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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 27, 2021 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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olympics begin in beijing. today we held a celebration to promote the games and to shine a light on community leaders. there were lion dancers, ice skaters and olympians to round out the excitement at the ice rink at holiday square. elected community leaders also honored for their efforts to help businesses in chinatown during the pandemic. through all of it, anticipation building for the winter games. >> it is so exciting. the clock is really ticking for all the athletes. i know that they are more than stoked to be going to beijing. >> well, do you recognize that one there? that's janelle wang. yes, she is one of us. she emceed today's event. the winter olympics begin february 4th. you can watch them, of course, right here on nbc bay area. you just got back from the olympics. >> we just finished tokyo. and now 100 days until beijing. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - elton john ava duvernay and featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1539 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: thank you very much. i feel it. i'm feeling the love please, relax. i feel the love. thank you. welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause thank you for being here well, guys, here's some good
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news last night, an fda panel gave the green light to the pfizer vaccine for kids between the ages of 5 and 11 that's right [ cheers and applause that's right kids' vaccines are the best way to prevent the two things parents fear most: covid and homeschooling. [ laughter ] "i don't know. three goes into five i don't know i'm not a math teacher." [ laughter ] yup, this is great in a few weeks, you're gonna see bouncers outside chuck e. cheese checking vaccine cards. [ laughter ] "not today, timmy. sorry. [ laughter ] kids could get the shot as soon as next week great timing, right after they go door-to-door on halloween [ laughter ] "wanna move it up three days who's talking to who here? here's how the vaccine will work older kids can get pfizer, younger kids can get moderna and the middle child can get johnson & johnson. [ laughter ] come one they'll figure it out. they'll figure it out. pretty soon, you're gonna see a vaccine center parking lot with white tents, orange cones, waving in little toy jeeps
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[ laughter ] [ imitates revving ] some parents said that they aren't sure if they're comfortable giving their kids the vaccine, then they went back to feeding them dunkaroos for breakfast. [ laughter ] "i mean, you're someone else's problem for the next six hours. some news from washington. this morning, senate democrats rolled out a new tax proposal that would only target the 700 richest americans as a way to help biden's spending plan. so that includes elon musk, jeff bezos, and flo, the progressive insurance lady [ laughter ] it's tough for billionaires. if you'd like to sponsor one, you can make a difference for just $34 million a day [ laughter ] just text "billions" to 0-1-5-2-8. [ laughter ] you know cash is tight for billionaires when their flights in space have the layover in cleveland. [ laughter ] but by this afternoon, democrats scrapped the tax on billionaires and now they might tax millionaires instead
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yep. when they heard that, kim and kylie were like, "yes," while khloe, kourtney and kendall were like, "no." [ laughter ] well, iowa senator chuck grassley, who is 88, recently announced that he is running for re-election in 2022. and while a lot of critics say that he's too old and should retire, i think he's still got itclip from today. >> i - [ laughter ] don't -- [ laughter ] well, you don't your own accountable. let's not forget about obama/biden administration [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not a good sign when your staff is nearby with a set of jumper cables you know what i mean "right goes on right nipple. [ laughter ] when an aide said, "senator, are you all right?" he was like, "there's a senator here? [ laughter ]
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"no, but --" [ laughter ] what are you doing i think the whole world just needs to take the weekend. >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: tomorrow's the weekend. just take the weekend. we'll come back monday we'll figure it all out. some movie news. today, pixar released the first trailer for their buzz lightyear origin story. [ audience oohs yeah, a buzz lightyear prequel it's about how he first goes to space as a publicity stunt for jeff bezos [ laughter ] but the prequel looks interesting. for instance, i had no idea that when buzz's family arrived at ellis island, they changed their name from lightyearinelli. >> steve: really [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: "buzzscochi lightyearnelli," yeah [ laughter ] did you guys see this? there's a new dating show in the u.k., and it's kinda similar to "the bachelor," but there's one big difference just take a look at this >> david, who do you think is a love trap?
