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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: there are a lot of explanations behind it and that picture is very disturbing and it's created a lot of meetings behind it, including one this morning here at the school between parents and students. now, this picture hit social media. that was costume day here at the school. i've been told by the principal that the student dressed up as a kkk member on a dare and wasn't caught until fourth period, likely because he was wearing it only in between classes. now, you can see in the picture that he is surrounded by other students who are kids of color. some students we talked to today said they thought it was a ghost costume. others told us that they're upset about the entire situation because there's so much horrific history behind that outfit and the racist terrorists who wore it. >> i had no clue what he was really dressed as and knowing
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that he was at school with a predominantly black population and thought that was okay is even more disheartening. >> no, he's not white, i think he's hispanic. but because his skin is lighter, people assumed that he was white. that's what made the kids think it was funnier because he looks like he's white. >> did you think it was funny when you saw it? >> no. >> reporter: now, the school district and the principal taking this very seriously. principal todd whitmier releasing this statement which says the student has been assigned consequences for his actions and he will also participate in our restorative justice process to learn how his actions have impacted harm on others. he will also work with our restorative justice ambassadors, parents and staff to begin repairing the harm he has caused. now, the other students in the picture will also have to participate in the program. i also spoke with the president
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of the naacp branch here in contra costa county. she said of course the organization does not condone such actions, but she says before she gives an official response, she has to gather all the information surrounding this. we are hoping that this fact-finding mission will be completed by 11:00 tonight. reporting live in pittsburg, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a lot of people googling the word "meta." facebook is now meta, sort of. meta is the new corporate name, as in metaverse. today mark zuckerberg walked us through his metaverse. he said while facebook, whatsapp and instagram will keep their individual names, the overall company will be meta, with a new logo and new stock symbol, mvrs, as in metaverse. >> i am proud to announce that starting today our company is now meta. >> given some of the other types
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of headlines and reputational things that have been out in the news about facebook, i would say that the timing is certainly interesting. >> basically just going beyond borders here, the whole new world for facebook. the important thing to know about all of this is if you go onto facebook or instagram or whatsapp, you're not likely to notice any changes, but expect debate over what this means over growing controversy the company faces. coming up we are talking about what's behind this name change. is this a pr move in terms of the pr crisis facebook faces and will anything really change when it comes to facebook's image. that's tonight at 7:00. starting monday thousands of offices, health clubs, places of worship in the east bay will allow people to take off their masks indoors. alameda county is joining san francisco, contra costa and marin counties by easing mask requirements in some places. you have to have fewer than 100 people inside and everyone there
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must be fully vaccinated. >> this is a reasonable step at this time. at some point hopefully the pandemic will have receded enough that we can really remove all of these types of requirements. >> until then, these rules do not apply to restaurants, bars or theaters. those places will have to wait until the county reaches more strict goals, including 80% vaccination rate. right now 72% of people in alameda county are fully vaccinated. students 12 and older in oakland have a major assignment to complete by january, they have to get vaccinated. oakland unified has made it a requirement for in-person learning. so what happens if students don't get vaxxed? melissa colorado looks at how the district will enforce this strict vaccine mandate. >> we're going to talk a little bit about coronavirus. >> reporter: by day, pediatrician dr. donna
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white-carry is treating patients in oakland and every thursday night she logs on to youtube to answer people's covid questions. >> a lot of people are concerned about how quickly the vaccine became available. >> reporter: so dr. white carey is preparing for a wave of vaccine questions after the oakland school district approved the vaccine for in-person learning and laid out how enforcement is going to work. starting january 3rd, students ages 12 and up will have to prove they have been vaccinated. there will be medical and personal belief exemptions. students who have one dose and are waiting to receive their second dose will also be exempted. >> the bottom line is if anybody has an exemption, they'll be allowed to attend school. anybody who does not have an exemption will be offered a place in our independent study program. >> reporter: the district is working on expanding the independent study program. the district says they will continue to host weekly vaccine
