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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 29, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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bay high school out sick because of covid and we will talk about the steps the district is taking to contain the spread and what parents need to know. plus -- >> by leading the world, or letting the world pass us by -- >> members of his own party continuing the legislative tug-of-war over his sweeping social spending plans. this is "today in the bay." very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> it has a special ring to it. friday. >> uh-huh. >> we reached out. look, it's halloween weekend and a lot of people expected to get out. all eyes will be on the forecast, of course. meteorologist, kari hall, has been tracking that. >> i will be spending my kids to school with their costumes on,
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and i am sure a lot of parents will be doing the same. as you are heading out for the commute, the early morning drivers already out on the roads. we are going to see the temperatures rising slowly today but still really comfortable as we reach into the low and mid-60s for the coastline, we'll see 70s for the b mid-70s for the will see the temperatures in livermore reaching 75 degrees, and 71 in santa rosa. we have a lot of events going on this waoebgd so we'll talk about what is going on in the forecast in a few minutes. mike has been watching the early-morning commute. any problem spots, yet? >> we'll take it from here, kari. the bay area is trying to host one of the world's largest sporting events, and we're not talking about the olympics. we're talking about the world cup soccer, and it could be coming here. >> that's right. today in the bay's bob redell
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joins us outside the stadium. >> today and tomorrow are the n francisco, san josé, oakland and big companies like airbnb and google and salesforce, and they will host the officials of fifa and give them a tour and try and convince them that some of the world cup games should be played here in 2026. there are 17 other cities in the united states bidding for the opportunity to host some of the soccer games. fifa will choose only 10 to 12 cities in our country, and a few more expected to be chosen in mexico and canada. this video, by the way s. from last year's world cup -- excuse me, the last world cup tournament in 2018 in which france beat croatia. it could have a huge economic
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impact on the bay area. this would not be the first for us in the bay area. in 1994 the bay area hosted various fifa world cup matches, and then the women's semifinal took place at sanford university. the south bay has a rich history in hosting international soccer and boasts the world class venues. reporting live here outside levi stadium in santa clara, bob redell for "today in the bay." governor newsom headed to the united nations global climate change conference next week, and his administration is pushing for an end to reliance on oil.
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>> more changes are coming monday to some of the bay area's masking and vaccination mandates. alameda county will also loosen mask rules. under the order all workers in those places must be fully vaccinated. vaccination requirements will kick in for san francisco muni employees. some of the less busy lines may be temporarily suspended since some of the employees are not complying. according to the district, seven students are in home quarantine. hundreds of close contacts have been notified. president biden is in rome and this is where he and the first lady are meeting with pope francis. meantime, on capitol hill, members of his own party
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continue to legislate and have a legislative tug-of-war over his social spending plans. alice barr is in washington with the latest on that debate. good morning. >> good morning, marcus. all president biden's sweeping spending plan, and that's not the problem here, but it's divisions within his own party that sent him off to europe empty-handed with this deal he was hoping to take with him, because many progressives don't trust moderate senate democrats that they are going to follow-through and vote for some of the key components. just two hours ago they arrived at the vatican to meet with pope francis. president biden is arriving without a deal in hand on these very priorities back here at
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home, the same kind of priorities he will push for from world leaders at the g20 later today, and in scotland at the u.n. climate change summit. >> this framework includes historic investments in the nation and on our people. >> that new proposal includes child care, universal pre-k, expanded health care coverage, and medicare for hearing services and $555 billion to curve climate change, but to cut the price for what the moderate holdouts were dropped, including paid family and medical leave.