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[ laughter ] [ suspenseful music >> cherie. [ audience oohs [ laughter ] >> steve: whoa [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. [ cheers and applause >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: it got awkward when he was like, "wait, i meant becca. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] yeah it's like "the bachelor" yep, but instead of being escorted out in a limo, they're taken away in an ambulance [ laughter ] some more entertainment news i read that netflix is looking to build a new tv and film production studio in new jersey yeah, and apparently netflix is even coming out with some new jersey- themed tv shows. >> steve: really >> jimmy: yeah, i'll show you what i mean. first up, there's "bridge-and-tunnelton. >> steve: oh [ laughter ] next, there's "squid game: just the tracksuits." [ laughter ] next up, instead of the show "you," there's "youz." [ laughter and applause >> steve: hey.
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>> jimmy: and finally, there's, "ooooozark." [ laughter and applause come on, you'd like that >> steve and jimmy: "oooozark. >> jimmy: well, some business news the outdoor clothing company patagonia just introduced its own collection of natural wine finally answering the question, "what is the whitest sentence you've ever heard? [ laughter ] patagonia wine questlove: natural >> jimmy: natural wine sorry. apologies. listen to this the largest 3d-printed neighborhood in the u.s. is currently being built in austin, texas. next time a texas sheriff says, "this town ain't big enough for the two of us," the outlaw can say, "hold on, i'll print more." [ laughter ] this is interesting. new research found that americans get 30 minutes less exercise than they did 200 years ago. [ laughter ] people in the 1800s also gargled with gasoline, so let's maybe call it a wash yep, people in the 1800s led healthier, more energetic lives
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and made it to the ripe old age of 28. [ laughter ] and finally, i saw that a guy in hawaii who got into some trouble with the law tried to flee the scene in a pretty unique way watch this >> on hawaii island, police say this man fled on a stolen lawnmower after starting a a small brush fire [ laughter ] witnesses took video of the man riding the stolen push lawnmower down highway 11. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think it would have been faster if he actually just pushed the lawnmower and just ran with it. but he had the last laugh when he held a weedwacker in the air and took off like a helicopter "so long, suckas!" [ cheers and applause we have a great show, give it up for the roots [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause
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what a show we have for you tonight. he is a music legend and one of the best-selling artists of all time he's has a new album out called "the lockdown sessions," which includes the number one hit "cold heart" with dua lipa elton john is joining us [ cheers and applause ♪ and, don't you know ♪ couldn't clear it but. ♪ well, don't you know ♪ that's all we can sing in that song >> steve: tell them with your brain. ♪ well, don't you know ♪ >> jimmy: that's it. elton john, man, legend. [ cheers and applause love elton john. plus, her new series "colin in black and white" begins streaming friday on netflix. ava duvernay is here [ cheers and applause getting some new vibes >> steve: very >> jimmy: good show. and we've got an in-studio performance tonight from, it's one of my favorite new songs, walker hayes is here tonight >> steve: oh [ cheers and applause
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>> jimmy: "country stuff." we love our country fans have you heard the song is call "fancy like" is the song. and it's just perfect. it's like -- it makes you happy. >> steve: oh >> jimmy: i'm gonna play a a little piece of this listen this. ♪ we fancy like applebee' on a date nigh got that bourbon street stea with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped crea on the top too two straws, one chec girl, i got you ♪ ♪ bougie like natty in the styrofoam ♪ >> jimmy: that's my favorite line bougie [ cheers and applause i'm bougie like natty in the styrofoam. >> steve: natty light? >> jimmy: yeah, of course. >> steve: yeah, come on, >> jimmy: that's so funny. i'm bougie like natty in the styrofoam. oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] just makes you laugh ♪ applebee's ♪ >> tariq: he get's extra syllables out of his words >> jimmy: yeah ♪ applebee ♪ ♪ in whip cream ♪ yeah, exactly. you get like four syllables.