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sites at different campuses to help parents get their kids vaccinated. >> a lot of those kids have been vocal. they're the ones that have told their parents i want the vaccine. i want to be protected. >> parents should be talking with their pediatricians. it felt rushed. >> reporter: megan has two children enrolled in the district. while she supports the push to vaccinate students 12 and older, she said it's time for schools to let the student mask requirement go. >> what i am hoping is that cdph comes out with off-ramps like they're doing for adults. >> reporter: so who qualifies for a medical exemption and how broad is that personal belief exemption going to be? the district is currently working on the specifics of those student vaccine exemptions. in the east bay, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. tonight in-n-out burger still has a beef with two local counties that requires proof of
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vaccination for customers to eat inside. the chain is refusing and closing down its dining rooms rather than follow the rule. we wanted to find out how other fast food chains are following the requirement. most in contra costa county are just avoiding the issue by keeping the dining rooms closed. taco bell in walnut creek are open but not enforcing the mandate strictly. few are following the order word for word bike chick-fil-a in walnut creek which was open and checking vaccine cards for indoor dining. the one thing they all agree on is choosing between business and safety is tough to swallow. >> even if we ask, they get really upset. nobody wants to carry their vaccine card. nobody wants to show it. so we at least ask them to be masked. >> opponents of the county's mandate have been demonstrating outside various in-n-out locations. another one is scheduled tonight in pleasant hill. today crews resume work to fix san francisco's sinking and
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leaning millennium tower. our investigative team saw workers installing the first of five new steel casings into the ground that will eventually hold support piles driven 200 feet down into the bedrock. city officials gave permission for millennium engineers to resume the project after deciding the test run two weeks ago had a minimal impact. work over the summer made the building sink and lean faster. a san francisco supervisor is trying to force the district attorney and police department to release detailed records about how often it arrests and prosecutes domestic violence offenders. it's a story our investigative unit broke last night. today that proposed law cleared a major hurdle. this afternoon supervisors voted to push the legislation forward to the full board for a final vote next month. the police captain spoke in favor of the new requirement. the d.a.'s office did not
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attend. but the district attorney sent a letter criticizing the proposed law saying the data being requested wouldn't be enough to draw any fair conclusion about how well the office is fighting crime. supervisor katherine stephanie who proposed the legislation took exception with that reasoning. >> my legislation doesn't stop the d.a. from releasing anything in addition to what's required in this legislation. in fact it would be very welcome. i urge the district attorney to release what we've requested and more. >> if approved by the full board next month, both the d.a.'s office and the police department would be required to start releasing new waves of data quarterly beginning in the new year. a family in the south bay is in mourning after a mother was killed allegedly by the man she was trying to leave. tonight the sheriff's department says they have arrested 52-year-old ignacio espinosa. witnesses claim espinosa ran
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over and killed his estranged wife yesterday in san jose. we've learned the victim had filed a restraining order against espinosa two weeks ago and that the two were in the process of getting divorced. the restraining order details multiple claims of violent behavior by the suspect, including death threats. tonight domestic violence prevention advocates say while restraining orders are a valuable tool, they cannot stop someone bent on violence. >> it cannot guarantee their safety. that's really the bottom line. if someone is intending to hurt or harm someone or killing someone, they may to that regardless of what the law says. >> advocates say they often encourage victims of domestic violence to move out of the area if possible. they also say they'd like to see reforms that would allow police to live track domestic violence suspects. investigators arrested espinosa at a transit center in modesto. they believe he was trying to board a bus to mexico. up next, parents beware.
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the reason california's top cop is warning about certain threats this halloween. outside lands is finally back this weekend. we just spoke with organizers about what's new and what you need to know. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll continue our climate coverage and give you the latest numbers on the drought and where we've seen over a 90% improvement. plus, what's ahead for november. i'm back with all that in about eight minutes. when we welcome our viewers in the west, as president biden touts the framework of a deal on a social spending plan, paid family leave lands on the chopping block. we hear from some of those impacted. and a flight attendant attacked by a passenger. what the airline's ceo is saying tonight, ahead on nightly news.