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they are waiting for the final deal on that larger package, however democrats are promising to keep working on this through next week to get to a deal with both bills for president biden telling them bluntly that nothing less than his president see and majorities in the house and senate are riding on this. marcus, back to you. >> alice, before you go, a quick question for you. how could president biden's position be weakened at the summits with world leaders without having his own deal in place here? >> right. so it's tough because the president will be asking for certain commitments on climate change, for instance. there are climate provisions in the new deal, but it's not signed, it's not on paper, so that makes it tougher for him to kind of push for those other things. he will be the only world leader that is representing a nation without paid leave. when he's asking some of these
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things to even out economic disparity, he doesn't have the backing of those kinds of things in his own deal. >> alice, thank you. california ports are getting a $5 billion cash infusion to help modernize supply chain systems. governor newsom and pete buttigieg said the money would not do much to help unclog the current shipping backlog, but it's over time expected to modernize the ports and truck and rail connection systems. things are back to normal this morning after a tense couple of hours last night brought everything to a standstill at lax. it started with an altercation between two men. one of two men apparently believed the other had a gun and that spent people running for
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the exits. >> they were whipping around the corner, and they had terror in their eyes. i said what is happening? they said there was an active shooter. >> no gun was found. operations resumed after about an hour. taking a live look outside, looking nice and clear, they are on the roads. you can see out there, so you know the fog is not sticking around too much. let's get a look at what we can expect from the forecast today. meteorologist, kari hall, has been monitoring what we can expect. kari, i think i am happy about this forecast. >> we better keep him happy. >> i think we're all happy. we will make sure the weekend is great for you, marcus, and everybody else. we are starting out with some of the temperatures in the low 60s. we are going to see clouds passing by, but there should be some peeks of sunshine at the park, and make sure you have
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layers of clothes. it feels cooler outside with all of the breezy winds and not much sunshine. we are looking at a high of 69 degrees in oakland today, and 70 in hayward, and 75 degrees in antioch. our temperatures very much like we were yesterday, and we are looking at changes for the weekend with more clouds moving in. i will have more on that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the friday commute. >> highway 37 at the hare island off-ramp. this is right here west 37 at mare island. folks going from vallejo over to novato, there could be slowing. that's all we have to track
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around the rest of the bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. are you planning to travel this holiday season? a lot of people are. next here on "today in the bay," why your flight will cost you extra this year. >> and lots of props, props to and from a california congresswoman. first, not just in-n-out, but several other restaurants around the bay refusing to check the vaccination status of diners. you can find the full story on we'll be right back.
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happy friday. it is 5:13. we're starting out with cool temperatures in napa this morning. as you are heading out the door right now, it's 52 degrees. we will have a repeat of yesterday where we head into the low 70s, but we are tracking changes ahead. we will talk about the impact the recent rainfall had on the bay area and the drought. that's coming up in a few minutes. traffic flowing nice here. those of you looking to see the lights all the way across the high-rise and the incline depending on if you are going westbound, you will like those taillights. we are tracking one incident in the north bay, and there could be one in the east bay. we're in the middle of what they call earning season, and that's when publicly trading
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companies have to show us their books and we can see what is going on financially. apple and amazon having big trouble with supply chains, they say. san ramon chevron having no problems, and it's making lots of money compared to last year, and that stock will be on the move today. the ceo of chevron was one of those testifying in the top row in the middle of the "brady bunch" box here. they are talking about why they need new leases for drilling on federal land. that led to an interesting moment. because of covid, this was mostly a remote video conference. one congresswoman in california was live from her garage in orange county, where she held up a grain of rice, and her point
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was, why do they want more land. >> if each grain of rice were one acre,479 pounds of rice. the american petroleum institute even opposed more leasing on the land and sued to stop it, because apparently this acreage was not enough. >> speaking of demonstrations, mark zuckerberg showed off an early version of the so-called metaverse. as part of the same announcement -- if we could go back to the video? well, in just -- there it is.
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right there above his head, that book end above his ear, what is that -- he's standing in the way of it, of course? it's barbecue sauce. why is he using barbecue sauce as a book end. >> is that what people are talking about? >> yeah, wouldn't you. >> i think it's sweet baby -- >> yeah, you wonder, of all of the things that happened yesterday, that's the one that caught the most people's attention. why does he have barbecue sauce as a book end. it's not there by accident. >> yeah. >> who knows? >> it shows how much people pays attention to what is going on behind you. >> oh, yeah. >> i looked at all of the titles of the books, is that okay? >> did you? >> you are one of those people. all right, scott, thanks.