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>> jimmy: yeah,country stul whipped cream is five syllables. ♪ whipped cream ♪ it's a great -- you know a hit when you hear it, man. >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: "fancy like. thank you for being here, bud. did you guys hear about the volvo recall it's not good. here, take a look at this. >> the volvo is recalling another 195,000 vehicles in the u.s. because the driver side airbag can explode [ laughter ] >> tariq: explode? ah, man, i just bought a volvo [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: geez, i'm sorry about that tariq >> tariq: it's okay. i still have my old ram truck. i've had it turned off for a a while, but it should be fine >> jimmy: oh >> tariq: what "oh?" oh, what >> jimmy: roll the clip. >> ram is recalling more than 130,000 trucks because they could catch fire even when turned off [ laughter ] >> tariq: what how am i supposed to take my kids trick-or-treating this weekend? >> jimmy: i don't know i'm sorry, tariq >> tariq: i guess i can give them some snacks from around the house. i mean, i just bought these really good citterio-branded premium italian- style salami
11:46 pm
sticks [ laughter ] >> the cdc is issuing a recall on the citterio-branded premium italian- style salami sticks >> tariq: oh, come on! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm sure -- i'm sure you'll figure something out. >> tariq: what else do i have? like, what else do i even have in my kitchen? i guess there's some red, yellow and white onions, but i don't even know where they were grown. >> the fda says that people should throw away red, yellow or white onions if you don't know where they were grown [ laughter ] >> tariq: fine i'll just give them the butterball ground turkey products i have saved for thanksgiving >> more than 14,000 pounds of butterball's ground turkey products are being recalled. >> tariq: man, i'm getting so mad i'm gonna need to take a a blood pressure medication! >> recall alert this morning it's for anyone who takes a blood pressure medication. >> tariq: that's it, i'm done. >> jimmy: all right, tariq trotter, everybody [ cheers and applause tariq -- tariq trotter, we'll figure it out. tariq's gonna cool down. stick around everybody, we'll
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be right back with "news radio" and more "tonight show." come on back tariq! come on back, bud. sorry. we'll get this figured out [ cheers and applause ♪ find your rhythm.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back thank you for watching hey guys, a lot is happening in the news right now, and sometimes i find the best way to explain the news is with music. i'll show you what i mean. it's time for "news radio. here we go ♪ news radi news radio news radio ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: in political news, president biden's average approval rating has dropped to a new -- ♪ low low low low ♪ [ laughter ] only 42% of people approve of biden. that's right, they're looking at him like -- ♪ you're the best around ♪ while everyone else thinks there's room for improvement they're looking at biden like - ♪ you better work bitch ♪ [ laughter ] biden supporters are happy with him because the number of covid cases is - ♪ going down down ♪ but other people are concerned about inflation, which, of course, is when the price goes - ♪ up and up and up ♪ [ laughter ] anyway, biden heard about his approval rating and he just released this official statement.
11:52 pm
♪ go easy on me baby ♪ [ cheers and applause of course, the biggest movie right now is "dune." [ cheers and applause if you haven't seen "dune," let me break it down for you it's about a - ♪ young man ♪ played by timothee chalamet. [ cheers and applause his family is attached so he and his mother are forced to walk - ♪ through the desert ♪ [ laughter ] but they have to be careful, because there are giant sand worms -- ♪ coming straight from the underground ♪ [ laughter ] but fortunately timothee and his mom have a very special ability. you want to know what it is? ♪ oh oh o it's magic ♪ [ laughter ] anyway, "dune" is number one at the box office, but "eternals" comes out next week. so, marvel - [ cheers and applause marvel is basically like - ♪ move bitc get out the way ♪ [ laughter and applause this is interesting. hertz has announced it's buying 100,000 teslas, which is the largest ever order by a single buyer.
