutenant governor will lead it. the governor had been eager to present california's aggressive steps in addressing climate change, a ban on oil drilling and a proposed ban on the sale of new gas powered cars by 2025. speaking of governor newsom who just survived the recall
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election, a lot of people have been questioning the recall. they said it's easy for small groups of activists to weaponize a recall and disrupt government. that's because holding a recall is easier in california than it is in most other states. last year it took petitions signed by 12% of the electorate to force a recall. kansas requires signatures from 40% of its voters. another proposal is to replace a recalled governor with the state's lieutenant governor, not a new candidate. a gun scare grounded flights at lax for an hour. it happened last night. police were called to reports of a person possibly armed. it was an altercation between two men. terminals were evacuated. 300 people fled to the tarmac. both men were detained. one was released. the other is scheduled foramen -- for a mental health evaluation.
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no shots were fired. no one was hurt. what's next for in-n-out burger? it refuses to be the vaccine police. it will not check the status of the indoor diners. we have seen this played out in the bay area. now l.a. could be next. . >> reporter: as the clock ticks down for covid requires, the burger chain in-n-out has taken a stand against it. in san francisco and other bay areas where it is required. >> i heard about that. >> reporter: they have gone to drive-thru, no indoor dining. >> if that's the case, that's their business. however they want to run things. >> reporter: vaccine requirements do not extend to takeout, including from inside with a mask. that's been a work around here where in-n-out has several
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restaurants with lines getting longer and now some demonstrations. >> stop the mandate. >> reporter: after san francisco temporarily shut down the in-n-out on fisherman's wharf said it was improper and offensive. >> if they don't enforce it, i will stop coming. i'm not going to be around someone that -- >> reporter: drive-thru? >> yeah. but i won't dine in. >> reporter: l.a. county requires proof of vaccination in bars and other locations. not restaurant dining rooms. the city of l.a. will in the measures set to take affect a week from monday. the director says, requiring vaccination in a higher risk setting is a sensible precaution. >> it's frankly everyone's responsibility right now to do everything we can. every single thing we can.
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to prevent a devastating surge. >> in-n-out declined to offer. l.a. will not enforce proof of vaccine requirement until november 29. a covid vaccine for young children could be a week away. the fda approved pfizer's vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. it comes a couple of days after an fda advisory panel voted to recommend the vaccine for children. the dosage is one-third of the regular dose. pfizer said in trials it was nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic illness in kids. before shots can get into arms, the cdc advisory panel will need to recommend the vaccine and that meeting is set for next week. then the cdc director must sign off on those recommendations. facebook's corporate rebranding is not getting a like
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from congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. the new name coincides with scrutiny on facebook amid damaging new information from a whistle-blower. in the six years since signing the paris agreement with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint the u.s. increased emissions. this sets the stage for the climate conference in scotland sunday. as one scientist and activist explains there will be a gap between what activists want to see from world leaders and what they will actually get. >> this is what those working in the climate space are grappling with. what is it that would be impactful coming out of these world leaders meeting for next two weeks from november 1 to 11?
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realistically, where will we find ourselves and what do we need to do? it hasn't kicked off yet. this isn't a one and done. this is mobilizing action now for the remainder of this generation and generations to come. we are locked into some amount of warming. we know that we need to really make sure it doesn't go past 2.7 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the century. that's critical. the main thing we hope to see come out of this is not just pledges but real blueprints, real commitments known as nationally determined contributions by each country, especially those who have been historically most notorious for polluting the planet, like the united states, like china, like india. these are the countries that need to show by example that there are changes being made domestically that then can serve as examples of what other countries around the world can do to also overhaul their sectors to reduce the carbon emission, country by country we
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neat to see this happen. another point that we need to see come out is countries that have made money off of burping fossil fuels need to help and support more vulnerable countries to overhaul their infrastructure so they can become more resilient in the face of increasing impact of climate change. this is a multi-billion dollar ask that countries are making to richer countries to say, listen, we need support here. we are -- our national sovereignty is at risk. we need your help. those are two key things that we need to see come out of this. >> in 2015, we had the paris accord. everyone feeling optimistic after that. i want to ask you, what's different now? we are six years out from that. we saw a report that said we are nowhere on track, nowhere near meeting the goals we set 2015 in paris. is something different this time? can we expect something different from these politicians now? what's different in the world
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now? >> that's a fair question. that's a really good question. it's been six years since the paris accord. we are actually burning more -- putting more carbon into the atmosphere. the united states is actually increasing carbon emission. there was a pause, a dip in carbon emissions because of covid-19 when the world was halted to a screeching halt. so we saw that there was a dip, 5% to 6% dip in carbon emission. then we came back into action and carbon emissions kept going again. we need to see a real overhaul across countries. >> watch this entire story right now on nbc lx. watch it on xfinity channel 185. speaking of climate change, atmospheric rivers, we had one this past sunday. we could see more in the future. what are they? how often do they happen? the answers are on our website.