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>> that's hard, because you let people into your live and they analyze everything. well, that's call being on tv. travel fares and numbers are come into focus. "the chronicle" spoke with the airfare pricing site, hopper. they predict 4.5 million passengers will travel this december. average fares during christmas week will be lower than in 2019, depending on the airport. the average fare will cost between $35 and $85 less. you know, trending for you the "today" show held a contest to find the most bizarre possible holiday food combination, and now it's too late to give out -- for halloween, and maybe stocking
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stuffings for christmas? >> hot dog candy canes. yeah. one candy shop based in seattle known for crazy confections there, and it's the latest creation, and guess what? they are already sold out. they have more candy cane flavors like kale, catchup, and -- >> wait, no. >> a couple thanksgivings ago, same company, i got clam candy canes. my brother almost lost his thanksgiving dinner. >> i bought the kids little jelly belly game that has the gross favors. my niece is, like -- i am, like, game is over. game is over. >> look, enough of that. my taste buds don't work. >> let's talk about your
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favorite candy. a lot of kids are trick-or-treating this weekend. you start, and take it away. >> skittles. >> skittles! taste the rainbow. >> i am also digging the chocolate out of my kids' bags, too. we are going to have a weekend where we can enjoy nice weather. temperatures heading for the low and mid-70s. today will be like yesterday with all of the sunshine. some spots starting out with clouds and cleared out. we are looking at a high of 74 degrees in livermore today. oakland reaching the upper 60s. as we move over toward the peninsula, 70 today in redwood city. san francisco up to 62 -- 67 downtown, and 72 is what we will see today in napa as well as clearlake. so after today we are going to see some changes. we have a couple storm systems coming in, and if you are going to the alameda county fair
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grounds, keep in mind it will be cloudy but we are not expecting rain. we are cooling down as we go into the evening and into the upper 50s. that would be a great event to check out. that's before we see another rain event coming our way. the first one coming in will stay to the north of us, but bring us clouds and cooler temperatures for tomorrow and stays cool on sunday. rain comes in on monday and then another chance of rain in the forecast for wednesday. looks like we could see the possibility of getting over an inch of rain, especially for parts of the north bay. when we look back at what all of that rain did, it decreased the drought by about 10% going from exceptional to extreme, mainly in marin county. there was a big improvement in the drought situation there as well as the reservoirs, and came up about 17%. we do have two more storms next week and we will see how that continues to hopefully improve
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our drought situation as we are going to see more rain coming in. as far as our temperatures, we're cooling down after today and we will see still some of the rain coming in and we will track that for monday. mike, you were watching a crash in the north bay. how is the rest of the bay area commute? >> overall, things are calm overall. friday, traffic is lighting. the south bay, we have a crew over here on highway 35, so watch that south of alice's. we're tracking that, but nothing big. there's a crash north 238 at 880, and that's a critical spot. i will monitor that. the volume is not building substantially as we said coming through the tri-valley and approaching the area. highway 37 and mare island, the commute source starting usually right about here, and there's an issue on the shoulder. a big rig there.
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no slowing for a crash off the roadway. we will monitor all of this, but the bridges and approaches are looking great. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:22. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> money doesn't just vanish and yet we have two new cases where more than 500 bucks was missing. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. cute there, right? are you dressing your pup up this halloween? if you are, take a picture and share online, and we will air them here. tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter. you just might see your pup right here, and even your cat. we'll be right back.
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good morning. neither little goblins or big monsters frighten us. david in redwood city was looking for a voucher, and we he found it he said the money disappeared. the store investigated and mailed david a new $32 gift card. and then a 500 credit card
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payment withdrawn from his account. for months a dead end, nothing changed. well, we resurrected his dispute. the credit card company returned his 500 bucks. when a company turns zombie on you, go to and click responds, or call us, 888-996-tips. we are tracking your top stories including -- >> good morning, i am cierra johnson in san francisco. coming up, outside lands is back, and i'll break down in term of what you need to know like getting there and what you need to know, next on "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30, a busy weekend ahead. it's halloween and outside land returns. what you need to know if you are planning to take part in the festivities this weekend. difficult conversations over what a student wore to school, and why the student says he decided to wear it. we have not seen any statistically significant movement over time. it has been broken almost into equal thirds. >> vaccine hesitancy. covid shots for kids could begin