11:53 pm
yep, sounds like hertz and tesla have really -- ♪ caught a vibe ♪ [ laughter ] now they're looking at drivers like - ♪ baby are you coming for the ride? ♪ and the drivers are looking at their friends like - ♪ maybe we ca hit the 405 ♪ i mean, come on, renting a a tesla for a couple hundred dollars? ♪ man, this mus be the life ♪ [ cheers and applause the vice president of tiktok testified in front of senate this week about kids' safety on their app. yep, he walked into the hearing like - ♪ don't be suspicious don't be suspicious ♪ [ laughter ] but he had to testify in front of congress for a long time. they really got -- ♪ into the thick of it ♪ [ laughter ] because the senators just kept grilling him, even presented evidence to prove him wrong like - ♪ now look at this ♪ [ laughter ] but he always had an answer ready to go like - ♪ i understoo the assignment ♪ [ laughter ] but social media can be hard on kids, because they're like - ♪ i always feel lik somebody's watching me ♪ which makes them want to shout -- ♪ i'm just a ki
11:54 pm
and life is a nightmare ♪ but the vice president of tiktok felt good about how he did. in fact, he went home and enjoyed a nice big bowl of - ♪ berries and cream berries and cream ♪ [ cheers and applause and finally i saw that ohio accidentally printed 35,000 license plates before noticing a mistake everyone heard that and was like - ♪ you look so dum right now ♪ [ laughter ] but ohio immediately took responsibility they were like - ♪ oops i did it ♪ anyway, now every single - ♪ driver's license -- -- plate has to be replaced. but you know what? they caught the mistake and fixed it so, everyone can hop in their cars and ask their friends - ♪ baby are you coming for the ride? ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: this has been "news radio. stick around we'll be right back with elton john come on back ♪
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: my first guest is a tony, oscar, and grammy-winning music legend who has sold over 300 million records worldwide. holy moly. 300 million. [ cheers and applause his new album, "the lockdown sessions" is out now please welcome the one and only elton john ♪ [ cheers and applause that's what i'm talking about! yes! so good to see you >> thank you lovely to see you, jimmy >> jimmy: thank you so much for being here i know you're in london. so i appreciate you zooming in and talking to me. i just want to tell you how
12:00 am
much i love the album, "the lockdown sessions. and congrats on having a number one with dua lipa. [ cheers and applause you're always doing something different and i just love -- you know i'm a big fan but i love when you get together with dua and that came out, and i go "cold heart? what is going on this is, like, the coolest thing ever and you didn't even get to the -- ♪ it's no sacrifice ♪ you didn't even do that? >> nope. >> jimmy: no >> no, we cut that bit out >> jimmy: yeah, you didn't need it you just had "cold cold heart. and i go - i just loved it so much. congrats did you know - >> thank you very much thank you. >> jimmy: did you know you were going to put an album out? >> listen, it all came about by accident during lockdown, i was in this house in windsor in england with my family with the kids and david. and the last thing i thought i was going to do is make any music. and then people asked me to start playing and singing on their own records. which i, you know, that's how started out. i was a session guy before i became elton
12:01 am
so i played on a rina sawayama, a gorillaz thing, a metallica, miley cyrus track, glen campbell, lil nas x years and years, and i thought i like this. i like this. going back to where i used to be >> jimmy: yeah then you're like "why don't you come on my album?" >> yeah. well, when i did the lil nas x, glen campbell, i was in studio 2 at abbey road and 54 years, practically to the day, i was playing piano on the hollies' "he ain't heavy, he's my brother. so that's kind of nice feeling to have. >> jimmy: that is pretty cool. and, you know, i was surprised to find out but i guess it's true that because stevie wonder is on here everybody is on this album, by the way. this is a -- this is an awesome gift, by the way because if you're like "oh, yeah, i love --" obviously, i love elton john but you if love stevie wonder, you guys have never done a duet together >> no, we've never done a duet and we've known each other for so long. and so, when i wrote this song, i suddenly thought there's a a harmonica solo here. and the he came and played piano.
12:02 am
and then we put drums and bass and then the choir and in the end, he sang on it. and it's a dream come true for me because, you know, not only do i love him as a musician and worship him as a songwriter, but he's one of my favorite people in the whole wide world so - >> jimmy: yeah >> this was a very exciting thing for me >> jimmy: i have a photo here from 1973. and i think there's a cool story behind it. do you remember where this was or what this was >> i do remember it's not one of my brightest and most wonderful moments i was on the starship, which was a jet that we were renting i had just done a show it was birthday. and i wasn't happy with the show so i went up front and sat on my own and they said come up to the bow, we want to sing "happy birthday" to you and i went "i'm not interested in my birthday." and this happened about three or four times until my publicist burst into tears and said "you have to come up there. stevie wonder is at the organ. of course, the plane had an organ on it. [ light laughter ] and he wants to sing "happy birthday" to you
12:03 am