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up next, check your fridge. a popular brand of humus is under recall. money doesn't just vanish. we have cases where companies claimed more than 500 bucks was missing. nbc bay area responds next. we know you are heading out tonight for halloween. a lot of you are. we witness get you ready for that. your weekend forecast and changes coming your way. i'm back with that in eight minutes.
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tonight, an exclusive. >> she loved it here.
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the pacific, open, free, full of possibility and adventure. back then, those words also described kristin smart. >> it was just that boundless energy and determination to live life to the fullest. >> just 19 years old. >> everybody knew she was there when she walked into a room. she's tall and gorgeous and legs for days. >> a college freshman when she vanished. now a quarter century has passed. >> kristin smart. >> it's a story that grew to more than the sum of its parts. >> mystery that leaves the smart family haunted. >> through the years, through graduations, her presence lingered, quiet but constant. the poster on the highway and on the panelw pathways through the
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brick dorms where she was last seen. it started long ago and now has resurfaced. >> he has been out there doing this allegedly for 25 plus years, it makes me stomach turn. >> a father and son have been arrested and charged in her murder. you can watch her whole case starting at 9:00 p.m. for two straight hours right here on nbc bay area. there's a food recall to tell you about. it's concerning for people with nut allergies. cedar's foods is recalling its organic mediterranean humus. it's in the ten ounce plastic container. it contains pine nuts. it's missing from the label. that could be dangerous for people with nut allergies. it has a sell by date of december 12. the company says no illnesses have been reported so far. when companies are up to their old tricks, we help
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viewers get their money. >> i get it. we have some recent cases where we knocked on the door and got folks more than just money. >> good friday evening. neither little goblins nor big monsters frighten up. david was howling about a $32 voucher. he found the money had disappeared. he says he messaged the store but they ghosted him. he called us to scare up a refund. the store investigate and mailed him a new $32 gift card. a mysterious $500 credit card payment. a dead end. nothing changed. we resurrected his dispute. the credit card money returned his 500 bucks.
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when a company turns zombie on you, go to nbc bay area. have a great weekend and a happy halloween. >> you too. >> i'm going to be a witch. it's the easiest costume to put together. >> what are we going to be. >> somebody watching movies, relaxing with popcorn. >> good job. answering the door. >> i will join you on the koich. >> the forecast looks nice. not spooky. >> not at all. we will serve it up. we know a lot of you have been really anxious to get out and do something. with less covid restrictions in place, this might be the night for you. i saw lots of folks out and about getting ready to get the party going tonight. on the way to work, lots of traffic. if you are headed out to san francisco, 64 degrees. chilly 50s and 60s on the way. some jacket weather. maybe your costume is one of
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those warmer costumes. there's lots of var agsz. 74 degrees, 60s as we move later tonight. maybe it's the inland valleys. it's warm, 76. then we got 60s once we hit 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. have fun, be safe. into the weekend changes. i see some big changes compared to what we have been used to when we had lots of 70s and that sunshine. once we hit this weekend, we have this cooler system to the north. that's going to bring in clouds, cooler temperatures. once we hit monday, that's when it does look like that rainfall is going to return. bring it into tomorrow's forecast. you can see just how different it's going to be. widespread cloud cover at 7:00 in the morning. drizzle mixing in for the morning and also right there, you can see it, through the afternoon. not nearly as much sunshine as we head through tomorrow. as we started off for the day, temperatures in the 50s all the way throughout the bay area.