5:31 am
as soon as next week, but not every parent is ready for it. experts say opinions will likely sway once the vaccinations starts. this is "today in the bay." >> we are traditionally broadcasting to your television, and we are also streaming live on let's start out with the forecast for you. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at that. >> we are starting out this morning with some clouds passing by, but for pleasant hill it will be a clear start to the day and temperatures in the low 50s. we're also looking at a lot of sunshine and going from the low 50s to the mid-60s for the first part of the day, and that's if you are heading to work. if you are not going to work and maybe outside land, you will start out with clouds and 60s in san francisco. we will stay in the 60s here at golden gate park. breezy winds. make sure you are addressed
5:32 am
accordingly and ready for some of the cool air throughout the day. for our inland areas, nice and mild with highs reach into the mid-70s. we will see highs reaching up to about 75 in antioch today. we will talk more about the weekend events going on, and that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you. after canceling in 2020 because of the pandemic, another bay area back another year. yeah, outside land, a musical that brings thousands to golden gate park will kick off in a matter of hours. >> and with the music, it brings traffic woes as well. cierra johnson is live with expert advice on how to maneuver around, cierra. >> i have the best assignment of the morning. in just a matter of hours, there will be a slew of entertainers taking the stage. some of the story of the concert
5:33 am
is taking place outside. it's because parking, really a point of contention for those trying to come to the concert as well as those coming around the neighborhood. if you are planning to head to this concert to start, organizers say park something extremely limited and some of the streets will be congested or completely closed on the website. they have a list of the closed streets. organizers say if you are getting dropped off, do so a couple blocks north or south of golden gate park. another option, public transit, muni will provide services north judah, 5r fulton rapid. now that you know how you are going to get there and get home, let's talk about health and safety. it's important to know that everybody that comes to the festival has to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative covid test within 72 hours, and
5:34 am
there's a pop-up rapid testing facility at that location, and it does costs in case you need a current negative covid test. >> everybody is coming back out of, you know, the covid quarantine, to be able to be out here and get all of these local people participating in the event, vendors, restaurants, artists, musicians, and we feel very grateful we are here and able to do this. >> reporter: very exciting there. if you are heading to the concert, you will get a twofer because it's halloween weekend, and organizers laid out dos and don'ts, no toy weapons or fake blood inside of the vendor and please do not dress up as a
5:35 am
first responder if you are heading to the show. we are live at golden gate park, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks. classes today are canceled at two north bay high schools due to some kind of threat now being investigated by police. the schools are west county high school and laguna high school in forestville. a lot of questions after a photo posted on social media showed a student wearing a ku klux klan outfit on campus. that student wore the outfit on wednesday. after it was posted online, the district responded. the district leaders met with the student and parents. he said he wore it on a dare and
5:36 am
was not caught until fourth hour, and many acted with confusion and anger. >> i had no clue what he was dressed at, and at a school with a predominantly black -- >> he's not white, he's hispanic, and he has lighter skin, and that's what kids think it was funny because he looks white. >> did you think it was funny? >> no. >> the principal saying in part, the student has been assigned consequences for his actions and he'll also participate in our restorative justice process to learn how his actions impacted and harmed others. he will also work with our restorative justice ambassadors, parents and staff to begin
5:37 am
repairing the harm he has caused. and then a hate ash bury neighborhood on central and haight, there was a shoot-out. a victim that arrived to the hospital on their own is in critical condition. another drive-by shooting on saturday may be related to that shootout. witnesses say that one of the bullets entered a bedroom and landed next to a baby changing table. >> the dresser was right next to the changing table. they have a newborn baby. >> it was, like, pop, pop, and then o are hesitant for younger
5:38 am
kids than themselves. facebook has nothing to do this. 27% of parents said they would get their vaccination right away, and 5% said only if they have two, and 30% say definitely not. parents are concerned about long-term affects, and taking time off if they had to take time off for side effects. >> we would expect the same thing to happen with younger kids as well. >> researchers found the most trusted source of information for parents is the family pedestand schools. this is a live picture provided by palisades ski
5:39 am