and i felt such a horror i felt so bad and i went up there and he sang "happy birthday" to me. and it's an incident i will never forget and as i say, i'm not very proud of. >> jimmy: no, yeah that's still cool that, first of all, the name of the private plane was called "the starship." i love that. and then, the fact that you have a - of course you have a piano on the plane or an organ on the plane. that's just -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's pretty rad. have you ever surprised anyone with a happy birthday? by singing them a "happy birthday?" >> i can't remember. i must have in my life but stevie actually sang "happy birthday" to me at my 70th birthday as well. along with lady gaga, ryan adams, and rosanne cash so, i mean, i've been very lucky in that respect. and at my 60th birthday, tony bennett, the scissor sisters, and mary j. blige so, i've been quite lucky with people singing to me, but i'm not very good at singing birthdays. i haven't really sung at anybody's else's birthday party but i've had lots of people singing to me. so, i'm very lucky >> jimmy: yeah, mine's coming up september [ laughter ]
12:04 am
so i'll just - >> okay. >> jimmy: -- throw it out there and we'll see where you're at. >> well, just, you know, just give me an email and i'll see where i am [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, no problem you know last time we talked, i was talking about how you always are into new music. and you're supporting new artists, which you do as well on this, not only dua lipa, but also, you have young thug on here you always know about music before it comes out. which is opposite of me. i'm going backwards. i'm just finding old music ang going like "have you guys heard this song? and everyone's like "yeah, it came out 30 years ago. but how do you stay up to date and why has it become a cool new tradition for you? you've been calling all these people and just saying hi and that you're a fan. >> well, i do a radio show on apple every week for six years now. every week for six years, called "the rocket hour. >> jimmy: yeah >> and during that hour, i try and play new music that hasn't been played before and so, you know, i get to hear new music and then when i love something, i have the person on to interview them. and i get to know them
12:05 am
on the album, there's olly alexander from years and years. rina sawayama -- >> jimmy: yeah >> surfaces and sg lewis and i've gotten to be friends with all these artists you know -- ever since i was a a kid, i've been a fan and i love records and i know the new i know the old but i'm more interested in the new because that's what is going to take music further. and a lot of these people don't get enough exposure because radios have so many definite playlists and these songs don't fit in and so if i can get a chance to promote them and then be friends with them and then play with them and record with them, then it's fantastic for me >> jimmy: do you stay friends with - [ applause ] absolutely that's why you're the -- do you stay in touch with these people do you actually stay friends with them? >> yeah, yesterday, i rang teyana taylor, who was a guest on my show a year and a half ago, i did a video with her because we came friends. yes, i do. and i think it's really good and it's important jimmy, when i came to america, i had so much kindness shown towards me by brian wilson, the
12:06 am
beach boys, neil diamond, leon russell, the beatles, bob dylan, linda ronstadt, the band and that made me feel so good. it kind of ratified what i was doing. and so, i always thought i must carry on that tradition of being, if you like something, tell the person that it's good it doesn't have to be a musician whether you're a photographer, a painter, an actor, whatever. but it's -- if it gives you pleasure and it makes you feel good, then ring them up and tell them. >> jimmy: yeah, i love that. [ cheers and applause more with elton john after the break. we're going to talk about his tour come on back [ cheers and applause ♪ tv: mount everest, the tallest mountain on the face of the earth. keep dreaming. [coins clinking in jar] ♪ you can get it if you really want it, by jimmy cliff ♪ ♪ [suitcase closing]
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12:12 am
we love you! [ cheers and applause the new album, "the lockdown sessions" is out now did you ever think such a shy child would end up being you, elton john [ light laughter ] >> never in a million years could i have expected what's happened to me in my lifetime, jimmy. >> jimmy: really >> the fact that i was a child and i was a very shy child, when i started playing the piano and it was all down to jerry lee lewis and little richard when they started jumping up and down and playing it standing up, then that changed my whole life completely and that's what i wanted to do and i wanted to make music i didn't ever intend to become elton john i just wanted to be involved in and i got gratification from that and love from doing that. >> jimmy: yeah >> and so, i thought, yeah this is -- i like this >> jimmy: yeah, you did it better than most people. i want to say, your "farewell yellow brick road tour," i was ready to go -- to go see you because this is your farewell tour it got cut short because of
12:13 am
pandemic and also maybe a sign that we don't want you to say farewell [ cheers and applause we want you to keep going. >> i know. >> jimmy: don't stop but you're coming back >> yeah, i'm coming back to new orleans in january [ applause ] i've just had my hip replaced, on the right leg so, i'm rehabbing in london at the moment and it's all going well and i just wanted to make sure that i could actually get through the whole tour because before the operation, i don't think i would have been able to. so, we pushed some dates back and i start again in new orleans. and i cannot wait because we were roaring like an express train. >> jimmy: yeah >> and then, of course, covid hit. and everyone was just ground to a halt but i did a concert in paris recently in front of 20,000 people. and i haven't played a concert in front of that kind of crowd since march 7th, 2020. and it felt really good. and, you know, i love my fans and i want to go out and give them the best thing possible and, you know, i can't wait.