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>> they may look like a bag of cheetos or a box of fruity pebbles, illegal cannabis-infused foods are being marketed across california. there was a consumer alert because the cannabis products are being packaged, take a look, they look like oreos, doritos, sour patch kids. this is illegal in california and it's dangerous. >> while cannabis-infused edibles packaged to look like our favorite brands may seem harmless and fun, the dangers of
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consuming these unregulated and untested products are high, particularly for children and for teens. >> the attorney general also says legal cannabis products in the state must have a special universal symbol on them. okay, this year it's going to be three days of spooky fun. more than 200,000 people are about to descend on golden gate park as one of the biggest music festivals is back after the covid hiatus. of course we're talking about outside lands. begins tomorrow. much like everything else, the festival has some changes. nbc bay area's christie smith shows us. >> reporter: there's a lot of excitement out here today. in fact you can still hear some of the work going on. the plan was to bring back outside lands the way people enjoyed it in the past, but with the pandemic there are some adjustments. >> it is amazing to be back here. >> reporter: the finishing touches are under way at outside lands. the first time the festival has been back since 2019. in addition to a star-studded lineup, the show also has new
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safety protocols. >> everybody here who's coming to the festival has to be vaccinated or show proof of a covid negative test within 72 hours. we really recommend everybody download the clear app and use the clear vaccination verification. >> reporter: masks are encouraged when social distance isn't possible. overall, the atmosphere will be familiar with food and drinks and three days of music. more than 95 artists performing on different stages to a sold-out crowd of over 70,000 daily. shuttles, bikes and transit are preferred. driving is discouraged. some neighbors see it this way. >> i think it's a burden as far as parking, cars and people, but ultimately again i think it's a good thing. it's been a long time so getting people together would be good. it's worth it. >> we're really in good shape. you know, we have another day of sunshine. >> reporter: the san francisco rec and park department says they prepared with last sunday's soaking in mind. >> we added sump pumps and
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generators. i had staff here all night over last weekend during the rains and into early this past week making sure that our drainage system was working properly and things weren't getting clogged. >> reporter: halloween caught costumes are encouraged. no weapons, first responder uniforms or full face masks. christie smith, nbc bay area news. some proof northern california is off to a good start when it comes to our rainy season. here is before and after satellite images which show the impact of that atmospheric river that we had on us. this is on the sierra. right now down from all that cloud cover, you can see the snow which covers the same terrain that was barren ten days earlier. more than 2 feet of snow fell on the peaks during the storm. they were far from out of the drought, though. water managers say it was a solid step in the right direction. we didn't get to see it but we did see that drought map.
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we should have some improvement when we see those drought maps side by side. >> really some drastic improvement for parts of the north bay. every little thing we can add up is cumulatively potentially going to be some really excellent news here for us in the next couple of months. let's take a look at some of those data that we're getting in here. the storm systems we had over the past week. california overall a 10.77% decrease in extreme and also exceptional drought. now, look at marin county, a 96.64% decrease in exceptional drought. now, it didn't wipe out the drought but took us out of the worst category in marin and bumped us down to extreme. but that's excellent. and north bay reservoirs doing the best, 17.27% water increase there across the north bay. we've got two more storms on the way as we head through next week. as we continue our climate coverage i wanted to give you a
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look at the overall statewide map. it's right there, you can see it here, marin county now in extreme drought instead of that deep red color, which is exceptional. now, we get a couple more storm systems in here as we head through november and december. and we definitely could see that improve quite a bit more. i want to show you what i'm looking at in my long-range forecast. we've got two more storms on the way as we head through next monday and thursday. anywhere from a half to 1.5 inches of rainfall with both of those systems. my rain outlook as we head into november looking also really good here. i'm calling for a 65% chance through the mid and the end of november. we could see another stronger storm with three-quarters to 2 inches of rainfall. beyond this, we're still looking at la nina which has returned. it looks like this would stay with us through winter and this can bring us average rainfall.