resort, and they will open. palisades, that used to be squaw valley and alpine meadow, it says it's the third time in 72 years that that resort has been open in october. >> yes, and they are encouraging costumes to take down the sleeps for halloween if you are lucky enough to get away. let's look at the forecast. we're checking in with meteorologist, kari hall. >> those will be great pictures for the gram, right, if you are skiing with a costume on. maybe you will be heading to south lake tahoe this weekend. they have cleared the roads after all of the snow. temperatures will be headed for the low 60s on today and then mid-50s for the rest of the weekend. cooler by sunday with a high of 54. if you want to see snow and fall colors, you do have to go up about 4,000 feet. you can find out where to go around california to see the
5:40 am
best and brightest fall colors, go to california we're going to see those temperatures dropping down to the mid-60s for the start, and then some upper 50s as the night goes on. also a popular destination this weekend, all the pumpkin patches will have great weather today. i think the nice and sunny pictures are great, of course, with the kids standing by the pumpkins, looks colorful. if you want to avoid that and maybe head to the beach this weekend, santa cruz will be one of those destinations. temperatures will be in the low 70s today and then mid-60s throughout the weekend. the alameda county fair is going on, and for tomorrow we will see more clouds but the rain holds off as the temperatures will be in the 60s. we will talk more about that. mike, now you are tracking two
5:41 am
crashes? >> the north bay has a couple crashes. it could be odd for folks to think of this, and we have the crash near san quinton. a truck went off the roadway there. no major injuries there. no slowing on the bridge. here we are looking at possible slowing because there are possible injured reported west 37 around the mare island exit. we are watching for slowing but none shows up yet. right now it's friday, and obviously we know it's lighter volume all-around the bay. san josé shows a blip on schedule, our first blip of slowing there. back to you >> thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay," the steps local leaders are taking to prevent more
5:42 am
attacks. president biden looking to pass his agenda, but it's not a sure thing. >> check out the latest episode of "synced in," the latest information on all of the top stories. be sure and follow nbc bay area on instagram for the full episode of "synced in."
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happy friday. right now at 5:44, here's a look at our high temperatures today.
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nice with upper 60s in san francisco, and mid-70s for the inland east bay. low 70s for the south bay and north bay. we're going to see changes go into the weekend forecast. we'll talk about when we will see rain returning coming up in a few minutes. we're looking at dublin. 580 appears to be moving smoothly here. we will track more details and how the speed sensors are doing, coming up. district attorney will help with the domestic violence. participants will be able to link to a feed through zoom. family members in the south bay are mourning the death of a mother, authorities say was killed by her estranged husband. the 52-year-old is now in
5:46 am
custody. he's accused of running over his estranged wife on wednesday. she filed a restraining order against him two weeks ago. advocates say restraining orders can only go so far. >> it cannot guarantee their safety. i think that's the bottom line. if somebody is intending to hurt or harm or kill somebody, they may do that regardless of what the law says. >> deputies arrested espinosa when they believe he was trying to board a bus to mexico. and then charges filed against andrew cuomo. authorities filed a criminal complaint accusing cuomo of placing his hand under the blouse of a victim and touching her. his attorney is calling the whole thing politics and not professional law enforcement. the albany times union reports
5:47 am
he has been ordered to appear in court november 17th. president biden met with the press this morning. >> the president is in europe on his way to the g20 summit. >> yeah, he stopped to see the pope. we don't know specifically what they discussed but we know the two men agree on a lot of issues including climate change and worries about what the rise of what the pope calls phoney populism. biden has met with the pope several times before, but never as president. before he left he announced the framework on his build back better plan, and many of us interpreted that as a deal, but this morning we are not sure the senators are onboard. >> this agenda, the agenda that is in these bills is what 81
5:48 am
million americans voted for. more people voted than anytime in american history. that's what they voted for. their voices deserve to be heard and not denied, or worse, ignored. >> by announcing what sounded like a deal, the president was going all in, either congress is going to get moving or it's not. i don't normally run quotes i can't, myself, track down, because that's good practice, but i will do it here because "the washington times" "the washington post" and times heard it, i don't think it is hyperbole to say that the house -- he's right. it may come down to whether or not they can get something done, something they were elected to do, pass two bills. remember, the problem is
5:49 am
conservative democrats don't like this one, and liberal democrats won't pass this one without that one, the future of the house, the senate and the presidency. you may have seen or missed all this. senator mitt romney is dressing up as ted lasso for halloween. i know romney from my time in utah, and here, this is democratic senator, kyrsten sinema. the character she's playing is secretly sabotaging her own team. she wants her team to lose. now, if i ruined ted lasso for you, it's about time you were watching it anyway. i am on twitter, you can