12:14 am
>> jimmy: yeah for a lot of people, this will be their first concert back. i mean, if you go to, if you want to see -- elton, you're coming to new york, february 22nd, 23rd at the garden. madison square garden. you're also playing barclay center in march. but madison square garden and elton john go together like peanut butter and jelly. i mean, it's the greatest combination. we -- new yorkers love you >> well, you know, i have to say new york is, madison square garden in particular, is the finest place to play in the world i mean, you get really excited you never lose the excitement of going backstage and playing to that crowd. i've done so many memorable concerts there i've played my 60th birthday concert there. the concert for 9/11 >> jimmy: yeah >> and then there's something about that new york crowd that's just quite astonishing. and i've never done a show at madison square garden where i didn't think it didn't do well and, you know, it's a magic place. i'm so glad they never moved
12:15 am
it because if they had moved it, the atmosphere would have gone it's just a magic place. >> jimmy: yeah, that place has good bones, yeah >> it's great in new york because new york's a magic place and you got the best show in the world right in front of you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i want to ask you -- i've always wanted to ask you this story about -- because i've always heard this story, but about john lennon performing with you at the garden he -- this is post beatles i think, actually, it might've been the last time he played live >> it was. >> jimmy: you had a bet with john >> yeah, well, i played on john's record "whatever gets you thru the night." and sang on it too and i said "okay, if this record gets to number one, you've got to come on, play live with him. and he said "okay, you're on." and by jove, it did get to number one and then he had to keep his promise, which he did, at madison square garden on thanksgiving and it was one of the most magical moments in my life probably for me, the memory of him coming on stage and getting so much applause, i think all the band, myself, were moved to tears.
12:16 am
and it was such a wonderful occasion i don't think he'd played in new york since the beatles at shea stadium >> jimmy: yeah, that's correct >> and it just -- you know, it was just a magical moment in one's life to see someone so loved getting that so much acclaim. and, you know, i had such a great time with john for two years. and it's one of the highlights of my life and my career >> jimmy: i can't wait to see you when you come back around. i will be screaming from the crowd. i love you elton john, everybody. [ cheers and applause "the lockdown sessions" is available now. more "tonight show" after the break. stick around, come on back [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:17 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: my next guest is an oscar-nominated and emmy-winning director, writer, and producer her new series, "colin in black and white," begins streaming this friday on netflix please welcome ava duvernay. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for being here in studio >> i can't believe i'm here. >> jimmy: my buds. >> i watch you all the time. >> jimmy: i love that you say that i love that. thank you so much. >> i watch it every night. >> jimmy: you do >> my buddy. >> jimmy: yeah, my buddy my pal you know, right after i interviewed you last time was zoom and i want to say maybe a week
12:23 am
after that or two, i went to target, which is, like, my kids' disneyland they love target >> right it's mine too. >> jimmy: i mean, target is insane have you -- you guys know about target, right? [ cheers and applause no one warns you no one warns you about target. >> no, you go in a target, you say i'm going to buy a pack of gum, you come out, you spend $250 [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, $250,000 so i'm going through target, i go, "oh, my gosh, everything is cool." you have a doll. you have a funko -- look at this i had to get this. [ cheers and applause look at how cool are you kidding me >> yes >> jimmy: you are the coolest ever >> it's me directing on set with my glasses and my tennis shoes. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: isn't that -- i mean, you have dreams, and then you have things that you'd never even - >> i never even dreamt that. i mean, that's incredible. >> jimmy: isn't that cool? >> yes, my mom has 90 of them along the mantle [ laughter ] i walk in and it's like the target store in her house, yeah >> jimmy: that's what moms are for, right >> yeah. lovely >> jimmy: you have an array tee shirt on, which is your production company >> yeah, that's my company - >> jimmy: and i want to say congrats because you just won a peabody award. >> i know, it's incredible [ cheers and applause