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so starting to look up compared to last year. we're going to start off tomorrow morning with a little cloud cover. temperatures in the 50s. 57 in the south bay, peninsula 54. mid-50s in san francisco and 53 right there in the north bay. daytime highs tomorrow will cool off a couple of degrees but hey, it's beautiful. we keep the sunshine and 70s across the inland valleys, 60s near the bay and the coast. we've got some rain coming in once we hit next monday's forecast. so let's go ahead and show you that on my seven-day. as we roll through the weekend we get clouds increasing, dry for halloween, but there's that rain chance next month at a tenth to a half inch. what could be a stronger storm next week on wednesday and thursday and that's where i'm looking at a quarter to one inch. through the inland valleys 70s tomorrow and we drop it down into the 60s. so we manage to get halloween in here for all the kids staying dry and, yes, the adults. >> and for outside lands. >> outside lands. >> big weekend. >> it's going to be huge. >> yeah. >> and look at the sunset, it
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matches an orange -- excuse me, a pumpkin. i can get it out, people. thanks, jeff. well, up next, a high-speed chase in the bay area, but the getaway car was unexpected. the reason officers were tracking that rv.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the suspected driver in an unusual police chase is in custody after crashing in san ramon. remember we showed you this last night. police were chasing this rv right before 8:00. police now tell us that they say that rv was stolen in san francisco. that's why they were after it. the chase ended when the driver ran through an intersection, hit a prius, and flipped over. the prius driver had minor injuries. the driver of the stolen rv went to the hospital. investigators say he will be charged with several counts, including vehicle theft and evading a police officer. we are learning more about that shooting that shut down an eaigst near the 98th avenue on-ramp to 580 in
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oakland around 5:00. you can see lanes backed up, traffic just closed -- the lanes were closed and traffic was backed up. investigators say after being hit by gunfire, the victim tried to drive until he just succumbed to his injuries near the macarthur boulevard off-ramp. the freeway closed more than three hours while police collected evidence. you might have seen them marching. they're fighting to get their jobs back. this afternoon 200 hotel workers marched through downtown san francisco as part of a nationwide day of action. they say their jobs have not come back post-pandemic even as business rebounds. not just in the city, in the east bay this morning a similar protest outside the hilton doubletree at the berkeley marina. workers say part of the reason there are fewer jobs at this point in the pandemic is because many hotels are ending daily co unite here, that means the loss of about 3,000 jobs in the bay area alone.
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well, up next, it's a cool way to make $1,500. the reason leaders in the south bay are calling on teenagers to help out.
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shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app.
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smart. refill most prescriptions online and get delivery for no cost. okay. this is the smart play. who better to spread an important message on social media than have the kids do it? >> yeah, santa clara county health department offering cash prizes to middle and high school students in a new vax up video
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contest. $1500 for the best video tha educates kids about the vaccine. two schools with first place winners will get $500 prizes too. tonight at 7:00, more protests at in-n-out burgers in the bay area tonight. and mess meta explained. why facebook made the name change. and next on nightly news, andrea mitchell takes a deep dive into what the spending bill means for you and your family, what americans could gain and what they could lose from the bill compromise. nightly news will break it down for you. lester holt joins us right now. breaking news tonight. former new york governor andrew cuomo charged with a sex crime. cuomo now charged with forcible touching after groping a aid at the governor's mansion in 2020 it comes two months
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after he resigned over allegations of sexual harassment from some women. ju in, cuomo's response. also tonight, president biden traveling overseas after announcing what he calls a historic new framework for his spending plan. a potential breakthrough after weeks of deadlock. the president on capitol hill today his private plea to democrats, what's in, what's out and why it is still not a done deal. the vaccine mandate battle new york city firefighters protesting hours before a deadline begins to get the shot or face unpaid leave. the warning from the union. how many fire companies could be shutdown. new images of alec baldwin and his family days after that deadly movie set shooting our exclusive access inside the investigation. what the sheriff now says about possible criminal charges. the violent attack on an american airlines flight. a passenger punching a flight attendant, forcing an emergency landing. police waiting for the man at the gate. and facebook's big change, the new name


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