5:50 am
complain there, i am @scottmcgrew. and then ed sharon, his first solo album in four years. here's a hit song from maybe one you have heard. >> marcus mentioned it's bittersweet, because sheeran can't celebrate because over the weekend he tested positive for covid. he says he's in isolation but wants his fans to know the album is out. most certainly, he wants to hear from fans. >> we were not math majors. >> hey, it's a perfect day to
5:51 am
celebrate. today is national cat day. >> yeah, it's a funny thing, isn't it? we want to show you some of our team's furry friends here, because it's national cat day. this is dana's cat. where is the tree, dana? yeah, this is cotton. >> oh, yeah. >> cotton and scotty. >> yeah, these are our editor's twins there. scotty can open doors. i wish we had video of that. lastly, we have buoy and shadow, and they are our photographer's cats. >> they can drive. it's the stopping part -- >> we need to get -- >> dana tree, is that where the
5:52 am
cats come from? >> son, we need to have that conversation. >> yeah, and i love cat people, i just don't understand you, you know. we're starting out this morning with a clear start on our friday morning. we're leading into a great weekend with a lot of events going on. we are going to see our temperatures in the mid-70s again today for the south bay, heading up to 76 degrees in morgan hill. 72 in milpitas. mid-70s for antioch, while oakland headed for 69 degrees and 70 in hayward. we are also looking for temperatures in the low 60s and 70s for much of the peninsula, reaching 72 in palo alto. san francisco heading for the upper 60s downtown and in the mission district. our north bay highs will reach 73 in sonoma and 72 in clearlake. 7-day forecast is already at the bottom of the screen. you will see a lot of rain toward the end of the forecast, and this is why.
5:53 am
we have two storm systems headed our way. the first one will not bring a lot of rain, but the second one on monday looks certain to bring more measurable rain. the first storm system passing by the weekend bringing us more clouds and cooler temperatures, and by monday we will track not only one but two storm systems that could b h much we could se, some models putting down decent amounts. about an inch of rain for areas south of the north bay. lead into the weekend, we're making halloween plans. it looks good. we have a lot of clouds moving by for san francisco, but our inland areas will be clear and our temperatures, once again, coming down will have more updates on all of the rain moving in next week. mike takes us to the tri-valley where there could be a slowdown. >> yeah, kari, we are talking
5:54 am
about the 580 moving smoothly, and it's northbound 680 come into the interchange north of stone ridge, a crash there. everything sounds like in the last few minutes, everything got to the shoulder just fine. there could be a distraction as more cars arrive, perhaps a crew, a tow truck. we will watch that near the dublin interchange, but not affecting the flow. we are finally seeing the expected slower drive around the altamont. san josé, they will let up with the first slowdown first. back to you. and you may soon have a new location in the south bay for one retail giant. the proposal will go before the city council in early november. the costco would be more than
5:55 am
160,000 square feet. some neighbors have expressed concerned about the possible traffic. there are eight costco stores in santa clara county, including eight in san josé alone. robbers target the home of a tv reality star. who police are looking for after one real housewife was held at gunpoint. a new push surrounding chesa boudin. the records one san francisco leader wants to release, and it's all on our website. you can go there. it's 5:55.
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[ eerie music playing ] trick or treat! ♪ ♪ he is coming for me... but i'm coming for him. happy halloween michael.
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so you can stay ahead. grk how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. 5:58. welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." new this morning, the department of justice is settling with those families of nine people killed in the charleston church shooting.
5:59 am
family members are calling the agreement an important step in their grief. >> to acknowledge a fact that gun violence is an issue and to do everything they can to correct a mistake that happened is so important to people. >> the fbi made changes to its background check system in the wake of that shooting. we are learning details about the alleged break-in at one reality tv star. police are searching for three men that entered her home by smashing a window. daily mail reports that she was held at gunpoint during the ordeal. so far no arrests have been made. now at 6:00, president biden at the vatican. his mission to bring unity to the world stage after having
6:00 am
great difficulty doing so on capitol hill. plus, multiple students infected with covid at an east bay school. the steps the district is taking to help contain the spread. playing ball. world cup leaders visit the bay area today as our region vies for a goal in the 2020 match-up. this is "today in the bay." 6:00 right now. of course we're traditionally broadcasting to your television, but we also stream live on thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we want to begin with a live look outside. a beautiful golden gate bridge right now. clear and dry out there. >> yeah, looks good. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking our halloween forecast for us. >> i love that. that was a nice and clear view. we could see fog developing late this morning. san josé starting out also a


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