12:24 am
yeah >> jimmy: that's another dream dream. >> that's another dream, but for me that's really, "never listen to your haters. because so many people said, "don't do that just make films. don't have a company that does education and social impact," and we did it anyway and look what happened. >> jimmy: that's exactly right [ cheers and applause you do great stuff i'm a fan of all the stuff you do you did get a lot of attention too on the socials, because -- in a good way. because -- here's your tweet "levar burton didn't get the job of hosting 'jeopardy.' and i was upset. and you're like, "this is me right now trying to create a a show for levar burton to host and make an international hit. everyone loved it, and then levar burton responded, "check your dms." i mean, come on. [ laughter ] >> i know! first of all, always use dan levy when you are trying to express yourself >> jimmy: always use dan, yeah >> first of all, yes but, yeah -- i did i checked my dms he slid in my dms. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: be careful now >> no, hey they say don't meet your heroes doesn't apply to him the loveliest, sweetest,
12:25 am
kindest -- >> jimmy: levar burton >> he's who you want him to be and he was lovely. we had some conversations about what he wants to do next he's got some exciting things on the horizon >> jimmy: i love -- i love him >> yeah, it's exciting ♪ take a look it's in a book reading rainbow ♪ i loved that i used to watch it all the time >> i know. but it's "reading rainbow", it's "star trek" it's "roots," it goes on and on. >> jimmy: "roots" is just -- also him as a person >> i know. >> jimmy: just being cool and being awesome. >> being cool. >> jimmy: you go, "that's what you get. >> yeah, it is >> jimmy: all the best to levar burton we love you. >> we love you [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: you don't just direct you don't just produce you don't just win awards, but now you're taking on reality tv as well. >> i know. >> jimmy: talk to me about "home sweet home," because you know i'm already like crying i'm so excited about this. and it's on nbc, which we love >> it's on nbc, which is a nice extra thing, yes when i made "selma" -- when i was first thinking about making "selma," i said, "i don't know if i can make this, because i don't like historical dramas so, would i be the right one?" and a friend of mine, who was one the executives, said, "well, why don't you try to make one that you would like?"
12:26 am
>> jimmy: oh, interesting. >> and that was the challenge. and so this is the same thing. i don't watch reality shows. but i said, "could i make one that i would like? so that was the challenge. the reason why i don't like them is because they feel fake to me sometimes, like that's not really happening >> jimmy: yeah, you have to kind of go with the fake reel. >> you kind of go like, "they're doing that for the third time." >> jimmy: it's fake real, yeah >> this ain't real right, right so, we really just set it up where it's just following these families as they exchange homes and you have a cultural exchange and it's not steeped in conflict it's steeped in curiosity. everyone wants to be there they want to learn about each other. and so, i really love it i love the show. >> jimmy: that's so cool i love the message and i just love -- i'm interested in that, too. >> it's the "ted lasso" era. it's about positivity, you know what i'm saying? [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's right >> that's why i watch you every night. that's why i watch you every night. there's a lot of things i could watch. but it's like if i've had a crappy day, let me just -- this guy has not had a crappy day. every day, right you come out, you're happy >> jimmy: yeah, i am i'm so happy >> i just like to go to bed happy, yes >> jimmy: that's our job we want everyone to go to bed happy. [ cheers and applause please we work hard enough.