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san francisco, 55. the north bay at 51. daytime highs tomorrow, drop off from 5 to 12 degrees. instead of upper 70s, we are back down to 65 in santa rosa. concord, 68. in the coastline, lower 60s. know for outside lands, it's the chilliest there. you are closest to the fog. you gotta wear those layers. 60s expected tomorrow. once you move into halloween, a dry forecast across the bay area. on the mild side at 67 at 3:00 p.m. after that, it gets cold with plenty of 50s. we have two storm systems moving our way next week. first one monday, a tenth to half inch. the second one wednesday night into thursday. that looks like it could be the stronger one with a quarter to one inch.
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all in all, as i have been saying, we saved halloween after the rain last weekend. coming up, it's really a nice window. the roads today were packed. people were on a mission out there. >> you feel the energy around town. we are on to something big. >> exactly. >> thanks. coming up next, have you seen it? the new series about colin kaepernick. we talk to the young actor who plays him in the movie.
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we witnessed a lot right here in the bay area. colin kaepernick's story is a netflix series. it details the early life of the former 49ers quarterback. >> we can change the game. we can write new rules. radiate our joy. take back our power. >> much of it there to the east of us. we talked to jaden michael who
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plays him in the series. he said it's relevant. >> there's so much more to colin that we don't know. the media gives you a sliver of his life. we only know a little bit of two years of his life. i feel like the show offers insight into what are the motivations and the catalysts to make someone kneel and feel ate alienated from a group of people. >> interesting. this new series is now streaming on netflix. could the world cup come to the bay area? we will find out. anthony flores joins us with the details next.
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it's the biggest sporting event in the world. it's coming to the u.s. will the bay area be included? >> bay area leaders met with soccer's governing body fifa. could levi stadium be a world cup venue? >> when the u.s. hosted the world cup in 1994, chris says it ignited his passion for soccer. >> i remember going to santa clara university and watching brazil practice. that was something that was impressionable on me. >> 20 years later, he represented the u.s. in the 2014 world cup in brazil.
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experiencing it firsthand, the mls' all time leading scorer believes the bay area would be a perfect place to hold the world's biggest sporting event. >> we have a very diverse population. i think that plays a big part. they are knowledgeable in the game. >> today and tomorrow, a host committee made up of bay area mayors and local business leaders will showcase everything the bay area has to offer as they meet with fifa, soccer's international governing body. that includes a tour of levi stadium tomorrow. >> for us, it's also important to ensure that our candidate cities are putting -- being what they are, showing their passion, being candid with their approach. i have to say that the bay area team has shown that to us today. >> we truly believe we are an hopefully will be one of the tremendous hosts for fifa world
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cup 2026. >> 17 u.s. cities are bidding to host matches. only 11 are expected to be chosen. for the 2026 world cup hosted jointly by the u.s., canada and mexico. >> we have a community pushing together. that's because we know with the leadership, 49ers and everybody pushing on this, this is going to be great for the community. >> world cup matches were played at stanford in '94 and a semifinal match for the women in '99. getting the world cup would be huge for the bay area and inspire the next generation of players. a decision on host cities is expected early next year. >> i remember that in the 1990s. it was awesome. >> it brings so many fans to the bay area. it's a big deal. >> very emotional. >> yeah. what do we have? coming up, a call to take
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off the mask at school outdoors. >> i don't run or exercise with a mask on. i don't think the kids should either. >> the mom pushing a school district to ease its mask mandates for students during pe. >> the warriors have left for san francisco. is there enough fans for a wnba team? one legend says yes. you will hear from her coming up. >> nice shot. will it feel like a normal halloween. most likely yes. we have advice from doctors to keep your little trick-or-treaters safe. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for being with us on this friday. >> it's the monday mask off. starting monday at noon, marin county is lifting indoor mask requirements. today people are allowed to take off their mask in certain places
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with fewer than 100 people. everyone has to be fully vaccinated inside. the county is loosening the restrictions monday because it met criteria set by health leaders, which is a vaccination rate higher than 80%. masks will still be required in some places mandated by the state. private businesses can also still ask you to wear a mask inside. some mask relief in marin. other counties as well. not in schools where masks are still mandatory. a south bay mom is urging her school board to let older kids take them off outside during pe and lunch. >> reporter: karen says she understands the importance of wearing masks. but not when middle school kids are running outdoors.


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