12:27 am
like, "jimmy, do some work for us, please." >> at least somebody's happy >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. i want to talk about "colin in black and white. this is obviously colin kaepernick, who people know him as an amazing quarterback, but also because he took a knee, and yeah and that was -- which i thought was great. i think protest -- peaceful protest -- protest get out there. if something's bothering you, say something. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: i think it was great that he did that but you know, it was controversial. but then this thing isn't about that this is about his life >> it's about, "how do you get to be the person who can do that?" >> jimmy: yeah >> how do you get to be the person who can take a stance for what you believe in and stick by that, no matter the slings and arrows that are coming at you. and so it's about his early adulthood. his teenage life, and the little things that formed him to become the man that he is >> jimmy: yeah >> i think it's really interesting to kind of think about who we are and how we got that way >> jimmy: i love that -- >> that's what it's about. >> jimmy: because i -- sometimes i feel, especially with social media, too, people just jump on something and they go like, "yeah, that's --" and you go, "what --
12:28 am
you don't -- just -- >> it's a lack of nuance these days >> jimmy: you don't know -- everyone's got a story >> everyone's got a story. we have to ask the second question i mean, that's what "home sweet home" is about that's what "colin" is about ask a second question. go deeper. why do you think what you think? why do you believe that? why don't you ask and go deeper so that's what this is >> jimmy: and how did you pick the episodes you wanted to direct and how do you start -- i mean, because it's tough to just launch a brand new show, down to details and everything. >> yeah, it's a limited series, so we're only doing -- i love the limited series format. i did with "when they see us" as well. it's just -- it's like a long movie. >> jimmy: yeah >> but with this, i hand picked directors that i loved, and then i just like to go first so i went first, i directed the first episode, because when you're first, you get to choose -- you get to do the casting, you get to design what the house looks like you get to do a lot of the fun stuff. it's a lot of work, but it's fun. >> jimmy: you love it. >> and i love it, yeah >> jimmy: we can tell the love you can see it come through in everything you do. and that's why you get dolls that's why you get a doll. [ cheers and applause i want to show everyone a clip
12:29 am
you're going to love this. this is "colin in black and white. take a look at this. >> he's reggie >> you must be colin >> yes, hi >> and you're mom? >> yeah. >> you called me, right? you want me to bust shorty like the boy a.i. >> oh, no, he wants braids like allen iverson. >> that's what i said. [ laughter ] come on, colin, let's get it >> really? braids >> go on >> you can relax, mom. it's going to be a minute. >> okay. >> all right, you ready? [ cheers and applause >> a little uncomfortable. >> jimmy: i love it. ava duvernay, everybody. >> thank you >> jimmy: my pal, my buddy i love you [ cheers and applause thank you for being here thank you for being here >> thank you >> jimmy: "colin in black and white" begins streaming this friday on netflix. we'll be right back with a
12:30 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing his number one hit, "fancy like" from his ep, "country stuff," here's walker hayes [ cheers and applause ♪
12:34 am
>> come on, band come on. ♪ my girl is bangin she's so low maintenance don't need no champagn poppin' entertainment ♪ ♪ take her to wendy's can't keep her off m she wanna dip me lik them fries in her frosty ♪ ♪ frost but every now and then when i get pai i gotta spoil my ♪ ♪ baby with an upgrad aye, aye, ay yeah we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shak get some whipped cream on the top too ♪ ♪ two straws one chec girl i got you bougie like natt in the styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck be all the way home some alabama-jamma ♪ ♪ she my dixieland deligh aye, that's how we d how we do fancy like o fancy like an oh ♪ >> let's go. ♪ fancy like an oh ♪ >> come on ♪ fancy like an o
12:35 am
i don't need no tesl to impress her my girl is happy rollin' ♪ ♪ on a vesp don't need no mansio to get romancin' she's super fine ♪ ♪ double wide slow dancin but every now an then when i get paid i gotta spoil my baby ♪ ♪ with an upgrade aye, aye, ay yeah we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shak get some whipped cream on the top too ♪ ♪ two straws one chec girl i got you bougie like natt in the styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home some alabama-jamma she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ aye, that's how we do how we do fancy like my new clean blue jean without the holes in 'em ♪ ♪ country kisses on my lips without skoal in 'em yeah, she probably gon' be keeping some ♪ ♪ victoria's secret maybe a little maybellin but she don't need i
12:36 am
in the kitchen light ♪ ♪ radio slows dow boxed wine and her up-do goes dow aye ♪ ♪ i say we fancy like applebee's on a date night got that bourbon stree steak with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped crea on the top too two straws one check girl, i got you ♪ ♪ bougie like natty in the styrofoam squeak-squeakin' in th truck bed all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamm she my dixieland delight aye, that's how we d how we do fancy like ♪ [ cheers and applause >> let's go. >> jimmy: walker hayes "country stuff" is out now my thanks to elton john, ava duvernay, walker hayes and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody thank you. [ cheers and applause
12:37 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight, beanie feldstein, writer and producer, norman lear. music from lady a. featuring the 8g band with atom willard ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well, tonight. and now, if you don't mind, we are going to get to the news during his speech, last night, at a rally for gubernatorial candidate, terry mcauliffe,


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